LIVE REPORTING: 2022 Star Sydney Champs Mystery Bounty Day 2

Congratulations Seyed Nasab ($42,285* + $65,325), Sydney Champs Mystery Bounty Champion!

It’s not often that we’ve seen fortune in the favour of one person as much as we have seen today, but much in the same vein as Steven Hoek at last month’s WPT Prime Gold Coast Mystery Bounty event, Seyed Nasab has achieved what many thought was unthinkable.

Nasab has not only won the Mystery Bounty title, but has taken out the coveted Grand Bounty for an additional $40,000, as well as an $11,000 bounty, the $8,700, $1,275, $1,050 and eleven of the $300 prizes.

In short, Nasab picked up a whopping $65,325 in mystery bounties alone, from a grand total of 16 knockouts to his name.

“I feel lucky!”

That’s what Nasab said he thought prior to Day 2 on Thursday, and his thoughts were accurate.

When asked if he regretted accepting an ICM chop, sacrificing a chance to have had added to his grand total of over $100,000, Nasab was humble in his response.

“I will always share, I am in favour of that.”

This was evident earlier in the day when, upon his big win on just the second mystery bounty reveal of the day, he was seen purchasing drinks for those at his table.

Nasab expressed his enjoyment of the tournament as a whole, including his fondness of those he was playing against, especially those on final table with him. Going on to say he will “100 percent” play again whenever another Mystery Bounty tournament comes around.

For now celebrations will involve a belated birthday bash for Nasab’s wife, Fariba, who came to support on the rail as he ran deeper in the tournament.

They hope to put the large sum of money towards their mortgage, and perhaps and extra bottle or two for the birthday party!

Fariba looks on from the rail as husband Seyed makes his way to heads-up

Nasab will be back in action tomorrow at Day 1B of the Main Event, and we would like to issue a polite warning to any of his opponents, steer clear if he continues to run this good!

Star Sydney Champs Mystery Bounty ($1,000 buy-in, 490 entries, 62 players paid)*

1stSayed Nasab$42,285*
2ndChad Awerbuch$26,000*
3rdAdrian Pacheco$36,000*
4thSuzy Khouiss$38,000*
5thCraig Blight$13,797
6thJosh Filipovic$11,501
7thFletcher Smith$9,584
8thPatrick Yazbeck$7,673
9thDillon Dimetriou$5,777

*Denotes ICM chop

Chad Awerbuch eliminated in 2nd place ($26,000* + $3,600)

Chad Awerbuch has been beaten heads up, relegated to runner-up behind Seyed Nasab.

Limping A5 from the small blind, Awerbuch thought he had trapped Nasab when he was met with a big blind raise to 1,300,000. However, Chad’s re-raise all-in was snap-called by Nasab.

Nasab showed AJ and held on a board of 49AK7 to claim the title.

*Denotes deal made

Chad AwerbuchBUSTED!
Awerbuch stares down Nasab

Level 33: 150,000/300,000 (300,000)

Adrian Pacheco eliminated in 3rd place ($36,000* + $6,300)

After dealing with a dwindling stack, Adrian Pacheco moved all in from the button with 96. Chad Awerbuch raised over the top with K10, pushing Seyed Nasab from the hand.

The runout of 4K4JJ saw to the completion of Pacheco’s time in the Mystery Bounty.

*Denotes deal made

Chad Awerbuch7,095,000
Adrian PachecoBUSTED!

Level 32: 125,000/250,000 (250,000)

Suzy Khouiss eliminated in 4th place ($38,000* + $3150)

Having locked up $38,000 guaranteed, Suzy was happy to get her chips in the middle with A3. Chad Awerbuch woke up with QQ to make the call from the button and head to a five card spread.

The community cards showed 294K9, granting Awerbuch a solid chip position, and sending Khouiss into a rail of passionate friends and supporters.

*Denotes deal made

Chad Awerbuch5,200,000
Suzy KhouissBUSTED!

Level 31: 100,000/200,000 (200,000)

Don’t shuffle, but deal

Play paused for a brief time as the four remaining players discussed plans to alter the prize pool through an ICM chop.

The players managed to all agree on a deal before Star staff cut the conversation short, instructing play to go on and with no further monetary discussion.

Calculated using ICM, each of the players now know what they will earn, with first place receiving an additional $2,285.01 plus the trophy.

The arrangement is now as follows:

Seyed Nasab$40,000
Suzy Khouiss$38,000
Adrian Pacheco$36,000
Chad Awerbuch$26,000

Craig Blight eliminated in 5th place ($13,797 + $1,200)

Blight grew dim as the board ran out 8768K.

Needing to pair either one of his AJ after his all-in was called by Suzy Khouiss’ 99 pre-flop, he was unable to do so and makes his way out after enjoying his time across his two-day run.

Craig Blight

Level 30: 75,000/150,000 (150,000)

Josh Filipovic eliminated in 6th place ($11,501 + $11,300)

Josh Filipovic could have bubbled the final table today, and he still would have walked away with more than $12,000, all thanks to one of his two mystery bounty chips netting him the third highest available prize of $11,000.

He exits the tournament with his head held high after going down at the hands of Seyed Nasab.

Filipovic was flipping, his KQ against Nasab’s JJ.

Board: 1032106

Seyed Nasab6,100,000
Josh FilipovicBUSTED!
Filipovic Moves All In
Josh Filipovic after claiming his $11,000 mystery bounty

Level 29: 75,000/125,000 (125,000)

Fletcher Smith eliminated in 7th place ($9,584 + $300)

Fletcher Smith has become the latest victim to Seyed Nasab in an inescapable cooler.

A button shove for 1,500,000 from Smith with AK has collided into Nasab big blind holding of…


… Of course.

Board: 3J9J6

Nasab picks up another bounty chip, and Smith can only laugh.

Seyed Nasab4,800,000
Fletcher SmithBUSTED!

Level 28: 50,000/100,000 (100,000)

Friendly banter

It’s been a pleasant final table, with conversation in good spirits and the players enjoying each other’s company.

Craig Blight found a double-up through Fletcher Smith in a Kings versus Queens hand.

With a King on the flop securing Blight’s win, Seyed Nasab (The gentleman who has claimed over $60,000 in mystery bounties today, in case anyone needed a reminder) spoke to Blight.

Nasab: “You luckbox!”

Craig: “You can never call anyone a luckbox for the rest of your life!”

Nobody was in disagreement with that statement!

Craig Blight1,350,000
Fletcher Smith1,275,000
Seyed NasabA lot
Nasab with his mountain of bounties

Patrick Yazbeck eliminated in 8th place ($7,673 + $5,700)

Day 1B chip leader, Patrick Yazbeck has collected his payday, after a string of unplayable hands on our Feature Table live stream has resulted in him make a crying call with 107 from the big blind.

Yazbeck got given the bad news when pre-flop jammer Fletcher Smith showed JJ.

Board: 48Q25

Fletcher Smith1,500,000
Patrick YazbeckBUSTED!

Level 27: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)

Dillon Demetriou eliminated in 9th place ($5,777 + $1,875)

Action folded to Seyed Nasab, who completed from the small blind with Q9, and Demetriou checked his option in the big blind with J10.

On a flop of J210, both players held a huge piece of the board. Nasab’s open-ended straight draw, and his flush draw was enough to him in the hand despite Demetriou’s bet of 105,000.

The turn came the 8 to which Nasab lead into Demetriou for 400,000. Demetriou moved all-in for 520,000 more and Nasab called immediately.

No board pair on the river, with the 3 sending Demetriou home.

Seyed Nasab2,000,000
Dillon DemetriouBUSTED!
Dillon Demetriou

Mystery or misery?

Our final table combatants arrive at the top nine with nine mystery bounties up for grabs…

Maybe not so much a mystery anymore; eight $300 bounties are available, and one $450 remains as the largest prize to claim.

With this the case, we can expect to see more of a standard style of play throughout the course of the final table, with less emphasis on trying to obtain bounty tokens.

That said, our top-finishing players still have some fantastic prize money to be won:


Level 26: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)

Star Champs Mystery Bounty final table

1Chad Awerbuch740,000
2Seyed Nasab3,550,000
3Dillon Demetriou490,000
4Craig Blight995,000
5Patrick Yazbeck2,675,000
6Adrian Pacheco1,895,000
7Suzy Khouiss1,395,000
8Josh Filipovic1,020,000
9Fletcher Smith1,925,000

Time for nine

Our Final Table has been reached upon the loss of Xavier Mangano.

All-in with 109, the short-stacked Mangano couldn’t get his small-blind shove past Adrian Pacheco.

Pacheco’s A8 held on a board of 4Q9A6, felting Mangano as we move to the Feature Table!

Adrian Pacheco1,895,000
Xavier ManganoBUSTED!

Level 25: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)

Uno busto

Uno Uka has fallen at the hands of Patrick Yazbeck.

Uka shoved 97 from the small blind attempting the steal the pot, however Pacheco awoke in the big blind to A5 and swiftly called.

On KJ6610, Uka was out and the the field remained with ten runners.

Adrian Pacheco1,325,000

Leo’s time to go

It’s been a solid run for Leo Boxell, whose time has come to an end.

The Day 1A chip leader’s QJ was dominated pre-flop against his opponent’s AQ.

The board of 749103 confirmed Boxell’s departure in 14th place, earning him $3,790 plus an additional $6,600 from five mystery bounties.

Leo BoxellBUSTED!
Leo Boxell

Level 24: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)

Sea it to the river

Suzy Khouiss has sent two players to walk the plank after a three way all-in.

Suzy’s JJ has sunk the ships of Natalia Rozova’s AK and Scott Carmichael’s QJ.

The board of 96784 couldn’t save either at-risk player and Suzy claims a humongous pot as we draw nearer to the Final Table of the Mystery Bounty.

Suzy Khouiss3,400,000
Natalia RozovaBUSTED!
Scott CarmichaelBUSTED!
Suzy Khouiss

Thrown Rozova-board

Natalia Rozova has been busily involved in the action, shipping it from the bow of the table, she met a button re-jam from Shu Ng on her port-side. Big blind Dillon Demetriou made the call from the stern of the table to make it three ships setting sail.

Rozova: AK
Ng: 109
Demetriou: 1010

Board: 95542

Dillon Demetriou720,000
Natalia Rozova525,000
Shu Ng10,000

Level 23: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)

Seyed once, Seyed a hundred times

The Mystery Bounties redeemed so far have been at the top end of the scale.

Earlier we lost our Grand Bounty to Seyed Nasab, who has since continued to plunder the chest.

Channeling his inner pirate, Nasab has claimed a whopping $61,350 from a total of six bounty chips he has collected.

Nasab has won the following Bounties:

$40,000 + $11,000 + $8,700 + $1,050 + $300 x2


Our second biggest mystery bounty up for grabs was the $20,250, a short time ago we had Matthew Rolfe come away with the goods!

Other big claims have included: Suzy Khouiss’ $1,050, Patrick Yazbeck’s $4,500, Uno Uka’s $3,225, and Leo Boxell Picking up the $5,175.

Seyed Nasab’s Running Bounty TotalToo much
Seyed Nasab’s Current Chip CountToo much

Awer-whooshing up the counts

Chad Awerbuch finds a double-up, and moves ahead of Natalia Rozova’s chip total.

Rozova opened to 50,000 from middle position, Awerbuch defended his big blind, and the two took to a flop.

On 689, both players checked through to the J. Awerbuch lead for 60,000, and Rozova bumped up the price to 155,000.

Awerbuch responded with an all-in, and was snap-called by Rozova.

Awerbuch: 74
Rozova: AJ

The river fell the J, solidifying a cooler in Awerbuch’s favour.

Chad Awerbuch950,000
Natalia Rozova785,000
Chad Awerbuch

Level 22: 15,000/25,000 (25,000)

Suzy Cruisin’

Suzy Khouiss has picked up her first two bounty chips of the day in the space of a single hand.

Derek Ichilcik moved all-in from middle position with his 44, Justin Cohen re-shoved with 88 and Suzy Khouiss called the two short stacks with her K6 from the small blind.

The spread of 3A10QJ handed Suzy a double knockout and two selections from the Mystery Bounty treasure chest.

Suzy Khouiss690,000
Justin CohenBUSTED!
Derek IchilcikBUSTED!
Suzy Khouiss

Kane towed

Jackson Kane has found himself eliminated after Craig Blight called Kane’s UTG raise.

Blight woke up with a monster as the action folded around to him in the big blind to call Kane’s 250,000 shove.

Blight: AK
Kane: AQ

Board: 410K26

Craig Blight1,000,000
Jackson KaneBUSTED!
Craig Blight

Level 21: 10,000/20,000 (20,000)

Yazbeck on the comeback

Patrick Yazbeck, our Mystery Bounty Day 1B chip leader has had a vastly different run of luck on Day 2 compared to his Day 1.

With Yazbeck’s stack dwindling down to 99,000. Action opened with Rob Madafferi opening to 35,000 from UTG, both the lojack and hijack made the call, prompting Yazbeck to squeeze-shove from the small blind.

Madafferi moved in over the top for 256,000 to fold out the other two and he went heads up versus Yazbeck.

Yazbeck: QQ
Madafferi: AJ

Board: J88K9

Patrick Yazbeck298,000
Rob Madafferi157,000
Patrick Yazbeck

Fletcher fetches a miracle

After a small blind raise to 35,000 on Fletcher Smith’s big blind, Smith moved all in over the top to craft a blind versus blind special.

A huge outsider to win with A7 against the AA of Jesh Negi, Smith spiked a four-card flush on a board of J10637.

Negi took the beat well, as he still had a stack to work with, whilst Smith couldn’t believe his luck as he raked in his chips.

Fletcher Smith321,000
Jesh Negi195,000
Fletcher Smith

Assorted chip counts

Uno Uka145,000
Vahe Hovagimian490,000
Seyed Nasab910,000
Chad Awerbuch545,000
Nurlan Boobekov300,000
Christopher Bassil179,000
Dylan Desmarchelier407,000
Adrian Pacheco410,000
Leo Boxell590,000
Craig Blight520,000
Patrick Yazbeck94,000
Suzy Khouiss690,000

Level 20: 10,000/15,000 (15,000)

Toby’s day over, thanks to Rozova

The level of pace is soaring as players fight for bounties.

Joel Turner moved all-in from middle position, Natalia Rozova short-called, and Toby Giles was obligated to put the rest of his chips in the middle after seeing his AQ.

A slight favourite pre-flop to triple-up, Rozova held 66, whilst Turner hoped to pair up with his AK.

Board: 333510

A treble of three’s, in a three-way pot, to multiply Rozova’s stack three-fold.

Turner collected the the side pot to send Giles on his way.

Natalia Rozova304,000
Joel Turner200,000
Toby GilesBUSTED!

Chris bliss

Christopher Bassil has found a crucial double. Moving all in with top pair and a flush draw on a flop of 1026, he was still behind upon seeing his opponent’s KK.

The runout proved favourable for Bassil as the 7,8 peeled off to grant him a backdoor straight.

Christopher Bassil179,000

Level 19: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)

Tran lines

Toby Giles finds a double-up after Michael Tran moved all-in with J10.

Giles woke up with KK to make the call and hold on the board which spread 102782.

Toby Giles230,000
Michael Tran290,000
Our Star Sydney team on hand for Mystery Bounties!

Counterfeit for the Win

Win Tan has lucked out after finding himself all-in with A2, at risk against Ali Almohamed’s 55.

The board fell J9J97, with Tan’s Ace playing on a a double-paired board.

Win Tan87,000
Ali Almohamed112,000

Level 18: 5,000/10,000 (10,000)

No fluke for Luke

Luke Edwards has earned himself a bounty chip, eliminating a player to scoop a large pot in a blind-versus-blind all-in pre flop.

The small blind made a move and jammed with K4 and Edwards woke up with A10 and snap-called.

The board spread 28366 to narrow the field one step further.

Luke Edwards289,000

Lynskey no binkski

Dylan Wayne was followed to the payout desk by Alex Lynskey, as Dillon Demetriou saw to his elimination.

Demetriou limp-called from the small-blind after Lynskey moved all-in from the big, and Demetriou’s Poket Sevens held against Lynskey’s Ace-Ten.

On top of the win, Demetriou picked up a $975 mystery bounty after the knockout.

Dillon Demetriou500,000
Alex LynskeyBUSTED!
Dylan WayneBUSTED!

A buck, a near

We’ve lost two more players, bringing us to the bubble, and granting Josh Filipovic and Seyed Nasab a bounty chip each.

Nasab will be taking a signifiant portion of our bounty prize pool home as he collects the first of two $11,000 bounties.

Filipovic followed straight after and took the second $11,000 prize!

The payout once our bubble bursts will be $1,053 for 62nd place and will work its way up to a mighty $57,774 for first place.

Level 17: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)

Seyed isn’t so!

Seyed Nasab decided to claim his two bounty prizes early on in the day, strolling over to our treasure chest straight after Craig Blight, getting the second pick of the day.

For a bit of extra help, he had one of our lovely pirates give the coin a kiss for good luck…

GRAND BOUNTY: $40,000!

We did not have to wait long at all for the big one to pop, and it’s forty-thousand gold doubloons for Nasab, plus an extra $300 for his second pick!

First pick!

Craig Blight was the first to collect a bounty prize, taking his bounty chip to our Star Poker treasure chest and pulling out a $300 reward!

Leo grabs a scalp

Day 1A chip leader Leo Boxell has nabbed his first bounty chip of the day, eliminating Thomas Chong.

Chong moved all in for 103,000 with AQ, and action folded around to Boxell who made the call, showing K10.

The board spread K5437, handing Boxell a minimum of $300 when he decides to redeem his bounty.

Leo Boxell643,000
Thomas ChongBUSTED!
Thomas Chong

Early double bust-out

Seyed Nasab has eliminated two opponents in the first minutes of Day 2 of the Mystery Bounty. Earning himself the first two bounty chips of the day!

With Craig Austin and Benjamin Jee both sharing Ace-Ten, Nasab was live to either one of his King-Jack.

Spiking his King on the the flop, and holding from there, the question is:

Cash in the bounties now or wait?

Seyed Nasab512,000
Craig AustinBUSTED!
Benjamin JeeBUSTED!
A bounty chip included with each all-in

Level 16: 3,000/6,000 (6,000)

Let’s get crackin’!

Good morning and welcome back to The Star Sydney for Day 2 of the Star Sydney Champs Mystery Bounty!

From our total 490 entries taken in over the last two days, 74 survivors have now returned to battle it out for the trophy and a top prize of $57,000.

That’s not all they’re chasing though – there’s also a wealth of riches that await within the chest, including a Grand Bounty worth a whopping $40,000. The only question that remains is whether or not you go for the gold early after knocking someone out, or bank your Bounty chips until the end.

One thing’s for sure though: we’re going to see non-stop action and drama right through until the final river falls, so keep your browsers locked and refreshed here at for live updates from 11am AEST. See you soon!

Day 2 seat draw

Play will recommence at 11am AEST, with the clock wound back to the start of Level 16 (3,000/6,000/6,000). Please ensure you have your photo ID and Star Club Club with you for verification purposes.

If you have any questions regarding your seat allocation, please approach a Star Poker Sydney team member. Best of luck to all players!

Table 36

1Craig Austin88,000
2Benjamin Jee85,000
3Charles Tsai452,000
4Mohammed Elkassir143,000
5Seyed Hosseini-Nasab377,000
6Chao Duan111,000
7Uno Uka132,000
8Suzy Khouiss99,000
9Steve Tupua169,000

Table 37

1Dean Blatt238,000
2Shem Goltz327,000
3Dylan Desmarchelier175,000
4Xavier Mangano244,000
5Leo Kamiya88,000
6Michael Tran218,000
7Matthew Rolfe265,000
8Steven Green134,000
9Tonny Widarma84,000

Table 38

1Ricky Bono252,000
2Justin Cohen82,000
3Joel Turner315,000
4Derek Ichilcik281,000
5Scott Carmichael215,000
6Jie Cui123,000
7Romain Morvan48,000
8Julius Tupua100,000

Table 39

1Adrian Pacheco258,000
2Rehman Kassam82,000
3Andrew White304,000
4Jesh Negi90,000
5Win Tan62,000
6Mitchell Frost241,000
7Andres Vasquez490,000
8Toby Giles194,000

Table 40

1Brett Marshall97,000
2Chad Awerbuch148,000
3Feng Qian204,000
4Nurlan Boobekov169,000
5Van Tran401,000
6Dylan Foster74,000
7Harry Basle140,000
8Vahe Hovagimian206,000

Table 41

1Kenta Ito269,000
2Seve Jarvin557,000
3Lu Xiaoting108,000
4Dillon Demetriou245,000
5Alex Lynskey143,000
6Fabrizio Aste157,000
7Peidi Chen164,000
8Shu Ng269,000

Table 42

1Minh Cao117,000
2Christopher Bassil218,000
3Jonathan Rodden107,000
4Troy Winterbottom228,000
5Jason Wassef115,000
6Natalia Rozova183,000
7David Collings256,000
8Christopher Puyat170,000

Table 43

1Wangyang Luo59,000
2Ali Almohamed304,000
3Joshua Filipovic289,000
4Chi Truong148,000
5Patrick Yazbeck611,000
6Shane Khouiss156,000
7Rob Madafferi304,000
8Omar Chalghin95,000

Table 44

1Fletcher Smith85,000
2Hedley Fung66,000
3Craig Blight165,000
4Leo Boxell529,000
5Jackson Kane113,000
6Qi Xu164,000
7Luke Edward320,000
8Thomas Chong100,000

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