LIVE REPORTING: 2022 Star Sydney Champs Mystery Bounty Day 1B

Patrick Yazbeck bags chip lead in Day 1B; Thats a wrap!

Score another one for the Yazbeck clan! Patrick Yazbeck has ended Day 1B of The Star Sydney Champs Mystery Bounty on top of the charts, bagging 611,000 in chips.

It was a solid day for the youngest of the famed Yazbeck trio, who told PokerMedia Australia that he was pleased with how he performed throughout the day.

“Played well, got lucky … yeah, very happy with the way I played,” he said. “Great to be back at the Sydney Champs after so long, it seems to be where I’ve got a lot of my best results.”

The Sydney Champs have certainly been a proving ground for Yazbeck in the early stages of his career, as he’s since recorded five-figure sums in the WPTDeepStacks Sydney $5K Challenge, and last month’s Poker Palace Winter Championships Main Event, where he finished third.

That said, there was only one thing that Patrick needed to do at the end of the night, and that was to claim the bragging rights over his older brother Alex, who bagged the chip lead after Day 1C of the Star Sydney Champs Opening Event earlier this week.

“Guess you’re not the only Yazbeck getting your picture on PMA this series!” Patrick remarked.

And it certainly won’t be the last time either, as we’ll be back tomorrow (Thursday) to bring you all the action, drama and excitement of Day 2 of this Mystery Bounty tournament from 11am AEST.

Until then, thanks again for joining us, and from all of us here at Star Poker Sydney, it’s ‘bye for now!

Patrick Yazbeck


It took a cooler to end the day’s play, and how how fitting it was a man by the name of Mitchell Frost to inflict it.

“All-in! Call.”

Those were the words sounding from our feature table as our reporter hurriedly caught the moment.

Rick Shen, holding JJ knew he was halfway out the door when he saw he was up against Frost’s QQ.

The board of 58387 offered no miracle for Shen, as the remaining 39 players bagged their chips and breathed a collective sigh of relief.

Mitchell Frost241,000
Rick ShenBUSTED!

Yaz-beckoning an ending

Conservative play was in motion as each player fought to survive through to Day 2 of the Mystery Bounty.

Patrick Yazbeck once again found an opportunity to strike, this time though, his hand was not ahead as the all the chips were wagered pre-flop.

With his opponent showing AK, Yazbeck needed to win as the underdog with AJ to send us to Day 2.

Board: QQKJ10

Chop it up…

Patrick Yazbeck613,000
Patrick Yazbeck

Level 16: 3,000/6,000 (6,000)

Bubbling excitement

With play tonight continuing down until we reach 39 remaining – 15% of the total Day 1B entries – tension in the room was at its’ peak as 41 entrants remain in The Star Poker Room.

Enter Patrick Yazbeck.

As the clock ticked over to Level 16, hand-for-hand play was in session when Yazbeck’s AK sent an opponent and their QJ on their way after the board resulted in 743K4.

We are now down to 40 runners!

Bubble time!

Mangano yes

Xavier Mangano has found a double-up at a crucial time.

Finding AK and a call at Dylan Wayne’s expense, the board of 25A26 secured the win against Wayne’s A9.

Xavier Mangano247,000
Dylan Wayne47,000

In the Green

Steven Green has won in a hand that would often result in a chop, knocking out Yita Choong in the process.

All in pre-flop with Green holding A5 and Choong with A3, Rehman Kassam prefaced, “Chop’s coming!”

Board: 47K210

Five kicks… Choong from the tournament.

Steven Green157,000
Yita ChoongBUSTED!

Todor closed

Andres Vasquez has seen to the elimination of Todor Kondevski.

The inevitable took place when Kondevski awoke to KK and put his tournament life at risk, with Vasquez holding AA.

The runout proved no help for Todor as the spread came 4J234, sending Kondevski on his way.

Tablemate Dylan Wayne said immediately after the hand, “So annoying when all the good players get the gifts.”

Almost on cue, Vasquez picked up an addition scalp the very next hand, with his KQ calling an opponent’s all-in with 88.

The flip fell in Vasquez’s favour on 22K410.

Wayne continued, “You know what’s so tilting? When he’s playing this well and doesn’t lose a flip!”

Andres Vasquez471,000
Todor KondevskiBUSTED!

Level 15: 3,000/5,000 (5,000)

Right flop, Wong turn

It’s not too often you witness someone tank and consider folding the nuts on the flop.

Tony Wong opened with a UTG raise to 8,500 with QQ, Al Josue called, later explaining he had pocket tens, and Christopher Bassil woke up with AK in the hijack and re-raised to 21,000.

Wong and Josue both called, and the three saw a flop of 46Q. Wong checked his top set, and Josue did so as well. Bassil moved all-in with his draw for a total of 91,000 sending Wong into an unexpected tank.

After a short time, Wong reluctantly called and Josue folded. They turned over their cards and Wong immediately declared he did not want to call, and his fears were justified as the turn and river followed 10,9.

Josue laughed as he said he would have turned the set, however it was Bassil reaping the rewards.

Christopher Bassil254,000
Tony Wong 115,500
Al Josue87,000

Craig spikes it

Vahe Hovagimian has run into the the big blind special of Craig Austin.

Austin defended an under the gun open from Hovagimian with K4, and was treated to top pair on the flop of 5JK. Hovagimian continued for a sizing of 15,000 and Austin check-called to see a turn.

On the 6, Austin checked once again and Hovagimian placed 25,000 in the middle. Austin called.

The river fell the 4, and Austin checked his two pair for Hovagimian to put Austin all-in. Hovagimian was met with a snap-call as he turned over his KQ to learn the bad news.

Craig Austin157,000
Vahe Hovagimian166,000
Craig Austin

Van gets his man

Van Tran has just eliminated another player just as the blinds ticked over into the 14th level of play.

All the money was in the middle pre-flop; the all-in opponent was at risk with 1010, but found himself dominated by Tran’s QQ.

Tran left his adversary drawing dead after turning a set on the board of 6A7Q, with the river A the proverbial salt in the wound.

Van Tran205,000

Level 14: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)

Jarvin’s jivin’

Seve Jarvin has increased his chip lead, taking down another pot against Chao Buan.

Action folded around to Buan who raised to 6,500 before the flop; Jarvin called out of the blinds and then both players checked the flop and turn of 10J8J before Jarvin flicked out a bet of 11,000 after the river 3.

Buan called, but mucked his hand after Jarvin showed down 105 for middle pair.

Seve Jarvin516,000
Chao Buan144,000
Seve Jarvin

Bono keeps on rockin’

Ricky Bono has eliminated another player to reduce the field down to five tables in this Mystery Bounty flight.

Bono min-clicked to 7,000 from under the gun and action folded to the lojack who moved all-in for his last 37,000. Tam Trung shoved over the top from the cut-off, which prompted the button and blinds to get out of the way before Bono snap-called short.

Bono: KK
Trung: 99
Lojack: A10

Although Trung had both players covered, Bono hit top set and scooped on the board of 7K3108, which resulted in the lojack’s elimination.

Ricky Bono210,000
Tam Trung40,500

Tan’s time to shine

Our reporter picked up the action four-handed into a flop of K65; Adrian Pachecho checked out of the small blind over to Jerome Tan, who opened for 7,500.

This forced both Fabrizio Aste and Rehman Kassam to fold from the cut-off and button respectively before Pacheco called, making it heads-up to the turn of the 9.

Pacheco then led out for 13,000 and Tan called, then after Pacheco’s opening bet of 7,000 on the river 10, Tan raised it to 58,000 and forced the fold from Pacheco.

Jerome Tan166,500
Adrian Pacheco260,000

Assorted chip counts

Just a small cross-section of the bigger stacks emerging on the outer tables here in this Mystery Bounty flight, and it’s Seve Jarvin who’s already past the half-million chip mark as we move into the fourth stanza.

Along with Patrick Yazbeck, Luke Edwards and Shu Ng have also moved up the counts, while we can confirm that Alex Yazbeck, John Yacoub, Yang Lei, Jai Duffy and WPTDeepStacks Gold Coast Main Event Champion Will Davies have been amongst the recent spate of eliminations.

Seve Jarvin508,000
Patrick Yazbeck334,500
Luke Edwards331,500
Shu Ng311,000
Adrian Pacheco290,000
Tony Wong249,000
Alex Lynskey215,000
Fabrizio Aste209,000
Uno Uka146,000
Al Josue121,000
Dylan Wayne95,000

Level 13: 1,500/3,000 (3,000)

Break time

Our remaining 63 players are now on another 10-minute break.

Chong gets one through

Action folded around to Jerome Tan who raised to 5,500 from the cut-off; after the button player folded, Adrian Pacheco called from the small blind, only to then see Thomas Chong three-bet it to 16,000 out of the big blind.

Tan and Pacheco called, so it was three-handed to the flop of J6K. Pacheco checked, but after Chong open-shoved for his last 54,000, both Tan and Pacheco mucked.

Pacheco asked to see what Chong had in his hand.

“Just for you!” Chong replied, flashing AK before he threw his hand away and raked in the chips.

Thomas Chong103,000
Jerome Tan132,000
Adrian Pacheco290,000
Adrian Pacheco (L) against Thomas Chong (R)

Murray crushed

Paul Murray has just been eliminated by Alex Lynskey over on Table 5.

After a middle position raise to 6,000, Todor Kondevski called from the cut-off and the button folded before Murray completed from the small blind.

Lynskey then made it 22,500 to go from the big blind, forcing the MP and Kondevski to get out of the way before Murray shoved for 75,000 total. Lynskey snap-called.

Lynskey: QQ
Murray: 1010

Board: 696KQ

Lynskey raked in the chips and Murray hit the bricks, as Kondevski revealed to the table that he’d folded 66.

Alex Lynskey204,000
Todor Kondevski130,000
Paul MurrayBUSTED!

Level 12: 1,500/2,500 (2,500)

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Another Yazbeck battle

Action has begun to slow down a little as we approach Level 12, but a new chip leader is emerging in the form of Patrick Yazbeck, who has reached the 300K chip milestone.

Patrick raised to 5,500 from under the gun and action folded around to his father Mark, who made the call from the hijack, along with Uno Uka from the cut-off to go three-handed to a flop of JKJ.

Patrick then opened for 8,000 and found a call from Mark, but after Uka raised to 25,000, Patrick came back with a check-raise worth 78,000, which saw Mark and Uka both fold.

Patrick flashed AJ before raking in the pot.

Patrick Yazbeck311,000
Uno Uka159,000
Mark Yazbeck65,000

Negi negates Doughty

Hayden ‘Doug’ Doughty has departed at the hands of Jesh Negi as play rolls on Day 1B of the Mystery Bounty.

After Mark Yazbeck limped in from under the gun, Uno Uka raised to 4,000 before action folded around to Doughty who ripped in his last 18,900 from the cut-off with 99.

The button folded, but then Negi then shoved over the top from the small blind with AQ, which forced Yazbeck and Uka out of the way.

Doughty lost the flip for his tournament life, however, as Negi turned the bigger two pair on the board of 676Q2 board.

Jesh Negi80,400
Hayden DoughtyBUSTED!

Level 11: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)

“No gamble, no future!”

Alex Lee has been eliminated at the hands of Tam Trung as we head into the 11th level of play.

Al Josue opened for 32,000 and found a call from the lojack and Trung on the button; the small blind folded before Lee ripped in his last 38,600 from the button, forcing Josue and the lojack out of the way.

“No gamble, no future,” quipped Trung before he threw in the chips to call. “Alright … let’s gamble!”

Lee: QQ
Trung: 77

The future was much brighter for Trung though, as he hit middle set on the flop of A67. Lee did pick up the back-door nut flush draw with the K on the turn, but the river A gave Trung a full house and Lee his eviction notice.

Tam Trung162,000

Peddie pads his stack

Action is beginning to move thick and fast here in the Mystery Bounty, with Peddie Mosquera now the latest to have scored himself a double KO.

Mosquera had called off an unknown player into a sidepot after the flop of Q93, tabling AQ for top-top against their Q10.

“I’ll take a diamond!” said another player (the pre-flop jammer), rolling up AK for the nut flush draw.

No dice – the turn and river bricked 9, 4 – and Mosquera raked in the whole lot.

Peddie Mosquera259,500
Peddie Mosquera

Edson gets some

From under the gun, Michael Seymour raised to 3,200 and action folded to Charles Chiha who called from middle position; action then folded to Edson Wu who shoved for his last 18,000 from the big blind.

Seymour re-jammed for 65,000 and Chiha got out of the way before the cards were tabled.

Seymour: QQ
Wu: K9

Wu picked up the gut-shot after the flop of 675 but despite the Q on the turn, Wu binked the 8 on the river to stay alive!

Edson Wu41,600
Michael Seymour47,000

Level 10: 800/1,600 (1,600)

Jarvin’s carvin’ them up!

Seve Jarvin has just scored himself a double K.O. over on Table 4.

Actio nfolded around to the player in the cut-off who raised to 2,500 pre-flop; Lloyd Locsin re-raised to 4,700, but the small blind shoved over the top for their last 62,000.

Jarvin then re-jammed from the big blind and the cut-off called short as Locsin got out of the way.

Cut-off: KK
Jarvin: QQ
Small Blind: 1010

Jarvin then struck gold on the flop, hitting top set which held all the way across the board of 410Q37 to drop the tournament entry count by two.

Seve Jarvin282,800

Ouchie for Cauchi

Matt Cauchi has taken a huge hit against Paul Murray as play continues here at Star Poker Sydney.

From the +1 position, Murray raised to 3,200 and action folded around to Cauchi who three-bet it to 7,500 from the cut-off. The button and blinds folded, Murray snap-shoved for 69,400 and Cauchi insta-called.

Murray: AA
Cauchi: KK

The board ran clean 37965, doubling Murray up to more than 140,000, while dropping Cauchi below 10K.

Paul Murray142,200
Matt Cauchi9,100

Assorted chip counts

As our reporter whipped through the tables to get the latest round of notable numbers, Star Poker Sydney staff have confirmed that Day 1B has now been locked out at 259 total entries, which means that we’ll be stopping at 39 players this evening.

That brings us to a grand total of 490 entries, which based on provisional figures, gives us a first place payout of $42,506. We’ll have the full breakdown of payouts and Mystery Bounties for you tomorrow morning.

Kenta Ito116,000
Ray Badaoui107,500
Mark Yazbeck96,500
Vahe Hovagimian93,000
Uno Uka83,000
Alba Qi74,000
Hayden Doughty72,000
Lloyd Locsin61,000
Alex Lynskey51,000
Steven Hoek48,000
Al Josue45,000
David Sebesfi41,000
Rehman Kassam40,500
Gavin Ogilvy36,000
Charles Chiha26,000
Malcolm Trayner21,000

Level 9: 600/1,200 (1,200)

Dinner time!

Our remaining players are now on a 30-minute dinner break. We’ll be back soon with a fresh round of counts and the all-important financial figures. Back soon!

Zammit zilched

Shaun Zammit has just been felted by Seve Jarvin as we approach the dinner break in today’s flight.

Our reporter picked up the action three-handed on a board of K3256; Jarvin and another player had checked to Zammit who moved all-in for his last 15,100 after the river.

Jarvin was the only caller, and he rolled up 84 for the flush, which was enough to eliminate Zammit who showed down 1010.

Seve Jarvin163,500
Shaun ZammitBUSTED!

Blanusa bounced out

2018 Star Sydney Champs Main Event winner Neb Blanusa has just been taken down at the hands of Vahe Hovagimian.

All the money was in the middle pre-flop, with Blanusa at risk with 99, however he found himself in a world of hurt against Hovagimian’s KK.

No change to either hand, however, as the board was spread 662AA to end Blanusa’s run.

Vahe Hovagimian98,500
Neb BlanusaBUSTED!
Vahe Hovagimian

Faura finds a double

Ricardo Faura has just scored himself a double-up through John Moffitt as action continues in Day 1B of The Star Sydney Champs Mystery Bounty.

Our reporter caught the result just before the dealer swept in the cards; Faura had put himself at risk with 44, but won the flip for his tournament life after turning a boat on the board of 46A62.

Moffitt was left with less than 7,000 in chips after that hand, while Faura moved up to almost double the starting stack.

Ricardo Faura55,000
John Moffitt6,800

Level 8: 500/1,000 (1,000)

Milan hangs on

Milan Stojkovic has doubled-up after moving all-in on the flop, and getting called by Luis Arrilucea.

On a board of 8J4, the action checked to the player in middle position, posting a bet of 3,100. Arrilucea called, whilst Stojkovic check-raised all-in for 15,700. Middle position cleared the road, leaving Arrilucea to close the action, sigh-calling with 55.

Stojkovic showed 87 as the board ran out A,10.

Milan Stojkovic53,400
Luis Arrilucea16,600

Third time lucky?

Jiapeng Yang has been knocked out for the second time today, at the hands of Vahe Hovagimian’s AA.

Getting it all in pre with K10, the flop of 6910 brought some hope for Yang in the form of top pair with a backdoor flush draw, but the board bricked out 4,8, giving Hovagimian a welcome addition in chips.

Will a third bullet bring a change in fortune for Yang?

Vahe Hovagimian63,300
Jiapeng YangBUSTED!

Double KO for Bono

Ricky Bono has just scored a double elimination just as the blinds ticked over into Level 7.

All the money was in the middle on the turn with a board that read 7459; the first all-in player tabled A9 for top-top and the nut flush draw, ahed of Karam Bahi who was drawing to the second nut flush with his KJ.

Both players trailed Bono, however, as he had rolled up 55, which held firm as the river 2 completed the board.

Ricky Bono99,000
Karam BahiBUSTED!

Level 7: 400/800 (800)

Moffitt makin’ moves

John Moffitt has applied maximum pressure to claim a pot without showdown against Steven Vogt.

We caught the action from the flop of KQ7. Three-handed, it checked through to a turn of 3. It was checked by Johnny Rodden to Moffitt who placed 4,800 in chips, Vogt called and Rodden folded.

On the river of 4, Moffitt moved all-in for his remaining 11,500. Vogt sigh-folded to hand a a nice win to Moffitt.

Vogt fell victim the very next hand and has joined the list of those on the rail.

John Moffitt25,300
Johnny Rodden88,000
Steven VogtBUSTED!

Chao good

Chao Buan has taken a nice pot to move above the average stack mark. Alex Lee opened to 1,500 from UTG+1, Buan made the call from middle position, and Mitch Bogner defended his big blind.

Flop: 1066

Bogner checked folded to Lee’s continuation bet of 2,200 whilst Buan called. It then went check, check on the turn of 9.

The river brought the K, Lee checked and Buan bet 3,500. Lee eventually made the call and mucked his hand upon seeing Buan’s KQ.

Chao Buan52,900
Alex Lee10,300
Mitch Bognar52,600

Neb steals one

Blanusa limped from under the gun, UTG+1 bumped up the price to 1,600. Both the button and the big blind made the call, and Blanusa called also.

On 7A9, the action checked to UTG+1 who made it 2,800. The button called, the player in the big blind folded, and Blanusa called.

The turn came the J, and the action quickly checked through to the 7 river. 

Blanusa pounced on the lack of turn action to try and steal the pot with a bet of 6,500. A short tank-fold from each player was enough to get the win uncontested.

Neb Blanusa74,600

Level 6: 300/600 (600)

Hai tide

Hai Fuilie has won an intense hand over on Table 11.

Uno Uka raised UTG to 1,200, the button and both blinds called to see a flop of 642.

Peddie Mosquera lead out from the small blind for 2,500, Sheldon Mayer called from the big blind, Uka folded, and Fuilie closed the action with a flat from the button.

On the turn, the 5 encouraged a further 11,000 from Mosquera. Mayer called, and Fuilie moved all in for 26,300. Mosquera flat-called and Mayer moved in over the top, with Mosquera matching the additional 4,900.

The three showed down their hands as the river fell a 2.

Mosquera: 45
Mayer: 85
Fuilie: A3

No board pair for Mosquera, no diamond for mayer, and so Fuilie gets a full triple-up.

Hai Fuilie91,700
Peddie Mosquera16,000
Sheldon MayerBUSTED!

Ashor-t stack no more

Ashor Shlemon has found a triple up thanks to a three-way, no-look all-in between Mark Yazbeck, Van Tran, and Shlemon.

After multiple players limped blind pre-flop, Yazbeck moved all in from the big blind and found a short-call from Tran with AJ and Shlemon’s 73.

In case there was any doubt as to whether Yazbeck had seen his cards before acting, they were squished with the reveal of his 102.

The board rolled out with 47844, handing a much needed triple for Shlemon, leaving Tran with a singular chip.

Ashor Shlemon27,800
Mark Yazbeck19,000
Van Tran1,000

Chip counts at the break

Now up to 214 entries after the first stanza, with another new arrival in the form of Yita Choong, fresh off the plane from Las Vegas after finishing fourth in this year’s WSOP Millionaire Maker for USD $395,545. Welcome home sir, and congratulations!

Hayden Doughty83,600
Kenta Ito82,700
Carmen Bieber77,400
Steven Hoek62,000
Ray Bitar62,000
Christopher Bassil61,000
Yor Ecobiza42,300
Elisa Onay42,000
Charles Chiha39,500
Alba Qi36,300
Lloyd Locsin28,500
Sammy Salha28,000
Alex Lynskey27,500
Yita Choong26,000
Uno Uka19,500

Level 5: 300/500 (500)

Break time!

Our players are now on their first 10-minute break of the day.

It’s all up-Hill from here

Nathan Hill has eliminated Mark Yazbeck in the moments leading up to the first break of the day.

Actin folded to Yazbeck on Table 6 who raised to 2,200 from the hijack with A10; Hill was the only caller from the small blind, and both players then checked the flop of 9J5.

On the turn of the A, Hill check-raised to 5,400 after Yazbeck led out for 1,900. Yazbeck then moved all-in and Hill called to find himself ahead with AQ, which held after the river 6 completed the board to send Yazbeck packing.

Nathan Hill80,000
Mark YazbeckBUSTED!

Yang hung out to dry

Jiapeng Yang has just been moved onto the Star Poker Sydney feature table with a brand new stack after being busted on the outer tables this Mystery Bounty tournament.

Andres Vasquez came in with a pre-flop raise of 800 from UTG+1 and found a call from Steven Hoek in middle position before Yang shoved from the big blind for his last 18,500.

Vasquez short-called for 14,000 and Hoek flicked in the remainder before they went to showdown.

Vasquez: 88
Hoek: 77
Yang: AK

Board: 4105QQ

With Vasquez holding the bigger pair, he scooped both pots and thus sent Yang back to the re-entry desk.

Andres Vasquez43,500
Steven Hoek75,000
Jiapeng YangBUSTED!

Awad on the up

Daniel Louis Awad has just picked up a pot through Greg Ogilvy just as the blinds ticked over into the fourth level of play.

Action folded around to Louis Awad who raised to 900 from the hijack pre-flop; Ogilvy re-raised to 3,700 and got called by Louis Awad before opening for 3,500 after the flop of 29K.

Louis Awad called, and then both players checked the turn of the J before Ogilvy checked his option again on the river 5.

Louis Awad flicked out a bet of 7,000, and after about two minutes Ogilvy called, only to send his hand into the muck after Louis Awad tabled Q10.

Daniel Louis Awad45,000
Gavin Ogilvy28,200

Level 4: 200/400 (400)

‘Loc’ down

Jason Lau has just scored himself a double-up through Lloyd Locsin as we head into the last level of this stanza.

From under the gun, Lau min-clicked to 600 and action folded to Locsin who three-bet it to 1,400 from middle position; the player on the button called, as did Lau to go three ways into a flop of 6J9.

Lau checked to Locsin who then opened for 2,200, which elicited a call from the button, hwoever Lau then check-shoved for 13,2000. Lloyd tanked for a few minutes and then called, forcing the button out of the way.

Lau: 66
Locsin: AJ

Lau then filled up as the turn and river repeated 4, 4 to scoop the pot, crippling Locsin down to almost half the starting stack.

Jason Lau33,000
Lloyd Locsin19,000

Lock up

Over on Table 9, action folded around to Gregory Davison raised to 1,300 from middle position; Andrew Lock then shoved for the last of his short stack from two seats over, forcing the rest out of the way before Davison called him off.

Lock: AQ
Davison: A9

Davison did picked up the nut flush draw after the flop of J77, but the turn and river bricked out 6, 5, resulting in Lock scoring a small double, but it was barely a dent in Davison’s stack, as he’s now amongst the top of the counts after taking out another player earlier in the day.

Andrew Lock13,800
Gregory Davison78,000

Locsin gets one through

Lloyd Locsin has been amongst the latest to arrive here at Star Poker Sydney, and has already managed to pick up a pot on Table 10.

We caught the action into a three-way pot after the dealer spread the flop of 729; Danny Ayoub checked out of the small blind and Locsin opened for 700, getting calls from both Zhengmin Zhang on the button and Ayoub before the 10 appeared on the turn.

Ayoub checked again, Locsin bet 2,700 and only Zhang called, making it heads-up to the river 4, where Locsin fired out a third shell worth 6,000. Zhang threw his hand into the muck.

Zhengmin Zhang27,000
Lloyd Locsin34,500
Danny Ayoub38,300

Level 3: 200/300 (300)

Time to split!

Over on Table 6, our reporter caught three-handed action to a flop of J910; the player in the big blind checked to Al Josue who opened for 2,000, before Tristan Barrett raised all-in for his last 15,500.

The big blind player check-folded, but Josue deliberated for a while before making a crying call, turning over Q10 for the open-ender against Barrett, who had flopped two pair with his 109.

Josue pumped his fist after the dealer produced the 8 on the turn, however the Q came down on the river for the chop!

“What a waste of two minutes!” Ian Logan remarked tounge-in-cheek.

“That’s not a snap call though,” Josue replied as he took his half of the pot.

Tristan Barrett18,300
Al Josue33,400

Shlemon shafted

Zhihao Chen has survived to double-up through Ashor Shlemon in early action of Day 1B of the Sydney Champs Mystery Bounty.

Our reporter picked up the action Chen all-in pre-flop and just as Shlemon had open-shoved into a dry sidepot after the flop of 997; Mark Yazbeck spent a good two minutes thinking about it before letting his hand go.

Shlemon: 1010
Chen: 88

Chen then picked up the open-ended straight draw with the turn of the 6 and hit it after the dealer peeled out the river 5.

Zhihao Chen28,800
Ashor Shlemon17,900
Mark Yazbeck33,700

Howard picks up a pot

Over on Table 5, action folded around to Jane Howard who limped in from the button; the small blind completed and Todor Kondevski checked his option in the big blind to go three-handed to a flop of J10Q.

Action then checked to Howard who continued for 700; only the small blind called, and then the action was checked through on the turn of the J and the river 7, with Howard’s Q8 enough to take it down.

Jane Howard36,000
Todor Kondevski26,000

Level 2: 100/200 (200)

Bassil banishes Blanusa

Neb Blanusa has been knocked out in the space of two hands after only ten minutes of play.

After limping from middle position with K9, Blanusa called a raise to 500 from Christopher Bassil in the small blind. Paul Murray folded his big blind and the hand went heads-up to a flop of 49K.

Bassil lead out for 700, Blanusa raised to 2,000, Bassil re-raised to 7,000, Blanusa moved all-in and was quickly called.

Bassil was at risk with AA, only for the board to run out 6 ,4 to counterfeit Blanusa’s flopped two pair.

Leaving Blanusa with only 1,900, he moved all in with 86 the next hand only for Murray’s QQ to finish the job on a board of 4729A.

Christopher Bassil58,200
Paul Murray51,600
Neb BlanusaBUSTED!

MacNaught distraught

Jiapeng Yang has taken out Kim MacNaught in brutal fashion in only the second hand of the day over on Table 2.

All the money was in the middle after a flop of JK2; MacNaught had got it in good with JJ, but Yang had called and was chasing with 95.

No change after the turn of the 3, but MacNaught was flushed out by the river 10.

It took a good couple of minutes for a stunned MacNaught to process what had transpired, sitting in his chair and staring blankly as the dealer pushed the pot before he mustered up the strength to stand up and walk away.

Jiapeng Yang48,100
Kim MacNaughtBUSTED!
Jiapeng Yang

Familiar faces

126 players have already been seated here in the Star Poker Sydney Poker Room, including Sydney Champs $1,100 NLH Champion Slav Rypinski, who’s seated on the feature able alongside Neb Blanusa and Natalia Rozova, who are now seated on the feature table now streaming on Twitch.

Alba Qi, Nick Wright, Alex Yacoub, Uno Uka and Alex Yazbeck are also in action today, with plenty more returning for another crack, including Yor Ecobiza, Steven Hoek, ‘Toothpick’ Tony Kambouroglou and Roland Foster.

Shuffle up and deal!

Day 1B of The Star Sydney Champs Mystery Bounty has officially begun!

Once again, play will continue until we reach 15% of the total field, which should take us through to around Level 16.

Each player has begun with 30,000 in tournament chips and we’ll be playing 30-minute blind levels. Unlimited re-entries and late rego will be available until the start of Level 9.

LevelSmall BlindBig BlindBB Ante

Level 1: 100/100 (100)

Once more, with feeling!

Hello there and welcome back to The Star Sydney for Day 1B of the Sydney Champs Mystery Bounty!

Last night saw a total of 221 entries taken in for Day 1A, with Australian Poker Hall of Famer Leo Boxell bagging up 529,000 after almost 16 levels of play, with 35 players moving on to Day 2 on Thursday.

It’s estimated that up to 300 entries will be taken in for today’s flight, and PokerMedia Australia can confirm that we’re starting to see more and more players trickle in from interstate, as well as a few returning home after their most recent sojourn to Las Vegas, including 2018 WSOP Main Event final tablist Alex Lynskey and Billy ‘The Croc’ Argyros.

Of course, the most important aspect of today’s tournament will be the final payout figures and Mystery Bounty dividends, which based on current projections, should have us up around 500 total entries, good for a Grand Bounty worth almost $40,000.

The stacks are now set and the shoes are loaded, so stay with us here on the PMA Live Reporting blog as we bring you all the action from 2:30pm AEST. See you soon!

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