LIVE REPORTING: 2022 Star Sydney Champs $1,100 NLH Day 2

Congratulations Slav Rypinski ($58,988), Star Sydney Champs $1,100 NLH Champion!

Slav Rypinski has fought his way back from being severely short-stacked on final table to win Event #3 at The Star Sydney Champs.

Commencing Day 2 as one of 30 runners vying for the top prize, Rypinski held a comfortable 334,000 in chips and hovered near the top of the big stack leader board through until the final table.

A pivotal hand at the top eight saw Rypinski’s stack decimated when his Kings ran into Michael Fraser’s Aces.

Slav Rypinski

“I was sitting on four blinds at the final table. I guess I was thinking, ‘I’m already out’,” Rypinski said about the hand, “but as you can see, in poker it never ends until it ends!”

“The big hand was very soon after, Jacks versus Nines, which doubled me up to 560 (thousand),” He added, “And I knew from 560K I could do something.”

And do something he did.

With an additional $58,988 to his name, Rypinski is now focused on jumping straight into the remaining events during the Sydney Champs series, notably the Main Event and in his words, “definitely the $5K Challenge.”

As for the trophy? It just so happens that Rypinski works as a commercial outfitter and recently made himself a new cabinet at home. Looking for something to fill it, it was only yesterday that Rypinski took a photo of the $1,100 NLH trophy and sent it to his wife, saying ‘we need this for this office’.

Ask, and ye shall receive! Congratulations, Slav!

STAR SYDNEY CHAMPS $1,100 NLH ($1,100 buy-in, 259 entries, 33 players paid)*

1stSlav Rypinski$58,988
2ndNick Velcic$41,500
3rdMichael Fraser$26,548
4thStan Levitin$16,149
5thLuis Arrilucea$12,471
6thZhengmin Zhang$10,334
7thSteven Green$8,677
8thMichael Tran$7,252
9thAndrew Pavlakis$5,900
*Final table results shown; full results available at

That brings our coverage of the $1,100 NLH to close. Join us again from 2:30pm AEST tomorrow (Tuesday) as we bring you coverage of the first-ever Star Sydney Champs Mystery Bounty, but until then, thanks for joining us, and from the PMA team here at Pyrmont, it’s ‘bye for now!

Nick Velcic eliminated in 2nd place ($41,500)

With Slav Rypinski taking in almost a 4:1 chip lead, it was always going to be a tough ask for Nick Velcic, but he’s just been felled in second place, good for a $41,500 payday.

The pair traded jabs for about 10 minutes before the final hand of the tournament played out before 10pm local time; after Rypinski raised to 200,000 from the button, Velcic moved all-in for his last 1.725 million.

Rypinski quickly called, showing down 77 and found himself in great shape against Velcic’s A6.

Rypinski soared further ahead after the flop came down 3J3, and Velcic was left drawing very thin after the turn of the 2.

No dice – the river was the 9 – and just like that ladies and gents, we have ourselves a winner!

Nick VelcicBUSTED!
Nick Velcic

Michael Fraser eliminated in 3rd place ($26,548)

We’re now heads-up for the Star Sydney Champs $1,100 NLH title after Michael Fraser was sent to the rail in third place!

Nick Velcic folded from the button before Slav Rypinski raised from the small blind to 200,000; Fraser then ripped in his last 1.8 million from the big blind and Rypinski called.

Fraser: 66
Rypinski: K8

Rypinski took the lead after the flop was spread 89A, but although there was some hope for Fraser with the 5 on the turn, the river 10 completed the board to end Fraser’s day.

Slav Rypinski5,400,000
Nick Velcic2,300,000
Michael FraserBUSTED!
Michael Fraser

Fraser freefalling

Michael Fraser has taken a couple of hits through Slav Rypinski and Nick Velcic to now move below 2 million in chips.

Earlier, Velcic folded from the button, Rypinski completed his small blind and Fraser checked his option from the big blind to see a flop of 289.

Rypinski check-called Fraser’s bet of 130,000, and then both players checked down the turn of the 4 before Rypinski fired out 300,000 on the river Q, which elicited a snap-fold from Fraser.

A short time later, Fraser got it in with A8, ahead of Nick Velcic who was at risk who tabled Q6, but Velcic freerolled his way to the straight despite Fraser hitting top pair on the board of 84735.

Slav Rypinski4,500,000
Michael Fraser1,850,000
Nick Velcic1,270,000

Level 27: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)

Rypinski applies the pressure

Slav Rypinski has begun to turn the screws here in the $1,100 NLH finale, getting active as we approach the 27th level of the tournament.

After a couple of orbits full of steals, Nick Velcic folded the button and Rypinski completed the small blind before Michael Fraser checked his option from the big blind to go head-up to a flop of 28A.

Rypinski c-bet for 60,000 and Fraser called, but then folded to Rypinski’s second shell of 60,000 after the turn of the K, open-folding 108.

The button went around once more, and this time Velcic came out with a raise of 150,000, only to then fold along with Fraser after Rypinski three-bet it to 355,000; and with that, Rypinski became the first player to move past 4 million in chips.

Slav Rypinski4,070,000
Michael Fraser2,740,000
Nick Velcic760,000
Slav Rypinski

Stan Levitin eliminated in 4th place ($16,149)

Stan Levitin has hit the rail in fourth place, with Slav Rypinski collecting another scalp at this final table.

Levitin raised from under the gun to 130,000 and was met with calls from Michael Fraser on the button, and Rypinski in the big blind.

On the flop of 799, Rypinski checked and Levitin moved all in for 545,000. Fraser contemplated for a moment and then folded, and after Rypinski asked for a count, he thought about it for a minute before he flicked in a single chip to call.

Levitin: 108
Rypinksi: 108

It looked most likely to result in a chopped pot, however both players had outs to a backdoor flush. Unfortunately for Levitin, the turn and river ran out 4,3, to see Rypinski scoop.

Slav Rypinski3,845,000
Stan LevitinBUSTED!
Stan Levitin

Luis Arrilucea eliminated in 5th place ($12,471)

Although he started this final table with the chip lead, Luis Arrilucea has just been felted at the hands of Michael Fraser.

Action folded to Fraser who raised to 120,000 from the button pre-flop; Nick Velcic got out of the way on the small blind, but Arrilucea came out with a three-bet from the big blind worth 280,000.

Fraser flatted, making it heads-up to a flop of 1065; Arrilucea c-bet for 180,000 and Fraser called, but Arrilucea then open-shoved after the turn of the 3. Fraser snap-called.

Fraser: AA
Arrilucea: AK

Arrilucea was left drawing dead, and with the meaningless river Q completing the board, Arrilucea headed off to the cage to collect for his fifth-place finish.

Michael Fraser3,040,000
Luis ArriluceaBUSTED!

Chip counts at the break

Slav Rypinski2,525,000
Michael Fraser1,880,000
Nick Velcic1,655,000
Luis Arrilucea955,000
Stan Levitin765,000

Level 26: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)

Break time!

Time to stretch those legs! Back in 10 minutes.


Some aggressive five-handed play has resulted in another double-up for Slav Rypinski through Michael Fraser.

The action opened with Rypinksi making it 110,000 from the button, Fraser defended his big blind and the two saw a flop of 689.

Fraser checked it over to the pre-flop aggressor in Rypinski who fired a continuation bet of 125,000. Fraser wagered all of his chips in reply and was snap-called by Rypinski.

Rypinksi: A9
Fraser: 77

Rypinski’s flush draw didn’t complete as the turn and river bricked Q, 6 to hold out against Fraser’s open-ender and to take the chip lead!

Slav Rypinski2,200,000
Michael Fraser1,800,000
Slav Rypinski

Zhengmin Zhang eliminated in 6th place ($10,334)

Two hands after Zhengmin Zhang had his stack reduced at the hands of Slav Rypinski, he got his last 200,000 in from the button after a pre-flop raise of 105,000 by Michael Fraser from the cut-off.

It was another classic coin flip, with Zhang at risk with A10 against Fraser’s 66, but again, nothing presented for him on the 77849, confirming Zhang as our sixth-place finisher in this tournament.

Michael Fraser3,100,000
Zhengmin ZhangBUSTED!
Zhengmin Zhang

Rypinski cripples Zhang

Slav Rypinski has just doubled through Zhengmin Zhang as action continues six-handed in The Star Sydney Champs $1,100 NLH.

Action folded around to Zhang who moved all-in from the cut-off with KQ; Rypinksi peeked down at his cards and quickly called short out of the big blind with 1010, so it was off to the races.

No change to either hand, however, as the board was spread 62726 to drop Zhang down to almost 300K.

Slav Rypinski1,095,000
Zhengmin Zhang320,000

Level 25: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)

Steven Green eliminated in 7th place ($8,677)

Steven Green shoved his last 240,000, and Luis Arriculea jammed his huge stack from the next seat to force out both blinds.

Arriculea: A10
Green: KQ

Green needed help, which didn’t arrive on the 749 flop, nor the 6 turn. Turns out the grass isn’t greener by the river either, the A sealing the deal on Green’s day.

Luis Arriculea2,000,000
Steven GreenBUSTED!
Steven Green

Michael Tran eliminated in 8th place ($7,252)

Slav Rypinski shoved the cut-off, and Michael Tran asked for a count on the button, before shoving over the top. Both blinds folded, and Tran found out the bad news; his 99 up against the JJ of Rypinski and unable to spike a miracle on the 8108A3 board.

Tran was left with just 20,000, which went in on the very next hand amidst some other action. Luis Arriculea opened to 90,000 in middle position, and Zhengmin Zhang defended his big blind to create a side pot of 140,000.

Zhang check-called a continuation bet of 90,000 from Arriculea on the 697 flop, then both players checked the 4 turn. Zhang elected to lead out, a blocker bet of 75,000 on the 3 river getting a quick call from Arriculea.

Zhang tabled 54, Arriculea mucked, and Tran’s KQ was pretty but useless as he bowed out in 8th.

Luis Arriculea1,695,000
Zhengmin Zhang1,170,000
Slav Rypinski560,000
Michael TranBUSTED!
Michael Tran

FrAAser v RypinsKKi

Luis Arriculea opened to 80,000 from the hijack. In the cut-off, Slav Rypinski took one look at his cards and shoved all-in. Michael Fraser short called for 805,000 total and Arriculea mucked.

Fraser: AA
Rypinski: KK

Not a great time for the ultimate cooler for Rypinski, who was cut down to eight big blinds after Fraser boated up on the 424JA board.

Michael Fraser1,750,000
Slav Rypinski225,000
Slav Rypinski

Level 24: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)

Andrew Pavlakis eliminated in 9th place ($5,900)

Zhengmin Zhang checked the action across to Andrew Pavlakis on a flop of A74.

Pavlakis turned the aggression dial to maximum, shoving and sending Zhang into the tank. Zhang eventually called, Pavlakis tabled 87 and got the bad news that Zhang had made the call with 88.

Running Jacks – J, J – changed nothing, and Pavlakis was the first to be eliminated off the final table.

Zhengmin Zhang1,525,000
Andrew PavlakisBUSTED!
Andrew Pavlakis

Final table set

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2022 Star Sydney Champs $1,100 Final Table!

You can follow along for yourself on Twitch, the game will be streaming on a 30-minute delay.

1Stan Levitin1,085,000
2Michael Fraser860,000
3Zhengmin Zhang950,000
4Andrew Pavlakis500,000
5Nick Velcic1,040,000
6Steven Green610,000
7Luis Arrilucea1,660,000
8Slav Rypinski615,000
9Michael Tran460,000
Front (L-R) Pavlakis, Velcic, Green, Arrilucea; Back (L-R) Levitin, Zhang, Fraser, Rypinski, Tran

Elisa Onay eliminated in 10th place ($4,986)

Luis Arrilucea opened to 65,000 on the button, and Elisa Onay shoved back from the small blind. Michael Fraser folded his big blind but Arrilucea snap-called to put Onay at risk.

Arrilucea: A2
Onay: KJ

Onay was on her feet quickly Arrilucea hit top pair immediately on the board of 9A643.

Luis Arrilucea1,660,000
Elisa OnayBUSTED!
Elisa Onay

Level 23: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)

Dinner break, updated counts

10 players remain in the 2022 Sydney Champs $1,100 NLH, on the final table bubble.

Playing hand-for-hand and we have reached the dinner break, giving the players (and us) a chance to stretch legs, breathe, and count the stacks for all of you at home.

Table 31

1Steven Green715,000
2Zhengmin Zhang1,070,000
4Nick Velcic770,000
7Michael Tran535,000
8Slav Rypinski585,000

Feature table

1Stan Levitin1,160,000
2Luis Arrilucea1,220,000
4Elisa Onay300,000
5Michael Fraser800,000
6Andrew Pavlakis625,000
Luis Arrilucea

Fraser applies maximum pressure

Stan Levitin opened to 65,000 UTG. Elisa Onay, Michael Fraser, and Andrew Pavlakis all called to make it four ways to a flop of QA6.

All four checked the flop, and the 7 hit the felt on the turn. Action checked to Onay, who bet 65,000. Fraser hesitated, then raised to 225,000. Action folded back around to Onay, who made the call in short order.

Onay checked the 9 river and Fraser gave her a side eye, then shoved for 285,000. Onay quickly folded.

Michael Fraser1,150,000
Elisa Onay300,000
Michael Fraser

Sammy Salha sacrificed

Sammy Salha shoved all in and was called by Stan Levitin.

Levitin: 88
Salha: A9

Salha was unable to find any assistance on the 243Q4 board and it looked like he was eliminated – until the chips were counted down to prove Salha had 5,000 more than Levitin.

Soon after, Salha chucked in his last chip under-the-gun, with the knowledge that he’d be forced in ante-first next hand anyway. “This is the hand, Sammy!” said tablemate Elisa Onay.

Michael Fraser raised from the small blind, Andrew Pavlakis folded his big blind.

Fraser: 1010
Salha: J8

Salha watched his tournament come to a natural conclusion as the board completed 4AK45 and hit the rail in 11th place.

Sammy SalhaBUSTED!

Zhang trap

Zhengmin Zhang completed in the small blind and Nick Velcic fell right into his trap.

Velcic shoved his big blind, only to see Zhang snap-call with KK. Velcic tabled Q10 and needed help.

A little help for Velcic on the Q57 flop, the 2 on the turn changing nothing, but the 10 a dagger to Zhang’s heart as Velcic doubled through.

Zhengmin Zhang1,140,000
Nick Velcic835,000
Nick Velcic

Ito outo

Kenta Ito has been ousted by Nick Velcic over two consecutive hands.

First, Ito shoved under-the-gun and short stack Velcic short-called on the button. Both blinds folded and Ito tabled A10 and found himself against the KJ of Velcic.

Despite hitting top pair, the running diamonds on the 439A7 cut Ito down to just four and a half big blinds.

The very next hand, Ito 3-bet all-in for 90,000 over the 60,000 cut-off open from Velcic, which Velcic snapped off.

Ito: A7
Velcic: QJ

Top pair for Velcic this time on the 10105J3 board enough to send Ito to the rail.

Nick Velcic600,000
Kenta ItoBUSTED!
Kenta Ito

Green laydown

Michael Tran completed from the small blind, then check called a 40,000 bet on the 574 flop from Slav Rypinski, before Tran and Rypinski checked down the turn 6 and 6 river.

Tran tabled 97 but found himself outkicked by the A7 of Rypinski.

On the very next hand, Steven Green opened to 65,000 preflop and action folded around to Tran on the button. Tran shoved for 405,000 total and when it got back to Green after both blinds folded, Green hit the tank for several minutes.

Green eventually folded 1010 face up to a gasp of astonishment from the table and rail.

Slav Rypinski805,000
Steven Green640,000
Michael Tran535,000
Steven Green

Level 22: 15,000/25,000 (25,000)

Arrilucea aggression

Luis Arrilucea opened to 50,000 from the cut-off and found calls from Elisa Onay on the button, as well as Andrew Pavlakis in the big blind.

Pavlakis check-called a bet of 70,000 from Arrilucea on the 629, with Onay folding in-between.

Pavlakis then checked again on the 4 turn only to see Arrilucea continue the aggression, firing a second barrel for 165,000. Pavlakis hesitated, then deliberately slid his cards face down slowly into the middle.

Andrew Pavlakis1,150,000
Luis Arrilucea1,105,000
Luis Arrilucea

Onay recovers

After a rough level with several bad beats, Elisa Onay found herself all-in and behind (for a change) against Stan Levitin.

Levitin: AK
Onay: AQ

Fortunes change quickly, though, and the Q in the window certainly helped as Onay steam-rolled to a double up on the A4Q34 board.

Her husband, supporting her on the rail, yelled out an encouraging “Can’t lose them all, babe!” to break the tension as she raked in her new chippies.

Elisa Onay540,000
Stan Levitin395,000
Huss on the rail

Fraser flying

Michael Fraser has found a timely chip-up on our feature table, thanks to a friendly flop after moving all-in.

Luis Arrilucea opened the action with a raise from UTG to 50,000. Elisa Onay made the flat-call from the hijack before Fraser placed all 305,000 of his stack in the middle.

Arrilucea re-shoved and Onay scarpered; once cards were tabled it was Fraser’s tournament life on the line with K9 against AK.

There was no sweat though – the flop 10A5 a nut flush for Fraser, followed by an immediate check mark as the Q dropped on the turn – the K a consolation second pair for Arrilucea but ultimately meaningless.

Luis Arrilucea775,000
Michael Fraser710,000
Michael Fraser

Badaoui busto

Miray Badaoui found himself all in and at risk against big stack Zhengmin Zhang on a board of 46107.

Badaoui tabled J10, a superior kicker to the 105 of Zhang but needing to fade a number of outs.

But the 8 river spelt bad news for Badaoui, giving Zhang a straight.

Zhengmin Zhang1,575,000
Miray BadaouiBUSTED!
Miray Badaoui

Levit-at-in’ higher

Stan Levitin opened from the button to 60,000. Elisa Onay peeked at her cards in the big blind, then 3-bet to 200,000.

Levitin pulled the trigger, 4-betting all-in for 355,000 effective … only to see Onay snap-call.

Onay: QQ
Levitin: A6

Onay had caught Levitin making a move, but it would be disastrous for Onay as Levitin caught his Ace on the 8AK49 board.

Elisa Onay810,000
Stan Levitin740,000

Level 21: 10,000/20,000 (20,000)

Luckbox Sammy*

Overnight chip leader Sammy Salha has had a rough Day 2 so far, and 3-bet shoved over the UTG open from Elisa Onay with 77 towards the end of Level 20.

Both blinds folded, but Onay snap-called with QQ to put Salha at risk.

Salha didn’t need to wait for long, hitting a set in the window on a board of 3J72J to double through Onay.

*headline at request of tablemates

Elisa Onay890,000
Sammy Salha470,000
Luckbox Sammy

Levitin levitatin’

Stan Levitin made a move from UTG, placing all 220,000 of his chips in the middle. The action folded to Husnain Siddique in the small blind, short calling with his stack of 49,000.

Siddique: 1010
Levitin: 66

Board: J62JQ

The flopped set for Levitin left Siddique with his hands on his head in exasperation as he was sent to the rail in 14th place.

Stan Levitin299,000
Husnain SiddiqueBUSTED!
Husnain Siddique

Rypinski bluffs

Picking up the action on a board showing 6AJ2, Slav Rypinski fired for 30,000 into Nick Velcic. Velcic flat-called.

Rypinski continued the line on the 8 river, firing a second barrel of 65,000. Velcic’s cards found the muck.

As the pot was pushed towards him, Rypinski tabled the 97 stone cold bluff.

Slav Rypinski525,000
Nick Velcic355,000
Slav Rypinski

Level 20: 10,000/15,000 (15,000)

Break time!

Zhengmin Zhang holds the chip lead going into the first break after a huge couple of levels, including hitting quads to eliminate Chad Awerbuch.

Tournament staff will race off the T1K chips during the break.

Table 31

1Steven Green259,000
2Zhengmin Zhang1,256,000
3Wai Au395,000
4Nick Velcic153,000
5Miray Badaoui414,000
8Slav Rypinski585,000
9Kenta Ito255,000

Feature Table

1Stan Levitin218,000
2Luis Arrilucea764,000
3Michael Tran374,000
4Elisa Onay1,115,000
5Michael Fraser520,000
6Andrew Pavlakis918,000
8Husnain Siddique153,000
9Sammy Salha386,000
Zhengmin Zhang

Terrible for Ivin

Mike “The Tank” Ivin became the latest victim to Elisa Onay, as the two piled in their chips on our feature table.

Ivin showed 98 on a board of 810810, only for his full house to be dwarfed by Onay’s holding of A10.

Just to ensure the deed was done, Onay found an A on the river to confirm Ivin’s departure from the tournament.

Elisa Onay1,139,000
Mike IvinBUSTED!
Mike Ivin


Craig Blight shoved for his last 95,000 from the button, only to see Slav Rypinski iso-shove from the next seat. Kenta Ito didn’t hesitate to fold his big blind.

Blight: AK
Rypinski: A9

Some chop outs for Rypinski on the QQ10 flop, but the 9 on the turn changed things completely as Blight stood up to see the 4 river end his tournament run.

Slav Rypinski648,000
Craig BlightBUSTED!
Craig Blight

Tran trounced

Zhengmin Zhang has moved past the million chip mark after a miracle river card saw him eliminate Van Tran.

We caught the action from the turn where both players moved all-in, each holding three-of-a-kind on 5QQ7.

Tran: AQ
Zhang: KQ

Zhang looked to be at the mercy of kicker issues with Tran seeming set to double up, until the K came through to reduce the field by one more player.

Zhengmin Zhang1,125,000
Van Tran

Rypinski triple barrels

Slav Rypinski opened under-the-gun to 25,000, receiving a call from Wai Au on the button and a defend from the big blind to a flop of 4108.

Checked to Rypinski, he continued for 25,000, called only by Au. Clubs got there on the 5 turn and Rypinski fired a second barrel to the tune of 55,000. Au flatted for a third time.

The river 4 paired the board, and Rypinski sized up, unloading a third barrel out of the clip for 160,000 and sending Au into the tank. After a couple of minutes, Au let it go and Rypinski raked in the pot.

Slav Rypinski516,000
Slav Rypinski

Level 19: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)

Onay, Oyay

Evaldas Stanevicius open-shoved for 103,000 from UTG+1, then Jason Lau jammed over the top for a total of 127,000. Action folded to Elisa Onay lying in wait in the big blind, who snap-called to close the action.

Onay: KK
Lau: 77
Stanevicius: AQ

Onay claimed the double scalp with the over pair to the board of 429Q10.

Elisa Onay571,000
Evaldas StaneviciusBUSTED!
Jason LauBUSTED!
Elisa Onay

Kassam’s hungry

Rehman Kassam shoved for his last 53,000 from the small blind against Wai Au’s big blind. Au made the call.

Kassam tabled AJ and saw the KQ of Au staring back at him, before the board ran out 2QJ10.

As the 9 hit the river to give Au a straight for overkill, Kassam remarked “Alright, let’s go to lunch!” to his rail, standing up to leave.

Wai Au638,000
Rehman KassamBUSTED!


Rahim Nasab’s tournament came to a close today after his flopped nut flush was outdrawn by Andrew Pavlakis.

Our Live Reporter caught up with the action from the flop; Nasab checked-called a bet from Pavlakis on a board of 78A.

Nasab repeated his action on the Q turn, check-calling Pavlakis’ shove, and the two went to showdown.

Nasab: K5
Pavlakis: AA

Nasab’s flush wasn’t ahead for long as the Q peeled off on the river, sending Nasab to the rail.

Andrew Pavlakis1,030,000
Rahim NasabBUSTED!
Rahim Nasab

Pizanias pummelled

Jim Pizanias 3-bet shoved from the blinds for 183,000 effective over a Zhengmin Zhang late position open, and Zhang snap-called to put Pizanias at risk.

Zhang: JJ
Pizanias: AK

Pizanias was unable to clip the wings of Zhang as the board completed 26107Q and hit the rail.

Zhengmin Zhang808,000
Jim PizaniasBUSTED!
Jim Pizanias

Level 18: 5,000/10,000 (10,000)

Was it the Chad?

Kenta Ito opened to 16,000 and Zhengmin Zhang 3-bet to 45,000 from the button. That wasn’t enough for Chad Awerbuch, who cold four-bet-jammed from the small blind to 199,000.

Zhang hit the tank before calling to put Awerbuch at risk, but found himself behind.

Awerbuch: QQ
Zhang: 1010

Awerbuch was halfway to the stairs after the flop spread 1077 before Zhang sent him tumbling down the stairs, turning him dead with the 10. The A completed the board, not that Awerbuch ever saw it.

Zhengmin Zhang635,000
Chad AwerbuchBUSTED!
The Chad

Four King cooler

Husnain Siddique has taken a bite out of the chip-leading stack of Sammy Salha over on Table 30. Salha opened the action from UTG to 20,000 to which Siddique raised it up to 55,000 from UTG+1. Salha responded with a four-bet to 125,000, quickly followed by Siddique’s all in of 154,000.

Salha made the call and turned over his KK and was met with laughs as Siddique turned over his KK.

The laughs diminished as the board met the felt, running out J10J83 to give Siddique a four carder.

It’s not all flushed away for Salha as he still remains one of the early big stacks here on Day 2.

Sammy Salha490,000
Husnain Siddique328,000
Husnain Siddique

White out

Andrew White shoved for 96,000 in early position, with a short-call from Nick Velcic in middle position before Kenta Ito called to close the action.

Velcic: AA
Ito: KK
White: KJ

Velcic would earn a full triple up as the board ran out 2Q51010 whilst Ito claimed the side pot to erase White.

Nick Velcic222,000
Kenta Ito197,000
Andrew WhiteBUSTED!
Kenta Ito

Kassam can only lose

Craig Austin opened in late position to 16,000 and found a caller in Craig Blight on the button. Rehman Kassam defended his big blind.

On a flop of 9710, action checked to Blight, who immediately asked Kassam how much he had behind – 68,000 was the answer – before sliding out a bet of 20,000.

Kassam opted to check-raise jam, and Austin ran for cover before Blight shrugged and called, tabling Q8.

“Aw, I can’t win!” cried Kassam, tabling Q8, “I can only lose!”

Neither win nor lose for Kassam, as the board ran out 6, 7 to chop up the dead money.

Rehman Kassam98,000
Rehman Kassam

Pockets pairs everywhere

Three quick all-in and calls to start the day; first, on Table 30 Husnain Siddique made the call after Ronnie Shabtay jammed for 159,000 over his 30,000 open in late position. Shabtay rolled QQ and found himself miles ahead of the 88 of Siddique. Both players would then make a boat on the QK668 board.

Second, over to the Star Sydney Feature Table where seconds later, Evaldas Stanevicius found himself coolered with 99 up against the 1010 of Luis Arrilucea. No help for Stanevicius on the 8KQ64 board saw Arrilucea double through.

It was then immediately back to Table 30, as Rehman Kassam said “It’s been a pleasure!” before shoving for 36,000 from the button and finding a caller in overnight chipleader Sammy Salha’s big blind. Kassam’s pleasure it was, as he tabled QQ up against the JJ of Salha. Not even a sweat for Kassam as the board ran out 35K43 and Salha shipped some across.

Salha couldn’t resist the needle though, saying “Thank god you’re short!” to a bemused Kassam.

Sammy Salha630,000
Ronnie Shabtay330,000
Luis Arrilucea274,000
Evaldas Stanevicius204,000
Husnain Siddique179,000
Rehman Kassam84,000
Ronnie Shabtay

Business end

The players are seated, the chips are unbagged, Tournament Director Keiran Moore has announced “Shuffle up and deal!”, and play is underway for Day 2 of Event 2 for the 2022 Star Sydney Champs; $1,100 NLH.

As mentioned, all of today’s players are already in the money as the bubble burst towards the end of Day 1; every player in the field is guaranteed $1,779, playing towards $58,988 up top for the eventual Champion.

$1,100 NLH remaining pay outs (259 entries, 33 places paid)


Level 17: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)

30 to 1

Good morning and welcome back to PokerMedia Australia for our continued Live Reporting coverage of The Star Sydney Champs!

Today, we pick up the action at the start of Day 2 of the the $1,100 NLH; from the 259 total entries taken in, 30 players will return, with Sammy Salha leading the pack after bagging 682,000 in chips.

Our remaining contenders are already in the money, but we’ll be playing down to a winner tonight, who will not only pocket themselves a stack of cash but also The Star Sydney Champs $1,100 NLH trophy.

Cards will be in the air from 12:30pm AEST, so stay with us here at PMA for all our live updates alongside the Star Poker Sydney feature table stream until the final river falls!

Day 2 seat draw

Play will resume at 12:30pm AEST, with recommencing blinds at 4,000/8,000 (8,000). Please ensure you have your photo ID and Star Rewards Card for verification purposes.

Should you have any queries regarding your seat allocation, please see one of the friendly team at Star Poker Sydney. Best of luck to all players!

Table 30

1Craig Blight264,000
3Ronnie Shabtay175,000
4Rehman Kassam56,000
5Rahim Hosseini-Nasab315,000
6Andrew Pavlakis326,000
7Sammy Salha682,000
8Husnain Siddique333,000
9Craig Austin154,000

Table 31

1Steven Green160,000
2Andrew White88,000
4Nick Velcic177,000
5Miray Badaoui316,000
6Aaron Cauchi108,000
8Slav Rypinski334,000
9Kenta Ito129,000

Table 32 (Feature Table)

2Luis Arrilucea115,000
3Michael Tran182,000
5Michael Fraser205,000
6Ren Wang118,000
7Evaldas Stanevicius358,000
8Bobby Yun183,000
9Jason Lau171,000

Table 34

1Stan Levitin412,000
2Wai Au418,000
3Van Tran480,000
4Mike Ivin297,000
5Jim Pizanias157,000
7Elisa Onay408,000
8Zhengmin Zhang395,000
9Chad Awerbuch258,000

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