LIVE REPORTING: 2022 Star Sydney Champs Opening Event Day 1C

Alex Yazbeck bags the chip lead after Day 1C; that’s a wrap!

Our third and final flight of The Star Sydney Champs Opening Event has now come to a close, and finishing on top of the counts was none other than Alex Yazbeck, who bagged up 413,000 in chips!

The Yazbeck name is indeed synonymous in Sydney poker; along with father Mark and younger brother Patrick, the trio have been tearing up the felt here at The Star Sydney over the last six years, but the Sydney Champs still holds a special place in their hearts – and in the Australian poker record books.

“Me, my father and my brother all made the final table of the Turbo Event three years ago, and I actually knocked out Dad in third place,” Yazbeck told PokerMedia Australia.

“But today, he moved onto my table for a bit and took down a few pots from me, so if anyone ever asks, there’s certainly no love lost on the tables!”

That said, Yazbeck assured us that there’s a great deal of love and family pride, particularly for Alex, as he became a father for the first time just 11 months ago.

“Honestly, my wife and my daughter … they’re everything to me,” Yazbeck said.  “Being a dad is beautiful and such a privilege.  I can’t wait to go home and see them!”

And with that, it’s time for us to head home as well. The Day 2 seat draw and Live Reporting blog up early tomorrow morning before the action kicks off at 12:30pm AEST.  From all of us here at PMA and The Star Sydney, thanks again for joining us and we’ll see you again soon.  ‘Bye for now!

Two more hands!

Tournament staff have announced two more hands, after which we’ll bag and tag before wrapping things up. Stay with us!


Chris Yu opened to 10,000 under-the-gun and almost got it through – save for Jimmy Ghobrial who woke up in the big blind and shoved his entire 121,500 stack right back at Yu.

Yu hit the tank, but eventually made the call, having Ghobrial covered.

Yu: 1010
Ghobrial: AQ

Ghobrial needed to hit either one of his overcards, but was unable to do so as the board ran out 22J8K, hitting the rail in the last level of the day.

“It’s always the last few hands, every time!” he complained to our Live Reporter as he exited stage left.

Yu, meanwhile, called another all-in the very next hand as a short stack shoved on Yu’s big blind.

Yu: 66
Opponent: 109

A 10 in the window looked bad for Yu, but the 6 right underneath it looked a lot better, the set enough for Yu to score consecutive knockouts as the board completed 36103J.

Chris Yu350,000
Jimmy GhobrialBUSTED!
Chris Yu

Strang feeling

Action was on Errolyn Strang as our Live Reporter approached her table.

With 33,000 in the pot and board showing 810A8, Tom Luo had shoved for almost twice the pot – a total of 64,000 – and sent Strang deep into the tank.

After several minutes, after cutting out the chips to call, Strang elected to slide her cards face down into the muck. Luo flashed the J as he collected the pot.

Errolyn Strang284,000
Tom Luo97,000
Tom Luo

Kicker problems

A short stacked player jammed all in from UTG+1 and action folded around to Hong Xie in the hi-jack, who re-jammed to isolate.

Both blinds got out of the way and the cards were tabled.

Xie: AQ
Opponent: AJ

Xie’s opponent practically sprinted out of the door after the board completed 849109.

Hong Xie126,000

Captain Kaplan

Fahri Kaplan shoved all-in under-the-gun and action folded all the way around to Peter Vrljic in the big blind, who looked at his cards and immediately appeared pained by the decision.

Vrljic asked for a count, gave a big sigh, and then another, then shrugged and flicked in one chip to call.

Kaplan: A9
Vrljic: A8

Kaplan held through on the J7545 board to double twice within the same orbit.

Peter Vrljic133,500
Fahri Kaplan88,000
Fahri Kaplan

Level 15: 3,000/5,000 (5,000)

One down, Wei up

Wei Zhu has also taken out another player in emphatic fashion in the last few minutes before the blinds ticked up to Level 15.

All the money was in the middle after a flop of KQQ; the player at risk had tabled J10, but was needing a lot of help against Zhu’s AQ.

The repeat K on the turn filled up Wei, but no miracle river this time, with the 4 completing the board.

Wei Zhu179,000

Dammit, Zammit!

Tri Nguyen open shoved for his last 19,000, and Shaun Zammit re-jammed over the top from the next seat over, forcing everyone else out of the pot.

Zammit: AK
Nguyen: QJ

Nguyen out-flopped Zammit, hitting a Queen on the Q95 flop. Zammit turned the Broadway draw, but it was two pair for Nguyen as the J peeled.

The river 2 was definitely not the Ten Zammit was looking for, and Nguyen got the full double.

Shaun Zammit41,500
Tri Nguyen48,000
Shaun Zammit

It’s a ‘Shur’ thing

Yan Shurunov has taken out another player as action continues here at Star Poker Sydney.

Our reporter caught the action just as the dealer was pushing the pot towards Shurunov, having taking it down with QJ after rivering two pair on the board of A46AJ, dodging the flush and straight draws against the victim’s 87.

Yan Shurunov161,000

Level 14: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)

Limpy limpy

Andrew Harvey was actually able to check his big blind after three players limped before him, including John Nguyen in the small blind.

All four checked the 833 flop, and after Nguyen checked again on the 7 turn, Harvey slid out a bet of 5,500.

Action folded around to Nguyen, who made the call, prompting a comment about the flush draw from Harvey.

Both players checked again on the 8 river, and Harvey announced “I have a seven”, tabling the hammer – 72. Nguyen laughed and showed that he did indeed have a flush draw with J2. Big blind special!

Andrew Harvey318,500
John Nguyen138,000
Andrew Harvey

BYO Aces

Byung Yong Kang did exactly that, showing up to the party with AA after Yor Ecobiza shoved preflop.

Horror story for Ecobiza, who tabled KK and found himself well behind with the second best hand in the game.

The flop was safe for Kang, spreading out 633, but Ecobiza found a miracle K on the turn and the 7 river changed nothing.

Yor Ecobiza74,500
Byung Yong Kang48,000
Yor Ecobiza

Basle bows to pressure

Our Live Reporter picked up the action on a flop showing 24A, with four players still in the hand. Harry Basle checked first to act, Shem Goltz checked behind, then Richie Samia fired a continuation bet of 6,500.

Only Basle called, and the turn dropped the 8. Basle checked once more, and Samia continued to apply pressure, firing for 12,500, earning a fold from Basle.

Richie Samia165,000
Harry Basle103,000
Harry Basle

Updated chip counts

Our remaining 105 players have returned from the last break of the night and will play through three more 30-minute levels before we bag and tag.

Dominic Tso261,000
Alan Janke245,000
Andrew Harvey240,000
Husnain Siddique200,500
Matthias Vaquerin185,000
Errolyn Strang174,500
Andrew Scarf156,000
Milan Stojkovic150,000
Shem Goltz147,500
Mark Liddell147,500
Peter Vrljic144,000
Roland Foster127,000
Tim McDonnell119,000
Jimmy Ghobrial114,000
Bruce Hall73,000
Justin Wongf61,000
Jonathan Levy60,000
Harry Basle60,000
Suzy Khouiss51,500
Shaun Zammit44,000
Slav Rypinski22,500
Dominic Tso

Level 13: 1,500/3,000 (3,000)

Break time!

The remaining 110 players have departed on a 10-minute break.

Featured sweats

A couple of hands from the Star Poker Sydney feature table before the break – the one-of-a-kind installation in any Australian casino allows the game to be streamed to a Twitch audience on a delay cards-up, meaning we can see what every player has.

Yu Han was getting very short. First, Han shoved with KQ from the small blind, forcing a fold from Jiapeng Yang in the big blind and stealing. Then, Han opened his button to 6,500 and Yang relinquished his small blind as well. Timothy McDonnell looked down at 43 and asked to see Han’s stack before making the call.

We could see that the 82J flop was literally no help to McDonnell, however, and it was no surprise to see him check-fold to Han’s continuation bet.

The next hand everything kicked off; Ali Khouiss opened UTG to 6,500 with AJ only to see big stack Husnain Siddique 3-bet to 20,000 (we could see Siddique had 1010).

Action folded around to Timothy McDonnell once again, and when McDonnell’s cards – the 99 flashed up on screen it was apparent this was going to be a big hand.

McDonnell elected to flat call, and Khouiss laid it down – much to his chagrin as the flop spread AA2 moments later. Both McDonnell and Siddique checked, then McDonnell took the initiative, firing blocker bets of 5,000 and 10,000 respectively on the Q turn and 8 river, being called twice by Siddique.

You can follow along with the action for yourself over at

Husnain Siddique202,500
Timothy McDonnell120,000
Yu Han56,000
Ali Khouiss39,000
Ali Khouiss

Always a sweat?

Peter Vrljic opened to 5,500 only to see Milan Stojkovic 3-bet to 13,000 from the next seat over. Action then folded around to Jimmy Ghobrial in the cut-off, who shoved his last 51,500. Vrljic spun his cards into the muck, but Stojkovic made the call to put Ghobrial at risk.

Stojkovic: A-K
Ghobrial: AQ

Ghobrial found himself in a troublesome spot, dominated by Stojkovic … that is, until the flop spread Q95, flipping the whole hand on its head.

The board completed 3, 6 and Ghobrial found an unlikely double to stay alive.

On the very next hand, Stojkovic shoved his remaining 68,000 and was short-called by Sammy Ioannou before everyone else got out of the way.

Stojkovic: KQ
Ioannou: Q7

Stojkovic, once again dominating preflop, remarked to our Live Reporter “Gotta love a sweat!” as the flop spread out 92Q.

That was quickly followed though by a “You’ve got to be kidding me!” as the turn 7 again flipped the equities of the hands right around.

All was not lost though, and the entire table was up in arms as the K hit the river to save Stojkovic and eliminate Ioannou.

Jimmy Ghobrial109,500
Milan Stojkovic106,000
Sam IoannouBUSTED!
Milan Stojkovic

Level 12: 1,500/2,500 (2,500)

Pacheco set up to fail

Adrian Pacheco opened the action to 4,000 and Jonathan Levy 3-bet to 11,000 two seats over. Action folded back around to Pacheco, who made the call.

Pacheco checked his option as the flop spread AK7, and Levy continued, firing a bet of 6,000. Pacheco decided that wasn’t enough, check-raising to 15,000 and called by Levy.

The J on the turn prompted Pacheco to jam all in for his remaining chips, and Levy didn’t hesitate, calling in short order.

Levy: KK
Pacheco: 77

Set over set pain for Pacheco, who was unable to hit his one outer as the 3 river ended his tournament early.

Jonathan Levy106,000
Adrian PachecoBUSTED!
Jonathan Levy

Coppini cops it

Alfred Coppini took a moment to check how many levels were left of play today, facing a 5,000 open from Yan Shurunov. Upon getting confirmation that there were 4 levels remaining, Coppini shoved his remaining 21,400.

Both blinds quickly folded and Shurunov quickly called. “What’s your kicker?” enquired Coppini.

Shurunov responded by tabling the AK. Coppini gave a sigh and tabled his own AJ.

Top pair for Shurunov on the 5K3 flop led Coppini to call for a Queen or a Ten on the turn, looking for running Broadway. “Two!” said Shurunov in response – and sure enough, the 2 materialised on the turn.

“Okay, four for a chop!” said Coppini.

Not to be as the 8 on the river ended Coppini’s day.

Yan Shurunov92,000
Alfred CoppiniBUSTED!
Yan Shurunov

Janke gets Goltz

Shem Goltz opened UTG to 4,500 and then called the 3-bet of Alan Janke to the tune of 13,000 when action folded back around to him.

Goltz would then check-call the 10,000 continuation from Janke on the QJA flop, before both players checked the 9 turn.

Goltz took the initiative to fire a blocker bet of 5,500 on the 2 river, quickly called by Janke. Goltz tabled A10 for top pair, but Janke had that beat with the AK.

Alan Janke156,500
Shem Goltz147,500

Levy levied

Wei Zhu moved all-in preflop for 40,200 and was called by only Jonathan Levy to go to showdown.

Zhu: AA
Levy: AK

Levy found no help on the 1010726 board and paid his taxes to Zhu.

Wei Zhu81,400
Jonathan Levy54,400
Wei Zhu

Level 11: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)

Samia claims a scalp

Reigning APLPT Sydney Main Event Champion Richie Samia claimed a scalp as the clock ticked over into Level 12. A player opened the action under-the-gun to 3,200 and was called UTG+1 before Samia 3-bet out of the blinds to 9,600. The under-the-gun player folded, but the UTG+1 player came along.

Samia continued for 8,500 on the flop of 8JQ and got check-raised all-in for 34,000 effective. Samia made the call.

Samia: AJ
Opponent: KJ

Finding himself ahead, Samia just needed to fade a King, and did so on the 5, 10 run-out to secure the elimination and move up above 200k.

Richie Samia209,000
Richie Samia

The Italian job

Milan Stokjovic 3-bet squeezed all-in for 41,200 after Chris Yu opened to 3,500 and was called by Peter Vrljic. Only Yu made the call, and after Vrljic got out of the way they went to showdown.

Stojkovic: 99
Yu: 88

Yu found himself in a world of trouble as Stojkovic had the superior pocket pair, and could only watch as Stojkovic robbed his stack for full value as the board ran out 101026A, no extra help to either player.

Peter Vrljic90,400
Milan Stojkovic83,700
Chris Yu65,000
Milan Stojkovic

White out

Andrew White and Travis O’Grady clashed, getting all the chips in preflop in another flip situation.

O’Grady: 88
White: AQ

This time it was O’Grady who needed to fade the overcards, which he successfully achieved on the J102105 board to erase White.

Travis O’Grady58,300
Andrew WhiteBUSTED!
Travis O’Grady

Rourke routed

Recounted to our live reporter after the fact by a tablemate, Ennaria Rourke 3-bet jammed for her remaining 36,000 over the 3,200 UTG+1 open by Matthias Vaquerin.

Action folded all the way back around to Vaquerin, who made the call to put Rourke at risk.

Rourke: T-T
Vaquerin: A-K

Ahead but flipping, Rourke needed to fade the high cards to stay alive. She hit a dream flop of 7-8-9, but the K on the turn spelled disaster. The 7 on the river was not one of her 10 outs and Rourke was eliminated during Level 10.

Matthias Vaquerin117,000
Ennaria RourkeBUSTED!
Ennaria Rourke

Level 10: 800/1,600 (1,600)

Graceful exit

Paul Grace jammed his short stack in preflop and found a customer in Bruce Hall.

Hall: KK
Grace: A8

All clean for Hall as he backdoored into a full house on the J3QQQ board.

Bruce Hall57,000
Paul GraceBUSTED!

Doughty ‘wins’ return flights

“If I lose, I’m flying home right now!” announced Hayden ‘Doug’ Doughty, after Mitch Webster shoved over the top of his own preflop shove.

Action was still pending on Dominic Tso, who appeared to have a decision. Tso eventually let it go, choosing to allow Webster and Doughty to go to showdown on their own.

Webster: AJ
Doughty: K7

Gin for Webster on the JA10 flop, only a glimmer of hope in the form of a gutshot to Broadway for Doughty.

“One time!” called out Doughty.

It was not to be, as the board completed 5, 3 to send Doughty … all the way home?

“It’s ok, I’ll fly back tomorrow!” laughed Doughty as he took his leave.

Mitch Webster44,000
Hayden ‘Doug’ DoughtyBUSTED!
Hayden ‘Doug’ Doughty

Prize pool confirmed

There were a flurry of last minute entries prior to the end of the dinner break, and we can now confirm that late registration has finished and the 2022 Sydney Champs Opening Event has attracted a total of 847 entries across 3 flights.

This means the total prize pool is set at $571,725, with 106 players finishing in the money. 84 players bagged from Flights 1A and 1B, and there are 6 levels left to play in Flight 1C. A min cash will be worth $1,126.

First prize will take the lions share, of course, and this beautiful crystal trophy – the first in the 2022 Sydney Champs.

Big stacks!

Here are some of the bigger stacks in the room at the break.

Andrew Harvey208,500
Husnain Siddique157,000
Jiapeng Yang157,000
Richie Savive122,500
Matthias Vaquerin118,000
Jonathan Levy115,000
Mark Liddell115,000
Uno Uka106,000
Shih Cheng Tseng98,500
Andrew Harvey

Level 9: 600/1,200 (1,200)

Dinner break!

Our remaining players have left on a 30-minute dinner break. Late registration ends once play recommences at the start of Level 9.

Shuffle, cards, action!

The one-of-a-kind Star Sydney feature table has been utilised today. The table, featuring RFID technology, streams the action from Table 32 on a 30-minute delay over at

The current line-up on the table is as follows.

1Timothy McDonnell
2Dean Vigdor
3Lewis Murray
4Billy Bremner
5Husnain Siddique
6Gregory Davidson
7Albert Gommeren
8Steve Tambouras
9Jiapeng Yeng

Not like this!

Carlos Youssef stopped by the PMA desk to regale his unfortunate bust-out to us. As recounted by Youssef, he opened the action to 2,500 on the Star Sydney feature table and was 3-bet by Dean Vigdor to 6,500.

Youssef elected to shove for his remaining 29,000 and was snap-called.

Youssef: KK
Vigdor: KK

Chop? Nope – four clubs on board giving a flush to Vigdor. Ouch!

Carlos Youssef

Small ball, then ultimate cooler

Shih Cheng Tseng limped the button and Paul Grace checked his option in the big blind. Both players then checked through the flop and turn of 3A7K before Grace fired 3,000 on the river, earning a fold from Tseng.

A few hands later on the same table, a middle position player open-shoved and action folded to Alan Janke in the cut-off. Janke re-shoved and everybody else got out of the way.

Janke: AA
Opponent: KK

Janke held firm on the 3107J9 run-out to eliminate his opponent.

Shih Cheng Tseng99,000
Alan Janke62,500
Paul Grace30,000
Alan Janke

Level 8: 500/1,000 (1,000)

Handed to us

With so many tables in play, our Live Reporters are hard at work pounding the pavement trying to find action. Shem Goltz saved us a little time, sending us this hand via Facebook Messenger recently.

The hand occurred in Level 6, with blinds at 300/600 (600).

Goltz opened the action from middle position with a raise to 1,500 with AQ and was called by the button before the big blind (an aggressive player, according to Goltz) 3-bet to 7,500.

Goltz flat-called to see a flop of Q84 and called again when the big blind player continued for 8,500.

On the 5 turn, the aggressor slowed down, opting to check. Goltz then opted to bet 5,500, and the big blind player matched it.

A check again on the 10 river and Goltz hit the hammer, shoving with slightly more chips than his opponent. After several minutes, his opponent called off with AK – the second nuts no good as Goltz skyrocketed up the chip counts.

Don’t forget ladies and gents: if you want to get yourself on the blog, join the PMA Discord server right now and drop your hand histories into our #give-us-a-hand text channel!

Shem Goltz90,000

BREAKING NEWS: WPT Australia schedule announced

News out of Star Poker Gold Coast as the schedule for the WPT Main Tour has been announced this afternoon. The hotly anticipated event is coming to Australia for the first ever time.

The series will run from 15 – 27 September 2022 and encompasses 13 events in 13 days.

Highlights include the $5,400 Main Event ($5,000 + $400) where the winner will get their name etched on the Mike Sexton WPT Champions Cup, along with the $550 Shane Warne One Dayer (Perpetual Trophy) Freezeout – a must attend for poker and cricket fans alike.

Tournament buy-ins start at just $440 ($400 + $40) and there will be two-step satellites into the Main Event, plus, direct-entry satellites into the WPT World Championship in Las Vegas!

Click here to view the full schedule!

Level 7: 400/800 (800)

Nasab nixed

The action was opened to 2,000 from the cut-off before Seyd Nasab jammed his remaining 8,600 from the next seat over.

The player in the small blind got out of the way, and Shannon Brown elected to re-jam his own short stack from the big blind. The initial raiser elected to fold, however, and both short stacks went to a crucial showdown.

Nasab: 1010
Brown: AQ

The board of 9456 was looking safe for Nasab to double through, but Brown spiked the Q on the river to score the elimination.

Shannon Brown22,800
Seyd NasabBUSTED!
Shannon Brown

Uno beaten by one

Wubin Fan was getting short and recently shoved his remaining 15,600 pre-flop from late position.

Uno Uka elected to call from the small blind, everyone else folded, and the two went to showdown.

Fan: AK
Uka: AQ

Fan pipped Uka as the board ran out 728J4, changing nothing.

Uno Uka73,600
Wubin Fan34,300
Uno Uka

Kambouroglou unglued

All in preflop action from ‘Toothpick’ Tony Kambouroglou’s table, where he found himself all in and at risk against Mark Lazarou.

Lazarou: A-Jo
Kambouroglou: K-To

The board ran out 75753, both players ending up with two pair but Lazarou’s Ace held all the way through to eliminate Kambouroglou.

Mark Lazarou59,000
‘Toothpick’ Tony KambouroglouBUSTED!
Mark Lazarou

Level 6: 300/600 (600)

Respect for the Whitehouse

Shem Goltz opened under-the-gun to 1,200 and received three callers in Paul Whitehouse, a player in the small blind, and Harry Basle from the big blind.

The four players saw a flop of K107 and both blinds checked to Goltz. Goltz considered his options before continuing for 2,500. Whitehouse didn’t hesitate, shoving his remaining 10,000 into the middle and both blinds got out of the way.

Goltz hit the tank for several minutes before eventually folding, surrendering the pot the Whitehouse.

Harry Basle34,300
Shem Goltz30,000
Paul Whitehouse17,800
Shem Goltz

Petrovski premium

Steven Petrovski, in the big blind, found the action limped to him, with three callers for 500 each including an early position player, the button and the small blind.

He pumped it up, raising to 2,000. The early position player folded, but both John Hancock and Ennaria Rourke called to see a flop of 72Q.

Rourke checked, and Petrovski continued to the tune of 4,000, earning folds from both Hancock and Rourke.

Petrovski then spun the KK face up into the middle of the table.

Steven Petrovski49,300
Ennaria Rourke26,900
John Hancock26,200
Steven Petrovski

Great Scott!

With a board showing 5KA10 and approximately 13,000 in the middle, Jane Howard fired a bet of 6,000.

Craig Scott, however, was having none of it, moving all in from the next seat over.

Action was then on Suzy Khouiss, who hit the tank. Eventually she asked for a count, which was 43,800, before continuing to tank, recounting her own stack over and over. Eventually, she let her cards go, and Howard quickly folded behind.

“I had a set, man!” called out Khouiss. “Let me see the river!”

“Queen Jack?” she continued, addressing Scott directly.

“Of course,” he replied.

Suzy Khouiss64,200
Craig Scott62,800
Jane Howard18,300
Craig Scott

Assorted chip counts

Michelle Psarras75,000
Uno Uka70,500
Jai Duffy59,500
Jimmy Ghobrial55,000
Suzy Khouiss54,000
Alex Lee47,600
Adrian Pacheco47,500
Kurt Simpson47,000
Soumen Sen41,200
Sam Ioannou41,200
Harry Basle41,100
Nick Economos38,700
Shem Goltz36,600
Patrick O’Grady35,000
Alex ’42’ Falon33,800
Chad Awerbuch26,500
Graham Cowan23,500
Amir Abbas21,900
Richie Samia19,400
Kresimir Kardum18,400
Steve Jacob13,000
‘Toothpick’ Tony Kambouroglou8,900
Michelle Psarras

Level 5: 300/500 (500)

Break time!

Our players have left on a 10-minute break. We’ll get a round of counts immediately afterwards for you.

Falon flying

It was all action on Alex Falon’s table as four players saw a flop of 6J10.

Falon fired 2,000 and found only one caller in Alfred Coppini on the button, and the two saw the 4 on the turn. Falon kept up the pressure, firing for another 2,000 and again being called by Coppini.

On the 4 river, Falon turned it up again, this time leading out for 6,000 and earning a fold from Coppini.

Alex Falon49,500
Alfred Coppini33,400
Alex Falon

Spiegel clubbed

With a board showing J78610 as our Live Reporter caught the action, it was John Spiegel who was all in, at risk, and eliminated.

As recounted to us, Spiegel and Dominic Tso had got all the chips in the middle on the flop. Spiegel had top pair with J3 but found himself in a world of pain as Tso had flopped everything with Q9 and held through.

Dominic Tso34,000
John SpiegelBUSTED!
Dominic Tso

Wu’s lucky misclick

An early position raise to 1,000 was called by Vincent Choy before Joseph Wu went to 3-bet. The amount he slid out, however, raised some eyebrows – and a “What the!” from table mate Suzy Khouiss.

Nevertheless, 8,000 was the 3-bet and action folded back around to Vincent Choy, who gave a little shrug and jammed all in for about 8,000 more. Wu called.

Choy: 22
Wu: KQ

As the board ran out Q3Q95 Choy gave a shrug and took his leave, heading to the registration desk. Wu, meanwhile, admitted it was a mis-click.

Joseph Wu77,300
Vincent ChoyBUSTED!
Joseph Wu

Straight outta here

Josh Jicu 3-bet to 3,000 over the 1,000 early position open from Jimmy Ghobrial. Action folded all the way back around to Ghobrial, who made the call.

Ghobrial check-called a 2,200 continuation bet from Jicu on the 87K flop, and both players saw the 9 on the turn.

Ghobrial checked once more, prompting Jicu to fire for 3,800. After a minute to think, Ghobrial pumped it up to 10,000. Jicu came along, and Ghobrial put him to the test on the 4 river, firing an amount that effectively put Jicu all-in.

Jicu hit the tank, but eventually called off, only to muck when Ghobrial tabled J10 for the nut straight.

Jimmy Ghobrial51,400
Josh JicuBUSTED!
Jimmy Ghobrial

Level 4: 200/400 (400)

Doumit crippled, doubled

Moon Gab Chung has been very active across the last couple of levels, repeatedly getting involved in the action.

Recently, with 8,500 already in the pot and J277 showing on the board, Chung checked in the small blind, Rob Lru checked from early position, and Jim Doumit fired for 6,100 from the button. Chung called and Lru got out of the way.

On the A river, Chung fired for 7,000 and Doumit called in short order, only to muck when Chung tabled 74 for trips.

That hand left Doumit with just 8,400 and he set about getting some back, 3-betting to 2,200 from the cut-off over the 600 open from another player. He was called by Chung and a player in the cut-off.

All three checked the J6K flop, before Chung led out for 5,000 on the 2 turn. The cut-off folded, and Doumit jammed for 1,200 more, quickly called by Chung.

Doumit: AQ
Chung: K10

With a wealth of outs, Doumit was saved this time by the A on the river.

Moon Gab Chung41,500
Jim Doumit20,400
Rob Lru13,300
Moon Gab Chung

Nasab flushes two

A full board was already on display on Table 21 reading 10585A when Jack McPhee fired 10,000 into the large pot that had already been built.

Seyd Nasab moved all in for 11,000 total, and Suce Shen didn’t take too long to re-jam over the top, having both players covered.

McPhee short-called for 21,000 and the cards were tabled.

McPhee: K2
Shen: 107
Nasab: 105

McPhee and Shen had both rivered a flush but McPhee’s was bigger to claim the 20,000 side pot, whilst Nasab had both beat with the turned full house to scoop the lions share.

Seyd Nasab61,000
Suce Shen23,700
Jack McPhee20,000
Seyd Nasab

Level 3: 200/300 (300)

Agmon admonished

On a board of 5K9J with around 6,000 already in the middle, Moon Gab Chung checked across to Yoad Agmon, who fired for 2,200. Chung called.

Chung then took the initiative on the 5 river, leading out for 8,000. Agmon went into the tank for a small eternity, before eventually letting it go.

Yoad Agmon37,000
Moon Gab Chung30,000
Yoad Agmon

Brown blues

Sam Ioannou limped under the gun and action folded around to Shannon Brown in middle position, who raised to 400. Andrew White completed from the big blind, and Ioannou chucked a couple of chips out to close the action.

On a flop of 5K2, both White and Ioannou checked to Brown, who continued for 900. White quickly folded, but Ioannou stuck around, calling to see the 7 drop on the turn.

Ioannou elected to lead, firing a nearly full pot bet of 3,000. Brown called, and both players checked the 9 river.

“Two pair” announced Ioannou, tabling the 75. Brown shook his head, sending his KJ spinning face up as the pot was pushed to Ioannou.

Sam Ioannou41,800
Andrew White26,100
Shannon Brown24,300
Sam Ioannou

Level 2: 100/200 (200)

Dundovic trips

Adam Dundovic opened to 300 from UTG+1 and received calls from the cut-off, David Hirst on the button, and Roland Foster in the big blind to see a flop four ways.

With the board showing 838, Dundovic continued for 700, called only by Hirst. Dundovic fired a second barrel for 1,700 on the 9 turn and Hirst flat called once again.

Dundovic slowed down on the K river, checking the action across to Hirst. Hirst elected to fire for 2,300 and Dundovic gave a sigh and a call before mucking when Hirst showed 108.

David Hirst33,700
Roland Foster29,700
Adam Dundovic24,800
David Hirst

Notables in the field

Plenty of players have already taken their seats, and with late registration open up until approximately 5:10pm AEST the field size is on track to eclipse both of the previous flights.

On our first pass through the field, we spied WPTDeepstacks Sydney Opening Event Champion Michelle Psarras looking to add another score to her resume, along with APT Gold Coast Main Event Champion Graham Cowan. WPTDeepStacks Sydney PLO Champion Roland Foster has made the drive down from Canberra this morning to take his seat.

We also spied Hayden “Doug” Doughty, Errolyn Strang, and Jimmy Ghobrial looking to secure a bag today. Gold Coast grinder Carlos Youssef is in the field looking to secure his first Tier One title, despite numerous final table appearances of late.

Steve Tambouras, Jai Duffy, Slav Rypinkski, Andrew Scarf, Steve Jacob, Harry Basle, Sammy Salha, Mark Lazarou, Suzi Khouiss, Ennaria Rourke, Yor Ecobiza and Adrian Pacheco have also taken their seats to start the action.

Shuffle up and deal!

Tournament staff have announced “Shuffle up and deal!” and cards are in the air.

Level 1: 100/100 (100)

Grind on the mind

Good morning and welcome back to PokerMedia Australia for today’s coverage of Day 1C of The Star Sydney Champs Opening Event!

Yesterday saw a total of 283 entries drop into Day 1B, with Rabie El Hagi’s big-time rush resulting in him bagging up 500,000 neat in the early hours of Friday morning. Not far behind him were David Sebesfi (469,000) and Jackson Hardy (462,000), together with Romain Morvan, Omer Silajdzija and WA’s Travis Endersby some of the other notables advancing through to Day 2.

Rabie El Hagi

Today will be the final opportunity for players to secure a bag, and is expected to draw an even larger field than the previous two flights. Players will play through 15 half hour levels, starting at 100/100 (100) and expected to conclude at approximately 9pm.

As play throughout the day continued, excitement from another source came in the form of Sydney’s Adrian Attenborough, currently in Las Vegas, as he negotiated his way through the trials and tribulations of the WSOP Main Event Day 7. At the conclusion of the day, Attenborough secured his seat on pokers biggest stage; reaching the unofficial final table with a comfortable stack. Whilst today is an official rest day for the championship, we will be following along closely over the next few days action!

WSOP Main Event Unofficial Final Table (Adrian Attenborough 3rd from right)

Live coverage for today’s flight will commence from 12:30 AEST. Bookmark this page and join us as we bring you all the action from buy-in to bust-out!

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