WPT Prime Gold Coast Main Event – Day 2 seat draw

Play will resume at 11:30am AEST, with recommencing blinds at 3,000/6,000 (6,000) and an average stack of 215,704 (36 BBs). The blinds are now 60 minutes in duration and play will continue until the final table of nine is reached.

Please ensure that you have your photo ID and Star Club Club with you for verification purposes, and should you have any queries regarding your seat allocation, please see staff at Star Poker Gold Coast.

Live updates for the WPT Prime Gold Coast Main Event will be available at worldpokertour.com.

Table 1 (Feature Table)

1Paul Elliott132,000
2Ratul Sayak206,000
3Jacob Fulop102,000
4Daniel Gabriel126,000
5Thien Chan428,000
6Mesene Anderson146,000
7Lee Van Puyat88,000
8Matt Pongrass310,000

Table 6

1Craig Abernethy57,000
2Hari Varma134,000
3Anthony Harach96,000
4Joseph Vinecombe115,000
5Hussein Hassan353,000
6Shane Hicks222,000
7Adrian Indovino404,000
8Bestami Ay110,000

Table 7

1Nick Williams68,000
2Mitchell Cator208,000
3Justin Bernstein257,000
4Jonathon Levy214,000
5Benjamin Setta224,000
6Jason Anand197,000
7Rizalito Delos Reyes205,000
8Rehman Kassam122,000

Table 8

1Troy McLean418,000
2Dodd Mousapour100,000
3Craig Landry152,000
4Michael Diab113,000
5Jerry Wang455,000
6Louis Wong376,000
7Chris Colaneri265,000
8Chin Wang147,000

Table 9

1Charles Hawes183,000
2Ali Zebarjad142,000
3Ami Asaf314,000
4Dean Blatt230,000
5Andrian Chin150,000
6Hamidreza Saeedfar95,000
7Benoit Yick44,000
8Frank Mete902,000

Table 11

1Alex Lee156,000
2Michael Rowley112,000
3Kurt Grossmith37,000
4Michael Johnson185,000
5Mladen Ivin354,000
6Radwan Elomari120,000
7Mirko Stojnov154,000
8Peidi Chen143,000

Table 12

1Mina Elias396,000
2Michael George180,000
3Zien Tang203,000
4David Brand59,000
5Carlos Youssef182,000
6Yang Lei435,000
7Sam Haddad225,000
8Charles Tsai93,000

Table 13

1Luci Bonaccorso205,000
2Ben Jee158,000
3Kavinda Kularathne48,000
4Mario Doria137,000
5Adrian Roberts147,000
6Kiko Puyat44,000
7Steven Huynh135,000
8Luke Jackson231,000

Table 14

1Simon Thwaites173,000
2Bruno Da Silva164,000
3Ali Ghezelbash540,000
4Jack Drapier94,000
5Dale Johnstone157,000
6Dylan Desmarchelier165,000
7Fendy Fendy232,000
8Jack Drake225,000

Table 15

1Subramanyam Vanaparthy151,000
2Tam Nguyen89,000
3Jesper Henrich98,000
4Lewis Murray259,000
5Brendon Rubie549,000
6Janette Phillips110,000
7Ankit Dahiya600,000
8Khac-Trung Tran464,000

Table 16

1Mateo Echague248,000
2Peter Simpson87,000
3Josh Norvock144,000
4Danny Ayoub201,000
5Mario Stanic140,000
6Tim Mitchell242,000
7Obrad Milinkovic146,000
8Mikael Larsson82,000

Table 17

1Lirui Zhang175,000
2Hayden Quinn121,000
3Deborah James307,000
4Najeem Ajez376,000
5Jeison Berdugo195,000
6Nichole Roberts240,000
7Rod Batoz384,000
8Corey Kempson320,000

Table 18

1Sheldon Mayer328,000
2Darcy Mendoza486,000
3Charley Panarello51,000
4Adrian Pacheco244,000
5Stephen Grant82,000
6Attila Bognar246,000
7Nebojsa Blanusa268,000
8Andrew Ryland262,000

Table 19

1Norman Mirza481,000
2Qi Xu182,000
3Pratik Mehta177,000
4Richard Wells321,000
5Michelle Psarras252,000
6Ganh Zhu195,000
8Daniel Hameri85,000

Table 20

1Win Meng Tan223,000
2Nicholas Tory89,000
3Tanisha Ruwhiu220,000
4Ruiyang Wang519,000
6Carmen Ling117,000
7Tony Lu201,000
8Brett McGrath51,000

Table 21

1Jaisan Patel275,000
2Seyed Sedigh259,000
3Harry Vlazakis337,000
4Jonathan Portelli239,000
5Lauren Bronte66,000
6Mark Staples356,000
8Lachlan Crilly124,000

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