LIVE REPORTING: WPT Prime Gold Coast Mystery Bounty Day 1A

Wayne leads at end of Day 1A; that’s a wrap!

And just like that folks, Day 1A of the WPT Prime Gold Coast Mystery Bounty is in the books!

Leading at the end of the night is Dylan Wayne, who bagged 542,000 in chips, followed closely by Sal Fazzino on 505,000. Martin Ward (412,00), Alan Gates (303,000) and Daniel Gabriel (286,000), round out our top five.

Speaking with PokerMedia Australia at the end of night, Wayne was pleased that everything went so well for him and is hopeful that the trend will continue in two days’ time.

Dylan Wayne

“It was quite interesting, actually, I flopped many, many sets, many many times and everything just kinda went my way,” he said. “I’ve been pretty excited to play in this one, you know … to be able to just reach into the barrel and pull out something huge is pretty cool, so I was always going to play this.”

“A lot of my friends and every one of them have been buzzing around the Mystery Bounty specifically. They love the new concept [in Australia] because offers so much excitement for both the recreational and full-time player.”

Other notables out of the 25 to have survived through to Day 2 included Lloyd Locsin, Omer Silajdzija, Jerry Wang, Ben Turner, Lucho Vargas, Mishel Anunu and WPT Prime Gold Coast $1,100 NLH Champion Romain Morvan.

Dylan Wayne542,000
Sal Fazzino505,000
Martin Ward412,000
Alan Gates303,000
Daniel Gabriel286,000
Lloyd Locsin245,000
Matthew Radcliffe235,000
Mark Zhu234,000
Omer Silajdzija207,000
Matthew Bevin205,000
Cheng-Tse Chen188,000
Tommy Handelaar186,000
Alex Lee175,000
Josh Hutchins150,000
Jerry Wang149,000
Ben Turner147,000
Lucho Vargas133,000
Julian Warhurst129,000
Paul Neville128,000
Tom Maguire112,000
Chin Wang107,000
Mishel Anunu100,000
Scott Hamilton-Hill82,000
Romain Morvan69,000
Yang Lei40,000

Day 1B of the Mystery Bounty will kick off at 2:30pm AEST and PMA will be back ringside to bring you all the action, so be sure to tune in as we bring you every flop, sweat and tear until the final river falls.

Until then, from all of us here at The Star Gold Coast, it’s ‘bye for now!

Ghobrial gutted

From under the gun Martin Ward raised to 17,000, with action folding over to Jimmy Ghobrial in late position, who whipped out 40,000 in response.

Ward called, then check-snapped Ghobrial’s shove after the flop was laid QA3.

Ghobrial: KK
Ward: AK

Ward held firm after the turn or river ran out 3, 9 and thus ‘Jimmy G’ was gone-ski … and with Matthew Radcliffe taking out another player one table over, we can confirm that there will be 25 survivors heading through to Day 2!

Our full wrap of today’s flight will be up shortly.

Martin Ward412,000
Jimmy GhobrialBUSTED!
Jimmy Ghobrial

Zhu zoom zoom!

In the lead-up to the close, Mark Zhu locked horns with Lloyd Locsin on Table 8, shoving all-in preflop before Locsin called out of the blinds.

Locsin revealed JJ, but Zhu was well ahead with QQ and prevailed on a board of 67979.

Mark Zhu190,000
Lloyd Locsin245,000

Level 17: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)

Down to three tables

Having generated a total of 169 entries for today’s flight, Star Poker Gold Coast staff have confirmed that play will stop immediately once we reach 26 players. Given we’re at three tables of nine, that may not take too long!

WPT Asia-Pacific Live Events Specialist Danny McDonagh has also told us that in the event that tomorrow’s flight finishes at a higher blind level, the clock will be wound back to the start of the level that we finish at tonight.

Gates crashed

Over on Table 9 Lucho Vargas moved all in pre-flop in search of a double, only to be called snap-called by Alan Gates, who revealed KK.

Vargas’ A2 found a quick-changing tide in a flop of 86A, continuing to a commanding finish with a runner-runner full house with the 8 on the turn, followed by the river A. That’ll do it.

Alan Gates272,000
Lucho Vargas135,000
Lucho Vargas

Level 16: 3,000/6,000 (5,000)

Kassam crashes out

Shortly after Dylan Wayne chipped up, Rehman Kassam found himself open-shoving from the cut-off with KQ on an adjacent table.

Mishel Anunu called him down with his KJ, and then both watched on as the flop was dealt 2A6.

Kassam, however, was dashed to the rocks by a runner-runner flush after the dealer produced running 9, 5

Mishel Anunu169,000

Called it!

We headed back over to Dylan Wayne’s table, where the action was midway with a flop of 3Q8.

Wayne was heads-up with an opponent whose Q10 was leading against his bottom pair A3. As the turn showed J, Wayne proclaimed to the table, “I’m not gonna win this one.”

The poker gods seemed to be listening, however, as the river delivered the 3.

“Oops! Maybe I do!” Wayne exclaimed.

And with that, Wayne is now the outright chip leader as another one bites the dust.

Dylan Wayne635,000
Dylan Wayne

Level 15: 2,500/5,000 (5,000)

Wayne takes one more

Dylan Wayne is now also closing in on 400,000 in chips taking out another player as we edge closer to the end of Day 1A of the Mystery Bounty.

Again, all the money was in pre-flop, with the at-risk player tabling A10, but they needed a great deal of assistance against Wayne’s QQ.

There was some hope after they turned the nut flush draw on the board of 7529, but Wayne held firm after the repeat 9 appeared on the river.

Dylan Wayne390,000
Dylan Wayne

Reid railed

It was a valiant effort from Scotty Reid, but his run has ended at the hands of Jimmy Ghobrial.

After being crippled down to 36,000 in an earlier hand, Reid ripped it in pre-flop with Q3, but found himself well behind Ghobrial’s KQ, with no change to the outcome after the dealer spread the 1085AA board.

Jimmy Ghobrial245,000

Level 14: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)

Sal’s sailing

Plenty of chips being traded across the felt, with Sal Fazzino and Omer Siladjzija both taking out players as play continues in the Mystery Bounty!

Earlier, Fazzino took out Harry Evans after waking up with JJ against Evans’ QJ, which held despite the gut-shot on the turn of the A63102 board.

Siladjzija then found himself in a critical flip with 99 against his opponent’s AJ, but it was another gutterball, with Silajdzjia scooping after rivering two pair on the board of 102Q88.

Sal Fazzino393,000
Omer Siladjzija138,000
Harry EvansBUSTED!
Sal Fazzino


The action is starting to pick up here at The Star Gold Coast, with Mirko Stojkov amongst those to have hit the rail after the break.

Our reporter caught the action as Stojkov and Mark Zhu had got their money into the middle after a flop of 1022; Mirko had hit top pair with his J10 to move ahead of Zhu’s 88, but the dealer peeled off the 8 on the turn before completing the board with the river K.

Mark Zhu212,000
Mirko StojkovEXILED!

Level 13: 1,500/3,000 (3,000)

Take a breather

Players are now on their next 10-minute break of the night.

Fazzino sizzles, Ivin fizzles

Sal Fazzino is now the first player to hit the 300K mark, eliminating Mike ‘The Tank’ Ivin as we head into the next break of the night.

From under the gun, Ivin raised to 6,000 and action folded around to Fazzino who defended his big blind to see a flop of 838.

Ivin opened for 6,000, Fazzino raised to 16,000 and Ivin called before leading for another 16,000 into the turn of the 4 and then ripped the remainder in on the river A.

Fazzino called and Ivin showed QQ, but swiftly made his way to the rail after Fazzino showed down 83 for a flopped boat.

Sal Fazzino300,000
Mike IvinBUSTED!

Gabriel clipped

A pre-flop raise from Daniel Gabriel to 5,000 only got one caller in Jeison Berdugo, with action then checked down on a board of JJ10J before Gabriel put forth a bet of 16,000 on the river 10.

Berdugo lurked in quiet thought for a minute, before declaring all-in for 25,300. Gabriel paused briefly before making the call, but mucked after Berdugo rolled over KJ.

Jeison Berdugo50,600
Daniel Gabriel50,000
Daniel Gabriel

Level 12: 1,500/2,500 (2,500)

Hutchins cuts one

Not long after Reid’s double up, we circled over to Table 8 to catch Josh Hutchins in a hand against an unknown opponent.

Our reporter caught the board before it was swept up, with Hutchins triumphing with a pair of beauties: QQ which had rivered a boat on a board of 3K77Q.

Josh Hutchins142,700

Wreck-it Reid!

Scotty Reid is still fighting on after doubling up again with pockets against pockets!

The action began with Reid raising under the gun to 4,500 before folding to new tablemate Adam Bevis who came back with a three-bet worth 11,000. Reid returned fire with a four-bet-shove of 43,400, which Bevis quickly snapped off.

Bevis: AA.
Reid: 1010

Incredibly, Reid got set up on the flop of J106 before hitting the boat after the turn and river ran out 6, 5.

Scotty Reid92,800
Adam Bevis21,900

Level 11: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)

Meyn mauled

Ryan Meyn has met his maker in Day 1A of the Mystery Bounty after being felted in the space of two hands.

Earlier, Meyn found himself in a three-way all-in pre-flop pot holding A8 and up against Matt Bevin who showed down K10, and Scotty Reid who flipped over 44 before he filled up on board of 222J9 to triple up.

Down to just 2,000 in chips, Meyn committed them all in the very next hand with A2, but Andrew Tong’s J9 flopped two pair and held despite Meyn picking up the nut flush draw on the 9J1032.

Matt Bevin80,000
Andrew Tong71,500
Scotty Reid32,000
Scotty Reid

Barrett barrelled

Josh Barrett was confirmed as our latest Mystery Bounty elimination, taken out at the hands of Cheng-Tse Chen.

Action folded around to Barrett who open-shoved from late position with A5, only to see Chen wake up out of the blinds with KK.

The board of 3573Q changed nothing except for the entry count on the clock.

Cheng Tse-Chen80,300
Josh BarrettBUSTED!

Level 10: 800/1,600 (1,600)

Demarsch’d out the door

Dylan Desmarchelier has just been cast away by Will Bolton as we head into the 10th level of the night.

Desmarchelier got the last of his chips in before the flop with AJ but was taken out by Will Bolton whose KQ hit top pair on the board of 310K62.

“That’s the first time that PMA has caught me in a hand when I was ahead!” Desmarchelier laughed.

Will Bolton48,300
Dylan DesmarchelierVANQUISHED!

Assorted chip counts

Jerry Wang231,000
Lloyd Locsin154,500
Mike Ivin127,000
Chin Wang104,000
Jimmy Ghobrial99,000
Ben Turner98,900
Omer Siljadjzia81,000
Qais Shanasa80,500
Lucho Vargas60,000
Adam Thaggard51,100
Lewis Murray49,500
Corey Van Jaarsveldt47,600
Rehman Kassam47500
Romain Morvan39400
Chuck Caris34,600
Mark Taylor33,500
Martin Ward25,400
Jeison Berdugo23,300
Hayden ‘Doug’ Doughty23,200
Sammy Haddad22,000
Scotty Reid15,700
Atilla Bognar15,600
Jerry Wang

Level 9: 600/1,200 (1,200)

Let’s eat!

Our players are now on a 30-minute dinner break. Back soon with a fresh round of counts!

Locsin stacks Lei

Lloyd Locsin has been sweeping up his table, seen eliminating an opponent earlier and floating high on 135,000, has crushed another soul in Yang Lei.

Lei was short-stacked with 16,900 and braved the shove pre-flop from the cut-off, however Locsin jumped the gun with a complete out of the small blind.

The dealer advised of Lei’s all-in bet, which belayed Locsin briefly before taking up the duel with 66, flipping against Lei’s A10 but held after the dealer spread the board of 3954J.

Lloyd Locsin151,900
Lloyd Locsin

Tripp trumped

Over on Table 18, Wayde Rickhuss has been riding a rollercoaster wave but has now has doubled up and feeling swell.

After calling a pre-flop raise in the cut-off, Rickhuss parlayed with Stuart Tripp on a flop of 1084. Tripp opened the bet to 13,000, but Rickhuss responded with a shove worth 29,000.

Tripp called him down and revealed KK for the overpair, however Rickhuss’s 96 freerolled to a straight after the turn and river came running J, Q.

Wayde Rickhuss70,500
Stuart Tripp33,700

Level 8: 500/1,000 (1,000)

Colless overboard

Over on Table 114, a player in early position raised to 2,000 and Rehman Kassam called, as did Adam Bevis and Brooke Colless to make it four-handed to a flop of J49.

Action then checked to Kassam who opened for 3,500; Bevis raised to 11,000 and Colless shoved, only to then Kassam check-raise to isolate to make it 62,500 to go before Bevis short-called.

Bevis: AJ
Colless: Q8
Kassam: 87

Bevis held after the turn and river ran out 8, 6, crippling Kassam and sending Colless down to Davy Jones’ locker.

Adam Bevis105,000
Reham Kassam36,600
Brooke CollessPLUNDERED!
Brooke Colless

Anand eaten alive

Jason Anand has been confirmed as our latest elimination from the Mystery Bounty after being sandwich-smashed by Scotty Reid and Liam Murray.

All the money was in the middle pre-flop and our reporter got there just as they all went to showdown.

Reid: JJ
Murray: 1010
Anand: A10

Although Anand picked up a gut-shot after the flop and turn of 8876, the river 3 was a brick and Reid doubled through as Murray scooped the sidepot.

Liam Murray36,000
Scotty Reid25,600
Jason AnandMAROONED!

Level 7: 400/800 (800)

Thaggard crippled

Qais Shanasa has taken a chunk of change off two-time QPC Champion Adam Thaggard as we approach the eighth level of play in this Mystery Bounty event.

All the money was in the middle on a flop of 7K9; Shanasa was at risk for his last 26,600 with A9, but found himself ahead of Thaggard who tabled 86 for an open-ender.

Thaggard did pair up with the 6 on the turn, however the river Q completed the board to give Shanasa the double-up.

Qais Shanasa61,600
Adam Thaggard5,000

Lei down

Lloyd Locsin has chipped up after taking a huge chunk of change off Yang Lei on Table 9.

Our reporter picked up the action as the dealer peeled off the turn on a board that read QQ42; Lei checked his option from the big blind, Locsin opened for 3,200 and Lei called before check-calling again after Locsin’s bet of 8,000 on the river 8.

Locsin showed down Q-J for trips, which was more than enough to take it down.

Lloyd Locsin68,500
Yang Lei16,000

Level 6: 300/600 (600)

Stojkov scores some

Back over on Table 8, action folded around to Hussein Hassan who raised to 1,200 from the lo-jack; the player in the hijack called, only to then see Mirko Stojkov three-bet to 2,500 from the button.

Hassan then four-bet it to 8,500, forcing the hijack out of the way before Stojkov called to make it heads-up to a flop of 27Q.

Hassan then opened for 4,500, only to fold after Stojkov raised to 11,500.

Mirko Stojkov53,500
Hussein Hassan46,500

Chips ahoy!

Here’s a cross-section of currency accumulations from our noted notables.

Lucho Vargas131,700
Jimmy Ghobrial95,000
Lloyd Locsin68,000
Noman Mirza49,700
Hussein Hassan43,700
Jeison Berdugo42,700
Qais Shanasa38,700
Scotty Reid33,600
Dennis Huntly23,100
Tim O’Shea22,700
Troy McLean20,700
Daniel Gabriel20,300
Brooke Colless15,900
Brandon Bailey15,800
Wayde Rickhuss12,500
John Apostolou12,100
Liam Murray9,200

Level 5: 300/500 (500)

Save your (sea) legs!

Time for a 10-minute break! We’ll have a round of counts for you when we return.

Mixed fortunes

Nursing a short stack as the clock ticked down to the first break of the day, Tim O’Shea jammed his last 5,600 into the middle with AQ and managed to hit trips on a board 327QQ through Mark Taylor, who had called him off with AK.

Despite the double-up, however, O’Shea was sent to the rail and Taylor followed him soon after, but Taylor has confirmed with the PMA crew that he’s now chipped up after waking up with pocket kings in one of the first hands back, which went on to hit top set.

Always Huss-lin’

Over on Table 8, our reporter caught action heads-up between Hussein Hassan and Noman Mirza in a raised pot to a flop of 9JA. Mirza c-bet for 700, Hassan min-clicked to 1,5000 and Mirza called before checking the turn of the K.

Hassan fired out a second bullet worth 2,500, which was enough for Mirza to lay the hand down and move Hassan’s stack to above average.

Hussein Hassan38,300

Level 4: 200/400 (400)

Photo time!

Huntly becomes the hunted

Fresh off his weekend down at the Johnnie Walker Classic in Mount Gambier, Dennis Huntly’s time at the tables here was short-lived, taken out at the hands of Dylan Wayne.

After having his kings cracked by queens in an earlier hand, Huntly jammed the last of his stack in with pocket sixes, only to see Wayne wake up with pocket tens.

Both players filled up on the board of 9109Q6, but Wayne sunk Huntly with the bigger boat.

Dylan Wayne78,500
Dennis HuntlySCUTTLED!
Dennis Huntly & Dylan Wayne

Level 3: 200/300 (300)

Eye-watering stuff

The PMA Live Reporting Crew caught Liam Murray walking through the main floor forlornly as he texted through his hand history via the PMA Discord #give-us-a-hand channel.

“Not sure whether or not you want it, but three-ways 100K pots this early don’t happen often!” he said.

As Murray recalled, Chris Savelle limped in from under the gun and action folded around to him on the button, where he then raised to 700. Sammy Haddad called from the small blind, as did Savelle to make it three-handed to a flop of 1095.

Action checked to Murray who opened for 1,600, but Haddad min-clicked (albeit unintentionally) to 3,200. Savelle called, but Murray then re-raised to 8,500.

The other two flatted and then checked through after the turn of the J; Murray put them both to the sword, Haddad called short for around 7,000 and Savelle called for 26,000 effective before action was checked before the river K completed the board.

Murray: 1010
Haddad: Q5
Savelle: QJ

Small wonder then that Murray was almost in tears after that one!

Portelli picks one off

Our reporter caught up with Daniel Gabriel over on Table 9, where we also witnessed John Portelli take out a player as the number of total entries moved up past the century mark.

Al the money was in the middle pre-flop; the all-in player was at risk with 108, but although he rivered a straight on the board of 97K5J, Portelli’s QQ had freerolled to a flush!

John Portelli34,500

Level 2: 100/200 (200)

Tables O’ Doom

Table 35 is shaping up to be one of the ones to watch already, with Aitor Marin, Hussein Hassan, Tim O’Shea, Martin Ward and Corey Van Jaarsveldt practically shoulder-to-shoulder. Josh Norvock also started the day there, but has been replaced since by QPC Main Event Champion, Lucho Vargas.

Meanwhile on Table 15, Ricky Kroesen is seated alongside 2009 Aussie Millions Main Event Champion, Stewart Scott, and Liam Murray – back home after island-hopping to Hawaii and Tasmania – is now opposite Australian Poker Hall of Famer Leo “The Mechanic Boxell,” with Jeison Berdugo and WPT Prime Gold Coast $1,100 NLH Champion Romain Morvan wedged in between.

Cast off!

Cards are now in the air for the Mystery Bounty!

69 players have already been seated, each starting with 30,000 in tournament doubloons and will be playing through 30-minute levels.

Amongst those in action early include Chuck Caris, Brooke Colless, Rehman Kassam, Ben Turner, Dylan Wayne, Scotty Reid and Carlos Youssef.

Level 1: 100/100 (100)

All hands hoay!

From wherever you are watching from Australia, New Zealand or around the world … ahoy there and welcome back to The Star Gold Coast for another historic moment in our nation’s poker history!

Today marks the beginning of the $1,000 buy-in Mystery Bounty Event, the first tournament of its kind to be held in an Australian casino. For those unfamiliar with the format, here’s a rundown on how it works so you’re all savvy:

Play will begin on Day 1 as a standard NLH tournament until 15% of the field remains in each flight. All surviving players then receive their Bounty chip prior to the start of Day 2.

Every Bounty chip that each player accumulates equates to drawing a single gold coin from the Treasure Chest. Players can complete a Mystery Bounty draw at any time after they’ve been eliminated.

Two-thirds of the Mystery Bounty prizes available will be worth $300, while the biggest haul equates to just over a quarter of the bounty pool (sample dividends below courtesy of Star Poker Gold Coast):

Of course, every player also receives a portion of the standing prize pool, and for our winner in three days’ time, the coveted WPT Prime glass trophy.

A vast fortune awaits ye, me hearties, but it’s time now to belay ourselves and batten down the hatches before we set sail on this perilous journey. Keep your eyes peeled from 2:30pm AEST as PokerMedia Australia charts the course!

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