LIVE REPORTING: WPT Prime Gold Coast $660 Big Bounty Day 2

Congratulations Luke Jackson, WPT Prime Gold Coast $660 Big Bounty Champion! ($15,053 + $3,300)

Luke Jackson has performed the ultimate conversion, coming into the second day’s play as the chip leader with and emerging at the end of the battle as the WPT Prime Gold Coast $660 Big Bounty Champion, defeating a field of 204 entrants on his way to victory.

The Welshman, who is now a permanent resident of Australia residing in Brisbane, said that this was his first major title in his first major series, and that it “felt amazing, especially once we got down to final table, I had a good seat and they all started busting into each other, worked out well for me.”

Asked if he thought it was ever in doubt, he laughed “Oh absolutely. At the end of the day it’s a bounty tournament, there’s always going to be action. There were a couple of spots which were very tough, and there’s a few players I knew going into the day were going to be very tough to play against, in Corey [Van Jaarsveldt], Tom [Maguire], and Hari [Varma].”

He continued “I got a perfect seat on the final table – I had all the big stacks to my right, and all the short stacks to my right. I’m very happy with how I played all tournament.”

Congratulations once again Luke, enjoy your beautiful trophy!

PokerMedia Australia will return tomorrow to bring you all of the action from Day 1A of the $1,000 Mystery Bounty, the first tournament of its kind on Australian soil. There’s lots of excitement building around the tournament, and numbers are expected to be huge!

Join us from 14:30 AEST for all of the action from buy-in to bust-out!

Corey Van Jaarsveldt eliminated in 2nd place ($10,449 + $3,000)

Luke Jackson open shoved from the button/small blind. Corey Van Jaarsveldt took a breath, looked at his cards, and quickly called.

Jackson: Q9
Van Jaarsveldt: 109

Van Jaarsveldt picked up a gutshot on the 638 flop, then an open-ender on the J turn.

The 4 on the river was a rather anticlimactic brick for Van Jaarsveldt, however, and he finishes runner-up here today, with 10 bounties to boot.

Corey Van JaarsveldtBUSTED!
Corey Van Jaarsveldt

Level 27: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)

Advantage, Jackson

Corey Van Jaarsveldt opened the button/small blind to 140,000, with a defend from Luke Jackson.

The flop spread 2310, Jackson checked and Van Jaarsveldt continued for 140,000 once more. Jackson took a moment then announced a check-raise to 450,000.

Van Jaarsveldt called, but when Jackson continued the line by shoving all in on the 9 turn, was forced to let it go.

Luke Jackson3,370,000
Corey Van Jaarsveldt1,845,000
Luke Jackson

Heads up

Play is now heads up between overnight chip leader Luke Jackson, who still has the chip lead and is looking to convert the try, and one of the Brothers Van Jaarsveldt in the shape of elder brother Corey, who is a well known figure in the Brisbane poker scene, doing commentary for LCA Poker amongst other things.

Corey Van Jaarsveldt2,350,000
Luke Jackson2,865,000

Semsodin Sklocic eliminated in 3rd place ($6,273 + $1,500)

Corey Van Jaarsveldt opened from the button to 120,000, and Semsodin Sklocic defended his big blind.

Sklocic then check-called a bet of 60,000 from Van Jaarsveldt on the 10A2 flop, and repeated his action on the 6 turn, check-calling 140,000.

On the Q river, Sklocic switched gears, shoving for 550,000. Van Jaarsveldt made the call.

Van Jaarsveldt: AK
Sklocic: J5

Turning the missed flush draw into a bluff, Sklocic had run smack bang into the top pair top kicker of Van Jaarsveldt and is eliminated with 5 bounties.

Corey Van Jaarsveldt2,350,000
Semsodin SklocicBUSTED!
Semsodin Sklocic

And then there was 3

Semsodin Sklocic shoved his short stack from the button and Corey Van Jaarsveldt called from the small blind.

Van Jaarsveldt: AQ
Sklocic: A3

Van Jaarsveldt was in prime position to take out Sklocic and take us to heads up all the way through the board of 81057 until, with an extra split second of hang time, the 3 dropped on the river to double Sklocic right back into it.

Corey Van Jaarsveldt1,780,000
Semsodin Sklocic1,300,000

Level 26: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)

Van Jaarsveldt bluff attempt

Corey Van Jaarsveldt led for 180,000 onto a board showing 3593, with Luke Jackson making the call.

On the 3 river, Van Jaarsveldt continued for 150,000. After a long pause, Jackson ended up electing to flat call the bet, perhaps taking into consideration the very short stack of Semsodin Sklocic.

Van Jaarsveldt confidently tabled the 106.

Jackson tabled J9 and accepted his new chips.

Corey Van Jaarsveldt1,900,000
Luke Jackson

Jackson runs into it

Semsodin Sklocic shoved his short stack from the button, and Luke Jackson took a second in the big blind before calling, hoping to have live cards.

He found himself in the worst possible spot, however.

Sklocic: 1010
Jackson: 109

Jackson was dead on the turn as the board completed Q4A63.

Semsodin Sklocic865,000

Alexander Kollis eliminated in 4th place ($3,816 + $2,700)

Luke Jackson opened the action to 115,000 under-the-gun and Alexander Kollis shoved the button. Both blinds folded, then Jackson snap-called.

Jackson: AQ
Kollis: A6

Jackson found himself in a dominating position and begged the dealer for “No six!” as the board ran out KJ98A to eliminate Kollis.

Luke Jackson1,700,000
Alexander KollisBUSTED!
Alexander Kollis

Jackson applies ICM pressure

Corey Van Jaarsveldt completed the small blind, and Luke Jackson moved all in from the big blind.

Van Jaarsveldt hit the tank for a minute or two, checking what both other players had in their stacks, before calling off in the biggest pot of the day, with more than half of the chips in play in the middle.

Van Jaarsveldt: 99
Jackson: A3

Looking to spike an Ace to eliminate Van Jaarsveldt and take a commanding chiplead, Jackson was left begging on the 76J flop.

“Runner runner spade will do.” Jackson explored the chop option.

The turn 2 allowed the option, but the 7 paired the board on the river and shipped a huge pot to Van Jaarsveldt.

Corey Van Jaarsveldt2,810,000
Luke Jackson1,025,000

Level 25: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)

Break time

The remaining players are on a 10-minute break.

2Corey Van Jaarsveldt1,355,000
3Luke Jackson2,300,000
5Alexander Kollis755,000
6Semsodin Sklocic695,000

Jackson double

Alexander Kollis opened to 90,000 under-the-gun and Luke Jackson 3-bet to 300,000 from the big blind.

On a flop of 737, Jackson continued for 280,000. Kollis shoved, and Jackson made the call in the the biggest pot of the day so far.

Jackson: 1010
Kollis: 55

Both players with pocket pairs, but Jackson was best and held through the 4, 2 run out to double through.

Luke Jackson2,025,000
Alexander Kollis655,000
Luke Jackson

Tom Maguire eliminated in 5th place ($2,947 + $2,700)

With a board showing 875, Tom Maguire checked the action across to Alexander Kollis. Kollis fired for 115,000 and Maguire made the call.

The turn 2 brought another check from Maguire, but then everything happened at once; Kollis shoved, Maguire snap-called, and the cards were shown to an “Oh wow!” from Maguire.

Kollis: KJ
Maguire: Q10

The unfortunate cooler would leave Maguire with just 130,000. On the next hand, Semsodin Sklocic shoved for 350,000 and Maguire under-called. Corey Van Jaarsveldt briefly asked for a count, then said “You know what, doesn’t matter, I call.”

Sklocic: A10
Van Jaarsveldt: K10
Maguire: K6

Van Jaarsveldt took the lead on the 4QK, the 3 turn changed nothing, but Sklocic punched the air and yelled “Yes!” when the J hit the river – Broadway and the double up and a bit, plus the bounty of Maguire, for Sklocic.

Alexander Kollis1,850,000
Corey Van Jaarsveldt950,000
Semsodin Sklocic890,000
Tom MaguireBUSTED!
Tom Maguire

Maguire loses one, two

Tom Maguire has gunned for a couple of bounties in quick succession, first targeting Alexander Kollis, the two getting the chips in preflop. Kollis had 340,000 remaining prior to the hand.

Kollis: 33
Maguire: A10

The board ran out 76877 to give Kollis the double.

Next, Maguire tangled with Semsodin Sklocic, again all in preflop, this time for Sklocic’s last 250,000.

Sklocic: 1010
Maguire: AJ

Maguire was again on the over card side of a straight up flip, and again, unable to hit on the board of 65692.

Tom Maguire900,000
Alexander Kollis740,000
Semsodin Sklocic545,000
Alexander Kollis

Salvatore Borraccino eliminated in 6th place ($2,442 + $900)

Corey Van Jaarsveldt opened to 65,000 from the button, and Salvatore Borraccino shoved back from the big blind. Van Jaarsveldt called to put Borraccino at risk.

Van Jaarsveldt: KQ
Borraccino: J10

Van Jaarsveldt saw light immediately, pairing up on the K4AJ7 board to eliminate Borraccino.

Corey Van Jaarsveldt1,545,000
Salvatore BorraccinoBUSTED!
Salvatore Borraccino

Level 23: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)

Maguire gets there?

Semsodin Sklocic jammed for his last 120,000 with Tom Maguire making the call before all the blinds folded.

Sklocic: QJ
Maguire: 96

The board of 1045A8 rained all around Maguire.

“I got there!” he laughed
“Sure looks like it” remarked Corey Van Jaarsveldt.

Tom Maguire1,420,000
Semsodin Sklocic305,000

Maguire vs CVJ

Corey Van Jaarsveldt opened to 50,000 and Tom Maguire defended his big blind to see a flop of 3102. Maguire check-called a bet of 45,000 from Van Jaarsveldt.

Both players would then check the 5 turn, then Maguire bombed the 4 river, firing out 305,000.

Van Jaarsveldt took a minute or so before announcing all in, for a total of 560,000, sending Maguire deep into the tank. Eventually, after stating “If that’s a bluff, it’s the sickest bluff”, Maguire let it go.

On the very next hand, action folded to Maguire in the small blind, and he raised to 125,000. Van Jaarsveldt 3-bet to 340,000, Maguire folded, and Van Jaarsveldt won that battle of the blinds.

Tom Maguire1,550,000
Corey Van Jaarsveldt1,200,000
Tom Maguire

Lauren Bonte eliminated in 7th place ($2,081 + $300)

Lauren Bonte shoved her last 100,000 from the cut off and Tom Maguire called from the button before both blinds folded.

Maguire: A9
Bonte: A6

Bonte was looking to pair her kicker or somehow get a chop pot happening, but neither would occur on the 510K8K run out and the Bonte bounty is claimed.

Tom Maguire2,095,000
Lauren BonteBUSTED!
Lauren Bonte

Level 22: 15,000/25,000 (25,000)

Hari Varma eliminated in 8th place ($1,793 + $2,400)

2019 WPTDeepStacks Gold Coast Main Event Champion has been eliminated at the hands of Tom Maguire in a cooler.

Maguire opened the action, raising to 45,000, before Varma pumped it up to 135,000 from his immediate left. Action folded back through to Maguire who announced all in and, after a short tank, Varma made the call.

Maguire: KK
Varma: JJ

Neither player found any assistance on the 4Q103A board and Varma was sent to the rail. 8 bounties will ease the pain a little though.

Tom Maguire1,870,000
Hari VarmaBUSTED!
Hari Varma

Sensible Semsodin

Semsodin Sklocic jammed his last 125,000 from under-the-gun before having to pay the big blind ante on the next hand, and action folded around to Luke Jackson on the button.

Jackson took a moment to count the stacks of both players in the blinds, then iso-shoved, forcing out both players.

“Am I live?” queried Jackson as he tabled his cards followed by “Okay, that’ll do” upon seeing Sklocic’s holdings.

Sklocic: A10
Jackson: QJ

Luke Jackson1,265,000
Semsodin Sklocic300,000
Luke Jackson

Borraccino doubles

Corey Van Jaarsveldt opened from the hijack to 40,000 and Salvatore Borraccino responded with an all in shove out of the blinds. Van Jaarsveldt took a moment when action came back to him, but called.

Borraccino: AK
Van Jaarsveldt: KQ

Both players hit their kickers on the AQ7, leaving Van Jaarsveldt looking to spike a queen a second time to eliminate Borraccino.

The board completed 7, A though, and Borraccino earned a full double.

Corey Van Jaarsveldt670,000
Salvatore Borraccino480,000
Salvatore Borraccino

Level 21: 10,000/20,000 (20,000)

Break time

The remaining 8 players have departed on a 10-minute break.

Linda Currie eliminated in 9th place ($1,506 + $1,800)

Linda Currie open shoved her remaining 190,000 from the button, and Corey Van Jaarsveldt isolated from the small blind.

Currie: 77
Van Jaarsveldt: AQ

Instant bink for Van Jaarsveldt on the A3KA2 board and Currie took her leave. Currie also accumulated 6 bounties throughout the course of the tournament, represented by the “+ $1,800” in the title.

Corey Van Jaarsveldt955,000
Linda CurrieBUSTED!
Linda Currie

Final table set

We’ll have full counts and seat draw shortly.

1Linda Currie200,000
2Corey Van Jaarsveldt765,000
3Luke Jackson1,160,000
4Salvatore Borraccino360,000
5Alexander Kollis305,000
6Semsodin Sklocic215,000
7Lauren Bonte295,000
8Tom Maguire935,000
9Hari Varma870,000

Dual elimination of Nicholls and Burns

Aden Nicholls shoved his last 315,000 under-the-gun and action folded around to Corey Van Jaarsveldt on the big blind, who snap-called.

Nicholls: JJ
Van Jaarsveldt: AK

“A fair fight!” said Van Jaarsveldt once again.
“I don’t do well in these spots…” said Nicholls quietly

The board spread 41027, and then, with a small pause for effect, the A fell on the river.

Tournament staff prepped to go hand-for-hand, but on the Feature Table, another hand was developing. Bradley Burns had shoved and been called by overnight chip leader Luke Jackson.

Jackson: 6-6
Burns: A7

No treatment for Burns on the Q-Q-2-5-3 run out and with that elimination, the final table is set.

Luke Jackson1,160,000
Corey Van Jaarsveldt765,000
Aden NichollsBUSTED!
Bradley BurnsBUSTED!
Bradley Burns

Level 20: 10,000/15,000 (15,000)

Blind war

Action folded to Corey Van Jaarsveldt in the small blind, who peeked and didn’t hesitate, jamming his short stack of 161,000.

Aden Nicholls glanced at one card at a time before quickly calling.

Nicholls: JJ
Van Jaarsveldt: A7

Van Jaarsveldt said it was a “fair flop” as it spread K95, only to then improve on every street on the 7, 2 run out to river the nut flush and double through Nicholls.

Corey Van Jaarsveldt334,000
Aden Nicholls221,000
Corey Van Jaarsveldt


Floor was called over to Table 6 where Aden Nicholls had mis-stepped. Not realising he was small blind, he had picked up 12,000 and placed it over the line.

As this meant 18,000 was now across the line, and therefore 50% of a valid raise, floor staff confirmed that the action constituted a raise and Nicholls made it up to 24,000. Tom Maguire called from the big blind.

The flop spread 389 and Nicholls bet 20,000, which Maguire called again. On the 2 turn, Nicholls again bet 20,000, and this time Maguire announced a raise to 70,000. Nicholls made the call after a moment.

The river 2 prompted a check from Nicholls and Maguire hesitated briefly before continuing the line, counting out another 70,000 bet. Nicholls folded after a moments pause.

Aden Nicholls290,000
Tom Maguire925,000
Aden Nicholls

Varma pressure

Overnight chip leader Luke Jackson opened to 25,000 and found a 3-bet from Hari Varma to his immediate left. Jackson called the bet of 90,000 and both checked through the 778 flop.

Jackson checked again on the 9 and Varma fired a delayed continuation bet for 55,000. Jackson called, and then checked again on the K river.

Varma unloaded his big barrel, sliding forwards a bet 225,000 to force a fold from Jackson after a lengthy tank.

Luke Jackson1,000,000
Hari Varma810,000
Luke Jackson

Level 19: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)

Kollis double triple

Corey Van Jaarsveldt opened the very next hand to 20,000 and action folded to Alexander Kollis in the big blind, who promptly shoved and was snap called by Van Jaarsveldt.

Kollis: K5
Van Jaarsveldt: Q2

Board: A4910K

Step one out of the way for Kollis, doubling through, but he wasn’t done yet. Van Jaarsveldt opened the next hand to 20,000 as well, called by Aden Nicholls from the next seat over, before Kollis jammed his small blind as well.

Lauren Bonte smartly got out of the way and relinquished her big blind, before both Van Jaarsveldt and Nicholls called, and checked through the board of 399KK

Kollis tabled KJ. Step two complete and he was back in contention once more.

Aden Nicholls412,000
Alexander Kollis323,000
Corey Van Jaarsveldt286,000
Alexander Kollis

All the way with CVJ

Alexander Kollis opened to 40,000 and Corey Van Jaarsveldt hit the everything button, jamming from the button for 213,000.

Action folded through to Kollis, who called to chase the second Van Jaarsveldt bounty of the day.

Kollis: AQ
Van Jaarsveldt: KQ

The everything button worked for Van Jaarsveldt, who hit everything on the 8953K board to fully double.

Corey Van Jaarsveldt451,000
Alexander Kollis53,000
Corey Van Jaarsveldt

Cold deck, Luke warm

“All in and a call!” came the cry from the main feature table, where Luke Fong and Luke Jackson collided.

The board was showing 28J10A and cards had been tabled, while Fong was on his feet and packing his bags.

Fong: AJ
Jackson: KQ

Not one, but both, Luke’s had gone runner-runner to make their hand, top two pair for Fong and Broadway for Jackson as Jackson becomes the first player past a million.

Luke Jackson1,164,000
Luke FongBUSTED!
Luke Fong

Level 18: 5,000/10,000 (10,000)

Rowley to the rails

Mike Rowley shoved for 52,000 from middle position and action folded to 2019 WPTDeepStacks Gold Coast Main Event Champion Hari Varma on the button.

Varma took a moment to assess the situation, asking to see the stacks of the small and big blinds, before isolating Rowley, shoving all in.

Both blinds quickly got out of the way.

Rowley: A9
Varma: J2

Rowley allowed himself a visible shake of his head as the board spread J7463, Varma’s pair enough to claim the bounty of the local grinder.

Hari Varma478,000
Mike RowleyBUSTED!
Mike Rowley

Borcero busto

Marcelo Bocero has been eliminated after running into Les Baguettes’ Lauren Bonte not once, but twice.

On the first, Bocero shoved all in from the cut off and received a fold from the button and small blind, but Bonte, in the big blind, would make the call to put herself at risk.

Bonte: AJ
Bocero: 98

Bocero was looking for a favourable board to score the bounty of Bonte, but would not get it as the board completed 225K10 to give Bonte a full double through.

Several hands later, Bocero would jam his last 32,000 all in preflop and get four callers, including Bonte.

After the board ran out Q2J10J, with every player checking through, Bonte would slide out a bet of 60,000 on the river, forcing out every other player, before tabling 1010, more than enough to best the 66 of Bocero.

This would be Bonte’s first bounty of the tournament so far, though she is one of the bigger stacks in the room.

Lauren Bonte472,000
Marcelo BoceroBUSTED!
Marcelo Bocero

And then there was one

The Van Jaarsveldt brothers were split up prior to the start of todays play, with Josh Van Jaarsveldt being moved to Table 7.

J. Van Jaarsveldt immediately got into the action, jamming all in with 66 only to run smack bang into the AA of Linda Currie.

“We got a pair and ten big blinds and ran into Aces, how is that fair?” complained JVJ to the general vicinity.

The board ran out 8Q492 and now the Van Jaarsveldt hopes rest in brother Corey.

Currie went on to win the next two hands as well.

“That wasn’t a good move!” joked Corey from the next table.

Linda Currie312,000
Josh Van JaarsveldtBUSTED!
Corey Van Jaarsveldt

Shuffle up and deal!

Cards are in the air as our final 20 players play down to a winner in todays WPT Prime Gold Coast $660 Big Bounty event.

The action is sure to be thick and fast to start the day with lots of short stacks and the bubble having already burst during yesterdays Day 1.

Level 17: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)

Ready, set, fight!

Yesterday awarded two trophies in the first WPT Prime series on Australian soil. Today, Event 3 will play down to a winner.

The $660 Big Bounty started yesterday and drew a field of 204 total entries. Of those, just 20 remain, guaranteed a minimum cash of $734 as the bubble has already burst just prior to the end of Day 1, with 26 players being paid in total.

The eventual winner, meanwhile, will take home $15,053, the title, plus any bounties they accumulate along the way – including, of course, their own.

Luke Jackson leads the field with 674,000, miles ahead of 2019 WPTDeepStacks Gold Coast Main Event Champion Hari Varma, who is second in chips currently 547,000. Other big names in the field include Tom Maguire, Lauren Bonte, and Poker Palace grinder Rehman Kassam.

PokerMedia Australia‘s attention was also immediately drawn to the presence of not one, but two, Van Jaarsveldt’s; brothers Corey and Josh have both made Day 2, but at a cost – they clashed late in Day 1 in a huge fight over a short stack’s bounty with multiple raises going in preflop, and when the cards were tabled, it was Corey ahead with A-K v A-Q. The short stack actually got out of the way of the brotherly love, and Corey doubled through Josh to take a podium spot going in to today.

WPT Prime Gold Coast $660 Big Bounty – Day 2 counts

Luke Jackson617000
Hari Varma547,000
Corey Van Jaarsveldt476,000
Aden Nicholls427,000
Tom Maguire336,000
Salvatore Borraccino326,000
Alexander Kollis258,000
Mike Rowley250,000
Semsuain Sklocic241,000
Marcelo Bocero209,000
Bradley Burns195000
Cam Lopez184000
Luke Fong179000
Jamie Mckinnon178000
Lauren Bonte145000
Subramanyam Vanaparthy144000
Linda Currie127000
Rehman Kassam92000
Josh Van Jaarsveldt87000
Duncan Stewart74000

WPT Prime Gold Coast $660 Big Bounty – Seat Draw

Table 1

2Luke Fong179,000
3Bradley Burns195,000
4Mike Rowley250,000
5Subramanyam Vanaparthy144,000
6Salvatore Borraccino326,000
7Luke Jackson617,000
8Hari Varma547,000

Table 6

2Tom Maguire336,000
3Jamie Mckinnon178,000
4Marcelo Bocero209,000
5Josh Van Jaarsveldt87,000
6Duncan Stewart74,000
7Lauren Bonte145,000
8Corey Van Jaarsveldt476,000

Table 8

2Aden Nicholls427,000
3Cam Lopez184,000
4Semsuain Sklocic241,000
5Linda Currie127,000
6Rehman Kassam92,000
7Alexander Kollis258,000

We’ll be on deck to bring you all of the action from 11:30 AEST!

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