LIVE REPORTING: WPT Prime Gold Coast Opening Event Day 3

Congratulations Dan Smiljanic, WPT Prime Opening Event Champion! ($55,589)

Dan Smiljanic has emerged victorious over a field of 399 entrants to win the WPT Prime Opening Event for $55,589 and the trophy.

Dan Smiljanic

Smiljanic, who came into today’s final table as chip leader, dominated the table applying pressure to the smaller stacks throughout the final table, exactly as he’d planned to do when speaking to PMA yesterday prior to the table commencing.

Smiljanic told PMA that this is his biggest win to date.

Jerry Wang eliminated in 2nd ($38,939)

First hand of heads-up play, Dan Smiljanic went all in, Wang decided this was his movement and called.

The flop showed no love to Wang and ran A2A, the turn K brought some outs with Wang’s rail calling for a jack.

However with a river of 7 Smiljanic was champion.

Jerry Wang

We are now heads-up in the Opening Event, competing for $55,587 and a trophy.

Dan Smiljanic8,950,000
Jerry Wang1,075,000
Dan Smiljanic

Dean Stevenson eliminated in 3rd ($25,031)

Dean Stevenson was the shortest stack on the table and went all in on the button. Dan Smiljanic called and showed Q6 and Stevenson rolled over his KJ.

Stevenson felt good on the flop which showed 10KQ however the turn was 6 which gave Smiljanic two pair. The river a brick 2 saw the end of Stevenson’s journey in the opening event.

Dean Stevenson

Jerry Wang doubles!

Jerry Wang became the short stack due to a hand he played against Dan Smiljanic where his aces were cracked by Smiljanic’s two pair.

Dean Stevenson decided to goes all in after Smiljanic folded but Wang decided to rumble and put his chip stack in the middle.

Dean Stevenson 65

Jerry Wang A3

The board ran 10K397 and Wang gets a full double.

Jerry Wang

Level 28: 50,000/100,000 (100,000)

Small win for Stevenson

Dean Stevenson on the button opened to 160,000, Dan Smiljanic in the big blind made the call. The flop came J23, both players elected to check the flop and turn 8. However on the river 7 Smiljanic decided to bet 350,000 and Stevenson made the decision to call.

Smiljanic turned over K6

Stevenson rolled over the A9

Dean Stevenson

We are now back in the action, with 3 players left.

Level 27: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)

Players are now on a 20 minute break.

Dan Smiljanic5,925,000
Dean Stevenson 1,880,000
Jerry Wang 2,215,000
Dan Smiljanic

Nathan Telgado eliminated in 4th ($16,604)

Dean Stevenson opens on the button to 125,000, Telgado takes this chance to shove all in for 650,000 however Stevenson called immediately and showed AK. Telgado stood up and turned over the 65.

The board ran 2A3610 and Telgado said his goodbyes to the table. We are now down to three players.

Nathan Telgado

Chin Wang eliminated in 5th ($12,779)

A short-stacked Chin Wang shoved for his remaining 300,000 and was snap-called by chip leader Dan Smiljanic. Wang needed help with 45 against the KK of Smiljanic but it didn’t arrive as the board ran out A9A109.

We are now down to four players as Smiljanic extends his chip lead with almost 5.2 million.

Chin Wang

The stacks

Dan Smiljanic4,800,000
Dean Stevenson1,800,000
Nathan Telgado1,400,000
Jerry Wang1,300,000
Chin Wang650,000

Michael Clair eliminated in 6th ($10,584)

Dan Smiljanic UTG opened the action with a swift all in from Michael Clair on the button with 1010.

Unfortunately for Clair, Smilijanic rolled over AA.

The flop gave Clair a little glimmer of hope 679 giving him outs to an 8 for a straight as well as any 10, however no luck was found as the board completed 36 and Clair was eliminated.

Michael Clair

Level 26: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)

Clair clinging to life

Michael Clair was crippled after clashing with Jerry Wang, with Wang’s AK holding on against Clair’s AQ when all-in pre-flop.

That left Clair with just 180,000 and in the big blind.

However, he doubled through next hand in a blind v blind battle with Wang, then doubled through again holding KJ against the K10 of Chin Wang.

He moves back above 800,000.

Clair doubles 

Michael Clair desperately short in the big blind and got it all in 73 against the Q2 of Dan Smiljanic. 

The board ran out QJ847 as Clair spiked the river to survive and double through. He now has 450,000.

Michael Clair

Smiljanic climbing

Dan Smiljanic continues to apply the pressure at this final table and is now edging towards the 4 million chip mark after taking down consecutive hands against Michael Clair and Nathan Telgado.

In the first hand, Clair opened to 80,000 and Smiljanic called from the big blind. The flop fell 9A10 and both players checked. On the 4 turn Smiljanic bet 100,000 and Clair called. Smiljanic then fired again on the 3 river, forcing a fold from Clair.

Next hand Smiljanic called Telgado’s 85,000 open from the small blind and then check-called Telgado’s c-bet of 100,000 on the 6QK flop. 

Both players checked the 10 turn with Smiljanic firing 350,000 on the 6 river. Telgado folded.

Dan Smiljanic

Level 25: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)

Chip counts

Dan Smiljanic3,250,000
Dean Stevenson2,150,000
Chin Wang1,900,000
Nathan Telgado1,745,000
Jerry Wang800,000
Michael Clair630,000

Hayden Doughty eliminated in 7th ($8,874)

Hayden Doughty got his short stack into the middle holding Q9 but ran smack bang into the AQ of Jerry Wang. 

The board ran out 67288 as the field is cut to six.

Level 24: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)

Lawrence Stephenson eliminated in 8th ($7,215)

Chin Wang opened to 65,000 before Dean Stevenson 3-bet to 160,000. Lawrence Stephenson then shoved for his remaining 380,000. 

Wang got out of the way but Stevenson called after a brief pause for thought.

When the cards were tabled it was Stephenson in good shape with QQ against the J10 of Stevenson.

The 237 flop was fairly safe for Stephenson, but the Q turn gave his opponent outs. One of those was the K which landed on the river to send Stephenson to the rail.

Stevenson moves to 1.85 million.

Carlos Youssef eliminated in 9th ($5,559)

Carlos Youssef went all in UTG, and Michael Clair called from Middle Position. Youssef rolled over his 22 only to see he was well behind as Clair showed KK. The board ran JQ3104 sending Youssef to the rail in 9th.

Michael Clair1,100,000

Clair doubles

Michael Clair went all in for 405,000 from the cutoff, Chin Wang in the Big Blind decided to make the call with A2. Clair showed 99. The board ran out 1076K3 which gave Clair a full double.

Chin Wang1,000,000
Michael Clair825,000

Strong start for Smiljanic

After Nathan Telgado took down a series of hands pre-flop, Dan Smiljanic opened to 60,000 from middle position and was called by Telgado from the big blind.

The flop fell KJ8 and it was checked back to Smiljanic who continued for 75,000. Telgado called, but folded the turn when Smiljanic fired 100,000 on the turn.

Smiljanic moves to 3.3 million after that hand while Telgado sits behind 1.7 million.

Level 23: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)

Shuffle up and Deal!

The floor staff have announced shuffle up and deal. We are now underway with Day 3 of the Opening Event.

The stage is set

Over the last three days, across two flights and the latter stages, 399 entrants have battled it out across the felt plains of war, using chip stacks as weapons and cards as tactics.

Now, only nine remain, and it’s Dan Smiljanic with the chip lead as he continues his quest for his first major title.

Standing between him and the title are eight other contenders all seeking their own slice of glory. Nathan Telgado is on a dream run and is currently second in chips, whilst South Australian expat Chin Wang will be after his second major title after taking out the $660 Big Wave at the Gold Coast Champs here at The Star Gold Coast in March.

The other major story here is local grinder Carlos Youssef. Youssef, who made not one, not two, but three final tables at the Gold Coast Champs, came painfully close to winning his first title, finishing runner-up in both the $440 PLO and the $2,500 Shot Clock events. He’ll be looking to remedy that today, but he comes in as one of the shorter stacks. Play gets underway at 11.30am AEST as we play down to our WPT Prime Gold Coast Opening Event champion.

WPT Prime Gold Coast Opening Event Final Table Seat Draw

1Dean Stevenson1,360,000
2Carlos Youssef305,000
3Lawrence Stephenson695,000
4Jerry Wang745,000
5Michael Clair405,000
6Nathan Telgado1,745,000
7Hayden Doughty295,000
8Chin Wang1,405,000
9Dan Smiljanic3,075,000

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