LIVE REPORTING: WPT Prime Gold Coast $1,100 NLH Day 2

Congratulations Romain Morvan, WPT Prime Gold Coast $1,100 NLH Champion! ($39,246*)

Romain Morvan has defeated a field of 174 entrants to win the WPT Prime Gold Coast Event 2: $1,100 NLH.

Morvan emerged triumphant after a three-hour heads up battle against a well-known local opponent with a sizeable rail who were getting louder throughout the night, testing his mental fortitude.

“I’m exhausted. I feel I kept my composure, my patience really well, played really solidly all day.” said Morvan to PMA after the tournament. Asked about playing against the rail, he was positive. “It was great! That’s why we play, to get to those moments, and I enjoyed every single second of it. Earlier in my career, I might have lost my patience, but honestly, focussing throughout actually helped me play. I’m not here to choke.”

Rickhuss and his rail couldn’t make Morvan choke… try as they might

Morvan was victorious at the $350 6-Max Event during the APLPT Melbourne in February, and the $450 6-Max Event at APT Campbelltown in March, for a combined $20,920, and said it felt great to add a WPT Prime title to his resume.

As WPT Prime is considered a Tier One event, this actually does not qualify for the elusive “Triple Crown” – a victory in each of the mid-tier tours (APT, APL, and WPTL), but Morvan has his sights set on the Triple Crown in the near future.

PokerMedia Australia will return tomorrow 13 June to bring you all the action from Day 2 of the Big Bounty event here at WPT Prime, with action kicking off at 11:30 AEST.

Wayde Rickhuss eliminated in 2nd place ($36,750*)

On a flop showing 532, Wayde Rickhuss check-raised all in over the 125,000 bet from Romain Morvan.

Morvan didn’t take long, calling quickly to put Rickhuss at risk.

Morvan: K5
Rickhuss: 32

Morvan had flop pair but Rickhuss had flopped bottom two.

The turn 6 gave Morvan additional outs, including outs to a chop.

The river repeated the 6, however, giving Morvan the superior two pair and with it, the title.

Congratulations Wayde Rickhuss on a fantastic performance!

Wayde RickhussBUSTED!

Level 29: 75,000/125,000 (125,000)

Rickhuss ruckus

Romain Morvan open-shoved from the button and Wayde Rickhuss quickly called.

The spectators clamoured as the cards were tabled.

Rickhuss: 22
Morvan: J10

“That’s a fair fight!” yelled Morvan’s rail.

The board ran out 6K837 and Rickhuss doubled up to loud cheers from his rail, who have been getting louder as the night progresses. This heads up match is encroaching on three hours.

Romain Morvan3,575,000
Wayde Rickhuss1,650,000

That’ll do it

Romain Morvan checked the action across to Wayde Rickhuss on a 633 flop. Rickhuss bet 100,000 and Morvan called.

Both players checked the 3 turn, then Morvan led out for 350,000 on the 5 river.

Rickhuss looked back at his cards and looked up with an “I call?”

“Quads” announced Morvan, tabling 103.

“Pfft!” Rickhuss flashed the 5 as he mucked.

Romain Morvan4,350,000
Wayde Rickhuss875,000

Morvan drops the hammer

Wayde Rickhuss completed the small blind and Romain Morvan checked his option.

On a flop of J7K, Morvan checked and Rickhuss bet 175,000, with Morvan matching the bet.

The turn 4 and river 9 were checked down by both players.

“Seven” announced Morvan, and after seeing Rickhuss’ face, tabled the 72 to take down the pot.

Romain Morvan4,150,000
Wayde Rickhuss1,075,000

“One million”

With a board showing 86KA, Romain Morvan checked across to Wayde Rickhuss. Rickhuss took the initiative, firing for 175,000. Morvan called.

Morvan would check again on the 4 river, but when Rickhuss unloaded the clip with a 350,000 barrel, Morvan summoned his best Dr. Evil impression with a cool “1 million” as he slid forward two full light blue stacks.

Rickhuss quickly spun his cards away.

Romain Morvan3,725,000
Wayde Rickhuss1,500,000

Level 28: 50,000/100,000 (100,000)

Break time

The remaining two players have departed on a break.

Wayde Rickhuss2,675,000
Romain Morvan2,550,000

Rickhuss claws back

The very next hand, as the blinds went up, Rickhuss open jammed from the button/small blind. Morvan made the call, and the cards were tabled.

Rickhuss: 88
Morvan: K5

Perhaps expecting any two cards, Morvan was a little stunned to see the pocket pair of Rickhuss, and could find no help on the 10J857 run out as Rickhuss doubled up.

The very next hand, Rickhuss completed the small blind and Morvan thought through his options for a minute or so before shoving. Rickhuss snap-called.

Rickhuss: KK
Morvan: A9

Rickhuss laid, set, and sprung the trap, and doubled yet again on the 93QJ5 board to claw the stacks back to where they were three hands ago.

Wayde Rickhuss3,020,000
Romain Morvan2,205,000

Level 27: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)

Advantage, Morvan

Romain Morvan continued his aggression, raising to 210,000. Rickhuss took a moment, then slid across a stack equal to a 3-bet to 525,000.

Morvan took a few moments then announced all in. Rickhuss looked back at his cards, shrugged, and called.

Rickhuss: AJ
Morvan: A10

A mis-step from Morvan, but a rather fortunate one perhaps, as the 10 appeared in the window . The flop spread out 31010 and Morvan could breathe easy, especially after the board completed 7, K.

Romain Morvan4,450,000
Wayde Rickhuss775,000

Advantage, Rickhuss

Wayde Rickhuss raised from the button/small blind to 120,000, and Romain Morvan made the call to see a flop of 3K2. Morvan check-called a bet of 100,000 from Rickhuss, before check-folding to a bet of 250,000 on the 3 turn.

A couple of hands later, Rickhuss flat called in the button/small blind, prompting Morvan to raise to 210,000. Rickhuss made the call.

On the flop of JQ9, Morvan and Rickhuss both checked, then Morvan checked again on the J turn. Rickhuss fired a bet of 175,000 and Morvan came along.

Morvan checked once more on the 6 river, and Rickhuss bet again, this time for 200,000. Morvan tanked, but called.

“Bad two pair?” enquired Rickhuss, clearly reluctant to table his hand. But table he did, showing 86 – only to see Morvan muck with a grimace.

Wayde Rickhuss3,315,000
Romain Morvan1,910,000

Heads up

And so we’re heads up.

Leading in chips right now is Wayde Rickhuss. Rickhuss’ biggest score prior to today was a 5th place finish in the 2014 ANZPT Melbourne Main Event for $54,200. Commonly confused for Justin Gordon, Rickhuss can count Gordon in his rail today.

Second in chips is Romain Morvan. Morvan, best remembered by PMA readers for his movie-script like story at the WPTDeepStacks Opening Event earlier this year, hails from France and now resides in the Gold Coast – a self-described nomad, as he put it.

A deal has been struck between the two players, with Rickhuss taking $36,750 and Morvan $35,250, leaving $3,996 left to play for. Oh, and the winner gets this beautiful trophy.

3Wayde Rickhuss3,010,000
8Romain Morvan2,215,000

Charles Tsai eliminated in 3rd place ($17,844)

The very next hand, Charles Tsai shoved his last 585,000 from the button.

Wayde Rickhuss took a minute or so to consider, double checking the amount, before folding. Romain Morvan, on the other hand, instantly called the second that Rickhuss had let his cards go.

Morvan: 1010
Tsai: K2

No help would come for Tsai as the board completed 48687, and Tsai took his leave.

Romain Morvan2,215,000
Charles TsaiBUSTED!
Charles Tsai and his assembled rail

Tsai in freefall

With a board showing QK43, Charles Tsai checked the action across to Romain Morvan on the button.

Morvan announced a bet of 200,000, which Tsai called a few moments later.

Tsai checked again on the 6 river, and Morvan dropped the hammer, moving all in. Tsai tanked, looked up at the tournament clock, and folded.

Romain Morvan1,545,000
Charles Tsai585,000

Level 26: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)

Rickhuss accelerates

Charles Tsai raised from the small blind to 150,000, and Wayde Rickhuss elected to flat.

The flop spread 4K8, and Tsai continued, firing for 90,000. Rickhuss called, and the turn was the 4.

Tsai slowed down, checked, and Rickhuss wasted no time taking over the betting lead, firing for 150,000. Tsai called.

Tsai checked again on the 7 river and Rickhuss continued the line, sliding forward 255,000. Tsai folded once again.

Wayde Rickhuss2,440,000
Charles Tsai900,000
Wayde Rickhuss

Tsai lets it go

Wayde Rickhuss raised to 105,000 when Charles Tsai completed the small blind.

Tsai made the call, and both played checked through the flop of K5Q. After Tsai checked the J turn, Rickhuss fired a delayed continuation bet for 100,000. Tsai called.

Tsai checked again on the 9 river, and Rickhuss slid out a single big blind, 50,000, to which Tsai spun his cards away.

Wayde Rickhuss2,195,000
Charles Tsai1,645,000
Charles Tsai

Level 25: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)

Dinner break

Our remaining three players have departed on a 30-minute dinner break.

3Wayde Rickhuss2,025,000
7Romain Morvan1,445,000
8Charles Tsai1,755,000

Gavin van Zyl eliminated in 4th place ($10,878)

Gavin van Zyl and Wayde Rickhuss were all in preflop, with the cards on their backs.

Rickhuss: KQ
van Zyl: QJ

“King ball!” called Justin Gordon from the rail.
“We don’t need any balls, mate, just let it run!” responded Rickhuss, as the flop spread 246.

That would indeed prove the case, as the board completed 2, 2 to eliminate van Zyl.

Wayde Rickhuss1,945,000
Gavin van ZylBUSTED!
Gavin van Zyl

Elise Depauw eliminated in 5th place ($8,378)

Wayde Rickhuss opened under-the-gun for 85,000 and Charles Tsai called in the small blind. Elise Depauw gave a visible shrug and then shoved for 105,000 total, with both Rickhuss and Tsai calling.

Rickhuss and Tsai checked through the J9Q flop and Q turn, before Tsai bet 90,000 on the 6 river. Rickhuss quickly called.

Rickhuss: KJ
Tsai: K5
Depauw: J7

Tsai had rivered a flush – and even got a little extra value from Rickhuss – to eliminate Depauw.

Charles Tsai1,915,000
Wayde Rickhuss1,605,000
Elise DepauwBUSTED!
Elise Depauw

Morvan a feeling

In the second clash of Les Baguettes, Elise Depauw opened to 105,000 from the cut off, with Gavin van Zyl calling from the small blind.

Romain Morvan then announced all in from the big blind. Depauw re-shoved, and van Zyl ran for the hills.

Morvan: QQ
Depauw: AK

Queens versus Ace King once again, and it was Morvan looking to avoid the over cards. The flop spread J8J, safe for Morvan. Morvan picked up an unnecessary straight draw on the 9 turn, and the 4 on the river a complete brick.

Morvan doubled through, while Depauw was crippled to less than 4 big blinds.

Romain Morvan1,245,000
Elise Depauw150,000
Romain Morvan

Dylan Wayne eliminated in 6th place ($6,943)

Charles Tsai opened the action to 80,000 and Dylan Wayne shoved for 640,000 total.

Tsai took a cursory look at his cards to make sure they were still the same, then called.

Tsai: QQ
Wayne: AK

Tsai flopped top set on the QJ3 flop and, reduced to needing a Ten and Ten only, Wayne was unable on the A, 2 run out.

Charles Tsai1,560,000
Dylan WayneBUSTED!
Dylan Wayne

Greg Burgess eliminated in 7th place ($6,003)

Wayde Rickhuss and over night chip leader Greg Burgess were all in preflop and the cards were on their backs.

Rickhuss: AA
Burgess: 88

The board ran out 37KQ5 and Burgess hit the rail, unable to dodge bullets.

Wayde Rickhuss1,115,000
Greg BurgessBUSTED!
Greg Burgess

Depauw double

Romain Morvan, now with chips to play with, opened to 60,000 from the cut-off. His French counterpart Elise Depauw then 3-bet shoved from the small blind for 425,000.

Morvan asked for a quick count, then called to put Depauw at risk in the first clash of Les Baguettes.

Depauw: JJ
Morvan: 1010

Depauw had a strangle hold on Morvan, and held through the Q3956 run out to secure the full double.

Elise Depauw910,000
Romain Morvan300,000
Elise Depauw

Even Morvan he had before

Wayde Rickhuss opened to 60,000 UTG+1 and Romain Morvan 3-bet shoved for 325,000 from the button.

Rickhuss called immediately after both blinds folded.

Morvan: KK
Rickhuss: AJ

Not even a millilitre of paint on the 85745 as Morvan cruised to a full double up.

Wayde Rickhuss890,000
Romain Morvan725,000
Romain Morvan

Morvan he had before

Romain Morvan announced all in and was called by Charles Tsai in the next seat before both blinds folded.

Tsai: A9
Morvan: A5

Morvan was unable to hit hearts or a five on the J622 board, but the A river did allow him to chop the pot with Tsai, therefore giving him more than he had before…

Wayne million

Dylan Wayne opened from the hijack to 60,000. Wayde Rickhuss called from the cut off, and Greg Burgess called from the button, before both Gavin van Zyl and Romain Morvan surrendered their blinds.

On the 10A7 flop, Wayne checked to see a bet of 55,000 from Rickhuss. Both Burgess and Wayne called.

All three players would then check the Q turn, before Wayne led out on the 7 river. The bet was for 315,000, leaving himself just 100,000 behind.

Rickhuss tanked, but eventually announced call. Burgess would then tank as well, before eventually folding.

Wayne tabled KJ for Broadway and Rickhuss flashed the A9 for a beaten Ace.

Dylan Wayne1,150,000
Wayde Rickhuss1,055,000
Dylan Wayne

Level 23: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)

Rickhuss rockets

Wayde Rickhuss has been flying since the break, winning several pots including a key one against Dylan Wayne just now.

On a flop of 5JA, Rickhuss and Greg Burgess checked their option, only for Wayne to bet 65,000 from the button. Rickhuss check-raised to 145,000, and only Wayne called.

The turn of Q was checked by both players, and Rickhuss checked again on the J river, prompting Wayne to slide out a bet of 300,000.

The two conversed for a moment before being scolded by Tournament Director Matt Potter; The Star has a rule preventing players from utilising table talk.

“What, even heads up?” enquired Dylan Wayne, but the rule stands.

Rickhuss then announced call. Wayne tabled and then mucked 42 and Rickhuss tabled A8 to claim the pot.

“They put me on tilt!” exclaimed Rickhuss, “I wanted to talk for a bit.”

That pot takes Rickhuss over a million, while Queensland grinder Justin Gordon, often mistaken for Rickhuss and vice versa, has just arrived on the rail.

Wayde Rickhuss1,250,000
Dylan Wayne300,000
Wayde Rickhuss

Kiko Puyat eliminated in 8th place ($5,253)

Charles Tsai raised to 55,000 from the cut-off and Kiki Puyat jammed his remaining 265,000 from the button.

Action folded back around to Tsai, who made the call.

Puyat: JJ
Tsai: 99

Despite being dominated, suits and all, Tsai found a miracle on the 4934K flop to eliminate Puyat.

Kiko PuyatBUSTED!
Kiko Puyat

Level 22: 15,000/25,000 (25,000)

Break time

1Elise Depauw635,000
2Dylan Wayne790,000
4Wayde Rickhuss425,000
5Greg Burgess515,000
6Gavin van Zyl1,235,000
7Romain Morvan315,000
8Charles Tsai1,100,000
9Kiko Puyat300,000

Moon Gab Chung eliminated in 9th place ($4,573)

After folding his big blind the hand before, Moon Gab Chung would shove from the small blind when action folded around to him.

Similarly short-stacked Wayde Rickhuss was in the big blind, and took a few minutes before calling, leaving himself only a big blind behind.

Chung: A2
Rickhuss: 109

Rickhuss could scarcely believe his eyes as the flop was all his, 998 giving him a near lock on the pot. The board completed 6, 3 to secure the elimination of Chung.

Wayde Rickhuss330,000
Moon Gab ChungBUSTED!
Moon Gab Chung

Next hand blues

Moon Gab Chung would shove immediately on the next hand, this time following a 40,000 under-the-gun raise from Dylan Wayne.

This time, Greg Burgess was the player to under-call around the table and once again, the original raiser folded when action got around to them.

Burgess: 88
Chung: 33

This time, Chung found himself behind, but still not at risk and he shipped some chips across to Burgess as the board spread 69A710. Chung is getting critically short now.

Greg Burgess650,000
Moon Gab Chung160,000
Greg Burgess

Jacking up the price

Elise Depauw min-raised under-the-gun and, after Dylan Wayne folded in-between them, Moon Gab Chung hit the all in button.

Gavin van Zyl under-called, and action folded through to Elise Depauw, who promptly folded.

Chung: AK
van Zyl: AJ

van Zyl out flopped Chung and held on through the 6J4Q6 board to double once again.

Gavin van Zyl900,000
Moon Gab Chung450,000

Set of septs

Confusion reigned as Elise Depauw called for a sept when Romain Morvan jammed and was called by Dylan Wayne.

Wayne: JJ
Morvan: 77

“A set for who?” enquired Charles Tsai
“Very funny, very funny” replied Depauw

She was, in fact, calling for a seven, but in French, for Romain Morvan is the other French-born person on the table.

As luck would have it, Morvan would indeed hit a sept on the K527A board to double and survive a little longer.

Romain Morvan590,000
Dylan Wayne575,000
Romain Morvan

Burgess shoves

Greg Burgess would shove his short stack a few hands later, and action would fold around to Moon Gab Chung on the big blind, who elected to call after a minute or so of thinking.

Burgess: AJ
Chung: 102

The “Brunson” would not work on this final table as it did in ’76 and ’77 for it’s namesake, with the board running out 797Q5 to give Burgess a little room to breathe.

Moon Gab Chung855,000
Greg Burgess275,000
Greg Burgess

Gavin van Zyl finds a double

Start of Day chip leader Greg Burgess limped under-the-gun, and Gavin van Zyl shoved from the next seat over. Action folded all the way back to Burgess, who took a moment to contemplate then called.

Burgess: 77
van Zyl: QJ

Effectively racing, van Zyl would cross the finish line on the turn as the board ran out AA3J4 to double through.

Gavin van Zyl460,000
Greg Burgess170,000
Gavin van Zyl

Level 21: 10,000/20,000 (20,000)

Final table set

1Elise Depauw705,000
2Dylan Wayne475,000
3Moon Gab Chung755,000
4Wayde Rickhuss345,000
5Greg Burgess233,000
6Gavin van Zyk315,000
7Romain Morvan980,000
8Charles Tsai1,040,000
9Kiko Puyat380,000

Ben Turner eliminated on the final table bubble

Following a preflop raising war, Ben Turner and Charles Tsai went to showdown with all the chips in the middle of the table.

Turner: AA
Tsai: 66

Tsai had the lesser pocket pair, but hit immediately with a 6 in the window as the full board ran 446K and then, to once again win by overkill, the 6.

Charles Tsai1,040,000
Ben TurnerBUSTED!
Ben Turner

Dylan Desmarchelier eliminated

Dylan Desmarchelier shoved from the small blind against Elise Depauw’s big blind.

Depauw peeked, and immediately called.

Depauw: 1010
Desmarchelier: A8

Desmarchelier needed an Ace to stay alive and it wouldn’t come, with the board running out K6593 to leave him begging.

Elise Depauw675,000
Dylan DesmarchelierBUSTED!
Dylan Desmarchelier

Lucy Sheppard eliminated

Lucy Sheppard found herself all in and at risk against Wayde Rickhuss.

Sheppard: KK
Rickhuss: A6

Sheppard was looking good for a full double as the board ran out 9J45, but unfortunately for her, the river would fall the A to end her day in 12th place.

Lucy SheppardBUSTED!
Lucy Sheppard

Level 20: 10,000/15,000 (15,000)

Richard Tang eliminated

Richard Tang raised to 110,000 pre-flop, leaving himself not much behind, and action folded to Wayde Rickhuss on the big blind.

After a tank, Rickhuss announced call; and very nearly turned his cards over, until he was stopped by surrounding players, who pointed out that Tang was not all in. Rickhuss and Tang had similar stacks to start the hand, so Rickhuss announced he was all in prior to the flop anyway.

The flop came K42 and Tang considered it briefly, but eventually called for his last 19,000 to put himself at risk.

Rickhuss: A9
Tang: A5

Tang needed help, but Rickhuss turned him dead with the 10, before the meaningless 7 completed the board.

Richard TangBUSTED!
Richard Tang

The Desmarchelier doubles

Whilst the action has been thick and fast, it would be irresponsible not to mention that Dylan Desmarchelier has been getting short. He has shoved twice under-the-gun in consecutive orbits, both times finding calls and doubling.

The first, Desmarchelier shoved with 35 and got isolated by Greg Burgess with A8. Desmarchelier flopped a pair and held on the 954K10.

On the second, Desmarchelier shoved with 77 and was looked up by A6 of Elise Depauw. The board ran out 4Q264 and Desmarchelier again doubled.

Dylan DesmarchelierLife Support
Dylan Desmarchelier

Value bet

On a board showing K10J, Greg Burgess check-raised Elise Depauw’s 30,000 bet to the minimum 60,000, eliciting a call from Depauw.

Burgess led out for a full 100,000 stack on the 3 turn and Depauw again elected to call, to see a 4 on the river.

Burgess downsized, betting 50,000 on the river to a quick call from Depauw. Burgess tabled K10 for two pair, and Depauw flashed J-T as she mucked.

Greg Burgess918,000
Elise Depauw575,000
Elise Depauw

Tangy taste

Wayde Rickhuss shoved for 88,000 from middle position. Richard Tang then isolation-shoved from the button and both blinds got out of the way.

Rickhuss: 99
Tang: 44

All safe for Rickhuss on the 5A1087 run out, and his superior pocket pair held to double through Tang.

Wayde Rickhuss206,000
Richard Tang109,000
Richard Tang

Cocis crushed

Amadues Cocis jammed his last 43,000 from middle position and action folded around to Charles Tsai in the small blind.

Tsai elected to raise the minimum, forcing a fold from Ben Turner and effectively isolating Cocis.

Tsai: 88
Cocis: A6

Cocis was unable to catch anything on the 75JK board, then Tsai hit a set on the 8 river to secure the elimination via overkill.

Charles Tsai522,000
Amadues CocisBUSTED!
Charles Tsai

Level 19: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)

Break time

Table 7

1Charles Tsai584,000
3Ben Turner403,000
4Gavin van Zyl241,000
5Amadues Cocis79,000
6Moon Gab Chung480,000
8Dylan Wayne560,000
9Kiko Puyat675,000

Table 8

1Richard Tang223,000
2Romain Morvan300,000
3Dylan Desmarchelier113,000
4Elise Depauw823,000
5Wayde Rickhuss220,000
6Greg Burgess450,000
7Lucy Sheppard135,000

Sheppard’s flock

Lucy Sheppard jammed her remaining 67,500 over the 21,000 open from Elise Depauw on the button.

Depauw, with the far superior stack, called relatively quickly to put Sheppard at risk.

Sheppard: AQ
Depauw: QJ

Both players flopped a straight draw on the K104 flop but neither would materialise on the 4, 6 run out.

Elise Depauw833,000
Lucy Sheppard160,000
Lucy Sheppard

Chung pressure

In a hand with absolutely no cards shown, yet deserves a mention, Ben Turner opened the action to 22,000 under-the-gun. Moon Gab Chung then called, only to see Dylan Wayne raise to 75,000 from the button.

Kiko Puyat and Charles Tsai gave up their blinds, and Turner kept the pressure on, 4-betting to 165,000.

Chung then found a rather unusual 5-bet back-raise shove for 326,500 total. Wayne folded, and after several minutes, Turner gave it up as well.

Moon Gab Chung613,500
Dylan Wayne480,500
Ben Turner254,000

Tang finds another

Richard Tang 3-bet jammed his big blind over the open from Wayde Rickhuss, and was called.

Rickhuss: 66
Tang: AK

Once again, Tang found himself looking for an Ace or King; but this time he’d find both on the run-out of 5K10A8 to double through.

Richard Tang254,000
Wayde Rickhuss198,000
Wayde Rickhuss

Durust denounced

Taner Durust shoved all in under-the-gun and actioned folded around to Greg Burgess in the small blind.

Burgess announced a call without moving any chips, and Lucy Sheppard obligingly folded her big blind.

Burgess: A10
Durust: A9

Seeing the bad news, Durust actually left the tournament area, walking over to check out the $660 Big Bounty event which has just started across the room.

He was called back to the table, however, when the flop spread 496, top top for Durust as Burgess expressed annoyance.

The turn fell the 8 as Durust joked he could stick around a little longer, only to fall silent as the 7 river gave Burgess a straight and the knockout.

The Big Bounty event, incidentally, has registration open until approximately 19:00 AEST.

Greg Burgess419,500
Taner DurustBUSTED!
Taner Durust

French connection

With a board showing 1042A10, Dylan Desmarchelier beckoned us over. “This is a huge hand potentially” he reckoned.

Romain Morvan led out, betting 75,000, and action was on Elise Depauw. Depauw mulled it over then raised, putting two full stacks out.

Facing the raise of 200,000 total, Morvan hit the tank, but eventually announced call.

Depauw tabled A10.

“Sick.” said Morvan, flashing the 10 as he mucked. “There’s A-A and A-T, I’m not scared of anything else.”

Elise Depauw915,000
Romain Morvan224,000
Romain Morvan

Level 18: 5,000/10,000 (10,000)

Smith set up for failure

Joshua Smith stopped by the PMA desk to share his tail of woe, having been eliminated after the bubble burst.

“I spun it up pretty well!” he exclaimed, referring to the fact he’d come in to today as the short stack.

According to Smith, he’d opened to 17,000 with A-K and been called only by Greg Burgess. He’d then checked the action across to Burgess on the K-5-3 rainbow flop.

Burgess bet 35,000 and Smith flatted. “It was a fairly dry board, I didn’t see any reason to raise, let him keep going!” said Smith.

Sure enough, Smith checked again on the 7 turn and Burgess jammed, then Smith called.

To Smith’s surprise he was drawing dead, having run smack bang into the 5-5 of Burgess.

Greg Burgess415,000
Joshua SmithBUSTED!
Joshua Smith

Linda Curry eliminated in 23rd place, bubbles

A few hands later, Linda Curry did indeed find herself on the big blind. With 14,000 in her stack and the ante posting first, 8,000 went in as the big blind ante and 6,000 for her big blind.

Action folded around to Matt Bevin in the cut-off, who limped. Lucy Sheppard completed from the small blind, and the dealer sorted out the side pot then spread a flop of 1058.

Sheppard then elected to lead out, firing 8,000. With a shake of his head, Bevin let it go.

“I don’t know what I’ve got!” said Curry, as she turned over a King. “Ooo… oh, Kings!” as she turned over a second.

Curry: KK
Sheppard: 76

Sheppard, drawing to an open ender, picked up additional outs on the 6 turn and then binked the straight on the 9 river to eliminate the short-stacked Curry on the bubble.

Lucy Sheppard176,000
Linda CurryBUSTED!
Linda Curry

Curry crushed

Linda Curry shoved her stack of 88,500 from middle position, and Richard Tang under-called from around the table before both blinds folded.

Both players cards were kept face down as action completed on other tables so as not to influence play. After Wayde Rickhuss folded to a Dylan Desmarchelier check-raise, the assembled rail’s attention turned to Table 9 and the showdown.

Curry: QQ
Tang: AK

It was another instalment of ‘the classic race’, with Tang needing to find an Ace or King to survive.

Tang actually lost some outs on the flop of 256, all spades with Curry having the only spade. Now unable to hit the A or K, Tang was in dire shape and looking to be our bubble.

The turn 6 changed nothing, and Tang took to his feet… only to return immediately as the dealer peeled the K on the river.

Curry is crippled, and will be big blind in a couple of hands time.

Richard Tang169,000
Linda Curry14,000
Richard Tang

Turn of events

Elise Depauw has been crushing so far today, at one point over 700k in chips as our Live Reporter walked past.

In a twist, Ben Turner just opened to 16,000 UTG+1 and action folded to Depauw on the big blind, who peeked and then shoved, applying maximum pressure to Turner.

Turner snap-called, however, perhaps no surprise as he had the best starting hand in hold’em in what was a massive cooler between the two players.

Turner: AA
Depauw: QQ

With Tournament Director Matt Potter calling the action, the flop spread 9J8, giving Depauw additional outs to a straight. The turn 7 and river 3 were no help, however, and Turner gained a full double.

Ben Turner582,000
Elise Depauw416,000
Ben Turner

Level 17: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)

Play has no limits

Dylan Wayne may not have been aware of Playstation’s slogan, but it’s certainly an appropriate choice for No Limit Hold’em. He’s also trying his best to make it two cashes from two tournaments, having cashed in the WPT Prime Gold Coast Opening Event yesterday.

Recently, Wayne clashed with Matt Bevin on a flop of 87J, with Wayne tabling A8 after all the chips got into the middle.

Bevin tabled 1010 however, and held through on the 5, Q run out to double through before the bubble.

Dylan Wayne321,500
Matt Bevin114,000
Dylan Wayne

Cocis doubles

Players have been broken down to three tables and Dylan Desmarchelier has been very much in the thick of the action on his new table, first eliminating Damelian and then trying his best to eliminate Amadues Cocis.

Cocis, aware of the bubble approaching, limped preflop, then Desmarchelier raised to 50,000 from the small blind. Joshua Smith folded his big blind, then Cocis jammed for 54,000 total, quickly called by Desmarchelier.

Cocis: JJ
Desmarchelier: KQ

Cocis didn’t have long to wait, flopping top set and holding on the J2439 board.

Dylan Desmarchelier220,500
Amadues Cocis111,500
Dylan Desmarchelier

Damelian receives his desmarching orders

Robert Damelian in action over consecutive hands, first firing out a bet of 30,000 first to act onto a board showing 2JKA6 with three other players in the hand, only to see Taner Durust immediately raise to 62,000 from the next seat over.

The other players folded and Damelian tanked, stopping to ask how much Durust had behind, before eventually surrendering, sliding his cards face down forwards.

Damelian then 3-bet jammed from the button over a 15,000 open from Dylan Desmarchelier. Durust folded his blind and Desmarchelier tank-called to put Damelian at risk.

Desmarchelier: 88
Damelian: A5

Damelian was unable to catch up as the board ran out 65J67 and departs just shy of the bubble.

22 players make the money today, and we currently have 24 remaining.

Robert Damelian

Level 16: 3,000/6,000 (6,000)

Morvan lucky

Romain Morvan and Justin Ayoub clashed, all in preflop with competing pocket pairs.

Ayoub: 1010
Morvan: 88

Morvan was in trouble but not for long as the Ayoub stood up quickly when the board spread 84227, a boat for Morvan as he floats back up the counts.

Justin Ayoub

To the Moon

Corey Van Jaarsveldt excitedly called us over, where a massive three way all in had developed with, with cards tabled and on their backs.

The action, as recounted to us, started with Moon Gab Chung opening to 15,000 and being called by Mitch Bognar. Lucas Santos then 3-bet shoved and action folded to Monil Gohil, who 4-bet shoved.

Chung then called and Bognar escaped relatively unhurt as the cards were tabled.

Chung: KK
Gohil: JJ
Santos: 1010

Top set for Chung on the K7645 board, and not a single diamond in sight, as Chung chips up to over 300k.

“I would have got there…” lamented Bognar.

Moon Gab Chung336,000
Lucas SantosBUSTED!
Monil GohilBUSTED!
Moon Gab Chung

Gotta roll with it

Chuck Caris got his short stack in on the flop of 426, with overnight chip leader Greg Burgess as his opponent.

Caris tabled A6, and found himself up against the world when Burgess tabled A3.

The board completed K, 7 and Caris earned the double.

“If you’re gonna play Ace Six and get that flop, I think you’ve kinda gotta roll with it!” remarked Caris after the hand.

Greg Burgess512,500
Chuck Caris130,000
Chuck Caris

Double for Chung

Moon Gab Chung got his short stack of 42,000 in preflop against Gavin van Zyl.

van Zyl: 44
Chung: AK

Chung spiked top top on the 5K2QJ to start his ascent up the leaderboard.

Gavin van Zyl420,500
Moon Gab Chung97,000
Gavin van Zyl

Dual Dylan Duel

“Live Reporting!” called out Dylan Wayne. “Two Dylan’s in a hand!”

And so the headline was born, as Wayne completed in the small blind and Dylan Desmarchelier checked his option.

The flop spread 710Q and Wayne fired the first barrel, 5,000. Desmarchelier flat called.

Wayne accelerated, a full pot bet of 25,000 on the A turn, with Desmarchelier again flat calling.

Wayne wasn’t done there, announcing all in after a short tank on the 2 river, to a tank fold from Desmarchelier.

Dylan and Dylan

Zeberjad zilched

Lucas Santos opened to 16,500 and Charles Tsai 3-bet to 36,500 from the next seat over.

Action folded to the short-stacked Ali Zeberjad, who elected to jam out of the blinds. Tsai made the call.

Tsai: KK
Zeberjad: A8

The board ran out 57Q9K and Zeberjad was on his feet by the turn, with Tsai hitting an unnecessary set on the river to eliminate him, meaning no final table this time round for Zeberjad.

Charles Tsai201,500
Ali ZeberjadBUSTED!
Charles Tsai

Cards in the air

After a minute delay, Tournament Director Jenni “J-Mac” McIlroy has announced “Shuffle up and deal!” and cards are in the air.

The tournament restarts at 3,000/5,000 (5,000) and players are playing 40 minute levels for the duration.

Level 15: 3,000/5,000 (5,000)

Burgess on pole

Whilst Day 2 of the Opening Event was whittling down to a final table yesterday, the $1,100 NLH kicked off across the Star Gold Coast poker room.

After 14 levels of play, only 37 of the 174 entrants still had chips and those 37 players will return today a we play down to a winner. They are headed by Greg Burgess, who is the only player sitting on over half a million.

Burgess’ only previous listed cash on HendonMob was a 24th place finish at the WPTL QPC High Roller event in February this year, and he’ll be looking to improve on that today. The $174,000 prize pool in this event creates a whopping $45,727 up top for the eventual winner.

Gavin van Zyl is currently sitting second in chips but a way behind, and Les Baguettes are well represented with Elise Depauw rounding out the top three, along with Romain Morvan making his second Day 2 in consecutive tournaments.

Local grinders Hussein Hassan, Corey Van Jaarsveldt, Wayde Rickhuss, Chuck Caris, Ben Turner and Robert Damelian are all still in contention, while Ali Zeberjad, who final tabled the $1,100 NLH event in the Gold Coast Champs in March, will be hoping to make it two from two, but he comes into today short.

Join us here from 12.30pm AEST as we bring you all the live reporting action!

WPT Prime Gold Coast $1,100 NLH Day 2 – top ten chip counts

Gregory Burgess550,500
Gavin van Zyl428,500
Elise Depauw311,500
Lucy Sheppard279,500
Dylan Desmarchelier271,000
Jigsy Reyes228,500
Mitchell Bognar172,000
Wayde Rickhuss157,500
Carmen Willcombe152,000
Lucas Santos147,500

WPT Prime Gold Coast $1,100 NLH Day 2 – Seat Draw

Table 6

1Chuck Caris64,000
2Jigsy Reyes228,500
3Kiko Puyat127,000
4Scott Reid67,500
5Matthew Bevin95,000
6Qi Xu89,500
7Gregory Burgess550,500
9Dylan Desmarchelier271,000

Table 7

1Charles Tsai105,000
2Richard Tang94,000
3Monil Gohil111,500
5Corey Van Jaarsveldt112,500
6Ali Zebarjad64,500
7Harry Basle114,500
9Lucas Santos147,500

Table 8

1Hussein Hassan130,000
2Romain Morvan129,000
3Justin Ayoub106,000
4Joshua Smith40,000
6Domenic Fieldhouse100,500
7Robert Damelian146,000
8Taner Durust88,500
9Amadues Cocis87,000

Table 9

2Carmen Willcombe152,000
3Elise Depauw311,500
5Ben Turner145,000
6Lucy Sheppard279,500
7Linda Currie126,000
8Josh Mccully43,000
9Stafford Hamilton62,000

Table 15

1Dylan Wayne125,000
2Paul Pedersen71,500
3Julian Warhurst54,000
4Wayde Rickhuss157,500
5Moon Gab Chung52,000
7Mitchell Bognar172,000
9Gavin van Zyl428,500

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