LIVE REPORTING: WPT League Sydney QPC Main Event Day 3

Congratulations Peter Kassiotes, WPT League QPC Sydney Main Event Champion ($51,000*)!

It was a fast and furious finale, but Peter Kassiotes has held his own to win his first major title and $51,000 in prize money after defeating a field of 618 entries in the WPT League QPC Sydney Main Event!

The small business owner and father-of-two was absolutely ecstatic, telling PokerMedia Australia that his love of playing cards runs deep in the family, watching his father play poker as a kid and taking up the game himself after he turned 18 before being employed as a croupier at The Star Sydney.

Although his wife still works in Pyrmont today as a poker dealer and supervisor, Kassiotes is focusing his energy on running his business and looking after his two children.

“I started Morning Hit back in 2011 in Drummoyne out of a little tin trailer, and it was one of the first of its kind in Sydney,” Kassiotes said. “We then moved out to Bankstown in 2016 and and have upgraded to a 14-foot container and the next thing we gotta do is install an awning, which will cost about 10 grand.”

“I love playing poker, but I only have time to play on Saturdays … I might see if I can play a bit more, maybe a couple of times a week to see if I can improve my game a bit, but my family and my work comes first.”

WPT LEAGUE SYDNEY QPC MAIN EVENT ($675 buy-in, 618 entries, 63 players paid)*

1stPeter KassiotesAustralia$51,000*
2ndAdrian PachecoAustralia$60,000*
3rdVan LeAustralia$54,000*
4thChad InabinetAustralia$25,000
5thRobert KwanAustralia$19,000
6thMai NguyenAustralia$15,000
7thEric XuAustralia$11,400
8thSlav RypinskiAustralia$9,000
9thDominic GalatiAustralia$7,000
*Denotes three-handed deal. Final table results shown; full results available at

On behalf of everyone here at WPT League Sydney, we’d like to congratulate Peter on his well-deserved victory and thank everyone for being a part of what was a fantastic series.

PMA would also like to show their appreciation to Bruno Rao and the entire Pavilion Poker Room team for their hospitality, going above and beyond to ensure that our Live Reporting Crew were looked after, whilst continuing to set the standards both in service and professionalism.

Finally, we’d like thank all the players and readers at home for their continued support, and we look forward to seeing you on and around the felt again soon, no matter where you may be.

Until then, from all of us here in Sydney, it’s ‘bye for now!

Adrian Pacheco eliminated in 2nd place ($60,000*)

With the ICM deal struck, the duo of Adrian Pacheco and Peter Kassiotes traded jabs for a while before the final hand of the night played out just after 10:30pm local time.

Pacheco limped in from the button and Kassiotes checked his option in the big blind before betting after the flop of K3A; Pacheco then came back with a raise before Kassiotes quickly moved all-in.

Pacheco called, and found himself well ahead with A8 against Kassiotes’ 63, but although he held onto the lead after the Q on the turn, the dealer peeled off the river 3 to bring an end to the Big Dance at the Pavilion.

A brilliant performance from Pacheco, who heads home with six stacks of high society. Not bad for four hours’ work in one day!

Adrian PachecoBUSTED!

Van Le eliminated in 3rd place ($54,000*)

After taking some additional time to thrash out the details, our final three shook hands on an ICM deal before Van Le departed in third place.

Adrian Pacheco limped in from the button before Le shoved from the small blind with A2; Peter Kassiotes snap-called and Pacheco quickly got out of the way as Kassiotes slapped down his JJ.

Le paired his deuce on the flop of 827, but that’s as far as it got as the turn and river blanked out 4, 3.

A valiant effort for Van Le, who has locked up $54,000 in prize money as we now head into the heads-up phase of this Main Event!

Peter Kassiotes17,600,000
Adrian Pacheco13,300,000

Updated chip counts

Adrian Pacheco13,975,000
Van Le9,725,000
Peter Kassiotes7,950,000

Level 33: 250,000/500,000 (500,000)

Break it down

The QPC Sydney Main Event final three are now on another 10-minute break. We’ll be back straight after this, so don’t touch that dial!

Van, Van, he’s our man …

… if you can’t bust him, no-one can!

Van Le has scored another double-up leading up to the next break, getting his money in real good with AA, going up against the QJ of Adrian Pacheco who made the call.

Pacheco did pick up an open-ender after the dealer spread the flop of 10KQ, but whiffed after the turn and river bricked out 8, 7.

Some time passed before Van went all-in again from the button; Peter Kassiotes quickly called, stood up and tabled his cards face-up, not realising in his excitement that Pacheco hadn’t yet acted. Kassiotes apologised profusely, but Pacheco calmly waved it off, flashing the A before letting his hand go.

Kassiotes: QJ
Le: Q4

Kassiotes kept the lead after the 5810 and moved even further ahead with the J on the turn, but remarkably, the 9 came sailing down the river. Chop-chop!

Van down, but not out

Van Le is still holding on for dear life after being crushed by Adrian Pacheco as action continues three-handed at this final table.

In earlier action, Peter Kassiotes folded on the button and Pacheco completed the small blind before Le checked to go head-up to a flop of 534. Pacheco then opened for 600,000, Le ripped it in and Pacheco check-called.

Kassiotes: Q10
Le: 63

Le was ahead with bottom pair with the open-ender, however Pacheco was still in a chance with the flush draw. The turn of the 8 was of no help, but the river Q was plenty good, crippling Le down to 900,000, which he jammed into the middle in the very next hand after Pacheco’s button raise to 900,000.

Kassiotes called them both off from the big blind, and then both Kassiotes and Pacheco checked through the board of 55JJ2, only to see Van roll over 1010 to score the triple-up!

Adrian Pacheco15,500,000
Peter Kassiotes12,500,000
Van Le2,700,000

Kassiotes surges

Another twist in this fast and furious finale, with Peter Kassiotes now taking the chip lead for the first time!

Adrian Pecheco raised from the button pre-flop to 950,000 and Van Le folded the small blind before Kassiotes shoved all in for 6,300,000. Pecheco called, tabling KQ but found himself behind the A8 of Kassiotes.

No change after the flop of 632, but despite Pecheco getting a slim chance at a chop with the 4 on the turn, Kassiotes paired up with the A to move up to almost 14 million.

Peter Kassiotes13,800,000
Van Le11,100,000
Adrian Pacheco6,000,000

Level 32: 200,000/400,000 (400,000)


With no agreement reached, our remaining three players are now back at it, with Van Le and Peter Kassiotes going head-to-head once again.

After a pre-flop button raise from Kassiotes to 650,000, Adrian Pacheco folded his small blind before Le called to see a flop of 3JA. Le then open-shoved and Kassiotes called, showing down K9 but was behind Le’s J4, which held after the turn and river came running Q, 5.

In the very next hand, Pacheco raised to 750,000 from the button, only to then see Le shove out of the small blind and Kassiotes call short. Pacheco got out of the way again and the cards were tabled.

Le: A10
Kassiotes A6

Board: KKQ62

“Yeah, the Doggies!” Kassiotes yelled as he high-fived his mates on the rail.

Adrian Pacheco17,025,000
Van Le7,925,000
Peter Kassiotes5,950,000


The clock has been stopped as our final three players commence ICM deal negotiations. Back soon!

Chad Inabinet eliminated in 4th place ($25,000)

The QPC Sydney Main Event final table is now down to three players after Chad Inabinet took a critical hit from Van Le before being felted at the hands of Adrian Pacheco.

After a pre-flop raise from Van Le from under the gun, Inabinet defended his big blind to go heads-up to a flop of 1028 before opening for 700,000. Le raised to 1,500,000, Inabinet shoved and Le short-called.

Le: 88
Inabinet: K9

Although the 9 came down on the turn, the river A was a brick, reducing Inabinet down to 5.8 million, which he moved into the middle on the very next hand with 106 after a button raise of 650,000 from Adrian Pacheco.

Pacheco snap-called, rolling up AK and hit top-top on the board of 3K297 to end Inabinet’s day in fourth place and $25,000 to the good. Well played, sir!

Adrian Pacheco18,625,000
Van Le8,700,000
Peter Kassiotes4,325,000
Chad InabinetBUSTED!


Action is heating up here at the final table of the QPC Main Event, with Van Le and Peter Kassiotes clashing in two big hands during this level.

Earlier, action folded to Le who open-shoved from the small blind with 95, but got his hand caught in the cookie jar, with Kassiotes waking up with 88 before improving to two pair on the board of 632J6.

Kassiotes’ joy was short-lived though, as despite getting his money in good pre-flop with K9 against Le’s J10, Ve doubled through after flopping second pair and holding on the 8A1075 board.

Peter Kassiotes5,900,000
Van Le5,350,000

Level 31: 150,000/300,000 (300,000)

Pacheco strikes back

Adrian Pacheco has now emerged as the new chip leader after doubling through Van Le!

In earlier action, Pacheco came out with a pre-flop button raise to 525,000 and Le called from the big blind before they both checked the flop of 4K7.

Le then check-called both barrels of 500,000 from Pacheco after the turn of the Q and the river 5; Pacheco tabled 108, but Le had him beat with 43.

It proved to be a minor setback, because just as the blinds ticked over into the new level, they got their money into the middle pre-flop, with Pacheco’s A10 ahead of Le’s KQ, with Pacheco making the bigger two pair on the board of 7AK1010.

Let’s goooooooo!

Adrian Pacheco12,100,000
Van Le4,175,000

Robert Kwan eliminated in 5th place ($19,000)

We’re now down to our final four after Robert Kwan copped two heart-breaking beats to end his Main Event run in fifth place.

Earlier, Kwan got his money into the middle with 88, flipping against the KQ of Peter Kassiotes. Kwan kept his lead despite Kassiotes picking up the gut-shot by the turn on a board of 6103A, but Kassiotes’ rail roared after the dealer peeled off the river K.

“Yeah, the paint!” Kassiotes cried.

Down to 2,050,000, Kwan short-called from the big blind after Adrian Pacheco open-shoved from the small blind. Kwan’s QQ were well ahead of Pacheco’s K8, but Kwan was crushed after Pacheco rivered trips on the board of 47898.

Adrian Pacheco6,600,000
Peter Kassiotes4,000,000
Robert KwanBUSTED!

Level 30: 125,000/250,000 (250,000)

Mai Nguyen eliminated in 6th place ($15,000)

The QPC Sydney Main Event ring is now staying on home soil after Mai Nguyen was eliminated in 6th place.

Van Le limped in from under the gun before Nguyen moved all-in from the +1 position for her last 450,000. Chad Inabinet defended his big blind and Nguyen called before the pair checked down all streets into a dry sidepot across a board of J6KA2.

Nguyen: 99
Le: A5
Inabinet: 87

A valiant effort from the lone Melburnian, who takes home $15,000 for her efforts.

Van Le11,500,000
Chad Inabinet9,500,000
Mai NguyenBUSTED!

Help has arrived

Robert Kwan has just scored two double-ups in a row as action continues six-handed at the final table of the QPC Sydney Main Event!

Earlier, action folded around to Mai Nguyen who raised to 450,000 from the cut-off; Peter Kassiotes folded on the button, as did Adrian Pacheco on the small blind before Kwan moved all-in for 1.1 million.

After about two minutes in the tank, Nguyen slammed the calling chips over the line.

“Okay! Let’s do it!” Nguyen said.

Kwan: AQ
Nguyen: AQ

Nothing changed after the flop of KA3, but although Nguyen picked up the Broadway draw with the Q on the turn, Kwan’s pair held after the river 5 completed the board.

Kwan then got his money into the middle again in the very next hand, open-shoving from the small blind with QQ, dominating Chad Inabinet who called from the big blind with 99, improving to a set on the QJ268 board.

“That was so good for you!” said Mai Nguyen.

“I know, so good!” Kwan replied. “I need all the help I can get!”

Chad Inabinet9,900,000
Robert Kwan5,500,000
Mai Nguyen850,000

Level 29: 100,000/200,000 (200,000)

Take 10!

Our six remaining players are now on a 10-minute break. Count ’em up!

Chad Inabinet12,500,000
Van Le9,175,000
Adrian Pacheco2,625,000
Peter Kassiotes2,500,000
Mai Nguyen2,350,000
Robert Kwan1,800,000

Clash of the titans

Although they started this final table as the two biggest stacks, Van Le and Chad Inabinet have already clashed in two big pots twice leading up to the first break of the night.

Earlier, action folded to Inabinet who raised to 325,000 from the button before Le three-bet it from the small blind, making it 725,000 to go.

Inabinet called, making it heads-up to a flop of 4510. Le opened for 400,000, but after Inabinet’s raise of 1.2 million, Le returned fire with a re-raise worth 3.5 million, putting Inabinet into the tank.

“You got Kings?” Inabinet enquired. No response.

Inabinet folded.

“Good read!” Le exclaimed, flashing KK.

A few hands later, Le raised from under the gun to 300,000 and action folded to Inabinet who defended his big blind before check-raising to 750,000 after Le’s c-bet of 350,000 on a 3109.

Inabinet then opened for 1,000,000 straight on the turn of the K and then again for 2,000,000 on the river A. Le called him down all streets, but Inabinet’s 76 was best against Le’s A10.

“Ugly river for you, hey?” Inabinet said. “Could have been a lot worse though!”

Chad Inabinet13,000,000
Van Le8,550,000

Eric Xu eliminated in 7th place ($11,400)

Eric Xu has now picked up his first career five-figure payday after being eliminated in seventh place by Peter Kassiotes.

Action folded around to Kassiotes who raised to 600,000 from the button; Adrian Pacheco took some time to think about it from the button and asked Xu how much he had.

“425,000 behind,” was Xu’s reply.

Pacheco cut down the calling chips next to his hand, but then stacked them back up again and mucked his hand. Xu short-called and the cards were tabled.

Xu: A9
Kassiotes: K8

The flop of 1048 was disastrous for Xu, and with the turn and river running out 5, Q, Xu headed over to the cage to cash out for $11,400.

“Thanks for the pay jump!” Xu quipped as he took his leave.

Peter Kassiotes4,900,000

Slav Rypinski eliminated in 8th place ($9,000)

Slav Rypinski has now recorded his fourth WPT League Sydney career cash, having just been felted by Adrian Pacheco in eighth place for $9,000 in prize money.

Action folded to Rypinski who ripped in his last 1,050,000 from the button, but Pacheco quickly called him out of the big blind.

Pacheco: A9
Rypinski: K2

Rypinski then took the lead after hitting two pair on the flop of 1010K and then filled up with the repeat 10, but Pacheco Greenstein’d the river, with the A giving him the bigger boat!

Rypinski pushed his two stacks of blues over, giving Pacheco a wink and a smile before pushing them over and scrambling them about, much to the amusement of all and sundry.

Adrian Pacheco2,900,000
Slav RypinksiBUSTED!

Level 28: 75,000/150,000 (150,000)

Dominic Galati eliminated in 9th place ($7,000)

Dominic Galati came in all suited up for tonight’s big finale, but sadly, his time here at the Pavilion has been short-lived as he’s just been felted by Peter Kassiotes.

The action folded around to Galati who open-shoved from the small blind holding AQ, only to see Kassiotes wake up with 66 out of the big blind.

Galati did catch a few more outs after the dealer produced a flop of 9J10, but the turn and river came running 3, 3, confirming Galati as our first elimination from the final table in ninth, good for $7,000 cash.

Peter Kassioles4,800,000
Dominic GalatiBUSTED!

Better late than never!

Cards are now in the air for the WPT League Sydney QPC final table!

Play kicked off after a 20-minute delay, as Melbourne’s Mai Nguyen had been caught in the notorious Sydney peak-hour jam. The button started with Adrian Pacheco, with Slav Rypinski drawing first blood after jamming from middle position and getting no takers.

Soon after, Robert Kwan open-shoved from the cut-off with A10 before Van Le called from the small blind with KJ, spiking an Ace on the flop of 5A2.

The 3 on the turn gave Le chopping outs, but Kwan doubled through after the 8 bricked out on the river.

Van Le7,450,000
Robert Kwan2,650,000

The clock has been wound back to the start of Level 27 (blinds at 75,000/125,000 with a 125,000 BB Ante) and we’ll be playing through 40-minute levels until only one remains.

And for those of you keeping score at home, here’s the rundown of what they’re playing for tonight, with our champion also taking home the all-important QPC gold ring, valued at $5,000!



Level 27: 75,000/125,000 (125,000)

More than meets the eye

Good evening and welcome back to PokerMedia Australia’s Live Reporting coverage of the WPT League QPC Main Event!

The stage has now been set for our final table, which was confirmed at around 10pm AEST last night. Starting in pole position is Sydney’s Chad Inabinet, followed closely by Van Le; between them, the pair hold more than half the chips in play, and with five players returning with stacks worth less than 20 BBs, we’re expecting to see plenty of fireworks early.

Although Hendon Mob records show that Inabinet has recorded more than AUD $15,500 in tournament earnings, PMA has since learned that he’s banked at least four times that through the National Poker League (NPL), having won the most recent Super Series in February and adding to first major victory in a NSW Quarterly Final back in 2018, along with a runner-up finish in the 2014 NSW Invitational.

Fellow final tablist Adrian Pacheco has a 2016 NPL Quarterly Final trophy and more than $41,000 to his name, while Dominic Galati‘s biggest result to date was a $29,000 payday from a tournament at The Star Sydney three years ago.

Robert Kwan also has a couple of five-figure payouts on his poker CV, including his most recent runner-up finish at the Poker Palace Easter Festival High Roller for $42,750, while Eric Xu, who bagged the chip lead at the end of Day 1C in this Main Event, recorded three APT Sydney final table finishes last year.

Peter Kassiotes and Mai Nguyen have both locked up their best career results to date, but although he comes back in as the severe short stack, Slav Rypinski is now guaranteed his fourth QPC Sydney ITM result, adding to the three deep runs in last year’s Annual Poker Championship (APC) including the Main Event, where he finished eighth.


1Eric XuAustralia1,450,00012
2Robert KwanAustralia1,550,00012
3Chad InabinetAustralia8,975,00072
4Van LeAustralia8,275,00066
5Mai NguyenAustralia2,200,00018
6Slav RypinksiAustralia800,0006
7Dominic GalatiAustralia1,275,00010
8Peter KassiotesAustralia3,800,00030
9Adrian PachecoAustralia2,625,00021

The PMA Live Reporting Crew are now ringside and ready to go here at the Pavilion, so be sure to keep your screens open and refreshed as we bring you all the action from 6pm AEST. Best of luck to all players and may the flop be with you!

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