LIVE REPORTING: WPT League Sydney QPC Main Event Day 2

WPT League Sydney QPC Main Event final table set; that’s a wrap!

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting your final nine of the WPT League Sydney Main Event!

Heading into the finale with the chip lead is Chad Inabinet, who bagged up 8,975,000 in chips to eke out a slender margin over Van Le, who bagged up almost 8,275,000.

Between the pair, they hold more than 55% of chips in play, but given that they’ve been drawn side-by-side, it should make for a very interesting table dynamic.

Still, anything can and often does happen in poker – and given the action we’ve witnessed today, expect plenty of fireworks across the felt from the get-go!


1Eric XuAustralia1,450,00012
2Robert KwanAustralia1,550,00012
3Chad InabinetAustralia8,975,00072
4Van LeAustralia8,275,00066
5Mai NguyenAustralia2,200,00018
6Slav RypinksiAustralia800,0006
7Dominic GalatiAustralia1,275,00010
8Peter KassiotesAustralia3,800,00030
9Adrian PachecoAustralia2,625,00021

This concludes our broadcast day here at The Pavilion, but rest assured that we’ll be back tomorrow night from 6pm AEST to bring you all the action direct to your screens.

Until then, from all of us here at WPT League Sydney and PokerMedia Australia, thanks again for your company and we’ll see you again soon. ‘Bye for now!

Adam Kelly eliminated in 10th place ($5,800)

In the final hand of the night, action folded to Kelly who open-shoved from the cutoff for more than 100,000 with K10, ahead of Adrian Pachecho who called out of the small blind with Q2.

Pacheco then spiked middle pair on the flop of 3AQ, but although there was a glimmer of hope with the gut-shot Broadway draw, the turn and river 5, 2 to give Pacheco two pair and bring today’s proceedings to a close.

Adrian Pacheco2,625,000
Adam KellyBUSTED!

And with that, the final table of the WPT League Sydney QPC Main Event has officially been set! We’ll be back shortly to wrap things up – stay with us!

Kurt Simpson eliminated in 11th place ($5,800)

It was a less-than-ideal stanza for Kurt Simpson, who after taking a big hit in an earlier hand, nursed his short stack through to the start of the 27th level before falling to Van Le.

After a min-raise from Le pre-flop, Simpson shoved for his last 1.1 million in chips and action folded back to Le who called him off with A7, which trailed AK.

Van picked up the nut flush draw on the flop of 9102 and then hit it after the turn and river J, 9 completed the board. D’oh!

Van Le7,200,000
Kurt SimpsonBUSTED!

Level 27: 75,000/125,000 (125,000)

Inabinet banks big

Another twist to the QPC Sydney Main Event plot here at the Pavilion, with Chad Inabinet wrestling the chip lead from Van Le as we head into Level 27.

Action folded to Inabinet on the button who min-clicked to 250,000; Adam Kelly folded his small blind and Le defended his big blind, making it heads-up to a flop of 234.

Le check-called Inabinet’s c-bet of 250,000 and then checked again after the dealer peeled off the 10 on the turn, prompting Inabinet to fire out an opening bet worth 350,000

Le then check-raised to 700,000, only to then see Inabinet return serve with a re-raise of 1.7 million. Le flat called, then check-called Inabinet’s all-in bet of 2.15 million on the river 4.

Inabinet: 33
Le: 106

A full house for Inabinet and an even fuller stack, now worth nine million in chips while Le drops to less than 6 million.

Chad Inabinet9,000,000
Van Le5,800,000

Neoklis Gkoulelis eliminated in 12th place ($5,800)

From under the gun, Van Le raised to 300,000 and action folded around to Neoklis Gkoulelis who shoved from the small blind. Robert Kwan folded his big blind and Le insta-called, quickly turning over AA, which dominated Gkoulelis’ 1010.

The board of 3474Q changed nothing except for the number of players remaining on the tournament clock, with Gkouleils now $5,800 richer while Le now holds almost 10 million in chips!

Van Le9,800,000
Neoklis GkoulelisBUSTED!

Updated chip counts

Van Le8,985,000
Peter Kassiotes4,250,000
Chad Inabinet3,390,000
Robert Kwan2,295,000
Kurt Simpson2,160,000
Dominic Galati2,105,000
Mai Nguyen1,930,000
Slav Ripynski1,765,000
Adrian Pacheco1,675,000
Eric Xu1,270,000
Neoklis Gkoulelis840,000
Adam Kelly275,000

Level 26: 50,000/100,000 (100,000)

Todorovic torched

Having been up amongst the chipleaders earlier in the day, Stefan Todorovic’s evening session took a turn for the worse and has since been eliminated by Adrian Pacheco.

Action folded around to Pacheco who raised to 175,000 from the cut-off pre-flop; Dominic Galati folded from the button before Todorovic shoved from the small blind for 230,000. Peter Kassiotes folded on the big blind and Pacheco made the call.

Todorovic: JJ
Pacheco: A7

The flop of 73A gave Pacheco two pair, which held firm after the turn and river blanked out 5, K to confirm Todorovic as our 13th place finisher, good for $4,700.

Adrian Pacheco1,820,000
Stefan TodorovicBUSTED!

Our final 12 players are now on a 10-minute break – updated counts coming your way shortly!

Ashor to ashes, Grael left Won-ting

Ashor Shlemon and Grael Won have now also cashed out from the Pavilion leading up to the next break of the evening sesson after both players were eliminated by Dominic Galati.

Having nursed his short stack through most of this stanza, Won moved it into the middle pre-flop holding 108, but needed help against Galati who rolled over AJ.

The flop of KJ5 put Galati further ahead, but although a glimmer of hope came for Won with the turn of the [invalid notations] was a brick and Galati moved back up to almost three million.

Galati then felted Shlemon soon after, iso-shoving from the button after Asher open-jammed from under the gun. Shlemon turned up 66, but lost the flip for his tournament life after Galati’s AK flopped top-top on the board of 4A389.

Dominic Galati1,980,000
Ashor ShlemonBUSTED!
Grael WonBUSTED!

Elwood cut down to size

After landing a critical hit on Tom Elwood earlier in the level, Van Le delivered the killer blow to send him to the rail and increase his lead in this Main Event.

The duo went heads-up to a flop of 9510, where Elwood opened for 100,000 before Le raised it to 300,000. Elwood called and then check-called Le’s bet of 300,000 on the turn of the 5 before open-shoving on the river 8.

Le called him off and Elwood showed 94, but was given his marching orders after Le rolled over A9 to increase his stack to more than eight million.

Van Le8,020,000
Tom ElwoodBUSTED!

Level 25: 50,000/75,000 (75,000)

Huynh and Green gone

The QPC Main Event is now down to two tables, with Mark Green and Steven Huynh now both having cashed out here at the Pavilion.

Earlier, Huynh moved the last of his money in pre-flop with A7, but found himself trailing the AK of Adrian Pacheco, with no change after the 59282 board was spread.

Green open-shoved for the last of his short stack with AJ, but was crushed by Robert Kwan’s QQ that held all the way down the board of 910692.

Robert Kwan2,540,000
Adrian Pacheco865,000
Steve HuynhBUSTED!
Mark GreenBUSTED!


In a huge turn of events, Van Le has just shipped a MONSTER pot on Table 2 to decimate Tom Elwood’s stack and eliminate David Rodwell to take the chip lead in the QPC Sydney Main Event!

Action folded around to Van Le who raised from the cut-off before Rodwell shipped in his last 325,000 from the button. Elwood called out of the big blind, as did Le to make it heads-up to a sidepot on a flop of 4310.

Elwood then opened for 300,000, only to then see Le raise it to 1,000,000 straight. Elwood called, then open-shoved after the turn of the A. Le snap-called.

Rodwell: KK
Le: A10
Elwood: 76

Although Elwood had a whole heap of outs, the river 4 wasn’t one of them … needless to say, Le was absolutely euphoric!

Van Le5,100,000
Tom Elwood2,040,000
David RodwellBUSTED!

Level 24: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)

Arsn’s all done

It’s been another stellar run from Arsn Younadem, however his Main Event journey has come to an end in one of the first hands after the dinner break.

All the money was in the middle pre-flop; Younadem held 88, but he was in a world of hurt against Grael Won, who tabled QQ. A third queen on the board of 6Q92K was more than enough to slay “The Assyrian Warrior”, ending his run in 23rd place.

Then after Mark Green took out Leon Sadr, Zoran Janjetovic jammed the last of his chips in with KJ and found himself in a fair fight against Tom Elwood’s A6, but lost after Elwood spiked a small pair on the 57628 board.

Elwood’s no-holds-barred style of play now has him sitting behind a stack worth more than six million!

Tom Elwood6,500,000
Grael Won2,550,000
Leon SadrBUSTED!
Zoran JantjetovicBUSTED!
Arsn YounademBUSTED!

Updated chip counts

Here it is, folks: the full tournament betting disc distribution amongst the 23 players still in the hunt for the WPT League Sydney QPC Main Event title!

Feature Table

1Elias Mansour555,000
2Adam Kelly720,000
3Eric Xu2,870,000
4Stefan Todorovic975,000
5Kurt Simpson2,060,000
7Chad Inabinet2,600,000
8Mai Nguyen470,000

Table 1

1Steve Huynh600,000
2Peter Kassiotes1,465,000
3Ashor Shlemon640,000
4Arsn Younadem460,000
5Grael Won2,335,000
6Slav Rypinski700,000
7Adrian Pacheco1,195,000
8Dominic Galati2,270,000

Table 2

1Tom Elwood2,780,000
2Leon Sadr470,000
3Zoran Janjetovic620,000
4Neoklis Gkoulelis1,250,000
5Mark Green365,000
6Van Le3,060,000
7David Rodwell575,000
8Robert Kwan1,890,000

Level 23: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)

All’s well for Elwood

Tom Elwood has gone on a tear in the final minutes of this level, taking out two more before our remaining 23 players headed off on a 30-minute dinner break.

Elwood’s first casualty was Chad Awerbuch, his JJ holding against Awerbuch’s 10 after the board was spread 347AA.

Ivan Zlomisic was then moved into a vacant seat to balance the tables, but his time there was short-lived, running his 1010 into Elwood’s JJ, with the board of K2874 failing to improve either hand.

Then in the last hand on the feature table, Kurt Simpson outkicked Yung-Chiang Chen, his AK best against Chen’s AQ on a board of 49A98.

Tom Elwood2,800,000
Kurt Simpson2,085,000
Ivan ZlomisicBUSTED!
Chad AwerbuchBUSTED!

Time to rustle up some chips, of both the potato and clay variety. Back soon!

Marsom and Fulop fall

Down two more here in the Main Event, with Glenn Marsom and Jacob Fulop both sent to the rail as we head towards the next break of the night.

Over on Table 6, action folded to Adam Kelly who raised to 80,000 from the hijack; Tom Elwood called from the cutoff before Marsom three-bet-shoved from the button. The blinds and Kelly all got out of the way before Elwood called.

Marsom: A8
Elwood: K9

Elwood spiked a nine on the flop of 924, but although Marsom picked up the gut-shot straight draw with the 7, the river J was a blank and Marsom’s day was done.

Fulop then moved all-in over on Table 2 a short time later holding KJ, only to see Van Le wake up with JJ. The flop and turn of 1069A brought a bit of a sweat, but a repeat 6 on the river sealed Fulop’s fate.

Van Le2,400,000
Tom Elwood1,850,000
Jacob FulopBUSTED!
Glenn MarsomBUSTED!

Two milly for Inabinet

Chad Inabinet has now moved beyond two million in chips, taking a big pot off Arsn Younadem.

Our reporter picked up the action heads-up between them into a raised pot on a flop of J2K; both players checked, and then the action repeated on the turn of the 5.

Younadem then checked his option on the river of the [invalid notations]; Poulivaati had hit the King-high straight with her 109, but reeled after Green tabled A10 for Broadway.

The turn and river of 4, 5 were merely a formality and we’re now down to just 30 players as we approach the 22nd level of play.

Mark Green1,160,000
Mele PoulivaatiBUSTED!

Stone cold

The PMA Live Reporting Crew ran into Josh Stone, who had just been eliminated at the hands of Adrian Pacheco over on Table 1 as the field dropped below 35 players.

As Stone recalled, he had moved all the money in on the turn with K10 on a board of 977Q, but despite hitting the Jack on the river for the straight, it was in fact the J, completing Pacheco’s nut flush.

Adrian Pacheco1,770,000
Josh StoneBUSTED!

Level 21: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)

Mansour’s still sweet

Elias Mansour has just managed to double through Mai Nguyen as we head towards Level 21.

From under the gun, Mansour raised to 60,000 and action folded around Nguyen who called from the big blind.

“I’ll check dark,” Nguyen said as the dealer spread a flop of 76A.

Mansour then opened for 100,000 and Nguyen called before she check-called after he shoved on the turn of the 3.

Mansour: AJ
Nguyen: A10

The river 9 completed the board and Nguyen’s stack was reduced to less than 800,000.

Mai Nguyen775,000
Elias Mansour650,000

The Chads are great

Over on Table 6, Chad Awerbuch is now seated next to Chad Inabinet, with our reporter picking up some action with both players against Tom Elwood to a flop of 9A10.

Before Inabinet had a chance to act, Elwood quickly fired out a bet of 80,000. Play was stopped and the floor was called over to confirm that the bet would stand unless the action changed.

Inabinet then pushed out a bet worth 180,000 and Awerbuch folded.

“Okay, I’ll follow,” Elwood said as he put in the chips to call.

The dealer then peeled off the 3, which prompted Inabinet to move all in; Elwood cursed loudly and repeatedly and slapped his cards with the back of his hand before tossing them into the muck.

Pavilion floor staff gave Elwood an official warning for the out-of-turn action after that hand, but having recently incurred a repeat infraction, he’s now been sent off for an orbit.

Chad Inabinet1,530,000
Tom Elwood700,000
Chad Awerbuch675,000

Level 20: 15,000/25,000 (25,000)



The PMA Live Reporting Crew were drawn to the feature table as QPC Sydney Arctic Blast Champion Amjed Slewa was celebrating after taking out Steve Tupua.

After Tupua had raised pre-flop to 55,000, Slewaa called before checking his option on a flop of K43. Tupua opened for 120,000, Slewa check-shoved and Tupua short-called, turning over [invalid notations].

Nothing changed after the turn of the J, but incredibly, Slewa spiked two pair with the 10; Slewa was thrilled, having extracted the ultimate revenge after been bluffed off a previous hand by Tupua.

“I told him that after that happened, I was gonna crack his aces!” Slewaa exclaimed.

Then in the very last hand before the break, Kurt Simpson rocketed up the counts to more than 1.5 million after Habib Chamma moved all-in with A-10 after a flop of A-9-3, but was outkicked by Simpson’s A-Q.

Our remaining 42 players are now on another 10-minute break.

Kurt Simpson1,525,000
Amjed Slewa1,200,000
Steve TupuaBUSTED!
Habib ChammaBUSTED!

Khouiss and Psarras dethroned

Sydney’s leading ladies in Michelle Psarras and Suzy Khouiss have also been confirmed amongst the latest wave of eliminations, with the Main Event field now down to 49 players.

Before the bubble burst, David Rodwell decimated Khouiss’ stack, cracking her AA with his 1010 after hitting a runner-runner straight on the board of Q9K4J.

Down to 73,000 in chips, Khouiss moved them all in pre-flop with A-K, but lost the flip against Rodwell’s pocket queens before Psarras was flushed out by Arsn Younadem.

Arsn Younadem700,000
David Rodwell323,000
Suzy KhouissBUSTED!
Michelle PsarrasBUSTED!

Karam and Campbell crushed

Down to 52 runners now, with Karam Bahi and Brian Campbell amongst those to have been eliminated after the bubble was burst.

Almost immediately after Cameron Chen was sent to the rail, Bahi jammed with pocket jacks, however Grael Won woke up with pocket kings and held.

At the same time, Campbell jammed with pocket jacks, however Ivan Zlomislic woke up with – yep, you guessed it – pocket kings, and held!

Grael Won987,000
Ivan Zlomislic935,000
Brian CampbellBUSTED!
Karam BahiBUSTED!

Level 19: 10,000/20,000 (20,000)

Kanan and Chen cut

A swift uptick in the action across the felt here in the Pavilion has now moved us into the money here in the WPT League Sydney QPC Main Event!

George Kanan was the first to go in 65th place, making his last move with A3, however Eric Xu snap-called with 99, which filled up on the board of 79Q5Q.

As Kanan took his leave, our reporter wheeled around to Table 5, where Domenic Galati and Cameron Chen were heads-up into a huge pot, Chen having called down Galati’s bets on all streets across a board of 27JQ2.

Although Chen had hit two pair with his AJ, Galati rolled over 62 for trips and thus confirming Chen as the stone bubble.

Eric Xu1,085,000
Dominic Galati1,050,000
Cameron ChenBUSTED!
George KananBUSTED!

May the fours be with you

Down to 65 players in the Main Event now, with Nick Antoinette and Frank Mezzasalma amongst those to have also hit the rail.

Earlier on Table 3, Mezzasalma open-shoved with AK, but bellowed in frustration after Marco Perri woke up with QQ.

“Why, why did I do that? WHY?” cried Mezzasalma, as the dealer fanned out the 881062 board.

“Darling, you had to shove there!” replied Michelle Psarras. “You’re short-stacked!”

As Mezzasalma was consoled on the rail, Antoinette jammed the remainder of his chips in with 1010 over on Table 5, but ran face first into the AA of Shane Pearce before the dealer ran out a board of 84444. Quads with the Ace kicker FTW!

Marco Perri810,000
Shane Pearce730,000
Nick AntoinetteBUSTED!
Frank MezzasalmaBUSTED!

Level 18: 10,000/15,000 (15,000)

Stafa stoned

Action has slowed down considerably here in the Main Event, however Mathew Stafa and John Yacoub have both been eliminated out on Table 4.

In the very first hand after the break, action folded around to Stafa on the button who raised all-in from the button 141,000 before Edson Wu three-bet it to 250,000 from the small blind. Josh Stone then jammed from the big blind and Wu quickly called.

Stone: AA
Wu: 66
Stafa: AQ

Stafa managed to pair up on the flop of Q37, but Stone held firm as the turn and river ran out 9, 3 to effectively triple up and send Stafa packing.

Some time passed before Yacoub open-shoved after a flop of 2310 holding 76 for a flush draw, but Grael Won double-fist-pump-snap-called with QQ.

The 7 on the turn opened up a few more outs, but the river 10 was no good for Yacoub, reducing our field down to 69.

Grael Won1,028,000
Josh Stone755,000
Edson Wu525,000
John YacoubBUSTED!
Mathew StafaBUSTED!

Level 17: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)

Mai’s feelin’ fine

Our Main Event field has been reduced to 74 players, with Jai Duffy amongst those to have been taken out before the first 10-minute break of the day.

Duffy was eliminated at the hands of Mai Nguyen just before she was moved onto the WPT League Sydney feature table alongside Steve Tupua and Theo Dharma; although Duffy got his money in with A-K, Nguyen woke up with pocket queens and held after the board ran out 6-7-J-9-10.

Elias Mansour then got himself on the right end of a three-handed all-in-pre scenario against Yung-Chiang Chen and James Lai.

Chen: AK
Lai: AQ
Mansour: J8

Board: 98262

Chen took the critical hit as we said goodbye to Lai, but that said, there’s still one more opportunity to score some QPC bling, with the $450 buy-in Big Freeze now underway in Pit 2.

Mai Nguyen640,000
Elias Mansour533,000
Yung-Chiang Chen250,000
Jai DuffyBUSTED!
James LaiBUSTED!

Level 16: 5,000/10,000 (10,000)

More for Elwood

Tom Elwood has now joined Van Nguyen in the millionaire’s club as action continues at a frenetic pace here in the QPC Sydney Main Event.

Elwood got there after taking out Liet Ung on Table 5, calling him off with AQ against Ung’s 88, but Ung lost the flip for his tournament life after Elwood spiked a queen on the river on the board of K393.

Tablemate Stefan Todorovic is not far behind however, moving up to 900,000 in chips after his 99 held up on the 10K6Q2 against his opponent’s A5.

Van Le is also up there now, taking out Mai Ha before being broken from the far side of the Pavilion; as the dealer recalled, all the money was in the middle on a flop of A-10-10; Ha had the best of it with A-10 for trips, but a seven on the turn and a Jack on the river gave Le a runner-runner straight.

The field has now been reduced to 87 runners – not long until we hit the money, folks!

Tom Elwood1,250,000
Stefan Todorovic900,000
Van Le825,000

The rich get richer

No shortage of hand histories here at the Pavilion, with floor staff kindly pitching in to help the PMA Live Reporting Crew capture as much of the action as possible.

Earlier, Jason Wassef was taken out by Paul Sammour, moving all-in with A7 but was outdrawn by Sammour’s QJ that flopped top pair on the board of Q4789.

Jacob Fulop then busted George Boustani over on Table 2, waking up with KK and improving to two pair on the [invalid notations] after Boustani shoved for the last of his stack holding KQ.

Day 2 chip leader Van Nguyen then became the first player to move past the one-million chip mark, sending Shing Yiu to the rail after his A9 hit two pair on the board of A10K104 against Yiu’s JJ.

Van Nguyen1,100,000
Jacob Fulop920,000
Paul Sammour355,000
Jason WassefBUSTED!
George BoustaniBUSTED!
Shing YiuBUSTED!

Level 15: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)

Janke junked, LoRusso busto

Alan Janke and Joseph LoRusso have also just been eliminated from the QPC Sydney Main Event as the field is now reduced to 112.

After Sleiman Ghani was eliminated on Table 16, Janke moved the last of his money into the middle pre-flop with 99, but ran into the 1010 of Ivan Zlomislic, with neither hand improving on the board of 564Q8.

Then over on Table 6, LoRusso got his short stack in pre-flop holding 88, but Alecsander Lawrence snapped him off with JJ and then flopped a set on the QJ10K3 board.

Ivan Zlomislic362,000
Alecsander Lawrence291,000
Sleiman GhaniBUSTED!
Alan JankeBUSTED!
Joseph LoRussoBUSTED!

Tupua takes Lakshmanasamy

We’ve just had our first couple of bust-outs in Day 2, with Ram Lakshmanasamy falling at the hands of Steve Tupua over on Table 11.

As it was recalled to us, Lakshmanasamy open-shoved pre-flop with pocket sixes; Tupua called him off with A-10, spiking an ace on the flop to win the do-or-die flip.

The PMA Live Reporting Crew then rushed over to Table 5, where Pham Nguyen had moved all in before the flop with A10, but ran into the AK of Kenta Ito, which held after the dealer spread the board of 3289Q, confirming Nguyen’s elimination.

Steve Tupua568,000
Kenta Ito356,000
Ram Lakshmanasamy BUSTED!
Pham NguyenBUSTED!

Level 14: 3,000/6,000 (6,000)

The chase is on!

Aaaaaand we’re back!

Day 2 of the WPT League Sydney QPC Main Event is just moments away!  Our 124 survivors have returned to continue their quest for fame, fortune and glory, vying for a top prize of $80,000 and the championship gold ring.

Pavilion tournament staff have also informed us that as well as winding back the clock to Level 14, we’ll be playing through 40-minute levels, and right through until we reach our final table before returning tomorrow night at 6pm to close it out.

Be sure to keep your browsers locked onto PokerMedia Australia for all the updates as we bring you all the action!


Players Remaining124
Total Entries618
Recommencing Blinds3,000/6,000 (6,000)
Average Stack249,750 (42 BBs)


Places Paid63
Minimum Payout$1,200
First Prize$80,000
Total Prize Pool$370,800

Day 2 seat draw

Play will resume at 12pm AEST, with recommencing blinds at 4,000/8,000 (8,000). For any queries regarding seat allocations, please see Pavilion Poker Room staff upon arrival.

From all of us at PokerMedia Australia and WPT League Sydney, we wish all our players the best of luck!

Table 1

1Van Nguyen891,000
2Peter Kassiotes426,000
3Shane Pearce323,000
4Shing Yiu252,000
5Jamie Temaro197,000
6Jaclyn Zammit164,000
7Justin Wong127,000
8Rachel Dossantos94,000

Table 2

1Jacob Fulop806,000
2Francesco Riservato407,000
3Zoran Janjetovic320,000
4David Rodwell251,000
5Paul Sammour197,000
6Jason Wassef152,000
7Yu Han125,000
8George Boustani92,000

Table 3

1Eric Xu769,000
2George Kanan406,000
3Michelle Psarras316,000
4Louis Luo248,000
5Kurt Simpson195,000
6David Hirst150,000
7Chris Chen124,000
8Stone Tuiono90,000

Table 4

1Grael Won665,000
2Madi Kishore402,000
3Sailendra Sha314,000
4Mathew Stafa240,000
5Edson Wu193,000
6Joshua Stone148,000
7Mick Shelton120,000
8Matviy Bilenky90,000

Seat 5

1Tom Elwood640,000
2Domenic Galati400,000
3Nicholas Antoinette293,000
4Kenta Ito225,000
5Liet Ung191,000
6Collin Tran147,000
7Anthony Nguyen115,000
8Pham Nguyen80,000

Table 6

1David Unasa602,000
2Raymond Quach378,000
3Rebecca Kildea290,000
4Alecsander Lawrence223,000
5Nurlan Boobekov190,000
6David Nguyen SJP147,000
7Chad Awerbuch112,000
8Joseph Lo Russo75,000

Table 7

1Jin Xue527,000
2Brad Livermore369,000
3Sammy Baghdadi289,000
4Vanig Kalpakian223,000
5David Ly189,000
6David O’Brien147,000
7Neoklis Gkoulelis110,000
8Slav Rypinski72,000

Table 8

1Visal Kim527,000
2Yung Chiang Chen361,000
3Elias Mansour288,000
4Daniel Adamietz221,000
5Joel Cohen185,000
6Andres Vasquez146,000
7James Lai110,000
8Phillip Dong64,000

Table 9

1Glenn Marsom512,000
2Karam Bahi346,000
3Nemanja Nemo Knezevic288,000
4Adrian Pacheco219,000
5Brian Campbell183,000
6John Yacoub141,000
7Dinh Pham109,000
8Kyleen Slewa62,000

Table 10

1Marco Perri510,000
2Frank Mezzasalma342,000
3Ashor Shlemon274,000
4Calvin Solomon219,000
5Ling Liu183,000
6Velibor Ilic140,000
7Amanda Salter108,000
8Tim De Pater50,000

Table 11

1Steve Tupua482,000
2Jai Duffy335,000
3Samrani Samrani274,000
4Uno Uka215,000
5Theo Dharmasaputra181,000
6Stanley Liu138,000
7Amjed Slewa108,000
8Ram Lakshmanasamy49,000

Table 12

1Nam Nguyen471,000
2Mark Green333,000
3Michael Canturi267,000
4John Pachos214,000
5Cameron Chen177,000
6Mele Poulivaati137,000
7Max Pearce105,000
8Albert Chan26,000

Table 13

1Shaun Zammit459,000
2Habib Chamma331,000
3Sarie Habbi266,000
4Chad Inabinet210,000
5Justin Lie175,000
6Jamal Ishac136,000
7Richie Samia105,000

Table 14

1Robert Kwan439,000
2Leon Sadr330,000
3Arsn Younadem265,000
4Charles Tran203,000
5Jay Little174,000
6Abhimanyu Singh135,000
7Daniel Galea99,000

Table 15

1Van Le437,000
2Suzy Khouiss326,000
3Mai Nguyen258,000
4Adam Kelly201,000
5Ali Khouiss166,000
6Jayden Zalac134,000
7Kresimir Kardum96,000

Table 16

1Mai Ha431,000
2Stefan Todorovic326,000
3Ivan Zlomislic255,000
4Tony Shlemon197,000
5Steven Huynh164,000
6Alan Janke129,000
7Sleiman Ghani94,000

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