LIVE REPORTING: WPTDeepStacks Sydney $5K Challenge Day 2

Dylan Wayne eliminated in 2nd ($194,295)

After Matt Pongrass and Dylan Wayne did a heads-up deal, Wayne raised all-in except for a single 5,000 chip, then folded to Pongrass’ shove.

Two hands later he was all-in with 83 against the A10 of Pongrass. 

The board ran out 5107108 and with that, we have our winner!

Dylan Wayne

Heads up chip counts

Matt Pongrass16,240,000
Dylan Wayne10,700,000

Ken Demlakian eliminated in 3rd ($124,292)

A short-stacked Ken Demlakian shoved for his remaining 1.1 million with 86 and was called by Matt Pongrass with Q2.

The board missed everything and after almost 4 hours three-handed we have reached heads-up play!

Ken Demlakian

Pongrass doubles

Dylan Wayne opened to 800,000 on the button before Matt Pongrass announced he was all-in. Ken Demlakian made the call while Wayne folded, saying he let go of AK.

The cards were turned over and it was Pongrass holding QQ in great position to double against Demlakian’s QA.

The board bricked and Pongrass soars into the chip lead with over 17 million.

No deal

And it’s no deal! Play is back underway.


It’s been an epic 3-way battle here in the $5K Challenge and now more than three hours in and with chip stacks relatively even, Dylan Wayne has proposed doing an ICM deal. Both Matt Pongrass and Ken Demlakian have agreed to take a look at the numbers and make a decision.

Level 30: 200,000/400,000 (400,000)

Wayne of wonder

Matt Pongrass has been getting aggressive lately and he shoved his big stack from the button again, however this time he found a caller in Dylan Wayne.

It was Wayne’s JJ way out in front of Pongrass’s 34 and he held on the 22466 board to double through.

Dylan Wayne12,400,000
Matt Pongrass11,600,000
Ken Demlakian2,200,000

Wayne’s world

Ken Demlakian limped from the small blind and a short-stacked Dylan Wayne shoves for around 2.4 million from the big. Ken Demlakian called and it was off to the races with Wayne’s A5 against the KJ of Demlakian.

The board bricked and Wayne scores a much needed double.

Dylan Wayne6,600,000
Ken Demlakian3,000,000

Level 29: 150,000/300,000 (300,000)

The Pongrass is greener

On a 7K4 flop, Matt Pongrass checked to Ken Demlakian who bet 600,000. Pongrass then re-raised to 1.6 million, prompting a 3-bet from Demlakian to 4.6 million.

With that, Pongrass announced he was all-in for 7.4 million total. Demlakian went deep into the tank but eventually folded.

“Good fold,” said Pongrass as he showed 47 for bottom two. He is now our new chip leader.

Pongrass piles on the pressure

Ken Demlakian opened to 550,000 on the button and Matt Pongrass called from the blinds. Both players checked the 89Q flop before Pongrass fired 900,000 on the 5 turn. Demlakian called.

When the river landed the K, Pongrass bet 2.2 million and Demlakian quickly folded. Pongrass is chipping up and moves to around 8.5 million after that hand.

Three-handed chip counts

Ken Demlakian15,000,000
Dylan Wayne7,300,000
Matt Pongrass3,800,000

Level 28: 125,000/250,000 (250,000)

Joseph Antar eliminated in 4th ($75,606)

Joe Antar was all-in for his last 280,000 and received calls from all three opponents. The action was checked to the river on a 35436 board before Dylan Wayne fired 500,000. Matt Pongrass called but folded when Wayne showed 66.

Antar showed AQ as his day came to an unceremonious end.

Rough run for Antar

Joseph Antar was a big chip leader not long ago but he has just lost two huge pots to become our short stack.

The first saw him get it all-in on the river against Ken Demlakian holding 89 for the straight on a 6A752 board, only to find Demlakian lurking with J9 for the turned flush.

Then he had Dylan Wayne racing for his tournament life, Antar holding pocket 2s against Wayne’s AQ.

The 3J4J3 board counterfeited Antar’s pair as he slips to just 350,000.

Paul Huong eliminated in 5th ($58,287)

Joe Antar shoved over the blinds of Dylan Wayne and Paul Hoang but Hoang woke up with AK and quickly called.

Antar sheepishly showed the 34 but the board hit him hard as it ran out 34546 as he fills up to send Hoang packing.

We are now down to four.

Paul Huong

Siyoung Lee eliminated in 6th ($48,383)

Siyoung Lee and Ken Demlakian got it in with Lee holding 88 against the AK of Demlakian. Lee needed to fade plenty of outs to surive but a king on the flop ended his day as he heads home in sixth.

Siyoung Lee

Chip counts

Joseph Antar10,400,000
Matt Pongrass6,500,000
Sam Higgs2,700,000
Ken Demlakian2,400,000
Siyoung Lee1,600,000
Paul Hoang1,350,000

Level 27: 100,000/200,000 (200,000)

Pongrass rolling in cash

Matt Pongrass has just doubled up Paul Hoang – running his Kings into Hoang’s quad 4s on the river, but he doesn’t seem too fazed and is currently sipping on a glass of champagne. Why? Because he happened to have 25% of Mark Fester, who just a few minutes ago won the main event here for more than $400,000.

Not a bad day’s work for Pongrass who is also eyeing the $276,178 first prize in the $5K Challenge.

Antar keeps rising

Ken Demlakian limped for the small blind for 150,000 before Joseph Antar bumped it up to 425,000 from the big blind. Demlakian called, then check-called a c-bet of 350,000 on the AK5 flop.

Both players checked the Q turn to see the 10 land on the river. Demlakian checked again and Antar fired 900,000. Demlakian folded.

Joseph Antar9,800,000
Ken Demlakian5,500,000

Level 26: 75,000/150,000 (150,000)

Joseph Antar sends two packing in huge pre-flop clash

In a truly epic cooler, Joseph Antar opened to 250,000 UTG and Rod Meneses 3-bet to 750,000 UTG +1. Sam Higgs then shoved for 1.36 million.

It was folded back to Antar who announced he was all-in and Meneses snap-called. 

Joseph Antar: AA
Rod Meneses: KK
Sam Higgs: QQ

The board ran out 854910 to leave us with six. By stack sizes pre-flop, Higgs is officially eliminated in 8th and collects $33,953 while Meneses takes 7th for $40,622.

Joseph Antar7,800,000
Joseph Antar

Lee doubles

Our short stack Siyoung Lee has just doubled through to move back to 1.3 million. It was a simple case of Rod Meneses opening for 240,000 on the button and Lee shoving for 585,000 from the small blind. Meneses called with A3 but was trailing Lee’s AJ.

The board K7104J brought a brief sweat but eventually ran out safely for Lee.

Level 25: 60,000/120,000 (120,000)

Chris Tran eliminated in 9th ($27,623)

Chris Tran open-shoved for his remaining 875,000 before Rod Meneses shoved over the top. Everyone else folded and Tran found himself in trouble with A6 against the AQ of Meneses.

The board ran out 8J2A2 to leave us with 8 players remaining.

Meneses chips up to 3.6 million with that hand.

Final table seat draw

1Joseph Antar3,000,000
2Dylan Wayne3,700,000
3Rod Meneses1,700,000
4Siyoung Lee1,300,000
5Paul Hoang2,200,000
6Sam Higgs2,400,000
7Matt Pongrass3,400,000
8Chris Tran850,000
9Ken Demlakian6,700,000

Nauvneel Kashyap eliminated in 10th ($23,343)

A short-stacked Nauvneel Kashyap shoves for his last 520,000 and was called in the big blind by Matthew Pongrass.

Kashyap’s 94 was live against the A5 of Pongrass, but when the board ran out 7J726 we were down to our final nine.

Players will now redraw for their final table seats.

Nauvneel Kashyap

Meneses triples up

After Sam Higgs opened to 250,000, Rod Meneses announced he was all-in for 670,000 total. Ken Demlakian then called in the big blind and Higgs also made the call.

Demlakian and Higgs checked it all the way down on a 27108A board. Demlakian showed 66 and Higgs 99 but Meneses got there on the river with AJ to move to 2.2 million.

Level 24: 50,000/100,000 (100,000)

Break time

The remaining 10 players are on a 10-minute break

Patrick Yazbeck eliminated in 11th ($23,343)

Ken Demlakian opened to 160,000 and Sam Higgs called. Patrick Yazbeck then announced he was all-in for 830,000. Demlakian folded but Higgs snap-called with JJ, well ahead of Yazdeck’s 88.

The window card was the J and there was to be no miracle to save Yazdeck’s day as he becomes our latest casualty.

Patrick Yazbeck

Daneil Hinh eliminated in 12th ($23,343)

Ken Demlakian opened to 160,000 and Daneil Hinh 3-bet to 450,000. Demlakian called and they took a flop of 428.

Demlakian checked to Hinh who bet 410,000. Demlakian called.

When the turn came the 7, Demlakian announced he was all-in, sending Hinh deep into the tank. He eventually called and tabled 89 but was behind the JJ of Demlakian.

The river was the A and Hinh hits the rail.

Ken Demlakian6,600,000
Daneil Hinh

Chiu’d up

Edwin Chiu shoved on the button for his last 400,000 and Matthew Pongrass thought briefly before re-raising over the top. Siyoung Lee folded in the big blind and the cards were turned over.

Edwin Chiu: 109

Matthew Pongrass: K5

The board ran out K105Q3 as Chiu hits the rail.

We are now down to out final 12 players with each guaranteed at least $23,343.

Edwin Chiu

The counts

Matt Pongrass3,300,000
Dylan Wayne3,100,000
Daneil Hinh2,400,000
Paul Hoang2,400,000
Ken Demlakian2,300,000
Sam Higgs2,200,000
Joseph Antar1,700,000
Rod Meneses1,200,000
Patrick  Yazbeck1,150,000
Chris Tran1,000,000
Dedwin Chiu950,000
Nauvneel Kashyap850,000
Siyoung Lee525,000

Level 23: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)

Pongrass felts Sibilla

After the 9J8 flop was checked back, Valentino Sibilla bet 250,000 on the 2 turn, then shoved for his remaining 1 million and change on the 6 river after Matthew Pongrass made the call.

Pongrass looked at the board and asked for a count although he said, “I’m probably not folding.”

He eventually called, showing AJ and prompting Sibilla to state “Good call” as he showed 108.

Sibilla busts while Pongrass now has 3.3 million.

Valentino Sibilla

Jiang joins the rail

Shortly after copping a bad beat to find himself short-stacked, Honglin Jiang got his remaining 400,000 into the middle with 3s but ran straight into the KK of Joe Antar. The board didn’t provide any help for Jiang as he busts in 17th.

Antar is now on 1.9 million.

Honglin Jiang

Higgs at the double

We still have 17 players remaining in the $5K Challenge, with Sam Higgs the latest to survive an all-in.

Higgs held QQ against the AK of Ping Liu and when the board ran out 8-high he moved back to 2.25 million. Liu has 1.1 million after that hand.

Lee lives

Siyoung Lee shoved for his last 530,000 from UTG and it was folded around to Honglin Jiang in the big blind. Jiang asked for a count then made the call to find himself well out in front with AJ to Lee’s KJ.

However, the board ran out 8AQ107 to give lee Broadway and the double.

Siyoung Lee1,100,000
Honglian Jiang400,000

Level 22: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)

Demlakian chipping up

Dylan Wayne opened to 100,000 in early position and Ken Demlakian called in position. Everyone else got out of the way as they took a flop of 1028. Wayne continued for 80,000 and Demlakian called.

Both players checked the 7 turn before Wayne check-called a 260,000 bet from Demlakian on the 5 river.

“I’ve got an 8,” Demlakain said as he showed 86, forcing Wayne to muck.

Demlakian currently has 2.35 million.

Yazbeck, Jiang score big doubles

Patrick Yazbeck was on the right side of a cooler, getting it in with Aces against the pocket Kings of Jot Choong to double through.

Moments later, Honglin Jiang and Siyoung Lee clashes pre-flop with Jiang at risk with 1010 against the AK of Lee.

The board ran out Q7Q103 as Jiang filled up.

Patrick Yazbeck2,650,000
Jit Choong1,350,000
Siyoung Lee1,150,000
Honglian Jiang1,100,000

The final 18

Players are back from the break with 18 remaining. All are guaranteed a minimum payday of $16,855.

Level 21: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)

Break time

Players are currently on a 30-minute dinner break.

Wayne’s world

Martin Ward is our latest casualty, falling at the hands of Dylan Wayne. It was another all-in pre-flop clash with Wayne shoving and Ward making the call in the blinds.

Wayne had KJ to be racing against the 88 of Ward.

The board fell [invalid notations] as Wayne makes two pair to send Ward packing. Wayne moves to 2.6 million with that hand.

Dylan Wayne

Spano plaino

After a raise from the button, Robert Spano shoved from the small blind with AQ. Valentino Sibilla in the big blind snap-called with AA.

“Is that all I’m up against!” Spano quipped,

The board fell 5Q8104 as Spano hit the rail.

Valentino Sibilla1,200,000

Level 20: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)

Palace of pain

After a button open, Rehman Kassam shoved his short stack from the small blind and Rod Meneses – best known as owner of Sydney’s Poker Palace – made the call from the big blind. The button folded and it was off to the races with Kassam holding JJ to Meneses’ AQ.

Both players flopped massive on the KJ10 board but when the turn and river bricked it was Meneses with the best of it to send his good friend to the rail.

Meneses now has just a touch over 700,000.

Min raises

Daneil Hinh opened to 60,000 from the hijack and Jinah Min shoved for 410,000 from the small blind. Hinh thought for a while before making the call with KQ.

Min showed A9 and managed to fade all the outs as the board ran out 781010J.

Daneil Hinh1,010,000
Jinah Min840,000

The million men

Sam Higgs2,380,000
Ken Demlakian1,650,000
Edwin Chiu1,650,000
Chris Tran1,550,000
Siyoung Lee1,420,000
Jit Choong1,350,000
Patrick Yazbeck1,250,000
Daneil Hinh1,150,000
Joseph Antar1,000,000

Weng Wong finishes as bubble boy

The bubble has burst here in the $5K Challenge with Adelaide’s Weng Wong the unlucky bubble boy.

The hand began with Wong shoving UTG+1 for 235,000. Maguire asked for a count then called with JJ to find himself racing the AQ of Wong.

There wasn’t much time for a sweat though, the J66 flop filling Maguire up and the turn J giving him quads.

With that our remaining 33 players are all in the money!

Weng Wong

On the bubble

We’ve lost a couple of short stacks in quick succession and the tournament staff have stopped the clock while we prepare for hand-for-hand play. We are now officially on the money bubble with 34 remaining.

Level 19: 20,000/30,000 (30,000)


Siyoung Lee opened to 50,000 in early position and Chris Tran flat-called, before Raman Shaqiri ripped it all-in. Lee got out of the way but Tran quickly called.

Shaqiri was well-placed for the double with AA against Tran’s QQ, and he looked even stronger on the AK5 flop, but the 10 turn and J river gave Tran Broadway as he sent Shaqiri to the rail just shy of the money.

Shaqiri was filthy and threw his chips across the table, sparking a war of words as Tran berated him for doing so.

The floor staff quickly intervened as Tran chips up to 1.55 million.

Stack it up

Siyoung Lee1,600,000
Edwin Chiu1,600,000
Sam Higgs1,475,000
Dylan Wayne1,200,000
Martin Ward1,040,000
Jit Choong970,000
Ping Liu945,000
Joseph Antar900,000
Rehman Kassam750,000
Aamir Choudry750,000

Level 18: 15,000/25,000 (25,000)

Break time

Players are now on a 10-minute break.

When the river runs dry

Josh McCully opened to 40,000 UTG and Aamir Choudry called from the big blind. The flop fell KQ5 and McCully continued for 25,000, with Choudry making the call.

The turn was the repeat 5 and Choudry checked to McCully who bet 55,000. Choudry then shoved over the top and McCully quickly called, tabling KQ for top two.

Choudry showed 910 and needed a Jack to scoop the pot, which duly landed on the river to send the pot his way.

He moves to 845,000 while McCully heads off to the rail with a bad beat story for the ages.

Truong triumphant

After the hijack opened to 40,000, Chi Truong jammed for 355,000 on the button but didn’t like what he saw as Sherif Derias announced he was all-in over the top from the blinds.

The cards were turned and Derias was in a dominant position holding AK against Truong’s A8.

However, that quickly changed as the 689 flop hit Trung hard, and he held to score a big double up.

Chi Truong705,000
Sherif Derias110,000

Level 17: 10,000/20,000 (20,000)

Face time

Level 16: 8,000/16,000 (16,000)

Dylan drillin’

Dylan Wayne opened from the hijack and received a call on the button from Marc Seymour. The flop fell 1062 and Wayne checked to Seymour who fired 125,000.  Wayne quickly announced that he was all-in, with Seymour looking visibly pained as he pondered the situation.

He eventually mucked and Wayne obliged by showing 89.

Dylan Wayne780,000
Marc Seymour345,000

Amore Amiri 

After an UTG open to 25,000, Weihao Ma called before Ehsan Amiri 3-bet from the small blind to 120,000. The UTG folded while Ma called.

The flop fell 632 and Amiri put Ma all in, who snap-called.

Ehsan Amiri: AQ
Weihao Ma: 55.

The turn brought the A to put Amiri into the lead and he held when the river landed the 8.

Ehsan Amiri720,000

The big stacks

Martin Ward980,000
Ken Foo890,000
Rehman Kassam890,000
Sam Higgs830,000
Jit Choong680,000
Chris Tran660,000
Aamir Choudry595,000

Croc bites

On a flop reading 8Q3, Chris Tran announced he was all-in, sending Billy Argyros into the tank. He eventually shoved his shoulders and said, “If you’ve got me, you’ve got me” before rolling over Q10.

Tran showed Q9 as Argyros said, “He hasn’t got me!” The turn and river bricked to give Argyros a much-needed double up.

Chris Tran660,000
Billy Argyros260,000

Level 15: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)

Break time

The remaining 70 players are now on a 20-minute break.

Valentino’s day

Valentino Sibilla and Andre Dowling have just clashed pre-flop, with all the money going in and Sibilla finding himself a strong favourite holding KK against Dowling’s AK.

The board ran out QQ6JJ as Sibilla scores a big double.

Valentino Sibilla460,000
Andre Dowling20,000

Hatz off

After an early position open to 20,000, Evaldas Stanevicius called on the button before Edward Hatzakortzian bumped it up to 85,000 from the blinds. Stanevicius called to see a flop of AQK

Hatzakortzian checked to Stanevicius who bet 35,000 before Hatzakortzian announced that he was all-in.

Stanevicius quickly folded with Hatzakortzian showing QQ as he raked in the pot. He moves to 850,000.

Level 14: 5,000/10,000 (10,000)

Faces in the crowd

Ward of the state

Martin Ward has rocketed towards the top of the leaderboard courtesy of the massive three-way pre-flop all-in and a dramatic run-out that saw two players hit the rail.

It all began with Ward opening to 16,000 and Ali Zebarjad making the call. Mitch Bognar then announced he was all-in for 259,000. Ward called and Zebarjad, with only 100,000 behind, asked for a count before making the call.

Martin Ward: AK
Ali Zebarjad: AK
Mitch Bognar: 66

Bognar flopped a set on the 4610 flop, but then turn J brought a huge sweat and in the end it was Ward making the nut flush when the river fell 2.

Martin Ward690,000
Martin Ward

Duce, Davis dusted

Moments after we spotted Zac Duce heading to the rail on Table 42, we heard Gautam Dhingra announce he was all-in from the small blind, putting Rich Davis to the test for his tournament life.

Davis thought for around 15 seconds before making the call – his K3 slightly ahead of Dhingra’s J10.

However, the 4410A8 board sent the pot Dhingra’s way as we lose one more player.

Dhingra now has 380,000.

Level 13: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)

Levy legging it

Grant Levy has been a busy man this morning, essentially multi-tabling due to him still being in contention on Day 2 of both the $660 PLO and the $5K Challenge.

As Levy explained to us, he registered for the $5K last night while short on chips in the PLO, but then proceeded to run his PLO stack right up heading into today’s Day 2.

Luckily the two events are being run side by side and Levy only has a short three-metre walk between his PLO seat and his $5K seat.

Damelian doomed

We caught the action with Robert Damelian in great shape to double through holding AQ against the AJ of Jin Li, but a Jack on the turn was enough to end his tournament life as Damelian hits the rail.

Duce is wild

Zac Duce got his short-stack in with KJ and found a caller in overnight chip leader Peter Au.

Duce needed help and it duly arrived as the board ran out QQJ87. Duce moves to 180,000 while Au slips slightly to 510,000.

Ge whizzed

Hanji Ge was all-in for his last 35,000 and found two callers in Mitch Bognar and Sam Higgs.

Both players checked the J68 flop before Higgs led out for 75,000 on the 9 turn. Both players checked again on the 4 river but Bognar mucked when Higgs showed K10 for the flopped flush.

Ge also mucked his cards and headed to the rail.

Sam Higgs550,000
Mitch Bognar230,000

Cards are in the air

Play is underway here in the $5K Challenge!

Level 12: 3,000/6,000 (6,000)

Back in black

Welcome back to The Star Sydney and PMA’s coverage of the WPTDeepStacks Sydney $5K Challenge.

Today sees 115 of the 258 entries returning looking to bring home the trophy and a handy $276,178 top prize.

There are plenty of big names in the field, including Grant Levy, Martin Finger, Shivan Abdine, Anthony Hachem, Sam Higgs, Ash Gupta, Vincent Huang, Manny Stavropolous, Brendon Rubie and Andy Lee among others. But leading the way is Peter Au, who takes 603,300 into Day 2, just ahead of Rehman Kassam with 567,000.

We’re playing down to our winner today, so stay tuned here at for all the live reporting action from 12.30pm AEST!

Table 40

Edwin Chiu401242,500
Matt Pongrass402194,600
Michael Tomeny403465,500
Suzy Khoueis404125,500
Dan Smiljanic405368,500
Ping Liu406304,000
Christine Byrne407170,500
Paul Hoang408243,000
Maria Boast409199,000

Table 41

Ken Demlakian411476,000
Shivan Abdine41298,000
Gautam Dhingra413205,000
Richard Davis414159,000
Yita Choong415327,700
Liam Jehu416291,000
Yilmaz Nuri41771,500
Jim Pizanias41881,500
Mai Ha41997,400

Table 42

Daniel Veljkovic421111,000
Honglin Jiang422330,000
De Kun Li423125,400
Martin Finger424163,000
Christopher Tran425153,500
Peter Au426603,300
Grant Levy427165,000
Patrick Yazbeck428230,000
Zac Duce42971,500

Table 43

Anthony Hachem431298,500
Jingxiang Ong432245,000
Mitch Bognar433330,000
Thomas Pongrass43489,500
Sam Higgs435438,500
Evaldas Stanevicius436410,000
Yanji Ge437116,500
Martin Ward438237,000
Ali Zebarjad439216,500

Table 44

Aamir Choudry441400,000
Josh McCully44271,000
Daniel Hinih443474,000
Diarmuid O’Kane444102,000
Rod Meneses445134,500
Valentino Sibilla446251,500
Ashish Gupta447222,000
Rahul Rastogi448168,000
Nafiz Safi449153,900

Table 45

Junfeng Wang45183,000
Ratul Sayak452161,500
Nauvneel Kashyap453151,500
Charles Lesmana454170,000
Roy Agresta455297,000
Emanuel Seal45672,000
Ehsan Amiri457287,000
Lewis Murray458148,500
Ben Heptinstall459337,000

Table 46

Simon Chahine46188,000
James Khaw462345,000
Joseph Antar463441,500
Rehman Kassam464567,000
Lucho Vargas46512,700
Ani Han466130,500
Vincent Huang468524,000
Jeremy Fineman46953,000

Table 47

Chi Truong471193,600
Jin Li472146,500
Andrej Senic473376,500
Manny Stavropoulos474116,000
Robert Damelian47593,500
Harlie Jensz47676,500
Billy Bremner477462,500
Sherif Derias478273,000

Table 48

Terence Johnson481162,000
Mitchell Frost48396,500
Hun Wei Lee484163,000
Tanya Hill48578,000
Andre Dowling486245,000
Rob Spano487110,500
Brendon Rubie48877,000
Phillip Siddell489301,000

Table 49

Vasilios Argyros491134,500
Jinah Min492406,500
Jongjun Park493169,000
Ken Loong494239,000
Jiacheng Zhang495141,000
Weihao Ma496567,500
Raman Shaqiri497264,500
Marc Seymour498470,000

Table 50

Ray Badaoui501230,000
Neb Blanusa502293,000
Dylan Foster503257,500
Adam Kharman504281,000
Joshua McSwiney505300,500
Stanley Hou50681,500
Yee Weng Wong507233,000
Mostafa Haidary509127,500

Table 51

Jason Pritchard511138,000
Osalian Sarkiss513130,000
Andrew Hinrichsen514443,000
Tom Maguire51579,000
Edward Hatzakortzian516508,000
Kiavash Arbabi517166,500
Liam Murray518270,500
Veselin Zmukic519212,000

Table 52

Siyoung Lee521447,000
Matthew Ginn522249,000
Daniel Hachem523226,500
Omar Sirianni525330,500
Trevor Saunders526301,500
Todor Kondevski52778,500
Lu Xiaoting528444,500
Peter Dykes529102,500

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