LIVE REPORTING: WPTDeepStacks Sydney $660 Big Bounty Day 2

Congratulations Mario Faure, WPTDeepStacks Sydney $660 Big Bounty Champion! ($29,202*)

Melbourne tournament grinder Mario has had a couple of years of no poker, thanks to a combination of Covid and Crown Melbourne not currently having a tournament offering to speak of, but after two and a half years off, he’s come back in style, winning the Big Bounty event here at the WPTDeepStacks Sydney.

Mario avoided the attention for most of the afternoon, but his style was undeniable on the final table; loud, dynamic, and lucky where it counted, but in his words, “I’d rather be lucky than good!”

Mario defeated a field of 565 entrants, eventually overpowering Glenn Marsom heads up, who had held the chiplead for the entirety of the final table up until that point.

Mario Faure and Glenn Marsom

Speaking to PokerMedia Australia after the event, Mario said he was “over the moon” and “dancing on air” after the victory, and his main concern now was getting the [rather heavy] trophy back home!

“I was card dead all day, and I had some good luck towards the end, certainly.” Faure said, recognising the fact that this was his first major career title. “I’ve played a lot of tournaments in Crown Melbourne, weekly schedule, that kind of thing. I miss it terribly. But this is a good welcome back to tournaments!”

He was joined at the PMA desk by his friend and fellow player Thomas Karadimos, who finished 27th today. Karadimos was laughing as he told PMA “We haven’t eaten for two days! We were going to go and get some steak, but we didn’t think Mario was actually going to win it!”

Needless to say, dinner’s on Mario! Congratulations again Mario, from all of us at PMA!

Mario Faure

WPTDeepStacks Sydney $660 Big Bounty – Final Table placings

1stMario Faure$29,202*
2ndGlenn Marsom$26,000*
3rdThomas Pongrass$14,627
4thDavid Luong$10,365
5thGeorge Psarras$7,957
6thLinda Currie$6,554
7thAttila Bognar$5,434
8thAndre Hawil$4,320
9thNathan Barnes$3,245
*donates heads up deal

Glenn Marsom eliminated in 2nd place ($26,000*)

Just a few short hands later, Glenn Marsom completed the small blind, Mario Faure checked and both saw a flop of 257.

Both players checked, and the turn was the 9. Faure led out for 1,000,000 and Marsom announced all in, which Faure quickly called, only to moan “I let you get there” when Marsom tabled Q9.

Faure tabled 76 and the dealer didn’t hesitate, burning and turning the 6 to deafening noise from Faure’s rail.

For his troubles, Glenn takes home a tidy $26,000 as part of a heads up deal, along with 12 Bounty chips worth $300 each!

Glenn MarsomBUSTED!
Mario Faure (L) embraces Glenn Marsom (R)

Faure takes control

Mario Faure raised to 500,000 from the small blind, only for Glenn Marsom to 4-bet to 1,100,000. Faure called, and both saw a flop of 364.

Farsom led out for 1,400,000 and Faure immediately shoved. Marsom snap-called.

Marsom: KK
Faure: A4

Marsom looked on anxiously as the dealer turned the 10, 4 to a loud “Aiiyaaa!” from Marsom as he was one card away from victory just moments before.

Faure, meanwhile, was nowhere to be seen, being mobbed by his rail in celebration.

Mario Faure11,660,000
Glenn Marsom2,500,000
Glenn Morsam

Level 31: 100,000/200,000 (200,000)

Thomas Pongrass eliminated in 3rd place ($14,627)

Thomas Pongrass shoved the button again, and was again called by Mario Faure from the small blind before Glenn Marsom folded out of the big.

Faure: AK
Pongrass: AK

Ace King again for Pongrass, but this time he was just thinking he’d chop the pot with Faure … until the dealer spread the board of Q24 to a “NO!” from Pongrass and a “YES!” from Faure.

The dealer took a breath and then peeled the 10 on the turn, to joyous shouts from Faure’s rail as he wheeled away with them, jumping for joy.

The meaningless A completed the board. Once the stacks were counted down, Pongrass was left with just 160,000, which immediately went all in on the next hand – 150,000 as the ante, 10,000 as the big blind.

Both Faure and Marsom called, and checked through, a board of 97QK3 before Faure mucked when Pongrass tabled Q7, with the side pot automatically going to Marsom.

The very next hand, Marsom called from the button and Pongrass shoved for 180,000, with both Faure and Marsom calling.

On a flop of A23, Faure looked at Marsom and said “I have to bet” before sliding out 400,000. Marsom called.

Faure check-called a bet of 800,000 from Marsom on the Q turn, before checking to Marsom again on the J river. Marsom shoved. Faure looked exasperated, folding 2-3 face up.

Marsom tabled 45. “You flopped it!” exclaimed Faure.

Thomas PongrassBUSTED!
Thomas Pongrass

Pongrass quadruple doubles!

Thomas Pongrass has been continually finding doubles when needed most!

This time, Pongrass got it all in versus Mario Faure, who called Pongrass’ 1,570,000 shove from the small blind.

Pongrass: AK
Faure: KQ

No hope for Faure on the board of A9957, as much as he did re-check his cards for a spade.

Thomas Pongrass3,440,000
Mario Faure3,260,000

Backdoor two pair draw

With 8Q10A on the board, Mario Faure led out for 400,000 and Glenn Marsom called.

The 3 then fell on the river, and Faure again led out, this time for 800,000.

After a short pause, Marsom made the call.

“Call?” asked Faure, “I have two pair.”
“Show it.” responded Marsom.
“Runner runner baby!” said Faure, tabling A3.

Marsom mucked.

Pongrass triple doubles!

Thomas Pongrass jammed all in on the button and Mario Faure quickly got out of the way.

Glenn Marsom, on the other hand, looked at his cards, then Pongrass’ stack, back at his cards, then made the call.

Pongrass: 33
Marsom: A7

Much to the chagrin of Faure, Pongrass turned a set on the 24937 board to double through Marsom.

“I’m not going anywhere yet, Mario!”

Glenn Marsom7,420,000
Thomas Pongrass3,120,000
Glenn Marsom

Level 30: 75,000/150,000 (150,000)

Drinks up!

The other players were given a brief reprieve from Glenn Marsom’s domination, as he headed off to the bar, leaving his stack unguarded. The other players played a couple of hands in his absence, stealing one orbit worth of blinds and antes from him.

Marsom then returned, with a whiskey for each player, before calling Mario Faure’s 400,000 open from small blind. Faure then checked to Marsom on the 478 board and Marsom bet 500,000.

“That whiskey is making me play bad!” laughed Faure, as he folded.

Marsom flashed the 23 as he raked the pot. Gotta play the nut low, he reckons!

David Luong eliminated in 4th place ($10,365)

David Luong open jammed and without much prompting, Glenn Marsom jammed over the top, forcing the other two players out of the pot.

Marsom: AQ
Luong: Q8

Caught and dominated, Luong was unable to catch up as the board completed 6K7Q9, bringing the grinders run to an end, unfortunately just shy of what might have been his first major title.

Glenn Marsom9,700,000
David LuongBUSTED!
David Luong

Pongrass double doubles

Thomas Pongrass shoved from the button, and David Luong took a quick peek at his cards before calling to put Pongrass at risk.

Pongrass: JJ
Luong: 1010

“Oh that’s not great” said Luong’s rail, calling for a ten as the dealer spread a board of 54Q62.

Thomas Pongrass3,250,000
David Luong1,150,000

Pongrass doubles

It didn’t take long for more action!

On the first hand after the break, Mario Faure opened UTG and action folded around to Thomas Pongrass in the big blind, who shoved.

Faure called, and cards were tabled.

Pongrass: 33
Faure: A4

Faure completely missed on the board of 9K5107 and Pongrass earns a full double.

Thomas Pongrass1,980,000
Mario Faure1,850,000

Level 29: 75,000/125,000 (125,000)

Break time!

The 4 remaining players have left for a 10-minute break. Counts!

Thomas Pongrass1,015,000
Mario Faure2,740,000
David Luong2,285,000
Glenn Morsam8,120,000

Faure power

Mario Faure has obtained some much needed chips, doubling through Thomas Pongrass in a blind versus blind match up.

All the chips went in preflop as Pongrass put the pressure on and Faure made the call, and the cards were tabled.

Faure: K10
Pongrass: 34

Faure celebrated as he hit a pair on the flop of 9910 then immediately went to his rail “Wait, wait, lets not count chickens yet!”

He could count them though, as his rail pointed out, as the board completed A, 3.

Mario Faure2,490,000
Thomas Pongrass2,240,000
Thomas Pongrass

Level 28: 50,000/100,000 (100,000)

George Psarras eliminated in 5th place ($7,957)

Just a couple of hands later, George Psarras 3-bet jammed over the top of Glenn Marsom’s open. Action folded back around to Marsom, who called in short order.

Psarras: 44
Marson: A7

Marsom hit top pair immediately and held through the board of A23810, no help for the 2019 WPTDeepStacks Main Event Champion runner-up Psarras, who was unfortunately unable to join his wife Michelle in the winners circle this series.

Glenn Marsom6,545,000
George PsarrasBUSTED!
George Psarras

Linda Currie eliminated in 6th place ($6,554)

Mario Faure jammed under the gun for 455,000 and Linda Currie short-called from the next seat over for 280,000.

You could almost see the big stacks perking up as they realised there were not one, but two bounties at risk. David Luong smartly got out of the way, Glenn Marsom made the call, and George Psarras barely hesitated, announcing “All in.” loud and clear.

Marsom tanked, but eventually folded.

Psarras: A7
Faura: A6
Currie: QJ

The board completed 36855, with Faure spiking two pair to scoop.
“I got another button too!” said Faure, referring to the Bounty chip of Currie.

Mario Faure1,250,000
George Psarras1,025,000
Linda CurrieBUSTED!
Linda Currie

Attila Bognar eliminated in 7th place ($5,434)

Attila Bognar open jammed and Glenn Marsom made the call from big blind to put him at risk.

Marsom: A3
Bognar: K3

Marsom immediately paired up and held on as the board ran out 7JA99

Glenn Marsom5,400,000
Attila BognarBUSTED!
Atilla Bognar

Andre Hawil eliminated in 8th place ($4,320)

Andre Hawil 3-bet shoved from the small blind over Glenn Marsom’s open – and Marsom couldn’t call fast enough.

Marsom: KK
Hawil: JJ

“What can you do there?” said Linda Currie to Hawil. “Nothing.”

That said, the J7A flop looked very good for Hawil, the board completed Q, 9 and Hawil celebrated briefly before realising the runner runner flush had come in for Marsom.

Glenn Marsom4,800,000
Andre HawilBUSTED!

Level 27: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)

Pongrass grows Luong-er

With a board showing 4J95, Thomas Pongrass check-called a bet of 350,000 from David Luong.

The river dropped J and Pongrass again checked the action across to Luong. Luong didn’t take too long to announce all in, putting Pongrass to the test for his tournament life.

Pongrass made the call and Luong tabled A3 for a bluff. Pongrass tabled K9 to applause from his son Matt on the rail.

David Luong3,740,000
Thomas Pongrass3,590,000
Thomas Pongrass

Psarras tries to finish the job

Andre Hawil open ripped UTG and action folded around to small blind George Psarras, who re-shoved, forcing Thomas Pongrass out of the way.

Hawil: A5
Psarras: K8

The board ran out 6QA3J and Hawil doubled up with top pair.

Andre Hawil1,300,000
George Psarras465,000

Luong goes long

Andre Hawil opened the action and David Luong called in the big blind. On a flop of AQ5, Luong check-raised Hawil’s 100,000 continuation to 350,000, called by Hawil.

Luong then led out for 750,000 on the 6 turn, and again Hawil made the call.

The J river was met with an all-in lead from Luong, a total counted down at Hawil’s request to be 1,370,000. Hawil appeared to be in pain, agonising over the decision, asking if Luong would show, standing up from his chair as he counted out the chips.

“I have an Ace!” exclaimed Hawil.
“Give me a bounty chip and I’ll show you” said Luong, though otherwise unresponsive.

Hawil eventually slid the chips out to call, then mucked when Luong tabled AQ.

Players on the table took tournament staff to task, asking why Hawil’s cards weren’t turned over as it was an all-in showdown, and Hawil said he had A-2. David Lyong, meanwhile, is the first player over the 5m mark!

David Luong5,370,000
Andre Hawil625,000

Nathan Barnes eliminated in 9th place ($3,245)

Nathan Barnes open shoved for his last 755,000 and was called by Glenn Marsom.

Marsom: AQ
Barnes: 79

The board completed 4-K-8-J-T with Marsom hitting Broadway to send Barnes to the rail.

Glenn Marsom3,340,000
Nathan BarnesBUSTED!

Level 26: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)

Psarras hits the mark running

With his WPTDeepStacks Sydney Opening Event Champion wife Michelle Psarras in the background, George Psarras opened the action to 100,000 from the button.

Andre Hawil bit back, raising to 450,000 from the big blind. Psarras considered hihs options, then shoved for 1,145,000 total. Hawil called in short order.

Psarras: AA
Hawil: AJ

With wife Michelle calling for cards, the flop spread K83, leaving Hawil with not many options. The turn 6 ended things, with a “Nice hand baby, woop woop!” from the dynamic Michelle adding to the atmosphere as the meaningless 4 river dropped.

George Psarras2,240,000
Andre Hawil1,890,000

Presenting the WPTDeepStacks Sydney $660 Big Bounty Final Table!

1Thomas Pongrass1,885,000
2Andre Hawil3,000,000
3Mario Faure1,100,000
4Attila Bognar860,000
5Linda Currie980,000
6David Luong2,135,000
7Nathan Barnes1,010,000
8Glenn Marsom2,335,000
9George Psarras975,000
L-R (Back) Attila Bognar, Mario Faure, Andre Hawil, David Luong, George Psarras
L-R (Front) Glenn Marsom, Thomas Pongrass, Nathan Barnes, Linda Currie

Simultaneous elims!

No sooner had action got back underway acter the break than two all-in calls occured simultaneously on both tables.

On the first table, action folded to David Luong in the small blind, who shoved on the short stacked Martin Stewart. Stewart snap called.

Luong: K3
Stewart: AJ

Board: 265Q3

The river pair enough to eliminate Stewart in 11th place.

On the other table, Omar Sirianni had hit the accelerator, 3-bet shoving over an open with 3-3 and called by Glenn Marsom with K-Q. The flop came A-K-J and that was all she wrote for Sirianni!

With the double elimination, hand-for-hand has been completely skipped, and we have our final table!

Glenn Marsom2,335,000
David Luong2,135,000
Omar SirianniBUSTED!
Martin StewartBUSTED!

Level 25: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)


Table 37

Linda Currie980,000
Mario Faure1,100,000
David Luong1,610,000
Martin Stewart320,000
Attila Bognar860,000
Nathan Barnes1,010,000

Table 38

George Psarras975,000
Glenn Marsom1,540,000
Omar Sirianni825,000
Andre Hawil3,085,000
Thomas Pongrass1,885,000

Pongrass grows

Andre Hawil opened the action to 80,000 UTG, and Thomas Pongrass, father of Matt Pongrass, upped the ante, raising to 300,000. George Psarras wasted no time shoving over the top, forcing quick folds from the table, including Hawil, before Pongrass snap called.

Pongrass: KK
Psarras: 99

No help to Psarras on the 4107A5 board, although Hawil was lamenting the fact he’d ‘folded ace five, can you believe it?’.

With that, the remaining 11 players have departed for a 10-minute break.

Thomas Pongrass1,885,000
George Psarras975,000

Snap domination!

A loud cheer arose from the other table, and as we turned around, we heard Mitchell Bognar on the rail yelling “Domination!”.

His father, Attila Bognar, in the big blind, had called the small blind shove of Martin Stewart. Stewart had tabled K3 and Bognar had tabled K4, causing the cheer.

“I love that he just snaps, he knows he’s in front.” said Bognar junior on the rail.

The dealer spread a surprise though, 653 flipping the situation on it’s head. The turn a meaningless 9, and both paired the K river.

“Chop it up!” suggested Bognar junior.

Attila Bognar860,000
Martin Stewart380,000

Karma for Varma

2019 WPTDeepstacks Gold Coast Main Event Champion Hari Varma shoved his remaining 400,000 from middle position, and action folded around to 2019 WPTDeepstacks Gold Coast Main Event Runner-up George Psarras in the big blind, who snap-called, tabling AQ without moving a single chip.

Varma gave a sigh, tabling A5, dominated and needing help, which did not arrive on the K6944 board, sending Varma out of here. You win this round, George!

George Psarras2,125,000
Hari VarmaBUSTED!

Level 24: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)

Lost her Tang

Andre Hawil opened to 65,000 and Thomas Pongrass called, before Chao Tang shoved all in from the next seat over. Action folded to Hawil, who re-shoved over the top to force Pongrass out.

Tang: KQ
Hawil: J5

Tang flopped top pair on the KJ9 board, but a 5 on the turn gave Hawil two pair. “Oh no, a five!” in Tang’s words. The 4 river was no help, and Tang hits the rail.

Andre Hawil2,680,000
Chao TangBUSTED!

Not so awesome for Awerbuch

Our attention was drawn to the other table, where, as David Luong recounted to us, Luong had opened for 60,000 UTG and action folded all the way around to Chad Awerbuch in the small blind, who shoved the remainder of his chips in the middle.

Luong snap-called, tabling QQ. Awerbuch’s hand had already been mucked by the time PMA’s Live Reporting team got to the table, thanks to the speed of Star Sydney’s dealers! But Awerbuch was nice enough to let us know he had A-J offsuit.

The board ran 89625 and Awerbuch has been eliminated.

David Luong1,270,000
Chad AwerbuchBUSTED!
Chad Awerbuch

Marsom leads

With a board already showing 372810, and about 950,000 in the pot, Glenn Marsom led out into Andre Hawil with a bet of 350,000.

Hawil immediately asked how much Marsom had remaining, and tanked for a minute or so before announcing all in.

Marsom appeared to visibly shrug, and said “If you’ve got a set, you’ve got a set.” as he slid his remaining 400,000 in.

Hawil actually tried to muck, but as tablemate George Psarras correctly pointed out, when the river bet is actually all-in, the cards must be shown. Hawil had KJ for a missed flush draw, and Marsom tabled QQ, the overpair good to give him the chiplead.

Geoff Marsom2,465,000
Andre Hawil2,270,000

Level 23: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)

Pedler pummeled

Simon Pedler has been taken out, shoving all in UTG+1 before Linda Currie re-shoved from two seats over. Both blinds got out of the way – one commenting “Uh oh, he’s in trouble” – before cards were shown.

Sure enough, Pedler was in trouble – Currie tabled AA to expressions of disbelief from her tablemates. Apparently, she had just had Aces a few hands ago. Pedler tabled KQ but was unable to hit anything on the 2J857 board, bowing out of the tournament.

“I’m shaking!” exclaimed Currie as she counted her winnings – and she finally has some Bounty chips now!

Linda Currie1,420,000
Simon PedlerBUSTED!
Linda Currie

Amiri annihilated!

In undoubtedly the biggest hand of the day, Ehsan Amiri has run headlong into Andre Hawil in the previous level. The two players were two of the biggest stacks in the room prior to the hand, and, as recounted to our Live Reporter by Amiri, this was how the hand went down.

Hawil opened UTG to 45,000, and action folded around to Amiri in the big blind, who called. The flop was 4104, and Amiri check-raised Hawil’s 25,000 continuation bet to 100,000, which Hawil called.

The turn was another 10, and both players checked, before Amiri checked to Hawil on the 5 river. Hawil bet 480,000, Hawil shoved, and Amiri snap-called, only to be the victim of a massive cooler when his Q-T full house was not good enough to best Hawil’s 44 for quads.

Hawil has now been moved to a new table, and has taken some more chips from George Psarras, calling Psarras’ 75,000 and 120,000 bets on the flop and turn respectively, then both players checking the river. On the board of 1083K6, Hawil’s A10 had Psarras’ 910 out kicked.

Andre Hawil3,660,000
George Psarras600,000
Ehsan AmiriBUSTED!
Andre Hawil

Level 22: 15,000/25,000 (25,000)

Pappas plummets, doubles, takes his leave

Steve Pappas shoved all in in consecutive hands, receiving no callers on the first and stealing the blinds and antes, before Omar Sirianni made the call on the second hand.

Not realising that the big blind had not yet folded, Pappas tabled AK, then quickly apologised and covered them as he realised there was still another player to act. The other player laughed it off, flashing Q-9 and folding. Sirianni tabled AJ.

The J in the window disaster for Pappas, even as the board completed Q6 to give him a Broadway draw for some extra outs. The runout of 5, 7 changed nothing, and Pappas stood up to leave – only to sit right back down again as both stacks were counted down, revealing Pappas actually had Sirianni covered … by 6,000.

Immediately after the hand, the orange 1,000 chips were raced off, and Pappas actually won the chip race, prompting him to yell joyfully “Wow, I doubled up!” to laughter from the table.

As he was under the gun, he then announced “All-in in the dark!”, preferring to take his chances than to be in a situation where he could win nothing but his ante, as Star Sydney rules mean the big blind ante must be placed out first.

Being a bounty format, naturally the entire table called, a ‘family pot’ seeing a flop of 496. Action checked to George Psarras, who bet 50,000 and was called by Glenn Marsom from the next seat over, before everyone else folded.

The turn fell 8 and Psarras bet again, this time a single dark blue 100,000 chip (introduced during the last break). Marsom again called and the pair saw the 5 fall on the river.

Psarras immediately shoved, Marsom took a couple of seconds before sliding out his entire chipstack, short-calling for 300,000.

“What did you get?” said Psarras, tabling 25, “I just have a five.”

Marsom tabled 95 and scooped, with Pappas tabling Q4 as he took his exit, wishing all the remaining players luck.

Glenn Marsom1,050,000
Omar Sirianni684,000
George Psarras650,000
Steve PappasBUSTED!

Howitzer for Tang

On a board showing 8QJ6J, with about 230,000 in the pot already, Andre Hawil slid out a bet of 160,000, sending Chao Tang deep into the tank.

Eventually, Tang made the call, and Hawil snap mucked – meaning Tang didn’t have to show either as she collected her winnings.

Andre Hawil1,320,000
Chao Tang670,000
Chao Tang

Level 21: 10,000/20,000 (20,000)

Break time!

The players have left on a 10 minute break. Some updated counts for you all; Nathan Barnes now leads

Nathan Barnes1,854,000
Andre Hawil1,645,000
Ehsan Amiri1,591,000
George Psarras1,105,000
Attila Bognar740,000
Hari Varma513,000
Mai Nguyen492,000
Simon Pedler326,000
Linda Currie315,000
Chad Awerbuch291,000
Omar Sirianni265,000

The Amiri Saga

Ehsan Amiri, 59th place finisher in the 2021 WSOP Main Event, bagged short today but in the last level or so has been making waves, with literal piles of chips in front of him.

As we walked over, Mai Nguyen shoved for 181,000 over Amiri’s open and Amiri snap called once action folded around to him

Nguyen: KK
Amiri: AK

Amiri flopped a gut shot for Broadway but was unable to hit it as the board completed 10Q364 to double Nguyen up.

Amiri spotted us, however, and quickly recounted a couple of hands to us.

Earlier in the day, he’d been involved in a multiway pot with A-A versus Q-Q and Q-Q, with Nguyen actually folding J-J, and with the board coming J-T-X-X-X had tripled up, eliminating Matt Rolfe in the process.

He then shoved with T-T over an under the gun open, and Treasury Brisbane Poker Festival Main Event Champion Adrian Sportelli re-shoved, the initial raiser folding before Sportelli tabled K-K. Unfortunately for Sportelli, the Ten high board gifted Amiri top set and the full double.

Amiri then took the rest of Sportelli’s chips, and the all important Bounty chip, when Sportelli bluffed into him with King high after Amiri flopped trips.

Ehsan Amiri1,311,000
Mai Nguyen387,000
Ehsan Amiri

Level 20: 10,000/15,000 (15,000)

Sayonara Sayak

Mario Faure back in action again, opening to 40,000 from middle position before Ratul Sayak jammed from the hijack for 140,000. Faure made the call and it was off to the races.

Sayak: 1010
Faure: AK

Faure flopped top top on the board of 7AQ and despite picking up straight and flush draws on the J turn, the 6 river ended Sayak’s day.

Mario Faure450,000
Ratul SayakBUSTED!
Ratul Sayak

Table talk

Theo Katsaros, crippled in an earlier hand, shoved his remaining 13,000 UTG+1, and Mario Faure 3-bet to 75,000 from a few seats over.

Action folded around to Hari Varma in the big blind.
“If I fold, will you show?” He queried.
“He has to!” pointed out a tablemate, indicating the all in Katsaros.
“Oh, then if I shove will you call?” continued Varma. He then shoved. “I think you should let it go.”

Faure eventually made the call, and all three tabled their hands.

Varma: KK
Faure: AQ
Katsaros: A9

“I don’t have a good feeling…” said Varma as the dealer spread the board of 26J to prove him right, with Katsaros flopping the nut flush. The board completed 8, 7 though, with Faure completely missing to give Varma the much larger side pot.

Hari Varma214,000
Mario Faure180,000
Theo Katsaros54,000
Hari Varma

Level 19: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)

Wayne vanquished

Dylan Wayne had a roller coaster of a morning, which has now come to an end. After doubling earlier through Malcolm Trayner, Wayne had increased his stack to over 400,000.

As our Live Reporter walked past, we spied Wayne opening to 20,000 in the hijack before George Psarras 3-bet to 50,000 from the cutoff. Action folded back around to Wayne, who 4-bet to 110,000. Psarras opted to call, and we saw a flop of 9J3 with 245,000 in the pot already.

Wayne fired 40,000 and Psarras shoved for 265,000 total, with Wayne quickly calling.

Wayne: QQ
Psarras: K4

Psarras needed a heart to cause maximum pain, and while he missed the 8 turn, the 6 completed his flush and crippled Wayne.

Psarras wasn’t done there; when Wayne got the rest of his 61,000 in shortly later, Psarras iso-shoved and tabled AK after everyone got out of the way; well ahead of Wayne’s Q8.

The board ran out J7J4A, an un-needed top pair to eliminate Wayne.

George Psarras762,000
Dylan WayneBUSTED!
Malcolm TraynerBUSTED!
George Psarras

Bognar forces the fold

On a board showing A10610, Omar Sirianni checked to Attila Bognar fired out a bet of 45,000. Sirianni made the call, and the pair saw a river of 7.

Sirianni again checked, and this time Bognar slid out a two-handed bet of 165,000. Sirianni counted out the calling chips, but eventually folded QQ face up.

“This is why I am more aggressive preflop!” he remarked.

Just been moved to the same table is Andre Hawil, who has amassed a stack since starting today, now well past the million mark!

Andre Hawil1,345,000
Andre Hawil

Chips, no bounties

Linda Currie has once again secured a massive double through Ryan Ong. Currie raised to 25,000 and Ong shoved, action folded all the way back around to Currie, who simply couldn’t get her chips in fast enough.

Currie: AA
Ong: 1010

Top set in the window for Currie on the 3AJ25 board as she doubled through Ong. Ong had actually recovered from his previous loss to Currie below, but is back to where he started.

As her tablemates pointed out, though, she still doesn’t have any Big Bounty chips, much to her dismay.

Linda Currie305,000
Ryan Ong149,000
Ryan Ong

Level 18: 5,000/10,000 (10,000)

Norvock issues

Josh Norvock opened to 16,000 and Nathan Barnes called, before Chad Awerbuch 3-bet to 50,000. Norvock replied with a shove for 213,000, forcing Barnes out of the way before Awerbuch quickly short called.

Awerbuch: QQ
Norvock: 99

Norvock was unable to catch up on the board of 6K4103 and was decimated right at the end of Level 17. As the clock ticked over to Level 18, he got the remainder of his chips in on the very next hand versus Mark Greer.

Greer: AJ
Norvock: A10

Behind again, but this time Norvock caught a bit more than a piece, rivering two pair on the K48A10 board to double through.

Chad Awerbuch310,000
Josh Norvock100,000
Mark Greer91,500
Josh Norvock


Dylan Wayne bagged 109,000 last night, and promptly shoved them all UTG in on Table 38. Malcolm Trayner made the call and everyone else got out of the way.

Wayne: 99
Trayner: AQ

Wayne flopped gold on the 789 flop and then rubbed salt in the wound with the 10, 9 runout for our first quads today.

Dylan Wayne238,000
Malcolm Trayner155,500
Dylan Wayne

Sirianni strikes

Omar Sirianni has claimed a scalp, eliminating Evaldas Stanevicius after a long time in the tank. Apologising to his tablemates for the time it had taken as he raked in his new found chips, PMA could see the board displaying 8K10J6, with Sirianni tabling 1010.

It turned out that his opponent had pocket Queens, and whilst blocking the straights, was unable to get a fold from Sirianni.

Omar Sirianni603,500
Evaldas StaneviciusBUSTED!
Omar Sirianni

Currie claps

Linda Currie shoved her remaining 71,500 in under the gun, and Ryan Ong reshoved from the next seat over. Everyone else got out of the way, and cards were tabled.

Currie: JJ
Ong: 99

No stress for Currie, never in trouble as the board completed 22810K to double through.

Linda Currie163,000
Ryan Ong111,500
Linda Currie


“Let’s go for it, all in!” said Ali Ghezelbash as he shoved on the river on a board of 768610. His opponent, Norbert Koh, made the call, but mucked when Ghezelbash showed 1010 for the nut full house.

Shortly after, on the same table, Aaron Suffield raised to 11,000 and Justin Cohen made the call before 2019 WPTDeepStacks Gold Coast Main Event Champion Hari Varma shoved from the blinds. Suffield called and Cohen got out of the way.

Varma: A9
Suffield: A6

Varma’s superior kicker held all the way on the K10K74 board to double through.

Ali Ghezelbash652,000
Hari Varma113,000
Norbert KohBUSTED!

Level 17: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)

Day 2 Seat Draw

Table 34

1David Campion334,500
2Louis Luo243,500
3Chao Tang372,500
4Mai Nguyen200,500
5Matthew Rolfe276,500
6Adrian Sportelli128,500
7Steve Pappas335,000
8Thomas Chong302,500
9Trent McFadzean136,000

Table 36

1Omar Sirianni405,500
2Atilla Bognar145,500
3John Caridad147,000
4Salvatore Lucisano237,000
5Michael Doumani136,000
6Simon Pedler235,000
7Charles Melson171,000
8Evaldas Stanevicius178,000
9Martin Stewart330,000

Table 37

1Mark Greer161,500
2Chad Awerbuch233,500
3Stuart McDonald46,000
4David Luong446,000
5Christopher Bassil159,000
6Anastasia Tyulyakova56,000
7Veselin Zmukic311,000
8Josh Norvock142,000
9Nathan Barnes347,000

Table 38

1Greta Tenheggeier37,000
2Malcolm Trayner331,500
3Glenn Marsom335,000
4Thomas Hulley156,000
5Gary Price295,500
6Adrian Pacheco366,500
7Thomas Pongrass117,500
8Paul Sammour172,500
9Dylan Wayne109,000

Table 40

1Steven Green384,500
2Andre Dowling293,000
3Jai Duffy795,500
4James Tai41,000
5George Mitri263,000
6Andre Hawil637,000
7Zhi Han Neo83,000
8Jason Guiliano106,000
9Ehsan Amiri162,500

Table 41

1Aaron Suffield263,500
3Ali Ghezelbash413,000
4George Psarras471,000
5Justin Cohen53,200
6Rhys Jones90,000
7Hari Varma53,000
8Norbert Koh171,500
9Le Cuong148,500

Table 42

1Linda Currie75,500
2Ryan Ong211,000
3Jenaro Sodicta178,000
4Patrick Yazbeck132,000
5Theo Katsaros114,500
7Mario Faure264,000
8Thomas Karadimos187,500
9Ratul Sayak274,000

Bounties ahoy!

Welcome back to PokerMedia Australia‘s coverage of the WPTDeepStacks series from The Star Sydney!

Today, the $660 Big Bounty tournament players continue to try to knock each other out one at a time for cold hard cash. The tournament started with 565 entries, of which we have 61 players currently remaining.

Out in front after the conclusion of Day 1 is Sydneysider and Poker Palace regular Jai Duffy, who will be gunning for a first major title. He bagged up a massive 795,500, well clear of his nearest competitor Andre Hawil (637,000). Also in the top end of the stacks is George Psarras (471,000), husband of Opening Event winner Michelle. David Luong (436,000) and $440 PLO final tablist Ali Ghezelbash (413,000) round out the top five, whilst nipping on their heels is Omar Sirriani (405,500).

The players have unbagged their chips, the dealers have loaded their shoes; so stay with us here on the PMA Live Reporting blog. Best of luck to all our players today!

Day 2 seat draw to be uploaded shortly

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