LIVE REPORTING: WPTDeepStacks Sydney Opening Event Day 1C

Dykes leads at the end of Day 1C; that’s a wrap!

Cut, print, strike the set – Day 1C is in the can!

The final Day 1 flight of the WPTDeepStacks Sydney Opening Event promised to be big and it delivered on all fronts, starting with 485 entries for a grand total of 1,204 and a prize pool worth $812,700.

Leading at the end of today’s session was Peter Dykes, who bagged 376,000, followed closely by David Tarbet (372,000) who was on the Star Poker Sydney feature table throughout much of the evening session.

Australian Poker Mindset maestro Brendon Rubie finished third overall with 313,000, while Richard Davis (300,000) and Jerry Wang (295,000) rounded out our top five.

Other notables to have also made it through to Day 2 include Ricky Kroesen, Shivan Abdine, Michael Culibrk, Yita Choong, Lawrence Stephenson, Janet Wyvil and Brandon Bailey, who was on the right end of a four-way all-in that resulted in scoring a triple KO.

In all, 72 players bagged up after today’s flight, bringing our total number of survivors to 187. The Day 2 seat draw and finalised payouts will be published tomorrow morning.

Thank you once again for joining us here at PokerMedia Australia! Be sure to keep your browsers locked onto as we continue our coverage throughout the entire WPTDeepStacks Sydney series, including our first double-header: Day 2 of the Opening Event at 11:30am AEDT and Day 1 of the $1,100 NLH from 3:30pm.

Until then, from all of us here at The Star Sydney, it’s ‘bye for now!

Just Lin time

“I don’t wanna come back with this short stack!”

Those were the words of Jianwei Lin as he went all in with merely minutes until the close of play; Lin moved his last 64,000 into the middle pre-flop and his 44 was met with a call by Jerry Wang in the big blind who held A10.

The board ran out 6J675 to give Lin the double – and with that, Day 1C is now complete! Stay with us as we bring you the wrap-up of today’s proceedings.

Jianwei Lin136,000
Jerry Wang295,000

De Gail forced through to Day 2

Nursing a very short stack, Pete De Gail thought it was time to go home, but a miracle river card saw him double up in the last hand of the day at his table.

De Gail went all-in before the flop with A6 and found himself in bad shape against Dylan Garland’s A9.

A flop and turn of 3Q38 gave hope of a “chop-ortunity”, but the river 6 saw him scoop the whole pot!

Pete De Gail67,000
Dylan Garland262,000

Uno KO

There was very little movement leading up to the final three hands of the day, but once the floor staff paused the clock, it was on for young and old.

Uno Uka was one of the first to go, moving all-in pre-flop for his last 100,000. After much deliberation, Stephen Panourakis found the call with A3 and was satisfied to see he was at least ahead of Uka’s KJ.

The board proved no help to Uka as it ran out Q2QQ3 and Panourakis padded his stack in preparation for Day 2.

Stephen Panourakis214,000

Level 15: 3,000/5,000 (5,000)

Bailey’s please … make it a triple!

Over on Brandon Bailey’s table, the player under the gun raised before Bailey ripped in his stack from middle position. Daniel Benivento then short-called all-in from late position before the player in the big blind also jammed the rest of stack into the middle.

Everyone stood up quickly and a crowd of players from from adjacent tables swarmed to witness all the hands being tabled.

Benivento: QQ
Bailey: JJ
Big Blind: 77
UTG: 66

Flop: JQ3. Set over set.

Turn: 4. No change.

River: J. TRIPLE KO!

“YESSSSSS, C’MON BABY, LET’S GO!” Bailey cried, pumping his fists in celebration before quickly recomposing himself.

“Dude, I’m sorry,” Bailey said. “That’s just so sick.”

Benivento managed a weak smile as they shook hands.

“What can you do there?” he replied. “That’s just a bad beat.”

Brandon Bailey258,000
Daniel BeniventoBUSTED!

O, Hai!

Hai Vu was the beneficiary of a tough cooler, getting it all in with KK and was in good shape against his opponent’s 88 pre-flop, but the dealer spiced things up as the flop came down 108A.

The turn of 5 meant that Vu had two outs going into the river; not a worry though, as the K peeled off on the river to eliminate the unknown adversary.

Vu then scored another big knockout, eliminating Mark Lasarow after he called him off with A4 before rivering two pair on a board of 10J7A4 against Lasarow who missed his gut-shot despite pairing up on the flop with his KJ

Hai Vu234,000
Mark LasarowBUSTED!

Level 14: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)

Mansour it through to the river

Just before the end of this level, Elias Mansour got all of his chips into the middle pre-flop against Bert Perry’s 109 with his own AK.

The board ran out 5476A giving Mansour’s chip count a nice upgrade and sending Perry to the rail.

Elias Mansour77,000
Bert PerryBUSTED!

Last round!

Action is moving thick and fast in the Star Poker Room, with cash game and satellite tables filling up almost as quickly as our tournament tables are being broken down. Yong Cheong Foo, Fan Li and Zhi Han Neo have now put themselves up there in our top five, but it’s Brendon Rubie who now leads with almost 300,000!

Three more 30-minute levels and then we’ll bag and tag for the night.

Top five chip counts

Brendon Rubie295,000
Peter Dykes260,000
Yong Cheong Foo232,000
Fan Li210,000
Zhi Han Neo210,000

Level 13: 1,500/3,000 (3,000)

Break time!

Players are now on their last 10-minute break of the day.

Late double for Wyvil

Janet Wyvil is now back in black after getting a double-up through Michael Kanaan.

Wyvil picked up AA and shoved pre-flop, well ahead of Kanaan who called with AQ; despite spiking a Queen on the flop of 95Q, Wyvil held after the turn and river bricked 9, 5.

Janet Wyvil42,500
Michael Kanaan85,000

LoRusso returns

After being taken out earlier in the day, Joseph LoRusso fired his second shell and was again on a downward trend until he doubled through Michael Fraser.

Action folded around to the player in the hijack position who raised pre-flop before Fraser called from the cutoff, only to then see LoRusso shove from the big blind. The hijack folded and Fraser called.

LoRusso: 77
Fraser: 54

LoRusso improved to a set after the flop of 74Q, but although Fraser took the lead when the K fell on the turn, the river Q gave LoRusso the full house.

Joseph LoRusso50,000
Michael Fraser75,000

Hooky hooky, choppy choppy

Oh, my God! Are you KIDDING ME?!”

The cry went up from Table 31 and our crew rushed over to see all the players standing and staring at the board, completely aghast as to what had transpired between Pratik Mehta and Tom Hulley.

All the money was in the middle pre-flop; Mehta was at risk holding AQ against the AK of Hulley, but remarkably, the dealer brought down all four Jacks across the board of JJJJ8.

“That’s the second time he’s spread quads!” said another player, pointing at the dealer.

No loss of tournament life here. Split it!

Pratik Mehta71,000
Tom Hulley115,000

Level 12: 1,500/2,500 (2,500)

Ta-ta, Tatarian

Michael Culibrk has now moved past 100,000 in chips after taking out Harout Tatarian.

Tatarian moved all-in before the flop holding AK, but Culibrk had him dominated with his KK, with the board running clean 95944.

Michael Culibrk105,000
Harout TatarianBUSTED!

Dykes’ deuce crushes Clotuche

J.B. Clotuche has been confirmed as one of our most eliminations, busted by Peter Dykes who by our counts is now first past the 200K-chip mark.

Clotuche moved all-in before the flop for 24,000 holding 77 and found himself in a do-or-die flip against Dykes, who called before tabling AQ.

Clotuche kept the lead after the flop of 5410, but Dykes stood up and leaned over after the 3 appeared on the turn.

“Deuce!” cried Dykes.

The dealer peeled out the 2 to complete the wheel. Bink!

Peter Dykes245,000
J.B. ClotucheBUSTED!

Level 11: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)

Glee for Clee

Josh Emerton is now off for an early dinner after being eliminated by Terence Clee.

Although the PMA protégé was up to as much as 102,900 at the second break, Emerton was crippled in an earlier hand before moving the last of it into the middle with 76.

Clee called him off, tabling AJ.

“I’m here to donate to everyone, it’s my civic duty!” Clee remarked.

The flop of 885 was quite charitable, but there was nothing else for Emerton after the turn and river repeated Q, Q.

Terence Clee97,500
Josh EmertonBUSTED!

Fraser lasers Evans

Matt Evans has ended his run in the Opening Event after being taken down by Michael Fraser.

Down to just 11,900 in chips, Evans put them all on the line holding Q10 and found himself up against Fraser’s A8, but with neither hand improving on the J6259 board, Evans was permanently felted.

Michael Fraser48,700
Matt EvansBUSTED!

Level 10: 800/1,600 (1,600)

Stott puts a stop to Simpson

After being moved onto Table 31 during this level, Keanu Simpson has just been eliminated by Peter Stott.

In an earlier hand, Bert Perry raised to 2,500 from under the gun and Elias Mansour called from middle position before Simpson three-bet it to 8,000 from the cutoff. Perry then ripped in the rest of his stack, forcing Mansour out of the way before Simpson made the call.

Simpson: JJ
Perry: AK

Simpson held his lead across the flop and turn of 10472, but the A crippled him down to around 10,000 in chips, which he moved in a few hands later with A7.

Dhanesh Chainani went in over the top with 66, but Peter Stott found himself well ahead, calling with 1010 with no change after the dealer spread the board of K8244.

Peter Stott84,200
Bert Perry67,000
Dhanesh Chainani47,300
Keanu SimpsonBUSTED!

Stack ’em to the top!

The WPTDeepStacks Sydney Opening Event is now locked out and as predicted, it’s a stellar result for The Star Sydney: 1,204 entries, which gives us a prize pool worth $812,700!

After crunching the numbers with WPT Live Events Specialist Danny McDonagh, it’s estimated that the top prize will be around the $135,000 mark, however we’ll have the final figures for you from Star Poker Sydney prior to the start of Day 2 tomorrow.

Top five chip counts

Peter Dykes185,000
Paul Hoang143,000
Edwin Chiu132,000
Richard Davis128,000

Level 9: 600/1,200 (1,200)

Break time

Our remaining players are now on a 10-minute break. Back soon!

Vasquez the conqueror

Andres Vasquez has just picked himself up a double KO, with Scott Wilson one of the casualties in one of the last hands of this level.

Vasquez and another unknown player went heads-up to a sidepot of Q3J, which they both checked; Vasquez opened for 2,000 when a second Q came down on the turn and the other player called called before folding to Vasquez’s bet of 7,000 on the river of the 9.

The first all-in player turned over K4, trailing Wilson’s K5, but Vasquez had them both covered after rolling up Q3.

Scott WilsonBUSTED!

Barba seals up Curly

Pat Barba has found a stroke of birthday luck against South Australian poker stalwart Emanuel ‘Curly’ Seal.

Both players got their chips in pre-flop and Barba found himself as the underdog with AQ, versus Seal’s AK, but the board of Q4345

Patrick Barba70,000
Emanuel SealBUSTED!

Sandi coming in waves

Sandi Sandi has found himself a clean double at the expense of Leo Kamiya, who is still sitting pretty with just under 100,00 in chips.

Sandi got it in pre-flop with KK and found a caller from Kamiya with AQ; Kamiya picked up a wheel draw after the flop, but with repeat sixes coming down fourth and fifth streets on the 23466 board, Sandi scooped the pot to survive.

Sandi Sandi50,700
Leo Kamiya98,000

Level 8: 500/1,000 (1,000)

‘Burny’ goes busto

Mark Burns’ tournament life has been ended after he got himself smashed by Matt Evans before surrendering the last of his stack to Lie Tjhai.

The PMA Live Reporting Team picked up the action on a flop between Evans and Burns on a flop of 1095; Evans checked to Burns who opened before Evans came back with a check-shove worth 12,400. Burns called, showing down Q10, but Evans’ KK held all the way as the board ran out 7, 6.

A short time later, Burns shoved his last 5,000 into the middle with Q9 before the flop, but Tjhai called him off with AJ, with neither hand improving on the K3743 board.

Mark BurnsBUSTED!

Yita cops a runner-runner

Yita Choong has just taken a hit against Tommy Han as we head into towards the halfway mark of today’s Opening Event Day 1 flight.

Choong and Han found themselves all-in after a flop of 8J8, with Han’s 43 looking for assistance against Choong’s QQ.

Han got the handout after the dealer repeated the turn and river 3, 3 to give him the full house!

Tommy Han33,000
Yita Choong23,000

Level 7: 400/800 (800)

McLean-ed out

Troy McLean has also been taken out of the Opening Event, with Michael Fraser delivering a huge haymaker before Leo Kamiya landed the killer blow.

In earlier action, it folded around to Fraser who raised from the small blind with AQ, only to then see McLean jam from the big blind to 99, however Fraser won the flip after the board was spread 67A3K.

Left with just 600 in chips, McLean threw them into the middle in the very next hand, but although he picked up a flush draw on the 68K2K board, Kamiya had him covered with QQ.

Leo Kamiya98,000
Michael Fraser32,000
Troy McLeanBUSTED!

Uno does tres-ple!

Having also come through as one of today’s new arrivals from the Sunshine State, Dylan Wayne has taken a hit against Uno Uka.

After a raise from the player under gun, Wayne called from +1 before action folded around to Uka who jammed for his last 8,500 from the button. Paul Yang then shoved over the top from the small blind, which prompted an exasperated “I did this to myself!” from Wayne before he made the call.

Wayne: JJ
Yang: 1010
Uka: AQ

Board: A6959

With Uka the bigger of the two short stacks, he scored the triple up while Yang took his leave.

Dylan Wayne42,000
Uno Uka27,000
Paul YangBUSTED!

Level 6: 300/600 (600)

Barba’s birthday blues

It hasn’t been the ideal start to Patrick Barba’s birthday, with the Melbourne young gun now having fired his second bullet into the Opening Event.

As Barba recalled through the PMA Discord’s #submit-a-hand text channel, Barba got his last 11,600 into the middle with pocket Jacks on the turn after the dealer spread a board of K103J, but ran smack-bang into the nut flush of his opponent who tabled AQ.

Barba was unable to pair the board to fill up. Time to reload!

Patrick Barba25,000*

Notable chip counts

The Star Poker Room is now full to burst, with overflow into the adjacent cash game zone as the field now moves past 400 total entries for today’s flight! Antoine Follet and Patrick Barba are just some of the new faces in the crowd, with four more levels of late registration still available.

Dylan Warnke134,500
Brendon Rubie85,000
Elisa Onay60,000
John Yacoub57,000
Ennaria Rourke50,000
Michael O’Grady49,000
Peco Stojanovski46,000
Cristian Molina41,000
Graham Cowan38,000
Simon Wahesh36,000
Scott Wilson33,000
Jeremy Steel31,000
Carlos Youssef28,000
Martin Boersma25,000
Jon Portelli23,000
Martin Finger23,000
Uno Uka19,000
Kai Yeung17,000
Janet Wyvil13,000

Level 5: 300/500 (400)

Break it up

Time for a 20-minute break – we’ll have some chippies for you when we come back.

You ripper!

Australian Poker Mindset’s Brendon Rubie is back in action – and in contention – after getting a big double up in one of the last hands before the break.

Janet Wyvil was kind enough to capture the action on video and send it through the PMA Live Reporting Team, which saw Rubie ripping in his last 29,500 after the river with the board showing 5A89K.

His opponent took about three minutes to mull it over before flicking in a single chip to call, but quickly folded after Rubie tabled 76 for the straight.

Brendon Rubie60,000

Double busto for LoRusso

Joseph LoRusso continues to dominate, scoring a double KO as action continues in the last level of this stanza.

All the money was in the middle after the turn on a board that read 68310; Liu had turned two pair with his 108 and ahead of Foster’s KK, but both players trailed LoRusso who had flopped a set with his 66.

The river A completed the board to give LoRusso a very nice increase to his stack. Seats open!

Joseph LoRusso69,000
Andrew LiuBUSTED!
Roland FosterBUSTED!

Level 4: 200/400 (400)

Payday for Onay

As Ricky Kroesen, Bert Perry and Brandon Bailey all came in to late-reg for today’s flight, Alex ’42’ Falon headed to the exits after being taken out by Elisa Onay.

Our reporter picked up the action with Alex Falon all-in pre-flop, with Onay and Marcel Dias heading into a sidepot on a flop of J52. Onay moved in for her last 2,100 and Dias made the call.

Onay: 1010
Falon: AK
Dias: KQ

Nothing changed after the turn and river of 6, 5, giving Onay the triple-up and Falon his marching orders.

Elisa Onay43,000
Marcel Dias24,000
Alex FalonBUSTED!

Fotakis felted

Fotis Fotakis has been eliminated after Peco ‘The Magician’ Stojanovski made most of his chips disappear before having the rest taken by Janet Wyvil.

In an earlier hand, Fotakis got his money in pre-flop holding JJ and found himself flipping against Stojanovski’s AQ, but the dealer spread the board of 8Q8K2 to give Stojanovski a big double-up.

Some time passed before action folded around to Wyvil who opened from the button; Fotakis three-bet from the small blind and Wyvil called before she raised after Fotis led out on the QA7 flop.

Fotis shoved and Wyvil insta-called.

Fotakis: QQ
Wyvil: A4

Incredibly, the turn and river came running 8, 9 to give Wyvil the nut flush, sending Fotakis to the rail.

Janet Wyvil40,000
Peco Stojanovski40,000
Fotis FotakisBUSTED!

Level 3: 200/300 (300)

Feature creatures

As the Opening Event field moves past 1,000 total entries, it’s now time to introduce today’s starting line-up on the Star Poker Sydney RFID feature table, headlined by Queensland poker veteran Omer Silajdzija and Sydney young gun C.J. We.

Be sure to tune in at to watch all the action along with PMA‘s Live Reporting coverage all day long!

Feature table starting line-up

1Conrad Wolfgramm
2Richard Oliver
3Andrew White
4Andrew Tran
5Michael Seymour
6Omer Silajdzija
7Steven Huynh
8Ding Xiang
9C.J. We

Warnke warming up

Although he had a rough time of it in yesterday’s Opening Event, Dylan Warnke’s fortunes have changed for the better today, well past the 100K-mark already as we head into Level 2.

Earlier, two players in the UTG and +2 positions limped in and action folded to Warnke who raised from the lo-jack. The player on the button and the UTG player called, but the +2 player re-raised to 1,400.

Everyone else called, making it four-handed to a flop of J-Q-3 with two spades; the early position players both checked and Warnke opened for 2,000. Only the +2 player called and then they fired 6,000 after the 5 appeared on the turn.

Warnke tank-called, then took another five minutes to deliberate after +2 opened for 10,500 on the river J. Warnke showed down A-Q for two pair, which was best against the opponent’s pocket tens.

Since then, Warnke has picked up three bust-outs to move up to more than 150,000 in chips. Weeeeee!

Level 2: 100/200 (200)

LoRusso gets busy

Although they’re running solo today, the original PokerMedia Australia “dream team” – Kai Yeung and Josh Emerton – are both in action here in today’s flight.

Emerton is currently seated up on Table 31 and adjacent to the PMA Live Reporting Desk, so naturally he’s already relayed us some action via our Discord server.

From under the gun, Adrian Pacheco opened for 400 and action folded to Joseph LoRusso who three-bet to 900 from the hijack position before Roland Foster fired out a cold four-bet worth 3,300 from the big blind.

Pacheco mucked and LoRusso called, so it was heads-up to the flop of 5QA, where Foster opened for 3,100. LoRusso called and then shoved after Foster’s bet of 7,200 on the turn of the 4. Foster snap-called.

Foster: AQ
LaRosso: 55

The river 7 completed the board to give LoRusso the scoop.

All over the shop

The Opening Event Day 1C field is already up to 252 entries and counting, with more and more players on the way from across the country – some flying in as early as this morning just to get amongst the action.

There’s plenty of big names from the Sunshine State in today’s field, led by Mina Gerges, Charles Chia, Jimmy Ghobrial, Hasian Hyde and Faraz Ayyaz, who all flew in last night; word on the street is that Ricky Kroesen has also just landed in Sydney and is also en route to The Star.

Other notables in the field including Melbourne’s own Scott Wilson, along with Sydneysiders Toby Giles, Elisa Onay, Mai Ha and Uno Uka.

Amalgamate and allocate!

Star Poker Sydney floor staff have given the order to shuffle up and deal and we are now officially underway for Day 1C!

Level 1: 100/100 (100)

Light ’em up!

From wherever you are watching in Australia, New Zealand or around the world – good morning and welcome back to The Star Sydney for Day 1C of the WPTDeepStacks Sydney Opening Event!

Although today is April Fools’ Day, things are about to get serious here in the Star Poker Room as we’re expecting upwards of 450 entries for this flight and only 17 more needed after that to reach a total prize pool of more than $800,000.

Numbers across the board are sure to be further bolstered by another initiative that has been introduced as part of the World Poker Tour Season XX celebrations: the WPT Player of the Festival (POF) programme.

Much in the same vein as other Player of the Series leader board schemes, the WPT POF system weights points awarded based on two variables: the total prize pool for each event, and the buy-in category. Players must register an ITM result in one of the eligible scheduled tournaments in order to claim POF points.

The winner of the WPTDeepStacks Sydney POF title will receive a WPT Passport to the approximate value of AUD $5,400 – enough to freeroll your way into the 2022 WPT Australia Main Event, which PokerMedia Australia understands will be held at The Star Gold Coast in September (subject to regulatory approval).

TERMS & CONDITIONS: WPTDeepStacks Sydney Player of the Festival Promotion

This will definitely help to ignite some fireworks across the felt over the next two weeks, so strap yourselves in for another massive day of action as PMA brings you all the updates here on our Live Reporting blog and alongside The Star Sydney’s feature table broadcast on Twitch. See you soon!

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