LIVE REPORTING: Star Gold Coast Champs $2,500 Shot Clock Day 2

Congratulations Robert Spano, Star Gold Coast Champs $2,500 Shot Clock Champion! ($51,181)*

Robert Spano has once again claimed victory on the felt, defeating Carlos Youssef heads up after a hard fought day of poker.

Image courtesy of Star Gold Coast

The victory is yet another in a long resume of achievements for the Sydneysider and Poker Palace regular, who has amassed over $750,000 in lifetime earnings.

Spano’s biggest cash was in the 2016 Sydney Championships, where he finished second in the $7K Challenge Event. Spano has also claimed not one, but two Poker Palace Main Event wins, in both 2017 and 2019.

This title is fresh off the back of a third place finish in the Brisbane Poker Festival $1,500 NLH in February.

Image courtesy of Star Gold Coast

Congratulations again Robert! YEAH BABY!

This also marks the end of our Live Reporting coverage of the Star Gold Coast Champs! We hope you’ve enjoyed following along all the way through the entire series, thank you for joining us, and from all of us here at PMA, it’s ‘bye for now!

STAR GOLD COAST CHAMPS $2,500 SHOT CLOCK – FINAL TABLE RESULTS (86 entries, 11 players paid)

1stRobert SpanoAustralia$51,181*
2ndCarlos YoussefAustralia$51,180*
3rdRoy AgrestaAustralia$23,983
4thNick WilliamsAustralia$16,220
5thAngel GuillenMexico$12,363
6thYita ChoongAustralia$9,890
7thRehman KassamAustralia$8,209
8thRicky KroesenAustralia$6,923
9thChin WangAustralia$6,379
*Denotes heads-up deal

Carlos Youssef eliminated in 2nd place ($51,180)*

Carlos Youssef has finished runner up for the second time this series; just five days after finishing second in the Star Gold Coast Champs PLO, Youssef claims another huge score, finishing second in the Star Gold Coast Champs $2,500 Shot Clock event.

Following Spano and Youssef agreeing to a heads-up deal, they played all-in blind face-up to determine a winner for the title.

Youssef: AK
Spano: J2

Board: 4432J

Spano paired his deuce on the turn, and then hit the Jack for good measure, eliminating Youssef.

Carlos Youssef

Roy Agresta eliminated in 3rd place ($23,983)

On a flop of Q54, Carlos Youssef put Roy Agresta to the test for his tournament life. Agresta called, putting all of his chips at risk, only to see that he was dominated – his Q10 behind the AQ of Youssef.

Needing a Ten and Ten only, the dealer peeled the 9, 8 – teasingly close, but not enough, and Agresta’s day came to an abrupt end.

Carlos Youssef5,570,000
Roy AgrestaBUSTED!
Roy Agresta

Level 25: 50,000/100,000 (100,000)

Nick Wright eliminated in 4th place ($16,220)

Nick Wright has been eliminated at the hands of Carlos Youssef. Youssef, who is on his third final table of the Star Gold Coast Champs series, was in the big blind, with Wright in the small blind.

On the flop of 96J, Wright led out for 80,000 and Youssef called. The turn came 5 and Youssef again flat-called, this time a bet of 120,000 from Wright.

The river was the K and Wright paused before sliding out a full stack of T25,000 chips, a bet of 500,000. Youssef shoved in short order, and Wright snap called.

Wright: K9
Youssef: Q10

Youssef had rivered the nut straight and, unfortunately for Wright, that same card had given him two pair.

Carlos Youssef2,900,000
Nick WrightBUSTED!
Nick Wright

Spano steals one

On a board showing QJ3J with about 500,000 already in the pot, Nick Wright checked first to act, then Carlos Youssef utilised a time extension chip before checking as well. Robert Spano did not hesitate, betting 250,000, finding a quick fold from Wright.

Youssef used nearly all of his 30 seconds allocated before folding behind. We took the opportunity to quickly count everyone’s stacks for our readers.

Roy Agresta2,665,000
Robert Spano2,190,000
Carlos Youssef1,930,000
Nick Wright 1,745,000

Level 24: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)

Angel Guillen eliminated in 5th place ($12,363)

Roy Agresta opened to 125,000 and was promptly 4-bet from the next seat over by Angel Guillen to 400,000.

Agresta opted to jam when action folded back around to him, and Guillen snap called.

Agresta: AA
Guillen: KK

Board: 744109

The Ten high board no help to Guillen, who arose from the table and left.

Roy Agresta3,150,000
Angel GuillenBUSTED!
Angel Guillen

Level 23: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)

Counts at the break

PMA took the opportunity to get some accurate counts during the break for you all.

1Robert Spano1,050,000
3Roy Agresta2,830,000
5Angel Guillen1,670,000
7Nick Wright2,200,000
9Carlos Youssef765,000

Yita Choong eliminated in 6th place ($9,890)

With a board reading 1029, Choong hit the check button before Angel Guillen slid out a bet of 175,000. Robert Spano made the call, then Choong dropped the hammer, jamming the remainder of his stack. Guillen re-shoved over the top, and Spano agonised over the decision, utilising two time chips before finding a fold.

Guillen: KQ
Choong: 67

“Well, that’s not good” said Choong, and he was right, as the dealer turned over the 4 to have him drawing dead on the turn, followed by a meaningless J.

Our players have left for a 20-minute break shortly after.

Angel Guillen1,690,000
Yita ChoongBUSTED!
Yita Choong

Wright up the counts!

On a flop of JQK, Roy Agresta bet 220,000. Nick Wright upped the ante, raising to 500,000, and Agresta shot straight back, shoving all in. Wright didn’t hesitate, calling with the nuts A10.

Agresta tabled 107 for a combination draw, but needing a club to win the pot.

The board bricked out K, 8, sending Wright over the 2 million mark.

Spano spirals then surges

Nick Wright got his remaining 680,000 in preflop, called by Robert Spano, with Spano’s 1010 ahead and racing against the AQ of Wright.

Spano smashed a set on the K610 flop but disaster on the turn as it ran out J, 3. Wright doubled to 1,485,000, leaving Spano crippled on just 275,000.

Spano shoved his remaining 225,000, having paid the ante first, from the big blind. Angel Guillen, who had originally opened, called off.

Spano: AJ
Guillen: 910

Guillen completely missed the 568KA board and Spano doubled, then immediately got his stack in again a few hands later, shoving for 500,000 and called by Yita Choong. Choong tabled AQ, dominating the A10 of Spano.

“I’ll take two Tens please!” called out Spano, to a cry of “Greedy, aren’t you” from Choong.

Spano didn’t need a Ten, however, spiking a runner runner Broadway straight to double again to 1,100,000.

Robert Spano1,100,000
Angel Guillen905,000

Rehman Kassam eliminated in 7th place ($8,209)

Roy Agresta opened to 120,000 and action folded around to Rehman Kassam in the blinds. Kassam pulled the trigger, jamming for approximately 900k.

Agresta snapped him off, tabling 1010, racing against the AJ of Kassam.

The dealer spread a board of Q4832, nothing there for Kassam and he has been ousted in seventh place.

Roy Agresta4,250,000
Rehman KassamBUSTED!
Rehman Kassam

Level 22: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)

Ricky Kroesen eliminated in 8th place ($6,923)

Roy Agresta opened, and action folded around to Ricky Kroesen in the small blind, who jammed his remaining chips over the line. Agresta made the call.

Agresta: AQ
Kroesen: AJ

The board ran out 3A5K8, and Agresta held with the superior kicker.

Roy Agresta3,175,000
Ricky KroesenBUSTED!
Ricky Kroesen

Level 21: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)

Chin Wang eliminated in 9th place ($6,379)

Recounted to us after the fact by Roy Agresta, Chin Wang jammed a 10BB stack with J2 from the small blind and Agresta called in the big blind with AJ.

The board ran 6-5-6-4-X and Agresta sealed the elimination.

Roy Agresta2,305,000
Chin WangBUSTED!
Chin Wang

Final table seating and counts

Roy Agresta has been aggressively collecting chips, and now leads the final table of nine players, though Yita Choong and Angel Guillen are both over the million mark themselves.

Carlos Youssef deserves a mention – this marks his third final table of the series!

1Robert Spano670,000
2Chin Wang335,000
3Roy Agresta1,975,000
4Yita Choong1,230,000
5Angel Guillen1,370,000
6Rehman Kassam760,000
7Nick Wright775,000
8Ricky Kroesen480,000
9Carlos Youssef640,000

Rod Batoz eliminated in 10th place ($5,934)

Angel Guillen opened UTG and the action folded around to Rod Batoz in the big blind. Batoz shoved his remaining chips, and Guillen quickly called.

Guillen: KJ
Batoz: Q9

Guillen flopped a pair and stayed ahead on the runout of A4KQK.

With the tournament now down to nine players, they will re-draw for final table.

Angel Guillen1,345,000
Rod BatozBUSTED!
Rod Batoz

Level 20: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)

Aidan Hildebrandt eliminated in 11th place ($5,538)

Aiden Hildbrandt jammed his remaining 319,000 and Roy Agresta immediately re-jammed from the next seat over for approximately 1,600,000. Action folded all the way around and cards were tabled.

Agresta: KK
Hildebrandt: 77

Hildebrandt was dominated and could not catch up, scoring a min cash for his efforts yesterday and today. The players have now left for a short scheduled break.

Roy Agresta1,979,000
Aidan HildebrandtBUSTED!
Aidan Hildebrandt

Andrej Senic eliminated in 12th place

Andrej Senic has been eliminated on the bubble, at the hands of the Star Gold Coast Champs Big Bounty Shot Clock Champion Rehman Kassam.

Kassam: AK
Senic: Q10

Some life for Senic as he the flop of 948 gave a gut shot straight draw combined with his two live cards. It was not to be, however as the board completed 9, 6 to eliminate Senic. With that, the remaining 11 players are in the money!

Rehman Kassam538,000
Andrej SenicBUSTED!
Andrej Senic

Level 19: 15,000/25,000 (25,000)

Mooney moved on

Geoffrey Mooney found himself all in and at risk against overnight chip leader Yita Choong.

Choong: KK
Mooney: AJ

Mooney was unable to catch up as the board completed 8249Q, and with his elimination, tournament staff paused the clock for hand-for-hand – 12 players remained on the bubble for the payouts.

Yita Choong1,690,000
Geoffrey MooneyBUSTED!
Geoffrey Mooney

Blanusa blammo’d

Neb Blanusa opened shoved his remaining chips a couple of hands later, and Yita Choong made the call before both blinds got out the way.

There was some discussion between the players over the fact that the shot clock continues to count while the dealer is counting down a stack, with some arguing it should be paused. “You could simply mash up your chips to angle” said Rehman Kassam.

Blanusa: K9
Choong: 66

The flop came down 91010, pairing Blanusa’s nine. “Club for a sweat!” called Choong, and the dealer dutifully drew the J. Always a sweat.

The dealer unexpectedly peeled the 6 on the river, however, to end Blanusa’s run.

Yita Choong1,335,000
Neb BlanusaBUSTED!
Neb Blanusa

Deus Rex

Andrej Senic has been in the action twice in quick succession, getting it all in first against Neb Blanusa, then against Aidan Hildebrandt.

In the first hand, Senic had KK and was all in and at risk against the A10 of Blanusa. The board completed JJ776 and Senic doubled through.

Soon after, Senic opened the action under the gun and Hildebrandt shoved. To the amazement of the rest of the table, Senic again tabled KK, to cries of “Rigged” from Hildebrandt as he tabled AK.

The dealer spread a flop of 9A6. “Still rigged?” remarked tablemate Rehman Kassam, to silence from Hildebrandt. The board completed 10, 2 and Hildebrandt doubled through as well.

Andrej Senic454,000
Aidan Hildebrandt418,000
Neb Blanusa108,000

Level 18: 10,000 (20,000)

The Wright time

In a clash of the blinds, Nick Wright bet out 175,000 from the small blind on a complete board of K3374, sending Rod Batoz in the next seat over deep into the tank.

Batoz utilised five time bank chips before releasing his hand. After the hand, the volume of the time bank alert has been turned down at the request of the players on the table.

At the same table, Jeison Berdugo has recently been eliminated.

Nick Wright1,149,000
Rod Batoz265,000
Jeison BerdugoBUSTED!
Nick Wright

Aggressive Agresta

Fletcher Smith has fallen first, 5-bet jamming after Roy Agresta cold 4-bet from the hijack.

Smith: AK
Agresta: QQ

Smith found himself in a classic race, needing an Ace or a King to stay alive. The board completed 87J102 and Smith sets off to the rail.

Roy Agresta1,275,000
Fletcher SmithBUSTED!
Roy Agresta

Level 17: 8,000/16,000 (16,000)

Welcome back to PokerMedia Australia‘s live coverage of the Star Gold Coast Champs! Today is the final day of the stellar sun-drenched series.

Whilst the Main Event is drawing to a close, starting today with eight players following a rare double elimination on the final table bubble last night, and the $2,500 Shot Clock event is down to 16 players, who will be playing down to a winner today.

Leading the way is Sydneysider Yita Choong, the only man over a million chips so far. He is being chased by a hoard of the biggest names in Australian poker, including Angel Guillen, Robert Spano, and $550 Big Bounty Shot Clock Champion, Rehman Kassam.

Hoping to bring the glory to Queensland will be locals Ricky Kroesen, Rod Batoz, and Carlos Youssef, who has already made two final tables this series and will be hoping to make it a third.

Table 8

Rod Batoz1 (SB)442,000
Angel Guillen2 (BB)815,000
Carlos Youssef3535,000
Jeison Berdugo4220,000
Chin Wang6354,000
Ricky Kroesen7780,000
Robert Spano8318,000
Nick Wright9 (D)904,000

Table 12

Andrej Senic1302,000
Geoffrey Mooney2390,000
Rehman Kassam3244,000
Aidan Hildbrandt4532,000
Fletcher Smith5466,000
Neb Blanusa6271,000
Roy Agresta7746,000
Yita Choong81,236,000

Action kicks off at 12:30 AEST. PMA will be here for every major turning point throughout the afternoon, so stay tuned!

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