LIVE REPORTING: Star Gold Coast Champs Main Event Day 2

Brahim leads Star Gold Coast Main Event final table; that’s a wrap!

The dust has now settled, the chips have been bagged and tagged and we are less than 12 hours away from the final table of the 2022 Star Gold Coast Champs Main Event!

Leading our top eight is Michael Brahim with 4.76 million in chips; the Poker Palace grinder put in a solid performance all throughout Day 2 and is no stranger to the big time, finishing ninth in the 2019 Goliath Main Event in Las Vegas for USD $21,432 – his biggest tournament cash to date.

Fellow Sydneysiders Jarrod Thatcher and Najeem Ajez are also well in contention to take the Main Event trophy back across the border, but they’ll be hard-pressed by the local contingent led by Jennifer Cassell, Craig Abernethy and Lee Bradbury, who have all been tearing up the mid-tier circuit in the last two years.


1Jennifer CassellAustralia3,805,00076
2Jarrod ThatcherAustralia3,050,00061
3Lei YangAustralia1,130,00023
4Najeem AjezAustralia3,030,00061
5Lee BradburyEngland1,580,00032
6Craig AbernethyAustralia4,465,00089
7Denis JankovicAustralia3,035,00061
8Michael BrahimAustralia4,670,00093

The stage is now set for what will no doubt be one of the most memorable final table battles in recent history and PokerMedia Australia will be there right until the final river falls, so join us tomorrow from 11:30am AEST for all the action, as well as Day 2 coverage of the $2,500 Shot Clock from 12:30pm.

Thank you so much for tuning in and we look forward to seeing you again very soon. Until then, from all of us at PMA, it’s ‘bye for now!

Luci Bonaccorso eliminated in 10th place ($11,998); Josh McCully eliminated in 9th place ($11,998)

The final table of the Star Gold Coast Main Event has now been set after the simultaneous eliminations of Luci Bonaccorso and Josh McCully!

As play continued hand-for-hand, Bonaccorso moved all-in on Table 12 and Jennifer Cassell called; floor staff were quick to advise the players to keep their hands face-down as action continued on the feature table, where a minute or so later, McCully shoved and Jarrod Thatcher snapped him off from the big blind.

Our reporter rushed back over to the other table, where tournament director Anthony Fantini asked the players to table their hands.

Cassell: AQ
Bonaccorso: A10

Cassell flopped top-top on the board of Q94, which was enough to take out Bonaccorso as the turn and river blanked out 5, 8.

The rail then moved around the feature table before McCully and Thatcher went to showdown.

Thatcher: QQ
McCully: A6

Board: 33476

Under the Star Entertainment Group Terms & Conditions, where two or more all-in players who would have been eligible for a placing in the tournament are eliminated in the same round of play, the prize money shall be equally shared amongst those players, meaning that Bonaccorso and McCully received an equal share of their respective payouts.

Jennifer Cassell3,805,000
Jarrod Thatcher3,050,000
Josh McCullyBUSTED!
Luci BonaccorsoBUSTED!

Ladies and gentlemen … the final table of the 2022 Star Gold Coast Champs Main Event has been set! The full line-up will be revealed very shortly, so stick around and we’ll be right back!

Bonaccorso bounces

Controversy over on Table 12, where Craig Abernethy opened for 125,000 from under the gun before Denis Jankovic three-bet it to 250,000 from the button.

Luci Bonaccorso was then next to act in the big blind, but before she had the chance to do anything, Abernethy threw in his calling chips.

The floor was called over and ruled that the 250,000 that Abernethy had placed across the line stayed in the pot, regardless of Bonaccorso’s action. Bonaccorso then took some time to think it over before eventually making the call, which rendered no change to Abernethy’s OOT action, so they went three-handed to a flop of 723.

Bonaccorso open-shoved, Abernethy quickly folded and Jankovic snap-called.

Bonaccorso: 1010
Jankovic: KK

Jankovic’s hand held up as the turn and river ran out 8, 4, reducing Bonaccorso to 340,000, which she jammed into the middle in the very next hand A9 after a button raise from Lei Yang, who called her off with K5.

Both players paired up on the A5Q97, but Bonaccorso was best and doubled through.

Denis Jankovic3,140,000
Luci Bonaccorso840,000

Adrian Sportelli eliminated in 11th place ($10,892)

No back-to-back Star Poker titles for Adrian Sportelli, as the Treasury Brisbane Poker Festival Main Event Champion has just been busted by Craig Abernethy.

All the money was in the middle on a flop of 54J; Sportelli was chasing with 109, but Abernethy had hit top set with JJ which held up after the turn and river A, 10 completed the board.

Game over, man.

Craig Abernethy4,390,000
Adrian SportelliBUSTED!
Adrian Sportelli

Mitch Bognar eliminated in 12th place ($10,892)

From under the gun, Denis Jankovic shoved before Mitch Bognar undercalled from the next seat over. Action then folded around to Adrian Sportelli in the small blind, who tanked briefly before releasing his hand.

Craig Abernethy took a little longer to think it over in the big blind, but also let his hand go before Jankovic and Bognar went to showdown.

Jankovic: Q10
Bognar: JJ

Board: Q7102A

Sportelli and Abernethy were both up in arms, declaring they had both folded A-Q.

“That’s crazy!” said Sportelli. “If I had called, I would have had everything!”

Denis Jankovic1,805,000
Mitch BognarBUSTED!
Mitch Bognar

Kiko Puyat eliminated in 13th place ($8,613)

Lee Bradbury has now become the first player to move past four million in chips after eliminating Kiko Puyat.

In one of the first hands after the break, Bradbury min-raised to 100,000 from under the gun and action folded all the way around to Puyat who shoved for his last 230,000 from the big blind.

Bradbury double-fist-pump snap-called, turning over 99 and found himself miles ahead of Puyat’s 86. Najeem Ajez was gobsmacked.

“Oh no! What has he done?” Ajez exclaimed.

Flop: 45A, giving Puyat the straight draw and backdoor flush draws.

“Always a sweat!” said Ajez.

Turn: 3

“Deuce or a seven!”

River: A. Bah-bow.

Lee Bradbury4,005,000
Kiko PuyatBUSTED!
Kiko Puyat

Updated chip counts

Lee Bradbury3,200,000
Michael Brahim3,035,000
Najeem Ajez2,965,000
Jennifer Cassell2,940,000
Craig Abernethy2,875,000
Luci Bonaccorso2,125,000
Jarrod Thatcher1,910,000
Yang Lei1,550,000
Mitch Bognar1,105,000
Adrian Sportelli930,000
Denis Jankovic855,000
Kiko Puyat780,000
Josh McCully395,000

Level 24: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)

Break it up

Our lucky 13 players are now on a 10-minute break. Grab a coffee and we’ll be back soon with the updated counts!

The Bognar blues

As the clock ticked over into the break, Mitch Bognar found himself all-in pre-flop against Denis Jankovic, flipping for his tournament life with AK against Jankovic’s 1010.

Bognar looked like he was in dire straits after the flop and turn of 2597, but he was saved after the dealer peeled off the A on the river!

Jankovic then cut out the required chips by shipping over all his orange T1,000 stacks, which didn’t sit well with Luci Bonaccorso.

“This is tedious, Denis!” Bonaccorso said. “You could have just given him the blues [T25,000 chips].”

To be fair though, you’d definitely be feeling them after being doubled through like that.

Mitch Bognar1,105,000
Denis Jankovic855,000

Alba Qi eliminated in 14th place ($8,613)

Alba Qi was our last player sent to the rail just before the next break of the evening, moving her short stack into the middle pre-flop with AJ, however Lee Bradbury insta-called with QQ.

Qi picked up the gutter on the flop of 879, but Bradbury scooped after the turn and river bricked 2, 4.

Lee Bradbury2,945,000
Alba Qi

Lloyd Locsin eliminated in 15th place ($8,613)

A fantastic effort from Lloyd Locsin, who started today with the overall chip lead but took a couple of big hits in the previous stanza before falling to Craig Abernethy in 16th place.

Locsin moved all in before the flop with A7, but Abernethy snap-called with KK and held after the dealer spread the board of JJ6Q5.

Craig Abernethy3,185,000
Lloyd LocsinBUSTED!
Lloyd Locsin

Robert Spano eliminated in 16th place ($7,250)

We’ve now hit the next pay jump after Robert Spano was taken out at the hands of Craig Abernethy!

Spano jammed his remaining chips into the middle pre-flop with JJ, only to see Abernethy snap him off with QQ that filled up on the flop of 55Q, with Spano drawing dead after the turn of the 3.

A Bronx cheer went up from the Sydney rail, however, after the dealer peeled off the river J.

Craig Abernethy2,300,000
Robert SpanoBUSTED!
Robert Spano

Moon Gab Chung eliminated in 17th place ($7,250)

No sooner than Nicholas Tory had busted from Table 12, Moon Gab Chung got the last of his chips in A4, but although he picked up the flush draw on the flop of 6102, Michael Brahim’s 77 held down all streets as the turn and river bricked 9, 3.

Good night, Moon.

Michael Brahim2,580,000
Moon Gab ChungBUSTED!
Moon Gab Chung

Nicholas Tory eliminated in 18th place ($7,250)

Nicholas Tory was the first player felted at our last two tables, shoving the last of his stack pre-flop with Q7, but needed some help against Denis Jankovic who called him with 88.

Unfortunately, there was nothing that came up for Tory as the board ran out J10AQ3.

Denis Jankovic815,000
Nicholas ToryBUSTED!

Tang and Brown go down

The Star Gold Coast Champs Main Event is now down to two tables after both Richard Tang and Marc Brown were also eliminated from the feature table.

Tang was the first to go after losing the flip for his tournament life holding AJ, but Lei Yang woke up with QQ and flopped a boat on the board of 88Q3A.

Marc Brown then pushed the last of his chips over the line with AK, but Najeem Ajez’s 1010 stayed ahead all the way down the Q7258.

That brings us to 18 players and one table away from our finale. Don’t touch that dial!

Najeem Ajez2,810,000
Lei Yang2,043,000
Marc BrownBUSTED!
Richard TangBUSTED!
Richard Tang

Yaaaass queens!

A massive hand between Jennifer Cassell and Mitch Bognar has resulted in the APT Brisbane 6-Max Champion taking the overall chip lead in the Star Gold Coast Champs Main Event!

Our crew picked up the action heads-up after Cassell led out on a flop of Q66; Bognar raised to 150,000 and Cassell called, then check-called Bognar’s bet of 300,000 after the dealer produced the 3 on the turn.

Cassell checked her option again on the river 8, which prompted Bognar to move all-in. Cassell snap-called short.

Bognar: AA
Cassell: A6

Trip sixes and the scoop for Cassell, who is now the first past 3 million, with Luci Bonaccorso not far behind! Let’s gooooooo!

Jennifer Cassell3,022,000
Luci Bonaccorso2,465,000
Mitch Bognar650,000
Jennifer Cassell

Level 23: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)

Handelaar hacked

Australian Poker Schedule head honcho Craig Abernethy has just taken out Tommy Handelaar over the space of two hands.

Abernethy first crippled Handelaar down to 193,000 after comprehensively winning the flip with 77 against his AQ, turning quads on the board of AK77K.

Handelaar then jammed the rest in a few hands later with A10, but Abernethy shot him down with AA after Handelaar missed his draws on the board of 109QJ3.

Craig Abernethy1,590,000
Tommy HandelaarBUSTED!

Landry and Berdugo go bye-bye

Two more eliminations from our Main Event feature table, with Craig Landry and Jeison Berdugo taken out during this level.

Landry was the first to go after getting his money in good with pocket jacks, but lost the flip for his tournament life against Yang Lei’s AK after rivering the overpair on the board of Q688K.

Berdugo then departed when he moved the last of his chips in pre-flp with K2, but found no love on the board of 8510Q5 against the A6 of Jarrod Thatcher.

Jarrod Thatcher2,035,000
Lei Yang1,800,000
Jeison BerdugoBUSTED!
Craig LandryBUSTED!

Guillen gutted, Perry punted

In action leading up to dinner break, Angel Guillen made his last move with A6, however he was felted at the hands of Mitch Bognar’s AQ that improved to two pair on the board of QJ767.

A short time later, Perry found himself all-in and at risk with QQ, but ran smack-bang into Jarrod Thatcher’s AA, with no change after the board of 4KK62.

The counts were close, and after the stacks were all cut down by the dealer, Thatcher had 1,123,000 – just 2,000 more than Perry!

Jarrod Thatcher2,244,000
Bert PerryBUSTED!
Angel GuillenBUSTED!

Chips for dinner

Just before our players went off on their dinner break, our team completed a full round of chip counts, and have since confirmed that 2012WPTDeepStacks Gold Coast Main Event Champion Will Davies has been amongst the latest wave of eliminations.

Bert Perry and Angel Guillen have also been sent to the rail and we’ll have their stories coming your way shortly.

Table 8

1Luci Bonaccorso1,057,000
2Kiko Puyat793,000
3Moon Gab Chung1,175,000
4Michael Brahim1,831,000
5Marc Brown745,000
7Lloyd Locsin491,000
8Adrian Sportelli1,815,000
9Lawrence Stephenson516,000

Table 10

1Craig Landry1,099,000
2Josh McCully924,000
3Yang Lei1,308,000
4Jeison Berdugo238,000
5Jarrod Thatcher2,319,000
6Bert PerryBUSTED!
7Lee Bradbury1,546,000
8Richard Tang219,000
9Najeem Ajez940,000

Table 12

1Denis Jankovic512,000
2Mitch Bognar1,520,000
3Nicholas Tory915,000
4Robert Spano1,405,000
5Alba Qi884,000
6Tommy Handelaar658,000
7Angel GuillenBUSTED!
8Craig Abernethy551,000
9Jennifer Cassell1,265,000

Level 22: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)

Food, glorious food!

Our Main Event players are now on a 30-minute dinner break. Grab a bite for yourselves and we’ll be back soon with a fresh batch of chips!

No more Duces

After Zac and Harrison were eliminated earlier in the day, the last surviving brother Duce has eliminated in the lead-up to our next break.

In some of the earlier action picked up on Table 13, Josh Duce’s AQ flushed out Bestami Ay after he turned the nuts on a board of K104710.

Some time passed before he found himself clashing against Jennifer Cassell, but although he was dominating with 1010, Cassell’s 66 rivered a small set on the AK256.

Duce shoved the remainder in with K9 on the very next hand, only to be called off by Moon Gab Chung who rolled up A3.

Duce took the lead after the flop of K310, but Duce was drawing thin after the turn of the A, then departed after the 7 came down the river.

Moon Gab Chung1,160,000
Jennifer Cassell459,000
Bestami AyBUSTED!
Josh DuceBUSTED!
Josh Duce

The Seremet swansong

Just before the start of play today, our reporter caught up with Tony Seremet, who after seeing the amount of support he’d received from his family, friends and clients tracking his progress through the PMA Live Reporting blog, the personal trainer wanted to show his appreciation.

“I normally just like to fly under the radar in poker tournaments … keep myself in the shadows,” Seremet said, “but everyone watching at home has given me so much love and I hope I can do them all proud.”

It was indeed a great run from ‘Coach T’, however he has just been eliminated at the hands of Robert Spano mid-way through this level.

As Seremet recalled, he had raised pre-flop before Spano came back with a three-bet out of the blinds; Seremet called, then shoved after Spano’s bet of 250,000 on the flop of 7A3. Spano snap-called.

Spano: AK
Seremet: A9

The turn and river ran out 10, 5 and Seremet was eliminated.

Robert Spano1,660,000
Tony SeremetBUSTED!
Tony Seremet

Perry reduced

Over on Table 13, action folded around to Bert Perry who raised from the button before Najeem Ajez three-bet shoved from the small blind; Perry made the call and tabled 1010, but Jennifer Cassell gave Perry’s shoulder a conciliatory squeeze after Ajez turned up JJ.

Ajez then rivered a full house on the board of 3K5KJ to double through.

Najeem Ajez1,272,000
Bert Perry725,000

Marshall marched out

It was yet another great run at the Star Gold Coast Champs from Brett Marshall, who hung on for dear life at the Main Event feature table, however he’s just been eliminated at the hands of Craig Landry.

After Landry min-clicked to 50,000, the action folded around to Marshall who shoved with KJ, but he lost the flip for his tournament life against Landry’s 44 as the board ran clean 3853Q.

Craig Landry1,229,000
Brett MarshallBUSTED!
Brett Marshall

Level 21: 12,000/24,000 (24,000)

Yeet-a Choong

Sydney grinder Yita Choong has been busted at the hands of Marc Brown, moving all-in with pocket aces pre-flop and finding himself in great shape against Brown’s A-K.

However, Brown managed to turn Broadway, much to the shock of his tablemates.

“Jeez, how do you manage to lose there with aces at 92%? That’s disgusting.” Adrian Sportelli remarked.

Marc Brown666,000
Yita ChoongBUSTED!

Riding the Cierco-coaster

It’s been all highs and lows for Anthony Cierco as action continues in the Star Gold Coast Champs Main Event.

Earlier, there was an all-in battle of the blinds between Cierco, who shoved the small blind with Q6 and was called by the A10 of Ke Xu before the dealer spread the board of Q4848 to push Cierco’s stack up to 514,000.

What goes up, must come down, however, as he then ripped it in from the button in the very next hand after a pre-flop raise to 40,000 from Craig Abernethy; Xu called from the small blind and Abernethy quickly got out of the way.

“Round two!” Xu exclaimed as he turned over 77, which won the flip against Cierco’s AQ after he filled up on the 410844 board.

Anthony Cierco330,000
Ke Xu448,000

Hassan chopped

Lawrence Stephenson is also close to hitting the magic million, taking out Idris Hassan over on Table 13.

Again, all the money was in the middle pre-flop, with Hassan’s AJ trailing the AQ, with neither hand improving on the board of 92368.

“Oh man!” Bert Perry said to Stephenson. “I remember when you only had eight BB’s … how good is tournament poker?”

Lawrence Stephenson916,000
Idris HassanBUSTED!

Conna burned

Mitch Bognar has now moved past the one-million chip mark after eliminating Conna Burns.

No sooner after Angel Guillen had doubled through Robert Spano, Burns jammed with A10, however Bognar called with AJ before outkicking him on the board of 52QAA.

Mitch Bognar1,200,000
Conna BurnsBUSTED!

Guillen gets through

Having just been moved onto Table 12, Angel Guillen has just scored a double-up through Robert Spano.

Guillen ripped it in with AQ before the flop and Spano called him off with A8, but although both players flopped a pair on the 710A4K board, Guillen was best with the queen kicker.

Angel Guillen367,000
Robert Spano689,000

Chips ahoy!

A great session for Lee Bradbury, who now tops our assorted counts with almost 1.5 million, while Lloyd Locsin, who started the day as overall chip leader, took a massive hit to drop below 250,000.

Lee Bradbury1,473,000
Michael Brahim1,460,000
Adrian Sportelli1,358,000
Craig Landry1,195,000
Josh McCully1,009,000
Bert Perry880,000
Yang Lei824,000
Mitch Bognar780,000
Josh Duce770,000
Luci Bonaccorso760,000
Robert Spano735,000
Lawrence Stephenson664,000
Brett Marshall640,000
Craig Abernethy570,000
Jennifer Cassell379,000
Will Davies367,000
Angel Guillen362,000
Anthony Cierco247,000
Lloyd Locsin242,000

Level 20: 10,000/20,000 (20,000)

Coffee time!

The Main Event players are now on another 10-minute break, however we can confirm that Adam Andrews, Hussein Hassan and Josh McSwiney are amongst those who will not be returning.

Have a stretch and we’ll see you back here shortly!

Corey caught out

Although he managed to secure a couple of double-ups in the earlier part of this level, Corey Van Jaarsveldt has just been eliminated by Josh Duce.

Van Jaarsveldt made his last move with K10, but he was wheeled out by Duce’s A3 after the dealer spread the board of Q4275.

Josh Duce492,000
Corey Van JaarsveldtBUSTED!
Corey Van Jaarsveldt

Youssef yeeted

Another huge scalp for Mitch Bognar, taking out Carlos Youssef in the very next hand after eliminating Ken Demlakian!

Youssef open-shoved for his last 144,000 with QJ, but Bognar woke up with AQ, flopping an ace on the board of 23A105 to send Youssef to the rail.

Mitch Bognar987,000
Carlos YoussefBUSTED!
Carlos Youssef

Bognar busts Demlakian

Ken Demlakian has just been taken out in the space of two hands by Mitch Bognar to move up to more than 820,000 in chips.

In an earlier hand, Bognar opened to 32,000 pre-flop and Ken Demlakian called from the small blind, as did Tommy Handelaar from the big blind to make three-handed to a flop of 983, which they all checked.

Demlakian then opened for 45,000 after the turn of the 10; Bognar then folded after Handelaar raised to 220,000, which also forced the fold from Demlakian.

Some time passed before Demlakian shoved the last of his stack in with AJ and action folded around to Bognar in the blinds, who called him off with QQ.

Bognar then improved to two pair on the board of K26K3 to end Demlakian’s run.

Tommy Handelaar633,000
Mitch Bognar396,000
Ken DemlakianBUSTED!
Mitch Bognar

Level 19: 8,000/16,000 (16,000)

Howearth grounded

Just as we hit Level 19, Matthew Howearth jammed with 55 and found himself in a flip against Bert Perry who tabled A10 that went on to hit the runner-runner straight on the board of Q68J9.

Perry’s partner – one Jennifer Cassell, who scored her breakthrough victory in the APT Brisbane 6-Max Event three months ago – is currently seated on his immediate left. Hopefully there won’t be any love lost between the pair anytime soon!

Bert Perry & Jennifer Cassell

Kwok K.O.’ed

Nigel Kwok has been busted at the hands of Tommy Handelaar, getting the last of his money in pre-flop with A10, but although he found himself ahead of Handelaar’s A9, Handelaar turned the nut flush on the board of 8Q258.

We can also confirm the eliminations of Geoff Milner, Zac Duce, Rod Meneses, Tala Posala, Luke Medwin and Dan Simijanic.

Tommy Handelaar485,000
Nigel KwokBUSTED!

Ngata and Norvock nixed

Aroha Ngata and Josh Norvock have both cashed out after play resumed here in the Star Gold Coast Champs Main Event.

Almost immediately after Janet Wyvil was sent to the rail, Lee Bradbury scooped up the last of Ngata’s chips; both players had hit trip aces, but Ngata’s A-6 was outkicked by Bradbury’s A-K.

Norvock was then eliminated at the hands of Nicholas Tory, running his pocket nines into pocket kings with neither hand improving on the board of 6-6-7-J-8.

Assorted chip counts

Yang Lei1,316,000
Michael Brahim1,102,000
Lloyd Locsin1,052,000
Adrian Sportelli931,000
Lee Bradbury836,000
Robert Spano768,000
Jeison Berdugo579,000
Anthony Cierco546,000
Najeem Ajez506,000
Bert Perry472,000
Will Davies460,000
Luci Bonaccorso386,000
Hussein Hassan207,000

Level 18: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)

Break time

The Main Event players are now on a 20-minute comfort break. Back soon with a round of counts!

Bradbury bursts the bubble

Action all around the felt at here Star Poker Gold Coast, with Tala Posala and Craig Landry both scoring crucial double-ups before we were called back over to Table 12, where we saw Janet Wyvil standing up next to Lee Bradbury, waiting for action to be completed on the other tables.

Board: 52443

“I’m gone.” Wyvil moaned. “He’s got the six, I’ve got the ace.”

“You told her already?” enquired Adrian Sportelli.

“We’re on the bubble man, I’m not gonna slowroll her!” Bradbury replied.

Wyvil: A5
Bradbury: 86

With that, Wyvil’s day was done and we are now in the money!

Lee Bradbury775,000
Janet WyvilBUSTED!
Lee Bradbury

Norvock caught in the Jank tank

A huge crowd gathered around Table 12, where we picked up the action on board of 89A39 between Denis Jankovic and Josh Norvock.

Norvock was facing an all-in bet from Jankovic, with the pot worth around 310,000 and holding 275,000 behind.

“How long has it been?” Robert Spano asked.

“About four minutes.” replied the floor staff.

“Jeez, you’d hate to call time here.”

Another four minutes passed.

“How much has he got?” Norvock asked as he pointed at Jankovic’s stack.

“150,000 total,” the dealer said.

After another minute, Norvock threw in the chips to call, but mucked when Jankovic tabled 88 for the full house.

“Hang on, isn’t he supposed to show? It’s an all-in-call!” Spano cried.

“Dude, chill.” Norvock shot back. “I lost the hand. I had J-10.”

A tough spot to be in.

Denis Jankovic640,000
Josh Norvock116,000

Angel fish

More all-in-call action on Table 19, this time between Michael Clair and Angel Guillen.

The PMA Live Reporting Crew got there in time to see Clair’s K7 being swept into the muck, with Guillen raking in the pot after his A9 had held up all the way down a queen-high board.

“Angel … you’re such a fish!” Ken Demlakian said with a smile.

“I am.” Guillen replied.

And with that, we are now down to 64 players – just two away from the money!

Angel Guillen350,000
Michael ClairBUSTED!
Angel Guillen

He’s a Brahimillionaire!

Michael Brahim is now sitting behind a gargantuan stack after taking out Tom Maguire to move past the one-million chip mark.

After Brahim min-raised to 20,000 pre-flop, Maguire shoved for the last of his stack holding A5, but despite pairing up on the board of 89AQ2, Brahim had hit two pair with his AQ to send Maguire to the rail.

Michael Brahim1,340,000
Tom MaguireBUSTED!
Michael Brahim


Josh Emerton and Russell Fogarty have been confirmed among the latest burst of eliminations as we approach the Main Event bubble.

Earlier, Harrison Duce opened for 16,500 from early position with A-J and Jennifer Cassell jammed for 121,000 holding K-J, but despite Fogarty calling all-in with JJ, Cassell caught a king on the flop to give her the triple up and deliver a critical hit to Fogarty’s stack before he lost the remainder shortly after.

A short time later, Emerton and Anthony Cierco got all their money into the middle, but Emerton’s QQ were crushed by Cierco’s AA, with no change after the board of 9J765.

Anthony Cierco755,000
Josh EmertonBUSTED!
Russell FogartyBUSTED!
Josh Emerton

Spano spells it out

Action has slowed down a touch between our 69 remaining players, but Sydney’s Robert Spano is holding firm after taking out Mark Bain.

Bain got the last of his money into the middle pre-flop holding 77, but Spano woke up with AA, which went on to hit two pair on the board of KK2QJ.

Jarrod Thatcher came over and inspected the damage.

“Robert, you’re running like God right now!” Thatcher exclaimed.

“Just call me G-O-D!” Spano quipped.

“That’s right Rob, you’re the B-E-S-T!” Thatcher replied with a playful bump on the arm.

Robert Spano710,000
Mark BainBUSTED!
Robert Spano

Level 17: 5,000/10,000 (10,000)

Mariakis massacred, Hyde hacked

Bust-outs all over the shop here at The Star Gold Coast, with Michael Mariakis and Hasian Hyde both eliminated as we approach the end of the first level of Day 2.

Earlier, Mariakis ran his JJ into the QQ of Jarrod Thatcher, who filled up on the board of 929KQ to end his Main Event run.

Lloyd Locsin then padded his stack with Hyde’s remaining chips after he shoved with 88, but Locsin turned top pair on the J65AQ.

Lloyd Locsin888,000
Jarrod Thatcher535,000
Hasian HydeBUSTED!
Michael MariakisBUSTED!

Not Furlong

Over on Table 20, Patrick Furlong went all-in pre-flop for the last of his money with AJ, only to run head-first into the KK of Josh McSwiney.

McSwiney’s overpair was still best after the dealer spread a board of 10Q410J and we lost one more.

Josh McSwiney420,000
Patrick FurlongBUSTED!
Josh McSwiney

A family affair

Mitch Bognar is now the sole surviving Bognar after his father Attila was eliminated at the hands of Monil Gohil.

Gohil raised from under the gun to 25,000 and Aroha Ngata called before action folded to Bognar who moved all-in for 123,000. Both the blinds and Ngata got out of the way before the cards were tabled.

Bognar: A3
Gohil: KQ

Gohil had Bognar every which way but loose, improving his hand an all streets across a board of 105QKK to flush Bognar out of the tournament.

It’s better news for the Duce brothers though, as Zac, Josh and Harrison are all still very much alive and well!

Monil Gohil313,000
Attila BognarBUSTED!

None for Nuno

After running A-T into the pocket aces of Conna Burns, Nuno Da Silva shoved his remaining chips in pre-flop with KQ, but needed help against the AJ of Craig Abernethy.

Neither hand improved on the 87987 and Da Silva was sent to the rail.

Craig Abernethy394,000
Conna Burns275,000
Nuno Da SilvaBUSTED!
Conna Burns

Zenenos zilched

Chris Zenenos was confirmed as our first elimination from Day 2 of the Main Event, taken out at the hands of Wai Kin Cheung over on our feature table.

Zenenos had moved the last of his chips in with 88, however Cheung had him covered with QQ which held all the way down the board of A4422.

Poker Palace tournament director Will Davies gave us his tongue-in-cheek assessment.

“That’s a bum hand,” he said. “Mind you, I expertly folded tens there … the people need to know that I’m both smart, skilful and good-looking.

No arguments here!

Wai Kin Cheung410,000
Chris ZenenosBUSTED!

Amalgamate and allocate!

Cards are in the air for Day 2 of the Star Gold Coast Champs Main Event!

Level 16: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)

Ready to roll!

Welcome back to PokerMedia Australia and to The Star Gold Coast for Day 2 of the Star Gold Coast Champs Main Event!

Our remaining 87 players are now un-bagging their chips in preparation for today’s session, which gets underway at 11:30am AEST. Blind levels are now 60 minutes in duration and we’ll be playing through 11 levels or down to final table, whichever comes first.

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Players Remaining87
Total Entries495
Recommencing Blinds4,000/8,000 (8,000)
Average Stack283,700 (35 BBs)


Players Paid62
Minimum Payout$2,923
First Prize$131,311
Total Prize Pool$668,250

Day 2 seat draw

Table 7

1Craig Landry242,000
2Zac Vigar137,000
3Anthony Cierco383,000
4Dan Smiljanic340,000
5Ming Yu223,000
6Moon Gab Chung397,000
7Michael Jaworski304,000
8Josh Emerton152,000
9Luci Bonaccorso588,000

Table 8

1Yita Choong230,000
2Chris Wookey144,000
3Stephen Topakas69,000
4Hasian Hyde112,000
5Jeison Berdugo488,000
6Geoff Milner456,000
7Lloyd Locsin818,000
8Tom Maguire334,000
9Suraj Kara263,000

Table 10

1Wai Kin Cheung259,000
2Josh McCully153,000
3Andrej Senic409,000
4Chris Zenonos60,000
5Shem Goltz231,000
6Cuong Le59,000
7Luke Medwin232,000
8Zien Tang358,000
9Will Davies374,000

Table 12

1Denis Jankovic109,000
2Mitch Bognar208,000
3Nicholas Tory501,000
4Geoffrey Mooney202,000
5Nigel Kwok168,000
6Tommy Handelaar230,000
7Josh Norvock617,000
8Zac Duce445,000
9Michael Brahim769,000

Table 13

1Harrison Duce319,000
2Gavin Best207,000
3Carlos Youssef182,000
4Jennifer Cassell116,000
5Najeem Ajez334,000
6Matthew Howearth322,000
7Russell Fogarty111,000
8David Martell85,000
9Bestami Ay325,000

Table 16

1Antonio Fares353,000
2Kiko Puyat150,000
3Brett Marshall392,000
4Lee Bradbury230,000
5Tala Posala288,000
6Ricky Kroesen346,000
7Adrian Indovino234,000
8Ke Xu209,000
9Hussein Hassan139,000

Table 17

1Mark Bain192,000
2Idris Hassan287,000
3Janet Wyvill175,000
4Bert (John) Perry174,000
5Antonio Seremet500,000
6Rod Meneses395,000
7Robert Spano580,000
8Graham Davis642,000
9Michael Tomeny141,000

Table 18

2Aroha Ngata355,000
3Lawrence Stephenson253,000
4Attila Bognar143,000
5Josh Duce351,000
6Dylan Foster239,000
7Qi Xin270,000
8James Siu171,000
9Monil Gohil223,000

Table 19

1Nuno Da Silva192,000
2Conna Burns87,000
3Michael Clair134,000
4Angel Guillen214,000
5Morgan Ma193,000
7Craig Abernethy297,000
8Ken Demlakian305,000
9Corey Van Jaarsveldt199,000

Table 20

1Pat Furlong206,000
2Jarrod Thatcher309,000
3Cam Adams531,000
4Adrian Sportelli492,000
5Marc Brown326,000
6Yang Lei236,000
8Michael Mariakis229,000
9Josh McSwiney235,500

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