LIVE REPORTING: Star Gold Coast Champs $440 PLO Day 2

Congratulations Mina Elias, Star Gold Coast Champs PLO Champion! ($13,080)

Mina Elias has dominated the final table, taking out eight of nine opponents today on his rampage to a first PLO title.

He was already celebrating before the final river card dropped as he secured a $13,080 pay day and a Star Gold Coast Champs trophy, with his heads up opponent Carlos Youssef drawing dead on the turn.

Mina was in complete control all day, coming in to today’s play as the chip leader and only losing it for a short while; when asked if he was ever in doubt of the victory he responded succinctly “Never, mate, absolutely never.”

This title follows a 10th place finish at the Brisbane Poker Festival Main Event. Speaking with PMA after his victory, he was confidently assured; “We did it, got the job done. Definitely wasn’t expecting it to be the PLO, though.”

As turns out, this was Mina’s “3rd or 4th” PLO tournament ever. Asked if he had any other experience with the game; “I’ve been playing a little bit of PLO more lately than usual, but it’s run good, pure and simple.”

Mina Elias and rail – image courtesy of Star Gold Coast

STAR GOLD COAST CHAMPS $440 PLO – FINAL TABLE RESULTS (159 entries, 14 players paid)

1stMina EliasAustralia$13,080
2ndCarlos YoussefAustralia$8,066
3rdTaylor GrubeAustralia$4,840
4thAndrej SenicAustralia$3,161
5thDavid SebesfiAustralia$2,442
6thMatt PongrassAustralia$2,006
7thSimon PedlerAustralia$1,700
8thRatul SayakAustralia$1,482
9thCindy TamihanaAustralia$1,308

Carlos Youssef eliminated in 2nd place ($8,066)

Shortly into heads up play, both Carlos Youssef and Mina Elias saw a flop of 26J.

Youssef check-raised Elias’ 100,000 bet to pot, and then called off his remaining chips when Elias shoved.

Youssef: AQJ9
Elias: 7322

Elias had his arms in the air immediately; he knew the score and he started celebrating with his rail as soon as the turn 4. “That’s it!” he yelled jubilantly, and it was, with Youssef drawing dead and the river 9 no help.

Carlos YoussefBUSTED!
Carlos Youssef – image courtesy of Star Gold Coast

Taylor Grube eliminated in 3rd place ($4,840)

Mina Elias opened the action on the button to 70,000, and Carlos Youssef called from the small blind.

Taylor Grube then 3-bet maximum, potting it to 280,000, leaving himself only 24,000 behind.

Elias called and Youssef instantly said “Aaiyah!”, facing the heavens as he tried to figure out what to do. He eventually called as well, and all three players saw a flop of 444. Youssef checked, Grube put his remaining 24,000 in and both Elias and Youssef quickly called.

Youssef and Elias both checked the 2 turn, but after Youssef checked the 10 river, Elias bet 100,000. Youssef quickly folded.

Grube tabled KK33 but Elias had got lucky, spiking a set with his AQ1010 to win outright and sail up the chip counts.

Mina Elias2,089,000
Carlos Youssef599,000
Taylor GrubeBUSTED!
Taylor Grube – image courtesy of Star Gold Coast

Updated chip counts

2Taylor Grube433,000
5Mina Elias1,130,000
6Carlos Youssef1,125,000

Level 21: 10,000/20,000 (20,000)

Andrej Senic eliminated in 4th place ($3,161)

Mina Elias opened to 50,000 and action folded around to Andrej Senic on big blind. Senic hit the pot button, upping the ante to 165,000 and leaving himself only 69,000 behind.

The flop came 629 and both players got the rest of the money in.

Senic: AQ99
Elias: A875

“I have a wrap,” said Elias to his rail “Oh what, he’s got top set!”

Elias celebrated as the board ran out 54, hitting his wrap immediately and then holding through the river.

Mina Elias1,130,000
Andrej SenicBUSTED!
Andrej Senic – Image courtesy of Star Gold Coast

Set, Senic

Andrej Senic shoved his remaining 108,000 from the small blind, following an open to 50,000 from Mina Elias under the gun.

Taylor Grube folded his big blind inbetween the two, and Elias snap called.

Elias: KJ63
Senic: QQ82

Senic spiked top set and held through the board of 74Q8A.

Mina Elias777,000
Andrej Senic242,000

Grube continues his rise

Taylor Grube is getting into the swing of things, involved in several pots recently.

Grube 3-bet Andrej Senic’s 45,000 open to 155,000. Senic called, and then check-folded the flop of 357 to Grube’s shove.

Grube then defended his big blind to a 50,000 open from Mina Elias, only to check-fold when Elias bet 80,000 on a flop of 336.

Lastly, Grube again 3-bet Senic in a blind vs blind pot where Senic opened from the small blind to 45,000 and Grube potted to 135,000, Senic called. The flop dropped Q72 and Senic again check-folded; Senic is getting dangerously low now.

Taylor Grube518,000
Andrej Senic136,000
Andrej Sanic

Level 20: 10,000/15,000 (15,000)

Great Grube!

Taylor Grube limped on the small blind only to see Mina Elias pot out of the big blind. That might have been the plan, though, because Grube then re-potted back and Elias made the call.

Grube: KQJJ
Elias: A763

Grube absolutely smashed the 783 flop but Elias was live with two pair, needing a repeat to make a full house. The board did pair on the 48 runout, but it was the wrong pair and Grube gets a full double.

Mina Elias780,000
Taylor Grube240,000
Taylor Grube

Level 19: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)

David Sebesfi eliminated in 5th place ($2,442)

Down to a short stack, David Sebesfi potted to 30,000 from the small blind and Mina Elias matched the bet in the big blind.

On a flop of 6A4 Sebesfi open shoved his remaining 65,000 and Elias quickly called to put him at risk.

Sebesfi: KQ62
Elias: 10975

Sebesfi found himself in front with a pair of sixes, but had to fade a straight draw for Elias. He was able to, but the board ran out 59 to grant Elias his “backdoor two pair draw” and the elimination.

Mina Elias932,000
David SebesfiBUSTED!
David Sebesfi

You so crushed

Carlos Youssef has sailed clean into the chiplead, securing a massive double up through Mina Elias.

The chips went in with a raising war on a board showing KA6.

Elias: QJ66
Youssef: AAJ7

Youssef’s top set held on a runout of QQ to take him into the chiplead.

Carlos Youssef1,047,000
Mina Elias765,000
Carlos Youssef

Level 18: 5,000/10,000 (10,000)

Elias human after all

Dominating the headlines today but Mina Elias has actually just lost one, with Taylor Grube all in and at risk on a board of 5AA.

Grube: AK96
Elias: KK77

Grube had flopped trip Aces and held blockers to Elias’ hand; Elias needing a seven and seven only to fill up and eliminate Grube.

The board completed 104 and Grube doubled through.

Mina Elias1,240,000
Taylor Grube178,000
20220317_125027.jpg (4000×2252)
Taylor Grube

Matt Pongrass eliminated in 6th place ($2,006)

Matt Pongrass is the next to fall to Mina Elias, betting full pot onto a flop of 10Q9, action folded round to Elias, who shoved.

Pongrass called, and waited for Elias to table J744 before tabling his own J866.

Elias had a flush draw, whilst Pongrass had flopped the Queen high straight, needing to dodge a club or running cards to hold.

The board ran out KA, the river club good enough for Elias to continue his rampage.

Mina Elias1,355,000
Matt PongrassBUSTED!
Matt Pongrass

Simon Pedler eliminated in 7th place ($1,700)

Elias has claimed yet another scalp, getting involved in a preflop war with Simon Pedler.

Pedler opened to 28,000 and Elias hit the pot button, sending it up to 92,000. Pedler shoved and Elias snap called.

Pedler: KKQ2
Elias: AA42

Aces versus Kings in a set up cooler, and Elias’s Aces held through on a board of 10Q793 to eliminate Pedler and send Elias the first player to a seven figure stack.

Mina Elias1,149,000
Simon PedlerBUSTED!
Simon Pedler

Level 17: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)

Ratul Sayak eliminated in 8th place ($1,482)

With a full board showing 36A85 actioned happened very quickly, as Ratul Sayak had gotten all of his chips in with Carlos Youssef.

Sayak: 9875
Youssef: Q633

It was straight versus flush, as Youssef’s flopped set had gone runner runner diamonds to take the pot and the scalp.

Carlos Youssef508,000
Ratul SayakBUSTED!
Ratul Sayak

Cindy Tamihana eliminated in 9th place ($1,308)

Mina Elias has claimed another scalp, eliminating Cindy Tamihana.

“All in and a call!” from the dealer, and our Live Reporter scurried over to see a board showing K65.

Elias: 10955
Tamihana: AA88

Elias had flopped bottom set, whilst Tamihana had two chances at two chances to make this set over set and survive.

The board ran out 7K and Elias improved to a full house to eliminate Tamihana, however.

Mina Elias973,000
Cindy TamihanaBUSTED!
Cindy Tamihana

Pongrass is green

Matt Pongrass has going through a green patch, winning the last two hands to grow his stack significantly.

On the first, Pongrass opened to 12,000 and received calls from both Cindy Tamihana and David Sebesfi in the blinds. All three checked through a board of 6QQ210 before Sebesfi fired 30,000 on the river. Pongrass made the call and Tamihana got out the way.

“You’re good,” announced Sebesfi “I have eights.”

Pongrass tabled A8JJ to take it down.

He was immediately back in action as Mina Elias raised under the gun to 21,000. Pongrass quickly announced “pot” and upped it to 72,000. Action folded back round to Elias, who made the call.

Elias checked the 34J flop and Pongrass immediately shoved for 95,000. Elias went into the tank and agonised for several minutes before folding, and Pongrass showed his AA98 to ease the pain.

Matt Pongrass254,000
Mina Elias 814,000
David Sebesfi148,000
Matt Pongrass

Level 16: 3,000/6,000 (6,000)

Final table and redraw

The final table of the Star Gold Coast Champs $440 PLO has been set. Mina Elias still leads the way, having padded his stack with his recent elimination of Hasian Hyde.

Table 10

1Andrej Senic560,000
2Taylor Grube171,000
3Cindy Tamihana139,000
4David Sebesfi201,000
5Simon Pedler149,000
6Mina Elias886,000
7Carlos Youssef418,000
8Matt Pongrass105,000
9Ratul Sayak97,000

Hasian Hyde eliminated in 10th place ($1,155)

Hasian Hyde has been eliminated in dramatic fashion at the hands of chipleader Mina Elias.

On a board showing J10A, Cindy Tamihana led out for 20,000 and Elias popped it up to 125,000. Hyde called off the remainder of his stack – 47,000 – and Tamihana went into the tank, eventually letting it go.

Hyde: KJ109
Elias: 1010K8

Two pair for Hyde, with a straight draw, and middle set for Elias. The board ran out 5A– no help to Hyde, who bubbles the final table.

Mina Elias886,000
Hasian HydeBUSTED!

Hasian Hyde

Day 2 of the PLO commences

Welcome back to PokerMedia Australia‘s coverage of the Star Gold Coast Champs – today is Day 2 of the $440 PLO. We’re down from 109 entries to just 10 remaining, with Mina Elias leading the way. Mina has a healthy chip advantage over his nearest rivals in Carlos Youssef and Andrej Senic, dragging up the average stack between the three of them with the rest of the field a way behind.

Elias had a 10th place finish at the Brisbane Poker Festival Main Event for $6,406, and will be looking to improve on that.

Blinds recommence at 3,000/5,000 with a 5,000 big blind ante, and just one elimination away from final table. Each player is guaranteed $1,155 at this point, and the winner today will walk away with $13,080.

Level 15: 3,000/5,000 (5,000)

Day 2 seat allocations and chip counts

Table 8

1Carlos Youssef430,000
2Cindy Tamihana136,000
3Ratul Sayak126,000
5Mina Elias727,000
6Hasian Hyde146,000

Table 10

2Andrej Senic414,000
4David Sebesfi187,000
6Matt Pongrass286,000
7Simon Pedler163,000
8Taylor Grube130,000

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