LIVE REPORTING: Star Gold Coast Champs Opening Event Day 2

Congratulations Wenjie Sun ($49,611), Star Gold Coast Champs Opening Event Champion!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!

Having dropped to as little as 20,000 in chips in the lead-up to the final table, Wenjie Sun has completed his epic comeback, defeating France’s Anthony Cierco heads-up for the Star Gold Coast Champs title!

The achievement is made even more incredible given the fact that Sun had only taken up the game less than six months ago, being coached by his best mate as they put in countless hours of study to prepare for this series – and it’s clearly paid off in every sense of the word.

Co-incidentally, his winning hand – pocket jacks – was the same hand that Luci Bonaccorso held when she won the $1,100 NLH Event earlier this evening. Now that’s one for the PokerMedia Australia Almanac!

STAR GOLD COAST CHAMPS OPENING EVENT ($750 buy-in, 346 entries, 44 players paid)

1stWenjie SunChina$49,611
2ndAnthony CiercoFrance$34,750
3rdJeremy WinlawAustralia$22,341
4thLucho VargasColombia$14,468
5thNathan HarveyAustralia$11,152
6thBrenton ButtigiegAustralia$9,225
7thBrett MarshallAustralia$7,742
8thCarlos YoussefAustralia$6,341
9thCorey Van JaarsveldtAustralia$4,961
*Final table results shown.

Our full wrap-up of today’s action – including the results of the $330 Bounty – will be published tomorrow, but for now, the PMA Live Reporting Crew are heading off to rest up before the Teams Event and then we’ll be back on deck for Day 1 of the $660 Big Wave on Tuesday.

Thanks again for joining us and we look forward to seeing you on the felt very soon. Until next time, from all of us here at The Star Gold Coast, it’s ‘bye for now!

Anthony Cierco eliminated in 2nd place ($34,750)

Down to just 2.8 million in chips, Anthony Cierco snap-called all-in from the big blind after Wenjie Sun open-shoved from the button.

Cierco turned over A10, however he was well behind Sun who rolled up JJ; despite spiking a pair on the flop of 6102, Sun held after the turn and river blanked out 7, 4.

Another impressive result from the French import, who has already scored two major titles leading up to this series – rest assured that this won’t be the last time we see Cierco’s name up in lights!

Sun turns up the heat

Wenjie Sun and Anthony Cierco got stuck into heads-up play almost straight away, with Sun raising to 600,000 from the button and forcing a fold from Cierco from the big blind.

In the very next hand, Cierco limped from the button and Sun checked his option from the big blind before forcing a fold from Cierco after firing 600,000 on a flop of 726.

Cierco then mucked after Sun’s open-shove from the button to move down to less than three million in chips.

Wenjie Sun7,575,000
Anthony Cierco2,800,000

Jeremy Winlaw eliminated in 3rd place ($22,341)

After Anthony Cierco raised to 450,000 from the button, Winlaw jammed from the small blind and Wenjie Sun called from the big blind, forcing Cierco out of the way before the cards were tabled.

Sun: QQ
Winlaw: A4

Sun then hit top set on the flop of 10Q5, but the 3 on the turn gave Winlaw the gut-shot wheel draw.

It wasn’t to be, as the 6 bricked out on the river – and we are now officially heads-up for the Star Gold Coast Champs Opening Event title!

Wenjie Sun6,630,000
Anthony Cierco3,745,000
Jeremy WinlawBUSTED!
Jeremy Winlaw

Updated chip counts

Wenjie Sun3,905,000
Anthony Cierco4,195,000
Jeremy Winlaw2,185,000

Level 31: 100,000/200,000 (200,000)

Break it down

Our remaining players are now on another 10-minute break.

Lucho Vargas eliminated in 4th place ($14,468)

After being almost felted at the hands of Wenjie Sun, Lucho Vargas jammed his last 325,000 from under the gun pre-flop and found a caller in Jeremy Winlaw from the big blind and flipping for his tournament life with A5 against Winlaw’s 22.

Vargas turned the bigger two pair and doubled up after the dealer spread the board of QJ85Q, but he then moved his chips back into the middle in the very next hand with QJ after Sun’s pre-flop raise.

Sun insta-called, tabling AQ and held after the board ran out 483710.

And just like that, we’re down to three!

Wenjie Sun3,050,000
Lucho VargasBUSTED!
Lucho Vargas

Sun scorches Vargas

Wenjie Sun has just decimated Lucho Vargas’ stack in another massive hand here at the Star Gold Coast Opening Event final table.

Action folded around to Vargas who open-shoved from the small blind with J9; Sun called with A7, however Vargas spiked top pair on the flop of 985.

A repeat 5 on the turn helped him along further, but much to the joy of Sun’s rail, the A fell on the river to give Sun a huge double-up!

Wenjie Sun2,380,000
Lucho Vargas325,000
Wenjie Sun

Lucho bounces back

Just as the blinds went up, Anthony Cierco folded before Jeremy Winlaw raised from the button; both Lucho Vargas and Wenjie Sun called from the blinds and Winlaw folded to make it three-handed to a flop of 673.

Both Vargas and Sun checked to Winlaw who opened for 325,000, but Vargas then check-raised all-in, forcing them out of the way to move back up to more than 2.5 million.

Lucho Vargas2,580,000
Lucho Vargas

Level 30: 75,000/150,000 (150,000)

Vargas takes a hit

In one of the last hands before the new level, Jeremy Winlaw folded from under the gun before Lucho Vargas raised to 250,000 from the button; Wenjie Sun folded his small blind and Anthony Cierco called from the big blind to go heads-up to the flop of 82J.

Both players checked, then Cierco check-called Vargas’ bet of 150,000 after the turn of the K before open-shoving on the river 3. Vargas mucked.

Wenjie Sun2,200,000
Anthony Cierco2,450,000
Jeremy Winlaw4,050,000
Lucho Vargas1,370,000

Four milly for Winlaw

And now for something completely different … a battle of the blinds!

This time, Anthony Cierco completed the small and Jeremy Winlaw checked his option to go heads-up to a flop of 4J9.

Cierco opened for 125,000 and Winlaw called, then also called Cierco’s bet of 250,000 on the turn of the Q before calling again after Cierco’s third barrel of 650,000 after the river 10.

Cierco rolled up A5 for nothing but air, but Winlaw tabled 108 for the turned straight.

Jeremy Winlaw4,180,000
Anthony Cierco2,040,000

Sun and Cierco share one

After Wenjie Sun raised to 325,000 from the small blind, Anthony Cierco called from the big blind before both players checked the flop of JK5.

Sun then check-called Cierco’s bet of 325,000 after the dealer brought down the 2 on the turn before open-shoving on the river 8. Cierco quickly called.

Cierco: J8
Sun: J8

Chop, choppity chop-chop-chop!

Vargas chases the Sun

Another battle of the blinds, this time with Lucho Vargas completing from the small and Wenjie Sun checking his option in the big before both players checked the flop of 58Q.

Vargas then led out for 125,000 on the turn of the 8 before Sun raised to 325,000; Vargas made the call, then he opened for another 325,000 after the river 4.

Sun called, but Vargas was best with K4 for the second nut flush.

Lucho Vargas2,380,000
Wenjie Sun1,760,000

Cierco put to the sword

Jeremy Winlaw has clawed some chips back from Anthony Cierco as we head into the 29th level of play in this Opening Event.

Action folded to Cierco who completed the small blind before Winlaw checked his option in the big blind to go heads-up to a flop of 3JJ, which both players checked.

Cierco then opened for 125,000 after the turn of the 7 and Winlaw called before the Frenchman checked on the river 6.

Winlaw shoved for 1,105,000 and Cierco almost curled up in agony as he thought it over for a good three minutes.

“Looks like the Ace of Clubs, maybe … I think you might have missed the flush,” Cierco said, before putting in the chips to call.

As it turns out, Winlaw hadn’t missed at all, tabling 102 to scoop the pot.

Jeremy Winlaw2,760,000
Anthony Cierco3,180,000
Jeremy Winlaw

Level 29: 75,000/125,000 (125,000)

Nathan Harvey eliminated in 5th place ($11,152)

We’re now down to four in the Star Gold Coast Champs Opening Event after Nathan Harvey fell to Wenjie Sun in fifth place.

Harvey got his last 670,000 into the middle pre-flop with K5, but Sun woke up with AK which went on to hit two pair after the dealer spread a board of 69A1010.

The result is officially Harvey’s biggest tournament result to date, having only registered two small cashes at the APT and the Treasury Poker Festival Deepstack Event back in January. Well played, sir!

Wenjie Sun2,800,000
Nathan HarveyBUSTED!
Nathan Harvey

Kai’s gonna play with PMA!

As play continues in the Star Gold Coast Opening Event, the PokerMedia Australia team would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Luci Bonaccorso, who took out the $1,100 buy-in No Limit Hold’em Event.

We’d also like to congratulate fourth-place finisher Kai Yeung, who’ll be pairing up with Josh Emerton in the $440 Teams Event after winning our ‘I WANT TO PLAY WITH PMA’ Facebook Competition.

Thank you to everyone that entered and we hope to see you on the felt tomorrow night!

Kai Yeung

Updated chip counts

Wenjie Sun1,465,000
Anthony Cierco3,555,000
Jeremy Winlaw1,230,000
Nathan Harvey1,690,000
Lucho Vargas2,440,000

Level 28: 50,000/100,000 (100,000)

Take a breather

Our players are now on another 10-minute break.

Easy going

Action has slowed down now, but there have been some jabs thrown between our five remaining players as we head into the next break of the evening.

Earlier, Lucho Vargas min-clicked from early position before Cierco three-bet it to 450,000. Action then moved to Nathan Harvey who shoved for 1,905,000. Cierco and Vargas both elected to let their hands go.

In the very next hand, the action folded around to Harvey who raised to 220,000 from the small blind; Vargas called from the big blind and then jammed for 1,095,000 over Harvey’s 225,000 continuation bet on the flop of 97J; Harvey went into the tank but elected to let it go.

And an interesting statistic for those of you keeping score at home: both Lucho Vargas and Jeremy Winlaw made the final table of the Star Gold Coast Summer Series Main Event, finishing in fifth and seventh place respectively.

Sun is shining

Having been as low as 20,000 in chips in the lead-up to the final table, Wenjie Sun is now running hot after doubling through Nathan Harvey.

All the the money went into the middle after the turn on a board that read 7QA10; Harvey had hit top two pair with his AQ, but Sun had hit the nut straight with his KJ!

The river 5 was merely a formality and now both players are around the two-million chip mark.

Wenjie Sun2,040,000
Nathan Harvey2,015,000
Wenjie Sun

Level 27: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)

Brenton Buttigieg eliminated in 6th place ($9,225)

It’s all swings and roundabouts at the final table of the Opening Event, with Brenton Buttigieg gutted in extraordinary fashion before bowing out in sixth place.

In an earlier hand, Anthony Cierco opened for 130,000 before Jeremy Winlaw shoved for 465,000. Buttigieg then came in over the top and Cierco thought about it for a minute or so before making the call.

Cierco: QQ
Buttigieg: 88
Winlaw: K10

Winlaw took the main pot down after turning the king for the bigger two pair on the 2107K2 board, leaving Buttigieg with just 245,000.

Buttigieg then scored a double-up through Lucho Vargas before ripping it in with J10, only to find himself behind Nathan Harvey’s A10 which improved to two pair on the board of 391043.

Nathan Harvey3,680,000
Anthony Cierco2,430,000
Jeremy Winlaw1,455,000
Brenton ButtigiegBUSTED!
Brenton Buttigieg

Brett Marshall eliminated in 7th place ($7,742)

Brett Marshall was our latest final table casualty, eliminated in seventh place at the hands of QPC Main Event Champion Lucho Vargas.

From UTG+1, Marshall moved all-in before Vargas shoved over the top, forcing everyone else out of the way before the cards were tabled.

Vargas: JJ
Marshall: J9

Vargas then scuttled Marshall after filling up on the board of 10K10J4.

Lucho Vargas2,145,000
Brett MarshallBUSTED!
Brett Marshall

Sun rises

Our reporter picked up the action heads-up between Wenjie Sun and Brenton Buttigieg on a flop of K72; both players checked, then Buttigieg led out for 60,000 after the turn of the 7.

Sun called and then repeated his action after Buttigieg opened for 150,000 on the river of the 8.

Buttigieg tabled A4, but Sun rolled up AQ to scoop the pot.

Wenjie Sun1,350,000
Brenton Buttigieg2,100,000

Level 26: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)

Carlos Youssef eliminated in 8th place ($6,341)

Just before start of the new level, Carlos Youssef moved all-in with 109, but needed help against the K-Jo of Nathan Harvey.

Youssef fell further behind after the flop of K-4-3, but a queen on the turn gave him outs to the king-high straight.

It wasn’t to be – the river was a repeat queen – and Youssef was done and dusted.

Nathan Harvey2,015,000
Carlos YoussefBUSTED!
Carlos Youssef

Updated chip counts

1Wenjie Sun785,000
2Anthony Cierco1,785,000
3Jeremy Winlaw975,000
4Carlos Youssef730,000
5Nathan Harvey1,610,000
6Brenton Buttigieg2,670,000
7Brett Marshall290,000
9Lucho Vargas1,540,000

Level 25: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)

Break time

Players are now on another 10-minute break. Chip counts incoming … also, kitties!

Corey Van Jaarsveldt eliminated in 9th place ($4,961)

LCA Poker commentator Corey Van Jaarsveldt has fallen in ninth place, crippled by Wenjie Sun before being taken out by Anthony Cierco.

Earlier, Sun moved all-in from under the gun for his last 375,000 and Nathan Harvey called from the cut-off before Van Jaarsveldt shoved over the top from the big blind. Harvey peeked at his hand, glanced over at both players and then threw his cards away.

Van Jaarsveldt: AQ
Sun: 109

The flop of 23K did nothing for either hand, but the [Tc] spiked on the turn before the river 6 completed the board to give Sun a huge triple-up.

Down to his last 510,000 in chips, Van Jaarsveldt got them all into the middle with Q10, but Cierco woke up with AK which improved to two pair on the 75A5J.

Wenjie Sun785,000
Anthony Cierco1,785,000
Corey Van JaarsveldtBUSTED!
Corey Van Jaarsveldt

‘Butters’ gettin’ busy

Brenton Buttigieg has taken control in the early stages of this final table, now up to almost three million i chips after a couple of hands against Anthony Cierco and Jeremy Winlaw.

Earlier, Cierco came in with a raise of 80,000 from under the gun; action folded around to Buttigieg who called from the hijack to go heads-up to a flop of 3QA.

Cierco led out for 100,000 and Buttigieg called, then both players checked the turn of the 8 and the river J. Cierco tabled pocket fives, but Buttigieg was best with his KQ.

A few hands later, Buttigieg raised from UTG and only Winlaw followed him in from the small blind before check-calling Buttigieg on all streets down the board of J8233.

Buttigieg pumped his fists and rolled over 88 for the rivered boat and Winlaw flashed J-8o before throwing his hand into the muck.

“Let’s gooooo!” shouted Buttigieg as he high-fived his mates on the rail.

Brenton Buttigieg2,745,000
Anthony Cierco1,400,000
Jeremy Winlaw905,000

Level 24: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)

Star Gold Coast Champs Opening Event final table

The tournament will resume at 15m 23s into Level 23. From all of us at The Star Gold Coast and PokerMedia Australia, we wish everyone the best of luck!

Image courtesy of The Star Gold Coast
1Wenjie SunChina315,00011
2Anthony CiercoFrance1,685,00056
3Jeremy WinlawAustralia1,230,00041
4Carlos YoussefAustralia1,030,00034
5Nathan HarveyAustralia2,270,00076
6Brenton ButtigiegAustralia1,395,00047
7Brett MarshallAustralia365,00012
8Corey Van JaarsveldtAustralia655,00022
9Lucho VargasColombia1,440,00048

Craig Abernethy eliminated in 10th place ($4,181)

Shortly after we spoke to Benjamin Bliss at the PMA hotdesk, the floor staff beckoned us over to the feature table where we saw Craig Abernethy had moved all-in with AQ.

However, Brenton Buttigieg had called him down with QJ and then hooked a pair on the flop of J48 before the turn and river ran out 7, 10.

Ladies and gentlemen, the final table of the Star Gold Coast Champs Opening Event is now set! The clock has been now been paused so that our staff can make all the arrangements for the official final table portrait. Don’t touch that dial!

Brenton Buttigieg1,395,000
Craig AbernethyBUSTED!
Brenton Buttigieg

Benjamin Bliss eliminated in 11th place ($4,181)

We’re now just one bust-out from our first final table of the Star Gold Champs after Benjamin Bliss fell to Anthony Cierco in 11th place.

As Bliss recalled, Cierco opened from early position pre-flop; Bliss three-bet it and Cierco called before jamming on the flop of 8-9-T with A-K with the flush draw.

Cierco snap-called and turned over J-7 for the nut straight, and with the turn and river bricking out, Bliss went busto.

Anthony Cierco1,045,000
Benjamin BlissBUSTED!

Nuno Da Silva eliminated in 12th place ($4,181)

Nuno Da Silva’s run in the Star Gold Coast Opening Event has come to an end after he was busted by Jeremy Winlaw.

Da Silva got his money in good with QQ, but Winlaw called him off with AQ and turned top pair after the dealer produced a flop of 68A3.

Down to 11!

Mishel Anunu eliminated in 13th place ($3,550)

As the clock ticked over into the 23rd level of play, Mishel Anunu shoved for his last 650,000 with A4 after a pre-flop raise from Nathan Harvey.

Harvey called him off and found himself ahead after turning over A5.

“I thought he was making a move there,” said Anunu.

The flop of 658 put Harvey further ahead, but Anunu missed the gutshot after the turn and river ran out K, 10.

And with that, Anunu collected from the cage as Harvey became the first player to move beyond two million in chips!

Nathan Harvey2,500,000
Mishel AnunuBUSTED!
Nathan Harvey

Level 23: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)

A couple of Bliss bombs

Benjamin Bliss is now back in contention after scoring a couple of timely double-ups out on Table 8.

Earlier, Bliss moved all-in pre-flop for his last 100,000 with 109, but found himself flipping against the 88 of Anthony Cierco.

However, Bliss turned the bigger two pair on the board of A73107 to double through.

Bliss then found himself all-in against Carlos Youssef a short time later, turning up A7 but was up for a big ‘chopportunity’ against Youssef’s A7, but incredibly, the board was spread Q32K9, resulting in Bliss freerolling his way to a flush!

Benjamin Bliss430,000
Carlos Youssef915,000
Anthony Cierco1,050,000
Benjamin Bliss

Jigs Reyes eliminated in 14th place ($3,550)

Nathan Harvey has claimed another huge scalp, this time in the form of APT Players Championship winner Jigs Reyes.

All the money was in the middle pre-flop; Reyes was at risk with his 77, but Harvey rolled up 99, which then hit middle set after the dealer spread a board of 89Q310.

Nathan Harvey1,345,000
Jigs ReyesBUSTED!

Abdul Noordin eliminated in 15th place ($3,550)

In one of the first hands after the break, Abdul Noordin went all-in for the last of his chips with pocket threes, but Nathan Harvey woke up with pocket jacks.

With the board improving neither hand, Noordin was confirmed as our 15th place finisher.

Nathan Harvey1,100,000
Abdul NoordinBUSTED!

Level 22: 15,000/25,000 (25,000)

Take a break

Pop the kettle on and have a stretch – we’ll be back in 10 minutes!

Ben Margin eliminated in 16th place ($2,931)

Ben Margin has now jumped into the $330 Bounty Event after being taken out at the hands of the man behind the Australian Poker Schedule, Craig Abernethy.

After Abernethy came in with a pre-flop raise to 40,000, Margin shoved for his last 200,000 with pocket sixes, but Abernethy snapped him off with pocket tens before the dealer spread a board of K10983.

Craig Abernethy350,000
Ben MarginBUSTED!
Craig Abernethy

Alex Vidler eliminated in 17th place ($2,931)

Anthony Cierco has now padded his stack with Alex Vidler’s chips, taking him out after waking up with A-Q against Vidler’s A-5.

Both players hit trips on the board of A-J-A-7-6, but Cierco was best with the queen kicker to confirm Vidler as our 17th place finisher.

Anthony Cierco1,300,000
Alex VidlerBUSTED!

Minseok Kim eliminated in 18th place ($2,931)

Having nursed his short stack through to the feature table, Minseok Kim moved it all-in pre-flop with 88, but found himself going up against the AQ of Lucho Vargas.

“That’s a fair fight,” said Corey Van Jaarsveldt.

However, Vargas landed his haymaker after the dealer spread the flop of 5QK, before Kim went down for the count after the turn and river bricked out 7, 10.

Lucho Vargas1,450,000
Minseok KimBUSTED!
Lucho Vargas

18 remain

Time for a full round-up of all our players on the final two tables!

Feature Table

1Ben Margin240,000
2Lucho Vargas1,300,000
3Corey Van Jaarsveldt445,000
4Minseok Kim145,000
5Brenton Buttigieg670,000
6Wenjie Sun260,000
7Jeremy Winlaw730,000
8Nuno Da Silva735,000
9Craig Abernethy450,000

Table 8

1Mishel Anunu620,000
2Alex Vidler350,000
3Carlos Youssef570,000
4Anthony Cierco1,280,000
5Brett Marshall300,000
6Nathan Harvey1,010,000
7Abdul Noordin750,000
8Jigs Reyes400,000
9Benjamin Bliss140,000

Level 21: 10,000/20,000 (20,000)

Anunu doubles through

Just as the field was reduced to two tables, Jigs Reyes raised it up from early position before Mishel Anunu moved in for his last 280,000 with A9.

Reyes called and rolled over pocket tens, but Anunu took the lead after the flop came down AJ4.

The turn of the 5 and the river 6 changed nothing and Anunu doubled up.

Mishel Anunu625,000
Jigs Reyes400,000
Jigs Reyes

Follet felted

Another huge development in the Star Gold Coast Opening Event story, as Lucho Vargas has now broken the million-chip barrier after crippling Day 2 chip leader Antoine Follet!

Action folded to Follet who raised from late position before Vargas three-bet it to 105,000; Follet called and then called Vargas’ bet of 8,000 after a flop of AA4.

Both players then checked the 2 on the turn before Vargas open-shoved when the 8 on the river. Follet called.

Vargas: AK
Follet: AQ

Left with just 239,000 in chips, Follet was eliminated a short time later.

Lucho Vargas1,100,000
Antoine FolletBUSTED!
Antoine Follet

Level 20: 10,000/15,000 (15,000)

Cierco on a roll

Anthony Cierco has gotten busy during this level, taking out two players in quick succession.

Martin Ward was the first to go, shoving pre-flop for his last 106,000 K10, however Cierco had him beat with KQ which rivered top pair on the 57A3Qboard.

“That wasn’t the contract, Anthony – I was supposed to win that!” laughed Ward as they shook hands.

A short time later, Wai Kin Cheung got his money in with KJ, but once again, Cierco was ahead with AQ, with neither hand improving on the board of 62698.

Anthony Cierco631,000
Martin WardBUSTED!
Wai Kin CheungBUSTED!

Milner mauled

Geoff Milner approached the PMA Live Reporting desk and informed us that he had been eliminated at the hands of Nathan Harvey, who was officially the first player to reach the one-million chip mark.

As Milner recalled, he moved the last of his chips in with pocket eights, but Harvey called him off with A-To and hit an ace on the flop, which was enough to seal the deal.

Janine Butler, Bert Perry, Dan Mayoh and Jeison Berdugo were also amongst those to have been eliminated in the previous stanza – and in a shock twist, Day 2 chip leaders Hassan Hussein and Shem Goltz have also hit the rail!

Nathan Harvey1,100,000
Geoff MilnerBUSTED!

Level 19: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)

Break time

The Opening Event players are now on a 20-minute break.

Toye’s story ends

On Table 12, action folded to 2020 QPC Main Event Champion Rauran Toye, who completed the small blind before Jeremy Winlaw raised to 35,000. Toye then shoved over the top for 284,000 total and Winlaw snap-called.

Winlaw: KK
Toye: AK

Board: 49828

And with that, we lose one more.

Jeremy Winlaw750,000
Rauran ToyeBUSTED!
Jeremy Winlaw

‘The Wall’ falls down

A shocking development in Opening Event proceedings as we approach the first break of the day, as Mark “The Wall” Ericksen has just been busted at the hands of Nuno Da Silva!

As Lucho Vargas recalled to our reporter, all the money was in the middle of 9-T-6 and both players had hit top pair, but Ericken was ahead with A-T against Da Silva’s J-T.

Another nine came down on the turn, but Da Silva hooked up with a river jack and Ericken was eliminated.

Nuno Da Silva325,000
Mark EricksenBUSTED!

Richards robbed; we’re in the money!

Just as the blinds ticked over to Level 18, Chung Chan and Michael Richards found themselves all-in on a flop of 478.

Richards had committed the last of his stack with T-8o, but Chung had him dominated with A8 – and with the turn and river bricking out, Richards was confirmed as our 45th place finisher.

Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time at the Star Gold Coast Champs, we are officially amidst the currency!

Chun Chang340,000
Michael RichardsBUSTED!
Chun Chang

Level 18: 5,000/10,000 (10,000)

Força Da Silva!

“All in, call!”

The PMA crew rushed over to Table 13 and peeked through the gathering crowd as Nuno Da Silva, Lucho Vargas and Jonathan Portelli tabled their cards after three-way all-in pre-flop action.

Portelli turned over 88, marginally ahead of Da Silva who rolled up AJ, but the table shook after Vargas showed AA!

The flop of 95J improved neither hand, but a collective “oooh” went up from the railbirds as the 4 appeared on the turn, which turned into a loud “OHHH!” after the dealer peeled off the river 9!

“FORÇAAAA!” cried Da Silva as he high-fived and hugged his brother Bruno.

With Vargas taking the 2,000-chip sidepot, Portelli was sent packing.

Nuno Da Silva96,000
Lucho Vargas190,000
Jonathan PortelliBUSTED!
Nuno Da Silva

Wyvil left wanting

JDub Poker’s Janet Wyvil has been eliminated at the hands of Ben Margin and we’re now three bust-outs away from the money!

Wyvill moved all-in pre-flop holding AQ, but was flipping for her tournament life against the 1010 of Ben Margin.

Margin then hit top pair on the top of K44 before improving to two pair as the turn and river repeated with 8, 8.

Not long now until we hit the money!

Ben Margin308,000
Janet WyvilBUSTED!
Janet Wyvil

Ericksen builds

Mark Ericksen has been confirmed as the first player to make it past the half-million chip mark after taking out another player on Table 20.

Our reporter picked up the hand as it went to showdown after the pre-flop betting round; the at-risk player rolled over AQ and Ericksen tabled 99, so it was off to the races.

However, the dealer spread a board of K4455 to add to Ericksen’s wall!

Mark Ericksen570,000
Mark Ericksen

Level 17: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)

A couple of doubles

The chips are flying across the felt now, but Wai Kin Cheung and Richard Blackburn have each managed to double up.

Earlier on Table 13, Cheung went all-in pre-flop with 44 and found himself flipping for his tournament life against the AQ of Lucho Vargas, but Cheung held after the board ran out 92853.

The dealer then began moving the stacks towards Vargas, but the players were quick to stop them.

“Hang on, [Cheung] won that one!” laughed Bruno Da Silva. “Four high, four kicker!”

A short time later, Blackburn got his money in good with AQ against Antoine Follet, who called him off with J4, but the flop of A103 was enough to take it down.

“Merci!” quipped Blackburn as he raked in the pot.

Antoine Follet370,000
Wai Kin Cheung185,000
Lucho Vargas158,000
Richard Blackburn107,000
Richard Blackburn

Ward gets one

Martin Ward has just taken out another player as we edge closer to the bubble in the Star Gold Coast Champs Opening Event.

All the money was in the middle on a flop of 9AQ; the all-in player had hit top pair with A5, but Martin Ward was on top with AQ for top-top.

The repeat Q on the turn sealed the adversary’s fate.

Martin Ward155,000

Patel felted

More action on Table 7, where Jaisan Patel was eliminated over the space of two hands.

After running pocket nines into Janet Wyvil’s pocket queens, Patel moved his last 49,000 into the centre with A10, but found himself behind the AJ of Harrison Kelly.

Kelly’s hand held after the dealer spread the board of Q789K, and we lose one more.

Harrison Kelly271,000
Jaisan PatelBUSTED!

Moon doomed

Off to a flying start in the Opening Event, with the “All in, call!” catch-cry going up almost every minute over the Star Gold Coast Poker Room!

Over on Table 19, Sam Haddad limped in from early position before Abdul Noorin raised to 13,000. Moon Gab Chung then moved the last of his stack into the middle pre-flop holding KQ, but Abdul Noordin called him off with A10 before Haddad folded.

Neither hand improved on the board of J47J5 and Moon was confirmed as our first elimination of the day.

Abdul Noorin316,000
Moon Gab ChungBUSTED!
Abdul Noorin

Cards in the air!

Time to get our dancing shoes on – we’re now officially underway for Day 2 of the Opening Event!

The blind levels are now all 40 minutes in duration and we’ll be playing right through until we have a winner tonight.

Level 16: 3,000/6,000 (6,000)

Moving day

Good morning everyone and welcome back to PokerMedia Australia‘s continued coverage of The Star Gold Coast Champs!

It’s another massive day for PMA as we’ll be bringing you Day 2 action of both the Opening Event and the $1,100 buy-in NLH, which kicked off yesterday afternoon.

Returning as overall chip leader in the Opening Event is Antoine Follet, who is already in fine form after making the final table of the QPC Super High Roller Event in Tweed Heads last month. Not far behind him, however, is Sydney crusher Hussein Hassan and mid-tier Triple Crown winner Brenton Buttigieg.

Brenton Buttigieg

Other players to watch out include Shem Goltz, Ashley Valks, Dan Mayoh and Anthony Cierco, who is also on a tear after winning both the APLPT Queensland Jackstar Super High Roller in January before recently taking out the QPC Alpha Event almost two weeks ago.


Antoine Follet454,000
Hussein Hassan450,000
Brenton Buttigieg398,000
Shem Goltz383,000
Nathan Harvey337,000
Anthony Cierco330,000
Brett Marshall286,000
Mark Ericksen285,000
Ashley Valks280,000
Dan Mayoh250,000

Play will be getting underway very shortly, so keep your browsers locked onto as we find who will be crowned the Star Gold Coast Champs Opening Event Champion!

Day 2 Seat Draw

Table 7

1Hung-Ta Shih199,500
2Carlos Youssef221,000
3Jaisan Patel154,000
4Harrison Kelly214,000
5Nathan Harvey337,000
6Shem Goltz383,000
7Hussein Hassan450,000
8Ben Margin149,000
9Janet Wyvil96,000

Table 8

1Mishel Anunu102,000
2Antoine Follet454,000
3Corey Van Jaarsveldt154,000
4Richard Blackburn55,000
5Jeison Berdugo113,000
6Nicle Lewis143,000
7Josh Gold231,000
8Jigs Reyes157,000
9Dan Mayoh250,000

Table 10

1Brett McGrath52,000
2Constantin Sincari59,500
3Robert Damelian99,000
4Alexander Vidler70,000
5Craig Abernethy142,000
6Wenjie Sun163,000
7Nathan Cramb164,000
8Janine Butler85,000
9Ayyaz Faraz169,000

Table 12

1Martin Ward108,000
2Minseok Kim177,000
3Chun Chang229,000
4Michael Richards196,000
5Brenton Buttigieg398,000
6Ben Turner129,000
7Chris Zenonos133,000

Table 13

1Jacob Faull112,000
3Bruno De Silva124,000
4Geoffrey Milner150,000
5Jonathan Portelli66,000
6Nuno Da Silva99,000
7Ashley Valks280,000
8Wai Kin Cheung82,000
9Luis Dominguez208,000

Table 19

1James Harris204,000
2Sam Haddad84,500
3Michael Glen145,500
4Rauran Toye236,000
5Abdul Noordin250,000
6Cam Lopez124,000
7Graham Cowan214,000
8Moon Gab Chung51,000
9Mark Greer30,000

Table 20

1Jeremy Winlaw194,000
3Benjamin Bliss100,000
4David Sebesfi209,000
5Brett Marshall286,000
6Anthony Cierco330,000
7Jack Brown32,000
8Mark Ericksen285,000
9Bert (John) Perry223,000

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