LIVE REPORTING: Star Gold Coast Champs $1,100 NLH Day 2

Congratulations Luci Bonaccorso ($21,239), Star Gold Coast Champs $1,100 NLH Champion!

Luci Bonaccorso has broken through for her maiden five-figure score in style, comfortably winning Event 2 for a prize of $21,239.

Bonaccorso, a former croupier at the Star Gold Coast, displayed a mix of patience and well timed aggression throughout the final table only to break into smile and then tears as the final river card secured her the victory.

“I finally won one!” cried out Bonaccorso as her rail celebrated and she raised her hands in a victorious pose, “I need to ring my husband!”

Luci wins!

Bonaccorso had tears in her eyes as she realised she now owned one of the gorgeous Star Gold Coast Champs trophies, which she had taken a moment to stroke fondly earlier during heads up.

Speaking with PMA after the event, Bonaccorso said the win felt surreal and still hasn’t sunk in, though she was confident she would make the final table coming in today.

“Poker is a priority for me and I try to play as many games as I possibly can. I’ve learnt a lot from the better players on the GC as well as Brisbane, it’s a great game. I love the mental game of poker and I really enjoy learning from the people I call professional players.”

When asked what she would play next, Bonaccorso said “I am considering the [Star Gold Coast Champs] Main Event this coming weekend.” Asked if she had any final words, she had this to say “Poker has lots of ebbs and flows, and this time, the flow gravitated my way!”

We at PMA would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Luci on her victory.

Image courtesy of Star Gold Coast

Lloyd Godsland eliminated in 2nd place ($12,479)

Following the below hand, the next hand was dealt face up, as Lloyd Godsland was forced all in on his ante – the big blind ante being paid first. Luci Bonaccorso didn’t even have to put any chips out, let alone make a decision.

Godsland: A10
Bonaccorso: 97.

The board ran out A95A9 and Godsland was able to see another hand, winning his ante back.

It was to be his last, however – with 15,000 invested in the small blind, Godsland quickly chucked out his single 5,000 chip behind, and once again, Bonaccorso did not have a decision to make, though she did have to match the bet this time.

Godsland: J10
Bonaccorso: JJ

Godsland was unable to catch up on the board of 1074K5 and bows out in second place, good for a five figure pay day.

Lloyd Godsland

“Do I have her covered?”

Lloyd Godsland found himself put to the test for almost his entire stack.

He had limp-called Luci Bonaccorso’s big blind raise to 130,000, and was facing an all in bet from Luci Bonaccorso on a flop of J68.

Thinking about it for several minutes, he asked for a count. “Do I have her covered?”. The stacks were counted down – Bonaccorso with 20,000 less than Godsland at this time.

After a while, Godsland made the call.

Bonaccorso: QJ
Godsland: J10

The board came running sevens – 77 and Bonaccorso chipped up to 98.9% of the chips in play.

Luci Bonaccorso1,900,000
Lloyd Godsland20,000

Godsland overtakes

Luci Bonaccorso called on the button, only to see Lloyd Godsland up the ante to 130,000. She made the call, and both players checked the 3610 flop.

Godsland fired a delayed continuation bet for 225,000 on the 6 turn and Bonaccorso folded after a short while.

Lloyd Godsland1,125,000
Luci Bonaccorso795,000

Godsland gets up

All in and a call! came the shout and cards were tabled as Lloyd Godsland had shoved all of his remaining chips and been immediately called by Luci Bonaccorso.

Godsland: JJ
Bonaccorso: J10

Bonaccorso had her hands over her mouth as the flop rained Broadway cards KQ10 but was unable to level or steal on the runout 56 as Godsland manages to draw almost level in chips.

Luci Bonaccorso990,000
Lloyd Godsland920,000

Level 23: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)

Bonaccorso keeps the pressure on

Luci Bonaccorso raised the button to 50,000 and Lloyd Godsland called. The flop came down 9109 and Godsland hit the check button.

Bonaccorso continued for 100,000, earning a fold from Godsland – and some gasps from the rail when she tabled 24 for a complete air ball.

Bonaccorso boat

Luci Bonaccorso completed the small blind preflop and Lloyd Godsland checked, both players seeing a flop of 345. Both players checked again, and Godsland led out for 75,000 on the 4 turn, called by Bonaccorso.

Godsland led out again, this time for 50,000, on the J river. He got a shock, though, when Bonaccorso upped the ante, raising to 150,000. He mulled his options over before calling. Bonaccorso didn’t hesitate, tabling 54 for a full house. Godsland threw his arms up in frustration, tabling a losing A2 – he had flopped a wheel.

Luci Bonaccorso1,420,000
Lloyd Godsland500,000

Ali Zebarjad eliminated in 3rd place ($7,818)

In an almost identical repeat of the action from the previous hand, Lloyd Godsland opened to 75,000 and Ali Zebarjad shoved. This time Luci Bonaccorso folded, and Godsland quickly called to put Zebarjad at risk.

Godsland: QQ
Zebarjad: QJ

Zebarjad was already saying his goodbyes as the flop fell 7KK and his exit in 3rd place was confirmed on the turn as it completed out 24.

Luci Bonaccorso1,050,000
Lloyd Godsland870,000
Ali ZebarjadBUSTED!
Ali Zebarjad

Bonaccorso snaps back the lead

Lloyd Godsland opened the button to 75,000 and Zebarjad shoved from the small blind. He had barely got the words out though before Luci Bonaccorso had her chips out, snap calling faster than this reporter has ever seen.

Godsland folded momentarily and the cards were tabled.

Zebarjad: 77
Bonaccorso: AA

The board ran out a full house for everyone 66969 but the superior pocket pair claimed the full double and a bit – sending Bonaccorso the first player over a million.

Luci Bonaccorso1,130,000
Ali Zebarjad270,000

Kai Yeung eliminated in 4th place ($5,310)

Our Live Reporter picked up the tail end of the action on a board showing Q8236, where Kai Yeung had shoved and been called by Ali Zebarjad. Yeung had AJ and had missed the nut flush, while Zebarjad had paired up with QJ and takes the pot and chiplead.

Kai will be back in action tomorrow in the Teams Event as our competition winner, however, and will be partnering with a member of the PMA Live Reporting team as part of #TeamPMA!

Ali Zebarjad800,000
Kai YeungBUSTED!
Kai Yeung

Level 22: 15,000/25,000 (25,000)

Godsland steals the lead

Lloyd Godsland shoved for 275,000 and action folded round to Luci Bonaccorso in the big blind. Luci asked for a count, counted down her stack, put the calling chips aside, and considered her options for a few minutes before making the call to put Godsland at risk.

Godsland: A8
Bonaccorso: A10

Bonaccorso was dominating Godsland – but not for long, as the dealer spread the board of K7845, pairing Godslands eight and catapulting him into the chiplead (just).

Lloyd Godsland580,000
Luci Bonaccorso535,000

Ian Logan eliminated in 5th place ($4,130)

Ian Logan opened the action to 55,000 under the gun, and chipleader Luci Bonaccorso immediately shoved from next to act. Everyone else got out the way, and Logan agonised over the decision before calling off his remaining stack.

Logan: 99
Bonaccorso: AK

It was a race but a short one, as the dealer spread 5JK65, Bonaccorso hitting top top to eliminate Logan and further extend her chiplead to over double that of her nearest rival.

Luci Bonaccorso925,000
Ian LoganBUSTED!
Ian Logan

Level 21: 10,000/20,000 (20,000)

Players on a break

The five remaining players have left on a 20 minute break. PMA took the opportunity to re-count all the stacks for our readers.

Luci Bonaccorso currently leads the way; the local’s previous best recorded cash on HendonMob was for $3,527 in the Opening Event of November’s Gold Coast Summer Series, and she is now guaranteed to eclipse that, as our 5th place finisher will earn $4,130 for their efforts.

1Luci Bonaccorso561,000
3Kai Yeung446,000
4Lloyd Godsland284,000
6Ali Zebarjad434,000
8Ian Logan224,000
Chipleader Luci Bonaccorso earlier today

Mike Maddocks eliminated in 6th place ($3,245)

Mike Maddocks 3-bet shoved over the 35,000 button open from Luci Bonaccorso. Kai Yeung and Lloyd Godsland got out the way, and Bonaccorso called off to put the APT Ambassador at risk.

Maddocks: AK
Bonaccorso: 88

The board of 6J932 ran clean for Bonaccorso and she extended her chip lead.

Luci Bonaccorso820,000
Mike MaddocksBUSTED!
Mike Maddocks

Level 20: 10,000/15,000 (15,000)

Hand of God when needed

Mike Maddocks and Lloyd Godsland clashed, with the AK of Maddocks racing against the 77 of Godsland, with Maddocks at risk.

The board gave immediate help to Maddocks with A4J85 giving him top pair and the full double.

Godsland was crippled with just 23,000 remaining, and shoved it in UTG+1 the very next hand, he was called by Ali Zebarjad, Ian Logan, and Mike Maddocks. On a flop of 28A, Zebarjad bet 15,000 and Maddocks came along, before the pair checked it down on the runout of 4J. Cards were tabled; Zebarjad taking the side pot with A7 but Godsland had the very much superior kicker with AQ to quintuple up to 111,000.

Lloyd Godsland111,000
Lloyd Godsland

Charles Caris eliminated in 7th place ($2,655)

Charles “Chuck” Caris, of the Cyprus Poker club in Brisbane, jammed his remaining 105,000 from late position, and action folded around to Luci Bonaccorso in the big blind. Bonaccorso peeled her cards and quickly called to put Caris at risk.

Caris: 77
Bonaccorso: AK

The two players were racing but Bonaccorso pulled ahead early and stayed ahead, flopping top top as the board completed A4J85 to end Caris’ day.

Luci Bonaccorso580,000
Charles CarisBUSTED!
Charles Caris

Level 19: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)

Najeem Ajez eliminated in 8th place ($2,124)

Naj Ajez opened from late position, and Ian Logan jammed from the blinds, with Ajez calling to put Logan at risk.

Ajez: 44
Logan: 77

The board ran 8AK9K – clean for Logan and he doubled through Ajez.

He wasn’t finished there though – Logan opened to 25,000 following a limp from Ali Zebarjad, action folded around to Ajez in the big blind, who shoved. Zebarjad folded and Logan quickly called to put Ajez at risk this time.

Ajez: 57
Logan: AJ

Ajez clean missed on the board of 328K6 and Logan completed the job, sending Ajez to the payout desk.

Ian Logan490,000
Najeem AjezBUSTED!
Najeem Ajez

Level 18: 5,000/10,000 (10,000)

Ali has to pay

Kai Yeung opened preflop to 16,000 from early position. Ali Zebarjad called from the hijack and both blinds got out of the way.

Yeung continued for 22,000 on the flop of K6A and Zebarjad called, before she checked the 8 turn. Zebarjad bet 8,000, which she called – before leading out for 50,000 on the 9 river, sending Zebarjad deep into the tank. He looked almost bemused before commenting “I have to pay you off…” then rapping the table as Yeung tabled AA. “Nice hand, nice hand.” He continued “That was a good check, that confused me.”

“That was the intent.” Yeung responded.

Kai Yeung412,000
Ali Zebarjad330,000
Ali Zebarjad

No help for Ajez

Kai Yeung shoved her remaining 78,000 in the middle from big blind, after a 16,000 open from Naj Ajez was called by Luci Bonaccorso on the button.

Ajez called, and Bonaccorso got out the way.

Yeung caught top pair on a board of 374QJ with her Q10 and doubled to 188,000. Ajez’s hand was mucked before our Live Reporter got there, but he confirmed he had A-K offsuit.

Najeem Ajez282,000
Kai Yeung188,000
Kai Yeung

Nick Williams eliminated in 9th place

Nick Williams is the bubble boy of the $1,100 NLH, eliminated by Luci Bonaccorso. Action was opened by Lloyd Godsland, who raised to 16,000 UTG+2, before Williams shoved his remaining 60,000 from the small blind. Bonaccorso in the big blind made the call and Godsland got out the way.

Williams AQ
Bonaccorso J10

Williams was ahead in the race for his tournament life and flopped top pair on the board of K9AQ5, but two pair on the turn was disaster as Bonaccorso caught her gut-shot Broadway straight.

Luci Bonaccorso486,000
Nick WilliamsBUSTED!
Nick Williams

Level 17: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)

Luci gets Yeung

Luci Bonaccorso raised the button to 12,000 and received a call from Kai Yeung in the big blind. The two players saw a flop of 238. Yeung checked, and Bonaccorso continued for 16,000. Yeung fired back with a raise to 35,000, and Bonaccorso considered it before completing the bet.

The A hit the turn and both players checked, then both players again checked the Q river. Yeung tabled 77 but Bonaccorso had spiked the ace, tabling A4 to take the pot.

On the next hand, Mike Maddocks raised his button, and Yeung again called, this time from the small blind. Lloyd Godsland surrendered his big blind. Yeung check called a bet of 11,000 from Maddocks on the A8A flop, then both players checked the 6 turn. Yeung fired 35,000 into Maddocks on the 6 river, but Maddocks didn’t hesitate to announce all in, sliding forward the rest of his 85,000 chips. Yeung folded and Maddocks chipped up to 178,000.

Maddocks again back in the action on the next hand, raising to 12,000 from the cut-off. Yeung and Godsland got out the way before Ajez chose to play, calling from the big blind to see a flop of AK9 with Maddocks. Ajez check called a bet of 14,000, and again both players checked the 10 turn card before Ajez led out for 11,000 and got a quick call from Maddocks on the 2 river.

“King!” announced Ajez, slamming down the K, but no good as Maddocks tabled A4 for the winner. The players have all then left for a 10 minute break.

Luci Bonaccorso412,000
Najeem Ajez316,000
Mike Maddocks216,000
Kai Yeung86,000

Table redraw

Players have been re-seated on Table 13 for the official $1,100 NLH Final Table.

Ali Zebarjad leads the way, with over 400,000 in chips, but he is now being chased by Najeem Ajez, who has been running hot today and is now at 325,000.

1Luci Bonaccorso238,000
2Mike Maddocks140,000
3Kai Yeung174,000
4Lloyd Godsland103,000
5Najeem Ajez325,000
6Ali Zebarjad402,000
7Charles Caris44,000
8Ian Logan234,000
9Nick Williams111,000
Image courtesy of The Star Gold Coast

Not Clark’s day

David Clark has been eliminated by the high flying Najeem Ajez – Clark shoved from the button for about 90,000 and was quickly called by Ajez, who woke up in the big blind with KK. Clark tabled A2 and once again, saw his tournament life quickly savaged as the dealer revealed the K in the window. The full board spread 810K9A and Clark is eliminated in 10th place.

With that, the players have redrawn to a single table. With 8 places paid, the remaining nine players are now on the official bubble.

Najeem Ajez325,000
David ClarkBUSTED!

Cuong Le heads home

Cuong Le has been eliminated by Ali Zebarjad, shoving all in pre flop for his last 60,000 with A6. Zebarjad called from the big blind, tabling KQ to put Le at risk.

The board ran 3Q2K giving Zebarjad two pair on the turn but Le needing a club to flush and survive. The dealer savaged Le’s chances, though, a meaningless 2 ending Logan’s day.

Ali Zebarjad403,000

Maddocks spirals

Our Live Reporter was called over to an all in and a call, where Kai Yeung, holding 77, was already stacking her new found chips.

Mike Maddocks, who had A-T, was the unfortunate player in the hand, with a board showing 2J71010; trips not good enough to best Yeung’s boat.

Kai Yeung203,000
Mike Maddocks85,000

Level 16: 3,000/6,000 (6,000)

Limping and raising

Action on Table 14 where Luci Bonaccorso had limped the 5,000 big blind under-the-gun, only to see Nick Williams raise to 16,000 from the button. Both blinds got out the way, and Bonaccorso didn’t hesitate, saying all in and putting Williams to the test. Williams eventually folded and Bonaccorso tabled KK, raking in the chips.

Very next hand, Godsland limped under-the-gun, action folded around to Kai Yeung who completed in the small blind before Bonaccorso raised to 16,000 from the big blind. Godsland repeated Bonaccorso’s action; limp-shoving from under-the-gun, this time for 71,500 total. Bonaccorso eventually folded A10 face up.

Luci Bonaccorso265,000
Nick Williams98,000
Lloyd Godsland97,500

Batoz busto!

Rod Batoz has hit the rail shortly into Level 15; recounted to our Live Reporter after the hand by Mike Maddocks, the action started with Maddocks as he raised to 11,000 from UTG+1, then folded around to Batoz in the big blind, who shoved his remaining 60,000.

Maddocks made the call with pocket Jacks, and Batoz tabled Ace King, a standard race for his tournament life.

The board completed 4-4-5-5-6; “Very boring for him, very exciting for me.” said Maddocks, as he padded his stack to just shy of 200,000.

Rod Batoz

Level 15: 3,000/5,000 (5,000)

No shame in folding

“No shame in folding” was the comment from Rod Batoz, trying to get a walk as Lloyd Godsland was thinking on the small blind. Godsland called, and Batoz finally looked at his own cards, before sliding out a raise to 10,000. Godsland called again, and both players checked the flop and turn as the board spread 85743. Godsland slid out a bet of 12,000 and Batoz made the call, only to muck when Godsland tabled K7.

Godsland was straight back into it, raising from the button to 12,000 after Luci Bonaccorso limped on the next hand. Bonaccorso called after both blinds got out the way and both players saw a flop of 2K2.

Bonaccorso led out for 12,000 which Godsland quickly called, before checking the A turn. Godsland bet 18,000 and Bonaccorso fired back with a min-click to 36,000. Godsland mulled his options before eventually calling. Bonaccorso checked the 4 river and Godsland quickly followed suit.

Bonaccorso tabled AQ, and Godsland’s cards were mucked. Godsland has done a good recovery job, however, as he was down to just 12,000 earlier on today.

Luci Bonaccorso220,000
Lloyd Godsland87,000
Rod Batoz73,500
Lloyd Godsland

Level 14: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)

Ajez gets revenge

Najeem Ajez has eliminated Dylan Wayne, after Wayne doubled through him earlier. According to tournament staff, Wayne was all in with K-8 and Ajez had A3, the board ran ?-T-K-Q-J to give Ajez the runner runner straight and the knockout.

Najeem Ajez209,000
Dylan WayneBUSTED!
Dylan Wayne

Ward gets a breather of kinds

Martin Ward has actually been multi-tabling today, running across between the Opening Event and the $1,100 NLH. He won’t have to do that anymore, though, as he got his stack in with 66 against Mike Maddocks. Maddocks tabled AJ and it was off to the races.

The dealer spread a full board of 105A42 and Ward ran off to the Opening Event to continue his day.

Mike Maddocks165,000
Martin WardBUSTED!
Martin Ward

Pongrass out to pasture

Matt Pongrass has been eliminated. Pongrass got the last of his chips in with 88 and found himself against the 99 of Cuong Le. The board ran out 6310410 leaving Pongrass crippled with just 6,500 remaining.

Shortly after, Pongrass moved all in for 500 on a board showing Q45 and was called by David Clark. Clark tabled 77. “I haven’t actually looked.” admitted Pongrass, as he tabled his cards one at a time to reveal the 106. “Well, you’re live.” said tablemate Dylan Wayne.

The turn and river were no help, though, falling 4A and Pongrass has been ousted from the days play.

David Clark120,000
Cuong Le78,500
Matt PongrassBUSTED!
Matt Pongrass

Early action

Some early action on both tables with an all in and a call on both tables almost simultaneously.

On table 14, Lloyd Godsland had bet 14,000 onto a board reading 8K975 and was facing an all in bet from Kai Yeung for 68,500. Godsland tanked, but made the call only to see Yeung table A6. He tabled KQ, quickly mucked by the dealer as the pot was shipped over to Yeung.

On Table 23, Dylan Wayne had open shoved his last 25,500 from the hijack and had been called by Najeem Ajez on his immediate left. Both blinds got out the way and the cards were tabled.

Wayne A7
Ajez AJ

Wayne was dominated by Ajez and needed help, which arrived quickly as the dealer spread a board of 7Q543 to see Wayne pair his seven and earn a full double.

Kai Yeung145,000
Najeem Ajez92,000
Dylan Wayne58,500
Lloyd Godsland12,000
Kai Yeung

Play underway

Shuffle up and deal has been announced – at about the same time, the bubble in the Opening Event on the other side of the room has burst, with all 44 remaining players now in the money.

PMA are covering the Opening Event Day 2 as well from start to finish today.

Level 13: 1,500/3,000 (3,000)

Countdown to Day 2

Welcome to PMA’s coverage of the Star Gold Coast Champs $1,100 NLH Day 2.

59 entrants started yesterday and were whittled down to just 17 remaining to take their seats today at 12:30 local time. They will be competing for a $59,000 prize pool, with 7 places paid and the winner walking away with $21,239.

There are plenty of big names still remaining – APT Ambassador Mike Maddocks, Australian highroller regular Najeem Ajez, and Queensland locals Mina Gerges, Rodoljub Batoz, and Dylan Wayne just to name a few.

Ali Zebarjad is the current chipleader with 341,500; he’ll be looking to improve on his previous biggest cash – finishing 3rd in the Ville 600 for $19,000 as recently as October last year. He has a big gap over the rest of the field at the moment – local Luci Bonaccorso is second in chips with 183,000.

PMA readers will also recognise Martin Ward in the field – his one-chip-saga in the Brisbane Poker Festival capturing all of our hearts in January.

Play will restart at level 13, with blinds at 1,500/3,000 with a 3,000 big blind ante.

Day 2 Seat Draw

Table 14

1Martin Ward52,000
2Luci Bonaccorso183,000
3Lloyd Godsland88,000
5Chuck Caris54,000
6Rodoijub Batoz80,000
7Nick Williams149,000
8Mike Maddocks142,500
9Kai Yeung71,000

Table 23

1David Clark111,000
2Mina Elias50,500
3Ali Zebarjad341,500
4Dylan Wayne33,000
5Najeem Ajez127,000
6Ian Logan147,000
7Cuong Le35,500
8Matt Pongrass27,000
9Mina Gerges78,000

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