Launch of Match Poker Online set to change the game

An Australian-based development team is behind the launch of a new poker app that promises to once and for all settle the age-old debate between friends and foes – who is the best poker player?

The Match Poker Online app officially launched today (Tuesday 15 February 2022), simultaneously transforming poker into a unique sporting competition and giving players the opportunity for the first time to realistically compare their own skills against others.

Unlike traditional forms of poker, where players compete against those seated at their table and results are largely dependent upon the cards each player is dealt, Match Poker Online truly gauges where a player stands by having players across the platform play the same hands. 

In other words, you’re not just competing against the players at your table but against players seated at other tables in the same seat you are. All players in that seat are dealt the same two “hole” cards and see the same flop, turn and river. Over multiple hands played in this format, your results are then compared to those players seated in the same seat as you to determine who won the most or lost the least.

By accessing their results afterwards, players can work on their skills by comparing their own play and decisions to others around the world who have played exactly the same hand. In this way, the luck of the cards has no effect on a player’s result compared to the others.

“It’s not poker as you’ve ever played it before – it’s a Battle Royale where you compete against opponents playing the same hand as you to survive elimination,” said Match Poker Online head of customer relations, Jake Colman. “This makes it a pure test of skill. A sport – an official mind sport. And, for the first time in the history of poker, you can obtain an official world ranking. No other poker experience gives you this.”

The Match Poker Online app contains a huge array of features, statistics, high quality graphics and exciting gameplay. You can also compare your own play against friends in a fantasy sports-style competition. 

“Match Poker shows you how better players played exactly the same cards, offering a unique learning experience,” the Melbournian explained. “Plus, the app collects stats on your play and uses them to tell you if you are playing too aggressively, too passively, too loose, or too tight.”

The Battle Royale version kicks off the app’s launch, however more features are due to become available to users in the coming months, including:

  • After launch, the year will be split into “Seasons” with players battling to move through the rankings toward a place on their country’s national team.
  • Match Poker will hold national events of almost every ranking level. This is all overseen by the International Federation of Match Poker, which has its sights set on making Match Poker an Olympic sport.
  • Players can leverage the Match Poker database of thousands of results for every hand played. This allows for unique insights into how you can become a better poker player.
  • The “Famous Hands” feature will allow players to relive some of the biggest hands in poker history and replay these moments themselves.
  • The app is initially launching in Australia and Asia but will expand globally in the coming year. That will include expanding into other languages as well.

Match Poker Online is now available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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