LIVE REPORTING: Treasury Brisbane Poker Festival Main Event Day 3

Adrian Sportelli is the inaugural Brisbane Poker Festival Main Event Champion ($76,433)

Adrian Sportelli has outlasted a field of 364 entries over 4 days of play to be declared the Brisbane Poker Festival Main Event Champion, top pair holding to score his biggest ever career victory.

Sportelli dominated the room throughout the last few days with his dynamic personality and never looked in trouble throughout the final table, coming in to today as the chipleader and converting to win in less than 6 hours of play today.

Taking the time to speak to us at PMA, telling us how it feels to get the result – “Huge relief – it’s been a really long time coming, I won the Gold Coast [Championships] back in 2011 and this is by far my biggest result since then.” When asked what’s next, and if he’d be attending the upcoming Gold Coast Championships in March (11-21 March at The Star Gold Coast), Adrian said “I do have work and family commitments so I can’t get to every event, but I’ll definitely make it for the Main Event at least – I have to when I’m running this hot!”

Adrian had a rough start to Day 2 – he came into Day 2 with 426,000 and found himself crippled to 82,000 in the first level of play. When asked what turned it around for him he said “It’s very much a mental game and I had to really shift gears to get back into it. The huge turning point was on the bubble – I got it all in with Ace Jack against Ace King and spiked the Jack on the flop – we all have to get lucky sometimes I guess and it really turned my luck around.”

Finally, Adrian took the time to personally thank the Brisbane Treasury casino – “They’ve done a lot of work and it shows. From the staff running it, to the dealers, and I’d also like to thank my rail, they really came through for me with a huge positive vibe, I really appreciated it and helped me get over the line today.”

Congratulations again, Adrian Sportelli – Brisbane Poker Festival Main Event Champion!

Adrian Sportelli – Champion (and assembled rail)

Sam Haddad eliminated in 2nd ($53,508)

Once again, a raise to 700,000 and a call preflop saw both players to a flop of A5Q.

Sam Haddad led out for 800,000, which was called by Adrian Sportelli on the button.

The 4 turn was checked by Haddad, prompting Sportelli to bet 1 million. Haddad moved all in for 4.9 million, and was snap called by Sportelli.

Haddad KQ
Sportelli A7

Haddad had a big draw, and needed a spade, a King, or a Queen to win the hand. The dealer peeled the 6 and Haddad is eliminated in second place for $53,508 – his biggest career cash to date following his Opening Event win at the GC Summer Series in November for $41,867.

Haddad – BUSTED!

Sam Haddad, left, 2nd place, being consoled by Adrian Sportelli

Flopped two for Haddad

A raise and a call preflop to 700,000 seemingly the standard every hand at the moment, as both players invested that much preflop to see a flop of 534.

Haddad led out for 600,000 and Sportelli called, then led out for round 1 million on the 10 turn.

The river J was checked by both players and Haddad tabled 35 for two pair, good enough to take the pot.

Haddad – 9.475 million
Sportelli – 8.725 million

All heart for Sportelli

Facing a bet of 1.25 million from Sam Haddad on a board showing KJQ3J, Adrian Sportelli raised to 3.5 million, sending Haddad deep into the tank.

A few minutes later, Haddad folded, and Sportelli quickly showed 99.

Haddad – 5.8 million
Sportelli – 12.4 million

Jaisan Patel eliminated in 3rd ($34,405)

On a board showing 99JKJ, Adrian Sportelli took aim and fired a bet of 1.4 million against Patel, who had approximately 2.2 million behind.

Patel moved all in, and Sportelli quickly called, tabling J5. Patel quickly tabled K9, and with a yell of “Let’s go!”, it appeared Patel believed he’d won the hand. Sportelli looked confused, before saying “What are you talking about, I’ve got the better boat?!?”

Sportelli – 9.38 million
Patel – BUSTED!

Jaisan Patel – 3rd place

Sportelli stare

Adrian Sportelli and Jaisan Patel tangled again – with Patel again on the button, Sportelli check-called 275,000 on the flop and 500,000 on the turn with the board showing 8492.

The board completed with a K on the river and Sportelli checked again before staring at Patel until he checked back. Patel waited for Sportelli to turn his cards over first and Sportelli quickly tabled K8 when he realised Patel wasn’t going to give him any free information. Patel flashed 8-5 and surrendered the pot

Patel – 2.4 million

Pass the parcel

Not many hands have gone to a flop so far, with most hands being over after a single preflop raise to steal blinds and ante’s, literally passing it around.

All three players just went three ways to a flop of 5J2 after a raise of 500,000 by Jaisan Patel on the button was called preflop by both blinds.

Action was checked around to Patel, who moved all in. Sam Haddad snap folded, and Adrian Sportelli agonised over the decision before eventually folding.

The rail is growing here in the Treasury Brisbane poker room, with many faces already knocked out of this tournament lining up to watch including Rauran Toye and Charles Caris.

Patel – 4.275 million

Play underway

All three players have returned from the break and we are once again playing some poker.

Level 30: 100,000/200,000 (200,000)

Dinner break

The remainder of Level 29 has gone by without a single all in, and the remaining 3 players have headed off to a dinner break.

The average stack is just north of 6 million and all three players are guaranteed over A$34,000.

The current chipleader is Sam Haddad, who won the Opening Event at the GC Summer Series in November for $41,867 – his biggest score by far at the time. Finishing either 1st or 2nd here in Brisbane would eclipse that.

Chip counts:

1Sam Haddad9,040,000
5Adrian Sportelli4,890,000
6Jaisan Patel4,375,000



Chipleader Sam Haddad

Change to schedule

The remaining 3 players – Sam Haddad, Adrian Sportelli, and Jaisan Patel – have agreed to go for a 30 minute break at the end of Level 29, instead of the previously scheduled 10 minute break.

There are currently 18 minutes left of Level 29.

Hanna Azimai eliminated in 4th place ($22,513)

Sam Haddad opened from the button to 425,000. Hanna Azimai thought it over before announcing all in and Haddad didn’t waste anyones time, snap-calling to put Azimai at risk.

Azimai KQ
Haddad JJ

Both players hit the K6J flop, with Azimai flopping top pair, but the middle set of Haddad well in front. The K turn giving Azimai trips but improving Haddad to a full house, and the 2 river ending Azimai’s final table run.

Haddad – 8.12 million
Azimai – BUSTED!

Hanna Azimai – 4th place

Cuong Le eliminated in 5th place ($17,345)

Cuong Le shoved his short stack into the middle, Sam Haddad quickly made the call, and it was off to the races.

Haddad JJ

The flop and turn spread 228A and Adrian Sportelli started screaming for a six of clubs – it didn’t eventuate, but the 2 river didn’t help Le, who hits the rail.

Haddad – 4.5 million

Cuong Le – 5th place

Ruiyang Wang eliminated in 6th place ($14,342)

Ruiyang Wang and Adrian Sportelli got it all in preflop, and Wang found himself in trouble.

Wang KQ
Sportelli AQ

The board completed 86949, a swing and a miss for Wang, who heads for the payout desk.

Sportelli – 3.615 million
Wang – BUSTED!

Ruiyang Wang – 6th place

A disciplined Wang

Ruiyang Wang was big blind next hand, with nearly half of his stack committed in blind and ante. Sam Haddad min-raised UTG and was called by Adrian Sportelli on the button, and Jaisan Patel in the small blind, giving Wang pause for thought. Wang eventually slowly slid his cards forward, chosing to stick around a little longer.

Patel led out on the 5K5 for 325,000 into the pot of 1.275 million, Haddad folded and Sportelli called. The pair checked through the 3Q board and Patel tabled AK, good enough to win the pot.

Sportelli – 2.26 million
Patel – 6.275 million

Le right back in it

Ruiyang Wang shoved and Cuong Le made the call in a clash of the short stacks. Everyone else got out the way and the cards were revealed.

Wang KJ
Le A10

The Q9759 board missed everyone and Le doubled up.

Le – 1.71 million
Wang – 650,000

A joyous Le doubles through

Level 29: 75,000/150,000 (150,000)

Admiral Azimai traps

Jaisan Patel opened to 240,000 and Hanna Azimai called from the button. Cuong Le 3-bet jammed from the small blind, and Patel mulled his options over before folding.

Azimai snap-called, however, the trap set and sprung.

Azimai JJ
Le 88

Azimai remained ahead all the way through the 65963 board and earned more than a full double.

Azimai – 3.8 million
Le – 350,000

Cuong Le (and Azimai, left)

Jimmy Siu eliminated in 7th ($12,030)

Jimmy Siu open shoved for 830,000 and was called by Sam Haddad, before the blinds got out of the way.

Siu 44
Haddad KK

Haddad’s superior pocket pair held all the way through, turning Siu completely dead on the turn on a complete board of 6A7K10

Haddad – 5.15 million

Jimmy Siu – 7th place

Sportelli h8s the river

Adrian Sportelli raised UTG to 285,000 and recieved three callers – Jaisan Patel and Jimmy Siu to his left, and Hanna Azimai from the blinds.

Azimai and Sportelli checked the 78Q flop and Patel shoved for 1.41 million. Siu and Azimai folded, but Sportelli snap called.

Sportelli AQ
Patel A8

Patel was in dire straights as Sportelli practically wheeled away in celebration – the board completed 58 though and Patel binked the two outer to survive.

Patel – 3.9 million
Sportelli – 4.29 million

Patel can’t watch

Siu and Wang form band of thieves

Jimmy Siu and Ruiyang Wang have shoved three consecutive hands between them, stealing the blinds and antes. Siu shoved first from the hijack, then Wang shoved twice in a row from hijack and middle position.

“One time!” cried Sportelli, as he peeled his cards almost baccarat-style to fold 59 face up on Wang’s first shove, against Sportelli’s big blind.

Wang – 1.68 million
Siu – 1.95 million

Ruiyang Wang

Save your money

Sam Haddad limped in the small blind and Hanna Azimai checked the big to see a flop of 482.

Haddad checked, and Azimai fired 120,000 into the middle. Haddad triple checked his cards and called, both players seeing a K drop on the turn. Haddad check-called a bet of 240,000 from Azimai and then checked a third time on the A river.

Azimai slid a glance at Haddad and asked what he called her with. “Save your money” responded Haddad, and Azimai checked behind. Haddad tabled K5 and Azimai mucked.

Sam Haddad

Level 28: 60,000/120,000 (120,000)

Chip counts

1Sam Haddad3,260,000
2Hanna Azimai2,560,000
3Cuong Le3,300,000
5Adrian Sportelli4,040,000
6Jaisan Patel2,200,000
8 Jimmy Siu1,740,000
9Ruiyang Wang1,180,000

Break time

With that, our players are off on their first break of the day. There are 7 players remaining, with 7th place recieving $12,030 for their efforts. Ruiyang Wang is the current short stack with 1.18 million, whilst Adrian Sportelli leads the way with just over 4 million, and the average stack right now is 2,600,000. We’ll get some up-to-date chip counts during the break.

Azimai Azimuth

Hanna Azimai raised to 200,000 in the hijack, and action folded to big blind Jaisan Patel. Patel 3-bet to 400,000 and Azimai made the call.

The K109 flop was checked by both players, then Patel led out for 575,000 on the J turn. Azimai mulled her options, before announcing all in, which was counted down to be 1,665,000.

Patel thought about it for some time before letting it go, continuing Azimai’s rise up the chip counts.

Azimai – 3.3 million
Patel – 1.54 million

Hanna Azimai

Sportelli squeezed

Adrian Sportelli raised UTG+1 to 225,000 and action folded around to Hanna Azimai in the big blind.

Azimai announced all in, and Sportelli asked to see her stack – about 2.56 million. After a couple of minutes, Sportelli let it go.

Azimai – 2.93 million
Sportelli – 3.15 million

Sportelli stares down Azimai

Siu skyrockets

Jimmy Siu raised UTG to 240,000 and was immediately 3-bet by Ruiyang Wang to 700,000.

Action folded back around to Siu, who shoved, and was quickly called by Wang.

Siu AA
Wang JJ

Wang found himself well behind in a massive cooler and could not catch on a complete board of 97KA10 as Siu turned him dead.

Siu – 2.7 million
Wang – 800,000

Jimmy Siu

Level 27: 50,000/100,000 (100,000)

Patrick Coffey eliminated in 8th ($9,828)

Patrick Coffey opened UTG to 160,000, and was called by Ruiyang Wang in the cut-off before Sam Haddad 3-bet to 510,000 on the button.

Coffey announced all in, and Haddad took a moment, saying “I don’t think I can lay this one down – if you have Aces or Kings good on you” before making the call.

“He’s got Queens!” yelled Adrian Sportelli, and he was right, as Haddad tabled his hand.

Haddad QQ
Coffey AK

It was a classic race, and Haddad held on throughout the ten-high board (that Sportelli called for) of 831058 to knock out Coffey.

Haddad – 4.49 million
Coffey – BUSTED!

Patrick Coffey – 8th place

Haddad had it again

Sam Haddad opened from the cut-off to 160,000 and Patrick Coffey came along from the big blind.

The two players saw, and checked, a flop of 73J, then Coffey led out for 115,000 on the 2 turn. Haddad made the call.

Coffey led out for 350,000 on the 10 river and Haddad quickly called.

Coffey tabled K9 for King high, and Haddad slammed down J10 to scoop with top two.

Coffey – 1.78 million
Haddad – 2.95 million

Patrick Coffey

Graham Cowan eliminated in 9th ($7,644)

Graham Cowan has been eliminated at the hands of Patrick Coffey.

Coffey opened to 160,000 from the cut-off, and Cowan 3-bet jammed his big blind.

Coffey asked for a count, and upon hearing 610,000 quickly made the call.

Cowan Q4
Coffey QJ

Coffey remained ahead throughout the entire board of 6K7K and sealed the deal with a J to take us down to 8 players remaining.

Coffey – 2.49 million
Cowan – BUSTED!

Graham Cowan – 9th place

Siu saved

Jimmy Siu shoved all in under the gun on the very next hand for his remaining 340,000 – the short stack at the table.

Action folded around to Adrian Sportelli on the button, who made the call, before both Jaisan Patel and Graham Cowan let their blinds go.

Siu A6
Sportelli Q10

The board dropped 6K2 to give Sportelli a flush draw, and he nailed it on the 7 turn. “You’re not dead, you’re not dead” said Sportelli, and he was right, as the river peeled 6 to give Siu the Ace high flush and survive

Siu – 880,000
Sportelli – 3,255,000

Jimmy Siu

Relief for Azimai

With a pot of over 800,000 in the middle, Hanna Azimai fired 500,000 first to act from the hijack.

With the board showing JA94, Patrick Coffey mulled it over before announcing all in, causing Azimai to reel. “If I fold these…. you’d have to have two…”

Azimai made the call, and Coffey tabled A-J. The relief on Azimai’s face was immediately apparent – as she also tabled A-J. The table erupted in laughter at her expression – “We wanted blood!” yelled Adrian Sportelli.

Hanna Azimai

Level 26: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)

Sportelli shoves

On the second hand of play, Adrian Sportelli and Jaisan Patel went heads up to a flop of 82K.

Sportelli led out for 250,000 and Patel responded with a raise to 500,000. Sportelli wasted no time announcing all in, and Patel was put to the ultimate test within five minutes of sitting down.

Patel eventually folded, and Sportelli showed AK. “I had K9, I’d have been all in!” laughed Graham Cowan.

Sportelli – 3.7 million
Patel – 2.1 million

Adrian Sportelli

Play commenced

With 6:47 remaining of Level 25, play has commenced on the Final Table of the Brisbane Poker Festival Main Event. The button started in Seat 9.

Brisbane Poker Festival Main Event Final Table

Level 25: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)

The time has come! After three huge days of poker action, we return today for the final table of the Treasury Brisbane Poker Festival Main Event.

The nine remaining players have already guaranteed themselves a minimum $7,644 payday but all eyes are on the trophy and its $76,433 top prize.

Leading the way is Adrian Sportelli with 2,995,000 in chips although Riuyang Wang and Cuong Le are both nipping at his heels.

Who will run true when it matters most? PokerMedia Australia will be live from start to finish to bring you all the action as we determine our Treasury Brisbane Poker Festival Main Event champion!

Chip counts:

1Sam Haddad1,860,000
2Hanna Azimai1,840,000
3Cuong Le2,815,000
4Patrick Coffey2,000,000
5Adrian Sportelli2,995,000
6Jaisan Patel2,635,000
7Graham Cowan890,000
8 Jimmy Siu340,000
9Ruiyang Wang2,905,000



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