LIVE REPORTING: Treasury Brisbane Poker Festival Day 2

The inaugural Brisbane Poker Festival Main Event final table is set

After 11 hours of play today, we have reached our final 9 players.

After taking out Mina Elias on the final hand of play, Adrian Sportelli is our chipleader, with 2,995,000 in chips. Riuyang Wang and Cuong Le are nipping on Sportelli’s heels and it promises to be an exciting day of play tomorrow!

Play kicks off at 11.30 AEST (local) time, and PMA will be here from go to woe to bring you all the action.

Sam Haddad911,860,000
Hanna Azimai921,840,000
Cuong Le932,815,000
Patrick Coffey942,000,000
Adrian Sportelli952,995,000
Jaisan Patel962,635,000
Graham Cowan97890,000
 Jimmy Siu98340,000
Ruiyang Wang992,905,000

Mina Elias eliminated in 10th ($6,406)

Mina Elias shoved his small blind against Adrian Sportelli in the big blind, and Sportelli asked for a count. The bet was a total 770,000. Sportelli tanked for a little while, stating “I want to go home” and “I think I’m going to call” before eventually making the call – only to say “I’m crushed!” When he saw Elias’ hand.

Elias 88
Sportelli K8

“King!” said Sportelli as the dealer spread the A310 flop. “Ok… I’ll take a Jack or a Queen? Or that’ll do!” as the dealer peeled the K turn, and then the 9 river.

Our final table is set. We’ll be back shortly with finalised chip counts and a chipleader for you all, hold tight!

Sportelli – 2,995,000
Elias – BUSTED!

Adrian Sportelli

Dead mans hand

We joined the action on the flop, where Patrick Coffey had checked his action and Jimmy Siu had fired 210,000 on a board of 8A3.

Coffey responded by check raising all in for a total of 845,000. Jimmy Siu tanked, but made the call, and a rail assembled to watch the runout.

Coffey A8
Siu A10

Top two pair was good for Coffey and it held throughout the runout as the board completed 97

Coffey – 2,000,000
Siu – 350,000

Jimmy Siu

Hand for hand

The Brisbane Poker Festival Main Event is down to just 10 players. We are now playing hand for hand until we have a final 9.

Bertsos bustsos

All in pre flop action on Table 10 as Jaisan Patel had John Bertsos at risk.

Bertsos AJ
Patel 55

HOLD! screamed Patel, only to be immediately let down by his fives as the flop spread AQ4. All was not lost, though, as the board completed 3 and then 2 to give Patel a runner runner straight, sending John Bertsos to the rail as our 11th place finisher.

Patel – 3,050,000
Bertsos – BUSTED!

John Bertsos – 11th – $6,406

Level 25: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)

Elias finds a double

Mina Elias has been freefalling of late, losing several big pots and being forced to lay down several more.

He took a stand from UTG+2, shoving all in pre flop with J9. Action folded around to Sam Haddad in the big blind, who thought about it before correctly calling with A3.

It was Haddad’s flop, but Elias’ board A97J6 – the turn card gave him two pair and the win.

Elias – 780,000
Haddad – 2,000,000

Mina Elias

Double shot espresso, please

Patrick Coffey was waiting for his turn in the big blind as action folded around the table. John Bertsos opted to pressure Coffey’s short stack, open shoving and forcing Coffey to the ultimate decision.

Luckily, for Coffey, he didn’t have much of a decision.

Bertsos Q8
Coffey AA

Bertsos was already counting how much to pay as the flop, turn, and river fell J4366, with Coffey earning a full double up.

Coffey – 1,290,000
Bertsos – 820,000

Patrick Coffey

Biggest stacks

Chip counts below – We have lost Ricky Kroesen in 12th place on the other table while the Azimai hand was ongoing – he left quickly and quietly!

Hanna Azimai2,675,000
Jimmy Siu2,300,000
Sam Haddad2,030,000
Jaisan Patel2,020,000
Graham Cowan1,740,000
Cuong Le1,360,000
Mina Elias1,340,000
Ruiyang Wang1,300,000
John Bertsos1,200,000
Adrian Sportelli1,150,000
Patrick Coffey425,000

Azimai pressures Sportelli

Adrian Sportelli bet 425,000 on the river on a board showing Q2JA9 and action was on Hanna Azimai.

Azimai asked Sportelli if she had him covered, thinking it through for a few minutes before announcing she was all in. Sportelli went deep into the tank and eventually folded Queens face up.

Azimai did not show.

Azimai – 2,675,000
Sportelli – 1,150,000

Hanna Azimai

Level 24: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)

Break time

Our remaining 12 players have left on a short 10 minute break. Once again, we’ll be playing down to 9 players today.

No luck Noja

Danielle Noja shoved from middle position and was looked up by Cuong Le in the blinds.

Noja QQ

“No King” said Noja, but no luck and no outs as the dealer spread KK3 rendering Noja immediately drawing dead. The board completed 79 to officially eliminate Noja in 13th.

Le – 1,210,000
Noja – BUSTED!

Danielle Noja

Derecho demoted to the rail

Emmanuel Derecho shoved his short stack from the cut-off and Sam Haddad once again snap-called from the big blind.

Derecho A4
Haddad AA

Derecho flopped one four but couldn’t find another – the board completing 24Q510 to end Derecho’s day in 14th.

Haddad – 2,030,000
Derecho – BUSTED!

Easy game!

The end of Boardman’s rollercoaster

John Boardman has been running it up and then getting crippled more times this weekend than we can count, and the journey is finally at an end. We caught up the action when Boardman was all in and called by Ruiyang Wang preflop. “I’m in trouble here” said Boardman.

Boardman A10
Wang AQ

He was right, as the superior kicker held through 49733

Wang – 1,560,000
Boardman – BUSTED!

Riuyang Wang

Alexander the Great vanquished!

We started today with three Alex’s – Lynskey, Vidler, and Hockey. Only one remained, and the self-proclaimed Alexander the Great was recently vanquished by none other than the below Hanna Azimai.

Azimai opened the button to 100k and Vidler jammed from the small blind. Azimai snapped, practically beating Vidler to the middle, as she triumphantly tabled AA. In a cruel twist of fate, Vidler had the exact two cards Azimai had JUST won with, tabling AJ.

Not even a Jack could save Vidler, as the board completed 22J43, and we lost Vidler in 16th, while Azimai vaulted over the two million mark.

Azimai – 2,005,000
Vidler – BUSTED!

Alex Vidler

Jack saves Azimai

Hanna Azimai and overnight chipleader Emmanuel Derecho had an all in preflop clash recently. Azimai was all in for her remaining 540,000 covered by Derecho.

Azimai AJ
Derecho 1010

Derecho seemed safe on the board of 9589 as Azimai pleaded for an Ace or a Jack – then J saved the day

Azimai – 1,120,000
Derecho – 670,000

Hanna Azimai

Ace for Elias

We caught the action as both Danielle Noja and Mina Elias had their hands face up, with Elias at risk and behind.

Elias AQ
Noja QQ

The flop was safe for Noja but disaster on the turn as it ran out 5K2A2 and Elias spiked his Ace to fully double.

Elias – 1,780,000
Noja – 325,000

Mina Elias

Level 23: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)

Damelian’s done

Robert Damelian open shoved for 560,000 from middle position and action folded round to Sam Haddad in the big blind. Haddad looked at his cards and snap called.

Damelian A5
Haddad KK

Damelian was flopped nearly dead as Haddad smashed top set on the K89 flop, and the Q turn sealed it with a meaningless 4 completing the board.

Haddad – 1,400,000
Damelian – BUSTED!

Sam Haddad

Alba Qi eliminated (18th)

Cuong Le opened for 75,000 from the cut-off, and Alba Qi jammed her now-short stack from the small blind. Emmanuel Derecho rejammed from the big blind, and Le got out the way.

Qi 55
Derecho QQ

Derecho had Qi on the ropes, and the board ran clean 694QA.

Derecho – 1,425,000

Alba Qi

A pair of pairs

Graham Cowan raised UTG to 100,000 and action folded to Mina Elias on the button. Elias 3-bet shoved his remaining 380,000 and both blinds got out of the way before Cowan made the call.

Cowan 88
Elias QQ

The board of 1047JA was completely safe for Elias and he doubled through.

Elias – 835,000

Mina Elias

Damelian dominates

Adrian Sportelli has not returned back from the break and was missing from the big blind. Chris Costanza shoved from middle position and Robert Damelian rejammed from the cut-off, with everyone else getting out of the way.

Costanza A10
Damelian AK

Another player accidentally flipped Sportelli’s cards whilst passing them to the dealer and they were shown to be K-T.

The board came down K10249 – top top for Damelian enough to eliminate Costanza.

Damelian – 1,045,000
Costanza – BUSTED!

Robert Damelian

Level 22: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)

Break time – 20 remain

20 players remain and they have headed off on a 30 minute dinner break.

These are the current chip counts and table draws.

Table 2:

Patrick Coffey21705,000
Graham Cowan221,350,000
John Boardman23875,000
Danielle Noja261,120,000
Hanna Azimai27845,000
Cuong Le28970,000
 Mina Elias29560,000

Table 9:

Alba Qi91605,000
Emmanuel Derecho92650,000
Adrian Sportelli931,060,000
Sam Haddad95930,000
Chris Costanza96430,000
Alex Vidler97685,000
Robert Damelian99540,000

Table 10:

Jimmy Siu102620,000
Riuyang Wang1031,030,000
Jaisan Patel1051,720,000
John Bertsos1061,340,000
Ching Hsu107595,000
Ricky Kroesen1081,610,000

Kroesen klimbing

Jaisan Patel limped UTG+1 and action folded to Ricky Kroesen. Kroesen raised to 80,000, and was 3-bet by Ehsan Amiri, who shoved from the button for 265,000.

Action folded back around to Kroesen, who made the call with 78. Amiri tabled 99 and Kroesen acknowledged it with a “Oh. Nice hand!”

Kroesen flopped a flush draw K66 and it came through for him on the 24 runout.

Kroesen – 1,280,000
Amiri – BUSTED!

Ricky Kroesen

Amiri turns it

Ehsan Amiri shoved his remaining 62,000 stack in preflop and was called by John Bertsos.

Amiri 107
Bertsos AJ

Amiri flopped a straight and flush draw on a flop of 8JK – “We take those” commented tablemate Bert Perry.

The turn completed the flush draw with the 4 and Bertsos wasn’t able to hit his redraw with the Ace as the river peeled a meaningless 2

Amiri – 154,000

Ehsan Amiri

Level 21: 12,000/24,000 (24,000)

Kara KO’d

Suraj Kara found himself all in with 44 and racing against John Bertsos’ AK.

Bertsos found help in the window on a K87 flop and Kara could not catch up as the board completed 86.

John Bertsos – 660,000
Suraj Kara – BUSTED!

John Bertsos

Lynskey lynched

Alex Lynskey pushed all in from middle position, having being knocked down under average stack. He was called by Danielle Noja in the hijack, and the remaining players got out the way.

Lynskey KJ
Noja AJ

Lynskey was dominated and needed help to survive, which did not arrive on the 271076 board and we have lost Lynskey in 27th place.

Noja – 775,000
Lynskey – BUSTED!

Danielle Noja

Boardman gets there

John Boardman checked to Alex Lynskey on his immediate left on a flop of 759. Lynskey bet 40,000 into the pot of roughly 110,000 and Boardman called.

The turn 8 was again checked by Boardman. Lynskey fired a bet of 70,000, which Boardman called.

The river 9 was checked by both players, and Boardman immediately threw his hands back, tabling A10 for the nut flush.

Boardman – 888,000
Lynskey – 560,000

John Boardman

Derecho dominated

Emmanuel Derecho shoved from the small blind against the short stack of Michel Bouskila, who called quickly.

Derecho J3
Bouskila KJ

Derecho flopped a gutshot but couldn’t catch up after Bouskila paired his King, the full runout 264K10

Derecho – 765,000
Bouskila – 252,000

Emmanuel Derecho

Level 20: 10,000/20,000 (20,000)

Players on break

The remaining 34 players are on a ten minute break. Assorted chipcounts below.

Jaisan Patel1,471,000
Ching Hsin Hsu1,100,000
Patrick Coffey976,000
Adrian Sportelli808,000
Alex Lynskey750,000
Danielle Noja585,000
Alba Qi576,000
John Boardman500,000
Emmanuel Derecho485,000
Bert Perry385,000
Ricky Kroesen346,000

Jaisan Patel

Sportelli digs his way out

On a flop of 8210, Adrian Sportelli checked the action across to Chun Chang, who pushed all in.

Sportelli made the call with top pair, but found himself behind.

Sportelli Q10
Chang KK

The board completed 7, giving Sportelli a glimmer of hope as he called for a spade to quite literally dig himself out. The board obliged, ironically the K as Sportelli made a flush to knock out Chang.

Sportelli – 808,000
Chang – BUSTED!

Adrian Sportelli

Lynskey applying constant pressure

Mina Elias opened to 37,000 UTG+2 and Lynskey shoved from the small blind. This was no small shove, Lynskey having over a million chips in his stack at this point, covering everyone on the table – maybe even the room.

Mina Elias made the call and turned over his 66, finding himself racing against the Q10 of Lynskey.

The board was all Elias, as Lynskey not only whiffed completely, but Elias hit a set in the window as it ran out 657K2 to double Elias.

Elias and Lynskey got straight back into it though – Elias opened the next hand to 32,000 and Lynskey called on the button. The blinds got out the way and both saw a 88K flop. Elias continued for 30,000. Lynskey upped the ante to 80,000 and Elias folded after a short while.

Elias – 526,000
Lynskey – 800,000

Lynskey sizing up opponent stack sizes

Congratulations all

Congratulations to all of our remaining players, who have made the money in the Brisbane Poker Festival Main Event.

Simon Pedler is the current short stack, seen here holding his chips.

“I made it!”

Level 19: 8,000/16,000 (16,000)

Dean Williams busts in 47th place

Commiserations must go to Dean Williams, who is the bubble of the Brisbane Poker Festival Main Event.

Williams shoved his remaining 61,000 and was looked up by Jarrod Thatcher.

Williams AA
Thatcher 10K

Williams had the best starting hand in Hold’em – but things can change so quickly, and as the dealer spread the flop, the room’s atmosphere changed as Thatcher hit it hard. The 6KK flop giving Thatcher trips and leaving Williams with just two outs.

The 8 turn and 2 river changed nothing, and our remaining 46 players have made the money.

Jarrod Thatcher – 390,000
Dean Williams – BUSTED!

Dean Williams

Pedler freewheels down the chipcounts

Ching Hsin Hsu and Simon Pedler were all in on Table 10 and when all other hands completed, they tabled their cards in the ultimate cooler.

Hsu AA
Pedler KK

Hsu’s pocket rockets were immediately rewarded with an Ace in the window on the full board of 2JA78.

The stacks were counted, and counted again, and again. Hsu had 419,000 and Pedler 422,000 – meaning Pedler was knocked down to just 3,000 on the bubble.

Hsu – 868,000
Pedler – 3,000

Pedler waits, believing he’s the bubble, as the stacks are counted

Murray at risk

Alex Lynskey opened to 24,000 from the button and Bert Perry called the small blind. Liam Murray had 6,000 behind after posting the big blind and big blind ante, and reluctantly called.

Both players checked the 382 flop, but Perry led out for 18,000 on the 5 turn. Lynskey called, and both players checked the J.

Perry showed A3, Lynskey mucked, but Murray joyously flipped the J10 to scoop the 66,000 side pot.

Murray – 66,000

Liam Murray

Kroesen amuses

“I’m not folding if that helps” was heard from Ricky Kroesen, action pending on Simon Pedler in the big blind. Kroesen had opened to 31,000.

Pedler shoved all in shortly later and Kroesen immediately said “How much is it?” to the amusement of everyone. Pedler’s stack was counted down at 378,000, and Kroesen let it go.

Pedler – 425,000

Simon Pedler

Sportelli survives

Adrian Sportelli was all in and called by Patrick Coffey during hand for hand. Hands on other tables completed and the hands were revealed.

Sportelli AJ
Coffey AK

Sportelli spotted the window card before it was turned over and instantly celebrated, as the dealer spread a flop of J49. He held through on the completion of 8A and doubled.

Sportelli – 480,000
Coffey – 517,000

Patrick Coffey

Hand for hand

Play is currently hand for hand in the Brisbane Poker Festival Main Event. We’ll bring you a host of updates in a moment.

King Kroesen

We were called over to Table 10 where a huge hand was developing. Mal Chapman had shoved his remaining 30,000 UTG and Alba Qi had raised to 100,000 from middle position. Ricky Kroesen then rejammed from the button and action was on Ehsan Amiri in the big blind, who appeared to have a decision.

Amiri eventually let it go after a long tank and Qi snap called. The hands were opened and Kroesen was ahead.

Kroesen KK
Chapman 33

The board started clean as it ran 6826 but the 3 on the river caused Chapman to jump for joy as he survives. Kroesen wins the larger side pot though, and his dreams of a home victory very much alive.

Kroesen – 390,000
Qi – 659,000
Chapman – 120,000

Ricky Kroesen

Hai says bye to some chips

Hai Vo has been getting in the action lately, having two players all in and at risk. ‘

In the first hand, Chris Costanza was all in for 239,000 with about 90,000 already in the pot on the flop 792 and Vo made the call. Costanza tabled 77, his set miles ahead of the K9 of Vo. The QA runout changed nothing and Costanza doubled.

Shortly later, Vo got it in preflop versus Carlos Youssef’s 162,000 stack.

Youssef KK

The Kings held all the way for Youssef on on the 397J8 runout and Youssef also doubled.

Meanwhile, James Truong has fallen, blinded out over the course of the day.

Costanza – 568,000
Youssef – 354,000
Vo – 400,000 (approx)
Truong – BUSTED!

Hai Vo

Level 18: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)

Break time

Players are on a 20 minute break. 50 players remain, and the bubble is expected to bust in the next stanza with 46 players making the money.

The average stack is 371,500. The short stack is James Truong, who still has not arrived, and currently has 22,000. Truong will be all-in in the next round of blinds, and tournament staff have confirmed his hand would not be live in that situation.

The current chipleader is Alba Qi with 982,000, with Alex Lynskey following behind on 878,000. No player over the million chip mark yet but it certainly won’t be long.

Lynskey takes a chunk

We picked up the action on a board of 5KA4, with about 200,000 in the middle already. John Boardman had checked in the cut-off and action was on Alex Lynskey on the button.

Lynskey slid out a bet of 90,000, which was quickly called by Boardman.

The river a fourth heart, the 7 and both players checked. Boardman tabled A2 for top pair, but Lynskey had the best of it with 36 for a straight on the river.

Lynskey – 820,000
Boardman – 195,000

John Boardman

On a Wang and a prayer

Ruiyang Wang is getting in the thick of the action, involved in two consecutive all-in-calls over on Table 6.

In the first hand, we caught the action on the flop of 2AK where Wang had Idris Hassan all in and at risk. Wang tabled K10 and Hassan A9. The exact action up to this unknown, but the 3 ended it quickly, Wang hitting his flush and eliminating Hassan just shy of the bubble.

In the immediate next hand, Mark Staples shoved his shorter stack and Wang made the call.

Staples AJ
Wang A10

Staples flopped a Broadway straight and held all the way through on the board of 10KQ64 to double up.

Wang – 150,000
Staples – 159,000
Hassan – BUSTED!

Ruiyang Wang

Pilat flying

Matt Pilat open shoved from the hijack for 131,000 and after a length tank, Sam Haddad made the call from the big blind.

Pilat KK
Haddad A9

The assembled rail couldn’t ask for a better flop, as the K83 gave Pilat top set, but Haddad very much live drawing to the nut flush. The turn and river J6 were no help, though, and Pilat doubled through.

Pilat – 277,000
Haddad – 450,000

Matt Pilat

Qi amps up the pressure

We picked up the action on a board showing 96Q, where Volodymyr Platomenko had bet 29,000. Alba Qi made the call, and Ehsan Amiri got out the way.

The 7 dropped on the turn and Platomenko bet again, this time for 47,000. Qi stopped to ponder her options, and then slid out a raise to 130,000. Platomenko tanked for a couple of minutes before letting his cards go.

Qi has been fast approaching the million chip mark.

Qi – 885,000
Platomenko – 290,000

Alba Qi

Alex versus Alex

Alex Lynskey, chipleader from Day 1A, opened from the hijack, and Alex Hockey shoved from the small blind.

Lynskey snap called with QQ and was well ahead of the KJ of Hockey.

The board spread 2325 giving Hockey a little hope with the heart flush draw, but the 3 on the river ended his day.

Lynskey – 715,000
Hockey – BUSTED!

Alex Lynskey

Level 17: 5,000/10,000 (10,000)

Toyed with

“I lose all my flips, honestly” lamented Rauran Toye as he left the table. Toye had just 3-bet jammed for 64,000 from the small blind over Daniel Chevalier’s 18,000 UTG open and Chevalier had snap called.

Toye AK
Chevalier 1010

The board completed 4543Q – a complete miss for Toye, who quickly exited stage right.

Chevalier – 330,000
Toye – BUSTED!

Rauran Toye


Stephen Geronimos opened to 24,000 from the cut-off (effectively button, with James Truong on the button still not present) and Adrian Sportelli 3-bet shoved from the small blind.

Geronimos made the call, and it was off to the races.

Geronimos JJ
Sportelli AQ

The flop caused a ripple of noise through the immediate area, as both players connected hard on AQJ. Sportelli was unable to boat up on the runout of 26 and Geronimos doubled up.

Sportelli – 158,000
Geronimos – 352,000

Stephen Geronimos

Calling Mr Truong

One of todays 64 starters has yet to take his seat, with James Truong’s stack now on Table 4 Seat 8 (following his original Table 5 being the first to break) awaiting his arrival.

Truong started the day with 157,000.

Truong – 137,000

James Truong’s chair

Early action

Hong Nguyen opened to 20,000 from middle position and Jarrod Thatcher shoved the button. The small blind got out the way but Dean Williams made the call from the big blind, with Hong Nguyen folding behind.

Williams 99
Thatcher K10

Williams managed to avoid both overcards and the gutshot Broadway on a board of J47A8

Williams – 284,000
Thatcher – 101,000

Dean Williams

Level 16: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)

Shuffle up and deal!

Tournament Director Tim O’Brien has announced shuffle up and deal following the pre-Day 2 entertainment by Velvet Rope Entertainment.

We will be playing 60 minute levels today until we get down to 9 players, setting up our final table for tomorrow.

Payouts have been confirmed as well, with 46 players finishing in the money from 64 starting today.


Velvet Rope Entertainment

Welcome back to PokerMedia Australia’s live coverage of the Treasury Brisbane Poker Festival.

Today is Day 2 of the Main Event with 64 players from a starting field of 364 still in the hunt and eying victory. There are plenty of big names among them, including 2018 WSOP November Niner Alex Lynskey, Ehsan Amiri, Michel Bouskila, Ricky Kroesen, Chad Awerbuch, Rauran Toye and many more.

However, the man to catch is Emmanuel Derecho, who bagged a massive stack of 770,000 on Day 1B. The top 42 players will make the money and we will be playing down to our final table today.

Follow PMA’s live coverage at for all the action as it happens!


Table 2:

Juan Arevalo21295000
Paul Murray22416000
Sean Walch23102000
Alex Lynskey24570000
John Perry25521000
Dylan Stringer2660000
Alex Hockey27152000
Cuong Le28381000

Table 3:

Lloyd Earl31411000
Mina Elias32409000
Geoffrey Mooney33356000
Hanna Azimai34128000
Patrick Coffey35447000
Graham Cowan36280000
Stephen Geronimos37188000
Adrian Sportelli39426000

Table 4:

Carlos Youssef41105000
Dylan Desmarchelier42212000
Chun Wei Chang43235000
John Bertsos45282000
John Boardman46240000
Rauran Toye4760000
Charles Caris48128000
Daniel Chevalier49246000

Table 5:

Constantinos Boucas51417000
Liam Murray52329000
Eshan Amiri53194000
David Sebesfi54264000
Chad Awerbuch55101000
Quoc J Truong56157000
Danielle Noja57223000
Timothy Malone59125000

Table 6:

Chris Costanzo61236000
Eric Sturm62191000
Minh Tran63104000
Mark Staples64131000
Ruiyang Wang66220000
Hai Vo67452000
Evan Mijo68306000
Idris Hassan69222000

Table 7:

Michel Bouskila71489000
Dean Williams73118000
Robert Damelian74355000
Nick Wright75198000
Hong Nguyen76331000
Jaisan Patel77560000
Ashneel Sharma78214000
Jarrod Thatcher79195000

Table 9:

Faraz Ayyaz91251000
Matt Pilat92300000
Jonathan Cross93165000
Emmanuel Derecho94770000
Sam Haddad95301000
Alexander Vidler97563000
James Siu98109000
Joshua McSwiney99182000

Table 10:

Mal Chapman 102192000
Simon Pedler103346000
Volodymyr Platomenko104403000
Xin Qi105665000
John Apostolidis106289000
Ching Hsin Hsu107342000
Ricky Kroesen 108266000
Suraj Kara109463000

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