LIVE REPORTING: Stacked Poker Championship Main Event Day 2

Jamie Brown eliminated in 10th ($9,000)

And just like that the final table has been set! The hand that decided it saw Jamie Brown open on the button for 50,000 and Matt Dapollonio call in the big blind. Both players checked the 954 flop before Dapollonio led out for 70,000 on the 2 turn. Brown called.

On the J river Dapollonio announced he was all-in and Brown called with KJ, but Dapollonio had turned huge with the 63 and Brown’s day was done.

We now have our final table of nine!

Jamie Brown

Kit Manuel eliminated in 11th ($8,000)

They’re falling like dominoes now. Kit Manuel announced he was all-in UTG and Brett Marshall shoved over the top. Matt Dapollonio thought about calling both all-ins but eventually folded.

Manuel showed 66 and Marshall QQ, and when the board ran out KA439 we were down to 10 players and the final table bubble.

Play is now hand-for-hand.

Pip Chea eliminated in 12th ($7,000)

Pip Chea opened to 57,000 UTG and it was folded around to Nathan Glase who announced he was all-in. Chea made the call and when the cards were flipped it was Glase out in front holding JJ over Chea’s 77.

There was no help for Chea, leaving him with just 60,000 behind. He shoved next hand with J6 and Glase finished the job, flopping a K with his K4.

Glase now has around 800,000.

Pip Chea

Level 24: 12,000/24,000 (24,000)

Sanjaev soars

Joe Sanjaev has scored a much needed double up, getting his remaining 185,000 into the middle holding K7 on a 239 flop and getting a call from Adam Cusenza with KK.

The turn was the 5 and Sanjaev moves back up to 390,000.

Chris Edgar eliminated in 13th ($7,000)

Adam Cusenza shoved in the small blind and a short-stacked Chris Edgar called in the big blind.

Edgar looked set for a much-needed double holding KQ to Cusenza’s Q8, but the board ran out 3810A9 and we’re down to 12 remaining.

Jacyn Che eliminated in 14th ($6,000)

Jacyn Che is our latest to fall after falling to the comeback kid, Matt Dapollonio. It was 3-way to a flop of 4310 as Dapollonio led for 100,000. Jaycn Che then shoved for 158,000 and Brett Marshall folded the A4.

Dapollonio called however and showed 1010 for top set, leaving Che drawing very thing holding A10.

Che hits the rail while Dapollonio moves to 545,000.

Jacyn Che

Short stacks on a roll

There have been a number of instances of short stacks doubling through over the past 30 minutes as the balance of power continues to shift.

Loc Duong recently doubled through Joe Sanjaev and Matt Dapollonio doubled through Kit Manuel. Manuel was then all-in for his tournament life against Abhey Rai but survived that encounter too as we remain with 14 players left.

Level 23: 10,000/20,000 (20,000)

Francesco Sergi eliminated in 15th ($5,000)

Francesco Sergi shoves his remaining chips from the button and Joel Williams called from the big blind.

It was Williams with QJ against the K7 and a Q on the flop was enough for Williams to end Sergi’s day early.

Francesco Sergi

Marshall magic

Brett Marshall shoved for just under 200,000 with 99 and was called by Adam Cusenza holding AA.

It looked like that was all she wrote for Marshall as the 468Q fell but the 9 river saved Marshall’s tournament life while dealing Cusenza a significant blow.

Adam Cusenza410,000
Brett Marshall380,000

Michael Mariakis eliminated in 16th ($5,000)

Michael Mariakis was all-in for his last 35,000 with Francesco Sergi calling in the big blind.

Mariakis held A9 to Sergi’s 85 but when the board fell J652Q it was Sergi taking the chips.

Chris Colaneri eliminated in 17th ($4,000)

A short-stacked Chris Colaneri shoves for his last 35,000 and was called by Max Chea and Jamie Brown. On the J29 flop, Chea bet 40,000 and Brown folded.

Chea turned over AJ with Colaneri well behind holding 710. The turn was the 9 and the river the A to send Colaneri home.

Chris Colaneri

Level 22: 8,000/16,000 (16,000)

Cusenza cripples Colaneri

After doubling through Chris Colaneri moments earlier, Adam Cusenza called Colaneri’s 26,000 button open from the big blind and they took a flop of Q52.

Cusenza then check-raised Colaneri’s 50,000 c-bet all-in and Colaneri made the call.

Colaneri showed KQ and needed to fade flush and straight outs against Cusenza’s 36, but the 9 landed on the turn to immediately cement the pot for Cusenza.

Colaneri is crippled why Cusenza moves to 480,000.

Chip counts

Jamie Brown805,000
Max Chea570,000
Nathan Glase420,000
Chris Colaneri410,000
Kit Manuel370,000
Loc Duong350,000
Joe Sanjaev330,000
Francesco Sergi320,000
Jacyn Che280,000
Joel Williams275,000
Abhey Rai250,000
Brett Marshall250,000
Pip Chea230,000
Chris Edgar180,000
Michael Mariakis115,000
Adam Cusenza110,000
Matt Dapollonio110,000

Rai of hope

Max Chea opened to 26,000 and Abhey Rai shoves for his last 130,000. Chea called and showed AK to be racing against Rai’s 66.

The J62 flop was huge for Rai and he held to double through to 250,000.

Williams doubles

Pip Chea opened to 30,000 from the cut-off and Joel Williams announced he was all-in for his last 110,000. Chea called and showed A4 to Williams’ 88. The board ran out Q-high as Williams doubles through to 240,000.

Level 21: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)

Obie Blanusa eliminated in 18th ($4,000)

Obie Blanusa shoved for 110,000 and was called by both Max Chea and Chris Colaneri. Chea and Colaneri then checked down the board as it fell 

[invalid notations].

Blanusa turned over AQ which wasn’t enough to get it done as Chea showed JJ and scooped the pot over Colaneri’s 1010.

Chea now has 660,000.

Obie Blanusa

Edgar doubles

Joel Williams opened to 22,000 and Chris Edgar shoved for 77,000 from the small blind. Williams called and showed QJ to be effectively racing against the A9 of Edgar.

The board ran out 385107 as Edgar doubles through to 164,000.

We’re back

The tournament has resumed and we’re on our way – just nine eliminations away from this year’s Stacked Poker Championship final table.

Break it up

Players are now on a 30-minute dinner break and will return at 8pm local time.

Jonathan Karamalikis busts on the bubble

Jonathan Karamalikis is our bubble boy after getting his very short stack in and finding two callers.

When the flop fell K99, Nathan Glase bet 30,000 and Chris Edgar folded. Karamalikis turned over A5 but was drawing to running cards against Glase’s J9.

There was to be no miracle and Karamalikis exits in 19th.

We are now in the money and remaining 18 players are on a 30-minute break.

Jonathan Karamalikis is bubble boy.

On the bubble!

Nathan Glase opened to 20,000 and Andrew Michael announced he was all-in from the cut-off. Joe Sanjaev shoved over the top and Glase let his hand go.

Sanjaev turned over KK and was in great shape to send Michael to the rail with AQ – especially when Glase said he’d folded the same hand.

The board ran out QJ998 to leave us with 19 platers remaining.

We are now on the money bubble and play is hand-for-hand.

Andrew Michael

Karamalikis crippled

Jonathan Karamalikis announced he was all-in from the cut-off and Joe Sanjaev shoved over the top. Everyone else folded and when the cards were turned Karamalikis found himself in trouble with 55 against Sanjaev’s 1010.

The window card was the 10 which sealed the deal for Sanjaev. He moves to 275,000 while Karamalikis is down to around 60,000.

All the stacks

Jamie Brown465,000
Max Chea450,000
Kit Manuel425,000
Brett Marshall410,000
Nathan Glase405,000
Francesco Sergi390,000
Jacyn Che350,000
Pip Chea330,000
Joel Williams235,000
Chris Colaneri225,000
Matt Dapollonio210,000
Loc Duong200,000
Abhey Rai195,000
Michael Mariakis175,000
Jonathan Karamalikis175,000
Adam Cusenza160,000
Andrew Michael160,000
Chris Edgar145,000
Joe Sanjaev130,000
Obie Blanusa110,000

Level 20: 5,000/10,000 (10,000)

Break time

Players are now on a 10-minute break.

Race for survival

After Max Chia opened to 20,000, Loc Duong announced he was all-in. Joel Williams then announced he was all-in too with Chea folding.

It was Loc’s AK racing against the QQ with Williams holding on as the board ran out 941068.

Williams moves to 210,000 while Loc drops down to just 72,000.

Joel Williams

X marks the spot

Four way to a 482 flop, Gabby Xiourouppa came out swinging with a 100,000 bet. Jamie Brown folded but Max Chea announced he was all in for a little over 150,000. 

Xiourouppa made the call with QQ but needed to dodge plenty of outs against Chea’s A3. He couldn’t as the 7 turn sent the pot Chea’s way.

Max Chea390,000
Gabriel Xiourouppa80,000
Max Chea

Level 19: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)

Croc crushed

Billy “The Croc” Argyros has just busted after losing consecutive races – first with AK against an opponent’s ladies and then with Jacks against AK.

His departure leaves us with 21 players remaining. We are now just three places away from the money.

Champ chucked

Defending Stacked Poker Championship winner Michael Haddad won’t be making it back-to-back titles after hitting the rail moments ago.

Haddad shoved for his last 50,000 after Mac Chea’s open and was called by both Chea and Kit Manuel.

The two checked the AQ2 flop before Chea fired 15,000 on the 8 turn – enough force Manuel to fold.

He then turned over A5, leaving Haddad drawing thin with 33. The river was the 7 and Haddad’s day is done.

Level 18: 3,000/6,000 (6,000)

Break time

Players are on a 10-minute break.

Clash of the Adams

Adam Lutley has busted at the hands of Adam Cusenza. Lutley was down to his last 30,000 and got it in with 44 but was in trouble against the 66 of Cusenza.

The board bricked and Lutley was out last casualty before the break.

Kit catches Haddad

Joe Sanjaev opened to 11,500 and received calls from Jamie Brown and Michael Haddad before Kit Manuel 3-bet to 31,500 from late position. Brown and Haddad called to see a flop of 457.

Brown checked but Haddad led for 26,500. Manuel called and Brown folded.

On the 7 turn, Haddad bet 100,000 which sent Manuel deep into the tank. He eventually announced he was all-in for another 55,000 on top but flipped over his cards, QQ, before Haddad had called.

Nevertheless, he eventually called with 23, needing a 6 or an Ace to scoop the pot.

Instead the J landed on the river, rocketing Manuel up towards the top of the chip counts.

Kit Manuel495,000
Michael Haddad155,000
Kit Manuel


12 to 13$7,000 
15 to 16$5,000 
17 to 18$4,000 

Pipped at the post

Pip Chea was all-in for his tournament life but in strong position holding KK against the AJ of “AC”.

The Q93 gave Chea a massive sweat but he dodged the danger to double through to 195,000.

“AC” is now crippled.

Level 17: 2,500/5,000 (5,000)


Huy Nguyen, Zhifan Ye, Karl Fielke and Alex Markopolous have all busted since the start of this level.

Croc at the double

Karl Fielke announced he was all-in for about 95,000 and it was folded around to Billy Argyros in the big blind. He went deep into the tank before announcing, “Well, there is always the cash games … I call.”

The Croc rolled over 88 and was pleased to see he was racing the AQ of Fielke. The board ran out T-high as Argyros doubles through to 185,000. Fielke is left with nothing but pocket change after that hand.

Glase fills up

After Tony Xu opened from the button and Nathan Glase 3-bet, Xu announed he was all-in and Glase quickly made the call.

Glase showed QQ to be well ahead of Xu’s A9 and he got even stronger on the Q57 flop. TheJ gave Xu some flush outs but while the 5 river was a club, it also filled Glase up.

Nathan Glase310,000
Tony XuBusted
Nathan Glase

The numbers

With the re-entry period now over and play back underway, the tournament staff have released the final numbers with 181 entries into this year’s main Event creating a $362,000 prize pool. 

There are currently 38 players remaining with payout details to be finalized shortly.

Level 16: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)

Break time

That brings us to the end of the re-entry period of this event. Players are on a 10-minute break.

Haddad takes chip lead with double strike

Eddie Saade opened to 7,000 in early position and both Joel Williams and Michael Haddad made the call.

On the 26A flop, Saade led for 17,000 and Williams shoved for 40,000. Haddad called but Saade shoved over the top for 130,000. Haddad called.

It was Saade in front holding AK against the A4 of Williams and the 107 of Haddad.

The turn J kept Saade in front but the river was the 8, giving Haddad the flush and sending both Saade and Williams to the rail.

Haddad is now chip leader with 435,000.

Michael Haddad

Dapollonio ends another

Matt Dapollonio’s run of huge hands has continued in clash with Dion Mavrangelos. Mavrangelos got his last 60,000 in holding KJ on a K104 board but ran straight into Dapollonio’s 44.

Dapollonio is back up to 280,000 after that hand.

The big stacks

Jacyn Che335,000
Adrian Indovino310,000
Gabriel Xiourouppa290,000
Michael Haddad275,000
Nathan Glase255,000
Jamie Brown250,000
Francesk Gjoni240,000
Neb Blanusa230,000
Joe Sanjaev230,000
Kit Manuel225,000

Indovino soars

After Loc Duong opened to 6,000 in early position, Adrian Indovino 3-bet to 24,000 before Gabby Xiourouppa 4-bet to 100,000.

Duong folded by Indovino announced he was all-in. Xiourouppa called and they tabled their cards with Indivino’s QQ way out in front of Xiourouppa’s 1010.

The board ran out [invalid notations] as Indovino moves above 300,000.

Adrian Indovino310,000
Gabriel Xiourouppa290,000
Adrian Indovino

Rai, Glase double through

There is plenty of action on Table 6 with a spate of all-ins since the start of play today. Those all-ins have seen two players score doubles in consecutive hands, starting with Nathan Glase who got it in with AQ against the AJ of Steve K. The Q on the flop sealed the deal to give him an early boost.

Next hand Abhey Rai shoved for around 62,000 and was called by Matt Dapollonio. Rai was in front with QQ against Dapollonio’s AQ and his hand held on a J-high board.

Level 15: 1,500/3,000 (3,000)

Faces in the crowd

Che scores the double KO

It was a three-way all-in on Table 2 with Zhifan Ye and Steve Topakas the players at risk

Ye held JJ and Topakas AK while Jacyn Che had both covered but was trailing with AQ. It was Che who would emerge with all the chips however as the board ran out 10Q28Q.

Che now has 190,000.

Jacyn Che

Seal sinks

Max Chea opened to 5,000 UTG and it was folded around to Emmanuel Seal in the small blind who shoves for his remaining 42,500.

Francesk Gjoni in the big blind tanked for some time before making the call with Chea folding.

Seal showed AJ and was racing against Gjoni’s 99 but didn’t get there as the board ran out 106257.

Gjoni moves to around 100,000.

Xu eliminated

Tony Xu has also hit the rail early today, shoving the turn on a 4J86 board with KK and being called by Jamie Brown holding 46. The river was the 9 as Brown moves to 230,000.

On the Matt

Matt Dapollonio appears to have had a pretty big night given he has turned up in the same clothes he wore all day yesterday, but it hasn’t stopped him sending the first player of the day to the rail.

Elliot Esca, aka “The Fit Chef”, was the victim as Dapollonio announced he was all-in on a board reading 46J6. Esca thought briefly before calling with KK but was way behind the JJ of his rival.

The river bricked and Dapollonio moves to 275,000.

Matt Dapollonio

Sealing the deal

Emmanuel Seal was all-in first hand for his last 26,000 holding 66 and racing the AK of Max Chea.

He hit big on the 456 flop to cement the double as he moves to 55,000.

Shuffle up and deal

We’re now underway on Day 2 of the Stacked Poker Championship Main Event!

Level 14: 1,000/2,500 (2,500)

It’s Day 2 of the Stacked Poker Championship Main Event as we start our descent with a GTD$100,000 prize awaiting the man who crosses that finish line first.

After two days of action – and there was plenty of it – in the Stacked Social poker room, today will see 54 of the 159 entries so far continue on the tournament, although re-entry remains open for the first two levels of today’s play so that figure could grow slightly.

This year’s field smashes the 126 entries who took part in 2021 with a number of familiar faces still in contention, including defending champion Michael Haddad, Jonathan Karamalikis, Steve Topakas, Joe Sanjaev and Neb Blanusa.

However all are chasing chip leader Kit Manuel, who built a stack of 219,500 on Day 1A. Closest behind is Gabriel Xiourouppa – the only other man above the 200k mark – with 206,000.

PokerMedia Australia will be on the floor from start to finish today so be sure to stay tuned to for all the live reporting action as we play down to our final table.

Day 2 Seating Draw:

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