LIVE REPORTING: Treasury Brisbane Poker Festival Main Event Day 1B

Day 1B is in the books

That’s a wrap! The last three hands were uneventful, final chip counts have been finalised. The Day 1B chip counts in full are below, table draws will be posted tomorrow.

What we can confirm, however, is the overall chipleader going into Day 2 is Emmanuel Derecho. The Australian is on a hot streak, with five cashes in 2022 so far across the Australian Poker Tour and Brisbane Poker Festival, including a win in the Six Max Shotclock event at the APT for AU$10,000 and fifth in the Opening Event here at the Brisbane Poker Festival, he’ll be looking to round this one out with a huge Main Event win. Derecho has bagged a massive 770,000.

Alba Qi, chipleader for most of the day, is second in chips, bagging 665,000. Alba finished 15th in the Marconi Christmas Cup in Sydney in December.

Today, 42 players have bagged a stack for Day 2 tomorrow. They will join the 22 survivors from Day 1A and play will kick off at 11.30am AEST (local) time. Our 64 starters for Day 2 will be playing for a massive $364,000 prize pool, with the top 46 players making the money.

Emmanuel Derecho770000
Alba Qi665000
Jaisan Patel560000
Michel Bouskila489000
Suraj Kara463000
Adrian Sportelli426000
Paul Murray416000
Volodymyr Platomenko403000
Cuong Le381000
Simon Pedler346000
Ching Hsin Hsu342000
Hong Nguyen331000
Sam Haddad301000
John Apostolidis289000
John Bertsos282000
Graham Cowan280000
Ricky Kroesen266000
Faraz Ayyaz251000
Daniel Chevalier246000
John Boardman240000
Chris Costanzo236000
Chun Wei Chang235000
Danielle Noja223000
Ruiyang Wang220000
Dylan Desmarchelier212000
Mal Chapman192000
Eric Sturm191000
Stephen Geronimos188000
Jonathan Cross165000
James Truong157000
Alex Hockey152000
Mark Staples131000
Hanna Azimai128000
Charles Caris128000
Timothy Malone125000
Dean Williams118000
James Siu109000
Carlos Youssef105000
Sean Walch102000
Chad Awerbuch101000
Dylan Stringer60000
Rauran Toye60000

Overall chipleader Emmanuel Derecho

Three more hands

Treasury Poker staff have announced three more hands will be played today. We have 43 players remaining.


Eric Sturm was all in for 74,000, at risk and called by John Bertsos, but the good news was that he had Bertsos dominated.

Sturm AK
Bertsos KJ

Bertsos hit the flush draw on the flop of 357 but could not complete on the Q turn or 9 river, giving Sturm a full double.

Sturm – 163,000
Bertsos – 340,000

Eric Sturm

Cowan crushes Campbell

Action was opened to 15,000 from early position and a player who wished only to be known as “J.Campbell” shoved for 67,000 to his immediate left.

Action folded to Graham Cowan in the big blind, who rejammed, forcing out the original raiser.

Cowan JJ
Campbell 44

The board was no help to Campbell despite turning a flush draw, the board completed 73KK2 to end her tournament life.

Cowan – 300,000
Campbell – BUSTED!

Graham Cowan

Final level of play

Players are now entering the final 40 minute level of Day 1. 47 players remain from the 219 entries today, and the survivors in 40 minutes time will combine with yesterdays 22 survivors from Day 1A to play down to a final nine players tomorrow.

Level 15: 3000/6000 (6000)

Happy meal for some

John Apostolidis open shoved 62,500 from the cut-off and Dylan Stringer re-jammed from the button. Both blinds got out the way and the hands were revealed.

Apostolidis 69
Stringer AQ

The board ran out 852610, third pair enough for Apostilidis to rake the pot, now chipped up. Stringer had more to say, however – “I want it very clear in there that I had the Ace Queen, okay?”

Apostolidis – 147,500
Stringer – 36,500

John Apostolidis

Boardman busts one

John Boardman has been recovering nicely since losing the largest pot of the tournament (at the time) to Suraj Kara.

Shouts from Adrian Sportelli’s table (of course) drew our reporters attention to an all in and a call; where Boardman had just eliminated an unnamed player with A10 on a board of 9A426. The unnamed player had A7 but left before we could get his name.

Boardman – 309,000

John Boardman

Chapman gets it in good

With about 40,000 already in the pot on the turn on a board of AJ5Q, Mal Chapman shoved his 112,000 stack into the middle against two opponents. James Truong made the call, whilst the other got out the way.

Chapman K10
Truong A5

Truong needed to hit an Ace or a Five on the river to win the hand but the dealer peeled off the K river to improve Chapman to a flush.

Chapman – 264,000
Truong – 203,000

James Truong

Level 14: 2500/5000 (5000)

Costanza flushes Maddocks

Mike Maddocks opened to 8,000 and Chris Costanza 3-bet to 25,000 from Maddocks’ immediate left. Action folded back round to Maddocks and he made the call to see a flop of 7K10, which he checked.

Costanza continued for 12,000 with Maddocks calling to see a 9 turn. Maddocks check-called a bet of 7,000 from Costanza, and then repeated his action on the 10 river for a third barrel of 18,000 from Costanza.

Costanza rolled over AK and Maddocks mucked, muttering that it was a cooler.

Costanza – 270,000
Maddocks – 83,500

Chris Costanza

Twos never lose

Ruiyang Wang was also the beneficiary of a set of Deuces – he open shoved 60,000 from UTG+2 and was called by Alba Qi on the button, before both blinds got out the way.

Wang 22

The flop of 625 sealed the deal, Qi drawing dead and the dealer completed the board with 10A. Hardly a dent to Qi, however, her chip stack still looked the same as it did before.

Wang – 130,000
Qi – 550,000

Ruiyang Wang

Busto Batoz

Rod Batoz recounted his tail of woe to the PMA desk on his way out.

According to him, Danielle Noja raised to 9,000 UTG and action folded around to Rod in the big blind. Rod looked down at A-4 and called to see a flop of 5-3-Q. Batoz check called a 9,000 continuation bet and the gutshot came in with a 2 on the turn.

Batoz checked again, and Noja bet another 9,000. Batoz check-raised to 35,000 and Noja didn’t hesitate, putting Batoz all in. Batoz called and Noja showed 2-2, but unfortunately for Batoz the river paired another 5, sending Batoz to the rail.

Batoz – BUSTED!

Quadception – or not

Jesse Stanley asked our PMA Reporter during the break why he hadn’t on the blog today, and he took the response of “You haven’t done anything” to heart, getting straight into the action after the break.

Recounted to us by tablemates after the hand, Stanley got it all in versus Rauran Toye on a flop of 773 – and Stanley had 77.

Rauran tabled AA and to the shock of the table (and anyone within earshot) the board completed AA to send Stanley packing.

“Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Jesse”, laughed Toye as he stacked his newfound chips.

UPDATE – We have been informed by another tablemate that both Stanley, Toye, AND the dealer at the time led us a bit astray here – whilst Stanley did have 7-7, Toye actually called his all in with A-6o, and binked the Ace to eliminate Mr Stanley. Shame on you both!

Toye – 108,500
Stanley – BUSTED!

Jesse Stanley

No more breaks

Play is back underway here at the Treasury Casino in Brisbane. There are no more breaks remaining, and we will be playing to the end of Level 15, which should be approximately 22:45 AEST (local) time.

Table 9

Level 13: 2000/4000 (4000)

Final break of the day

At the end of Level 12, our players have left on their final break of the day. 66 players remain, with an average stack of 166,000, and Alba Qi is once again leading the way. Some assorted chip counts below.

Alba Qi621,500
Suraj Kara510,000
John Apostolidis353,000
Chris Costanza330,000
Jaisan Patel330,000
Hong Nguyen316,000
Emanuelle Derecho279,000
John Boardman247,000
Adrian Sportelli205,000
Faraz Ayyaz204,000
Ricky Kroesen190,000
Sam Haddad180,000
Lucho Vargas155,000
Danielle Noja129,000
Mike Maddocks125,000
Geoffrey Milner110,000
Qais Shanasa105,000
Hanna Azimai103,000
Chin Wang96,000
Victor Jaucian92,000

Mucho for Lucho

Lucho Vargas has been quiet for most of the day – and he’s not too happy about it, he’s sent us his own hand to feature!

Lucho opened from the hijack, making it 6000 to go, and was called by the cut-off, small, and big blinds to see a four way flop.

All four players checked the 7-T-J flop, then action was checked to Vargas on the turn, which was a second Jack.

Vargas bet 16,000 and only the big blind stuck around. There was a Deuce on the river and the big blind checked, then tank-called the 70k Vargas jam on the river.

Vargas showed QJ, good enough for the pot and the full double up.

Vargas – 199,000

Lucho Vargas

Stables for Stamler

Phil Stamler, winner of the largest tournament field in Australian history at the QPC Main Event in February last year, has been felted at the hands of none other than Alba Qi, who is on a hot streak today.

Stamler bet 25,000 on the river on a board showing 76QK9 and was raised to 60,000 by Qi. Stamler shoved all in and Qi snap called, showing J10 for the nut straight. Stamler tabled 77 but his flopped set no good on this occasion.

Qi – 615,000
Stamler – BUSTED!

Alba Qi

Half a million pot for Kara

Suraj Kara has won the biggest pot of the day thus far. Our Live Reporting team was called over by Treasury staff to the hand which had concluded on Table 5 as Table 5 was being broken.

A complete board on the table showed J107K5 and Kara’s stack was being broken down.

John Boardman was the unlucky opponent with JJ, having flopped top set, but beaten by the gutshot on the turn for Kara with AQ.

Kara’s stack was counted at 252,000 and with that pot, he moves over the half a million mark. ‘

Kara – 543,000
Boardman – 51,000

Suraj Kara

No nine for Norvock

Josh Norvock, who finished 3rd at the Gold Coast Summer Series Main Event in December, has been eliminated during Level 11. He held J10 and was all in preflop versus KK of an unknown opponent. Norvock flopped a straight draw but was unable to hit the nine, instead hitting the rail here in Brisbane.

Norvock – BUSTED!

Level 12: 1500/3000 (3000)

Spano had a boat

Three way all in preflop as Rob Spano, Chin Wang, and Hong Nguyen all collided with massive holdings.

Nguyen KK
Wang KK
Spano JJ

Spano found himself against not two, but four kings, and could not catch up as the board completed A710AA.

“I have a boat” remarked Spano, as he left the table following the cooler.

Wang – 188,000
Nguyen – 112,000
Spano – BUSTED!

Chin Wang

Ho doubles through Batoz

Rod Batoz and Sonny Ho got it all in preflop but Batoz found himself well behind, up against the QQ of Ho and needing to catch up.

Batoz had KQ and actually hit top pair on the board of 4Q766 but the full house certainly good enough to propel Ho back above starting stack.

Rod Batoz

Level 11: 1500/2500 (2500)

Wyvill woes

Disaster for Janet Wyvill on the river as she got her short stack of 17,000 in with 88 moments ago, called by Danielle Noja and his KJ.

A collective groan from the assembled rail calling for the hold as the board ran 254AK, with the overpair on the river sealing the knockout for Noja.

Noja – 115,000
Wyvill – BUSTED!

Daniel Noja

Rollercoaster Reyes

It was highs and lows for Jigsy Reyes as he got wrapped up in the action in consecutive hands. In the first hand, Reyes checked a JQ10 flop from under the gun to Mark Yazbeck across the table, who bet 20,000 all in to a pot of approximately 14,000. Reyes snap called and tabled K9 for the flopped straight flush, leaving Yazbeck drawing completely dead despite flopping top two with QJ.

On the next hand, Jen Cassell opened to 5,000 and recieved calls from the button and Reyes in the big blind. The flop of 2710 was checked by Reyes, Cassell continued for 6,000 and the button got out of the way. Reyes check-raised to put Cassell all in for 27,500 effective, and Cassell wasted no time getting her chips in the middle with AA, finding herself well ahead of Reyes with 106. She remained ahead as the board completed 59 and doubled through.

Reyes – 75,000
Cassell – 73,000
Yazbeck – BUSTED!

Jigsy Reyes

Play underway

The players have returned from their dinner break. 107 players remain from a total of 219 entries today, playing six more 40 minute levels. The average stack is just over 102,000.

Combined with yesterdays 145 entries, we have a total of 364 entries to create a $364,000 prize pool.

Level 10: 1000/2000 (2000)

Dinner break!

Our players have left on a 30 minute dinner break after Level 9. Some assorted chip counts below.

Alba Qi357,000
John Boardman349,000
Emanuele Derecho300,000
Ricky Kroesen180,000
Victor Jaucian173,000
Chad Awerbuch170,000
Jaisan Patel169,000
Qais Shanasa 155,000
Chris Costanza142,200
Geoffrey Milner135,000
Sean Walch126,000
Mike Maddocks70,000

What a stack!

Alba Gold

Alba Qi 3-bet to 15,000 over a 4,200 open and Luke Trevanion shoved his remaining 68,000 round the table. Qi snap called when it folded back round to her, and her KK was well in front of Trevanion’s JJ.

The board hit both players hard – K5AJ giving both a set, but the 4 river was the end of Trevanion’s day, continuing Qi’s push into our chipleading stacks.

Qi – 357,000

Alba Qi

Xu triples

Gaojie Xu open shoved his remaining 26,700 from middle position, and was called by Mark Yazbeck on the button.

Bruno Da Silva then shoved over the top for 46,800 total. “I’m going to need some luck, dealer” said Yazbeck, as he eventually tossed in the call.

He was right, as Da Silva immediately tabled AA. Yazbeck showed A9 and Xu tabled K6.

The flop of 357 caused Da Silva to throw his hands back as his opponents both flopped draws. The gutshot for Xu came in as the 4 drilled the turn, and the J river didn’t change anything, earning Xu a full triple up, while Da Silva claimed the side pot.

Xu – 82,500
Yazbeck – 17,900
Da Silva – 40,200

Gaojie Xu

Boardman smashes the board, man

John Boardman called the all in of Rob Moyle on a board of A9879.

Moyle had flopped both a flush and straight draw with J10 and hit it on the turn, but the paired board on the river was gold for Boardman, who had A9

Boardman – 233,500
Moyle – BUSTED!

John Boardman

Level 9: 800/1600 (1600)

Clock paused

The tournament clock has been paused at the end of Level 8 to allow those who may have busted the last hand of Level 8 to rebuy, should they choose to do so. Final numbers will be confirmed shortly, and we will get payouts to you as soon as they are published.

Patel eliminates an opponent

It was a blind versus blind battle on Table 6. Jaisan Patel, in the big blind, put his opponent all in on the turn on a board showing 4K107.

Patel K10
Villain AQ

The river 2 was not the Jack his opponent needed, and Patel padded his stack up over 150k.

Patel – 158,500

Jaisan Patel

Cassell’s lucky nines

Action on Table 5, as short stacks clashed in the last level of late registration. One player shoved all in for 3,900 and was called by the player to his immediate left, before Jen Cassell re-jammed for 25,800. She was called by the same player and it was three ways to a flop.

Cassell 99
Villain 1 74
Villain 2 J10

Cassell needed to fade two overcards at first, and then a flush draw as well, as the flop came down 26A. The board paired twice as 6A completed the runout though, and Cassell more than doubled up with her nines.

Nines have been good to Cassell lately – it was her winning hand for her biggest career cash to date, earlier this year at the Australian Poker Tour.

Cassell – 69,000

Jen Cassell

Final level of registration

Level 8 has commenced, meaning that this level is the final level players can register into the Brisbane Poker Festival Main Event. Registration will close in 40 minutes – at 17:20 AEST (local) time. We have 197 entries so far today to add to the 145 from yesterday, and 137 players remain in Day 1B.

Level 8: 600/1200 (1200)

Quick shout out to Treasury staff

A shout out must be made to the fantastic job Treasury staff have been doing organising, running, and dealing this tournament series.

The majority of staff and dealers here have never before dealt a tournament series of this magnitude before, and dealing with everything from the challenges of COVID-19 to a brand new set of chips has been so smooth and hassle free.


Broadway Alive

Andrew McKinnon had just 8,700 remaining, and he got it in with a 3-bet from the small blind over the 2,200 open from Arthur Stevens. Stevens made the call to put McKinnon at risk.

McKinnon AQ
Stevens A9

The board was all McKinnon as he stayed in front the whole way and even hit a Broadway straight to survive on a complete board of 4K108J

McKinnon – 19,400
Stevens – 59,600

Andrew McKinnon

Abdy gets revenge

All Stars Poker’s Andrew Abdy and Minseok Kim once again collided on Table 5. With 5,000 in the pot, Abdy bet 1,500 on a flop of 876. Kim pulled the trigger, shoving for 35,000 – though Abdy had only 11,000 behind, making it 12,500 effective.

Abdy didn’t think for long before making the call with 1010, finding himself ahead of Kim’s Q7 for middle pair. The 6J turn and river didn’t change anything and Abdy doubled to 30,000.

Abdy – 30,000
Kim – 25,200

Andrew Abdy

Level 7: 500/1000 (1000)

Break time!

Our players are off on a break. Some assorted chip counts for you.

Faraz Ayyaz204,500
Ricky Kroesen185,500
Mike Maddocks113,000
Geoffrey Milner103,500
Sam Haddad101,000
Jaisan Patel97,000
Victor Jaucian79,000
Rod Batoz60,600
Josh Norvock55,800

Faraz Ayyaz

Pockets all round

Qais Shanasa stopped by the PMA Desk during the break to let us know of a hand immediately before it – according to Shanasa, he opened to 2,500 and got a call from the hijack, before the big blind squeezed to 10,000.

Shanasa jammed for approximately 130,000, and both the hijack and big blind called (12,500 total and 79,000 total respectively).

Shanasa – K-K
Hijack – T-T
Big blind – Q-Q

Pockets for everyone and Shanasa had the best of it – but by the end of the hand he had the worst of it as the board ran out 10-5-3-Q-J to see the lead change three times.

Shanasa – 55,200

Haddad skyrockets

Sam Haddad is once again in the thick of the action. On a board of 4109, Phil Siddell led out for 15,000. Chad Awerbuch called, and Haddad check-raised all in for 48,400. Siddell made the call with a smaller stack, and Awerbuch let it go.

Haddad 910
Siddell A10

Haddad’s top two pair held through the Q2 board and he goes over six figures.

Haddad – 100,000
Awerbuch – 91,800
Siddell – BUSTED!

Meanwhile, the prize pool has eclipsed $300,000, with 148 entries and 28 rebuys so far today. Registration is still open to the end of Level 8.

Sam Haddad

Haddad had it

Sam Haddad check-raised all in on a flop of 768 and was called by Neb Petrovic.

Haddad 89
Petrovic 1010

Petrovic had the best of it but needed to fade any 5, 8, or T to claim the scalp of Haddad, who won the Opening Event at the GC Summer Series in November.

The turn was disaster for Petrovic, however, as the 5 gave Haddad the straight, and the K river changed nothing, earning Haddad the double up.

Haddad – 44,200
Petrovic – 24,000

Sam Haddad

Level 6: 400/800 (800)

The lion roars

Action aplenty at Table 12, where Carlos Yousseff was all in for 2500 – with 3 callers! He lamented to our PMA Reporter that he’d just lost twice consecutively with two pair, but meanwhile, the action continued in the hand.

On a flop of K108, the player first to act checked before Charles Caris opened the action into the dead side pot, betting 6,600 and recieving a call from Mal Chapman before the first player folded.

Caris then continued for another 5,000 on the J turn, and 15,000 on the 5 river, receiving calls twice more from Chapman.

Caris tabled A9 for the absolute nuts, crushing the K3 of Yousseff while Chapman mucked his hand.

Caris – 110,600
Chapman – 25,700
Yousseff – BUSTED!

Charles Caris

Kim pips

Minseok Kim and another player limped 600 each in the first two positions before Andrew Abdy made it 3,100 to go. Action folded back round to Kim, who called, along with the player inbetween.

The flop spread 492 and action checked to Abdy in position, who continued for 5500. Kim called and the other player folded.

Both Kim and Abdy checked through the board as it completed 8K and Kim flipped over KQ for the rivered top pair. Abdy grunted something between a sigh and a chuckle, as he tabled KJ – his kicker one shy of Kim’s as Kim drags the pot.

Kim – 63,000
Abdy – 40,000

Minseok Kim

Level 5: 300/600 (600)

Van Jaars-felted

Josh van Jaarsveldt raised UTG+1 to 1100. Trent Brown called in the cut-off, Wei Schofield 3-bet from the button to 4,000. The player in the small blind called, Geoffrey Milner got out the way from the big blind, and van Jaarsveldt and Brown both called to see a flop four ways.

The dealer spread J108. The small blind, van Jaarsveldt, and Brown quickly checked, before Schofield continued, announcing “9,000”. The small blind folded, and van Jaarsveldt jammed all in. Brown tanked for a couple of minutes before folding, Schofield tanked for a few more minutes before calling.

van Jaarsveldt J10
Schofield AJ

Top two pair for van Jaarsveldt, but his joy was shortlived as the dealer peeled the A turn, giving Schofield a higher two pair. The Q river changed nothing and van Jaarsveldt is off to the re-entry desk.

Schofield – 105,000
Brown – 39,000
van Jaarsveldt – BUSTED!

Wei Schofield

Hanna Azimai eliminates Siddell

“All in call!” from Table 4, where Hanna Azimai had Phil Siddell at risk and behind preflop.

Azimai AK
Siddell K3

The board was clean for Azimai, running 10104JQ – Siddell didn’t even see the Queen river, having already headed for the re-entry desk.

Azimai – 82,000
Siddell – BUSTED!

Hanna Azimai

The Ward saga

Martin Ward was getting short today but just picked up a small pot. He defended his big blind following an UTG raise to 1,000, which was called by Jaisan Patel and a player on the button.

The flop of 55Q was checked through by all four players and the 8 fell on the turn. Ward led out for 2,000, forcing folds from all the other players.

However, sadly, Ward has since busted (before we could get a chip count), losing A-K to A-J, and has rebought, waiting for a seat.

Ward – BUSTED!

Martin Ward

Level 4: 200/400 (400)

Assorted chipcounts

Some very familiar faces have shown up before the break, with Mina Gerges, Aroha Ngata, Lee Bradbury, Josh Norvock, and Mike Maddocks all taking their seats.

Chin Wang142,000
Ratul Sayak128,000
Graham Cowan103,000
Sarkiss Osalian101,000
Geoffrey Milner72,500
Nuno Da Silva55,000
Aroha Ngata54,000
Qais Shanasa53,000
Lucho Vargas51,600
Josh Norvock51,000
Rod Batoz50,000
Mike Maddocks50,000
Hassan Hussein50,000
Bruno Da Silva48,000
Mina Gerges47,000
Lee Bradbury47,000
Alex Hockey39,500
Ben Turner36,000
Phil Siddell36,000
Jaisan Patel31,700
Martin Ward29,000
Janet Wyvill23,000
Antoine Follet19,000

Death by quads

Chad Awerbuch and Chin Wang clashed on Table 9 – the “feature table” for this series where the final table will be held.

On a board of 398J, Awerbuch had the best of it with 710, with Wang needing the board to pair with 33.

Pair it did – quads for Wang as the 3 hit the river, and Awerbuch left the table quickly. With that, players are on a 10 minute break. Some assorted chipcounts coming up.

Wang – 142,000
Awerbuch – BUSTED!

Chin Wang

Evans eliminated

Matt Evans shoved his remaining 4,000 into a pot of roughly 5,500 on a flop of 5A2 and Mal Chapman made the call, with everyone else in the hand getting out the way.

Evans 54
Chapman QQ

The board completed 8J to seal the deal as Evans hit the rail.

Chapman – 33,000
Evans – BUSTED!

Mal Chapman


The floor was called to Table 3, where Anthony Cierco was adamantly explaining that he had not acted with a board showing 6A109. Duncan McKinnon explained for our reporter that the dealer was uncertain whether Cierco had checked behind Omer Silajdzija and Victor Jaucian on the flop and that Cierco had made a “wait” motion (similar to the picture of Sarkiss Osalian below) which the dealer had mistook for a check, burned and turned the 9 turn prematurely.

The floor was called, and a few minutes later confirmed the card would go back into the deck, and Cierco had his action. Cierco bet 2,000, and only Jaucian called. Under the instruction of the TD, the dealer set the actual river face down, before putting the 9 back into the deck, reshuffle, and turn over a replacement turn card – the 10. Both players checked, and then repeated their action on the 9 river.

Cierco tabled AJ, top pair enough to best Jaucian’s QQ.

Cierco – 57,000
Jaucian – 69,000

Anthony Cierco

Level 3: 200/300 (300)

The banter begins

Geoffrey Milner appears to have settled nicely into Table 15 – he has been enjoying an extra large coffee and the poker, seen betting 5,000 into a 14,000 pot on a board of 5642 just before. His opponent, Nima Hosseini, was agonising over the decision, but Milner was animated (the coffee, perhaps?) and was firing one liners at Hosseini.

Some of our favourites included “It’s just one banana” (referencing the yellow 5,000 chip) and “If you’ve got the nuts, you’ve got me!”

Hosseini made the call, and both saw – and checked – a 8 river.

“That [river] was bad for me”, said Hosseini, tabling his 89.
“I thought it was bad for me!” responded Milner, tabling KK, the overpair winning the pot. “I told you guys, I’d go for a coffee and then I’d get Kings”.

Milner – 67,500
Hosseini – 47,000

Geoffrey Milner

All in and a call!

Halfway through level two, the shout is heard echoing through the Treasury Poker Room and we rushed over to Table 3, where Yitian Fan and Ron Bean had clashed. A complete board was showing on the table when we got there.

Bean had the smaller stack, but ended up with the bigger hand – his Q6 good for a straight against the two pair K9 of Fan on a board of 6109KJ.

Fan – 27,500
Bean – 65,000

Ron Bean

Count confusion

A huge hand just developed on Table 16, where Janet Wyvill had bet 5,000 on the river on a board of 910Q47. Sarkiss Osalian had responded by raising to 15,500, and action was pending.

Hasian Hyde chose to call, and then Wyvill upped the ante with a river 3-bet to 35,000. Osalian announced he was all in, and Hyde stated “rebuy” as he shoved his larger stack forwards over the imaginary betting line.

Before Wyvill could decide, however, Osalian exposed his cards, believing that action was over. Upon seeing the A3 of Osalian, Wyvill shrugged, saying “I fold, I guess” as the floor was called over to rule. A quick count showed Osalian actually had slightly more than Wyvill’s 35,000 bet, and Hyde even more still, confirming that action was on Wyvill, to which she of course folded. Hyde, with the largest stack, showed 59 for the inferior flush.

“I flopped the nut straight” remarked Wyvill to our reporter.

Wyvill – 27,000
Hyde – 23,500
Osalian – 112,500

Sarkiss Osalian

Level 2: 100/200 (200)

Early action

Phillip Siddell opened to 300 from under the gun and recieved 4 callers, from Alex Hockey in middle position, a player on the button, and Bruno Da Silva and Lucas Cullen in the blinds.

The dealer spread a flop of 2J6. Da Silva checked, and Cullen led out for 1200. Siddell let it go, Hockey called, the button folded, and Da Silva came along.

All three players checked the Q turn, then Da Silva checked again on the 4 river. Cullen bet 2500, and was immediately met with a raise from Hockey to 6000. Da Silva got out the way and Cullen quickly called, only to muck his hand when Hockey showed K3 for the diamond flush.

Not all bad news for Cullen though, who won the next hand with AK to move back up the chipcounts.

Hockey – 67,000
Cullen – 44,000

Alex Hockey

Familiar faces

The room has been filling up fast, with a queue for registration still ongoing, and we have exceeded triple digits, with 101 players in the room.

There are plenty of familiar faces and some returning having not managed to bag a stack yesterday. We’ll be keeping an eye on THAT Martin Ward (see yesterdays Live Reporting blog for his amazing story so far), Josh van Jaarsveldt, Anthony Cierco, Rodoljub Batoz, Omer Silajdzija, Emmanuele Derecho, and the Da Silva brothers.

Some other notable names include Phillip Siddell, who recently won a ‘Player of the Series’ trophy at the Australian Poker Tours Brisbane leg, and the ever entertaining Geoffrey Milner, who is returning to poker after an extended break and boasts an incredible 13 cashes in 2022 so far. We also spied some deep runners from the GC Summer Series Main Event in December, including Victor Jaucian and Jeremy Winlaw.

Chasing the faces

These are our top three from yesterday – Alex Lynskey, Alex Vidler, and Bert Perry. All three bagged over half a million chips, it will be interesting to see if anyone can top them today! With more players expected today, it could be very possible.

Level 1: 100/100 (100)

Shuffle up and deal!

Brisbane Treasury Tournament Director Tim O’Brien has announced shuffle up and deal, and we are underway. Blinds start at 100/100 with a 100 big blind ante, and we will be playing fifteen 40 minute levels today, culminating at 3000/6000 (6000).

83 players have taken their seats to start the day, with late registration open up to the end of Level 8.

Good morning and welcome back to PokerMedia Australia’s live coverage of the Treasury Brisbane Poker Festival.

Today sees the second of two Day 1 flights after a field of 145 players in Friday’s opening flight was whittled down to just 22 survivors. Of those, it was none other than Alex Lynskey bagging the biggest stack of 570,000 – just ahead of Alex Vidler with 563,000.

Lynskey is certainly no stranger to success, having reaching the final table of the 2018 World Series of Poker Main Event and taken down the 2018 WSOP Circuit Sydney Main Event. More recently he won the Star Poker Gold Coast Summer Series Main Event in December.

Other survivors on Day 1A included Con Boucas, Bert Perry, Liam Murray, Robert Damelian and Ehsan Amiri, however those we expect to see back on the felt today include Ricky Kroesen, Mike Maddocks, Hassan Hussein, Mina Gerges and Jen Cassell who all fell short on Friday.

Day 1B commences at 11.30am so be sure to tune into PokerMedia Australia to follow all the live reporting action from the Treasury Brisbane poker room. And yes, we even have dancing girls!

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