LIVE REPORTING: Stacked Poker Championship Main Event Day 1B (and 1C)

Markopolous triples up on last hand

In a crazy finish to the day’s play, Alex Markopolous shoved blind for around 30,000 and Joel Williams shoved over the top. Chip leader Matt Dapollonio then called both players and the cards were turned with Markopolous looking down at KK – way ahead of Williams’ 99 and the A5 of Dapollonio.

The board didn’t change anything and Markopolous finishes with a huge triple up, while Dapollonio loses the overall tournament chip lead.

Matt Dapollonio173,500
Joel Williams100,000
Alex Markopolous90,500
Alex Markopolous

Flight 1C Level 13: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)

Race that stops the nation

Huy Nguyen opened to 5,000 from the cut-off and Alex Markopolous 3-bet to 30,000. Nguyen shoved for 39,600 total and Markopolous called.

It was Markopolous holding AK racing against the 1010 of Huy and when the board ran out Q-high Huy was back in business.

Huy Nguyen83,000
Alex Markopolous66,000

Flight 1C Level 12: 800/1,600 (1,400)

Bok bouncing

In a blind v blind battle, Bunteon Bok and Steve K got it all-in pre-flop with Bok holding A8 and Steve K Q10.

The 89J flop was huge for Steve K but incredibly the turn landed 8 and the river the J to fill Bok up and send Steve K to the rail.

Bok has almost 70,000 now.

Flight 1C Level 11: 700/1,400 (1,400)

Holler for a Marshall

Brett Marshall opened in late position and Nick Williams shoved from the blinds, with Marshall quickly calling.

It was a race with Marshall holding JJ and Williams AQ. When the board ran out 469J4, Marshall took the pot to chip up to 106,000 and send Williams to the rail.

Brett Marshall

Dapollonio claims overall Main Event chip lead

Matt Dapollonio has soared into the overall tournament lead after winning yet another huge pot, this time at the expense of Emmanuel Seal.

Enjoying quite the heater, the chips went in on the 10Q8 flop with Seal holding KQ and Dapollonio behind holding QJ.

The turn A kept Seal in the lead but the river was the 9 – sending Seal to the rail and ensuring Dapollonio has the Day 2 chip lead in his sights.

Matt Dapollonio290,000
Emmanuel SealBusted

Flight 1C Level 10: 600/1,200 (1,200)

Cum on feel the noize

It’s getting rowdy in the Stacked Social poker room with the 17 remaining players in Flight 1C having a good time (and perhaps a few drinks to match!) There is also a very loose 25/25 cash game taking place on Table 1. 

For the record, the 24 entries in Flight 1C takes the total number of entries in this Main Event to 153, with the prize pool now at $306,000. Of course, $100,000 of that is GTD for the winner.

Flight 1C Level 9: 500/1,000 (1,000)

Matt finish

Chris Parker put in a big open to 4,000 and Matt Dapollonio called in the blinds. The flop fell 957 and it was checked to Parker who fired 5,000. Dapollonio called as the turn brought the 8. This time Dapollonio led out for 15,000 and Parker called.

The river was the K and Dapollonio shoved. Parker quickly called and tabled 88 but it wasn’t enough to beat his opponent’s 66.

Parker hits the rail while Dapollonio soars to 165,000.

Matt Dapollonio

Marshall flattens Tin

Tin Win opened to 1,600 and was called by both Brett Marshall and Matt Dapollonio in the blinds.

On the 9310 flop Tin continued for 1,600 and Marshall raised to 4,500. Dapollonio folded before Tin shoves for 15,000 more. Marshall quickly called with top set, needing to fade Tin’s open ender with QJ.

The turn and river bricked as Tin hits the rail, while Marshall moves to 88,000.

Flight 1C Level 8: 400/800 (800)

Williams doubles through Zhang

Jerry Zhang opened to 1,500 in the hijack and Joel Williams 3-bet to 3,000 from the button. Zhang, with the much bigger stack, put Williams all-in for his entire 19,500. Williams called and tabled AA to Zhang’s QQ.

The board ran out 59J77 as Williams climbs to just above 40,000. Zhang still has 32,000.

Power play

Steve K opened to 1,300 and Nathan Glase 3-bet to 3,000. Steve K called and they saw a flop of QQ9.

Steve K then check-called a bet of 5,000 to see the 9 on the turn. Steve K checked again and Glase announced he was all-in. Steve K quickly folded. Glase has 35,000 after that hand.

Nathan Glase

Flight 1C Level 7: 300/600 (600)

Break time

Players are now on a 10-minute break.

Top 5 stacks

Matt Dapollonio102,000
Chris Parker62,000
Brett Marshall55,000
Steve K52,000
Jerry Zhang50,000

Flight 1C Level 6: 250/500 (500)

When the river runs dry

Matt Dapollonio opened to 1,050 and received two callers, including Alex Markopolous in the big blind. On the 884 flop it was checked back to Dapollonio who continued for 2,500. Only Markopolous called.

The turn was the 3 and this time Markopolous led for 7,000. Dapollonio called to see the 5 land on the river. 

Markopolous bet another 17,000 and Dapollonio called again. Markopolous turned over 78 for flopped trips but Dapollonio had hit big on the river with 55.

“Against anyone else I raise that hand,” he said as he scooped a nice pot.

Matt Dapollonio78,000
Alex Markopolous55,000

Flight 1C Level 5: 200/400 (400)

Day 1B final chip counts:

Gabriel Xiourouppa206,000
Nebojsa Blanusa181,500
Adrian Indovino166,500
Jacyn Che137,000
Weng Wong135,000
Eddie Saade118,000
Shane Webb116,000
Andrew Michael106,500
Pip Chea106,000
Abhey Rai95,500
Francesco Sergi93,500
Tony Xu64,500
Frank Pezzaniti61,000
Karl Fielke50,000
Chris Edgar35,500
Francesk Gjoni34,500
Fred Chaptini27,000

Turbo faces

Flight 1C Level 4: 150/300 (300)

Day 1B run and done

While Flight 1C is picking up steam, that’s all she wrote in Flight 1B with the 19 players remaining now bagging and tagging their chips. We’ll bring you full chip counts as soon as they are available.

Flight 1C Level 3: 150/300

Seal sinks

Emmanuel Seal has been eliminated from the Turbo flight courtesy of a brutal beat at the hands of Lionel Seah.

Following a commotion at Table 4, Seah explained that he had opened in early position with AA and Seal called in the big blind. The flop fell 642 and Seal check-called Seah’s c-bet.

When the turn landed K, Seah bet again and Seal announced he was all-in. Seah called but was in trouble against Seal’s 64. That’s until a repeat King landed on the river to counterfeit Seal and send him to the rail.

Seah moves to 62,000.

The Big Stacks

Adrian Indouino183,000
Jacyn Che165,000
Gabby Xiourouppa149,000
Eddie Saade132,000
Andrew Michael 122,000
Shane Webb121,000
Abhey Rai115,000
Weng Wong90,000

Flight 1C Level 2: 100/200

Wong gets his “one time” to survive

Andrew Michael opened to 3,500 UTG and Weng Wong 3-bet to 14,100 from the button. Michael then shoved, putting Wong in for his entire 35,000 stack.

Wong called and showed AK but was way behind the AA of Michael.

But it must be Wong’s lucky day, because the board ran out 1098QJ to complete Broadway and keep his hopes alive.

Andrew Michael106,000
Weng Wong75,000
Weng Wong

Flight 1B Level 13: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)

Records fall

There are currently 12 players seated in Flight 1C, which combined with the 68 entries in Flight 1A and 61 in Flight 1B takes this year’s field to 141 starters and counting.

It also sets a new record, comfortably topping the 126 who took part in the inaugural Stacked Poker Championship Main Event last year. Will we crack 150?

Flight 1C Level 1: 75/150

Flight 1C is ready for launch!

There is still around 50 minutes of play remaining in Flight 1B but it’s also time for Flight 1C to get under way – the Turbo flight with 20-minute blinds. 

Tournament Director Chris has announced Shuffle Up and Deal and we’re underway! PMA will do its best to cover both flights until Day 1B comes to its conclusion a little before 9pm local time.

Che wins a monster

Chip leader Eddie Saade opened to 3,700 from middle position and Jacyn Che called from the big blind. The flop fell 246 and Che checked to Saade who continued for 4,300. Che then re-raised to 11,700.

Saade jammed and Che quickly called, tabling top two with his 64 against the 99 of Saade. The turn was the 7 and the river the J to rocket Che up towards the top of the leaderboard.

Che has already enjoyed a good week with victory in Tuesday’s PLO5 event and he will be hoping to turn this strong start into another big score.

Eddie Saade155,000
Jacyn Che145,000
Jaclyn Che

Flopped it

On a J98 flop, Bunteon Bok led for 5,000 and Frank Pezzaniti called.

The turn was the 7 and this time Bok led for 7,000. Pezzaniti called.

When the 10 landed on the river to put a straight on the board, Bok bet 15,000 and Pezzaniti quickly threw in a calling chip.

Bok rolled over 106 for the turned straight but Pezzaniti had flopped the buts with Q and scooped it all.

Level 12: 800/1,600 (1,600)

Flip for it

While Day 1B is bubbling along with 25 players left, preparations are underway for Day 1C – a Turbo flight starting at 8pm with short 20-minute levels.

Getting into the swing of things early, the Stacked staff just ran a 10-handed flip for a ticket into the Turbo flight with Chris Parker coming up trumps.

Good times!

Pip gets some back 

Shortly after Matt Dapollonio spiked his Ace holding AJ against the ladies of Pip Chea, the two got it in again in almost identical circumstances with Chea holding KK and Dapollonio the A8.

This time there would be no Ace on the board as Chea doubles back through to 48,000.

Dapollonio has 22,000 behind.

Level 11: 700/1,400 (1,400)

On break

Players are now on their final 10-minute break of the night.

Dapollonio doubles

Matt Dapollonio opened to 2,500 UTG and Pip Chea shoved from the button.

It was the third time this orbit that Chea had shoved and Dapallonio quickly made the call for a little over 20,000 with AJ, although he trailed the QQ of Chea. Not for long though as the window card brought the A and Dapollonio scored the double-up.

Matt Dapollonio48,000
Pip Chea10,000

The big stacks

We are halfway through Level 10 and with three levels remaining after this one there are 29 of the 61 entries still in the field. The big stacks are as follows:

Eddie Saade145,000
Tony Xu131,000
Gabby Xiourouppa114,000
Shane Webb108,000
Abhey Rai106,000
Neb Blanusa102,000
Tin Win83,000

Lam to the slaughter

We’ve seen a spate of eliminations over the past hour, with Huey Lam the latest to fall. Lam was all-in holding 1010 and Neb Blanusa wasted no time as he called with AA.

The window card was the A and there was no miracle runout for Lam who heads back to the rego desk.

Blanusa now has 108,500.

Neb Blanusa

Level 10: 600/1,200 (1,200)

Hamid hustled

One of our early big stacks today has just been stacked after Hamid Shaori got his last 18,500 into the middle on a 4QK5 board.

Shane Webb thought briefly before calling with K10 to have Shaori and his K3 in trouble. The river was the 9, enough to send Shaori packing while Webb chips up to 150,000.

Rawson rolled

Matthew Rawson’s bad run has come to an end after being stacked for the third time in the past two hours. 

Under the rules put in place for this Main Event, each player is allowed a maximum of three buy-ins per flight and it hasn’t taken much time at all for Rawson to use up his quota. In the final indignity, Rawson 4-bet shoved from the button over a small blind 3-bet from Weng Wong. 

Wong thought for around a minute before making the call with A10. Rawson showed QQ but the board was again cruel to Rawson as it ran out A84K10.

Meanwhile Wong is up to 78,000.

Matthew Rawson

Level 9: 500/1,000 (1,000)


Neb Blanusa opened to 2,200 in early position before Bunteon Bok sitting immediately to his left put in a 3-bet to 6,000.

Blanusa came back over the top to 12,000 before Bok announce he was all in for 31,600. Blanusa folded his [invalid notations] face up. Blanusa is still in decent shape with more than 70,000 in chips.

Bunteon Bok41,000
Neb Blanusa72,000

Rai of sunshine

On a flop reading QJ5, Chris Parker shoved for his last 12,000 holding J10 and was called by Abhey Rai with the dominating AJ.

There was no help arriving for Parker as he hits the rail, while Rai is steadily climbing up the leaderboard and now has a stack of 75,000 behind him.

Misclick costly for Rawson

It’s been a rough hour for Matthew Rawson, who shortly before the dinner break lost a massive three-handed pot to a one-outer on the river.

He bought back in but has now gone through his second stack of the day after misfiring in another pot against Gabby Xiourouppa.

After Xiourouppa limped into the pot, Rawson intended to throw in three blue 1,000 chips to indicate a raise to 3,000. Instead he threw in three yellow 5,000 chips for a raise to 15,000. With that, Xiourouppa announced he was all-in and Rawson, now with half his stack in the middle, made the call.

It was not good news, with Rawson’s A8 drawing very thin against Xiourouppa’s AA.

The board ran out 610K2Q as Xiourouppa moves to around 140,000.

Level 8: 400/800 (800)

Dinner break

Players are now on a short 10-minute dinner break.

Seventh heaven 

In one of the craziest hands we’ve seen all week, the chips went flying on a flop of 334 with Neb Blanusa, Gabby Xiourouppa and Matthew Rawson got it all-in.

Gabby flipped over 77 but was trailing both players with Rawson holding 103 and Blanusa 73.

The turn was the 9 but incredibly the river was the case 7! The table erupted as Gabby celebrated like he’d won Powerball. He now sits with a healthy stack, while Blanusa takes a hit and Rawson is sent to the rail.

Gabby Xiourouppa110,000
Neb Blanusa61,000
Matthew RawsonBusted
Gabby Xiourouppa

Zhang takes a hit

On 1053 flop, Matt Dapollonio shoved for his last 15,000 and Jerry Zhang made the call.

Zhang was in front holding 56 but needing to dodge a whole truckload of outs to take the pot against Dapollonio’s KJ.

It took only one card to turn the tide with the J landing on the turn before the river bricked to double Dapollonio up.

Level 7: 300/600 (600)

Numbers game

As we approach the end of Level 6, there are 52 entries for today’s flight so far – pushing the total entries for this event to 120. That’s just six shy of the 126 who entered last year, when Michael Haddad topped the field to take home the $100,000 first prize.

It looks like we will easily surpass that number given that registration is open for the entirety of this flight and a third and final Turbo flight will take place from 8pm. 

Straightened out

On a 356 flop, Chris Parker led out for 1,000 and was called by both Abhey Rai and Van Vlassis. The turn was the 9 and Parker checked to Rai who bet 2,100. Only Vlassis called.

On the river J Rai bet 6,500 and Vlassis quickly called but mucked when Rai showed the 78.

Abhey Rai66,000
Van Vlassis49,000

Level 6: 250/500 (500)

Notable stacks

Shane Webb113,000
Tin Win96,000
Hamid Shaori68,000
Van Vlassis67,000
Eddie Saade53,000
Stan Levitan52,000
Tony Xu48,000
Frank Pezzaniti38,000
Chris Parker37,000
Andrew Michael34,000
Emmanuel Seal26,000
Brendan Murrell25,000

Last longer?

Pip Chea is one of a number of late registrations today and he’ll be hoping he can at least last a little longer than he did in Friday’s opening flight.

After having his Aces cracked on the fourth hand of the day yesterday, he proceeded to also burn through his second and third bullets in under an hour!

Others to take their sat in the last 30 minutes include Tony Xu, Emmanuel Seal, Chris Parker and Matt Dapollonio.

Pip Chea

Level up

With the first four 30-minute levels down and players having returned from their first break, the remaining nine levels of today’s flight 1B will be 40 minutes each – taking us through until around 9.30pm local time.

However, there will be a second flight running today from 8pm and adopting a Turbo format, with all levels just 20 minutes long.

Level 5: 200/400 (400)

Break it up

Players are on their first 10-minute break of the day.

Wrong time to bluff

After an early position open, Jacyn Che – winner of the PLO5 event earlier this week – 3-bet to 2,100 and received a cold call from Accumulator champ Tin Win on the button.

The flop fell Q96 and Che check-raised Tin to 10,000. Tin called before Che shoved on the 4 turn. Tin snap-called and showed QQ to have Che drawing dead with AK.

Che hits the rail while Tin chips up to 108,000 and is our current chip leader.

Tin Win

Blanusa blown away

Neb Blanusa, best known for winning the 2018 Sydney Champs Main Event for $314,265, is also renowned for his aggression and he showed that in a huge pre-flop clash with Hamid Shaori.

Blanusa opened to 1,600 in late position and Shaori 3-bet to 4,600 from the blinds. Blanusa then announced he was all-in and Shaori called.

Blanusa trailed with 99 to the QQ of Shaori and the board didn’t change anything as it ran out 810K54.

Shaori moves to 57,000 with that hand while Blanusa will need to re-enter to continue in this event.

Hamid Shaori

Level 4: 150/300 (300)

Stark hits the exit

Adelaide poker identity Jon Stark has hit the rail after twice having his Aces cracked inside the first two levels of the day. He was moved to a new table with a short stack but his seat is now empty – completing a day he would no doubt like to forget!

Rollercoaster for Saade

We caught up with Table 4 as Eddie Saade fired 6,500 on the river of a KJ1076 board then reluctantly called the shove of a short-stacked “AC”.

Saade showed Q10 but it wasn’t enough to beat AC’s A9.

Next hand he was one of two players to call the button raise of Huey Lam as they saw a K10Q flop. Saade check-called Lam’s 2,500 c-bet, then check-raised his 3,700 turn bet to 8,000 when the 6 landed.

The Q landed on the river at which point Saade check-called a bet of 11,000. Saade showed J9 for the flopped straight as Lam mucked.

Saade is sitting with around 50,000.

Level 3: 150/300

Murrell on the move

We arrived just in time to see Stacked Social Managing Director Andrew Michael with all of his chips in the middle and Brendan Murrell having made the call on a board of 92562.

Michael held J9 but was out-kicked by Murrell’s K9.

He becomes the third player of the day to head to the cage to re-enter while Murrell chips up to 70,000.

Face time

Level 2: 100/200

Shane spins his Webb

We just caught up with Shane Webb as he was stacking chips and the player previously seated next to him making his way quickly to the exit.

As it was explained to us, the player had opened UTG and received three callers, including Webb, to see a flop of AQ9.

The player then continued for 1,700 and Webb re-raised to 4,200. On the 3 turn, the player led out for 2,000 and Webb raised to 7,000. The player called.

The river was the 4 and this time the player led again. Webb re-raised for the third time at which time the player announced he was all-in. Webb let out a sigh and called, showing 99 which was well and truly enough to take it down against his opponent’s AJ.

He now chips up to just over 60,000.

Shane Webb

Who’s here?

There are currently two tables in play here on Day 1B of the Main Event, which will expand to fill Stacked Social’s five tables as the afternoon progresses.

Among those currently in the field are former Sydney Poker Championships Main Event winner Neb Blanusa, “Mad” Mike Gainer – fresh from his victory in Wednesday’s Accumulator event – plus Jon “the poker shark” Stark, Stan Levitan, Shane Webb, Tin Win and Andrew Michael.

Early double for Van

On the second hand of the day, Van Vlassis opened to 500 in the cut-off and Weng Wong 3-bet from the button to 1,650. Vlassis called as they saw a flop of 56K.

Vlassis check-called a bet of 2,500 from Wong to see the 7 land on the turn, then check-called another bet of 4,000.

On the 7 river, Vlassis checked to Wong who bet 10,000. Vlassis then check-raised all-in and Wong thought briefly before reluctantly calling.

Wong turned over AA but it wasn’t enough as Vlassis showed 78 to send Wong back to the cage for an early re-buy. Vlassis jumps up to 60,000.

Van Vlassis

Shuffle up and deal!

And we’re underway!

Level 1: 75/150

We’re back at Stacked! Today we strap ourselves in for the biggest day of the Stacked Poker Championship (SPC) so far with not one but two Day 1 flights set to run back-to-back.

After 68 entries saw 20 players progress on Friday, today’s play begins at 12 midday local time with Flight 1B, while a third and final Turbo flight kicks off from 8pm giving players one final chance to return on Day 2.

While the first flight starts with four 30-minute levels before the remainder increase to 40 minutes each, the Turbo flight sees all levels lasting just 20 minutes – so we’re expecting plenty of action once play gets underway.

Last year’s inaugural SPC attracted 126 entries so we’re well on track to topple that mark this week.

Join us here at as we bring you all the action live from Adelaide’s Stacked Social poker room! 

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