LIVE REPORTING: Treasury Brisbane Poker Festival Main Event Day 1A

Treasury Brisbane

That’s a wrap!

Day 1A is complete, out of 145 entries today, 22 players remain, and we can confirm that Day 1A was Alex, all Alex.

Day 1A chipleader is none other than WSOP November Niner and winner of the GC Summer Series Main Event in December, Alex Lynskey, who bagged 570,000 for Day 2, but he is very closely followed by Alex Vidler, who bagged 563,000 – just one big blind less. Vidler has no recorded results on HendonMob, and could be well on his way to his first big score.

Other survivors of the day include Con Boucas, Bert Perry, Liam Murray, Robert Damelian, and Ehsan Amiri, whilst it wasn’t a good session for Ricky Kroesen, Mike Maddocks, Hassan Hussein, Mina Gerges, or Jen Cassell.

Day 1B commences at 11.30am tomorrow, and we will be here to capture the action. Full chip counts below.

Alex Lynskey570,000
Alex Vidler563,000
Bert Perry521,000
Hai Vo452,000
Patrick Coffey447,000
Con Boucas417,000
Lloyd Earl411,000
Mina Elias409,000
Geoffrey Mooney356,000
Robert Damelian355,000
Liam Murray329,000
Evan Mijo306,000
Matt Pilat300,000
Juan Arevalo295,000
David Sebesfi264,000
Idris Hassan222,000
Ashneel Sharma214,000
Nick Wright198,000
Jarrod Thatcher195,000
Ehsan Amiri194,000
Joshua McSwiney182,000
Minh Tran104,000

Day 1A chipleader Alex Lynskey sets the bar

Final hand

The last three hands have been uneventful, and we are now playing our final hand. Stand by for notables and chip counts.

Three more hands

Three more hands, announced the tournament director.

Ward whamboozled

It was the feel good story of the day, but it has come to an abrupt end. Martin Ward 3-bet jammed for 140k (approximately) and was called by Con Boucas.

Ward – 1010
Boucas – AJ

Ward was ahead and certainly had the support of the rail, but the board of A447A a full house for Boucas and we have lost Martin Ward.

Ward – BUSTED!

Con Boucas

More for Amiri

Bert Perry raised to 13,000 UTG, and recieved calls from Alex Vidler, and Ehsan Amiri on the button. Both blinds got out the way, and the flop of QJ9 was checked round by all three players.

Perry and Vidler checked the 6 turn also, but Amiri wasn’t about to let either of them have another free card, firing 20,000 into the 54k pot. It was enough, as both Perry and Vidler folded. Both Perry and Vidler have amassed stacks though, both over the half a million mark.

Perry – 508,000
Vidler – 568,000
Amiri – 240,000

Bert Perry

Final level of the day

Level 15 is the final level of the day, and with 22 minutes remaining, we had 25 players remaining vying to bag up for Day 2, with an average stack of 290,000

Lynskey lynching

Australia’s 2018 November Niner Alex Lynskey has woken up in dramatic fashion, shoving all in in consecutive hands.

Our reporter spied the action as Lynskey bet 20,000 on a 537 board. Mike Maddocks got out the way and Sam Haddad, who won the opening event at the GC Summer Series in November, made the call.

Lynskey fired another 40,000 on the 3 turn which Haddad called, and then applied ultimate pressure with an all in bet on the 9 river – Haddad folded, and Lynskey showed KQ for a stone bluff, earning an interested look from Maddocks.

Maddocks wouldn’t be interested for long, however – Robert Damelian opened the next hand to 10,000, Maddocks called, and Lynskey 3-bet shoved from the big blind. Damelian folded, and Maddocks called for his remaining 140,000. Lynskey was dominating Maddocks – AK vs AQ, the board ran clean 772A6 and Lynskey secured the elimination.

Immediately afterwards, Lynskey limped his small blind after everyone else folded, and Chad Awerbuch shoved from the big blind, which Lynskey immediately called – Lynskey’s KK well ahead of the A2 of Awerbuch. The board of J9799 no help to Awerbuch, and Lynskey earns consecutive scalps.

Lynskey – 593,000
Maddocks – BUSTED!
Awerbuch – BUSTED!

Alex Lynskey

Level 15: 3000/6000 (6000)

Ward rewarded

Martin Ward shoved his remaining 67,500 UTG+1, and tablemate Charles Caris folded before Dylan Wayne rejammed from late position. The blinds and antes got out of the way, Adrian Sportelli was called over to rail, and Wayne said “I have an Ace”.

“Good, I’m in front” exclaimed Ward, tabling 44, and he was indeed ahead – just – of the AJ of Wayne.

The rail erupted, calling for a four in the window, and they were dutifully rewarded as the dealer spread a flop of 742. Ward was quick to sshh his rail, however, spying the flush draw – but he couldn’t be silenced as the 7 paired the board on the turn – giving him a full house and guaranteeing his survival.

The 3 river actually did give Wayne a flush – “He’s got a flush Martin!” said someone in the crowd. Wade, who was by this time on his feet, turned back around and shouted “I don’t care, I’ve got a boat!” to the joy of the growing crowd.

Level 14: 2500/5000 (5000)

Instant pain relief

Mina Elias found himself all in, at risk, and behind with JJ against the KK of Juan Arevalo.

Luckily for him, pain relief was immediate, with a jack in the window as the dealer spread a board of J9279

Arevalo – 310,000
Elias – 218,000

Mina Elias

The legend continues

Martin Ward 3-bet all in for 36,000 over a 9,000 open from UTG and found a call.

Ward AQ
Villain KJ

With Adrian Sportelli as the loudest, most supportive rail anyone could ask for, Ward faded the 47106J to once again hit the nut flush to survive. The Jack on the river did cause a hushed silence for a moment – before everyone in the immediate vicinity started cheering for the flush!

Ward – 86,000

The man, the myth, the Legend

Ward wards off elimination once, twice, three times

The Legend begins!

Martin Ward, crippled at the break, has been all in three times so far – hitting a nut flush with A3, counterfeiting Amiri’s 55 with his Q3 on a 8KK99 board, and then hitting his overcard with KJ versus 66 to survive.

Ward – 36,000

Martin Ward

Level 13: 2000/4000 (4000)

Final break, and assorted chip counts

The players have headed off on their final break of the evening. 44 players remain from the original 145 entries. Here are some of the larger stacks – and Martin Ward.

Con Boucas430,000
Jarrod Thatcher413,000
Bert Perry322,000
Geoffrey Mooney265,000
Evan Mijo260,000
Liam Murray258,000
Ehsan Amiri251,000
Mike Maddocks250,000
Alex Vidler242,000
Alex Lynskey150,000
Jaisan Patel145,000
Nuno Da Silva130,000
Martin Ward500

Amiri (nearly) annihilates Ward

Ehsan Amiri and Martin Ward got it in preflop, both with shortish middling stacks.

Amiri AQ
Ward KQ

Amiri had the best of it, and the flop 5A4 all but sealed it, with the 5 ending Ward’s day and the 4 river meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

However, a recount of both stacks found that Ward actually had Amiri covered – by precisely 500, or one chip.

Amiri – 210,000
Ward – 500

Mijo jams river

On a board of Q-3-A-4-J, Evan Mijo jammed the river, sending Adrian Sportelli deep into the tank. After a short while, Sportelli did make the call, only to send his cards face down into the muck in disgust when Mijo tabled QQ, the set besting Sportelli’s mystery hand.

Adrian is a good Sport-elli though, and confided to PMA shortly later than he had A-K off-suit.

Mijo – 241,000
Sportelli – BUSTED!

Adrian Sportelli

Level 12: 1500/3000 (3000)

KK KO frenzy

Thanks must go to Liam Murray for this one, who utilised our Discord server to submit this huge hand!

Constantinos Boucas was on the right end of a huge cooler on Table 6 just before – as Murray recounted, action was opened UTG+1 to 5500 by Rhys Kelly. Tony Seremet 3-bet from the button to 20,000.

Boucas, in the small blind, made the call, before Kelly 4-bet jammed for 70,000. Seremet then 5-bet jammed for 150,000 and was snap called by Boucas and the hands were tabled.

Kelly JJ
Seremet AK
Boucas KK

The board completed 510949, with Boucas’ overpair to the board safe the whole way to secure a double knockout and a massive stack of chips

Boucas – 555,000
Seremet – BUSTED!
Kelly – BUSTED!

Con Boucas

Hussein and Cassell eliminated

Both Hassan Hussein and Jen Cassell have been eliminated within seconds of each other during Level 11 and will need to try again to bag tomorrow.

Hussein raised to 35,000 under the gun, leaving himself a handful of chips behind, which Geoffrey Mooney asked for when he 3-bet shoved from the button. Hussein tossed them in, and found himself racing.

Hussein AQ
Mooney 1010

The board ran 7810, giving Mooney top set. The J gave Hussein a little life with a double gutshot (always a sweat), but the 7 river ended his tournament life early.

Mooney has gone on a bit of a heater since losing the hand to Murray before, winning several hands since, and has chipped up over 200k.

Geoffrey Mooney

On the next table, Jen Cassell was already all in and at risk in the ultimate race when our live reporter walked over, her QQ needing to hold against the AK of Adrian Sportelli.

The 1056 flop was safe, but Sportelli spiked the A turn and the meaningless 2 was no help to Cassell, ending her run for tonight.

Mooney – 225,500
Sportelli – 135,000
Cassell – BUSTED!
Hussein – BUSTED!

Adrian Sportelli

Murray shoots the moon

All in preflop was almost a foregone conclusion as Geoffrey Mooney and Liam Murray collided, with Murray all in and at risk for 109,000.

Murray AK
Mooney KK

The board ran out 35JAQ, four hearts on board but the only King not on the table was the King of hearts – the turned pair of Aces good enough for Murray to double through.

Murray – 224,000
Mooney – 39,500

Liam Murray

Level 11: 1500/2500 (2500)

Ericksen eliminated

Mark Ericksen, a player who dominated the headlines in the GC Summer Series Main Event, was just eliminated towards the end of Day 1A at the hands of Corentin Hillion – who, it must be said, has done a great job all afternoon at hiding from our Live Reporting team, as you can see by the photo below.

Ericksen was already heading towards the exit as our reporter approached – his KQ not enough to beat Hillion’s 88 – the flopped middle set good enough on a board of 4K8J3.

Hillion – 150,500
Ericksen – BUSTED!

Corentin Hillion

Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year celebrations at Treasury Brisbane are in full swing every day from Feb 1-28, with banquets and entertainment throughout the month.

The roving lion dancers just came through the poker room and our photographer managed to grab a couple of quick photos.

For more of What’s On at Treasury, click here.

Earl’s not going home early

“All in and a call” from the closest table to the PMA Live Reporting desk and our reporter rushed over to see the cards tabled. Nick Wright had Lloyd Earl all in and dominated with AK against Earl’s A6, but that situation quickly changed as the board ran out 624910.

Earl spiked his pair to fully double.

Nick Wright – 38,000
Lloyd Earl – 121,000

Lloyd Earl

Not even the minimum

Mike Maddocks raised to 4,000 under the gun and the action folded around to Nuna Da Silva in the big blind, who made the call.

The flop came A46 and Da Silva checked it over to Maddocks, who continued for 3,500. Da Silva called, and both checked the K turn. The river 8 again attracted a check from Da Silva, before Maddocks fired 2,000 – the minimum bet at this stage of proceedings.

Da Silva laughed and flipped 25 face up into the middle of the table. “Three of diamonds one time!”. Maddocks scooped the small pot into his stack, though he appeared to have taken a hit since the break.

Maddocks – 350,000
Da Silva – 79,000

Mike Maddocks

Level 10: 1000/2000 (2000)

Break time, assorted chip counts

Bruno Da Silva actually busted the hand after the below double up, but the rest of our players have gone on a 30 minute dinner break after Level 9.

2021 WPT Deepstacks runner up Mike Maddocks has a resounding chiplead at the break, and has just been moved from an outer table to the main room.

Mike Maddocks415,000
Evan Mijo180,000
Jarrod Thatcher178,000
Mina Gerges165,000
Bert Perry 149,000
Ricky Kroesen138,000
Alex Lynskey128,000
Alex Vidler126,000
Janet Wyvill113,000
Mark Ericksen101,000
Nuno Da Silva96,000
Anthony Cierco77,000
Jen Cassell57,000
Martin Ward56,000
Bruno Da SilvaBUSTED!

Very nice, high five!

Bruno Da Silva found himself at risk when he shoved all in for 35,400 from the big blind over the 8,000 middle position open of Jaisan Patel and found a call.

Nuno Da Silva came over to rail his brother as B. Da Silva called for his hand to hold.

B. Da Silva QQ
Patel KJ

The board of 7A5 looked good for B. Da Silva, the turn a 10 for a sweat, and the meaningless 2 changed nothing as he doubled up to a high five from his brother.

B. Da Silva – 79,000
Patel – 148,000

Bruno Da Silva

Mijo mojo

Shouts rose from Adrian Sportelli’s table (as usual, it was Sportelli doing the shouting) as two players were all in for a 135k pot.

Evan Mijo and Alex Vidler were all in and with no further action, Mijo’s tournament life depended on this board.

Mijo AQ
Vidler KK

The board completed A7Q4Q to give Mijo a full house and a full double.

Mijo – 147,000
Vidler – 102,000

Level 9: 800/1600 (1600)

Clock paused

The tournament clock has been paused to allow players eliminated in the last hand of level 8 to rebuy, should they have chosen to do so.

Late registration has now closed. Day 1A attracted a total of 145 entries, including 46 re-entries, for a total prize pool so far of $145,000. Day 1B starts at 11.30am AEST tomorrow.

Kroesen krushed

Our reporter caught the action on a flop of A97 between Ricky Kroesen (pictured) and James Harris. Kroesen had led out for 5200 and Harris had shoved all in for 24900, with Kroesen in the tank.

Kroesen eventually made the call, and tabled A10 – top pair but trailing Harris, who had flopped top two with A9. The board completed 52 low cards no help to Kroesen, but he does survive with more than a starting stack behind.

Harris – 58,000
Kroesen – 56,000

Ricky Kroesen

Not-so-lucky sevens

An interesting situation developed over on Michael Maddocks table. After the cards were dealt, the big blind stated that he had seen the small blinds cards, looking very bemused and not sure what to do “Do I just tell everyone?” Before the floor could attend, the small blind relinquished his cards, and the big blind confirmed they were 7-9 off-suit.

Michael Richards opened to 10,000, and Matt Evans shoved all in from late position. The blinds got out the way and the cards were turned over.

The reason for Richards’ larger-than-usual open was immediately apparent, as he tabled 77, racing against Evans’ AK, but missing an out due to the exposed hand. The board ran out 36A84, to Richards’ dismay as he headed straight to the re-entry desk – late registration is open to the end of this level.

Mike Maddocks, as mentioned, at the same table, must have been chipping up quietly over in this corner of the room, as he has one of the largest stacks in the room.

Matt Evans – 103,000
Michael Richards – 50,000
Mike Maddocks – 320,000

Matt Evans

Level 8: 600/1200 (1200)

Perry pummelled

Bert Perry had only just sat down and was in action straight away. He raised to 2,300 under the gun plus two, and recieved calls from the cut-off, Martin Ward on the button, and Atilla Bognar (pictured) in the big blind, to see a four-way flop with just over 11k in the pot. The flop of 4Q6 was checked around by all four players.

The turn 8 was checked by Bognar, and Perry led out with a delayed continuation bet of 5,000. The cut-off called, Ward got out the way, and Bognar raised to 20,000. Perry shoved his remaining 32,200 chips in the middle and the cut-off folded before Bognar snap-called.

“I might be in trouble here” said Perry, and he was right, his KK trailing the flopped set of Bognar’s 44.

The river 5 changed nothing, sending Perry to the re-entry desk. Perry has since been re-seated in the same seat, with a fresh stack.

Bognar – 172,500
Perry – 50,000

Atilla Bognar

Damelian wastes no time

Robert Damelian got busy on the first hand back from the break, shoving his short stack of 32,000 pre-flop over the top of a 3,500 open.

His opponent let it go and Damelian chipped up to 38,000.

Sitting down immediately to Damelian’s right is Jen Cassell, one of a handful of entrants late registering during the break, with a fresh stack of 50,000. Cassell recently had a deep run in the Gold Coast Summer Series Main Event, finishing 20th, before taking her biggest victory just two weeks ago at the Australian Poker Tour’s Brisbane leg, winning the 6-Max Championship for AU$15,000.

Other late entrants include Martin Ward and Rauran Toye, fresh from the final table of the Big Bounty running concurrently across the room (5th and 8th respectively), and Australian grinder Bert Perry.

Damelian – 38,000
Cassell – 50,000
Perry – 50,000
Ward – 50,000
Toye – 57,500

Jen Cassell

Level 7: 500/1000 (1000)

Assorted chip counts

Mark Ericksen242,000
Mike Maddocks186,000
Jarrod Thatcher158,000
Jaisan Patel158,000
Ben Turner 157,000
John Apostolidis135,000
Mina Gerges123,000
Liam Murray98,000
Hassan Hussein72,500
Bruno Da Silva72,000
Anthony Cierco65,000
Alex Lynskey64,500
Corey Kempson60,000
Aroha Ngata57,000
Nuno Da Silva56,000
Ricky Kroesen53,000
Chris Costanza41,000
Robert Damelian39,000
Ehsan Amiri27,500

Gerges gorges more chips

Mina Gerges was on the right side of a classic race, with both players all in preflop. Gerges tabled AK and needed help against the QQ of his opponent.

It quickly came, in the window no less, as the board spread AJ2. The turn 10 gave some life to the Queens, but the J locked up the knockout for Gerges, who chipped up to 123,000.

The players have immediately left on the second break of the day – assorted chip counts coming up!

Gerges – 123,000

Mina Gerges

All in and a call!

The familiar shout was heard across the room and our reporter rushed over to find that Aroha Ngata and Shane Linnane had tabled hands with betting action completed.

The board was showing Q310J and Ngata was in the lead with AK good for the Broadway straight. Linnane was alive though with A8, needing any diamond to win, or a King for a split pot, in order to survive.

The river 10 paired the board and secured the knockout for Ngata, with Linnane hitting the rail. Rebuys are still open.

Ngata – 70,000
Linnane – BUSTED!

Aroha Ngata

Level 6: 400/800 (800)

Seremet sinking

John Apostolidis (pictured) raised to 2,500 under the gun, which was called by a player in the middle position, and Tony Seremet on the button.

The blinds got out the way, and the flop came down AQ4. Apostolidis checked, the middle player bet 4,000, and both Seremet and Apostolidis called to see the Q turn.

Apostolidis took the betting lead back, firing 10,000. The middle player folded and Seremet called. On the 3 river, Apostolidis repeated his action, firing out another 10,000. Seremet took his time, counting his chips, before making the call, leaving himself with less than a starting stack behind.

Apostolidis tabled [Qh9h], trips good enough for the pot as Seremet flashed our reporter A2 before mucking.

Apostolidis – 174,000
Seremet – 32,800

John Apostolidis

Kings for Costanza

Chris Costanza raised to 1600 from middle position and Hassan Hussein immediately 3-bet to 5000 from Costanza’s immediate left. Costanza thought his options through before announcing a raise and throwing out a single 25k chip.

Hussein quickly folded, and Costanza obliging showed him his hand, prompting a tablemate to ask for the cards to be shown to the table. The KK were shown, and undoubtedly the best hand.

Costanza – 37,200
Hussein – 64,500

Chris Costanza

Level 5: 300/600 (600)

Adieu Amiri

Ehsan Amiri has hit the rail just after the first break. Our reporter caught the action over on Table 4 where Amiri had 3-bet an initial raise to 4,500 from the cutoff, prompting a cold 4-bet to 12,000 from Jaisan Patel on the button. Amiri 5bet shoved and Patel asked for a count.

The count was 41,500 and Patel called. Amiri tabled AQ and needed to catch, trailing but racing against the JJ of Patel. The window 2 got some noise from the assembled rail, but the flop spread 282 silencing the flush draw dreams. The turn 4, and river K were no help to Amiri, and the 59th place finisher in the 2021 WSOP Main Event is left pondering a rebuy.

Patel – 188,000

Phillips felts one

Barry Phillips has eliminated an opponent in dramatic style. The player, who did not wish to be named, limped UTG before Phillips raised to 1,800 from middle position. The button called and the UTG player limp-shoved for 17,100 – Phillips made the call and the button folded, and it was off to the races!

Phillips tabled QQ and villain tabled AK, needing help. It didn’t come though, as the board ran 95586 to send him home.

Phillips – 42,000

Barry Phillips

Fashionably late

Some big names have turned up during the break – recent Australian Poker Tour Season V “The Goliath” winner Corey Kempson, and Alex Lynskey, Australia’s 2018 WSOP November Niner and winner of the 2021 Gold Coast Summer Series Main Event, covered by PokerMedia, have taken their seats.

The prize pool so far is up to $93,000, with 83 unique entrants and 10 re-entries.

Level 4: 200/400 (400)

Chip Counts!

Some notable stacks from around the room

Mark Ericksen131,000
Nuno Da Silva111,500
Mina Gerges101,000
Jaisan Patel90,000
Bruno Da Silva63,000
Hassan Hussein63,000
Aroha Ngata56,500
Chris Costanza44,000
Lee Bradbury39,300

First break of the day

The players have left for the first break of the day, which will last for 20 minutes. Chip counts incoming!

We have also been joined by some late entries who have been eliminated from Day 2 of the Big Bounty, with Brisbane grinders Lee Bradbury (of Ville 600 fame) and Mina Gerges taking their seats.

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Ericksen making walls

Mark Ericksen, who some might remember from the Gold Coast Summer Series, where he held the chiplead for a significant portion of Day 2, is once again creating walls of chips in front of him, having chipped up over 100,000 so far.

Ericksen recently found himself in a battle of the blinds, limping his small blind before his opponent raised to 800. Ericksen made the call, and both saw a flop of 3A8. Ericksen checked and his opponent continued for 500, with Ericksen making a quick call. The turn 5 was once again checked by Ericksen, and when his opponent fired 1,800, Ericksen check-raised to 3,600. His opponent called, and the board completed with a 8 river.

Ericksen checked, and his opponent checked back a short time later. “I’m good” announced Ericksen, rolling over the K8. “You’re a sick man! What did you think I had?” said his opponent as he mucked his cards.

Ericksen – 108,000

Mark Ericksen

Level 3: 200/300 (300)

Da Silva forces one through

Benoit Yick bet 10,000 onto a board of 67425 and Nuno Da Silva responded by shoving his entire stack in, having Yick well covered.

Yick tank folded and Da Silva did not show, but Da Silva has had a fantastic start, up to 113,000 already.

Da Silva – 113,000
Yick – 33,000

Nuno Da Silva

Level 2: 100/200 (200)

Weinert chips up early

“All in and a call!” came a shout from a nearby table. Our reporter hurried over to see Duncan McKinnon had been scuppered by the set that no one sees coming. On a board of J-9-5-3, McKinnon’s pocket Kings were in trouble against Jam Weinert’s pocket threes. The repeat Jack on the river filled up Weinert, who secured a full double and moved up to 91,000 in chips.

Weinert – 91,000
McKinnon – 800

Jam Weinert

Familiar faces

Plenty of notable faces are already seated, with 61 entries so far and more to come. Late registration is open until the start of Level 9 and Day 2 of the Big Bounty happening simultaneously with several big names remaining, we can expect a star studded field today.

Notables include Aroha Ngata, Nuno Da Silva and Bruno Da Silva, Ben Turner, Australian Poker Tour Ambassador Mike Maddocks, consistent headliner from the recent GC Summer Series Mark Ericksen, and Australian pro Ehsan Amiri, who finished 59th in the 2021 WSOP Main Event.

Level 1: 100/100 (100)

Cards are in the air!

After a brief dance show to begin the day, floor staff have announced Shuffle Up and Deal and the Brisbane Poker Festival Main Event has commenced! Blinds begun at 100/100 with a 100 big blind ante, and we are playing fifteen 40 minute levels today.

Hello all and welcome to PokerMedia Australia’s live coverage of this new addition to the Australian poker calendar, the Treasury Brisbane Poker Festival Main Event!

Following on from the great success of December’s Star Poker Gold Coast Summer Series – won by none other than local gun Alex Lynskey – the action has headed north up the Pacific Motorway this week with the $1,100 buy-in Main Event the highlight of a packed nine event schedule.

It is also the first major casino event held in Queensland since state borders re-opened late last year, so we should see some strong numbers over the next few days.

Today represents the first of two Day 1 flights, with play kicking off at 12.30pm local time (1.30pm AEDT). 

PMA will provide full coverage from go to woe, so stay tuned to as we bring you all the action live from Treasury Brisbane!

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