LIVE REPORTING: Stacked Poker Championship NLH Monster Stack

Huey Lam wins $550 NLH Monster Stack ($10,700)

Huey Lam now has a Stacked Poker Championship title to his name after taking down the $550 NLH Monster Stack on Monday night.

Outlasting a field that began with 73 entries and culminated in a roller-coaster of a final table, Lam managed to stay out of trouble while others fell around him – eventually emerging as one of two clear chip leaders alongside Mike Gainer midway through the final table. After sending Gainer packing in third, Lam eventually dispatched of Neb Blanusa after a heads-up battle that lasted around 30 minutes.

In the final hand, Lam opened to 200,000 on the button and Blanusa shoves for his last 450,000 from the blinds. Lam made the call and showed 810 – needing a little help against Blanusa’s Q4.

The 5K6 flop gave Lam a heap of outs to the win and the 7 turn sealed the deal before the meaningless 3 landed on the river.

Lam scores $10,700 for his efforts, while special mention goes to Stacked Social’s Managing Director Andrew Michael and local regular Nick Williams for making it two final tables from two events so far this week.

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Neb Blanusa eliminated in 2nd ($7,300)

Huey Lam opened to 200,000 on the button and Neb Blanusa shoves for his last 450,000 from the blinds. Lam made the call and showed 810 – needing a little help against Blanusa’s Q4.

The 5K6 flop gave Lam a heap of outs to the win and the 7 turn sealed the deal before the meaningless 3 landed on the river.

With that, ladies and gentleman, we have our Monster Stack champion!

Level 23: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)

Keeping it tight

The blinds might be getting high but neither Huey lam nor Neb Blanusa have been willing to get out of line during the first 20 minutes of heads-up play.

After some to and from, stacks are now exactly where they were when we lost our third-place finisher.

Heads-up chip counts

Huey Lam1,670,000
Neb Blanusa1,250,000

Level 22: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)

Mike Gainer eliminated in 3rd ($5,400)

And just like that it’s all over for “Mad” Mike Gainer. He called Huey Lam’s small blind shove and showed 66 but ran smack bang into Lam’s KK.

Cruelly, the board ran out 10K76J but even the turned set wasn’t enough for Gainer to survive.

We are now heads-up!

Eddie Saade eliminated in 4th ($4,000)

It was a case of easy come, easy go for Saade. Moments after doubling up, he lost a hefty chunk holding JJ when Huey Lam’s A2 spiked an Ace on the flop.

Saade then got the rest in holding Q7 and was called by Neb Blanusa with 89. The 86AKA board sent the pot Blanusa’s way as he moves to 700,000.

Saade doubles

Mike Gainer shoves the button and Eddie Saade made the call.

Saade was ahead holding K10 to Gainer’s J9 and it held as the board ran out 5Q2A6

Saade moves up to 650,000.

Level 21: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)

Break it up

Players are now on a 10-minute break while the floor staff conduct a colour change.

Adam Lutley eliminated in 5th ($2,900)

Mike Gainer opened to 100,000 from the button and Adam Lutley shoved for his remaining 191,000.

Gainer checked to make sure the count was right before making the call.

It was another race with Gainer’s 89 against the 77 of Lutley and when the 9 landed on the flop it was all over for Lutley.

5-handed chip counts

Mike Gainer1,100,000
Huey Lam550,000
Eddie Saade500,000
Neb Blanusa400,000
Adam Lutley290,000

Level 20: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)

Damien Mills eliminated in 6th ($2,200)

We’ve had a constant run of eliminations in the last 10 minutes as the rising blinds start to bite.

Damien Mills is the latest to fall in a hand that saw Eddie Saade open to 70,000 before Neb Blanusa shoved. Mills called off his stack with Saade folding.

It was Mills with Q8 trailing Blanusa’s AJ and when the board bricked another one was sent to the rail.

Nick Williams eliminated in 7th ($1,700)

Nick Williams, playing his second final table in as many days, called Eddie Saab’s late position shove looking good for the double holding KJ to Saade’s Q8, but the turn was a cruel one for Williams as the board ran out A74Q3.

We are now down to six!

Level 19: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)

Andrew Michael eliminated in 8th ($1,300)

Having taken a good chunk of chips from Mike Gainer when he flopped the nut flush and got paid on the river, Huey Lam has added more to his growing stack after sending Andrew Michael to the rail.

Michael shoved his short stack with A4 and was called by Lam with a dominating AQ. The board ran out JQ3KK to leave us with seven remaining.

Lam is up to 820,000.

Chris Parker eliminated in 9th ($1,000)

Adam Lutley opened to 65,000 and Chris Parker announced he was all-in for his last 161,000. Lutley called and showed AK to be in a dominant position against Parker’s AQ.

The board ran out T high as the first player of this final table is eliminated.

Level 18: 10,000/20,000 (20,000)

Final table chip counts

Mike Gainer950,000
Adam Lutley380,000
Eddie Saade360,000
Damien Mills300,000
Huey Lam240,000
Chris Parker225,000
Neb Blanusa180,000
Nick Williams150,000
Andrew Michael85,000

George Vassilpoulis busts on the bubble

George Vassilpoulis got the last of his chips into the middle holding QJ and looked in good shape against the A9 of Mike Gainer on a J69 flop. But the river was the A – enough to send the chips to Gainer and give us our final table of nine.

All nine players are now in the money with a guaranteed payday of $1,000.

Bubble life

A spate of eliminations has us suddenly down to our money and final table bubble – and it was very nearly Chris Parker leaving early.

Parker shoved with 88 and ran into the JJ of Adam Lutley, but an 8 in the window saves his tournament life as he moves back up to 250,000.

Neber in doubt

Down to just 39,000 only 10 minutes ago, Neb Blasuna now sits behind a 280,000 stack. It took a bit of luck though – after Nick Williams opened, Blasuna shoved with K10 and was snap called by Williams with AA.

The board ran out 3Q28A and Blasuna caught his flush to climb into contention. Williams is down to 105,000.

Blasuna doubles

Neb Blasuna shoved for his last 41,000 and received a call from Jacyn Chea.

Blasuna was way ahead with KK against the 44 of Chea and he filled up on a KJ104J board to move to 90,000.

Level 16: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)

Break time

Players are now on a 10-minute break

Chip stacks

There are now just 14 players remaining with plenty in bust-outs in the last level. Chip counts are as follows:

Mike Gainer350,000
Huey Lam340,000
Damien Mills260,000
Eddie Saade220,000
Elliott Esca200,000
Andrew Michael190,000
Brendan Murrell185,000
Neb Blanusa150,000
Jerry Zhang150,000
Andy Ngo135,000
Adam Lutley120,000
Jacyn Chea115,000
Chris Parker110,000
George Vassilpoulis65,000

Level 15: 5,000/10,000 (10,000)

Williams spikes the Ace

Nick Williams shoves for around 100,000 and Michael Mariakis made the call.

It was Williams needing some divine intervention holding A10 against Mariakis’ KK and it arrived just in time with the A landing on the river to send Mariakis to the rail.

Williams, who final tabled the Accumulator event on Sunday, moves to 175,000.

Level 14: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)

Time to Ngo

Tin Win twice had two people shove into his Aces on his way to victory in the Accumulator on Sunday and it has happened again today, however this time it has ended his tournament.

It was Tin holding the pocket rockets against the 910 of Andy Ngo and QQ of another opponent. Despite being in great shape to double, it was Ngo who flopped big with top two on a 9102 flop.

The turn and river bricked to send Tin to the rail as Ngo chips up to 210,000.

Andy Ago

Mike shows his magic 

“Mad” Mike Gainer is our clear tournament chip leader with a massive stack of 410,000. Already sitting pretty with around 250,000, he just scored a double knock-out as he called off with pocket 9s following two all-ins before him.

His opponents held AK and AQ respectively and Mike managed to dodge it all to continue his impressive run.

Watson your mind?

Daniel Watson opened to 15,000 and was called on the button. Joe Sanjaev then shoved from the small blind and Watson was the only called.

It was off to the races with Watson holding KJ and Sanjaev 1010. Sanjaev looked set to score the knockout as the board ran out 4436 but the J sent the pot Watson’s way.

Daniel Watson – 135,000
Joe Sanjaev – 18,000

Level 13: 3,000/6,000 (6,000)

Lutley enjoys the luck

Adam Lutley shoved from the button and was called by both the small blind in Tin Win and the big blind in “AC”.

Lutley showed K10 to have the worst of it against Tin’s A8 and AC’s KJ but the 310266 board flipped the hand on its head to send AC home and rocket Lutley above 100,000.

Tin Win – 130,000
Adam Lutley – 120,000
AC – Busted



Level 12: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)

The dear departed

With the re-entry period over, the bust-outs are starting to come thick and fast.

Among those to depart over the past 15 minutes are Billy Argyros, Michael Haddad, Brad Parkyn, Damiano Aloi and Frank Pezzaniti.

Big stacks

Mad Mike184,000
Tin Win170,000
Andrew Michael157,000
Damien Mills142,000
Joe Sandaev133,000

Cards in the air

Players are back in their seats and the tournament staff have announced a final starting field of 73 players, creating a total prize pool of $36,500.

The winner will received a tidy $10,700.

Level 11: 1,500/3,000 (3,000)

Break time

Players are now on their second 15-minute break of the evening. This is also their last chance to re-enter before the tournament enters standard freezeout format.

Croc clipped

With two minutes remaining on the clock before the end of the registration and re-entry period, Jerry Zhang got his remaining chips in holding 99 and well behind the QQ of Billy Argyros.

The flop was innocent enough as it fell 335 but the 9 turn rocketed Zhang into the lead and he stayed there when the 6 landed on the river.

Jerry Zhang – 95,000
Billy Argyros – 20,000

Parkyn the bus

On a AK3 flop, Michael Mariakis bet 7,500 and Bradley Parkyn made the call in the blinds.

On the turn K, Parkyn led for 10,000 and Mariakis called.

When the river landed the J, Parkyn announced he was all-in for around 41,000. Mariakis folded as Parkyn showed 45 for the stone cold bluff.

He moves to 90,000.

Bradley Parkyn

Level 10: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)

Mills scores big pot 

With the registration and re-entry period drawing closer, reigning Stacked Poker Championship Main Event winner Michael Haddad decided to try his luck in an effort to chip up.

He got it all-in holding Q6 but ran into the JJ of Damien Mills. 

The board ran out KK6J5 as Mills moves to 165,000.

Haddad heads back to the cage to fire a third bullet.

Quads for Esca

Elliott Esca limped from the small blind and Damiano Aloi checked his option.

They took a flop of J99 and Esca bet out, with Aloi making the call. Esca bet again on the Q turn and then announced he was all-in for his remaining 41,100 when the 9 landed on the river.

This sent Aloi deep into the tank, but he eventually made the call with Q8 only to quickly find out the bad news as Esca showed Q9.

Elliott Esca – 120,000
Damiano Aloi – 88,000

Level 9: 800/1,600 (1,600)

Tin Man

Tin Win looks set for another deep run today after last night’s victory in the Accumulator Event.

He is suddenly tournament chip leader with 155,000 after taking a heap of chips from Sergio Cav in two big hands.

On the second of the two hands, Tin and Cav got it in the flop with Cav holding QQ and Tin the 35 on a 246 flop.

The turn was the A, giving Tin the wheel and his tournament-leading stack. Cav appears to have exited the room.

Mills spins his Webb

On a board reading K8Q7, Shane Webb shoved and Damien Mills made the call.

It was Mills holding top two with KQ but needing to dodge plenty of outs against Webb’s 56. He did just that as the river fell 10.

Mills climbs up towards the top of the chip counts with almost 140,000 to his name.

Level 7: 500/1,000 (1,000)

The big stacks

“Mad Mike135,000
Damiano Aloi125,000
Daniel Chambers115,000
Damien Mills105,000
Frank Pezzaniti100,000


On a board reading 5AJ, “Mad Mike” called an opponent’s shove and found himself in trouble holding AK against JJ.

The A on the turn gave him some outs however and one of those arrived via the 5 on the river.

He moves to 135,000 and the chip lead with that hand.

Level 6: 400/800 (800)

Break time

Players are now on a short break.

The Three Stooges

The “notables” – or Three Stooges as they prefer to be called – have arrived to take their seats in today’s event.

Michael Mariakis, Emmanuel “Curly” Seal and Billy “The Croc” Argyros are in the field which has now grown to more than 50 unique entries (and plenty more re-entries!)

Aloi Alovin’ it

Damiano Aloi opened to 2,000 and received a call from Shane Webb before an opponent 3-bet to 17,000. Aloi then jammed over the top with Webb folding but his opponent making the call.

Aloi needed help with AQ against his rival’s KK and it arrived just in time as the board ran out 3563A to send his rival out the door.

Aloi moves to 125,000 with that win.

Damiano Aloi

Level 5: 400/800

Faces in the crowd

Level 4: 300/600

Sets galore

We wandered over to Table 4 just in time to see two players getting it all-in, with Adam Cusenza feeling good about his flopped set of 7s until he saw the set of Qs held by “Mad Mike”.

On the very next hand, at the very same table, a river showdown saw Van Vlassis pick up a tidy pot holding a set of Js against his opponent’s set of 9s.

Mad Mike currently has around 90,000 while Vlassis is also above starting stack with 55,000.

Room with a view

The venue for the Stacked Poker Championship is Stacked Social, a quaint but classy venue located in the heart of North Adelaide.

Aside from becoming a hugely popular nightspot on weekends, it is also home to regular high stakes cash games and is renowned for its attentive staff providing great service.

As Managing Director Andrew Michael told PokerMedia Australia recently, “Players can expect exceptional table service with complimentary tea, coffee, juices and soft drinks while playing in any tournament or cash game. 

“Players can also place orders direct from their seat – our delicious house cocktails are a big favourite amongst many of the players, while some prefer to sample our extensive range of cognac and whisky. Food-wise, you can choose from a wood oven pizza, a variety of delicious Hainanese options or a deliciously healthy “Fit Chef’ pre-made meal. We’ve got everybody covered.”

There are currently five table set up in the poker room but we’re told more will be set up in time for the Main Event, starting Friday. 

If you’ve never visited before, it’s definitely worth the trip.

Level 3: 200/400

Seventh heaven

After an early position open to 600 that received two calls, Daniel Watson bumped it up to 2,100 with all three opponents calling.

The flop fell K77 and it was checked to Watson who bet 2,400. Only Damien Mills called.

On the 4 turn, Mills check-called a bet of 6,700 from Watson, then led out for 17,000 on the 3 turn. Watson reluctantly called but mucked when Mills turned over Q7.

Damien Mills – 90,000
Daniel Watson – 15,000

Damien Mills

Chambers takes chip lead

Table 2 has been the action table early on and Daniel Chambers has been a beneficiary after scooping a big 3-way pre-flop all in.

It was Chambers holding AK against the A3 of Ned Blanusa and the QQ of Roman Priplotski.

The K landed on the flop to propel Chambers into the lead and he held to move to 115,000. Priplotski’s early big stack drops back to 50,000 while Blanusa heads back to the rego desk.

Daniel Chambers

Level 2: 100/200

Sergio surges

The chips went flying on a flop of 6710 as three players got it all-in, including a short-stacked Neb Blanusa as well as Sergio Cav.

All three were in the hunt with Cav ahead holding K10 but needing to fade a multitude of draws against Blanusa’s 510 and an opponent’s A2.

The turn 4 and river 8 saw Blanusa triple up while Cav scooped the bigger pot to move to 65,000.

Early double for Priplotski

With play barely underway for 5 minutes, Roman Priplotski opened to 300 and faced a 3-bet to 2,300 from Neb Blanusa. He called as they took a 569 flop. 

Priplotski checked and Blanusa announced he was all-in. Priplotski thought for a whole before making the call with 1010 – ahead but needing to dodge some outs against Blanusa’s A.

The turn 4 gave Blanusa more straight outs but the river 9 wasn;t one of them as Priplotski moves to 75,000 early on.

Roman Priplotski

Level 1: 100/100

Cards are in the air!

Play is underway in the $550 NLH Monster Stack!

Welcome back to PokerMedia Australia’s coverage of the Stacked Poker Championship, live from Stacked Social in sunny North Adelaide.

It’s a balmy 35 degrees outside today so what better time to enjoy the air con at Stacked Social and jump into today’s event – the $550 NLH Monster Stack.

After Tin Win topped a field of 117 entries to win the opening Accumulator Event on Sunday, we expect to see another solid field today as we play from the opening deal all the way down to our winner.

Play gets underway at 6pm sharp local time (6.30pm AEDT), with starting stacks at 40,000 and 20-minute levels. Late rego and re-entries are open until the end of Level 10 which should take us through to around 9.30pm local time, when standard freezeout conditions will apply.

PMA will be on the floor from yay until nay, so pull up a comfortable chair and stay tuned right here at

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