Stacked Poker Championship NLH Accumulator: Day 2

Tin Win prevails in Accumulator ($10,000)

Well that was fast! Just as we were ready for heads-up play to get underway, massive chip leader Tin Win did an ICM deal with Andrew Michael – Stacked Social’s Managing Director – and Tin was declared the winner without a hand being played.

This was in part due to the fact that the final table was desperately needed for a Main Event satellite that has registrations growing by the minute.

Andrew scores a solid $7,000 payday before ICM calculations, as does Tin who also has an Accumulator title to boast about.

Congrats to Tin for a spectacular final table performance and a well-deserved win.

Nick Williams eliminated in 3rd ($5,300)

Nick Williams shoves for his last 153,000 holding J5 and Andrew Michael called with A4.

The board bricked as it ran out 89987 to send Williams to the rail.

We are now heads-up!

Level 23: 12,000/24,000 (24,000)

Shane Webb eliminated in 4th ($4,000)

Shane Webb open-shoved for his last 210,000 and Tin Win quickly made the call.

Webb needed some help holding A3 against the 88 of Tin but it didn’t arrive as he was sent to the rail.

Tin cracks Aces, soars above 1 million chip mark

Tin Wing limped from the small blind and Nick Williams bumped it up to 55,000. Tin called as they saw a 9K7 flop.

Tin check-called a 55,000 bet before both players checked the J turn. On the 6 river, Tin checked again and quickly called when Williams bet 85,000.

Williams showed AA but it wasn’t enough to top Tin’s rivered flush holding 35.

Tin Win – 1,350,000
Nick Williams – 320,000

Level 22: 10,000/20,000 (20,000)

Jon Stark eliminated in 5th ($3,000)

Jon Stark opened to 38,000 from the button and Andrew Michael re-raised to 120,000 from the small blind. Stark thought for a while before shoving his last 270,000.

Michael called and it was off to the races with Michael holding 99 and Stark KJ.

The board ran out 444Q2 as the field was cut to four players remaining.

5-handed chip counts

1Tin Win950,000
2Andrew Michael720,000
3Shane Webb520,000
4Nick Williams410,000
5Jon Stark270,000

Level 21: 8,000/16,000 (16,000)

Break it up

Players are now on a 10-minute break.

Michael ups the aggression

Jon Stark opened from the small blind and Andrew Michael made the call to see a 6Q2 flop. Stark continued for another 60,000 and Michael thought for 30 seconds before pushing forward a large chunk of yellow 5,000 chips. Stark quickly folded.

Next hand Nick Williams opened to 24,000  from late position and Michael raised to 88,000, Williams folded.

Michael currently sits with 605,000 behind.

Emmanuel Seal eliminated in 6th ($2,200)

Emmanuel Seal shoved from the small blind and Shane Webb reluctantly made the call with QK

Seal turned over 99 but his lead didn’t last long with the Q7A710 board enough to send the pot Webb’s way. He moves to 470,000 as “Curly” hits the rail.

Emmanuel Seal

Mitch Lewis eliminated in 7th ($1,650)

Shane Webb announced he was all-in from early position and it was folded around to Mitch Lewis in the big blind who made the call. The cards were turned over to reveal Webb in great position for a double holding AK to the QK of Lewis.

The Q86 flop had Webb looking for the exit but the 7 turn and 6 river saved the day as he soared to 320,000.

With just 24,000 left, Lewis was eliminated next hand.

Mitch Lewis

Level 20: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)

Daniel Flynn eliminated in 8th ($1,250)

Daniel Flynn announced he was all-in before Shane Webb shoved over the top from the small blind. Tin Win then called all-in from the big blind and the cards were shown.

It was a huge cooler for both Flynn and Webb as they showed 1010 and KK respectively only to be trailing the AA of Tin.

The board ran out 34Q5 to send Flynn to the rail and send a massive pot Tin’s way.

Tin Win – 880,000
Shane Webb – 190,000
Daniel Flynn – Busted

Daniel Flynn (left)

Sergio Cav eliminated in 9th ($1,000)

Having been clipped by Nick Williams in a previous hand, Sergio Cav was all-in for his last 30,000 before Andrew Michael raised to 75,000. Mitch Lewis then shoved over the top and Michael made the call.

It was Michael in great shape with QQ against the 77 of Lewis and the A10 of Cav.

The board ran out K1056J as Cav hits the rail, while Michael scores better than a double-up.

Mitch Lewis – 570,000
Andrew Michael – 420,000
Sergio Cav – Busted

Final table chip counts

1Shane Webb550,000
2Sergio Cav235,000
3Tin Win340,000
4Nick Williams260,000
5Jon Stark235,000
6Andrew Michael140,000
7Mitch Lewis780,000
8Daniel Flynn80,000
9Emmanuel Seal190,000

Mickus gone

Tin Win opened to 18,000 UTG and it was folded around to “Mickus” in the small blind who announced he was all-in. Tin snap-called and showed AK to be in a strong position against the AQ of “Mickus”. 

The board ran out 82959 as the field is slashed to 9 players. We now have our official final table.

Big double for Sergio

Sergio Cav got his last 144,000 into the middle in bad shape holding 33 against the 55 of Shane Webb.

The A76 flop didn’t bring any help but the turn 3 did. The river 10 was a brick as Sergio moves to 290,000. Webb is still in good shape with 550,000.

Sergio Can

Level 18: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)

Break time

Players are now on a 10-minute break

The bubble bursts

On a board reading 2358, Gabby X announced he was all-in and Mitch Lewis quickly called.

Gabby needed plenty of help with QJ against the A8 of Lewis. The river K wasn’t it as the field was cut to 10.

All remaining players are guaranteed at least $870 with a tidy $10,000 sitting up top for the winner.

Gabby X is bubble boy

Roman’s empire crumbles

Roman Priplotski was all-in for his last 70,000 with A9 against the 44 of Mitch Lewis.

The dealer showed the 10 in the window as Priplotski said, “That’s a good start! He quickly changed his tune though as the whole flop fell 10410.

With no miracle running cards arriving, he hit the rail in 12th. Adam Cusenza has also hit the rail, meaning we are now on the money bubble!

Roman Priplotski

Chip counts

Shane Webb470,000
Mitch Lewis450,000
Tin Win270,000
Jon Stark230,000
Nick Williams205,000
Andrew Michael195,000
Daniel Flynn185,000
Sergio Cav170,000
Gabby X135,000
Emmanuel Seal120,000
Adam Cusenza105,000
Mickus 100,000
Roman Priplotski70,000

Stark climbing

On a board reading 10Q3, Tin Win bet 35,000 and Jon Stark shoved for his remaining 75,000. Overnight chip leader Shane Webb then re-shoved, forcing Tin into the tank.

He eventually folded as Stark showed QK – ahead of the A8 of Webb.

The turn 7 and the river 2 were safe for Stark as he climbed to 230,000.

Croc bitten

Billy Argyros shoved for his last 19,500 and was called by Mitch Lewis and Nick Williams.

Both Lewis and Williams checked it down on a board of 934108 and it was Lewis with 22 who scooped the pot as Argyros showed AJ and Williams A5.

Argyros quickly stood up and left the room as we’re down to 14.

Mitch Lewis – 450,000
Nick Williams – 205,000
Billy Argyros – Busted

Level 16: 2,500/5,000 (5,000)

Face time

Tin bins two

Tin Win opened in early position and Ben Hart announced he was all-in. Brett Marshall also announced he was all-in and it folded back to Tin who snap-called.

Tin was in a dominant position holding AA against his opponents’ QQ and AK. The board bricked and Tin sent two to the rail.

Tin Win – 250,000
Ben Hart – Busted
Brett Marshall – Busted

Tin Win

Amin sees Kings crushed

After 3-betting Mitch Lewis’ open, Amin Chehade snap-called his opponent’s shove and found himself in great shape for a double holding KK against Lewis’ 88.

The 567 flop have Lewis plenty of outs and even more arrived on the J turn. Chehade was looking to dodge a bullet but couldn’t as the 4 river gave Lewis the straight.

We are down to 17 remaining.

Mitch Lewis

Seah smashed

Having lost a good chunk of his stack to Daniel Flynn, Lionel Seah was all-in next hand holding A9 against the Q10 of Mitch Lewis. The board ran out Q-high as Seah hits the rail. 

Lewis moves to around 160,000 with that hand as the tournament staff break down a table with 18 remaining.

Lionel Seah

Early double for Flynn

Daniel Flynn shoved for his last 41,000 and received a call from Lionel Seah.

Flynn needed some help with J10 against the A7 of Seah, and it duly arrived as the board ran out KQJ23.

Flynn moves to 85,000 with that hand.

Daniel Flynn

Level 15: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)

Cards are in the air!

Play is underway here on Day 2 of the Accumulator!


There were 117 entries into this event including 55 in Friday’s opening flight and another 62 on Saturday. Of the 19 players remaining, 10 will make the money with the payouts as follows:


Accumulation stations!

Good afternoon and welcome to PokerMedia Australia’s coverage of the Stacked Poker Championship, live from the Stacked Social poker room in beautiful North Adelaide!

PMA will be on site for the entirety of this week’s five event schedule, culminating in the $2,200 Main Event starting this coming Friday 4 February 2022 and featuring a guaranteed $100,000 for the winner!

There is plenty of poker to be played before then, however, starting with today’s final day (Day 2) of the $330 Accumulator. Under Accumulator rules, players can play one or both flights and, should they survive both, combine their stacks from each flight for the start of Day 2.

Only one player of the 117 who started managed to do that, with “Mickus” bagging a combined 255,400 to sit third in chips with 19 players remaining at the start of today’s play. 

But the man to catch is Shane Webb, who sits well out on top with 550,000 in chips. Others to watch include Australian poker icon Billy “The Croc” Argyros, Emmanuel Seal and Stacked Social Managing Director Andrew Michael who are all still in the mix!

We’re playing down to a winner today with an even $10k up top for our champion, so stay tuned to PMA for all the live reporting action from 2pm Adelaide time (2.30pm AEDT).


Shane Webb550,000
Nick Williams307,000
“Mickus” Dickus255,000
Gabby X238,000
Emmanuel Seal219,000
Sergio Cav202,500
Ryan Boswell165,000
Andrew Michael145,500
Mitch Lewis122,000
Adam Cusenza106,000
Ben Hart106,000
Amin Chehade102,500
Tin Win94,000
Lionel Seah80,500
Brett Marshall72,000
Jon Stark62,500
Billy Argyros60,500
Daniel Flynn41,500
Roman Priplotski37,000


Table 2:

3Andrew Michael145,500
4Tin Win94,000
5Sergio Cav202,500
7Ben Hart106,000
8Gabby X238,000
9Brett Marshall72,000

Table 3:

2Ryan Boswell165,000
3Jon Stark62,500
4Billy Argyros60,500
6Nick Williams307,000
7Amin Chehade102,500
8Roman Priplotski37,000

Table 4:

2Lionel Seah80,500
4Shane Webb550,000
5Adam Cusenza106,000
6Mitch Lewis122,000
7Emmanuel Seal219,000
8Daniel Flynn41,500

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