Star Poker Gold Coast Summer Series: Main Event Day 2

Summer Series Main Event final table set; that’s a wrap!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s official: the final table of the Star Gold Coast Summer Series Main Event has been confirmed!

After an arduous day on the felt, Gavin Best has emerged as our chipleader with more than 5.2 million, followed closely by 2018 WSOP November Niner Alex Lynskey and Josh Norvock, who is fresh off winning three titles at the most recent Check Raise Poker Championships.

Best was unfazed by the depth of talent in the field, sticking to his game plan which was summed up in one word as he spoke with PMA after bagging up for the night: “Win.”

Final table line-up

1Alex Lynskey4,090,000
2Dustin Jung755,000
3Qi Xu3,065,000
4Qais Shanasa1,600,000
5Josh Norvock4,360,000
6Jeremy Winlaw1,455,000
7Lucho Vargas510,000
8Martin Ward2,715,000
9Gavin Best5,230,000

Our final nine will return tomorrow from 12:30pm AEST (1:30pm AEDT) to battle it out for the top prize of $90,046 and the Summer Series Main Event title and PokerMedia Australia will be ringside until the final river falls.

Thanks again for your company and we’ll see you again soon – ‘bye for now!

Neville nixed

Just as the blinds ticked over into the 26th level, the action folded to Gavin Best who shoved from the small blind, turning the screws into Paul Neville who only had two big blinds left.

Neville peeked at his hand and then decided to toss the last of his chips in before turning over J8, trailing Best’s Q2.

A queen on the flop then improved to two pair on the board of A4Q104, which confirmed Neville as our 10th place finisher ($7,757) and our Star Gold Coast Summer Series Main Event final table!

Our wrap-up of today’s action and the final table line-up will be posted soon.

Level 26: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)

Banala split

Josh Norvock is now behind a wall of chips worth almost 6 million after sending Viv Banala to the rail in 11th place ($7,757).

Banala got his money in good with AA against Norvock who tabled QQ, but winced after Norvock spiked the set on the turn with the board of J47Q5.

Josh Norvock – 5,800,000
Viv Banala – BUSTED

The remaining 10 players are now hand-for-hand for the final table!

Costanzo cut

Action folded around to Gavin Best who completed the small blind before Chris Costanzo checked his option in the big blind to see a flop of 474.

Best opened for 60,000, then called Costanzo’s raise of 150,000 before check-snap-calling his shove on the turn of the 8.

Costanza: K2
Best: 42

The river A was merely a formality and Costanzo cashed out for $7,757 for his 12th place finish while Best moved up to 5.3 million.

Wyvil departs

Although Janet Wyvil was able to summon the power of the poker gods earlier in the day, it sadly wasn’t to be as she was just taken out in 13th place ($6,128) by Jeremy Winlaw.

Wyvil moved all-in pre-flop with 77, but ran head-first into Winlaw’s JJ.

“Give me a seven, Alex!” Wyvil said to the dealer.

No dice – the board was spread 995102 – and Winlaw increased his stack to 1.58 million.

Vamos, Vargas!

Lucho Vargas has scored a big double-up, taking a chunk of change off Dustin Jung.

Vargas shoved for 430,000 after a pre-flop raise by Norvock and before Jung iso-shoved from the big blind.

Norvock got out of the way and it was off to the races – Vargas with 66 against Jung’s AQ – but Vargas pumped his fists and high-fived his supporters on the rail after hitting the six-high straight on the board of 5234J.

Lucho Vargas – 1,070,000
Dustin Jung – 770,000

Clair clipped

In the first hand back from break, Qais Shanasa picked up a monster hand and another scalp, taking out Michael Clair in 14th place.

Clair ripped the last of his stack in pre-flop with KJ, but ran smack-bang into Shanasa’s AA, which rivered a set on the board of 1069KA.

Clair collected $6,128 from the cage while Shanasa stacked up to 2,565,000.

Level 25: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)

Take 10

Chuck the kettle on folks, it’s break time!

Phetsut kaput

Sutthikiat Phetsut has been taken out by Chris Costanza in one of the last hands before the break.

Having nursed a short stack for the most part of this stanza, Phetsut got it in holding 97 and Costanza called him off with 109 and found himself ahead.

The board of K64J8 saw Costanza take it down and bring Phetsut’s Main Event run to an end in 15th place.

Chris Costanza – 3,100,000
Sutthikiat Phetsut – BUSTED

Best keeps getting better

Gavin Best continues to put his best foot forward, now up to almost 2.5 million in chips soon after the field was reduced to two tables.

Earlier, Bert Perry was seen departing the Star Gold Coast Poker Room in a flash, having been felted at the hands of Alex Lynskey in 18th place.

Perry had shoved UTG+1 with A9 and action folded round to Lynskey in the big blind, who snapped him off AK before hitting top-top on the board of 72K68.

Andrew Abdy was then eliminated in 17th; on a flop of 867, Viv Banala bet 125,000 and Josh Norvock called before Andrew Abdy shoved for his last 485,000.

Banala called and Norvock quickly mucked before Banala showed down 99 for the overpair against Abdy, who had flopped the straight with 109. Incredibly, the turn and river came running 8, 8 to give Banala the boat and the bust-out!

Matthew Howearth then departed in 16th place, losing the flip for his tournament life with JJ against Best’s AK after spiking an ace on the board of A9533.

Cassell cut, Batey bounced

The eliminations are coming through thick and fast, with Jennifer Cassell bowing out in 20th place before Batey busted in 19th place.

Earlier on Table 13, Qi Xu opened from the hi-jack with pocket kings and Jen Cassell shoved her last 360,000 over the betting line from small blind with K10.

Xu snap-called, and whilst the flop brought down three diamonds, the turn and river blanked out and Xu chipped up to 2.93 million.

Meanwhile on Table 12, Banala limped from under the gun and action folded around to Batey on the big blind, who shoved for 330,000.

Banala agonised over the decision for quite some time, but eventually made the call to find himself flipping with 77 against Batey’s 109.

The dealer spread the board of 64J2K, sending Batey to the rail and increasing Banala’s stack to 1.66 million.

Level 24: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)

Bevis bounced, Sokhanvar felted

After being taken out by Adam Bevis on Day 1a, Martin Ward was able to exact his revenge, taking him out as we approach the next level.

Bevis raised from middle position to 90,000 and Ward responded to his immediate left by three-betting to 275,000. Bevis jammed and Ward snap-called, showing down A-K and stayed ahead on all streets against Bevis’ A-Q to move up to 2.4 million as Bevis headed to the exits.

Shan Sokhanvar (pictured) has also been eliminated at the hands of Qi Xu, who paired up his king holding K-8 against Sokhanvar who moved all-in with Q-Js.

McKinnon cast out

Having just lost a hand a massive hand to Josh Norvock, Duncan McKinnon shoved his remaining 120,000 from under then gun and found calls from both Viv Banala and Dustin Jung in the blinds to go three-handed to a flop of 846.

Banala checked and Jung pushed all in for 360,000. Banala winced and folded, Jung turned over 87 and McKinnon rolled up J5.

The A on the turn and river 5 made no difference and McKinnon took his leave.

Josh Norvock – 2,300,000
Dustin Jung – 745,000
Duncan McKinnon – BUSTED

Jaucian and Abernethy axed

As the blinds ticked over into the new level, Victor Jaucian found himself up against Chris Costanza once again, moving all-in pre-flop with KQ against Costanza’s A7

The flop of J102 gave Jaucian an open-ended straight draw, but the turn of the 4 and 6 on the river were no help and Jaucian has now collected his cash from the payout desk.

The after Damien Bennett was eliminated, Craig Abernethy got the last of his money into the middle with K7 pre-flop, but Matthew Howearth (pictured) woke up with QQ, which improved to two pair on the board of 4JA66, sending Abernethy to the rail as Howearth chipped up to 1.45 million.

Tournament staff have now reduced the field to three tables.

Level 23: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)

Double trouble

Over on Table 13, Justin Lowe raised to 100,000 from late position and Janet Wyvil called from the small blind before Aroha Ngata shoved from the big blind.

Lowe called and Wyvil folded, showing down 99 and found himself off to the races against Ngata who tabled Q10.

Ngata then flopped two pair on the board of Q10657 to double up to 610,000.

A short time later, Victor Jaucian open-shoved from under the gun with pocket sevens, only to see Chris Costanza wake up with aces in the big blind. With the board improving neither hand, Costanza moved up to 850,000 while Jaucian was crippled to 170,000.

Neville trips up

It’s been a great run for Paul Neville so far, who has just doubled through Alex Lynskey to keep his Main Event dream alive as we approach the business end of Day 2.

Neville confirmed with our reporter between hands that he took out APL Ambassador Jackie Glazier in the previous stanza, waking up in the big blind with A-Q after she shoved from late position with A-T.

Neville then got back into the action, defending his big blind after a pre-flop raise from Jennifer Cassell and a call from Lynskey to see a flop of 93K.

All three players checked, then Neville open-shoved for 260,000 after the K came down on the turn. Cassell insta-folded, Lynskey tanked for a minute or so before calling off.

Neville: K6
Lynskey: 77

The river Q completed the board and confirmed the double-up.

Alex Lynskey – 1,550,000
Paul Neville – 600,000
Jennifer Cassell – 460,000

Qais on point

After coasting through most of the day, Mark Ericksen found himself on a massive downswing and has since relinquished the last of his chips to Qais Shanasa, who now holds a stack worth almost one million.

The action folded around to Shanasa who raised from the hijack; Mark Ericksen shoved from small blind and Chris Costanza folded the big blind before Shanasa snap-called, his A-J far ahead of Ericksen’s KT.

Ericksen never caught up and was eliminated in 31st place, while Shanasa moved up to 990,000.

The PMA Live Reporting Team can also confirm that Shane Parker has been eliminated, getting his money with 55, only to lose the flip for his tournament life against Gavin Best’s K10 after he turned Broadway on the board of 6AJQ7.

Final four tables

Table 8

SeatName Chips
2Victor Jaucian470,000
3Phetsut Sutthikiat680,000
4Jeremy Winlaw820,000
5Craig Abernethy400,000
6Justin Lowe565,000
7Bin Liang50,000
8Martin Ward780,000
9Gavin Best1,450,000

Table 10 – Feature

SeatName Chips
1Shan Sokhanvar795,000
2Jennifer Cassell460,000
3Lucho Vargas460,000
4Alex Lynskey1,210,000
5Damien Bennett470,000
6Fan Zhang365,000
7Bert Perry2,010,000
9Paul Neville165,000

Table 12

SeatName Chips
1Paul Whiteman220,000
2Michael Clair890,000
3Andrew Batey360,000
4Viv Banala570,000
5Dustin Jung810,000
6Duncan McKinnon885,000
7Trent Brown375,000
8Josh Norvock350,000
9Andrew Abdy920,000

Table 13

1Adam Bevis935,000
2Janet Wyvill640,000
3Aroha Ngata505,000
4Qi Xu1,000,000
5Qais Shanasa990,000
6Matthew Howearth1,150,000
7Mark Ericksen495,000
8Chris Costanza600,000
9Andrew Ryland565,000

Hey now!

Allstars Poker head honcho Andrew Abdy is holding his own in the Summer Series Main Event, eliminating David Clark to reduce the field down to four tables just after the break.

The action folded around to Clark who ripped it in from the button with A10, only to be called off by Abdy who showed down AK.

No help for either hand on the board of 7Q842 and Abdy’s Ace-high was best.

Andrew Abdy – 870,000
David Clark – BUSTED

A full round of counts of all our remaining contenders will be coming your way shortly!

Level 22: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)

Stretch those legs!

Our remaining 37 players are now on another 10-minute break.

Costanza doubles

Our reporter was called over to a hand developing at Aroha Ngata’s table; Adam Bevis had limped before Mark Ericksen raised to 55,000 from late position.

Chris Costanza shoved his big blind, Bevis re-jammed, and Ericksen tank-folded.

Costanza: 44
Bevis: AJ

Bevis picked up a whole bunch of outs after the flop and turn of Q96K, but missed all the draws after the dealer brought down the river7.

Chris Costanza – 740,000
Adam Bevis – 310,000

Damelian done

Robert Damelian was kind enough to stop by the PMA hotdesk and let us know how he was eliminated by none other than Bert Perry, who is now sitting behind a stack worth almost two million.

Perry min-raised from late position pre-flop and Damelian defended his big blind with T-9o. The flop came down 5-7-8 with two clubs; Damelian checked it over to Perry who continued for 60,000.

Damelian check-raised to 210,000, but then Perry shoved and Damelian called all-in, turning up pocket kings which held after the turn and river bricked.

Bert Perry – 1,985,000
Robert Damelian – BUSTED

Perry on a tear

Bert Perry now holds a stack worth 1,180,000 after two big hands against Alex Lynskey and Jimmy Ghobrial.

Earlier, action folded to Lynskey who raised to 50,000 from the button before Perry shoved with AQ. Lynskey called and turned over 99, but Perry turned top-top on the board of 743Q2 to get the double-up.

Perry then picked a huge scalp in the form of Jimmy Ghobrial, who started Day 2 with the overall chip lead. Down to just 10 bigs, Ghobrial jammed with Q9 and Perry called before showing down 77

The flop and turn of QA44 had Ghobrial ahead with two pair, but a miracle 7 gave Perry the full house and the scoop!

Hildebrandt busto

Aidan Hildebrandt has been spotted heading to the cage as our remaining 46 players continue their quest for Summer Series Main Event glory.

Hildebrandt jammed for his last 250,000 with K-Qo and action folded to Andrew Ryland, who iso-shoved for 500,000 with A-Ko before improving to two pair on the board of A-J-2-5-2.

Faraz Ayyaz was also eliminated at the hands of Duncan McKinnon, shoving for his last 240,000 with A-To against McKinnon, who called him down with A-K, with neither hand improving on the seven-high board.

Level 21: 12,000/24,000 (24,000)

Bevis stacks Setton

Our reporter caught action heads-up between Dwan Setton and Adam Bevis on a flop of 627; Adam Bevis fired out a bet and Setton begrudgingly called all-in for his last 5,000 before he turned over A10

Bevis had paired up with 86 and held after the dealer produced the 2 and river K.

Adam Bevis – 450,000
Dwan Setton – BUSTED

Updated chip counts

Mark Ericksen1,600,000
Gavin Best1,100,000
Victor Jaucian1,075,000
Josh Norvock900,000
Alex Lynskey870,000
Andrew Ryland740,000
Jimmy Ghobrial685,000
Viv Banala680,000
Damien Bennett625,000
Aroha Ngata610,000
Lucho Vargas518,000
Duncan McKinnon470,000
Adam Bevis450,000
Jennifer Cassell440,000
Bert Perry312,000
Craig Abernethy285,000
Brad Wilson280,000
Aidan Hildebrandt270,000
Chris Costanza250,000
Scott Mulligan240,000
Mustafa Shahedi223,000
Jackie Glazier220,000
Ayyaz Faraz143,000
Antoine Follet120,000
Robert Damelian102,000

‘Jimmy G’ takes out three

In all our years of live reporting, the PMA team have certainly come across plenty of double KO’s, but we’re still lost for words after witnessing a rare triple elimination, with almost all the chips going the way of Jimmy Ghobrial.

It was five-way-all-in-pre-flop pandemonium as our field reporter picked up the action; Ghobrial had tabled 1010 and had everyone else covered except for Bert Perry, who rolled up AK.

Dean Williams, Fred Jones and Rick Thomas were then all given their cue to depart after the board ran out 94277, with Ghobrial scooping the pot.

Jimmy Ghobrial – 675,000
Bert Perry – 372,000
Dean Williams – BUSTED
Fred Jones – BUSTED
Rick Thomas – BUSTED

Karyar crashes out

Down to less than a single big blind, Ben Karyar committed his last 10,000 from UTG +1 and the action folded around to Josh Norvock who took back 6,000 off his big blind, but there was a bit of a wait as the other tables finished playing out their hands.

Our reporter crossed over Table 8, where Jennifer Cassell opened for a bet of 85,000 on the river with a board that read 23JQ10. Clearly feeling the pressure, her opponent folded and then the crowd rushed back over to Norvock and Karyar to witness the flip.

Karyar: A6
Norvock: 55

No love for Karyar as the dealer spread the board of Q29J4, confirming him as the Star Gold Coast Summer Series Main Event bubble boy.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s official – we’re in the money!

Level 20: 10,000/20,000 (20,000)

Lowe on a high

A couple of small double-ups as hand-for-hand play continues, with Justin Lowe (pictured) getting his money in with AJ against Chen Gue’s QQ and then rivering trips after the dealer spread a board of JA32A.

Scott Mulligan also managed to take a bit of change of Alex Lynskey, waking up with with AA and shoving after Lynskey’s pre-flop raise. Lynskey was priced in and called with A4, but the case ace on the turn left Lynskey drawing dead as the board came down Q310A6

Still at 61!

Adios Ajez

Play in the Star Gold Coast Summer Series Main Event is now hand-for-hand after the elimination of Najeem Ajez in 62nd place.

Earlier, Ajez got his money in with AQ, but lost the crucial flip against the 88 of Brad Wilson after the dealer spread the board of 1072510.

Down to 140,000, Ajez got them into the middle in the very next hand after a flop of 479. Lynskey iso-shoved, forcing Mark Ericksen out of the way before Ajez rolled up J4, only to be kicked out by Lynskey’s A4 as the turn and river Q, K completed the board.

Alex Lynksey – 950,000
Brad Wilson – 470,000
Najeem Ajez – BUSTED

Just one more until the money, folks! Stay with us!

Lynskey sinks Woolsey

From under the gun, Alex Lynskey min-clicked to 32,000 and the action folded to William Woolsey who shoved for 162,000 from the cut-off. Bob Potter folded from the button, the blinds got out of the way and it was off to the races.

Woolsey: QQ
Lynskey: AK

Woolsey was in great to double up as the flop and turn was spread [invalid notations] completed the board to give Lynskey the nuts.

And with that, we’re down to 63 runners!

Alex Lynskey – 770,000
William Woolsey – BUSTED

Updated chip counts

Mark Ericksen1,400,000
Gavin Best1,150,000
Matthew Howearth1,033,000
Bin Liang800,000
Victor Jaucian650,000
Antoine Follet640,000
Viv Banala630,000
Andrew Batey620,000
Damien Bennett585,000
Dustin Jung550,000
Aroha Ngata526,000
Michael Clair520,000
Josh Norvock510,000
Alex Lynskey510,000
Jennifer Cassell490,000
Mustafa Shahedi480,000
Najeem Ajez450,000
Phetsut Sutthikiat415,000

Level 19: 8,000/16,000 (16,000)

Take a breather!

After a marathon three-hour stanza, our remaining 64 players are now on a 20-minute break. Back soon!

O’Hanlon ousted

In one of the last hands before the break, action folded around to Andrew O’Hanlon who open-shoved for his last 98,000 with A5

Sutthikiat Phetsut called and found himself well ahead with 99, which improved to a set on the board of 910254.

That’s one more out the door as Phetsut now sits behind a stack worth 435,000.

Swings and roundabouts for Setton

Dwan Setton’s stack has been see-sawing as we approach the first break of the day, but the APT Gold Coast Goliath Champion managed to take out Liam Murray before doubling up Aroha Ngata.

Earlier, after Murray completed the small blind, Setton moved all-in from the big blind with A3, only to see the APLPT Queensland Main Event Champion snap him off with pocket kings.

However, the board ran out Ace-high to send Murray to the rail, reducing the field to 69.

A short time later, Setton opened to 40,000 and Ngata three-bet it to 100,000 from his immediate left. Setton mulled it over before announcing all-in and Ngata called, turning up KK, which held all the way down the board of 97388 against Setton’s AJ.

Aroha Ngata – 526,000
Dwan Setton – 126,000
Liam Murray – BUSTED

Gerges gone

Rauran Toye was there to give Mina Gerges a shoulder to cry on after he was sent packing at the hands of Michael Clair.

Gerges had moved the last of his money into the middle with K10, but ran into Clair’s AK, with neither hand improving on the board of 62564.

Another one bites the dust as Clair chips up to 295,000.

A milly for Mark

Our reporter was called back over to Table 17 with a massive hand in progress. Brad Wilson had min-raised UTG+1 and received calls from Mark Ericksen in the cut-off and Najeem Ajez on the button, as well as Martin Ward and William Woolsey in the blinds.

Action then checked to Ericksen after a flop of K9Q; Ericksen bet 30,000, Ajez and Woolsey called whilst Ward and Wilson withdrew to make it three-handed to the turn of the 3.

Woolsey and Ericksen checked, Ajez shoved for 298,000 and Woolsey tanked before tossing his hand into the muck.

Ericksen chuckled. “Good bet, actually! You know I have two hearts.”

“I don’t mind a call with two hearts. You might miss!” Ajez replied.

Ericksen let his hand go and Ajez raked in the pot – not that it mattered much to Ericksen though, as he’s now the first past the magical million-chip milestone!

Mark Ericksen – 1,022,000
Najeem Ajez – 517,000
William Woolsey – 282,000

Level 18: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)

Bennett building

Over on Table 10, Damien Bennett raised pre-flop before Bert Perry defended his big blind to see a flop of 675. Perry check-called Bennett’s post-flop bet, then jammed the rest of his chips in when the J appeared on the turn. Bennett snap-called.

Bennett: JJ
Perry: 93

The rest of the table were up in arms after the 7 fell on the river to give Bennett the boat. Suck-re-suck!

Bert Perry – 435,000
Damien Bennett – 237,000

Banala beaming

Over on Table 16, Tyler Beams had raised to 22,000 and Viv Banala defended his big blind to make it heads-up to a flop of 257. Banala checked his option and Beams continued for 60,000.

Banala then check-shoved and Beams called, revealing 66 which had been outdrawn by Banala’s 76.

The turn of the 4 and river 9d changed nothing and we’re now less than two tables away from the money bubble!

Viv Banala – 630,000
Tyler Beams – BUSTED

Liang goes bang

The action is now moving thick and fast throughout The Star Gold Coast Poker Room, with Bin Liang sending Mehrdad Mousapour to the rail – and just in time for the start of the $440 buy-in PLO, which is about to get underway!

Mousapour raised pre-flop with AK before Liang three-bet holding QQ, making it heads-up to a flop of 53J.

Mousapour then check-shoved after Liang’s opening bet, but Liang called tabled the overpair and managed to fade the flush draw after the turn and river bricked out 9, 4.

Bin Liang – 870,000
Mehrdad Mousapour – BUSTED

Chin binned

Chin Wang’s run in the Summer Series Main Event has come to an end, taken out at the hands of Duncan McKinnon (pictured).

Our reporter caught the details just as the dealer was pushing the pot over to McKinnon; Wang had moved the last of his money into the middle holding KJ, but found himself behind McKinnon’s AQ, which flopped top pair and then held all the way down the board of 8A649.

McKinnon moved up to 586,000 as Wang headed to the exits.

Main Event payouts

The Star Gold Coast Summer Series Main Event field is now down to 80 players, but only 60 will be cashing out from this tournament with a minimum payout of $1,720, with our eventual champion taking home a tidy $90,000 and change.


Level 17: 5,000/10,000 (10,000)

Potter magic

Another all-in-call, this time on Table 17, AKA the Table of Death, featuring Day 1A chipleader Brad Wilson, WSOP November Niner Alex Lynskey, Day 1B headliner Mark Ericksen and Najeem Ajez.

Local legend Bob Potter had shoved over Ajez’s raise and Brad Wilson had re-shoved from the blinds, putting Ajez to a decision for his tournament life.

Eventually, Ajez open-folded77, saying he thought he had the best hand, but couldn’t risk it.

Wilson tabled AK, well ahead of Potter’s A10. Although Ajez wasn’t particularly happy about his fold, it was Wilson that cried out, “Oh, come on!” in exasperation as the dealer gave Potter trips on the flop of 10108.

The turn and river ran out 2, J, doubling Potter up to 286,000. Wilson dropped to 374,000, while Ajez is now on 467,000 heading into the Level 16.

Norvock nicked

Over on Table 20, the action folded to Antoine Follet who raised to 16,000 from middle position before Josh Norvock called on the button.

Sutthikiat Phetsut then shoved for his last 125,000 in the small blind. Follet took his time, looking at the clock several times before releasing his hand. Norvock, however, double checked his cards before tossing in the calling chips to put Phetsut at risk.

Phetsut: QQ
Norvock: 99

Neither hand improved on the board of 53JA8 to give Phetsut another double-up.

Josh Norvock – 375,000
Sutthikiat Phetsut – 274,000
Antoine Follet – 640,000

Will sets up

Our reporter caught some action between Will Davis and Gavin Best (pictured) as they got all their money into the middle on a flop of 7410 (below). Best rolled over KK for an overpair, but Davis had hit top set with his 1010.

Davis then improved to a full house with a repeat 7, which held after the river 9.

Davis doubled up to 386,000, but it was of little concern to Best, who holds a huge stack worth 782,000!

Level 16: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)

Poker 101

101 players remain in the Star Gold Coast Summer Series Main Event, with Josh Hutchins, Mark Taylor, Omer Sliajdzija and Kalan Shuttlewood amongst those spotted heading to the exits, along with Nikolas Schlie, who was eliminated at the hands of Mustafa Shahedi.

Schlie attempted to double through Shahedi an earlier hand, getting his money in holding AK after a flop of A68, but was resigned to chop it up as Shahedi also tabled AK, with both players boating up as the turn and river rand out 6, A.

A short time later, Schlie raised to 18,000 pre-flop with A-T and was called by Shahedi to go heads-up to a flop of 5-6-7 rainbow. Shahedi check-called Schlie’s bet of 30,000, then check-called again after Schlie jammed the last of his chips in with a nine on the turn.

Shahedi rolled up 9-7 for two pair, which held after the river bricked to end Schlie’s run.

Mustafa Shahedi – 480,000
Nikolas Schlie – BUSTED

Phetsut finds a double

Sutthikiat Phetsut has doubled through Rick Thomas after fading a flush draw to move up to 158,000 in chips.

As Phetsut recalled, he and three other players called Aidan Hildebrandt’s pre-flop raise to see a flop of Q8-X before Phetsut jammed the last of his stack into the middle holding KQ.

Thomas iso-shoved holding AJ and everyone else got out the way before the two players went to showdown, but the turn and river bricked to keep Phetsut’s Main Event dream alive.

Thomas’ stack was reduced to 158,000 after that hand.

Attract, believe, receive!

Prior to the start of play, Janet Wyvil approached our man on the ground to inform that she was going to be all-in on the first hand with pocket kings.

Moments later, Wyvil called our reporter over again and she had indeed shoved her first hand and was on her feet and grinning from ear-to-ear.

Action was pending, as Nic Nichols had called after his initial 12,000 raise from the button. Lawford Edwards released his hand, prompting the showdown between Nichols and Wyvil.

As soon as the cards were tabled, the table erupted as Wyvil revealed – well, not kings as promised – but something even better.

Wyvil: AA
Nichols: KQ

Wyvil comfortably doubled through after booking up on the board of 3A959. Now that’s what we call a prime example of manifesting #POSITIVITY!

Janet Wyvil – 158,000
Nic Nichols – 295,000
Lawford Edwards – 148,000

Away we go!

Cards are now in the air for Day 2 of The Star Gold Coast Summer Series Main Event!

Recommencing blinds are 3,000/6,000 with a 6,000 BB Ante. 111 players remain from the 475 entries taken in over the last two days, giving us an average stack of 215,000 (or 36 ‘bigs’, for those of you keeping score at home).

Payout dividends coming soon!

Level 15: 3,000/6,000 (6,000)

Moving day

Welcome to Day 2 of the Star Poker Gold Coast Summer Series Main Event!

After two thrilling Day 1 flights that saw 475 entries create a hefty $475,000 prize pool, just 111 players will return this afternoon with dreams of making it to the final table and, hopefully, lifting the trophy come Monday afternoon.

With the cream of Queensland’s poker crop coming out to play, there are plenty of big names still in the field including 2018 WSOP November Niner Alex Lynskey and WSOP bracelet winner Jackie Glazier, plus the likes of Najeem Ajez, Mina Gerges, Rauran Toye and Josh Norvock.

But leading the way is Jimmy Ghobrial, who bagged and tagged a stack of 563,000 on Saturday – just enough to put him ahead of Mark Ericksen with 560,000.

PMA will be live from from 12:30pm AEST (1:30pm AEDT) today to bring you all the action as it happens.

You can also keep up with all that’s happening on and around the felt via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Discord.

Day 2 seat draw

Table 7

1Bin Liang204,000
2Shan Sokhanvar168,000
3Jackie Glazier292,000
4Matthew Howearth368,000
5Mehrdad Mousapour320,000
6Paul Mummery329,000
7Paul Neville276,000
8Yitian Fan255,000
9Michael Blake77,000

Table 8

1Shane Parker284,000
2Michael Clair172,000
3Robert Fulton109,000
4Kalan Shuttlewood31,000
5Craig Abernethy327,000
6Josh McSwiney157,000
7Andrew Batey244,000
8Sean Lannon400,000
9Chun Zheng100,000

Table 10

1David Croucher25,1000
2Dean Williams181,000
3Luis Dominguez315,000
4Fred Jones83,000
5Damien Bennett310,000
6Matteo Varaschin119,000
7John Perry355,000
8Jenny Chhauv315,000
9Andrew Ryland244,000

Table 12

1Chin Wang153,000
2Mal Chapman151,000
3Adriano Scagnetti148,000
4Viv Banala115,000
5Dale Johnstone72,000
6Kosta Varoxis79,000
7David Clark57,000
8Jack Drapier133,000
9Mina Gerges102,000

Table 13

1Liam Murray145,000
2Dwan Setton275,000
3Aroha Ngata182,500
4Trent Brown158,000
5Qais Shanasa362,000
6Scott Roderick194,000
7Steve Lohse74,000
8Lien Phan222,000
9Jaisan Patel249,000

Table 15

1Janet Wyvill64,000
2Ashneel Sharma171,000
3Daniel Seremet98,000
4Jong Jung112,000
5Ash Chynoweth238,000
6Nic Nichols359,000
7Mustafa Shahedi221,000
8Nikolas Schlie157,000
9Lawford Edwards160,000

Table 16

SeatName Chips 
1Tyler Beams221,000
2Adam Bevis209,000
3Ken Stewart159,000
4Victor Jaucian447,000
5Chris Costanzo407,000
6Rauran Toye236,000
7Tanner Durust61,000
8Ben Karyar150,000
9Jason Spencer382,000

Table 17

2Brad Wilson50,1000
3Alex Lynskey276,000
4Mark Ericksen560,000
5Curtis Stollery113,000
6Najeem Ajez467,000
7Martin Ward178,000
8Dean Stevenson281,000
9Robert Potter97,000

Table 18

2Chris Zenonos124,000
3Justin Lowe247,000
4Paul Whiteman216,000
5William Wong112,000
6Jennifer Cassell306,000
8Roberto Ceccato162,000
9Robert Damelian250,000

Table 19

1Jack Drake154,000
2Krishan Kara170,000
3Gavin Best484,000
5Andrew Abdy85,000
6Wiremu Davis341,000
7Zien Tang140,000
8Philip Siddell186,000
9Yuwei Wei247,000

Table 20

1Antoine Follet311,000
2Joshua Hutchins109,000
3Aiden Hilderbrandt131,000
4Josh Norvock395,000
5Qi Xu141,000
6Phetsut Sutthikiat77,000
8Jason Anand221,000
9Fan Zhang186,000

Table 21

1Jean Rey191,000
2Omer Silajdzija217,000
3Andrew Braun101,000
4William Woolsey329,000
5Tommy Handelaar9,300
6Jimmy Ghobrial563,000
7Elliot Hall312,000
8Duncan McKinnon296,000

Table 22

1Mark Taylor60,000
2Jeremy Winlaw170,000
3Hong Nguyen107,000
4Scott Mulligan175,000
5Andrew O Hanlon98,000
6Rick Thomas252,000
7Ayyaz Faraz376,000
8Chen Guo144,000

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