Star Poker Gold Coast Summer Series: Main Event Day 1b

Ghobrial, Ericksen top Day 1b; that’s a wrap!

It’s been another action-packed day here at The Star Gold Coast, with Day 1b of the Summer Series Main Event officially done and dusted!

Our overall chip leader heading into Day 2 is Jimmy Ghobrial (AKA ‘Jimmy G’) who has been flying under the radar as he amassed a stack worth 563,000.

That’s only 3,000 more than Mark Ericksen (pictured below, 560,000), who has featured prominently in the action throughout the course of the afternoon. Victor Jaucian (447,000), Faraz Ayyaz (376,000) and Nic Nichols (359,000) round out our top five.

Other players who bagged and tagged tonight include Craig Abernethy, Viv Banala, Antoine Follet, Chin Wang, Nikolas Schlie, Omer Silajdzija and Alex Lynskey.

In all, there’s another 70 players joining our 45 survivors from Day 1a tomorrow to battle it out for their share of the $475,000 prize pool and the Main Event title.

Of course, PokerMedia Australia will be back on deck to bring you all the action as it happens from the felt, so be sure to bookmark your browsers and keep an eye out for all the updates from 12:30pm AEST (1:30pm AEDT).

Until then, thanks again for tuning in and we’ll see you soon. ‘Bye for now!

Frilingos finished

Professional tenpin bowler and APT Brisbane High Roller Champion George Frilingos has been eliminated in one of the last hands of the night, taken out by Yibian Fan (pictured).

Our reporter picked up the action on with the board showing 1022J; Fan had moved all-in for 107,500, covering Frilingos’ stack of 70,500.

Frilingos tanked for a long time, before eventually calling, putting his tournament life at risk.

Fan showed K2 – his trips well ahead of Frilingos’ two pair with 108, which held after the dealer peeled off the river3.

Yibian Fan – 255,000
George Frilingos – BUSTED

And with that, Day 1b of the Summer Series Main Event is in the books! Our wrap of today’s action will be up soon.

Last call

Just four more hands until we bag and tag for the night!

Action Jackson!

A loud shout from a neighbouring table caught the attention of the PMA Live Reporting Team, who had to push through the crowd as the action unfolded between Lien Phan, who had shoved for 75,000, as well as Viv Banala who had shoved over the top for 223,000.

Mark Ericksen thought about it for a minute before making the call and the cards were tabled.

Phan: 55
Ericksen: AK
Banala: AK

Board: 1046109

Phan scored a much-needed triple-up with her two pair, while Banala and Ericksen split the side pot.

Mark Ericksen – 560,000
Viv Banala – 305,000
Lien Phan – 252,000

Mathis mashed

Over on Table 12, Antoine Follet had raised all in from the big blind over the top of Andreas Mathis, who had shoved from the cut-off for 31.5k. Another player, who was the original raiser, eventually let his hand go before Matthis and Follet went to showdown.

Follet: AJ
Mathis: KQ

Neither hand improved on the board of 45262 and thus Mathis was sent to the rail.

Mixed bag for Banala

Over on Table 7, the action folded to Summer Series Main Event Satellite Qualifier Viv Banala, who raised to 12,000 from the hijack and found three callers: the player in the cut-off, Tyler Beams in the small blind and Mark Ericksen in the big blind, making it four-handed to the flop of 762.

Both blinds checked and Banala opened for 30,000 before the cut-off folded. Beams called and Ericksen folded.

After the dealer produced the 5 on the turn, Beams checked his option and Banala took some time before sliding out a bet of 125,000. Beams folded and Banala flashed the A as he collected the pot.

A few hands later, Banala min-raised from the cut-off withQJ only to see Faraz Ayyaz three-bet to 30,000 from the button. Action folded back round to Banala, who called to make it heads-up to a flop of 7Q4.

Ayyaz wasted no time shipping the rest in – a total of 147,500 – after Banala led out for 125,000. Banala called, but Ayyaz quickly tabled AA which held as the turn and river ran out 7, 2 to give him the double-up.

Mark Ericksen – 601,000
Faraz Ayyaz – 352,000
Viv Banala – 226,000
Tyler Beams – 159,000

Level 14: 2,500/5,000 (5,000)

Chin chipping up

South Australia’s Chin Wang, who mounted an epic run in the Star Gold Coast Summer Series Opening Event, is hoping to emulate his efforts in the Big Dance and is looking the goods with almost 350,000 in chips as we head into the final level of the night.

Our intrepid reporter picked up some minor action between Wang and Antoine Follet; the action folded to Wang pre-flop who raised it up to 10,000 from the cut-off before Follet fired out a three-bet of 30,000.

The blinds got out of the way and Wang wasted no time, snap four-betting to 100,000. Follet thought about it briefly, but then let it go.

Chin Wang – 349,500
Antoine Follet – 297,000

Things getting wild and wooly

Craig Woolcott has taken two huge hits, now under 100,000 in chips after losing successive hands against Lucho Vargas and Victor Jaucian (pictured).

Earlier, Vargas three-bet to 25,000 after Woolcott limped pre-flop; when the action folded back around, Woolcott four-bet-shoved with pocket queens, only to reel after Vargas snapped him off with pocket aces, improving to a full house on the board of A3446.

Woolcott then wasted no time getting into action, this time against Jaucian, with the pair at loggerheads on all streets down a board of 10967K. Woolcott tank-called after Jaucian’s bet of 50,000 on the river, but was crushed by Jaucian’s 77 which had turned a set.

Victor Jaucian – 390,000
Lucho Vargas – 191,000
Craig Woolcott – 96,000

Hildebrandt takes a hit

Action folded around to Aidan Hildebrandt who raised from the button to 8,500 before he was called by Nikolas Schlie in the small blind.

The big blind got out the way, so it was heads-up to a flop of 22Q. Schlie checked, and Hildebrandt put out a feeler worth 6,000.

Schlie quickly called, then after the dealer produced another 2 on the turn, Schlie counted and gathered all of his chips together behind the betting line, but then decided to check. Hildebrandt bet another 18,000 and Schlie check-called.

The river J prompted another check from Schlie and Hildebrandt tanked before eventually knuckling the table as well. Schlie rolled over AK and Hildebrandt mucked.

Nikolas Schlie – 135,000
Aidan Hildebrandt – 239,000

Chips ahoy!

Mark Ericksen517,500
Antoine Follet352,000
Viv Banala322,000
Chin Wang317,000
Aidan Hildebrandt289,000
Alex Lynskey288,000
Jackie Glazier246,000
Dwan Setton245,000
Mark Ward163,000
Liam Murray160,000
Ash Chynoweth156,000
Jenny Chhauv153,000
Scott Mulligan148,000
Mark Taylor146,000
Janet Wyvil118,000
Sutthikiat Phetsut113,000
Lee Bradbury81,000
Kalan Shuttlewood77,000
Yu-Chuan Sun75,000

Level 13: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)

Break time!

Our remaining 90 players are now on their final 10-minute break of the evening. Two more levels before we bag and tag!

Schlie’s slippin’ and slidin’

Nikolas Schlie has been on a rollercoaster during this stanza, moving up to 120,000 and then down to 30,000 in the space of two hands.

Earlier, Schlie got his money in good with A-K against two players who trailed with A-Q and A-3, with Schlie holding all the way down the board of Q-K-7-8-J to score the triple-up.

That good work was brought soon after when he called down Jackie Glazier with pocket fives, only to run smack-bang into her pocket kings.

But just before the break, Schlie found himself flipping with 55against Martin Ward’s AQ, which spiked a set on the flop of J58, with the turn and river of 7, 6 completing the board.

It may not look like it, but Schlie is feeling much happier now, back up to 82,000 and change!

Caris chips up

After a button raise to 7,000 from Jack Drake, Cyprus Poker Club head honcho Charles Caris defended his big blind before checking his option on the flop of 6J5.

Drake continued for 5,000 and called Caris’ check-raise of 11,000, then checked again after the dealer brought down the 4 on the turn.

This time, Caris led out for 17,500. Drake called and then checked again after the Q appeared on the river.

Caris shoved for 48,000, and Drake tanked before eventually letting his hand go as he stared down the board trying to figure out what Caris had.

Jack Drake – 65,000
Charles Caris – 120,000

Shahedi sitting pretty

Our reporter caught the action on a board of 410563 with the pot worth about 50,000 as Mustafa Shahedi checked from the small blind across to Alex Lynskey, who opened for 12,000.

Shahedi took a while to consider his options, then check-raised to 35,000. Lynskey instantly sucked in a breath, and let out an “I don’t believe you!”

Lynskey eventually made a crying call, only to muck when Shahedi showed Q7 for the missed flush draw, but a rivered straight.

Mustafa Shahedi – 150,000
Alex Lynskey – 197,500

Follet collects

Another huge hand over on Table 21, with the cry of “All in and a call!” drawing in a crowd to witness the action unfold.

It was three-way all-in action between an unknown player in UTG +2, who had shoved for their last 68,000 before Charlie Panarello had re-shoved for 82,500.

Antoine Follet, having both players covered, had res-hoved over the top. Graham Davis folded his big blind and the hands were tabled.

Panarello: QQ
Follet: JJ
UTG +2: A10

Panarello had the best of it and let the surrounding tables know it with a cry of “Let’s go!”

His joy was short-lived, however, as a Jack in the window gave Follet a set with the flop of JA2.

“Can you believe it?” exclaimed Panarello to Rod Batoz. “I was in front and now I’m last!”

The turn and river bricked out 6, 7 and Follet took the double KO, moving up to 289,000 in chips.

Level 12: 1,500/3,000 (3,000)

Panarello picks one up

From UTG +2, Charlie Panarello limped in, as did the player on the button; Bob Potter completed the small blind and big blind checked, making it four-handed to a flop of 459.

Both blinds checked and Panarello bet 15,000. The button got out the way and both blinds called to see the turn, which was the Q.

Both blinds checked and Panarello shoved hisfor his last 15,500. Potter called and the big blind folded.

Panarello: JJ
Potter: 65

The river K changed nothing and Panarello scored the double-up.

Charlie Panarello – 89,500
Bob Potter – 30,500

Follet finds a double

Action folded to Antoine Follet, who min-raised to 5,000 on the button before Graham Davis three-bet to 17,500 from the small blind. The big blind got out the way and Follet shoved 68,500, attracting a snap call from Davis.

Follet: JJ
Davis: AQ

The board was safe all the way for Follet as it ran out 259K2, doubling him up to 142,000 while Davis was reduced to 84,000.

Sotsavanh sent off

Lily Sotsavanh shoved her last 60,000 into the middle from under the gun; the action folded all the way around to the big blind, Faraz Ayyaz (pictured), who peeled up his cards one at a time before before snapping her off, revealing JJ.

Sotsavanh tabled AJ and picked up outs on a flop of 104K, but neither the 9 on the turn or the river 6 were of any help and Sotsavanh was eliminated. Ayyaz now holds 167,000 in chips.

Tournament staff have also confirmed with PMA that both John Coutis and Scott Reid were also amongst those to have been added to the casualty list.

Kroesen conquered

Andrew Braun limped in from under the gun; after the player in the +1 position folded, Ricky Kroesen shoved for his last 21,900 holding KJ

Action folded back round to Andrew Braun, who made the call with AK, which held all the way down to the board of 26Q10Q.

Andrew Braun – 217,000
Ricky Kroesen – BUSTED

Level 11: 1,500/2,500 (2,500)

Sun rises

Yu-Chuan Sun has been getting busy, this time seen clashing with Kiale Matthews in a hand just before the start of the next level.

Sun had shoved his remaining 32,200 into a pot of approximately 38,000 on a board of 825AJ, putting Matthews deep into tank.

Kiale eventually released his hand, prompting a tablemate to yell, “Show the bluff, it’s good for the game!”

Sun obliged, tabling Q10.

Yu-Chuan Sun – 70,500
Kiale Matthews – 148,000

Ericksen on a tear

Mark Ericksen is taking no prisoners, now sitting behind a stack worth more than half-a-million!

The player under the gun limped in before Ericksen min-raised from the cut-off. Action then folded to Maddocks in the big blind, who re-raised before the other to players called to go to a flop of 6-4-2 rainbow.

Maddocks opened and only Ericksen called before a Jack appeared on the turn. Maddocks check-called Ericksen’s bet and then led out after a nine came down on the river.

Ericksen shoved on him and Maddocks folded, saying that he had missed; Ericksen flashed 7-5o for a stone cold bluff! Down to just 35,000 in chips, Maddocks lost them all a few hands later.

A short time later, Ericksen and Viv Banala were seen clashing in a pot on a board of 28Q6; Ericksen had check-called a bet of 3,000 from Banala before check-folding to Banala’s bet of 20,000 on the river of the 4.

It was of no concern to Ericksen, who now holds 540,000 in chips, while Banala is still up there with 235,000.

The prize pool is in!

The floor staff here at The Star Gold Coast have just announced the final prize pool details for the main event.

Total buy-ins on Day 1B are 188 unique entries plus 75 re-entries, making 263 total entries today.

Combined with Friday’s field, that makes for a total of 475 entries and a prize pool of $475,000!

We’ll bring you payouts soon.

Sun shadowed

Yu-Chuan Sun opened to 4,000 from UTG before Niall Curley raised to 15,000. Everyone else folded, sending Sun into the tank for several minutes before he eventually announced he was all-in. Curley snap-called and the cards were tabled with Sun’s AK way behind the AA of Curley.

The board ran out 610K39 as Curley scored a big double.

Niall Curley – 87,000
Yu-Chuan Sun – 69,000

Level 10: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)


Mark Taylor (no, not that Mark Taylor) stopped by the PMA desk on his way to his new table to recount a hand for us.

As Taylor recalled, he raised with 1010 from early position and received calls from Antoine Follet in late position and the limper to his immediate right.

Taylor flopped gin on the board 1010Q and continued for 3,500 after the limper checked.

Both opponents called and all three saw a 8 on the turn turn. The EP player checked to Taylor again and he bet 6,000, receiving two quick calls.

After the dealer peeled off the river Q, the EP open-shoved and Taylor called, albeit after a little Hollywood to “try to get Antoine to call as well”, as he put it. Antoine, however, snap folded.

Taylor’s opponent flashed a Queen, but they were clearly no match for quads. Taylor is now sitting behind a stack worth 84,000.

A hard-earned thirst …

Our reporter picked up action between 2018 WSOP November Niner Alex Lynskey, Omer Silajdzija and Corey Secco and a flop of 10JK.

Silajdzija and Secco checked to Lynskey who bet 6,500. The others called, then Silajdzija opened for 15,000 after the dealer produced the 10 on the turn.

Secco called and Lynskey let his hand go before the 10 appeared on the river; Silajdzija bet 25,000 and Secco quickly called, only to muck after Silajdzija tabled Q10 for quads!

Lynskey then revealed that both he and Secco were involved in a prop bet. Secco had previously won four hands in succession, prompting Lynskey to quip: “If you win every hand this orbit, I’ll buy you a beer.” Secco was forced to fold in the very next hand.

Then, after Lynskey won a hand, he asked Secco if the bet would be reversed.

Ever the good sport, Secco agreed – and Lynskey took down the next eight hands in succession.

Bottoms up!

Corey Secco – 85,700
Omer Silajdzija – 173,900
Alex Lynskey – 185,000

Assorted chip counts

Scott Mulligan226,500
Alex Lynskey190,000
Richard Tang181,000
Kalan Shuttlewood175,000
Martin Ward174,200
Aidan Hildebrandt150,000
Andrew Ryland149,000
Jack Drake147,500
Janet Wyvil138,000
Viv Banala131,500
Joshua McSwiney125,500
Dwan Setton125,000
Ash Chynoweth98,000
Lily Sotsavanh82,000
Ricky Kroesen75,000
Travis Endersby72,500
Brenton Buttigieg72,000
Aaron Fosterling71,500
Craig Abernethy47,800
Anthony Cierco46,300
Nuno Da Silva44,500
Rod Batoz42,000
Jacob Faull13,500

Level 9: 800/1,600 (1,600)

Take a breather!

Players are now on another 10-minute break. Back shortly!

Banala peels off Adams

Sam Adams is amongst those to have been sent to the rail as we approach the next break of the day.

Matthew Varaschin raised to 3,000 from under the gun before Sam Adams shoved for 40,000. Viv Banala insta-called and the rest of the table got out the way before Adams tabled Q10, only to find himself trailing Banala’s AK, which held all the way down the board of 47K39.

Viv Banala – 236,500
Sam Adams – BUSTED

Maddocks and Matthews clash

Mike Maddocks had just been moved to Kiale Matthews’ table and picked a fight with him first hand in.

Our field reporter picked up the action on a flop of 7A7 as Maddocks bet 6.5k in the cut-off; Matthews check-raised to 15,600 from early position and Maddocks called before Matthews open-shoved after the dealer turned the [2s].

Maddocks snap-called, rolling up 76 for trips against Matthews’ two pair with A6. The river 10 changed nothing and Maddocks doubled up.

Mike Maddocks – 102,700
Kiale Matthews – 212,000

Mucho for Lucho

Lucho Vargas is now on almost 118,000 after taking out Michael Blake as the price of poker went up .

Blake raised to 2,800 from under the gun and got a call from middle position. Vargas then 3-bet to 12,000 and Blake shoved for his remaining 30,000. The middle player got out the way and Vargas snap-called.

Vargas: AK
Blake: A2

The dealer spread the board of board 9QQ102 to give Vargas the flush, sending Blake to the re-entry desk.

Level 8: 600/1,200 (1,200)

Holtz smashed

Our reporter was called over to a hand developing between Lee Holtz and Ashneel Sharma.

On a flop of 897, Holtz had bet 30,000 and Sharma had responded by raising to 70,000, enough to put Holtz all in.

Holtz went into the tank for several minutes before calling off with AA, but was he was crushed by the J10 of Sharm, who had flopped a straight. Neither the K on the turn or the river 5 were of any help, sending Holtz to the rail.

Ashneel Sharma – 171,000
Lee Holtz – BUSTED

Bromley chips up

Jordan Bromley is still in contention, currently holding stack worth 85,000 as action continues in the Star Gold Coast Summer Series Main Event.

Bromley was kind enough to #submit-a-hand via the PMA Discord server, telling us how he acquired those chips during the course of this stanza of play.

With the blinds at 300/600 (600), the UTG +1 raised pre-flop, before Bromley 3-bet it to 4,900. The +1 called, making it heads-up to a flop of 9-8-6 with two diamonds.

The +1 player check-called Bromley’s bet of 17,000, then open-jammed for 37,000. Bromley snap-called, rolling up pocket queens against his opponent’s pocket jacks. A river ace completed the board to give Bromley the scoop and the scalp.

Fancy getting a hand or two onto the blog? Don’t be shy, folks – join our Discord server today and be part of the PMA community!

Level 7: 500/1,000 (1,000)

Yeomans reloads

On a flop of 7104, Josh Yeomans bet 2,000 into a pot worth 3,800; Jacob Faull closed his eyes and took some time to think (or was perhaps enjoying his Best Hands Massage) before eventually making the call to go heads-up to the turn of the Q.

Yeomans fired out another 2,000 and Faull once again closed his eyes to ponder his options before deciding to shove for approximately 18,00. Yeomans let it go and Faull showed AK as he raked the pot.

That left Yeomans with just 17,000, which he relinquished a few hands later before heading to the re-entry desk. Faull, meanwhile, is now holding a stack worth 29,800.

It ain’t Mudgway’s day

Stephen Mudgway was on bajungi tilt as he regaled the PMA Live Reporting Team with his tale of woe, which we have taken the liberty to paraphrase somewhat for our viewers at home.

“Twice now I’ve been screwed over!” Mudgway exclaimed.

“UTG +2 opens to 2,000, MP (Mark Ericksen, pictured) flats and I 3-bet to 8,000 with KQ. UTG +2 folds and MP calls.”

“Flop then comes 9-J-T with two spades. I lead for 6,600 and he shoves. I call with my remaining 25,000 and he shows Q-J suited and turns the King. Freakin’ show me the door already!”

Mudgway is still alive, currently on 32,500, but Ericksen (pictured) has since eliminated another player to move up to more than 112,000.

Level 6: 400/800 (800)

Cowell hangs on

Action folded to Riccardo Tallarico who raised the button to make it 1,600 to go; Sean Cowell shoved his remaining stack into the middle (worth around 9,000) from the small blind. Tallarico reluctantly called and the hands were tabled.

Cowell: 106
Tallarico: K-7o

Cowell managed to stay alive after spiking a 10 on the river with the board of A5A810.

Sean Cowell – 19,400
Riccardo Tallarico – 20,700

Aidan’s A-OK

Mid-tier Triple Crown winner Aiden Hildebrandt was a late entry into today’s Day 1b flight, but is now on almost 70,000 in chips after taking one down over Adam Bucca.

Our reporter picked up the action on the river with on a board of1010K38; Bucca led out for a bet of 12,000, putting Hildebrandt into the tank for several minutes before making the call.

Bucca tabled 98, but Hildebrandt was best with KJ for two pair.

Aidan Hildebrandt – 69,900
Adam Bucca – 25,000

Glazier gutted

APL Ambassador Jackie Glazier was seated shortly after the break and got straight to work, three-betting to 4,000 pre-flop and found two callers in Kai Yeung and David Bond before the dealer spread a flop of 4Q8.

Yeung checked, Glazier c-bet 6,500 and Bond called, only to then see Yeung check-raise to 20,000, prompting the others to fold.

In the very next hand, Glazier and Bond tangled again, with Glazier betting 2,500 on a flop of 1063, 10,000 after the 5 on the turn and then shoving on the river 4.

Bond called all the way and turned over 65 for two pair, eliminating Glazier who showed down Q10,

David Bond – 100,000
Kai Yeung – 60,000
Jackie Glazier – BUSTED

Level 5: 300/600 (600)


Our players are now on a 20-minute comfort break. In the meantime, here’s a round of counts of our notable notables.

Kalan Shuttlewood175,000
Andrew Ryland149,000
Viv Banala131,500
Kiale Matthews130,000
Andrew Walsh129,000
Janet Wyvil103,000
Mike Maddocks97,000
Scott Mulligan89,000
Ash Chynoweth82,000
Martin Ward72,000
Jackie Glazier50,000
Travis Endersby50,000
Sutthikiat Phetsut42,500
Lily Sotsavanh40,500
Jacob Faull13,500

Rak ’em up

Rak Naidoo was all in on a board of 1084 as our reporter picked up the action; Luci Bonaccorso opened and was called by another player before Naidoo shoved over the top. Bonaccorso called and the other player got out the way as the hands were tabled.

Bonaccorso: 99
Naidoo: 108

Then turn was a J, giving Bonaccorso a couple of additional outs, but the river bricked out with the 4 and Naidoo’s two pair held to move up the ladder.

Rak Naidoo – 43,600
Luci Bonaccorso – 10,600

Endersby eliminated

WA’s Travis Endersby – one of the lucky few to have made it to Queensland from interstate for this series – has just been taken out in brutal fashion.

As Endersby recalled, he opened from UTG holding pocket aces before the player in the +2 position re-raised to 2,500 with pocket queens.

Action then folded to the big blind who flatted with A-4o before Endersby 4-bet it to 10,200. The +2 player called, only to then see the big blind shove for his last 24,000. Endersby re-jammed for 39,800 and the +2 player called before going to flop a full house on a board of Q-J-J-X-X.

Big oof.

Level 4: 200/400 (400)

Phetsut gets one

Over on Table 19, our reporter picked up action on a multi-way pot worth about 4,000 between Sutthikiat Phetsut (pictured) and Anthony Cierco on a board of 798K

Action checked to Phetsut who fired 1,600; Cierco was the only caller. Both players then checked the river 4 and Phetsut tabled 92, which was good enough to win the hand as Cierco mucked.

Sutthikiat Phetsut – 59,000
Anthony Cierco – 47,000

Mardanbeigi mauled

Jack Mardanbeigi has been sent to the rail, crippled by Stephen Mudgway before being picked off by Matteo Varaschin as the the blinds ticked over to Level 4.

From UTG +2, Nuno da Silva opened to 600 and was called by Mudgway to his immediate left.

The player in the cut-off also called, along with Mardanbeigi from the button and both blinds, making it six-handed to a flop of 928.

Da Silva c-bet 2,500 and only Mudgway and Mardanbeigi called before Da Silva led out for 6,500 on the turn of the 2.

Mudgway and Mardanbeigi both called and then all players checked down the river Q.

Mudgway: JJ
Da Silva: A9
Mardanbeigi: K9

Mudgway scooped the pot, leaving Mardanbeigi with just 19,000 in chips, which then were padded into Varaschin’s stack a few hands later.

Matteo Varaschin – 63,200
Stephen Mudgway – 60,500
Nuno Da Silva – 40,000
Jack Mardanbeigi – BUSTED

More familiar faces

Plenty more big names making their way into The Star Gold Coast poker room today, including JDub Poker‘s Dr Janet Wyvil, who already has picked up the best hands available – and by that we mean Best Hands Massage, the country’s leading shiatsu massage service who have worked almost every major poker event throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific since 2003.

John Coutis OAM is also amongst the 170 uniques here at The Star Gold Coast today. Regarded as one of the most inspirational motivational speakers on the planet, ‘JC’ has shared his story across the globe with world leaders such as former US President Bill Clinton, Sir Richard Branson and the late, great Nelson Mandela.

Nikolas Schlie has also taken his seat in the Main Event today. Taking over as CEO of Deaf Poker Australia in 2018, Schlie has been leading by example in advocating for deaf and hard-of-hearing players to participate in mainstream poker tournaments, as well as working to support the revival of local, state and national Deaf poker events that have been on hold for the last two years due to the COVID pandemic.

Level 3: 200/300 (300)

Shuttlewood off to a flyer

It’s been a great start to the day for Kalan Shuttlewood, who was spotted by our roving reporter with a sizeable worth 165,000.

As Shuttlewood recalled to our PMA Live Reporting Team, he acquired those chips after a big hand in the previous level. After a player in early position limped in pre-flop, the action folded to Shuttlewood who raised to 300 from the button.

The player in the small blind then popped it up to 1,300 before the big blind player, the early limper and Shuttlewood called making it four-handed to a flop of Q-8-3 rainbow.

The small blind bet 3,900 and all the others called before the dealer peeled off a nine on the turn.

The small blind checked, the big blind led out for 11,000 and both the limper and Shuttlewood called, forcing the small blind player out of the way before a six came down on the river.

The big blind fired out another 11,000, the early limper shoved and Shuttlewood called before also calling the big blind’s re-shove, turning up J-To for the nut straight against the big blind’s pocket queens for top set and the EP’s 8-6o for two pair.


Hyde gets one early

Hasian Hyde limped in from early position and action folded around to Riccardo Tallarico who opened to 500 from the button pre-flop; he was called by Martin Ward in the small blind, the big blind, and Hasian Hyde to go four-handed to a flop of Q102.

Ward and the big blind both checked, Hyde led out for 1,900 and Tallarico got out the way. Ward called, and the big blind also folded to go head-up to the turn of the 9.

Both players then checked the turn and the river 10. Hyde slammed over Q9 for two pair, but Ward tabled KJ, laughing as he quipped: “The river ruined it for both of us!”

Haisan Hyde – 58,100
Martin Ward – 57,200

Level 2: 100/200 (200)

Photo time!

Who’s who in the zoo

Plenty of Maroons in today’s Day 1b field, including Stephen Mudgway, Scott Mulligan, Craig Abernethy, Jacob Faull, Mark Taylor, Martin Ward, Rod Batoz and Aaron Fosterling.

Mike Maddocks, Brenton Buttigieg, Ricky Kroesen and Sam Adams are also just some of the big names back again for today’s flight.

As was the case yesterday, there’ll be 14 levels of play, with the first eight levels at 30 minutes in duration and then 45-minute levels thereafter.

Shuffle up and deal!

Day 1b of the Star Poker Summer Series Main Event is officially underway!

Level 1: 100/100 (100)

Back with a bang

Welcome back to PokerMedia Australia’s live coverage of the Star Gold Coast Summer Series Main Event.

Yesterday’s opening flight saw plenty of familiar faces embracing the return of casino-based tournament poker, with 212 entries ultimately resulting in 45 players bagging and tagging to return for tomorrow’s Day 2, led by Bradley Wilson.

Before we get that far, however, we’ve got another Day 1 flight today and we’re expecting an ever bigger field at the Star Gold Coast poker room, no doubt including some of those who didn’t make it through on Friday.

Our live coverage kicks off from 12.30pm local time (1.30pm for those in NSW and Victoria), so sit back and enjoy the ride!

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