WPTDeepStacks Main Event: Day 2

Mike Maddocks takes chip lead into unofficial final table

Mike Maddocks is our chip leader heading into the final day of the WPTDeepStacks Gold Coast after around 13 hours of play that saw the morning’s field of 165 players whittled down to just 10.

Despite engaging in a running battle with young gun Alex Lynskey that saw both grow big stacks by the end of the day, it was Maddocks – the Canadian turned Australian – who finished the day strongest, just ahead of Ratul Sayak and Alex Lynskey.

Maddocks and Lynskey in particular will be hot favourites to battle it out for the title on Monday when the final table plays down to a winner.

Remaining chip counts are as follows:

Mike Maddocks7,695,000
Ratul Sayak5,850,000
Alex Lynskey5,770,000
Omer Silajdzija3,810,000
Will Davies3,040,000
Joseph Sandaev2,765,000
Sheldon Mayer2,050,000
Attila Bognar1,010,000
Nuno Da Silva1,660,000
Josh Yeomans370,000

The remaining 10 players are the sole survivors from a Day 2 that started with 165 players remaining, including the likes of Shane Warne, Brendon Rubie, Tyron Krost, Luke Martinelli, Ash Gupta, Anthony Hachem and Gary Benson.

Benson was one of the unluckiest players of the day, running his set of 8s into an opponent’s set of 9s with the final table in sight, while Dwan Setton was earlier in the day bubble boy when his AK was rivered by A3.

In total, 140 players made the money with the remaining players all guaranteed a minimum payday of $19,503.

The winner will receive $252,751.

Play resumes at 11.30am Sunday. Be sure to visit at pokermedia.com.au as we bring you all the Day 3 action from The Star Gold Coast.

Qais closed

Our final 10 players are now bagging up as Qais Shanasa heads to the exits $19,503 richer for his 11th place finish.

After Omer Silajdzija raised to 150,000 pre-flop, Shanasa called from the big blind to go heads up to a flop of 462.  Shanasa check-called Silajdzija’s bet of 200,000, then check-called all-in after Silajdzija jammed on the turn of the A.

Shanasa was ahead with pocket fours, but Silajdzia managed to complete the runner-runner flush with his A9 after the dealer peeled the Q on the river.

And with that, it’s time to wrap things up!

Qais Shanasa

Last hand of the night

The tournament staff have announced that the current hand will be the last one today.

Yeomans crippled

In a crazy hand played out on the feature table, Ratul Sayak opened to 125,000 before Josh Yeomans 3-bet to 375,000.

Sayak called and they took a flop of QJ8. Yeomans then just about potted to 705,000 with Sayak tanking before making the call for more than half his stack.

The turn was the 8s and Yeomans announced he was all-in. Sayak called, stating “flush” as he showed 45. A shocked Yeomans turned over AA and couldn’t find his miracle river as he is left with just a couple of hundred thousand.

Sayak moves to 6.3 million with that hand.

Cierco smashed

Down to 11 players with 20 minutes to go as Anthony Cierco bows out in 12th place, good for $19,503 in prize money.

The crippling blow came at the hands of Nuno Da Silva after both players got their money into the middle on the turn with the board that read 497A.

Cierco had hit top two pair with A9, but reeled after Da Silva rolled up 44 for bottom set before the dealer completed the board with the river K.

Down to 170,000 in chips, Cierco dropped them over the betting line in the very next hand with AQ; Joseph Sandaev flicked in the remainder from the blinds and tabled K3, which spiked top pair on the board of 4K893.

Joseph Sandaev – 2 million
Nuno Da Silva – 1.6 million
Anthony Cierco – BUSTED

Anthony Cierco


Mike Maddocks opened to 120,000 from the cut-off and Kyrillos Gerges shoved for just over 1 million. Maddocks, holding QQ, quickly made the call and had the J10 of Kyrillos Gerges in serious trouble.

The flop just about changed all of that as it fell 893 to give Gerges a whole bunch of outs, but the turn 9 and river 8 were not what he wanted to see.

He hits the rail in 13th for a $15,296 payday.

30 minutes to go

The final countdown is on … just half an hour (or four more bust-outs) until we bag and tag!

Maddocks ends Hanna’s night

On a board reading 467Q7 and a sizeable pot growing, Luke Hanna checked to Mike Maddocks who bet 1.3 million – enough to put Hanna all-in.

Hanna thought long and hard before eventually picking up a chunk of blue chips and making the call. He turned over Q10 for the flopped flush and turned top pair but it wasn’t enough to outdo Maddocks who held KK.

With that, Hanna hits the rail and we’re down to our last 13 players.

Level 26: Blinds 30,000/60,000 (60,000)

Maddocks takes a chunk from Lynskey

Alex Lynskey opened to 50,000 and Mike Maddocks called on the button.

The flop 6AQ and Lynskey continued for 80,000 before Maddocks bumped it up to 225,000. Lynskey called.

The turn was the J and Lynskey check-called a bet of 365,000.

On the river 8, Lynskey again checked as Maddocks fired out a bet of 820,000. That sent Lynskey deep into the tank before he eventually made the call, but mucked when Maddocks showed K10 for Broadway.

Alex Lynskey – 6 million
Mike Maddocks – 4.85 million

Green felted

Action folded around to Joe Sandaev who raised to 120,000 from the cut-off; Shanasa called from the cut-off, only to then see Mark Green rip it in from the button. Anthony Cierco and Sheldon Mayer folded from the blinds, as did Sandaev before going to showdown.

Green: 66
Shanasa: QJ

Board: 8993Q

And thus Green was flushed out in 15th place ($15,296), while Shanasa moves up to 2.5 million in chips.

Mark Green

Colless collides with Kings

Playing her first ever major event, Brooke Colless did tremendously well to come within a whisker of making the final table.

In the end she fell in 16th ($12,441), shoving for her remaining 810,000 holding QJ and running into the KK of Luke Hanna.

The board ran out 4664A and Colless’ great run is over. In a nice moment, her substantial rail have her a round of applause as she stood and left the table.

We are down to our final 15 players.

McKinnon meets his maker

Duncan McKinnon got his remaining chips into the middle holding A6 and was called by Mina Gerges with Kings.

The 410J flop provided a raft of outs for McKinnon but he couldn’t find one as Gerges filled up on the turn and river to leave us with 16 players remaining.

Lynskey felts Bognar

It seems almost inevitable that Alex Lynskey would prove the undoing of Mitch Bognar. Just a few minutes earlier, Lynskey – perhaps best known for reaching the final table of the WSOP main event in 2018 (and later winning WSOP Sydney in 2019) – had correctly called down Bognar on all three streets with little more than K-high.

“Don’t fuck with Lynskey!” Bognar’s mates told him after that hand.

It proved to be sage advice, as soon afterwards Bognar proceeded to open the button then shove over the top of Lynskey’s 3-bet.

Lynskey called and showed AK to dominate Bognar’s KQ.

The board ran out J-high as Lynskey soars even higher to 6.2 million.

Mitch Bognar

Benson busto

Three ways to a flop of 498, Mitch Bognar bet 175,000 before Josh Yeomans re-raised to 350,000.

Gary Benson then shipped for around 800,000. Bognar folded but Yeomans made the call.

Benson expected to be in great shape when he flipped over 88 but to his dismay Yeomans showed 99. With no one-outer to save the day, Benson’s race was run as Yeomans moved to 4.1 million.

Updated chip counts

Our remaining 19 players have returned, with Duncan McKinnon out in 20th place ($10,172) prior to the break after ripping in his remaining chips with pocket kings, only to be outdrawn by Anthony Cierco’s A-Q which spiked an ace on the flop.

Alex Lynskey4,920,000
Will Davies3,330,000
Mike Maddocks3,200,000
Josh Yeomans2,650,000
Atilla Bognar2,340,000
Mitch Bognar1,970,000
Omer Silajdzija1,930,000
Qais Shanasa1,720,000
Sheldon Mayer1,700,000
Kyrillos Gerges1,240,000
Anthony Cierco1,200,000
Brooke Colless935,000
Joseph Sandaev865,000
Gary Benson775,000
Mel Chapman705,000
Nuno Da Silva700,000
Ratul Sayak670,000
Mark Green510,000

Level 25: Blinds 25,000/50,000 (50,000)

Stretch them legs

Time for another 10-minute break. Back shortly!

Slan falls to Lynskey

The running battle between Andrew Slan and Alex Lynskey has come to an end with Lynskey getting the final say.

In the end it seemed almost unfair as Slan shipped with AQ only to run into the AA of his rival.

The board offered no assistance to either meaning Slan hits the rail while Lynskey continues to climb.

Alex Lynskey – 4.2 million
Andrew Slan – BUSTED 

Andrew Slan

Wright wronged

Will Davies opened to 80,000 in the cut-off and Nick Wright called out of the blinds to see a flop of Q57.

Wright then announced he was all-in for his remaining 330,000. Davies quickly called with Q9 and in great shape against the 68 of Wright.

The turn and river both bricked to send one more player to the rail.

Bevin, Sarchett, Chahine exit in quick succession

Matt Bevin, Darren Sarchett and Simon Chahine have all been sent to the rail within 5 minutes of one another.

A short-stacked Bevin was the latest to depart, getting his short-stack into the middle holding 89 against the J10 of Mitch Borgas.

The board missed both players and Bevin is our latest player to exit the arena with a handy $8,399 payday to his name.

We are down to 22 players remaining.

Lynskey getting busy

Alex Lynskey has picked up the pace ever since we reached our final four tables, clashing with Mike Maddocks and Andrew Slan in a series of recent pots.

Moments after calling a river bet from Slan and mucking when his opponent showed top two, the two were at it again after Slan opened for 60,000 and Lynskey 3-bet from the blinds to 190,000. Slan called.

The flop came K87 and both players checked.

On the J turn Slan bet 55,000 and Lynskey called.

The river was the J and this time Slan fired a bet of 110,000. Lynskey quickly called and Slan tapped the table before mucking. Lynskey flashed QQ as he raked in the pot.

Alex Lynskey – 2.1 million
Andrew Slan – 1.2 million

Level 24: Blinds 20,000/40,000 (40,000)

Fogarty felted, Chu cast out

The Main Event field is now down to 25 players as the blinds tick over to the 25th level, with John Chu and Russell Fogarty now on their way to collect from the cage.

Earlier, action folded around on the feature table to Chu, who shoved from the small blind with K4 before Mike Maddocks called with [KsTd].  Neither hand improved on the board of 8872Q, thus ending Chu’s tournament life.

It was a similar story for Fogarty, who shoved for his last 470,000 with pocket queens, only to see Alex Lynskey wake up with pocket queens which held all the way.

Lynskey is now back up to 2,175,000, while Maddocks is even further ahead with a stack worth 3.2 million.

Wilson wiped out

Over on Table 21, the action folded around to Brooke Colless who raised to 75,000 from the cut-off before Brad Wilson three-bet-shoved for the last of his chips with K4.

Colless called and rolled up J10, which then hit a runner-runner full house on the 510999.

“Bring us another victim … I mean, another player!” joked Gary Benson.

Brooke Colless – 1,175,00
Brad Wilson – BUSTED

Brad Wilson

Chen chucked

Mitch Bognar opened on the button and Chen Xie shoved from the blinds for his last 500,000. Bognar quickly called and it was off to the races with Xie’s AQ against the 99 of Bognar.

The board ran out 1085610 to end Xie’s tournament.

Bognar now has 1.8 million.

At the pointy end

Star Poker Gold Coast staff have just confirmed that play in tonight’s Main Event will cease either when we reach our final table or the end of Level 26, whichever comes first.

Hachem heaved out

Anthony Hachem was already crippled following an earlier clash with Russell Fogarty when he got his remaining chips into the middle holding 107.

Nick Wright made the call with 9s and turned the boat to send Hachem to the rail after a deep run.

Nick Wright – 720,000
Russell Fogarty – 650,000
Anthony Hachem – BUSTED

Kings no good for Thwaites

Simon Thwaites opened on the button to 80,000 and Gary Benson put him all-in from the blinds. Thwaites quickly called with KK to hold the edge over Benson’s AQ.

The 24Q flop kept Thwaites in front but the A on the turn gave Benson the lead. The river was the meaningless 3 as we lose one more player.

Gary Benson – 2.65 million
Simon Thwaites – BUSTED

Remaining chip counts

Table 20
1Simon Chahine1,160,000
2Qais Shanasa825,000
3Alex Lynskey725,000
4Anthony Cierco1,200,000
5Darren Sarchett670,000
6Graham Purua690,000
7Nuno Da Silva600,000
8Attila Bognar765,000
9Joseph Sandaev810,000
Table 21
1Simon Thwaites770,000
2Gary Benson1,975,000
3Will Davies1,800,000
4Brooke Colless1,325,000
5Sheldon Mayer1,400,000
6Luke Hanna700,000
7Brad Wilson400,000
8Mark Green575,000
9Mel Chapman855,000

Table 22
2Duncan McKinnon115,000
3Ratul Sayak1,550,000
4Thomas Owda900,000
5John Chu700,000
6Nick Wright450,000
7Russell Fogarty400,000
8Omer Silajdzija295,000
9Anthony Hachem400,000

Table 24
1Andrew Slan
2Harry Basle115,000
3Mike Maddocks1,550,000
4Josh Yeomans2,600,000
6Kyrillos Gerges450,000
7Mitch Borgas400,000
8Chen Xie295,000
9Matt Bevin400,000

Level 23: Blinds 15,000/30,000 (30,000)

Let’s eat!

Our 34 remaining players are now on a 40-minute dinner break – we’ll have a full round of names and counts coming your way soon, but in the meantime, head on over to our Facebook page for our latest episode of PMA LIVE, with special guest Danny McDonagh joining us via video link from Hanoi, Vietnam!

Kempson crushed

Mitch Bognar opened to 55,000 UTG and received a call from UTG+2 before Corey Kempson announced he was all-in for 720,000.

Bognar made the call while the caller got out of the way.

Kempson turned over pocket Jacks but was in trouble against Bognar’s Aces.

The board ran out 1076K10 to send Kempson to the payout desk.

Bognar moves to 1.9 million.

Mitch Bognar

Final four tables

There are now 36 players remaining and tournament staff have broken down a table, meaning we are down to our final four tables in this WPTDeepStacks Main Event.

Players will soon be going on their dinner break, although the PMA team will keep you entertained during the break with our latest livecast. Visit the PokerMedia Australia facebook page to tune in.

For the record, there are two side events taking place tonight too – the $440 Pot Limit Omaha and the $5K Challenge.

Our coverage doesn’t extend that far but we’ll bring you all the results tomorrow.

Cooler central

Sheldon Mayer has been on a heater over the past hour or so, running his sort stack up to a very healthy 1.5 million.

He has also left earlier chip leader Andrew Slan with some work to do to recover after a massive post-flop confrontation that saw Sheldon come up trumps in an epic cooler.

It was Sheldon’s 1010 overshadowing the A4 of Slan on a 10A4 flop and when no Ace arrived to turn the tide, Sheldon joined the big guns near the top of the chip counts.

Sheldon – 1.5 million
Andrew Slan – 550,000

Lucky 7s

Will Davies opened the button to 50,000 and John Apostolidis defended in the big blind.

The flop came 372 and Apostolidis led for 50,000. Davies called.

The turn was the Q and Apostolidis announced he was all-in for a touch over 400,000. Davies snap-called with 77 and had Apostolidis drawing dead with Q10.

Apostolidis is out while Davies continues to rise with 1.8 million.

Level 22: Blinds 15,000/25,000 (25,000)

Images incoming

Another round of photos? You got it!

Sotsavanh and Siddell sent packing

The WPT DeepStacks Main Event field is now down to 42 runners, with Phil Siddell and Lily Sotsavanh amongst the latest to have hit the rail.

Sotsavanh was taken out after shoving under the gun pre-flop with ace-queen before a player in middle position iso-shoved with pocket nines, forcing the rest of the table out of the way before the board ran out Q-9-K-K-X.

A short time later on the feature table, Siddell got the last of his chips in with Q6 against Bognar’s A8, but despite taking the lead on the flop of 6KK, the turn and river ran out 3, A to give Bognar the bigger two pair, the scalp and a stack worth 850,000.

Phil Siddell

Sheldon shines

Shane Howard is our latest player to hit the rail, running an unsuccessful bluff on Sheldon Mayer.

Howard opened to 40,000 then called a 3-bet by Sheldon to 90,000.

Both players checked the 233 flop as they took a 9 turn. Howard checked to Sheldon who bet 60,000, before moving all-in over the top for a little over 200,000.

Sheldon quickly called and rolled over AA to have Howard’s A10 drawing dead.

Sheldon moves to 775,000.

Mitchell moving

We caught the action on the river with the board reading K7899 and Josh Mitchell contemplating a 150,000 bet from Anthony Cierco.

Mitchell tanked for a good two minutes before eventually making the call with KQ – good enough to take down the pot as Cierco showed JJ

Josh Mitchell – 1.15 million
Anthony Cierco – 750,000

Level 21: Blinds 10,000/20,000 (20,000)

Break it up

Our remaining 49 players are on a 10-minute break; amongst those not returning include Michael Tran, Andrew White, Justin Dorazio and Charles Caris.

Davies hits seven figures

Ricky Kroesen opened to 33,000 and Simon Thwaites called from the button, as did Will Davies in the big blind.

On the 3J8 flop, Davies and Kroesen checked to Thwaites who bet 45,000. Only Davies called.

Both players checked the Q turn before Davies fired out a bet of 77,000. Thwaites snap-called but mucked as Davies showed 33 for the set.

Will Davies – 1 million
Simon Thwaites – 395,000

Yeomans on the rise

Our reporter came across a rather impressive looking pile of chips, stacked in a similar shape in an homage to the iconic Star Gold Coast “pyramid” and topped by Josh Yeoman’s lucky ring.

The bling is clearly doing its thing as Yeomans continues his charge on the feature table, although he did take a small hit earlier in a massive earlier this level.

All the money was in the middle pre-flop; Yeomans was dominating with pocket aces against his all-in opponent’s A5, however the dealer spread the board of Q97J4 to give them the runner-runner nut flush.

No worries for Yeomans though, as he’s currently up to 1.1 million and change!

Josh Yeomans

Benson hedges his bets, tops 2 million

John Apostolidis opened to 32,000 and Luke Hanna called. Gary Benson then 3-bet from the small blind to 135,000 only for Xiaodong Liu to ship for his remaining 338,000.

Both Apostolidis and Hanna folded but Benson quickly called.

Benson showed AK to dominate Liu’s KJ and when an Ace landed on the flop that was all she wrote for Liu.

Benson becomes the first player to cross the 2 million chip barrier and now sits with a very healthy 2.2 million.

Gary Benson

Hanna finds his miracle

Xiaodong Liu opened to 30,000 in the cut-off and Ricky Kroesen called on the button. Luke Hanna then announced he was all-in from the small blind, with Liu making the call and Kroesen folding.

Hanna was in trouble holding 1010 against Liu’s QQ.

As the flop and turn came A5JQ, Hanna called “Give me a King” and surely enough, the dealer dealt the river K for Hanna to make Broadway.

He doubles through to 360,000 while Liu is still alive with 350,000.

Slan one, Yuan nil

Andrew Slan is on a tear, now up to more than 1.4 million in chips after the successive eliminations of Ryan Yuan (pictured) and Sabu Samoa.

As Yuan recalled, he raised from early position to 26,000 with pocket queens and the action folded around to Slan who called to go heads-up to a flop of 652.  Yuan fired out 28,000 and Slan called, then check-shoved after Slan’s bet of 64,000 when a jack came down on the turn.

Yuan called, but reeled after Slan tabled J6 for two pair, which held after a 10 bricked out on the river.

A short time later, Samoa came in with a pre-flop raise from early position and action folded to Slan on the button who three-bet to 75,000.  Samoa returned fire with a four-bet worth 160,000, Slan shoved and Samoa insta-called.

Slan: AA
Samoa: AK

Board: JQ292

Samoa looked down at his chips.  “It’s pretty close I reckon … I got 580,000.”

“Dude, I’ve got over 800K.” Slan replied with a wry smile.

“Fair call.  Good luck, boys!” Samoa quipped before taking his leave.

Ryan Yuan

Level 20: Blinds 10,000/15,000 (15,000)

Da Silva finds some gold

Nuno da Silva and Nicholas Low were involved in another AK v QQ race just moments after Hassan and Apostolidis clashes.

This time it was da Silva with the AK against the QQ of Low all-in pre, with an Ace on the flop enough to send Low to the rail.

Da Silva is up to 615,000.

Hassan busts

Our Day 1A chip leader Hussein Hassan has been eliminated after struggling to gain any momentum here on Day 2. 

Having lost big pot to Ricky Kroesen earlier, he got his remaining stack in holding AK and was racing against the QQ of John Apostolidis.

The board ran out J-high to send Hassan to the rail, while Apostolidis moves to 490,000.

River to the rescue

On a board reading 810J6, Adrian Indovino fired out a stack of blue 25,000 chips, essentially putting Russell Fogarty all-in.

Fogarty thought long and hard before making the call.

Indovino was looking good with J10 against the Q10 of Fogarty until the Q landed on the river to give Fogarty the better two-pair.

Russell Fogarty – 610,000
Adrian Indovino – 275,000

Lynskey doubles to stay alive

Daniel Smilijanic opened to 24,000 on the button and Alex Lynskey shoved for his remaining 100,000 from the blinds.

Smilijanic made the call but found himself behind holding K10 to Lynskey’s KQ and the board ran out Q-high to keep Lynskey in the running.

Dan Smilijanic – 565,000
Alex Lynskey – 225,000

Table mates Dan Smilijanic, Alex Lynskey and Mike Maddocks.

Battle of the mindsets

It is not too often that you find two mindset coaches sitting at the same table, yet that was exactly the situation Brendon Rubie and Mike Maddocks found themselves in on Table 13.

Needless to say, they were destined to battle eventually.

Maddocks opened to 25,000 UTG and a middle position player called. Rubie then shoved for his remaining 184,000 with only Maddocks making the call.

Rubie showed A10 and needed to find an Ace against the 1010 of Maddocks. Instead, the board ran out 910593 to fill Maddocks up and send Rubie to the rail.

Mike Maddocks – 650,000
Brendon Rubie – BUSTED

Kroesen doubles through Hassan

Ricky Kroesen opened to 27,000 and Hussein Hassan called.

The flop fell K104 and Kroesen continued for 25,000. Hassan then announced he was all-in and Kroesen quickly made the call.

It was Kroesen in the lead holding K10 to Hassan’s QJ. The K turn filled Kroesen up but gave Hassan outs to the straight flush, but the river came 3.

Ricky Kroesen – 330,000
Hussein Hassan – 110,000

Level 19: Blinds 6,000/12,000 (12,000)

The big stacks

Gary Benson1,600,000
Andrew Slan1,300,000
Brad Wilson980,000
Harry Basle900,000
Dan Smilijanic860,000
Marcel Zapantzis840,000
Brooke Colless810,000
John Chu715,000
Will Davies700,000
Attila Bognar660,000
Matthew Beck620,000
Luke Martinelli560,000

Break time

Our remaining 85 players are now on a 10-minute break.

Slan moves over a million

Andrew Slan is sitting behind a massive stack of chips, courtesy of a monster pre-flop clash that saw get it in with AA against an opponent’s JJ.

As Slan explains it, his opponent opened to 27,000 from UTG and Slan 3-bet from the small blind to 65,000. His opponent then announced he was all-in with Slan snap-calling.

When the board bricked, Slan moved in to the tournament chip lead.

Andrew Slan

21 or bust

There’s been plenty of action on Table 21, Nickolas Oiberman and Julian Warhurst the latest to have hit the rail in this Main Event.

Earlier, Oiberman and Xiao Dong Liu got their money into the middle after the flop of 689; Liu tabled 66 for bottom set, but Oiberman was potentially flushing with AK.

Nothing changed with the 5 on the turn, but although Oiberman hit his flush on the river, it happened to be the case 6, giving Liu quads!

Then in the very next hand, Warhust was left miffed after jamming pre-flop with AK, only to be outdrawn by Simon Thwaites’ AJ after the dealer spread the board of 6J10810.

Xiao Dong Liu – 445,000
Simon Thwaites – 410,000


Michael Ho and Marcel Zapantzis got it all-in pre-flop with Ho holding AQ and Zapantzis 99.

The board ran out 66J54 to send Ho to the rail and push Zapantzis up to 935,000.

Davies clashes with Kempson

Will Davies opened to 20,000 before Corey Kempson 3-bet to 80,000 from the small blind. Davies then announced he was all-in with Kempson making the call.

It was Davies with AK racing the JJ of Kempson.

Kempson stayed in the lead on the 356 flop, but caught running cards as the turn fell 6 and the river 5 for the nut flush.

Davies is now our chip leader with 950,000 while Kempson drops back to 320,000.

Will Davies

Croc bitten

Billy “The Croc” Argyros has been eliminated, shipping his remaining stack on the button holding 5s but running into the Aces of Russel Fogarty.

Argyros hits the rail as Fogarty moves to 640,000.

Billy “The Croc” Argyros

Noted notables

Warne caught out

Shane Warne has also hit the rail, running his pocket Jacks into the AA of Harry Basle and failing to find the help he needed.

Harry Basle – 640,000
Shane Warne – BUSTED

Harry Basle

Colless climbing

Brooke Colless has moved to 580,000 after eliminating Raymond Gebrael a few moments ago.

The chips went in on the turn with the board reading 8J68 and Colless with AJ and in the lead against the A9 of Gebrael. The river fell 8 to fill Colless up and send Gebrael to the payout desk.


Luke Hanna and a short-stacked player got it in with Hanna in dominant position holding AJ against his opponent’s A7.

The board ran out 6Q1065 as we lose one more player.

Hanna is up to 275,000.

Level 18: Blinds 5,000/10,000 (10,000)

Dwan Setton an unlucky bubble boy

The bubble has finally burst here in the WPTDeepStacks main event with Dwan Setton the unlucky man to miss the money.

It was also a brutal beat that ended his day as he got his remaining stack in holding AK against the A3 of Kyrillos Gerges.

It was smooth sailing through to the turn for Setton as the board fell JA45 but the 3 river was a dagger in the heart as Setton headed to the rail.

The remaining 140 players are all in the money!

Dwan Setton

Show me the money!

From a total of 1,113 entries, the WPT DeepStacks Main Event has generated a total prize pool of $1,502,550. The top 140 will collect at least $2,013 from the cage, with our winner walking away with a whopping quarter-milly and change!


Short stacks hanging on

We’ve had multiple all-in and calls over the past 15 minutes, including two consecutive on the last hand, but as of now the short stacks have all managed to survive on the bubble.

The last hand was action packed, as short-stack Scott Roderick was all in with AK against the 22 of Adrian Indovino.

The board ran out 443103 to counterfeit Indovino and keep Roderick in the game!

On the bubble

We are now right on the money bubble with 141 players left following the elimination of Denis Jankovic.

Jankjovic and Bede Connolly got it in on a A10Q flop with Connolly holding AK and ??? the K10 for the royal flush draw.

Unfortunately for Jankovic the turn and river ran out 4

 And 4 to send him to the rail.

Connolly now has 285,000.


Players have just returned from a short 10-minute break.

The blind levels have now been extended from 40 minutes to 60 minutes.

We’ve just been informed that there are 143 players remaining, meaning we will now go hand-for-hand until we reach the money (which starts at 140).

Level 17: Blinds 4,000/8,000 (8,000)

Benson soars into chip lead

In a huge three-way hand, Milan Stojkovic opened to 13,300 and Gary Benson called, as did Martin Ward in the blinds.

The flop fell 102 and Stojkovic continued for 15,000. Benson re-raised to 35,000 and ward tanked before announcing he was all-in. Stojkovic shoved over the top and Benson snap-called.

It was Benson out in front with his flopped set of 5s against the KK of Stojkovic and the A8 of Ward.

The turn and river bricked as Benson scoops a massive pot to move to 870,000 and the tournament chip lead.

Top of the pops

Here they all are – your top 12 chip leaders!

Laughton levelled 

Jakson Laughton has been sent to the rail in cruel fashion, shipping his remaining stack into the middle holding pocket Ks and being snap-called by John Apostolidis. 

Things were looking good for Laughton until a 9 landed on the river to end his tournament early. Needless to say he is less than pleased!

Gorgeous double for Gorges

Mina Gorges and overnight chip leader Daniel Smilijanic got it all in on a 74Q flop, with Smilijanic turning over AQ but needing help against the AA of Gorges.

The turn and river bricked, lifting Gorges to just over 500,000 in chips. Smilijanic drops back to around 490,000.

Toye, Huntly hit the rail

There is plenty of action early today with cries of “All-in call” echoing around the room every minute or so.

Dennis Huntly and Rauren Toye are among the early casualties, victims of short stack syndrome.

Toye shipped his remaining stack into the middle holding J10 and couldn’t find any help after running into the AK of Nicholas Lowe.

We are now down to 153 runners and just 13 places off the money bubble.

Godena dismissed after misreading Warney flipper

Jarryd Godena is our first player out today, getting his remaining stack in with 88 and running into the 1010 of Shane Warne.

The board ran out 279K4 to end Godena’s day early.

Warne chips up to 180,000. 

Shane Warne

Shuffle up and deal!

We are officially underway on Day 2 of the WPTDeepStacks Gold Coast Main Event!

Level 16: Blinds 3,000/6,000 (6,000)

Day 2 seating draw

Abbas Amir‘1/3
Abdine Shivan‘9/1
Apostolidis John’12/2
Argyros Vasilios’16/7
Baitieri Matt’11/4
Basle Harry‘9/4
Batoz Rod’19/5
Bean Ron’18/7
Beck Matthew’15/9
Benigno James’15/6
Benson Gary’11/3
Bestami Ay’13/4
Bevin Matthew‘2/5
Blanusa Nebojsa‘1/4
Bognar Attila’18/9
Bognar Mitchell’24/7
Bouskila Michel’10/8
Byeon Sangjun’21/9
Caris Charles’18/2
Ceccato Nives’24/2
Chahine Simon‘2/4
Chang Shuai‘7/9
Chapman Mal’17/7
Chhauv Jenny’19/4
Chin Andrian’18/4
Christie David’14/4
Chu John’21/1
Cierco Anthony’16/3
Clair Michael’17/9
Colless Brooke’19/9
Connelly Bede‘2/8
Cook Michael’23/3
Cristallo Joseph‘8/4
Da silva Nuno‘2/2
Damelian Robert’22/1
Davies William’23/1
Dorazio Justin‘9/7
Drake Jack’18/6
Duce Zachary’13/6
Elias Mina’12/4
Elliott Paul’21/6
Emmouilidis Peter’21/7
Enright Michael’19/3
Evans Harrison’18/3
Fazal Dean‘1/5
Fazzino Salvatore‘2/1
Fogarty Russell’17/1
Foote Peter’20/9
Gebrael Raymond’19/7
Gerges Kyrillos’14/7
Gerges Mina’13/7
Gevers Sarah‘8/8
Ghobrial Jimmy’14/9
Gibson Paul‘2/3
Godena Jarryd’24/1
Gohil Monil’11/6
Green Mark’21/8
Gupta Ashish’20/6
Gupta Vikrant’16/2
Hachem Anthony’22/9
Hamilton-hill Scott’20/7
Hanna Luke‘2/7
Harnett Dane‘7/6
Harrison Ben’15/1
Hassan Hussien’12/8
Ho Michael’17/5
Hockey Alex‘7/3
Hooi Nicholas’19/2
Howlett Shane‘1/2
Huang Xiuming’24/3
Huntly Dennis’15/7
Hyun Joon’24/9
Indovino Adrian’20/3
Jackson Rourke‘1/8
Jankovic Denis’16/5
Johnson Michael’10/6
Kashyap Nauvneel’21/3
Kempson Corey’16/1
Kim Musang’11/2
Kroesen Ricky’12/5
Krost Tyron’22/7
Kyritis George’20/2
Landry Craig’12/7
Lasarow Mark‘8/6
Laughton Jakson’12/3
Le Tu’16/8
Levy Michael’22/3
Low Nicholas’15/5
Lowrie Zackery‘8/1
Lynskey Alex’13/2
Maddocks Mike‘8/7
Maroulis Wayne’14/2
Martinelli Luke’12/9
Mayer Sheldon‘8/3
Mcgrath Brett’10/2
Mckinnon Duncan’22/2
Mclean Adam‘8/2
Mclean Troy’23/4
Minchinton Robert‘7/5
Mitchell Josh‘2/6
Mortimer- fox Neil’20/4
Moxon David‘9/3
Ngata Aroha’18/5
Oiberman Nickolas’13/5
Owda Thomas’10/3
Palat Ronny’22/6
Park Jongjun‘9/6
Parker Shane’23/7
Perry John’17/4
Peters Kane‘7/1
Purua Graham‘7/4
Puyat Kiko’23/2
Rado Jackson’21/2
Ragozzini Sean’11/8
Ratul Sayak’13/9
Robertson Peter’14/8
Rodden Jonathan’10/9
Roderick Scott’20/5
Rubie Brendan’13/8
Salter Adrian‘7/8
Samoa Sabu’20/8
Sandaev Joseph’16/9
Sarchett Darren’23/6
Sarkis Farid‘7/2
Sarkiss Osalian‘2/9
Seal Emanuel’12/6
Setton Dwan’14/6
Shanasa Qais’17/6
Shaqiri Altrim’23/8
Sharma Ashneel‘1/9
Siddell Philip’16/4
Silajdzija Omer’22/8
Siu James’15/8
Slan Andrew‘9/2
Smiljanic Daniel’13/1
Sotsavanh Vannasone‘1/7
Spiegel John‘7/7
Stewart Luke’21/5
Stojanovski Peco’15/4
Stojkovic Milan’11/9
Tabet Fadi’22/5
Tambouras Stephen’10/7
Thwaites Simon‘8/9
Toye Rauran’15/2
Tran Michael’24/4
Trevenna Craig’23/5
Van jarrsveldt Corey’14/5
Varma Hari‘1/6
Wang David‘9/9
Wang Eric’11/1
Ward Martin’11/7
Warhurst Julian’10/1
Warne Shane’24/6
Wentworth Jordan’10/5
White Andrew‘9/8
Wilson Brad’17/3
Woodbine Graham‘1/1
Wright Nick’17/8
Xiaodong Liu’18/8
Xie Chen’24/8
Yan David‘9/5
Yeomans Joshua’14/3
Ying Christina‘8/5
Yuan Huan’10/4
Zapantzis Vasco’19/1
Zenonos Christopher’19/8

We’re back!

Welcome back to Day 2 of the WPTDeepStacks Gold Coast main event from The Star Gold Coast.

After three record-breaking day one flights saw a massive field of 1,113 entries, including 443 on Saturday’s third and final flight, just 165 players return to the felt today with dreams of lifting the WPTDS Gold Coast trophy and claiming the $252,728 first prize.

It’s worth noting too that 140 players will make the money in this event, meaning the money bubble is already around the corner.

Under this event’s unique 40/60/30 structure, we will play one more 40-minute level this morning before levels revert to 60 minutes in length. They will eventually drop back to 30 minutes once play reaches heads-up.

There are plenty of big stacks heading into Day 2, with the Top stacks as follows:

Daniel Smilijanic – 620,500
Hussein Hassan – 533,000
Harry Basle – 529,000
Marcel Zapantzis – 525,000
Simon Chahine – 497,500
Alex Lynskey – 493,000
Charles “Chuck” Caris – 424,000
Gary Benson – 417,000
John Chu – 412,000 
Brooke Colless – 405,000
Jack Drake – 405,000
Russell Fogarty – 405,000

Play begins at 11.30am so stay tuned right here on pokermedia.com.au as we bring you exclusive live reporting coverage of the WPTDeepStacks Main Event.

You can also follow our facebook page by clicking here where you will find additional content including live video updates and player interviews from the poker room floor at The Star Gold Coast

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