WPTDeepStacks Main Event: Day 1C

Daniel Smilijanic takes overall chip lead into Day 2

The last card has been dealt, we’ve bagged and tagged and after all has been said and done it is Daniel Smilijanic who will carry the overall chip lead into Sunday’s Day 2 of the WPTDeepStacks Gold Coast main event.

Smilijanic finished today’s flight with a monster stack of 620,500 – leaving him as the only Day 1C player to top the half-million chip mark and well clear of Day 1A’s Hussein Hassan (533,000).

It was a massive day of action here in The Star Gold Coast poker room, with the 443 entries pushing the final main event field to 1,113 and breaking all sorts of records in the process.

The 2021 WPT DeepStacks Gold Coast is now the largest WPT main event field in Asia-Pacific history, bettering the 898 players that took their seats at WPT National China in 2014. It is also largest prize pool for a WPT tournament in Asia-Pacific at $1,502,550, beating the $1,480,500 from WPT Australia in 2019.

The total 2,866 entries across all events so far, not including satellites, has bettered the 2,642 entries at WPT Vietnam in 2019, while the 3,799 entries including satellites has topped the WPRT Vietnam’s 3,103.

The top 5 chip counts from Day 1C are as follows:

Daniel Smilijanic – 620,500
Simon Chahine – 497,500
Thomas Owda – 402,000
Graham Purua – 396,500
Musong Kim – 385,500

Other notables include Corey Kempson with 344,000, Josh Mitchell with 351,000 and Chris Zenanos with 358,500.

Daniel Smilijanic

Two more hands

Just a couple more to play on each table before we bag and tag for the night – and, perhaps more importantly, grab ourselves a post-wrap nightcap!

Owba on the up

Theo Dharmasaputra shoved for his last 47,000 and was called by Thomas Owba.

Dharmasaputra showed AQ but needed help against the KK of Owba. It didn’t arrive as the board ran out Queen high to send Dharmasaputra to the rail.

Owba is now on around 410,000.

Level 15: Blinds 3,000/5,000 (5,000)

Smilijanic a half-millionaire

Dan Smilijanic has become the first player across the half-million barrier.

We caught the action on a 95K flop with the cut-off betting 30,000 and Smilijanic making the call.

Both players checked the 8 turn before the 8 landed on the river. Smilijanic checked again and called when his opponent bet 53,000, showing KJ as his opponent flashed AQ before mucking.

Sotsavanh with the snap

Vannasone Sotsavanh called an opponent’s 9,000 open from the hijack as they saw a flop of 958.

The middle position player continued for 10,000 and Sotsavanh called. When the J landed on the turn both players checked before the 6 arrived on the river. 

The action was checked to Sotsavanh who bet 6,000 only to be check-raised to 31,000. Sotsavanh snap-called and took the hand down with Sotsavanh AJ, moving up to 140,000 in the process.

Level 14: Blinds 2,000/4,000 (4,000)

And the big stacks …

Dan Smilijanic – 423,000
Thomas Owda – 367,000 
Simon Chahini – 323,000
Chris Zamonis – 318,000
Johnathan Rodden – 280,000
Sal Fazzino – 260,000 
Ricky Kroesen – 235,000
Sang Jun – 220,000

Notable chip counts

Josh Mitchell – 200,000
Corey Kempson – 181,000 
Luke Hanna – 180,000
Johnny Rodden – 167,000
Mike Ivin – 135,000
Sal Fazzino – 130,000
Ricky Kroesen – 117,000
Rauren Toye – 114,000
Michael Mariakis – 90,000
Will Davies – 76,000
Kane Peters – 55,000 
Jakson Laughton – 35,000
Rehman Kassam – 24,100

Level 13: Blinds 1,500/2,500 (2,500)

Let’s party!

Time for another 10-minute break – and just in time for the Players Party which has kicked off next door at the Latitude Bar. Back shortly!

Connelly given the royal treatment

Bede Connelly is up more than 100,000 after hitting a royal flush against Taylor Veltmeyer in one of the last hands before the break.

As the players recalled, Veltmeyer raised pre-flop from under the gun with KJ before Connelly three-bet with AK to go heads-up to the flop of QA10.

Both players checked, then Veltmeyer check-called Connelly’s bet on the 8 before checking his option again on the river J.

Connelly fired out 18,000 and after several minutes in the tank, Veltmeyer let his hand go.

Taylor Veltmeyer – 80,000

Taylor Veltmeyer

Benenos bounces back

Our field reporter came across Chris Benenos on the button, who came in with the cut-off and the big blind after the lo-jack raised to 3,500 pre-flop to make it four-handed to a flop of 1036.

Action then checked around to Benenos, who opened for 6,500; only the cut-off called and both players checked the turn of the K before the cut-off led out for 6,000 on the river of the 6.

Benenos called, showing down QJ, which was still best against his opponent’s 98.

Chris Benenos – 134,000

What we know so far

With the final field in this WPTDeepStacks Gold Coast main event confirmed at 1,113 entries, the tournament staff has informed players that 140 places will make the money, with a top prize of $252,728.

Full payouts will be finalized tomorrow, however multiple records have been broken this week, including largest prize pool for a WPT tournament in Asia-Pacific at $1,502,550 – beating the $1,480,500 from WPT Australia in 2019.

It is also worth mentioning that this WPDeepStacks Gold Coast series has recorded a total of 2,866 entries across all events so far, not including satellites, beating the 2,642 from WPT Vietnam in 2019.

Including satellites there have been 3,799 entries – beating the 3,103 also from WPT Vietnam 2019.

It’s fair to say the Aussie poker community has welcomed casino poker back with open arms.

Level 12: Blinds 1,500/2,500 (2,500)

Clinch pinches some off Arbabi

Over on Table 23, the action folded around to Wayne Clinch who raised to 3,500 from the button; the small blind player called, but then Kiavash Arbabi three-bet from the big blind, making it 10,500 to go.

Clinch jammed for 38,300 total, forcing the small blind out of the way before Arbabi snap-called.

Arbabi: AA
Clinch: 1010

Both players improved to two pair on the flop of 447, but Clinch scored the double up after hitting the full house with the turn and river running out J, 10.

Wayne Clinch – 79,600
Kiavash Arbabi – 95,000

Wayne Clinch

Hong on song

Ryan Hong has just tripled up after hitting a miracle river card to stay alive in a 3-way all-in.

Things weren’t looking great for Hong holding K10 against the AK and AQ of his opponents, and it wasn’t getting much better on a Q923 board.

But the J river was the perfect tonic as he rivered the straight to stay alive and chip up to just shy of 100,000.

What would Johnny Rodden do?

Jonathan Rodden is now up to 150,000 in chips after finding himself on the right end of a double KO over on Josh Emerton’s table.

All the money was in the middle before the flop, with Rodden tabling AK against the pocket fives and pocket queens of his at-risk opponents, but Rodden spiked top-top on the board of 48AJ7 and scooped.

Our kudos must go to Josh Emerton, who submitted the details (and the title) of this hand to us via social media in what could potentially be the start of a new career with the PMA Live Reporting team!

Jonathan Rodden

Hendo and Bromley bow out

Michael Henderson and Jordan Bromley are amongst the latest spate of casulaties, however both players were kind enough to stop by the PMA hotdesk to give us their respective hand histories.

After being crippled in an earlier hand, Bromley jammed the last of his money in pre-flop with ace-king suited, only to run into his opponent’s pocket aces.

As for Henderson, he got his money in good with pocket kings pre-flop against his villain’s pocket queens, but the queens caught a runner-runner flush despite “Hendo” hitting a set on the turn.

Michael Henderson

Level 10: Blinds 800/1,600 (1,600)

Registration about to close

Players are now on break at the end of the 9th level, meaning registration will officially close at the end of this 10-minute interval.

The staff are currently seating all remaining alternatives and we’ll have a final field size for you as soon as it is finalized.

Smith’s fishin’ for chips

Over on Josh Yeoman’s table, all the players were in fits of laughter after some friendly banter with Geoff Smith, who had just taken out an all-in opponent.

All the money was in the middle pre-flop; the victim had Smith dominated with QQ against his A8, but the dealer spread the board of 8748A to give Smith the full house and the scalp.

“Mate, don’t put that in the blog!” Smith laughed as he got his portrait taken.

“Do it!” joked Yeomans. “Everyone needs to know about the WPT DeepStacks’ biggest fish!”

Geoff Smith

Idris ices it

On a 395, Nuno da Silva led for 4,000 and Idris Hassan called. The third player in the hand then announced he was all-in for around 27,000.

Da Silva declared himself all-in over the top and Hassan snap-called.

In an epic cooler, it was Hassan out in front holding 95 against da Silva’s 35 and the other player’s 910.

The turn and river bricked as Hassan scooped the pot.

Idris Hassan – 130,000
Nuno da Silva – 32,000

Diamonds in the rough

Mike Ivin limped in UTG for 1,200 and Trevor McCarthy bumped it up to 3,300. Two more players called as did Ivin.

The flop came 233 and Ivin checked to McCarthy who bet 7,700. The cut-off then came in over the top for his entire 21,600 stack, with Ivin shoving as well and McCarthy making the call.

It was Mccarthy ahead with AA to the 77 of the cut-off and A7.

The J turn rocketed Ivin into the lead and when the river fell 5 the Aussie poker veteran sent two to the rail.

He is now up to 135,000.

Level 9: Blinds 600/1,200 (1,200)

In and out

The revolving door of alternates continues to spin, however Jordan Bromley has just come in for the first time tonight and picked up a small pot early.

Our reporter picked up the action on a flop of QA9; the player in the small blind check-called after Bromley’s bet of 4,000 and then both players checked the 7 on the turn before dealer peeled off the river 7.

The small blind led out for 6,000, but insta-mucked after Bromley called to pad his stack up to around 40,000.

Meanwhile, Angel Guillen, Ehsan Amiri and Saliendra Shah are all back on the waiting list to each fire another bullet, with Shah having been busted earlier at the hands of Monil Gohil after getting the last of his money in pre-flop with AK,only to run into Gohil’s pocket jacks which improved to a set on the flop.

Jordan Bromley

WPTDeepStacks prize pool edging towards new record

There are currently 422 entries in today’s flight, including alternates, pushing the WPTDeepStacks main event field to a total of 1,092 with about 45 minutes remaining until registration closes.

That means this event needs only five more entries to better the prize pool from the WPT Australia event in 2019 – a $2,500 buy-in event that created a prize pool of $1,480,500.

It is already the largest WPT main event field in Asia-Pacific history, bettering the 898 players that took their seats at WPT National China in 2014.

Guerin spikes the boat

Didier Guerin opened to 2,200 in the lo-jack and received a call from the player on the button.

The flop came QJ9 and Guerin check-called a 2,500 bet from his opponent.

On the turn J, Guerin checked to his opponent who bet 6,500. Guerin then jammed over the top for 23,100, sending his opponent into the tank.

He eventually called, showing 46 for the flopped flush and having Guerin in need of help with KJ.

That help duly arrived via the river Q, pairing the board to fill Guerin up and see him double through to 58,000.

Level 8: Blinds 500/1,000 (1,000)

Chips ahoy!

Luke Hanna132,500
Luke Stewart107,500
Vesko Zmukic105,000
Taylor Veltmeyer96,000
Ricky Kroesen84,000
Bruno Da Silva65,500
Jakson Laughton61,000
Ali Ghezelbash58,800
Kane “Moistman” Peters55,500
Theo Darma46,000
Nuno Da Silva46,000
Andrew Michael44,300
Robert Spano43,500
Silvana Agius42,000
Josh Emerton42,000
Sam Capra30,500
Karl Symonds28,000
Darryl Lanyon25,500
Tristan Bain21,500
Chris Wong21,000
Daniel Gabriel15,300
Vincent Wan14,000
Sam Adams14,000

Corey crippled

Corey Van Jaarsveldt has taken a massive hit, down to 41,000 in chips after losing a monster pot against Josh Smith.

We picked up the action on a board that read 6K27; Smith checked his option to Van Jaarsveldt who led out for 6,700.  Smith then check-shoved and Van Jaarsveldt insta-called.

Smith: KK
Van Jaarsveldt: 22

Set over set – and if that wasn’t enough, the dealer peeled off the K on the river for quads, sending Smith’s stack soaring to 57,500.

Warne whacked

Jackson Warne has hit the rail after shoving for his last 11,000 holding AJ and being looked up by a player holding A3.

The board ran out 37457 and Warne was left to ponder another bullet.

Life saver

Jonathan Gamerou won a small pot from Fred Ranchhod a few moments ago and couldn’t help but congratulate his opponent for a remarkable river check that undoubtedly saved his tournament life.

As both players tell it, Gamerou check-called a small flop bet on a KK8 flop, followed by another small bet on the 9 turn.

The river was an A and both players checked it down, but Gamerou, holding K8, almost fell off his chair when Ranchhod showed 88.

“That’s an amazing check,” he said before shaking Ranchhod’s hand.

Gamerou has around 38,000.

Level 7: Blinds 400/800 (800)

Time out

Players are now on a 10-minute break – back soon with a round of chip counts!

Mai gosh!

Mai Nguyen has cracked the 100,000 barrier following a multi-way hand that saw her send a player to rail and leave another very short.

The hand began with an early position open to 900 and three players calling before Nguyen completed from the blinds.

The flop came 2105 and Nguyen bet out for 3,500 with both the initial raiser and the button calling.

The board was checked around on the 5 turn before the 7 landed on the river.

Nguyen checked again to the raiser who announced he was all-in for his remaining 13,400. The button player called but Nguyen shoved over the top for an extra 16,000 on top. The button folded and the all-in player showed Q10 for the flush – not enough to top Nguyen’s turned boat with 25.

She moves to 115,000.

A stacked field

Given the sheer size and star power of today’s field, we’re still coming across many familiar faces for the first time today, including Jackson Warne, Toby Giles, Graham Cowan, Saliendra Shah, Darryl Lanyon and Kane “Moistman” Peters.

We’ve also spotted Andrew Michael from Stacked Social, fresh in from the City of Churches after their inaugural championship series – be sure to keep a look-out on our Facebook page soon as he’ll be one of our next guests on PMA LIVE!

Stewart takes Hachem’s stack

Luke Stewart is one of our early chip leaders and he can count 2005 WSOP Main Event champion Joe Hachem as his prize scalp during the early stages of play.

As Stewart relayed to us, he looked down at pocket Aces and 3-bet Hachem’s 2,500 pre-flop open to 6,000. 

Hachem called and after Stewart continued for 8,000 on a 964 flop, Hachem announced he was all-in. Stewart snapped him off and was well ahead of the WSOP champ’s 97.

The board bricked and Hachem was sent packing while Stewart moves to 138,000.

Level 6: Blinds 300/600 (600)

Handy flop for Mitchell

Josh Mitchell opened to 1,100 from early position and received a call from two players in late position, including Bassam Habib.

The flop came KK2 and Mitchell continued for 1,100. Both players called.

The turn was the 7 and this time Mitchell bet 2,200. Only Habib called.

On the river J Mitchell bet again, 8,000 this time, with Habib quickly calling. 

Mitchell turned over 22 for the flopped boat as Habib shook his head in disgust and mucked.

Josh Mitchell – 47,000
Bassam Habib – 35,000

Josh Mitchell

It’s a 1K kind of day

Even more great news coming out of The Star Gold Coast Poker Room today, with the number of entries now in excess of 1,000, which sets all sorts of new records for both The Star and the WPT Asia-Pacific region!

Of course, there are always some challenges with big numbers like these, but fortunately for us here in the state of Queensland, all tables are able to run full ring (10-handed as per state government regulations) with alternates still streaming in.

However, WPT Live Events Specialist Danny McDonagh was able to confirm via social media that play will move to nine-handed as soon as possible on Day 2.

Level 5: Blinds 300/500 (500)

Godena sends one to the rail

Michal Jalc announce he was all-in for his last 11,800 and Jarryd Godena made the call.

It was off the races with Jalc holding AQ and Godena JJ.

The J58 flop was brutal for Jalc and the Q sealed his fate as Godena moves to 55,000.

BREAKING NEWS: WPT Main Tour series coming to The Star Gold Coast

The partnership between The Star Gold Coast and WPT continues to go from strength to strength, as it was revealed during today’s official post-break presentation that a WPT Main Tour series will be coming to Australia later this year.

WPT anchor Lynn Gilmartin was on hand to deliver the news, along with WPT Royal Flush Crew’s Ashleigh Lawrence, Star Gold Coast COO Jessica Mellor and 2019 WPT Australia Main Event Champion Hari Varma, who was also presented with the Season XVIII WPT Asia-Pacific Player of the Year trophy.

Whilst dates are yet to be officially confirmed, there is no question that come this October, the WPT Main Tour series will be one of the biggest poker events in Australian history and further cement The Star Gold Coast as our country’s new #1 poker destination.

Level 4: Blinds 200/400 (400)

Break time

Players are on a 20-minute break.

Luke brings the force

Luke Hanna is up to 60,000 after forcing a crying river call from an opponent.

On a flop of K66, an opponent bet 1,200 and Hanna bumped it up to 2,700. His opponent called.

The turn was the 3 and Hanna’s opponent check-called a bet of 6,200.

On the 4 river, Hanna fired out a bet of 17,600 – his opponent tanking before making the call and mucking when Hanna showed 56.

Main Event Day 1B Chip Counts

ICYMI: Harry Basle and Marcel Zapantzis were top of the pops after play wrapped up last night, with Mitch Bognar, Bert Perry, Mike Maddocks, Hari Varma, Aroha Ngata and Tyron Krost also amongst the 46 surviving players to have bagged and tagged.

You can also check out PMA’s Day 1B Live Reporting coverage by clicking here.

PlayerChip Count
Harry Basle529,000
Marcel Zapantzis525,000
Brooke Colless405,000
Jack Drake405,000
Russell Fogarty405,000
Sayak Ratul389,000
Christina Ying361,000
Eric Wang358,000
Mitchell Bognar353,000
Bert (John) Perry308,000
Scott Hamilton-Hill299,000
Simon Thwaites291,000
Amir Abbas258,000
Dean Fazal255,000
Jackson Rado247,000
Aroha Ngata242,000
Mike Maddocks240,000
Joseph Cristallo237,000
Kiko Puyat224,000
Jongjun Park217,000
Ashneel Sharma210,000
Michel Bouskila205,000
Michael Clair199,000
Sean Ragozzini197,000
Craig Landry186,000
Zack Lowrie176,000
Tu Le166,000
Graham Woodbine166,000
Rourke Jackson165,000
Ay Bestami156,000
Martin Ward152,000
David Wang142,000
Michael Tran141,000
Jimmy Ghobrial122,000
Mark Lasarow120,000
Nickolas Oiberman104,000
Tyron Krost99,000
Chen Xie97,000
Adrian Indovino95,000
Anthony Hachem82,000
Fadi Tabet80,000
Emanuel “Curly” Seal80,000
Dennis Huntly76,000
Anthony Cierco66,000
Hari Varma56,000
Peco Stojanovski50,000

Hachem an early mover

After a cut off open, Joe Hachem 3-bet from the big blind and the cut-off made the call.

The flop came KQ10 and the cut-off check-raised Hachem’s 2,500 bet to 6,500. Hachem called.

On the 4 river the cut-off led for 9,000 and Hachem announced that he was all-in. The cut-off made a crying call holding A7 but needed help as Hachem rolled over 56 for the flopped flush.

The river bricked as Hachem sent one to the rail and moved to 65,000.

Joe Hachem

Level 3: Blinds 200/300 (300)

WPT DeepStacks Gold Coast: $440 Mega Stack Freezeout results

Just before last night’s Day 1B flight wrapped up, another of our side events was run and won, with Lachlan Dykes besting a field of 179 entries to pocket a tidy $18K and change.

Dykes defeated Vikrant Gupta heads-up for the #1 contender for GPI’s new “Trophy of the Year” category, while Charles Caris finished in third. Josh Yeomans, Mishel Anunu and Mina Gerges were amongst the other notables to make it into the cash.

Lachlan Dykes: winner, WPT DeepStacks $440 Mega Stack Freezeout (photo courtesy of The Star Gold Coast)
1stLachlan Dykes$18,548
2ndVikrant Gupta$12,441
3rdCharles Caris$7,339
4thFarid Sarkis$4,464
5thMichael Johnson$3,448
6thAndrew Slan$2,857
7thRussell Watkins$2,434
8thThomas Hourvitz$2,141
9thTan Chin Hoe$1,855
10thFrank Malizia$1,575
11thLiam Flick$1,575
12thJoshua Yeomans$1,575
13thMina Gerges$1,325
14thAaron Matheson$1,325
15thPaul Neville$1,325
16thCameron Chen$1,110
17thYu-Xiu Tsai$1,110
18thPaul Murray$1,110
19thJohn Lombardo$895
20thDavid Lee$895
21stMishel Anunu$895
22ndAnthony Beck$679
23rdSohrab Rezvanpour$679

Kroesen forces the fold

Ricky Kroesen called an opponent’s open holding 78 and the pair saw a flop of 923. His opponent continued for 800 and Kroesen made the call.

On the turn 6, hius opponent bet another 1,900 only for Kroesen to make it 6,700. His opponent went deep into the tank but eventually laid it down.

Kroesen has been building nicely early and is up to 45,000.

Familiar faces

Plenty of big names in and around The Star Gold Coast Poker Room today, with Josh Emerton, Michael Henderson, Ricky Kroesen, Nuno Da Silva, Silvana Agius, Taylor Veltmeyer and Corey Van Jaarsveldt now officially on our watchlist!

Level 2: Blinds 100/200 (200)

Early double for Amiri

It took less than 10 minutes to lose our first player in a massive river confrontation that has seen Ehsan Amiri double up early.

As Amiri explains it, he called a pre-flop open holding 1010 to see a flop of 1023. After the flop was checked through, an opponent bet 500 on the K turn with Amiri raising it up to 2,500. His opponent called.

The river was the 6 and Amiri led for 6,000. His opponent re-raised to 12,000 before Amiri announced he was all-in. His opponent snap-called and turned over 22 but was shocked to find himself on the wrong end of such an early set over set situation.

Amiri, who won the $2k One Day Event earlier in the week, scores the early double to move to 60,000.

Ehsan Amiri

By the numbers

We came into today’s play needing 330 more entries to crack the magic 1,000 mark and we’re off to a good start with 240 players seated and 46 alternates already.

In addition to the 670 entries we’ve already seen over the first two flights, this means we are guaranteed at least 956 entries – more than enough to smash the WPT record for a main event field in Asia-Pacific, previously held by WPT National China which attracted 898 players in 2014.

Should we happen to reach 1,097 entries we will also beat the prize pool from WPT Australia in 2019 (which had a $2,500 buy-in).

Familiar faces

Some of the familiar faces already seated on Day 1C include Joe Hachem, David Gorr, Ricky Kroesen, Jarryd Godena, Sam Adams, David Sebesfi, Mike Ivin and Jim Pizanias.

Shuffle up and deal!

And we’re underway in the third and final flight of the WPTDeepStacks Gold Coast main event!

Level 1: Blinds 100/100 (100)

Last chance saloon

Welcome back to The Star Gold Coast and PokerMedia Australia’s live coverage of the WPTDeepStacks Gold Coast Main Event.

It’s been a huge few days here at The Star Gold Coast with a whopping 670 entries across the two Day 1 flights so far including another 330 on Friday to add to Thursday’s 340 runners.

Today we see the third and final flight, providing players their last opportunity to make Day 2 and give themselves a chance at becoming the inaugural WPTDeepStacks Gold Coast champion.

No doubt that will mean plenty of familiar faces in the field with the likes of Joe Hachem, Robert Campbell, Jason Gray, Vincent Wan, Angel Guillen, Warwick Mirzikinian, Ken Demlakian, David Sebesfi, Chad Awerbuch, Robert Spano and Ricky Kroesen among those yet to secure their Day 2 seats.

After two days we currently have three players sitting with stacks of over half a million, led by Hussein Hasan who chipped up to 533,000 on Day 1A.

Today will see players looking to navigate 15 levels of play, which will take us through to around 10.30pm.

Play begins at 11.30am so stay tuned right here on pokermedia.com.au as we bring you exclusive live reporting coverage of the WPTDeepStacks Main Event.

You can also follow our facebook page by clicking here where you will find additional content including live video updates and player interviews from the poker room floor at The Star Gold Coast.

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