Star Entertainment Group unveils plans for large casino sports bar at $3.6 billion Queen’s Wharf Brisbane development

Star Entertainment Group has revealed plans for a specialized sports bar at its $3.6 billion Queen’s Wharf Brisbane development that will include a huge centrepiece screen as big or bigger than the one found at The Star Sydney.

The QWB Sports Bar, to be located within the Queen’s Wharf Brisbane casino close to gaming and entertainment options, is envisioned as becoming Brisbane’s premier venue to watch major sporting events from around the world including AFL, NRL, the English Premier League, NBA, NFL and more.

“Sport is entertainment, it’s theatre,” said Star Entertainment Group Managing Director and CEO, Matt Bekier. “It generates emotion and sport is unquestionably part of the Queensland DNA. We want to celebrate that.

“The 24/7 Sports Bar at The Star Sydney has a 34sqm LED screen as its centrepiece. There are 50 LCD TVs in the area, a VIP section and a sound system that gives you a sense of being at the stadium.

“On a weekly basis, people gather in their team’s colours and feel a real sense of atmosphere. For events like the Super Bowl, or FIFA World Cups, we have had around 1,500 people generating a level of excitement that you wouldn’t find anywhere else in Sydney.

“Our plans are just as bold for Queen’s Wharf. If you’re a sports fan in Brisbane and there’s an event being broadcast that you can’t attend in person, then the QWB Sports Bar will be where you want to be.”

The Queen’s Wharf casino will be located two floors above street level, with the entire Queen’s Wharf Brisbane project, due for completion in 2022, to include four new luxury hotels, more than 50 new bars and restaurants, 2,000 residential apartments and the equivalent of 12 football fields of public space.

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