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PokerMaster - Play Fun! Play Fair!

PokerMaster is building as one of the best Hold’em Poker social games with aspirations to take its offering around the world. To date, PokerMaster has been a hit in Australia and has expanded significantly into parts of Asia, with recent tournaments being run in Japan.

In January the PokerMaster software was updated to version 2.5.14. This is expected to strengthen the application’s security, performance and privacy to maximise protection for it’s players. According to the requirements of Google Play, the application framework is upgraded to a 64-bit system, and in 2018 will follow Google’s policy to gradually upgrade system API calls as well.

At the same time, PokerMaster will fully restrict the use of plug-ins including third-party data analysis software. This aims to give players a fair competitive gaming environment. This is a long-term process but is the commitment made by PokerMaster. Fairness and privacy protection are the core values of PokerMaster’s Play Fair commitment, focused on a product where players of every level can find enjoyment through Hold’em Poker.

To this end, PokerMaster have actively applied for GLI (International certification licensing algorithm), sort establishment of a unified worldwide data centre, developed thorough and more intelligent AI systems to guard against plug-ins and cheating behaviours, all to optimise the gaming experience.

Along with the various upgrade see’s the addition of Short Deck – similar to the six-plus format. It is played on the basis of the traditional Texas Hold ’em poker format where the rules are basically the same. However, various data including card probability, reversal ratio and aggressiveness has shown it to be an explosive upgrade, especially for junior and mid-level players. It ends up an enhanced experience for the player compared to traditional Texas Hold’em.

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