Iruma Wins PokerMaster Tokyo 2017

Iruma wins PokerMaster Cup Tokyo 2017

Iruma has finished in style in the Main Event of the PokerMaster Tokyo Cup 2017 to capture the title and prize money of 1,000,000JPY ($12,000AUD). Held at the luxurious Casino Stadium in Shinjuku, Tokyo, the Grand Final event was the culmination of a 4-month long satellite tournament schedule, sponsored by the popular poker app PokerMaster.

Second place went to Kue, who was eventually defeated by Iruma in an enthralling heads-up battle, when he picked up AJo to Kue’s 98o. The two players got it all in pre-flop, Iruma hit the ace on the flop, and so the title was decided.

Final Table Results
1 Iruma 1,000,000JPY
2 Kue 400,000JPY
3 Seki 200,000JPY
4 Tetsu 150,000JPY
5 Kotani 100,000JPY
6 Fusen 50,000JPY
7 Hide 40,000JPY
8 Shinobu 30,000JPY
9 Kneko 30,000JPY

Iruma battles Kue in heads-up play

PokerMaster will be back for the next season “PokerMaster Japan 2018.” They also hope to further develop their stronghold in Australia.


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