2015 Star Poker Summer Series – Summer Series Main Event NLH $2000 / Day 3 / Final Table

11.00pm: Michael Levy wins 2015 Star Summer Series Main Event!

After four long days, Michael Levy (pictured) has emerged as the 2015 Star Summer Series Main Event champion!

Levy, a local Sydneysider, outlasted an impressive field of 385 players to emerge triumphant, navigating his way through a rollercoaster final day to claim the crown and a hefty $173,250 top prize.

Congratulations to Michael on his victory!

10.55pm: David Chambers eliminated in 2nd ($110,200)

On an A36 board, Michael Levy bet 400,000 and Chambers (pictured) called. The turn was a 9 and this time Levy bet 600,000. Chambers called.

On the river 4 Levy announced he was all-in. Chambers thought briefly then called with A2, but Levy showed AQ to ship the pot and end the heads-up battle.

10.55pm: Big blind rise

Blinds are up … and now they’ve doubled! Blinds are now 100,000/200,000 with a 10,000 ante.

10.35pm: Heads up chip counts

Michael Levy – 8.5 million
David Chambers – 4 million

10.30pm: Jamal Ishac eliminated in 3rd ($61,680)

Jamal Ishac shoved from the button and was called by Michael Levy in the small blind.

Ishac showed 99 but Levy had picked up pocket rockets which held firm on the JQ446 board.

We are now heads-up!

10.25pm: Chip Counts

Michael Levy 5,500,000
David Chambers 3,500,000
Jamal Ishac 2,500,000

10.10pm: Chris Ozer eliminated in 4th ($47,820)

On a board of 96K6, Chris Ozer (pictured) bet 150,000 and Michael Levy called. The river was a 7 and this time Levy led for 400,000.

Ozer raised to 800,000 and Levy shoved. Ozer called with K9 but didn’t like what he saw as Levy showed 67. Ozer is eliminated in 4th.

Levy is now up to 5.5 million.

10.05pm: Levy lifting

On a K46 flop, Michael Levy bet 375,000. Jamal Ishac called to see a repeat 4 land on the turn.

This time Levy checked for Ishac to bet 375,000. Levy then announced he was all-in for 1.1 million more. Ishac folded as Levy flashed a 4.

He is up to 3.3 million while Ishac drops to 1.5 million.

9.55pm: We’re back!

Players have returned from their break with blinds now at 50,000/100,000.

9.40pm: Break time!

Players are now on a 15 minute break

9.20pm: Chip Counts

David Chambers 5,000,000
Jamal Ishac 2,800,000
Christopher Ozer 2,100,000
Michael Levy 1,600,000

9.15pm: Andy Lee eliminated in 5th ($38,460)

Jamal Ishac shoved from the small blind and Lee quickly called only to find himself needing help with K9 against the AQ of Ishac.

The 567 flop gave Lee a few extra outs but the 7 turn and 4 river sent him on his way.

Ishac is now up to 2.8 million with four players remaining.

9.05pm: Ishac doubles through Lee

Jamal Ishac (pictured) has enjoyed a slice of luck to double up through Andy Lee. Ishac shoved with KQ and was called by Lee’s AQ. The AT4 flop left Ishac needing a J to make his straight and that’s exactly what happened on the turn as he moves back up to 1.4 million.

Lee is down to 1.3 million.

9.00pm: Trevor Saunders eliminated in 6th ($31,530)

David Chambers opened in late position and Trevor Saunders shoved for his remaining 1 million.

Chambers quickly called with QQ to be well ahead of Saunders’ 55. The board ran out KJ8T4 to send Saunders to the rail while Chambers moves up to 3.55 million.

8.55pm: Lee turns the screws

Chris Ozer opened to 160,000 and Trevor Saunders called on the button. Andy Lee then re-raised to 460,000 with only Saunders calling.

The flop fell 24T and Lee announced he was all-in. Saunders tanked for 30 seconds before folding. He is down to 1 million while Lee now sits with 2.3 million.

8.45pm: What’s at stake?

The Champion of the 2015 Star Poker Summer Series Main Event is poised to walk away with over $173,000, the coveted trophy (pictured) and earn a place in Star Poker history – their picture firmly planted on the wall in the Star Poker Room for all to see. Who’s it gonna be?

8.40pm: Level 28!

Blinds are up to 40,000/80,000 with a 10,000 ante.

8.30pm: Alexander Antonios eliminated in 7th ($24,600)

Alexander Antonios (pictured) shoved from the small blind for his last 700,000 and Andy Lee thought for about 30 seconds before making the call.

It was Antonios with AJ against the K8 of Lee and the former was looking good for the double as the board ran out 5737 … until an 8 spiked on the river to send our overnight chip leader home in 7th.

Lee is up to 1.8 million.

8.25pm: Chip Counts

Christopher Ozer 3400000
David Chambers 1800000
Andy Lee 1800000
Trevor Saunders 1500000
Alexander Antonios 1100000
Jamal Ishac 950000
Michael Levy 850000

8.20pm: Hey Mickey, you’re so fine

There hasn’t been a whole lot of action on the final table since we returned from the break, but there has been plenty on the rail where Sam Capra and crew have been serenading Michael Levy with “Hey Mickey, you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind – hey Mickey!” every time he takes down a pot.

7.40pm: Levels keep climbing

The dinner break is over and the players have returned to the table with full bellies. Level 27 has begun where blinds are 30,000/60,000 with an ante of 10,000. 7 players remain.

7.10pm: Dinner break

Players are now on a 30-minue dinner break. Chip counts are:

Christopher Ozer 3,200,000
Trevor Saunders 1,800,000
David Chambers 1,550,000
Michael Levy 1,450,000
Andy Lee 1,250,000
Alexander Antonios 1,100,000
Jamal Ishac 1,100,000

7.10pm: David Sebesfi eliminated in 8th ($19,060)

The very next hand we had another three way all-in, this time with Antonios and Sebesfi (pictured) both at risk. David Chambers held AK to have  Sebesfi’s AJ dominated but was racing with Antonios’ 77.

The board ran out T-high to keep Antonios in the hunt, while Sebesfi is sent to the rail in 8th.

AJ – 1.1 million
David Chambers – 1.55 million

7.05pm: Three way all-in

Alexander Antonios, David Sebesfi and Michael Levy all got it in pre-flop with Antonios in the lead with KK. Sebesfi tabled 88 and Michael Levy AQ.

The board ran out AQTTT to give Levy a huge triple up, while Sebesfi was left short-stacked with just 100,000.

7.00pm: Tony Sama eliminated in 9th ($14,200)

Tony Sama (pictured) shipped his last 200,000 with Jamal Ishac shoving over the top. Alexander Antonios then made the call to put both Sama and Ishac at risk.

It was Sama’s A9 up against the 33 of Ishac and the KJ of Antonios. The K43JQ board was a great one for Ishac but a disaster for Sama who heads home in 9th.

Jamal Ishac – 1.1 million
AJ – 750,000

6.50pm: Trevor Saunders back to 2 million

On a Qd5d4h flop, Alexander Antonios bet 110,000 and was check-raised by Trevor Saunders to 300,000. Antonios then announced he was all-in with Saunders making the call.

Saunders was ahead with Q5 for top two but needed to avoid a diamond with Antonios holding Kd9d. He faded the draw and moves back to 2 million while Antonios has 900,000 remaining.

6.30pm: Lee climbing 

Andy Lee (pictured) is up to 1.5 million after winning a nice pot from Trevor Saunders. Lee called a 110,000 open from Saunders as the pair took an 893 flop.

Saunders continued for 150,000 and Lee made the call. The turn was a Q and this time Saunders bet 200,000. Lee announced he was all-in for around 675,000 and Saunders folded.

The pair are now roughly even on 1.5 million.

6.10pm: Sebesfi doubles through Saunders

David Sebesfi has scored a much-needed double right at the end of Level 25 after shoving his last 500,000 with 77 and receiving a call from Trevor Saunders (pictured) with 55.

The board bricked and Sebesfi is back to 1 million while Saunders still has 2 million.

6.10pm: New level

Blinds are now up to 25,000/50,000 with a 5,000 ante. We still have nine players remaining.

6.05pm: Sama doubles twice

Down to just 150,000, Tony Sama found a double through Trevor Saunders but has just enjoyed am even better one at the expense of Chris Ozer. It was Sama with AK against the QJ of Ozer with a K on the turn enough for Sama to move to 750,000.

6pm: Chip Counts

Trevor Saunders 2600000
Christopher Ozer 2300000
David Chambers 1400000
Andy Lee 1250000
Alexander Antonios 1200000
Jamal Ishac 950000
Michael Levy 850000
David Sebesfi 320000
Tony Sama 320000

5.40pm: Levy hammers away

Michael Levy (pictured) opened for 85,000 in middle position and was called by Andy Lee in the big blind. The flop fell 852 and Levy continued for 125,000. Lee called.

On the 4 turn Levy bet 225,000 with Lee tanking for around a minute before eventually mucking. Lee drops to 1.1 million with Levy up to 1.55 million.

5.30pm: Good start for AJ

Alexander Antonios has been on a downward spiral since taking a big early chip today, but he is off to a solid start at the final table.

After opening to 105,000, Antonios was called in the big blind by Trevor Saunders. He continued for 80,000 on the JK5 flop, with Saunders calling, before both players checked the 9 turn.

On the river 3, Antonios bet 325,000 with Saunders folding after thinking briefly.

Antonios is back up to 1.1 million.

5.20pm: Final table chip counts

Seat 1: David Chambers – 1.2 million
Seat 2: Chris Ozer – 2.3 million
Seat 3: Trevor Saunders – 2.6 million
Seat 4: Jamal Ishac – 900,000
Seat 5: Alexander Antonios – 900,000
Seat 6: Andy Lee – 1.2 million
Seat 7: David Sebesfi – 650,000
Seat 8: Michael Levy – 1.4 million
Seat 9: Tony Sama – 280,000

5.10pm: Michael Seymour eliminated in 10th ($9,700)

A desperately short Michael Seymour (pictured) had no choice but to shove with Q6 and ran into the KK of Michael Levy.

He received some hope on the A56 flop, but a K on the turn ended his run one spot shy of the final table.

The remaining nine players will now redraw before taking their seat the final table!

4.55pm: Leo Wai eliminated in 11th ($9,700)

Leo Wai (pictured) opened to 80,000 from UTG and Chris Ozer defended from the big blind. The flop came JhTs8h, Wai cbet 95,000 which Ozer called. The turn was a 3c, Wai bet 155,000 and Ozer shoved. Wai made the call with Ah7h for the nut flush draw but would need to make his hand against the Q9 of Ozer for the flopped straight.

Wai missed and we’re down to 10. That’s not the end of the story though.

Before Wai bet the turn, Ozer had signalled that he was ready to muck his hand, only to shove the moment Wai bet out.

David Chambers made his feelings known about Ozer’s angle shooting afterwards and needless to say Ozer doesn’t have many friends at the table given the fact he has clashed heatedly with most of them.

He isn’t going anywhere for a while though with 2.5 million in chips sitting in front.

4.50pm: Back underway

Play is back underway with blinds at 20,000/40,000 and a 5,000 ante. There are 11 players remaining.

4.40pm: Levy doubles

On the final hand before the break, David Sebesfi opened to 60,000 and Michael Levy re-raised to 150,000. Sebesfi announced he was all-in and Levy snap-called.

It was Levy with KK well ahead of Sebesfi’s QQ and when a K spiked on the flop Levy jumped to 1.1 million in chips.

Sebesfi is still in the hunt with 750,000.

4.40pm: Break time

Players are now on a 10-minute break.

4.25pm: Vincent Chua eliminated in 12th ($9,700)

Vincent Chua (pictured) shipped from mid-position and found folds from the rest of the table, but he wasn’t so lucky on the next hand when he tried to do so again with K9.

This time David Sebesfi made the call with AJ and took a stranglehold on the hand as the flop fell AJ8. Chua gave himself a couple of outs when a K landed on the turn but the river was a lowly 3 to cut the field to 11 remaining.

Sebesfi pushes up to 1.3 million with that win.

4.10pm: Chip Counts

Trevor Saunders 2,300,000
Christopher Ozer 1,500,000
David Chambers 1,400,000
Leo Wai 1,200,000
Andy Lee 1,000,000
Jamal Ishac 1,000,000
Alexander Antonios 900,000
David Sebesfi 575,000
Michael Seymour 550,000
Vincent Chua 500,000
Michael Levy 480,000
Tony Sama 360,000

4pm: Sanis falls in 13th place ($7,970)

On a board of 9 10 8 K, David Sanis (pictured) moved all-in for his remaining 375,000, being called by David Chambers. When the cards were turned over Sanis knew his fate, his K 5 no match for Chambers’ KK.

3.45pm: Sometimes it helps to run good too!

On a board of 3h 2h Qs Qd and about 350,000 in the pot, Trevor Saunders checked, Michael Seymour bet 175,000, Saunders popped it up to 375,000, Seymour called. The Qh came on the river this time and both players checked To the amazement of the table and the rail, Saunders tabled JJ for the full bigger full house against Seymour’s 2 2. Seymour stood in amazement as he contemplated what just happened, now on 800,000 in chips. Saunders admitted it’s nice to have a bit of luck sometimes, moving upwards to 3.5m in chips.

3.40pm: Wai doubles through Ozer

Leo Wai was all-in for his tournament life with 77 and in a race against the AJ of Chris Ozer.

The board ran out K42K2 and Wai is back in business with around 1 million in chips.

Ozer is down to 440,000.

3.25pm: Ronald Bean eliminated in 14th ($7,970)

Ronald Bean (pictured) UTG shipped his remaining chips into the middle, getting called by big stack Trevor Saunders. Mr Bean tabled 77 to Saunders’ pocket Aces. There’s some excitement at the table as the board runs out A 2 4 A 7 to hit quads for Saunders, sending Mr Bean to the rail in 14th place for $7,970.

3.20pm: AJ keeps keeping on

On a flop of 6h 8s Js with a nice pot brewing between three players, David Chambers checked, AJ bet 88,000, Chris Ozer folded and Chambers called. The turn was a 9s to which Chambers checked, AJ bet 142,000, Chambers called. The river was an 8h. Chambers checked again, AJ bet 222,000 and Chambers eventually called. AJ turned over 7s 4s for the flush, Chambers frustratingly mucking. AJ is just over 2m in chips while Chambers is now 550,000.

3.15pm: Seymour v Chua Part II

Michael Seymour (pictured) and Vince Chua have been battling away today and have just enjoyed a small pre-flop clash again.

Seymour opened to 50,000 and Chua 3-bet to 130,000. Seymour then announced he was all-in, forcing a fold from Chua. It wouldn’t surprise us to see them eventually get it in against one another.

2.50pm: Christina Pie eliminated in 15th ($7,970)

The last woman standing has just been sent to the rail. Jamal Ishac opened to 56,000 and Christina Pie (pictured) shoved for her last 160,000. Trevor Saunders made the call, as did Ishac.

Both players checked the 4Q9 flop before Saunders bet 200,000 on the 6 turn. Ishac folded and the cards were revealed with Saunders’ A3 ahead of the KT of Pie.

A repeat Q on the river wasn’t what Pie needed and she is out. Saunders moves up to 1.4 million.

2.40pm: Next level

Players have returned from their short break to face Level 23 where blinds are 12000/24000 with an ante of 4000. 15 players remain.

2.30pm: Break time 

Players are now on a 10-minute break.

2.20pm: Ishac doubles through Chua

Jamal Ishac (pictured) and Vince Chua got it all-in on an 8d6c4d board with Chua holding 99 and Ishac JdQd.

A third diamond landed on the turn to give Ishac a vital double. He is up to 950,000 while Chua drops back to 550,000.

2.15pm: AJ and Lee clash

“AJ” and Andy Lee have been engaging in some banter today and they just clashed on the felt too. Lee opened to 40,000 before “AJ” 3-bet from the button to 122,000.

Lee then retaliated with a 4-bet to 265,000 only for “AJ” to announce he was all-in. Lee folded as he drops back to 700,000.

2.05pm: Chip counts

Just prior to the previous hand, chips counts were:

Alexander Antonios 2,400,000
Vincent Chua 940,000
David Sanis 920,000
Trevor Saunders 900,000
David Chambers 900,000
Christopher Ozer 800,000
Michael Seymour 800,000
Ronald Bean 790,000
Andy Lee 780,000
Jamal Ishac 600,000
David Sebesfi 550,000
Tony Sama 480,000
Michael Levy 450,000
Leo Wai 350,000
Christina Pie 260,000

2.05pm: Sebesfi makes huge hero call

David Sebesfi (pictured) opened in the cut-off to 40,000 and “AJ” 3-bet to 108,000 from the button. Sebesfi called.

The flop came 6J2 and Sebesfi check-called an 82,000 c-bet. Both players checked the T turn before an A landed on the turn.

Sebesfi checked for “AJ” to bet 132,000. Sebesfi went deep into the tank before eventually making the call, showing 99. “AJ” showed K3.

“I’ve got my soul pants on today,” Sebesfi said as he hauled in the handy pot.

He is up to 870,000.

1.55pm: Tim English eliminated in 16th ($6,235)

A short-stacked Tim English (pictured) shoved with Q5 and was called by “AJ” who held AT.

The board ran out 59TK9 and English is our latest casualty. The remaining 15 players are now all guaranteed at least $7,970.

1.50pm: Jay Satchi eliminated in 17th ($6,235)

Jay Satchi (pictured) shoved for his remaining 250,000 with K8 and was called by Vincent Chua with 88. The board ran out AQ95Q and Satchi is eliminated.

Chua is up to 850,000 after that hand.

1.40pm: Jun Lin eliminated in 18th ($6,235)

Jun Lin (pictured) shoved for his remaining 90,000 with AJ but ran into the AQ of Jamal Ishac. No help arrived and he finishes in 18th.

1.35pm: Jun Lin crippled

Jun Lin moved all-in UTG and it was folded around to Jamal Ishac who called, tabling AQ. Lin held KJ and never caught up as the board ran out 33T6A. Lin falls to 90,000 in chips while Ishac now has over 650,000.

1.30pm: New level

Blinds are up to 10,000/ 20,000 with a 3,000 ante.

1.30pm: Levy, Chua apply pressure

Michael Levy opened to 36,000 and Jamal Ishac 3-bet to 90,000. Levy then announced he was all-in for his remaining 230,000 with Ishac tank-folding – flashing JJ as he did so.

Moments later, Michael Seymour opened to 35,000 on the button with Vincent Chua 3-betting from the small blind to 90,000. Seymour called. Seymour called a 110,000 bet from Chua on the QJ8 flop but was forced to fold to Chua’s shove when an A landed on the turn.

1.00pm: AJ wins massive pot, eliminates Bakhos

Alexander “AJ” Antonis was already a dominant chip leader coming into today’s play, but he has just won another monster pot to move to an incredible 3 million in chips and send Charlie Bakhos (pictured) to the rail.

To put that into perspective, he is almost 200 big blinds deep and has more than three times the number of chips as his nearest rival!

It all came to a head after AJ opened to 32,000 and Bakhos 3-bet to 100,000 from the blinds. “AJ” called and the flop came Q62.

Bakhos then began talking to AJ, letting him know “I’m ready. Are you ready?” before leading for 100,000. “AJ” called.

The turn was another Q and Bakhos bet 100,000 again. This time “AJ” raised to 350,000. Bakhos instantly announced he was all-in and “AJ” called, tabling AQ to be well ahead of Bakhos’ JJ.

The river bricked for Bakhos, who came into the day’s play sitting second in chips but hasn’t been able to survive through to the final two tables.

There are now 18 remaining.

12.50pm: Sanis gets a little lucky

Andy Lee made it 32,000, Joseph Alvaro popped it to 100,000 and David Sanis shoved all-in, Lee folded but Alvaro snap calling. Alvaro tabled KK to Sanis’ AJ. The board came 3 A Q 6 9 to knock an unlucky Alvaro out of the tournament.

12.45pm: Ricky Lim busts

Ricky Lim is our first casualty of the day. After an initial bet in pre-flop action and a re-raise to 120,000 by Ricky Lim, Michael Seymour pushed all-in with Lim calling. Lim held A9 to Seymour’s AJ. A J landed on the flop for Seymour who sends Lim to the rail in 21st place.

12.30pm: Play is underway

Welcome back to PokerMedia Australia and our coverage of the final day of this year’s Star Summer Series.

We begin today’s play with 21 players remaining in the Main Event and will continue throughout the day until we have our winner.

Buckle up for a long and exciting day of action live from The Star Poker Room!

Chip counts going into the final day are as follows:

Alexander Antonios 1,484,000
Charlie Bakhos 946,000
Trevor Saunders 895,000
Christopher Ozer 835,000
David Sebesfi 809,000
David Sanis 729,000
Ronald Bean 612,000
Michael Seymour 569,000
David Chambers 544,000
Tony Sama 544,000
Michael Levy 450,000
Jehan Satchithananthan 446,000
Junqiu Lin 433,000
Vincent Chua 430,000
Joseph Alvaro 421,000
Jamal Ishac 403,000
Ricky Lim 386,000
Hun Wei Lee 340,000
Tim English 278,000
Christina Pie 240,000
Leo Wai 209,000

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