2015 Star Poker Summer Series – Summer Series Main Event NLH $2000 / Day 2

12.45am: Day 2 concludes, Alexander Antonios leads the way

After three long days that began with 385 players, we’re down to our final 21 who will return tomorrow to play down to a winner.

Among them are a number of notables including 2011 Aussie Millions champion David Gorr, inaugural Star Summer Series Main Event champion Andy Lee and renowned high stakes plyer Alexander “AJ” Antonios (pictured).

Antonios heads into the final day as the clear big stack with almost 1.5 million, well ahead of second best Charlie Bakhos with 946,000.

The top 5 stacks are:

AJ – 1,484,000
Charlie Bakhos – 946,000
Trevor Saunders – 895,000
Chris Ozer – 835,000
David Sebesfi – 809,000

Play will resume from 12.30pm tomorrow and we will post full chip counts when officially confirmed.

12.40am: Gorr busts on final hand

What a way to go. On the final hand of the day, David Gorr shoved with 44 but ran into the KK of David Sanis. He couldn’t find the miracle he needed and hits the rail to leave us with 22.

12.30am: Three more hands

With the clock reading 15 minutes to go in the level, the floor staff have called for three more hands to be dealt at each table – then we will bag and tag for the night.

12.20am: Gorr-ed to death

David Gorr has helped slash the field by one, sending short-stacked Anthony Quattrone to the rail. It was Gorr’s 77 leading the A4 of Quattrone and although the latter flopped a 4, he couldn’t improve any further and is out in 24th.

12.15am: Nick off

Nick Williams has fallen just 32 minutes before the end of the day’s play, picking up 99 but running into the KK of Joseph Alvaro.

The board ran out 6KJ55 to leave us with 24.

Alvaro is up to 450,000.

12.10am: Chip counts

Alexander AJ Antonios – 950,000
David Sanis – 900,000
Chris Ozer – 750,000
Michael Seymour – 740,000
Ronald Bean – 720,000
Trevor Saunders – 700,000
David Chambers – 520,000
David Sebesfi  – 510,000
Jun Lin – 500,000
Andy Lee – 500,000
Jamal Ishac – 480,000
Martin Benda – 450,000

12.05am: Slowing down

Play has slowed considerably since we drew for the final three tables, with just two players eliminated in the past hour.

We don’t expect that to last too long. With the average stack sitting just below 40 big blinds, there are a number of short stacks starting to get itchy feet as they look for a double up before the end of the day’s play.

11.45pm: Final level for tonight

 Players have returned from the break to face the last level of the night, Level 20, where blinds are 6000/12000 with an ante of 2000.

11.35pm: Final break…but wait!

In the final hand prior to the break, in pre-flop action, the last woman standing Christina Pie (pictured), bet 30,000. Wei Li then pushed his final 120,000 and Pie snap called, turning over Aces. Li tabled JJ but stayed behind, busting in 26th place.


Players are on their final break of the night for 10 minutes. 26 players remain. One level is left to play and those that survive will return tomorrow at 12.30pm where a champion will be crowned.

11.20pm: Payouts

27th Stephen Eliesen – $4,850
28th Martin Rowe – $4,160
29th Craig Blight – $4,16
30th Yi Ze Xu – $4,160
31st Brian Johnston – $3,810
32nd Marc Liddell – $3,810
33rd Jonathan Karamalikis – $3,810
34th Chris Yu – $3,810
35th Errolyn Strang – $3,465
36th Patrick Duerkop – $3,465
37th Michael Kyriakou – $3,465
38th Jason Sarkis – $3,465
39th Sam Vakili – $3,465
40th Kieron Kersnovske – $3,465

11.15pm: Lose another

Stephen Eliesen is our first casualty since re-drawing for the final three tables, running his JJ into the QQ of Ricky Lim.

The window card was a Q and Lim had Eliesen marginally covered to send him to the rail.

Lim is up to 500,000.

11.00pm: Down to 27

Rowe’s elimination leaves us with 27 players, which means a redraw is taking place for the final three tables.

10.55pm: Rowe-ing his boat to the cage

Martin Rowe (pictured) was hoping to add another major title to the APPT Sydney crown he claimed in 2008, but he’ll have to wait a bit longer after running QQ into the KK of Alexander “AJ” Antonis.

AJ is up to 800,000.

10.50pm: Saunders passes a million

Trevor Saunders has just won a small pot from Jay Satchi that has pushed him over 1 million in chips.

That hit didn’t hurt Satchi too much, but he just lost a few more to Jamal Ishac a well – calling Ishac’s shove with QQ but running into Kings.

Trevor Saunders – 1.1 million
Jay Satchi – 550,000
Jamal Ishac – 420,000

10.45pm: Andy Lee pushing on

There were two limpers ahead of Andy Lee who raised it to 40,000. Charlie Bakhos passed but Brian Johnston (pictured) called. The flop came 2K6. Johnston, short-stacked, pushed all-in which Lee snap called, turning over 22. Johnston showed KJ and a few moments later was off to the rail. Lee climbs up to 675,000.

10.45pm: Seymour chips

Michael Seymour (pictured) has moved up to 850,000 after taking a hefty pot from Tony Sama.

We caught the action as Seymour check-called flop and turn bets on a 2359 board. When the river came a third heart, Seymour announced he was all-in – forcing Sama deep into the tank before he eventually folded.

Sama has around 250,000 left.

10.35pm: Recent eliminations

34th Chris Yu  $3,810
35th Errolyn Strang  $3,465
36th Patrick Duerkop  $3,465
37th   Michael Kyriakou  $3,465
38th Jason Sarkis  $3,465
39th Sam Vakili  $3,465
40th Kieron Kersnovske  $3,465

10.35pm: The Dong is done

Jonathan Karamalikis has just hit the rail, shoving his short stack from the button and being called by Michael Seymour.

It was Karamalikis’ QJ against the 44 of Seymour with a 4 on the flop sealing the deal and sending Seymour over 600,000.

10.27pm: Level 19

There are now two hours of play remaining today with the blinds having just hit 5,000/10,000 with a 1,000 ante.

10.25pm: Hanging on

Local player Marc Liddell (pictured) is holding onto his Main Event life, hoping to keep his series run alive. Now in the money for the third time this series, a double up soon will help continue his solid series performance. Liddell cashed in the Opening Event and the Turbo and at this stage has secured a minimum cash of $3,465 in this event.

10.25pm: Falling like flies

The action has suddenly burst to life as we approach the end of Level 18 with a series of rapid eliminations.

The latest of those is Errolyn Strang, who couldn’t find help with TT against the QQ of Tony Sama. Sama is up to 430.000.

10.15pm: Satchi smashes Kyriakou

Michael Kyriakou’s run has come to an end at the hands of Jay Satchi. It was a pre-flop clash with Satchi’s AA dominating the AQ of Kyriakou – the board running our 9-high to boost Satchi’s stack to just on 600,000.

9.50pm: Chip leaders

Trevor Saunders – 830,000
Alexander AJ Antonios – 800,000
David Sanis – 740,000
Chris Ozer – 700,000
Michael Seymour – 580,000
David Chambers – 540,000
David Sebesfi – 510,000
Jun Lin – 500,000
Joseph Alvaro – 500,000
Vincent Chua – 470,000
Stephen Eliesen – 420,000

9.40pm: John Moffitt is bubble boy 

John Moffitt (pictured) is our official bubble boy and it was the man who put a demoralizing beat on him just a few levels back that ultimately finished him off.

Moffitt was all-in with JJ but ran into the AA of Michael Kyriakou. The board ran out 2Q655 and we’re in the money!

9.35pm: On the bubble!

Daniel Laidlaw got it all-in with AK against the JJ of Tim English and was looking good to survive on a K53 flop, but a J on the river brought an end to his tournament just shy of the money.

We are now officially on the bubble and play is hand for hand.

9.30pm: Alvaro doubles

Joseph Alvaro (pictured) has doubled up at the expense of Sam Vakili. Alvaro shoved on a TJ6Q board and received a call from Vakili who held KQ.

That left him well behind Alvaro’s TT though and he managed to avoid an A or 9 to move to 360,000. Vakili is now down to just 80,000.

9.25pm: Onwards and upwards

Players have returned from their break to face Level 18 where blinds are 4000/8000 with an ante of 1000. There are still 42 players remaining.

9.15pm: Break time

Players are now on a 10-minute break. There are 42 remaining.

9.05pm: Laidlaw doubles

Daniel Laidlaw was all-in for his final 60,000 and one card away from elimination with KQ against the 77 of Michael Kyriakou on a 4892 board, but a Q on the river saved the day as he doubles to 120,000.

The bad news is that he is still the tournament short stack.

8.45pm: Chip counts

Trevor Saunders – 870,000
David Sanis – 660,000
Stephen Eliesen – 600,000
Alexander AJ Antonios – 570,000
Jun Lin – 510,000
David Sebesfi – 480,000
Chris Yu – 450,000
Chris Ozer – 450,000
Errolyn Strang – 350,000
Nick Williams – 350,000
Michael Kyriakou – 340,000
Vincent Chua – 340,000
Joseph Alvaro – 280,000
Michael Seymour – 275,000
Michael Levy – 260,000

8.40pm: Saunders on top

Trevor Saunders has continued his charge and sent yet another player packing with Jazz Mathers his latest victim.

Mathers was all-in for his last 100,000 with QQ to be racing against Saunders’ AK – an A on the flop ensuring Saunders is now out clear chip leader with 870,000.

8.35pm: On a Benda

Martin Benda was all-in for his tournament life with 9dTd on a Th6d4d flop but needing to dodge plenty with Michael Levy holding KdJd.

An A on the turn meant Levy had 16 out going to the river but they all missed as Benda survived to move to 290,000.

Levy still has 260,000.

8.25pm: Bubble approaching

With 45 players remaining and 40 making the money, the time has come when players are acutely aware that the bubble is approaching.

The likely effect will be a tightening up by the short and medium stacks with the bigger stacks taking every opportunity to pressure them with raises.

8.20pm: Four levels remaining

Poker manager Stephen Ibrahim has announced that we will be playing another four levels tonight, including the current one, taking us through to the end of Level 20 at roughly 12.30am.

8.15pm: New level

Blinds are now up to 3,000/6,000 with a 1,000 ante.

8.15pm: Caridad sent packing

John Caridad (pictured) decided QJ was enough to commit the rest of his chips with but the last thing he wanted to see was the QQ of Ronald Bean. The board provided no help and he was sent to the rail while Bean climbs to 300,000.

8.00pm: Saunders hits overdrive

We raced over to the table of Minh Nguyen to find the 2014 APPT Auckland champion hitting the rail after running QQ into KK. But the river card had barely hit the table before Trevor Saunders beckoned us over to his table to point his shiny new stack of around 700,000!

Saunders has gone on a huge tear over the past 30 minutes and couldn’t believe his luck when his opponent announced a huge over-shove. Saunders tabled KK to his opponent’s AQ and managed to avoid an A to shoot up towards the top of the chip counts.

7.45pm: Colonel Saunders

Trevor Saunders has seen his stack fluctuate up and down all day but he is back in the running once more after doubling through Daniel Laidlaw.

On an AcKd8d9s3d board, Laidlaw fired at both the flop and the turn before shoving the river. Saunders insta-called, showing Ad5d for the nut flush as Laidlaw mucked his hand.

Saunders is back to 350,000 while Laidlaw is down to 125,000.

7.35pm: Kyriakou cracks a set

Michael Kyriakou (pictured) has just enjoyed a huge slice of good fortune to double up and stay alive in the 2015 Star Summer Series Main Event.

On a 975 flop, Kyriakou bet 31,000 only for John Moffitt to announce he was all-in. Kyriakou went deep into the tank with his tournament life on the line before eventually making the call with 88.

He would need help to stay alive against the 77 of Moffitt although the T turn added to his outs – giving him a flush draw and open ender. One of those outs landed on the river as four spades on the board gave him the winning hand and propelled him to 330,000.

Despite that beat, Moffitt is still alive and running with 240,000.

7.15pm: Next level

Players have returned from their short break to face Level 16 where blinds are 2500/5000 with an ante of 1000. 51 players remain with the money bubble at 41.

7.05pm: Chip leaders

Just prior to the break, the approximate chip leaders were as follows:

David Sanis – 610,000
Michael Levy – 515,000
Errolyn Strang – 500,000
Alexander AJ Antonios – 500,000
David Sebesfi – 460,000
Chris Yu – 460,000
John Moffitt – 450,000
Daniel Laidlaw – 340,000
Michael Seymour – 330,000

7.05pm: Time for a kit kat

Players are on a 10-minute break.

6.50pm: Khouiss sent packing

In pre-flop action, John Moffitt bet 9,000, Sam Khouiss (pictured) made it 25,000, there was a caller and Moffitt also called. The flop came 10s 2d Kd to which Khouiss went all-in for his moderate stack, the next to act folded and Moffitt called. Khouiss tabled Ad10d to Moffitt’s KcJc. The turn was a 6c, the river a 6d, no help to Khouiss who is sent to the rail. Moffitt is now up to 450,000 in chips.

6.35pm: Charlie B going backwards (just like 2014?)

In pre-flop action there was a raise to 10,000, Charlie Bakhos called, Michael Seymour made it 34,000, the initial raiser folded, Bakhos called. The flop came 2h 8s 8h. Bakhos checked, Seymour bet 34,000, Bakhos made it 100,000, Seymour thought about it for a while before committing his remaining 150,000, which Bakhos called. Seymour tabled KK to Bakhos’ Ah4h. The Qc and 7s on the turn and river was no help to Bakhos who drops down to 210,000 in chips. Seymour surges upward to 380,000.

6.20pm: The Doc operates on Caridad

On a flop of 9QJ, Stephen ‘The Doc’ Eliesen (pictured) checked, John Caridad bet 22,000, Eliesen made it 55,000, Caridad shipped his chips into the middle, The Doc calling. The Doc had 99 versus Caridad’s QJ. The board ran blanked out, trip nines staying ahead. The Doc doubles to 305,000 in chips whilst Caridad is back down to 65,000.

6.15pm: Gibson doubles through Sama

Vince Gibson was all-in on a board of 3 8 K 6 3 with 33 tabled in front of him. Unfortunately for Tony Sama was committed with AK and just couldn’t quite overcome quads! Gibson doubles to 130,000 in chips and Sama now has 240,000.

6.05pm: Level up!

Blinds have just risen to 2,000/4,000 with a 500 ante. There are 64 players remaining.

6.00pm: Lin hits gin

Jun Lin (pictured) has just won the single biggest pot of the tournament so far, sending James Camilleri to the rail in the process. It all began innocently enough with both Camilleri and Lin calling an open to 7,000, but the 78T flop caused all havoc to break loose as Camilleri bet, Lin re-raised and Camilleri shoved.

Camilleri rolled over AA but quickly found out he was in awful shape with Lin having flopped a straight with his 69 suited. Just like that, his healthy stack of 300,000 was shipped across the table as Lin breaks through the 600,000 chip mark with around 630,000.

5.50pm: Levy-tating

Michael Levy (pictured) is the latest to surge up the leaderboard, explaining to us that he managed to extract three streets of value from an opponent with TT on a T266J board.

He is up to 420,000.

5.45pm: Laidlaw eliminates another

Daniel Laidlaw (pictured) is up to 320,000 after sending another player to the rail. Martin Rowe opened to 7,000 and was called by a player to his left. Laidlaw then raised to 22,000 with Rowe folding but the other player calling.

When the flop fell TT3 the caller shoved for his remaining 50,000. Laidlaw called with QQ to be well ahead of his opponent’s 88. The board bricked to leave us another one down.

5.30pm: Yu joins the monster stacks

Chris Yu (pictured) is another to rocket up the chip counts after sending Giuliano Nobili to the rail.

It was Yu with AA dominating the unlucky Nobili with KK – the board running out J-high to leave us one spot closer to the money.

Yu is up to 470,000.

5.20pm: Sanis claims chip lead

David Sanis (pictured) is our new chip leader after taking down a monster pot that saw Ahmed Abdellatif sent to the rail.

It began with Sanis opening in late position and Abdellatif re-raising from the blinds. Sanis called to see a Q89 flop. Abdellatif continued for 50,000 and Sanis announced he was all-in.

Abdellatif snap-called and rolled over KK but quickly discovered the bad news as Sanis showed QQ for top set. The turn and river bricked to give Sanis a massive boost.

He is up to 595,000.

5.05pm: On your horse

Players have returned from their long break to face Level 14 where blinds are 1500/3000 with an ante of 500. 78 players remain. The minimum cash is $3465 for 40th place.

4.45pm: Williams the beneficiary this time

In the final hand before the break (played 5 minutes into the break), we caught the action on a flop of JQ2 and a nice pot building. There had been 4 callers to the flop, a raise of 20k, an all-in shove by Nick Williams for a further 89,300, a further all-in bet by Charlie Bakhos of over 400,000, causing a fold by the other player remaining in the hand. Williams turns over 22 for trips while Bakhos has JQ for two pair. With a 9 on the turn and a 10 on the river, Bakhos cannot improve and doubles Williams up to 215,000 in chips. Bakhos still has plenty, now on a break with around 450,000.

4.45pm: Break it up 

The remaining 80 players are now on a 20-minute break.

4.30pm: The 300 club

Charlie Bakhos – 480,000
David Sebesfi – 360,000
Errolyn Strang – 345,000
John Caridad – 340,000
Alexander “AJ” Antonios – 340,000
David Sanis – 320,000
Chris Yu – 320,000
James Camilleri – 300,000

4.15pm: Déjà vu 

We’re getting a serious sense of déjà vu watching Charlie Bakhos sitting on top of the leaderboard.

Twelve months ago at this exact moment – midway through Level 13 of the 2014 Star Summer Series main Event – the chip leader was none other than Bakhos with 395,000!

Bakhos actually fell short of the money last year by just two spots – eliminated at the hands of Dean Blatt who is also still in contention this year and sitting at the very next table!

4.10pm: Bakhos nearing half a million!

Adam Ratten opened to 6,000 and chip leader Charlie Bakhos (pictured) 3bet to 20,000. Ratten then shoved for another 85,000 and Bakhos called.

Ratten was in great shape for a double up with QQ against the TT of Bakhos as the flop came K33, but a T on the turn changed all of that – sending Ratten to the rail and even more chips Bakhos’ way.

He is now up to 470,000.

4.05pm: Almost time for 9-handed

Play has been 10-handed so far this morning, but is scheduled to go 9-handed once there are 81 players remaining. There are currently 90 players remaining.

3.55pm: Bakhos like a yoyo

In pre-flop action, Jamal Ishac announced he was all-in for his remaining 30,000 which Charlie Bakhos called, tabling JJ. Ishac showed AsQs and was happy to see two spades come on the flop and another on the turn to take down the hand and double up in the process. Ishac moveds to 80,000 while Bakhos dropped to 250,000.

Bakhos was then involved in another hand soon after where he bet the 672 flop blind, with two callers. There were continuation bets on the turn 2 and river 3, raising the pot up to 100,000. To the disgust of Bakhos’ opponent, who had two pair with 63, Bakhos rolled over KK for a bigger two pair.

So after all of that, Bakhos moves back to 350,000.

3.55pm: Hia higher

Christine Hia was crippled earlier – down to just 7,000 in chips after clashing with Trevor Saunders – but she has since staged an impressive recovery to move back up to around 70,000.

Moments ago she ended Henry Sun’s tournament with AK v JJ, hitting a K on the turn to continue her recovery.

3.45pm: Blinds are up

Blinds are up to 1,200/2,400 with a 400 ante.

3.40pm: Double figures

We’re approaching three hours worth of play so far today and the number of players remaining has just dipped under 100 with 99 still in contention.

3.35pm: Two more big stacks

Alexander “AJ” Antonis and David Sebesfi are both making waves here on Day 2 as they join the “300” club.

We caught “AJ” involved in a big pot a few moments ago that saw him re-raising Giuliano Nobili’s 12,700 flop bet to 28,600 on a 3d8s9s board. Sam Vakili called, as did Nobili.

The turn was a Jd and “AJ” shoved for around 200,000 when checked to. Both opponents folded.

While that hand was playing out, Sebesfi sauntered over to inform us he was up to 350,000 after rivering the nut flush to stack another opponent.

3.25pm: Strang strikes

Errolyn Strang (pictured) is sitting behind a huge stack of around 300,000 thanks to a recent hand played against Toby Giles. As Strang explained, she opened the button with 77 and was 3-bet by Toby Giles from the blinds who held Q2. The flop fell a perfect 722 which ultimately saw a big pot develop – Guiles check-shoving the river only to discover the bad news.

Strang, who won the 2011 Sydney Championships Main Event here at The Star, is now in great shape to take aim at another major title.

3.10pm: Collecting his Trevor trove

Trevor Saunders (pictured) has just won a big pot at the expense of Christine Hia to move to around 180,000 in chips and leave Hia on life support.

It began with Hia opening to 4,000 and Saunders calling. Martin Rowe then squeezed to 15,000 with both players coming along for the ride. The flop came KT6 and Hia checked to Saunders who bet 20,000. Rowe folded but Hia shipped.

Saunders called with QJ for the up and down straight draw while Hia was slightly ahead holding JT. The 4 on the turn was safe for Hia but not the A on the river as she was left with just 7,000.

2.55pm: Chip counts

Charlie Bakhos – 290,000
David Sanis – 285,000
David Sebesfi – 275,000
Jimmy Tran – 260,000
Ronald Bean – 240,000
Sam Vakili – 230,000
Jazz Mathers – 230,000
John Caridad – 220,000
Daniel Laidlaw – 215,000
James Camilleri – 190,000
Luca Borreggine – 185,000
David Gorr – 170,000

2.45pm: Blinds up

Players have returned from their short break to face Level 12 where blinds are 1000/2000 with an ante of 300. 108 players remain.

2.35pm: Break time

Players are now on their first 10-minute break of the day.

2.30pm: Jazz hands

Jazz Mathers (pictured) endured a brutal day yesterday and did well just to make it through with 25,000 remaining, however he has been on a bit of a heater since taking his seat today and just scored a massive double to soar over 200,000.

The hand began with Duy Quoc Vu opening to 3,200 and receiving one caller. Mathers then squeezed, only for Vu to come back over the top with a 4-bet. Mathers quickly shipped his remaining 74,000 to send Vu deep into the tank.

He eventually called with TT and found himself racing against the AQ of Mathers. Vu was one card from scoring the knockout as the board came K45K but a Q on the river changed all of that and knocked him back down to 90,000.

Mathers is up to 230,000.

2.10pm: Payouts

1st – $173,250
2nd – $110,200
3rd – $61,680
4th – $47,820
5th – $38,460
6th – $31,530
7th – $24,600
8th – $19,060
9th – $14,200
10-12 – $9,700
13-15 – $7,970
16-18 – $6,930
19-21 – $6,235
22-24 – $5,545
25-27 – $4,850
28-30 – $4,160
31-34 – $3,810
35-40 – $3,465

1.50pm: Sebesfi crushes another

David Sebesfi (pictured) has made a habit of eliminating players whenever we catch him playing a hand and he has done it again to soar to 240,000 early on Day 2.

The action heated up on a 62K flop with Peter Robertson getting a little too excited with AA and running into the 66 of Sebesfi.

There would be no miracle A to save the day as Robertson was sent to the rail.

1.40pm: Spargo on the go

Marty Spargo (pictured) has been busy early today and has seen his stack grow to 230,000. He busted an opponent a few moments ago, firing out a massive river bet on a four-heart board and showing the nut flush when eventually called.

1.35pm: Level up

We’re one level into today’s play with the last hour having seen 232 players hit the rail.

We’re down to 122 remaining with blinds now at 900/1,800 with a 200 ante.

1.25pm: Attenborough busted

Short-stacked, Adrian Attenborough (pictured) pushed all-in pre-flop and received a call from Ben Phillips. Attenborough would need some help as he tabled Kc10c to Phillips’ KK. The board didn’t help Attenborough and he hits the rail.

Phillips has 75,000 in chips.

1.20pm: Karamalikis cruising

Jonathan Karamalikis (pictured) opened in the cutoff and Pratik Mehta shoved from the small blind for his remaining 20,000. Karamalikis called with AJ to find himself ahead of Mehta’s 9T.

There was plenty of sweating to do, however, with the board running out 8TJ9A with Karamalikis eventually getting there to send Mehta to the rail.

JK is up to 150,000.

1.10pm: The Wright stuff

We caught the action on the turn with the board reading 3A6K anda bet of 5,000 in front of Shivan Abdine. Nichloas Wright then re-raised to 15,000 with Abdine making the call.

The river was a T and this time Wright announced he was all-in for his remaining 35,000. Abdine tanked and eventually made the call but mucked when Wright showed A3.

Wright moves to just over 100,000 with that hand while Abdine drops to 30,000.

12.50pm: Can you beat quad Aces?

2011 Aussie Millions champion David Gorr (pictured) has scored a bug double-up early on at the expense of Ben Phillips.

The action began with Gorr opening to 3,100 and Phillips 3-betting to 6,000. Gorr then raised to 25,000 and Phillips shoved. Gorr snap-called with AA to be in great shape against the KK of Phillips – and it got better as he proceeded to flop quads!

He is up to 160,000 while the unlucky Phillips is down to 25,000.

 12.45pm: Damelian dusted

Robert Damelian is our first casualty of the day, getting it in with KQ on a KJ5 flop only to run into the KK of Michael Levy.

Levy is up to 130,000.

12.35pm: Hall doubles on first hand

On the very first hand of the day, Bruce Hall (pictured) announced he was all-in for his remaining 38,500 on a T92 flop. Rafe Aman made the call with T9 but Hall had a lock on the hand with TT!

Aman takes an early hit to drop to 100,000 while Hall is off to a great start as he doubles to around 80,000!

12.30pm: Cards are in the air!

Poker manager Stephen Ibrahim has announced “Shuffle up and deal” and we are underway!

12.25pm: All set for Day 2 

Welcome back to PokerMedia Australia and our coverage of the 2015 Star Summer Series Main Event. Today sees 145 players return all eyeing a spot on the final table and, hopefully, a shot at the top prize.

Players are in the process of taking their seats for what promises to be a long day as we aim to reach the final nine.

Ironically, although the 385 players who started this year’s event represents a significant increase on last year, there are actually three fewer here for Day 2 than the 148 who made it this far in 2014.

Blinds start at 700/1,400 with a 200 ante.

The top 20 chip counts ahead of Day 2 play are as follows:

Charlie Bakhos 9 10 364800
Ronald Bean 8 3 222000
Sam Vakili 12 10 208700
Daniel Laidlaw 10 2 194700
Christopher Ozer 7 8 192400
Alexander Antonios 12 9 187500
John Caridad 13 3 186600
Jimmy Tran 8 5 175300
James Camilleri 3 9 154800
Junqiu Lin 4 4 154000
Vincent Chua 11 10 153100
Marty Spargo 12 2 152300
Trevor Saunders 10 6 149000
David Sebesfi 9 4 144800
Arrin Gardiner 9 7 143600
Michael Seymour 6 5 141800
Luca Borreggine 6 1 141300
Rafe Aman 12 1 139900
Mladen Avramovski 9 3 128900
Ricky Lim 1 9 128400

The following outlines the remaining 145 players by name:

Last Name First Name Table Seat Chip Count
Abdellatif Ahmed 11 4 116000
Abdine Shivan 4 1 83100
Agius Silvana 7 2 91300
Alvaro Joseph 1 6 73000
Aman Rafe 12 1 139900
Antonios Alexander 12 9 187500
Arbabi Kiavash 2 4 46400
Aston Anthony 5 6 50300
Attenborough Adrian 5 1 34200
Avramovski Mladen 9 3 128900
Bakhos Charlie 9 10 364800
Behzad Seyed 2 6 63000
Benda Martin 9 6 86400
Bicher Nicolae 8 6 75200
Blatt Dean 2 5 90700
Blight Craig 13 1 35100
Borreggine Luca 6 1 141300
Bouskila Michel 10 5 69300
Camilleri James 3 9 154800
Caridad John 13 3 186600
Chahine Simon 2 9 69100
Chambers David 8 8 67600
Chatry Pramesh 7 3 25100
Chong Jamang 14 8 63200
Chua Vincent 11 10 153100
Cook Kishen 12 5 52100
Damelian Robert 7 5 55300
Davy Michael 14 6 53100
Dharmasaputra Theodore 1 5 68200
Doodson Michael 6 10 53300
Duerkop Patrick 14 4 35300
Edgtton Nabil 14 2 108700
Elazzi Milad 2 7 57200
Eliesen Stephen 2 3 76000
English Tim 3 2 80000
Filipopoulos William 3 8 71000
Forrester Barry 4 3 43200
Fox Dave 11 5 46200
Gamerov Jonathan 8 10 28900
Gardiner Arrin 9 7 143600
Ghobrial Jimmy 6 7 60200
Giles Tobias 1 4 96000
Gillespie Terry 13 2 61100
Glennon Jarrod 5 4 32000
Gorr Samuel 5 10 70800
Green Steven John 6 3 66100
Green-gibson Vince 14 9 88050
Hall Bruce 12 7 38500
Hansimikali Manuel 5 7 34200
Hettinger Timo 10 9 73000
Hia Christine 15 1 76200
Ho Michael 8 2 98000
Ishac Jamal 1 7 95200
Jocic Bane 8 7 44600
Johnston Brian 1 3 35600
Kambouroglou Antonis 12 3 114400
Kambouroglou George 15 7 39700
Karamalikis Jonathan 11 6 111800
Karroobee Abbas 11 3 74500
Kashyap Nauvneel 6 8 99400
Kersnovske Kieron 15 6 80800
Khouiss Samir 10 4 76500
Kondevski Todor 11 7 35800
Kristek Roman 15 9 18000
Kyriakou Michael 8 4 110500
Lai Darwin 13 4 63400
Laidlan Daniel 10 2 194700
Lambert Julius 11 8 44150
Lattacher Myles 1 8 126000
Lee Jack 10 3 29900
Lee Hun Wei 14 3 36800
Legg Anthony 15 4 71100
Levy Michael 7 10 113300
Liddell Marc 4 5 34000
Likoudis Erik 3 1 95000
Lim Ricky 1 9 128400
Lin Junqiu 4 4 154000
Lockwood Blake 2 8 39300
Machaalani Mark 12 6 55400
Maclean David 15 3 127700
Mansour-seperghan Ramin 9 5 25200
Mathers Jazz 4 8 26600
Matsioukkou Michael 7 4 63800
Matthews Mark 2 1 35200
Mayar Michael 14 5 64800
Mcguire James 15 5 48000
Mcnulty John 11 2 27500
Mehta Pratik 11 9 32100
Michael Andrew 4 7 56200
Miller Andrew 15 8 29700
Moaref Emad 3 5 44600
Moffitt John 10 1 101400
Moss Anthony 7 9 33600
Nakhoul John 13 9 20300
Namrood Rined 6 2 47700
Nasiry Mohammad 10 8 37700
Natoli Peter 3 10 51400
Neave Oliver 1 2 26600
Nguyen Minh Hau 13 8 73900
Nobili Guiliano 12 8 77400
O’brien Jason 4 2 75300
Oquena Victor 2 2 59600
Ozer Christopher 7 8 192400
Parnell Ian Andrew 9 1 63400
Phillips Ben 5 5 110700
Pie Christina 3 6 73200
Pritchard Jason 5 9 58000
Purdue Aaron 3 3 57200
Quattrone Anthony 3 4 84500
Ratten Adam 9 8 105500
Robertson Peter 9 2 76500
Rowe Martin 15 2 90600
Sama Tony 6 9 127200
Sanis David 11 1 124000
Sarkis Jason 5 8 80000
Satchithananthan Jehan 7 6 57900
Saunders Trevor 10 6 149000
Scicchitano Angelo 13 6 29300
Sebesfi David 9 4 144800
Segre Lior 8 1 29600
Seymour Michael 6 5 141800
Spargo Marty 12 2 152300
Srejic Goran 10 7 37700
Steindl Sam 14 1 96900
Stojanovski Peco 5 3 47200
Sun Henry (hong Yi) 10 10 29800
Szmelcer Henry 13 10 70800
Tran Jimmy 8 5 175300
Truong Tam 6 4 48200
Tzakis George 14 7 15800
Urso Candido 7 1 90300
Vakili Sam 12 10 208700
Vu Duy Quoc 4 6 92200
Wai Leo 5 2 84500
Webster Paul 8 9 85500
Wei Li 13 5 83600
Willcocks Phillip 13 7 76500
Williams Nick 9 9 86000
Wright Nicholas 4 9 78500
X Unknown 6 6 32400
X Unknown 7 7 125100
X Unknown 8 3 222000
Xu Yi Ze 1 1 25200
Younan Hassib 12 4 47800
Yu Guang Yan 3 7 113800

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