2015 Sydney Championships – Sydney Championships Main Event $3000 / Day 3 / Final Table

Jee gets it done

On a board of Kh Jd 9s 4h, Yusuf Dib bet 300,000 into a building pot. Ben Jee (pictured) called. An 8h came on the river. Dib considered his options for a moment before confidently moving all-in for his remaining 1.9m in chips. Jee became a little unsettled, clearly wanting to call. He muttered that he probably can’t get away here. He eventually called and turned over Kd 8c, having hit two pair on the river. Dib tabled Ks 4d, a little frustrated in the river card, having the smaller two pair.

With that, Yusuf Dib goes out in 2nd place ($127,855) and Ben Jee is crowned the new Sydney Championships Main Event champion!

Thanks for following along with our coverage over the Sydney Championships and particularly the Main Event. We look forward to bringing you more poker coverage soon.

Main Event Payouts:


1 $200,634.00 Benjamin Jee
2 $127,855.00 Yusuf Dib
3 $71,995.00 Adam Hamkin
4 $56,256.00 Sam Steindl
5 $46,028.00 Tony Kambouroglou
6 $38,160.00 Ismail Ismail
7 $29,898.00 Charbel Boustani
8 $24,391.00 Ricardo Faura
9 $18,096.00 Duy Quoc Vu
10 $11,802.00 Peter Matusik
11 $11,802.00 Michael Fraser
12 $11,802.00 Henry Szmelcer
13 $10,228.00 Adam Ratten
14 $10,228.00 Mathew Rolfe
15 $10,228.00 Sammy Lucisano
16 $9,048.00 Nick Williams
17 $9,048.00 Guang Yan Yu
18 $9,048.00 Nicholas Roth
19 $7,868.00 Minh Nguyen
20 $7,868.00 Tien Pham
21 $7,868.00 Constantin Stanciu
22 $7,081.00 Leo Wai
23 $7,081.00 Ian Parnell
24 $7,081.00 David Chambers
25 $6,294.00 Cheng-en Lee
26 $6,294.00 Tony Kondevski
27 $6,294.00 Corey Kempson
28 $5,508.00 Nathan Gubieski
29 $5,508.00 Jim Psaros
30 $5,508.00 Simon Merritt

Jee dominating

Ben Jee is now using his stack to his advantage. He’s now up near 7m in chips whilst Yusuf Dib continues to go backwards, on 1.4m. We heard Dib mentioned to Jee, “don’t worry, it’ll be over soon.” Jee chuckled, hoping he will be right!

Things switch

Yusuf Dib has turned it around a little recently, building on his lead. This time though, on a board of Qh 2c 9c, Dib bet 150,000, Ben Jee re-raised to 425,000 in total, Dib thought for a while before announcing all-in, Jee snap-called. Dib tabled Qd 4h and Jee 10c Jc. The turn was a 5h and the river…a 5c, for Jee to double up to 5.8m. Dib drops back to 2.6m.

Dib stays ahead

Ben Jee has been chipping away at Yusuf Dib (pictured) since returning from the break. However, Dib takes down a nice pot this time. After a pre-flop re-raise from Jee of 240,000 which Dib calls, a flop comes 4c 5s 8c. Jee fires out 200,000 and Dib calls. The turn is a 5d. Jee bets 260,000 this time, Dib calls. The river is a Qh. Jee slows down, checking. Dib this time announces a bet of 600,000. After some deliberation, Jee folds. Jee now has 3.7m to Dib 4.7m in chips.

Break time

The gents are on a 15-minute break. Yusuf Dib has 4.5m in chips while Ben Jee has 3m. When they return they will enter level 26 where blinds will be 25000/50000 with an ante of 5000.

Hamkin out in 3rd place ($71,995)

On a board of A A 5 K 8, Yusuf Dib bet into the pot, Adam Hamkin (pictured) re-raised all-in and Dib called, having him covered. Hamkin tabled K-3 to Dib’s K-Q, ending Hamkin’s tournament.

Heads-up play will now begin between Dib and Ben Jee. Dib has 5m in chips while Jee has 3.5m.

Steindl exits in 4th place ($56,256)


In pre-flop action, Sam Steidle (pictured) was all-in with his tournament life on the line against Yusuf Dib. Steindl held 8-8 and Dib A-K. The board ran out Q A 2 3 Q to award the hand to Dib, sending Steindl to the rail in a well-deserved 4th place. Current chip counts are:

Yusuf Dib 3,500,000 2,100,000
Benjamin Jee 3,500,000 1500000
Adam Hamkin 1,350,000 -950,000

Tony Kambouroglou finishes in 5th place ($46,028)

Tony K (pictured) shoved in mid-position to 560,000. It folded around to Sam Steindl in the big blind who instantly called. Steindl showed Q-Q to Tony K’s 2-2. The flop came down Qh 7h 10h 6h 5c to send the pot to Steindl and see Tony K make his exit. Steindl jumps back up to 1.4m in chips.

Monster pot

On a board showing 8h Ac 7c 2d, action erupted on the final table (compared to much of this level). Yusuf Dib bet 150,000, Tony Kambouroglou responded with a raise to 500,000, and Dib tanked for a while before moving all-in. Tony K snap-called and Dib rolled over As Ah, Tony K 7-7 for the lesser set. The river was a 3s sending a massive double to Dib and crippling Tony K, now down to 420,000. Dib takes over the lead with 2.9m in chips.

Chip counts:


Adam Hamkin 2,300,000 -225,000
Benjamin Jee 2,000,000 400000
Tony Kambouroglou 1,800,000 -235,000
Yusuf Dib 1,400,000 260,000
Sam Steindl 830,000 -265,000

Shuffling the chips around

While the players continue to shuffle the chips between themselves, we thought we’d display part of the new poker room and the space where the final table is being held. As you can see above, the final table is being televised on the big screen and a number of smaller screens around the room. The Star have also erected a viewing area where people can watch the table and the screen as the action takes place. We think it looks great!

Blinds are up

During the break a deal has been discussed. Perhaps this will continue to keep things moving given they all have over 1m in chips. When play starts again they will enter level 24 where blinds will be 15000/30000 with an ante of 5000.

Call for Mr. Fix-it

Players are currently on another 10-minute break while they look to fix the automatic shuffle machine in the table. The current chips counts are as follows:

Adam Hamkin 2,525,000 -297,000
Tony Kambouroglou 2,035,000 335,000
Benjamin Jee 1,600,000 410000
Yusuf Dib 1,140,000 735,000
Sam Steindl 1,095,000 -35,000

Issy finishes in 6th place ($38,160)

All the chips went into the middle on the river after a board of 4h 3c 5c 2d 4s. Ben Jee had 3s 4d while Ismail Ismail (pictured) had A-6. Jee wins the hand and moves up to 1.7m in chips.

Dib scores the double elimination

In the very next hand after Vu was eliminated, Tony Kambouroglou again raises to 60,000. Charbel Boustani moves all-in for 218,000, as does Ricardo Faura for 168,000, and so too Yusuf Dib for 389,000. Tony K folds A-Q face up and we see the cards. Boustani has Jd Jh, Faura 9s 9c and Dib Ac Kh. The board comes 3d 10d 10s Kc Ks to award the win to Dib who knocks out both opponents.

Faura is out in 8th place ($24,391) and Boustani 7th ($29,898).

Vu finishes in 9th place ($18,096)

In one of the first hands of the final table, Tony Kambouroglou raises to 60,000, Adam Hamkin calls and Duy Quoc Vu (pictured) pushes all-in for his remaining 250,000. Tony K decides to call while Hamkin gets out of the way. Tony K tables J-J to Vu’s 6c 6h. The board comes J 9 9 K 5 to knock Vu out of the tournament.

Here’s proof


The fine gents at the final table

Final table chip counts:

Adam Hamkin 2,822,000 122,000
Tony Kambouroglou 1,700,000 400,000
Benjamin Jee 1,190,000 130000
Sam Steindl 1,130,000 450,000
Ismail Ismail 489,000 314,000
Yusuf Dib 405,000 -595,000
Duy Quoc Vu 286,000 -264,000
Charbel Boustani 234,000 24,000
Ricardo Faura 220,000 -95,000

Payouts to date:

10 $11,802.00 Peter Matusik
11 $11,802.00 Michael Fraser
12 $11,802.00 Henry Szmelcer
13 $10,228.00 Adam Ratten
14 $10,228.00 Mathew Rolfe
15 $10,228.00 Sammy Lucisano
16 $9,048.00 Nick Williams
17 $9,048.00 Guang Yan Yu
18 $9,048.00 Nicholas Roth
19 $7,868.00 Minh Nguyen
20 $7,868.00 Tien Pham
21 $7,868.00 Constantin Stanciu
22 $7,081.00 Leo Wai
23 $7,081.00 Ian Parnell
24 $7,081.00 David Chambers
25 $6,294.00 Cheng-en Lee
26 $6,294.00 Tony Kondevski
27 $6,294.00 Corey Kempson
28 $5,508.00 Nathan Gubieski
29 $5,508.00 Jim Psaros
30 $5,508.00 Simon Merritt

And there she blows

Peter Matusik’s tournament ends in 10th place as the final table is now set. Matusik had his remaining 24,000 in chips in the middle when Ismail Ismail isolated him, raising to 61,000, holding Ks Qh. Matusik’s 8d 3d blanked out as the board ran out Jh 10h 4c Kh 4h.

Players are now on another 10-minute break ahead of the final table beginning.

Final table looms

The final table of nine players is likely not far away as Ismail Ismail destroys Peter Matusik. Ismail held K-9 to Matusik’s A-Q but when a king hit on the flop, Matusik was left crippled with only 27,000 in chips. Ismail is up to 400,000.

Boustani doubles again

Charbel Boustani has doubled through Peter Matusik when his K-K stayed ahead of Matusik’s A-K when all-in pre-flop. Boustani stays alive with 300,000 in chips while Matusik drops to 355,000.

Final table bubble

Ismail Ismail started the action by raising to 61,000. Adam Hamkin re-raised to 150,000 and Michael Fraser shoved for his remaining 334,000. Ismail got out of the way but Hamkin calls, tabling black tens. Fraser rolls over A-K but gets no help from the board as it runs out 5 4 5 3 4. This ends Fraser’s Day 3 roller-coaster ride in 11th place for $11,802. Hamkin continues to accumulate the chips, now with 2.7m.

Blinds are up

Another blind level has concluded. Players are now beginning level 23 where blinds are 12000/24000 with an ante of 4000. 11 players still remain.

Kings are good

On a flop of J 7 8 Sam Steindl and Yusuf Dib find themselves all-in. Steindl has K-K to Dib’s A-9. The turn and river are both twos, awarding the pot to Steindl who moves up to 1.23m in chips. Dib drops to 360,000.

Latest chip counts:

Adam Hamkin 1,970,000 1,115,000
Tony Kambouroglou 1,300,000 400,000
Benjamin Jee 1,060,000 375000
Yusuf Dib 1,000,000 80,000
Peter Matusik 735,000 280,000
Sam Steindl 680,000 -360,000
Duy Quoc Vu 550,000 275,000
Michael Fraser 370,000 -930,000
Ricardo Faura 315,000 75,000
Charbel Boustani 210,000 40,000
Ismail Ismail 175,000 -375,000

Ratten railed

Adam Ratten (pictured) pushed all-in with his pocket sixes and was called by Yusuf Dib with pocket queens. The board didn’t help Ratten, falling 7 10 Q J 10 to send him out in 13th place for $10,228. Dib now moves up to 880,000 in chips.

In other recent news, Henry Szmelcer has had his tournament ended by ‘Toothpick’ Tony Kambouroglou. Szmelcer held Ks 8s to Tony K’s A-K. The board ran out 6 10 K 6 9 to knock Szmelcer out in 12th position for $11,802. Tony K now has 1.3m in chips.

Big stacks meet

Adam Hamkin initially raised to 75,000, Michael Fraser pushed it up to 175,000 to which Hamkin moved all-in for 895,000. Fraser made the call, tabling Q-Q to Hamkin’s Ah Kc. The board ran out 5c Ks 10d 3d 4s to make it count for Hamkin who takes over the lead with 1.8m in chips. Fraser drops back down to 620,000.

Szmelcer’s time to double

Henry Szmelcer has doubled through Adam Ratten when his K-Q beat out Ratten’s pocket jacks as the board came 9s Ks Ad 7c 8s. Szmelcer moves to 500,000 in chips while Ratten drops down to 270,000.

Rolfe out in 14th

Matt Rolfe (pictured) pushed all-in for his remaining 150,000 and received the call from Michael Fraser. Rolfe tabled Ac Qh to Fraser’s two black sevens. The board failed to hit anything for Rolfe, running out 10 2 6 10 6 and ending his tournament for $10,228.

Blinds are up

The players have returned from their short break to face level 22 where blinds are 10000/20000 with an ante of 3000.

Break time

Players are on their first break of the day for 10 minutes. 14 players still remain. The current chip counts are:

Michael Fraser 1,300,000 100,000
Sam Steindl 1,040,000 318,000
Yusuf Dib 920,000 140,000
Tony Kambouroglou 900,000 -150,000
Adam Hamkin 855,000 65,000
Benjamin Jee 685,000 140000
Adam Ratten 550,000 250,000
Ismail Ismail 550,000 270,000
Peter Matusik 455,000 -265,000
Duy Quoc Vu 275,000 45,000
Henry Szmelcer 265,000 0
Ricardo Faura 240,000 -55,000
Mathew Rolfe 193,000 -77,000
Charbel Boustani 170,000 50,000

A bit of action

On a flop of 3h 7h Kh, Matt Rolfe made it 25,000, Peter Matusik called, Michael Fraser popped it to 100,000, Rolfe got out of the way, Matusik shoves for his remaining chips and Fraser calls. Matusik tables Ah Kc up against Fraser’s Jc Qh. The turn card is a 5d, the river a 3c. With that Matusik stays alive, moving to 520,000 in chips, while Fraser has 1.17m.

Rolfe in jeopardy

Matt Rolfe was all-in pre-flop for his remaining 155,000 in chips with Jh Jd up against Adam Hamkin’s Ad Qs. The board ran out 3h Jc 3d 9d 2h to double up Rolfe to 330,000. Hamkin is still in decent shape with 780,000 in chips.

Another player falls

Sammy Lucisano (pictured) opened for 55,000, Yusuf Dib calls and Ben Jee moves all-in for 320,000. Lucisano calls and Dib folds. Jee tables Qs Qc while Lucisano shows Ad Kd. The board runs out 2 J 3 Q K to knock Lucisano out in 15th place for $10,228. Jee now has 680,000 in chips.

Bound to happen

With regular shoving from the short stacks, it was bound to happen that someone would get covered. Sam Steindl and Nick Williams (pictured) were at it again when Steindl raised it up to 35,000, Williams going all-in for his remaining 109,000, and Steindl calling. Williams tabled Ah 10h to Steindl’s Ad Jd. The board came Qh 2c 5c Qs 7h to knock Williams out of the tournament in 16th place for $9048. Steindl moves back up to 1.04m in chips.

Shorties keep it interesting

The short stacks are getting their chips into the middle and coming up trumps at the moment. In most recent action, Sammy Lucisano shoved pre-flop for his remaining 103,000 in chips and was called by Sam Steindl. Lucisano tabled As Ks to Steindl’s 9d 10d. The board ran out 9s Qd Kh 2h 4s to double Lucisano up to 270,000 in chips. Steindl still has plenty, sitting on 900,000, having taken all but about 100,000 of Nick Williams’ chips when he rivered a flush.

Boustani now doubles

A short stacked Charbel Boustani pushed all-in and was called by Ricardo Faura. Boustani turned over As Ad to Faura’s Ac Ks. The board was no help to Faura who doubles Boustani up to 230,000 in chips. Faura drops to 200,000.

Ratten doubles

In pre-flop action, Adam Ratten raised to 26,000, Ben Jee moved all-in over the top, which Ratten snap-called. Ratten tabled Ah As to Jee’s 9s 9c. The board ran out Jd 7d 6h Kc 10h to double up Ratten to 620,000 in chips, while Jee now has 320,000.

Latest chip counts:

Michael Fraser 1,200,000 0
Tony Kambouroglou 1,050,000 -50,000
Adam Hamkin 790,000 190,000
Yusuf Dib 780000 278,000
Sam Steindl 722,000 157,000
Peter Matusik 720,000 -223,000
Nick Williams 570,000 395,000
Benjamin Jee 545,000 79000
Adam Ratten 300,000 -60,000
Ricardo Faura 295,000 153,000
Ismail Ismail 280,000 125,000
Mathew Rolfe 270,000 72,000
Henry Szmelcer 265,000 87,000
Duy Quoc Vu 230,000 -73,000
Sammy Lucisano 180,000 -9,000
Guang Yan Yu 135,000 -218,000
Charbel Boustani 120,000 -265,000

Roth continues southward


Nicholas Roth (pictured) has continued to lose chips, open shoving this time for 154,000. ‘Toothpick’ Tony Kambouroglou calls tabling Kh Kc while Roth rolls over Ac 7h. The board runs out 9d 3s Jd 5c Qs to knock Roth out of the tournament in 18th place for $9048. Tony K moves up to 1.1m in chips.

Jee pops Nguyen

Minh Nguyen was all-in holding Ks 10h when Ben Jee decided to call with Ah Kh. The board ran out J A A 9 10 to knock Nguyen out in 19th place for $7868.

Fraser powers to the lead

Michael Fraser has taken over the chip lead after taking a 400k pot from Matt Rolfe on a board of 6 2 A 2 6. No cards were seen. Fraser jumps up to 1,200,000 in chips.

When two blinds go to war

Nick Williams has doubled through Nicholas Roth when Williams woke up with A-A in the big blind and Roth with K-K in the small blind. With the money all-in pre-flop, the board ran out Qs 6c 5h 5s 3d to double up Williams to 500,000, while Roth keeps dropping, now down to 200,000 in chips.

Recent eliminations

Constantin Stanciu (pictured) has been eliminated in 21st place at the hands of Matt Rolfe. Stanciu was all-in on a board of 5 2 3 J A with 3-7 but Rolfe could do slightly better, turning over 5-6.

The tournament is also over for Tien Pham who hits the rail in 20th place. Pham was all-in with A-10 but Sam Steindl woke up with Q-Q. On a jack-high board, Pham can’t improve and Steindl delivered the knockout.

Roth takes a hit

Adam Hamkin has doubled through Nicholas Roth, as he turned over Kh Js for two pair after the river card, with a board of Jc 6h 8d Kd 7h. Hamkin moves up to 600,000 in chips while Roth drops to 500,000.

Current level

Play is underway with players entering level 20 where blinds are 6000/12000 with an ante of 2000. The average chip stack is just over 400,000, with 7 of the 21 players starting with that amount or greater (see starting stacks in initial post below).

Welcome back

We’re back in the Star Poker room with play about to resume in the $3000 Main Event, where 21 players remain. There were 281 runners across two Day 1 Flights, which generated a prize pool of $786,000. Play will continue today until a winner is crowned. The final 30 players have made the money with payouts as follows. We hope you enjoy the coverage today.

1 $200,634.00
2 $127,855.00
3 $71,995.00
4 $56,256.00
5 $46,028.00
6 $38,160.00
7 $29,898.00
8 $24,391.00
9 $18,096.00
10 $11,802.00
11 $11,802.00
12 $11,802.00
13 $10,228.00
14 $10,228.00
15 $10,228.00
16 $9,048.00
17 $9,048.00
18 $9,048.00
19 $7,868.00
20 $7,868.00
21 $7,868.00
22 $7,081.00 Leo Wai
23 $7,081.00 Ian Parnell
24 $7,081.00 David Chambers
25 $6,294.00 Cheng-en Lee
26 $6,294.00 Tony Kondevski
27 $6,294.00 Corey Kempson
28 $5,508.00 Nathan Gubieski
29 $5,508.00 Jim Psaros
30 $5,508.00 Simon Merritt

Play will resume at 12.30pm from The Star poker room. Chip counts going into the final day are:

Peter Matusik 943,000
Tony Kambouroglou 931,000
Michael Fraser 859,000
Nicholas Roth 768,000
Sam Steindl 565,000
Yusuf Dib 502,000
Benjamin Jee 466,000
Charbel Boustani 385,000
Adam Ratten 360,000
Guang Yan Yu 353,000
Duy Quoc Vu 303,000
Minh Nguyen 290,000
Constantin Stanciu 232,000
Mathew Rolfe 198,000
Sammy Lucisano 189,000
Tien Pham 188,000
Adam Hamkin 185,000
Henry Szmelcer 178,000
Nick Williams 175,000
Ismail Ismail 155,000
Ricardo Faura 142,000

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