2015 Sydney Championships – Sydney Championships Main Event $3000 / Day 2

End of Day 2 chip counts:

Peter Matusik 943,000 383,000
Tony Kambouroglou 931,000 1,000
Michael Fraser 859,000 359,000
Nicholas Roth 768,000 88,000
Sam Steindl 565,000 205,000
Yusuf Dib 502,000 242,000
Benjamin Jee 466,000 266000
Charbel Boustani 385,000
Adam Ratten 360,000
Guang Yan Yu 353,000 -7,000
Duy Quoc Vu 303,000 -7,000
Minh Nguyen 290,000 -360,000
Constantin Stanciu 232,000 -588,000
Mathew Rolfe 198,000 69,000
Sammy Lucisano 189,000 -36,000
Tien Pham 188,000 -12,000
Adam Hamkin 185,000
Henry Szmelcer 178,000
Nick Williams 175,000 -130,000
Ismail Ismail 155,000 46,000
Ricardo Faura 142,000 -98,000

Play will resume at 12.30pm tomorrow where we will play down to a winner. Join us again then for all the action.

A call has been made

Level 19 is approaching its final 10 minutes and tournament organisers have decided to come back tomorrow to play down to a winner. Ian Parnell has recently been eliminated in 23rd place, as too has Leo Wai in 22nd, both for $7081. Therefore, those remaining will play their last three hands of the night and bag up their chips.

Doubling helps

Michael Fraser has doubled through Constantin Stanciu in back-to-back hands to elevate his stack to 500,000. Stanciu still has a healthy stack with 820,000 in chips.

Toothpick takes a chunk

Tony Kambouroglou raised in late position to 26,000, receiving one caller in the big blind, Yusuf Dib. The flop came 5d 7d Qc. Tony K continued for 35,000 which Dib quickly called. 5h appeared on the turn. This time Tony K bet 65,000 which Dib again quickly called. The river was a 4h and after Dib’s third check in a row, Tony K took about 3-4 minutes and then pushed out a bet of 165,000. Dib tanked for a good 5 minutes before announcing call. Tony K triumphantly turned over two black fives for quads! He now moves to 920,000 in chips while Dib drops to 260,000.

In other recent news, Cheng-en Lee is out in 25th place for $6294 and David Chambers in 24th place for $7081 with an ill-timed bluff against Constantin Stanciu. Stanciu is the first player over the million mark, now with 1,060,000 in chips.

Break time

Players have been on a 10-minute break and have now returned to face level 19 where blinds are 5000/10000 with an ante of 1000.

Chip counts towards the end of the level

Nicholas Roth 680,000 200,000
Minh Nguyen 650,000 20,000
Yusuf Dib 640,000 180,000
Peter Matusik 560,000 360,000
Tony Kambouroglou 520,000 100,000
Constantin Stanciu 465,000 -135,000
David Chambers 420,000 -100,000
Charbel Boustani 385,000 5,000
Sam Steindl 360,000 40,000
Adam Ratten 360,000 45,000
Guang Yan Yu 360,000 60,000
Leo Wai 316,000 -94,000
Duy Quoc Vu 310,000 10,000
Nick Williams 305,000 -15,000
Ricardo Faura 240,000 -10,000
Cheng-en Lee 226,000 -4000
Sammy Lucisano 225,000 -75,000
Michael Fraser 200,000
Benjamin Jee 200,000
Tien Pham 200,000
Adam Hamkin 185,000 5,000
Henry Szmelcer 178,000 3,000
Mathew Rolfe 129,000 -1,000
Ismail Ismail 109,000 -31,000
Ian Parnell 54,000 -16,000


Tony Kondevski has busted in 26th place for $6294 when, all-in as the short stack pre-flop, his kings were cracked by A-K after an ace spiked on the flop.

Kempson busts

Corey Kempson has been eliminated in 27th place for $6294. As a small stack, he got it all-in pre-flop with A-K and was called by Adam Hamkin with 5-5. The board ran out 9 10 4 2 8, providing no help to Kempson.

Seating redraw

With the bust of Nathan Gubieski in 28th place, players have redrawn for their new seats. Once all players have collected their chips they’ll move to their new homes as part of the final three tables.

Top chip counts:

Minh Nguyen 630,000 -70,000
David Chambers 520,000 -110,000
Nicholas Roth 480,000 130,000
Yusuf Dib 460,000 190,000
Tony Kambouroglou 420,000 100,000

Blinds keep moving

Now that the money has been made play has loosened up a little. With that brings some busts. Recent busts include Simon Merritt in 30th place and Jim Psaros in 29th, who was busted by Matt Rolfe. Both players min-cash for $5508.

Blinds are now up as play enters level 18 to 4000/8000 with an ante of 1000. The average chip stack at this stage is 300,000 in chips.

Money is made

With ten minutes left in level 17, Sailendra Sha shoved with A-J and was called by Tien Pham who had pocket kings. The board ran out 6 9 7 4 3 to unfortunately award Sha bubble boy status.

Nguyen making moves

Minh Nguyen (pictured) is taking advantage of the bubble situation and has grown his stack further, now up to 700,000 in chips.

Laidlaw leaves

Daniel Laidlaw has been eliminated in 32nd place when his A-J failed to improve against Adam Hamkin’s pocket sixes. Play is now hand for hand.


Edwin Ong has recently been eliminated so play is one from the money bubble. They have announced that on the bubble play will continue hand for hand.

Chip counts from the break:

David Chambers 630,000
Constantin Stanciu 600,000
Minh Nguyen 480,000
Leo Wai 410,000
Charbel Boustani 380,000
Nick Williams 320,000
Sam Steindl 320,000
Antonis Kambouroglou 320,000
Adam Ratten 315,000
Duy Quoc Vu 300,000
Sammy Lucisano 300,000
Yusuf Dib 270,000
Peter Matusik 200,000
Michael Fraser 200,000
Ismail Ismail 190,000
Jim Psaros 140,000
Mathew Rolfe 130,000
Corey Kempson 110,000
Tony Kondevski 102,000
Daniel Laidlaw 90,000
Ian Parnell 70000

Another break

Players are on a 10-minute break. 33 players still remain.

Solomon gone

Rick Soloman is out in 34th place, just short of the money, after running his pocket tens into Henry Szmelcer’s pocket kings.

Pham doubles approaching the bubble

Four players committed 12,500 each to see a flop of Qc Jd 7s. Tien Pham who was first to act checked, as did Yusuf Dib. The player in mid-position made it 23,000 to go, folding Adam Ratten on the button. Pham then pushed all-in for 79,500 in total, causing Dib to fold, while the mid-position player made the call, rolling over pocket kings. Pham tables Q-J for a flopped two pair, which held on the 9 turn and 8 river. Pham now has 180,000 in chips.

Steindl accumulating

Sam Steindl in mid-position raised to 10,000, Daniel Laidlaw makes the call, as does Tony Kondevski in the big blind. The flop comes 3d 6d Ks. Kondevski checks, Steindl makes it 18,000, Laidlaw calls and Kondevski folds. The turn card is a 9d, both players check. The river is a Kd at which point Steindl bets 26,000, causing Laidlaw to fold. This takes Steindl to 350,000 in chips while Laidlaw has 120,000.

Blinds are up

Level 16 is now upon the players where blinds are 2500/5000 with an ante of 500. 37 players remain. Will we reach the money of 30 players in this level?

Bean there and done

Ronald Bean’s day is over after successfully running his 9-8 into the pocket aces of Nick Williams. The board ran safe for Williams to secure the win, the second time in the space of five hands that he’s profited from aces.

Bechara bounced

The player in mid-position raised to 10,500. Rob Bechara on the button pushed his remaining stack of 50,000 into the middle which the initial raiser called. Bechara showed Ac 10c, up against Kc Qd. The board ran out Js Kd 4d 10s 2s to send Bechara on his way. There are now 40 players remaining.

Everything old is Nguyen again

We arrived at the table with the board of 8h 5d Kh 3c 6d on display. Minh Nguyen was all-in for 197,500 and had been called by Ronald Bean who had him covered. Nguyen showed Kc Kd for top set, which had successfully cracked the As Ad belonging to Mr. Bean. With this, Nguyen moves above 400,000 in chips whilst Bean remains alive, but is down to 140,000.

Toothpick is sharp

Daniel Laidlaw raised to 9000 in mid-position and the player on the button moved all-in for about 85,000. ‘Toothpick’ Tony Kamboroglou in the small blind decided he’d too move his stack into the middle, of about 120,000 in chips. Laidlaw folded. The player on the button showed K-J to Tony K’s pocket aces. The board ran out 6 6 5 5 10 to deliver the knockout to Tonk K, who now has a workable stack of 180,000 in chips, as we move ever closer to the money.

Laidlaw also scores a double

Daniel Laidlaw (pictured) just scored a double elimination after his A-Q spiked an ace on the turn against Roy Vandersluis’ pocket tens and Manuel Hanismikali’s Kh 9h. With that double knockout Laidlaw moves to 200,000 in chips.

Lee scores double elimination

We arrived at the table to find Ryan Borthwick and Rob Damelian both all-in and both moving their stacks towards Nick Lee, who had 6d 6s in front of him with a board showing 6c 10c 8h 8s As. With that double elimination, Lee rockets to the chip lead with 630,000 in chips. Play is now down to a more manageable five tables.

Toothpick stuck

From mid-position, Duy Quoc Vu raises to 10,500. ‘Toothpick’ Tony Kamboroglou (pictured) re-raises to 28,000 which Vu calls. Flop comes down 10c 2h 9d. Vu checks, Tony K makes it 30,000, Vu grimaces, thinks for a moment and then re-raises to 80,000. Tony K tanks for about 3-4 minutes, mutters something about ‘kids these days’ and folds. Vu is now up to about 350,000 in chips.

What about a deal?

Our esteemed ‘new’ reporter has suggested a deal could be on the go! If the remaining 48 players decided to share the prize pool right now, they’d all walk away with over $16,000 each. That’s not a bad deal when the buy-in was $3,000. We think it might be one deal just too difficult to get done, outside of finding support from those with very short stacks!

Shuffle ‘em up dealers

Players have returned from their dinner break to face level 15 where blinds are 2000/4000 with an ante of 500.

Who’s hungry?

The fourteenth level has concluded and players are on a 30-minute break to stretch their legs, have a smoke or a quick bite to eat. 48 players still remain. The chip leaders are:

Constantin Stanciu – 556,500

David Chambers – 497,000

Yusuf Dib – 465,000

Leo ‘Jian Chen’ Wai – 400,000

Charbel Boustani – 370,000

Play is expected to continue for another five levels, taking us through the money bubble at 30 players and potentially to a final table of nine. That should be somewhere around 1am tomorrow morning.

Stanciu gets it back again

A player under-the-gun min-raises to 6000 which Constantin Stanciu (pictured) calls. Action flows around to Tam Truong in the small blind who 3-bets to 25,500. Action folds to the UTG player who 4-bet shoves for 86,500. Stanciu snap-calls whilst Truong tanks for a while before folding. The UTG player shows two black tens and Stanciu reveals two black jacks. The board runs clean for Stanciu who sends another player on his way and takes his stack back up over the half-million mark to 550,000 in chips.

Stanciu gives some back

Constantin Stanciu raised to 7500 in mid-position and Luca Borreggine made the call in the cut-off. Action then folds to Corey Kempson in the small blind who moves all-in for 99,000. Stanciu tanks for about 3 mintues before making the call. With action on Borreggine, he comments that if Stanciu hadn’t called he would have, before open-folding two black eights. Kempson turns over Jh Jd while Stanciu reveals Ac Jc. The board runs out Kh 3s 10c 7c 10d to double up Kempson, moving him to 220,000 in chips, while Stanciu drops back down a little to 420,000.

Stanciu KO’s Kanaan

We arrived to see a flop of 10d Ah 9h and Michael Kanaan with a bet of 6000 in front of him. Constantin Stanciu was the other player in the hand and he re-raised to 16,000, which Kanaan called. On the turn the 10h hit. Kanaan checked, Stanciu made it 35,000, which Kanaan eventually called. The 9s landed on the river. Once more, Kanaan checked, but this time Stanciu made it 65,000. Kanaan again considered his options for some time and then moved all-in for 105,000. Stanciu snap-called and rolled over A-10 for the full house. Kanaan insta-mucked and wished everybody luck as he made his way out of the tournament area. Stanciu becomes the second player to breach the 500k mark with 520,000 in chips.

Slowly losing players

Play has now reached level 14 where blinds are 1500/3000 with an ante of 500. There are 59 players remaining with the 30-minute dinner break scheduled for the end of this level.

Chambers’ Monster

Arriving at the table we could see a board of 7 J 4 5 2.  As relayed to us, bets had been check-called on both the flop and the turn. On the river the two combatants decided to get it all-in with David Chambers (pictured) coming off the better, showing J-J for top set against his opponent’s 7-7 for the lesser set. A cooler for sure, but more remarkable as the two combatants were both high in the chip count and once Chambers counted down his newly gained wealth, we discovered the pot was in excess of 500,000. Chambers now has a clear chip lead of 530,000, over 200,000 ahead of his nearest opponent.

Hanismikali can hit

Manuel Hanismikali raised to 6000 in the cutoff. Daniel Laidlaw then 3-bet to 15,000 from the button. Action folded back to Hanismikali who eventually made the call after a minute or two of thought. The flop came 7h 8d Qd with both players checking. The turn was an 8c and again both players checked. An 8h hit the river and Hanismikali instantly moved all-in, with Laidlaw pretty much folding straight away. Now this hand update isn’t really the gist of this story…as Hanismikali then rolled over Q-8 for pretty much any combo you can think of. Laidlaw is probably pretty happy he didn’t try to get creative during the hand.

Tough flop

After we heard the commotion, we arrived to see two players all-in pre-flop with A-A and K-K sitting on the table. The player with aces had moved all-in and had been called by Keqin Xiao with the kings. Was there any doubt…the flop fell 5 8 K to put the kings ahead, and with a 6 and 3 completing the board, Xiao basically doubled, having just covered his opponent. He now has 280,000 in chips while another dejected player leaves the tournament. 63 players now remain.

Keep on going

Players have returned from their short break to begin level 13 where blinds are 1200/2400 with an ante of 400.

End of level break

Players are on a 10-minute break. Duy Quoc Vu appears to be the first person to crack the 300k barrier, currently sitting on 304,000 in chips. Not bad when you consider he got moved to the table about a level and a half ago and only had 40,000.

A-9 is always better than A-K

Luca Borreggine (pictured) raised in late position to 7200. Ciaran Sharpe committed the remainder of his stack totalling 27,500 from the big blind, which Borreggine quickly called. Sharpe showed A-K, ahead of Borreggine’s A-9. An 8-high flop was safe for Sharpe but the 9 on the turn sent a dagger through his tournament chances. With a Q on the river no help, Sharpe took his leave from the tournament, while Borreggine moved up to around 80,000 in chips.

Capra still alive

Not so much of a hand update but more of an idol update – Sam Capra, real estate mogul – is still alive in the tournament. This is sure to bring much joy to his legion of fans in Sydney’s eastern suburbs!

Ong rails Nguyen

Nick Nguyen has committed the last of his chips with A-K, up against the pocket jacks of Edwin Ong. The board ran clean for Ong to complete the elimination and move him up to a very health 270,000 in chips. Play is now down to eight tables, meaning just under half of the remaining players will make the money.

Tolly topped off

Tolly Sakellariou (pictured) has had a rotten day, telling us he’d got it in good at least four times today and had been beaten by the fall of the cards. He had somehow managed to stay alive though. This time, after a raise to 4000 for Yusuf Dib, Sakellariou committed the remainder of his stack totalling 34,600 into the middle. Action folded around to Tam Truong in the small blind who announced he was going to test a theory by making the call. Dib got out of the road and Truong rolled over 9s 9d, wishing to see them perform as well as they did for Dib the previous hand! He needn’t have worried, as Sakellariou rolled over 5h 6h. The board ran out 4d 2c 8h Ah 5s to send the pot to Truong who now sits on about 138,000 in chips, well above the 3000 in chips he was down to yesterday. Sakellariou’s luck continues as he is knocked out of the tournament.

Dib can flop

As we arrived at the table there were two short stacks all-in, both of which had been called by Yusuf Dib. The smallest stack showed Kd Qh, the other Kh Kc, while Dib rolled over two red nines. The flop came 9 9 Q which locked up the win for Dib, with his flopped quads. The board ran out J 6 and Dib scores the double elimination, moving to 190,000 in chips. If he keeps doing that we’ll be out of here much quicker than anticipated!

Chip leaders

Ben Jee – 280,000

Dean Boskovic – 260,000

Peter Matusik – 230,000

Michael Fraser – 230,000

Nathan Gubieski – 220,000

Octavian Voegele – 216,000

Sam Steindl – 210,000

Lusciano continues to build

Adrian Davis raised to 4100, Sam Lusciano then re-raised to 12,000, action was folded back around to Davis who made the call. The flop came 7h Kh 6c, which both players opted to check. The 10d hit the turn. Davis bet 10,000, Lusciano snap-called. Qd hits the river. This time Davis checks and Lusciano bets 13,000, forcing the fold from Davis. With this Lusciano is up to 135,000 and Davis drops to 50,000 in chips.

Play has slowed

Level 12 is now upon the players with blinds at 1000/2000 and an ante of 300. 84 players still remain. The top 30 players will make a minimum cash of $5508.

Mr Bean doubles Nguyen

Nick Nguyen moved all-in for 22,400 and was called by Ronald Bean. Nguyen rolled over Qd Qc, Bean commenting that he has one over, tabling Kd 10s. The board ran out 5 5 2 6 J to secure the double for Nguyen, who is now on about 50,000 in chips, with Bean about the same.

Voegele surges

After a series of pre-flop raises, Jason Pritchard committed the remainder of his stack totalling 31,700 and was insta-called by Octavian Voegele. Pritchard showed Jd Jh, well behind the Ac Ad of Voegele. There was no help for Pritchard from the board as it ran out Qh 3c Qc 9s 9c. Pritchard moves onto his next tournament while Voegele is now in a very strong position with a stack in excess of 240,000 in chips.

Steindl evicts former Aussie Millions champ

The action was folded around to Sam Steindl (pictured) in the cut-off who raised to 4000. The button folded. Tyron Krost in the small blind decided it was time to make a stand and moved all-in for 27,700 in total. The big blind folded and with action back on Steindl, who quickly dropped in the chips to call. Steindl showed Ah Jh, well ahead of Krost’s As 4c. The flop was 4h Qc Qh, giving Steindl the flush draw, which he completed with the 3h on the turn. The Kh on the river just rubbed salt into the wounds. Krost hits the rail while Steindl moves to around 200,000 in chips.

Back at it

Players have returned from their short break to face level 11 where blinds are 900/1800 with an ante of 200.

Before the break

Just prior to the break, Chris Moussa and Kamyar Ekrami have busted, whilst other chip counts include:

Jim Psaros – 105,000
Minh Nguyen – 100,000
Emanuel Seal – 90,000
Matt Rolfe – 85,000
Con Angelakis – 80,000
Ronald Bean – 73,000
Ron Shabtay – 70,000
Tam Truong – 70,000
Tony Kondevski – 70,000
Peco Stojanovski – 60,000
Errolyn Strang – 53,000
Tolly Sakellariou – 50,000
Chad Awerbuch (pictured) – 50,000
Ricardo Faura – 45,000
Sheldon Mayer – 45,000
Nick Nguyen – 40,000
Tyron Krost – 30,000
Ciaran Sharpe – 10,000

Break time

Level 10 has concluded and players are now on a 10-minute break. 99 players remain.

Luciano beginning to climb

Patience can pay off. Sam Luciano has been nursing an average stack today, avoiding trouble and hoping to find a spot to get it in good. Well his wishes came true. We arrived at the table to see a flop of 8c 9c Qs and a bet of 6000 in front of Luciano, with the action on Dean Boskovic, who eventually dropped in the call. These two bets plus those previously made had created a pot of over 20,000 as they headed to the turn. The turn card was the 7d and this time Luciano slowed down to a check. Boskovic then took the opportunity to bet 10,000. Lusciano considered the situation briefly and then announced himself all-in for 38,500 in total. Boskovic grimaced in reaction and after umming and ahhing for a minute or two, committed the extra 28,500. Luciano rolled over Kh Kc, whilst Boskovic showed Ah Qh and muttered that he should’ve folded pre-flop. The river was a safe 6d for Luciano who doubled up and who continued his run, picking up a further 15,000 the very next hand. Lusciano now sits on a healthy 119,000 in chips whilst Boskovic drops to a comfortable 110,000.

Latest chip counts

Leo Wai – 237,000
Peter Matusik – 230,000
Sam Vakili (pictured) – 175,000
Octavian Voegele – 161,000
Toothpick Tony Kambouroglou – 160,000
Corey Kempson – 157,000
Sam Steindl – 130,000
Sam Capra – 120,000
Jimmy Tran – 101,000
Michel Bouskila – 97,000
Gary Benson – 70,000
Chris Moussa – 60,000

Kanaan clipped

We arrived at the table to see a board of Qc 8s Jc 6h with 30,000 already in the pot. Dean Boskovic in the small blind had a bet of 24,700 laid out in front of him with the decision on Michael Kanaan on the button. Kanaan, after a couple of minutes, eventually called to see the river 9c. Boskovic picked up some chips and made a bet of 31,300. After thinking for some time, Kanaan folded. Boskovic is now up to 165,000 while Kanaan drops to 80,000.

Saghabi rising

In mid-position, ‘Toothpick’ Tony Kambouroglou raised to 3600. Next to act was Lei Zhang who 3-bet 8500. David Saghabi called on the button and Kambouroglou let it go. The flop came 5c 3c Kc. Zhang lead out for 11,000, which Saghabi quickly called. Both players slowed down and check the 9s on the turn. The river is an 8s. Zhang leads for 12,000 and Saghabi quickly calls. Zhang reveals Js Jd but it is no good as Saghabi shows Ah Kh for the bigger pair. Saghabi moves up to 143,000 while Zhang drops to 36,000 as a result of the hand.

Blinds are up

Level 10 has just begun where blinds are 700/1400 with an ante of 200. 111 players of the 130 that began today still remain. After some quick calculations, if we continue to lose 19 players each level, we’ll be at a final table about 6.30pm tonight…that ain’t gonna happen!

Notables busted today include Andy Lee, Michael O’Grady, George Boustani and Tony Sama.

If you can’t be good, be lucky!

Tolly Sakellariou ships his stack in UTG+2 totalling 16,700. It’s folded around to the cut-off where Kristy Anne Crepaldi slides her stack into the middle, which folds the rest of the table. Sakellariou turns up 4h 4s only to be met by the Qd Qc of Crepaldi. Sakellariou flops well, with the 4d Kd Jd, but Crepaldi picks up the flush draw. The turn is 10h giving Crepaldi even more outs, but it’s all to no avail as the Kc completes the board, awarding the double to Sakellariou with the full house.

New poker name for Leo

After using the ‘computer generated seating assignments’ to report on some players, one of the chip leaders yesterday was inadvertently referred to by an incorrect name. We’ve come to learn that Jian Chen is actually Leo Wai. Sorry Leo. We may now refer to you by your new poker name: Leo ‘Jian Chen’ Wai!

Star regs go to war

In pre-flop action Luke Spano raises to 3300 and is called by Ismail Ismail and Roy Vandersluis. The flop comes out 3h 4d 4c. Spano checks, Ismail bets 4500, Vandersluis calls, Spano folds. The turn is a Ah. Ismail drops 7500, Vandersluis enquires as to how much he has left and after a couple of minutes lets it go. Ismail is now sitting on about 60,000.

Official payouts

30 players will make the money in the Main Event. The payouts are as follows:

1 $200,634.00
2 $127,855.00
3 $71,995.00
4 $56,256.00
5 $46,028.00
6 $38,160.00
7 $29,898.00
8 $24,391.00
9 $18,096.00
10 $11,802.00
11 $11,802.00
12 $11,802.00
13 $10,228.00
14 $10,228.00
15 $10,228.00
16 $9,048.00
17 $9,048.00
18 $9,048.00
19 $7,868.00
20 $7,868.00
21 $7,868.00
22 $7,081.00
23 $7,081.00
24 $7,081.00
25 $6,294.00
26 $6,294.00
27 $6,294.00
28 $5,508.00
29 $5,508.00
30 $5,508.00

The true joys of Day 2

With 130 players starting the day at level 9 where blinds are 600/1200 with an ante of 100, the aim is to play down to a final table. That will mean there’s a lot of poker to be played today! We estimate that 12 levels will need to be played, taking us through to about 1.30am tomorrow morning. Strap yourself in, like us, for a big day of poker!

Early eliminations

In the first few hands of play we’ve already seen the back of former APPT champion Martin Rowe and online phenom Mathew Wakeman.

Moving Day

Welcome to moving day, much like the third quarter in an AFL Grand Final or the third round in a golf major, today is the day where the cream will rise and the true contenders emerge. Whereas the opening flights are more about survival – survival from the boredom of the early levels – where the profit margins are minimal in comparison to the risk of elimination. Survival against weaker, more social opponents, whose actions are hard to define and even harder to understand. The best most can hope for from the opening flights is to emerge relatively unscathed with a workable foundation for Day 2. Day 2 is about consistency, minimising errors and maximising value. Final tables can be decided by who flips better, who gets hit by the deck and in some cases who controls the highest percentage of chips and how effectively they put that stack to work. The day the field plays to a final table usually displays the higher levels of play, strategy and thinking. You can’t win a tournament on day 1 but you can definitely lose it. On day 2, with the right amount of skill and luck, you can definitely put yourself in the frame as a contender.

Welcome to Day 2

We’re back in The Star poker room for Day 2 of the Sydney Championships Main Event. 130 players have returned from the 281 that started during the two Day 1 flights to battle it out for the first prize of over $200,000.

Seating details are as follows:

Last Name First Name Table Seat Chip Count
Kambouroglou Antonis 1 1 105500
Zhang Ben 1 2 74000
Wheeler Greg 1 3 83150
Laidlan Daniel 1 4 125500
Sha Sailendra 1 5 93300
Elazzi Milad 1 6 97600
O’kane Diarmuid 1 7 41100
Ajez Najeem 1 8 30700
Ong Edwin 1 9 102300
Matusik Peter 1 10 185300
Lee Cheng-en 2 1 100900
Meneses Rod 2 2 58400
Borreggine Luca 2 3 39000
Kondevski Todor 2 4 31900
Lockwood Stephen 2 5 40900
Lee David 2 6 90300
Bouskila Michel 2 7 86100
Nguyen Toan 2 8 41700
Lampropoulos James 2 9 28400
Merritt Simon 2 10 42800
Roth Nicholas 3 1 104500
Unknown Unknown 3 2 71500
Fan David 3 3 134000
Tran Jimmy 3 4 65600
Luu Phi L 3 5 39800
Szmelcer Henry 3 6 59000
Williams Nick 3 7 61300
Sharpe Ciaran 3 8 18400
Steindl Sam 3 9 143000
Khazen Joe 3 10 101900
Gooden Katie 4 1 36800
Stanciu Constantin 4 2 48500
Moaref Emad 4 3 72300
Basle Harry 4 4 37600
Vu Duy Quoc 4 5 42200
Michael Andrew 4 6 27800
Dib Yusuf 4 7 66000
Hong Ryan 4 8 31500
Cook Greg 4 9 81200
Rolfe Mathew 4 10 69300
Kanaan Michael 5 1 136100
Boskovic Dejan 5 2 84700
Rowe Martin 5 3 27700
Solomon Rick 5 4 74900
Moussa Chris 5 5 134300
Elezra David 5 6 46900
Indovino Adrian J 5 7 84900
Davis Adrian 5 8 84500
Ramos Mayra 5 9 29800
Lucisano Sammy 5 10 85200
Camilleri James 6 1 96800
Angelakis Con 6 2 144200
Lockwood Blake 6 3 19600
Arrilucea Luis 6 4 79900
Seal Emanuel 6 5 55400
Gubieski Nathan 6 6 41500
Sheldon Mayer 6 7 77300
Boobekov Nurlan 6 8 51500
Chambers David 6 9 146900
Natoli Peter 6 10 14300
Browne Chris 7 1 47600
Iacopetta Cosimo 7 2 42700
Stojanovski Peco 7 3 93000
Tyulyakova Anastasia 7 4 12900
Kempson Corey 7 5 119900
Ratten Adam 7 6 132700
Pritchard Jason 7 7 40000
Capra Sam 7 8 82500
Boustani Charbel 7 9 138100
Awerbuch Chad 7 10 33300
Zhang Lei 8 1 129600
Purdue Aaron 8 2 55400
Sama Tony 8 3 48100
Saghabi David 8 4 122700
Jee Benjamin 8 5 23300
Unknown Unknown 8 6 29400
Ekrami Kamyar 8 7 81200
Semciw Jarrod 8 8 33400
Vu Trong 8 9 53800
Liddell Marc 8 10 13100
Bean Ronald 9 1 94500
Leichich Tino 9 2 22900
Pham Tien 9 3 21800
Hirst David 9 4 38900
Simmons Daniel 9 5 56300
Krost Tyron 9 6 37700
Saliba John 9 7 46700
O’grady Michael 9 8 21900
Donald Karl 9 9 34900
Nguyen Minh Hau 9 10 49000
Novice Glynn 10 1 11800
De Rosa Lenny 10 2 20500
Boustani George 10 3 21400
Spano Luke 10 4 70200
Hamkin Adam 10 5 29500
Ismail Ismail 10 6 70500
Hansimikali Manuel 10 7 64600
Cross Jonathan 10 8 10900
Vandersluis Roy 10 9 61500
Bechara Robert 10 10 63900
Benson Gary 11 1 75700
Faura Ricardo 11 2 37200
Damelian Robert 11 3 73300
Vakili Sam 11 4 199600
Xiao Keqin 11 5 53400
Shabtay Aharon 11 6 84000
Lee Hun Wei 11 7 75600
Borthhwick Ryan 11 8 97700
Chehade Amin 11 9 15900
Zhang Xiao Yu 11 10 48900
Fraser Michael 12 1 67000
Chan Steven 12 2 54200
Nesic Vojislav 12 3 17400
Yu Guang Yan 12 4 69500
Alam Fady 12 5 21400
Psaros Dimitrios 12 6 99400
Velcic Nick 12 7 43700
Sekuloski Denis 12 8 81100
Marotta Nino 12 9 45300
Wai Leo 12 10 176200
Arbabi Kiavash 13 1 17700
Sakellariou Tolly 13 2 44100
Matsioukkou Michael 13 3 102600
Carter Piers E. 13 4 20200
Parnell Ian 13 5 115900
Strang Errolyn 13 6 77600
Crepaldi Kristy Anne 13 7 28700
Wakeman Mathew 13 8 17000
Sarkis Jason 13 9 43400
Truong Tam 13 10 56400

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