2015 Sydney Championships – Poker Media Australia 6-handed NLH $1100

Dejan Boskovic wins $1,100 6-handed event ($39,000)

Congratulations to Dejan Boskovic, the $1,100 6-handed champion at the 2015 Sydney Championships.

Boskovic outlasted a field of 156 entries and through 19 hours of play to take home the trophy and its $39,000 first prize.

The final table placings were as follows:

1st: Dejan Boskovic – $39,000
2nd: Luis Arrilucea – $26,520
3rd: Angelo Scicchitano – $18,720
4th: Sammy Lucisano – $12,480
5th: Sailendra Sha – $9,360
6th: Zoran Punosevac – $7,800
7th: Shirley Han – $4,680

Join us here again from Friday as we bring you all the action from the 2015 Sydney Championships Main Event!

9.35pm: Luis Arrilucea eliminated in 2nd ($26,520)

And just like that it’s all over as the last two players see a QJ7 flop. Dejan Boskovic bets 80,000, Luis Arrilucea re-raises to 200,000, Bosovic shoves and Arrilucea calls.

Boskovic shows QT and is in good shape against the up and down straight draw of Arrilucea’s 9T. The board runs out 46 and Arrilucea is our runner up.

9.30pm: Heads-up chip counts

Luis Arrilucea – 1,300,000
Dejan Boskovic – 950,000

9.30pm: Heads-up chip counts

Luis Arrilucea – 1,300,000
Dejan Boskovic – 950,000

9.25pm: Angelo Scicchitano eliminated in 3rd ($18,720)

Angelo Scicchitano shoved with KT and was called by Dejan Boskovic with A8.

The board ran out 479Q6 and we’re heads-up!

9.05pm: Chip counts

Luis Arrilucea – 1,150,000
Dejan Boskovic – 950,000
Angelo Scicchitano – 180,000

9.05: Sammy Lucisano eliminated in 4th ($12,480)

Soon after he ran his JJ into the QQ of Luis Arrilucea, Sammy Lucisano shoved with A8 but ran into the KK of Dejan Boskovic. The board ran out KT64Q and we’re down to 3!

9.00: Sailendra Sha eliminated in 5th ($9,360)

Second hand back from the break, a huge hand took place that started with a 3-way all-in and ended with Sailendra Sha hitting the rail.

Luis Arrilucea began by shoving with Sha shoving over the top. Sammy Lucisano then announced he was all-in as well! It was Arrilucea’s QQ against the AT of Sha and JJ of Lucisano and when a Q landed on the flop, Arrilucea just about tripled to almost 900,000.

Lucisano is left with around 200,000.

8.50pm: Cards are in the air

The five remaining players have returned from their dinner break to find blinds at 20,000/40,000 with a 4,000 ante.

8.10pm: Dinner break

Players are now on a 40-minute dinner break

8.05pm: Chip counts

Dejan Boskovic – 950,000
Sailendra Sha – 240,000
Angelo Scicchitano – 300,000
Sammy Lucisano – 550,000
Luis Arrilucea – 140,000

7.55pm: Zoran Punosevac eliminated in 6th ($7,800)

Zoran Punosevac and Sammy Lucisano got it all in pre-flop with Lucisano holding AT to dominate Punosevac’s A9. When a 10 landed on the flop, Punosevac was our latest player to hit the rail as Lusicano oved to 600,000.

7.40pm: Angelo’s angel

Not for the first time today, Angelo Scicchitano has doubled through Dejan Boskovic. It was Scicchitano with KK against Boskovic’s 88 all-in pre-flop and when no 8 came to help Boskovic, the pot went to his rival with the pair now almost neck and neck.

Angelo Scicchitano – 450,000
Dejan Boskovic – 470,000

7.30pm: Level up

The elimination of Shirley Han hasn’t done a whole lot to spark the table into action, with just a single flop seen in the past 20 minutes.

Let’s see what the new blind level does! Blinds are up to 15,000/30,000 with a 3,000 ante.

7.15pm: Updated chip counts

Dejan Boskovic – 700,000
Sailendra Sha – 580,000
Angelo Scicchitano – 410,000
Sammy Lucisano – 220,000
Luis Arrilucea – 190,000
Zoran Punosevac – 180,000

7.10pm: Shirley Han eliminated in 7th ($4,680)

Shirley Han shoved for her last 174,000 with AQ and was called by Sailendra Sha with 77.

A black 7 in the window was just what Sha was looking for and when the board ran out 78226, Han was the first to head to the rail today.

7.00pm: Scicchitano doubles

A short-stacked Angelo Scicchitano shoved with A5 and was called by Dejan Boskovic with J9. We looked set to have our first elimination of this final table when the flop fell JT3 but the dealer had other ideas with the Q turn and K river giving Scicchitano the nut straight.

He is back to 220,000.

6.50pm: Blinds are up

Blinds are up to 12,000/24,000 with a 2,000 ante. The average stack is 334,000!

6.50pm: Big folds!

Former chip leader Luis Arrilucea has seen his stack dwindle after being forced to fold multiple hands after raising, but perhaps we now know why. We just witnessed Arrilucea open with AK then fold to an opponent’s shove in order to avoid the dreaded elimination in seventh.

We could be in for a long night!

Arrilucea is down to 200,000.

6.30pm: All quiet on the western front

This may be the quietest final table of all time, with almost no post-flop action as the big stacks open to folds all round, while the occasional short stack shove has been met with little interest from opponents. Still 7 remain!

6.10pm: We’re back

Players have returned to blinds of 10,000/20,000 with a 2,000 ante. With the average stack now around 16 big blinds, survival won’t be as easy from now on.

6.00pm: Break time

Players are on a 10-minute break. We still have all seven final table players remaining.

5.50pm: Huge pay jump affecting the action

We find ourselves in an interesting situation at the moment where the pay jump between seventh spot ($4,680) and sixth ($7,800) is so significant that nobody wants to risk busting. As a result a number of the short stacks have been making some incredibly tight folds.

It will be interesting to see how this final table opens up once we lose our first player.

5.40pm: Chip counts

Luis Arrilucea – 760,000
Zoran Punosevac – 620,000
Shirley Han – 250,000
Sailendra Sha – 250,000
Dejan Boskovic – 150,000
Sammy Lucisano – 140,000
Angelo Scicchitano – 90,000

5.25pm: Level up!

Blinds are up to 8,000/16,000 with a 1,000 ante. Impressively, we haven’t lost a player in the first two levels of the day!

5.20pm: Arrilucea active

Luis Arrilucea has been heavily involved so far today and just won a nice pot from Shirley Han. Han opened in the cut-off and was called by Arrilucea in the big blind. She fired 34,000 at the 945 flop, another 60,000 on the K turn then checked the 6 river before mucking when shown KJ.

She is down to 150,000 while Arrilucea is up to 650,000.

4.50pm: Scicchitano survives

Immediately after taking that hit, Schicchitano has doubled back up again with JJ against the 99 of Dejan Boskovic. He has 180,000.

4.45pm: Han doing it solo

Shirley Han has flexed her diminutive muscle again as she continues to impress at this final table.

In a three-way pot, the dealer spread an action board of 9TQ rainbow, with Angelo Scicchitano leading for 40,000 and only Han calling.

The turn brought the 6 of clubs and this time Scicchitano led for 60,000 before Han announced he was all-in. Scicchitano folded.

Han is up to 280,000 while Scicchitano drops to 80,000.

4.30pm: The feeling out period

The players have been largely cautious so far with most pots being taken down pre-flop. Shirley Han has just announced her presence by re-raising all-in after Dejan Boskovic opened but he quickly folded to hand her a small pot.

4.00pm: Back in time

The clock has been rolled back to the start of Level 19 with blinds at 5,000/10,000 with a 500 ante.

4.00pm: Cards are in the air

Play is underway!

3.45pm: Welcome to the PMA $1,100 6-handed final table!

Welcome back to Sydney’s The Star for the final table of the PokerMedia Australia $1,100 6-handed event at the 2015 Sydney Championships.

A record field of 156 entrants took their seat on Day 1 yesterday and after a long 14-hour stint we were left with our final seven players all chasing the $39,000 top prize.

Play is due to start at 4pm local time with the remaining players boasting stacks as follows:

Luis Arrilucea – 566,000
Dejan Boskovic – 473,000
Zoran Punosevac – 462,000
Shirley Han – 301,500
Sailendra Sha – 217,000
Sammy Lucisano – 187,000
Angelo Scicchitano – 151,500

We’ll be bringing you all the live action as it happens here from the Star Poker room so stay tuned to PokerMedia Australia!

2.30am: Final table set!

Jim Pizarias is our final table bubble boy, getting it in with QJ against the A6 of Shirley Han and although he flopped a J, a rivered A ended his long run. That leaves us with a final table of 7 to return tomorrow to play down to the winner. Here is how they stack up

Luis Arrilucea – 566,000
Dejan Boskovic – 473,000
Zoran Punosevac – 462,000
Shirley Han – 301,500
Sailendra Sha – 217,000
Sammy Lucisano – 187,000
Angelo Scicchitano – 151,500

Join us back here at The Star from 4pm tomorrow as we play down to our champion!

2.10am: Next level

Blinds are up to 5,000/10,000 with a 500 ante

2.10am: Caridad crushed

John Caridad was the tournament short stack when he shoved with A2 and ran into the 88 of Dejan Boskovic. An 8 on the flop was enough for Boskovic to cut the field to 8 and just like that we’re on the final table bubble!

1.55am: Bahi broken

Karam Bahi shipped his last 90,000 from the small blind with 33 only to run into the JJ of Luis Arrilucea in the big blind. No 3 arrived to help Bahi and we’re down to 9 players!

Play will stop for the day with 7 remaining.

1.40am: Two more hit the rail

We’ve just lost Bernard Beh and Robert Damelian in quick succession to slash the field to 12 remaining. All players are now guaranteed $3,900.

1.25am: Level up!

Blinds are up to 4,000/8,000 with a 500 ante. There are 14 remaining.

12.55am: O’Grady O’gone!

Michael O’Grady got the last of his chips in with AK and was called by Robert Damelian with TT. An Ace in the window looked good for O’Grady but when the next card out was a 10 he hit the rail as the board ran out A3T77.

12.45am: Cards are in the air

The 16 remaining players are back from the break with blinds at 3,000/6,000 and a 500 ante.

12.35am: Tension in the air

There was some notable tension in the air between staff and players as the bubble burst and they argued over whether to stop for the night or play on. The original plan was to reassess at 1pm, which some players pushed for, but staff insisted it was either stop immeediately or play through to the final table.

The players said they would play on as the final three tables were redrawn. Since then we’ve lost two players in quick succession and are down to 16 while on a 10-minute break.

12.20am: A new plan

Looks like we’ve got a new plan in place – we’re playing down to the final table! The 18 remaining players were given the option of bagging and tagging on the spot or playing down to the final 6 and have chosen the latter … so on we go!

12.15am: Roy Vandersluis is the bubble boy

Roy Vandersluis is our bubble boy after an unlucky three way pot for his tournament life. It began with Angelo Scicchitano opening UTG and Karam Bahi 3-betting out of the small blind.

Vandersluis then shoved for 27,400 with both opponents calling.

Scicchitano and Bahi checked down the 9-high flop as Vandersluis proudly showed his JJ. Bahi showed AK with Vandersluis looking even more confident until Scicchitano said “Pass the sugar” and rolled over QQ.

With that we’re down to 18!

11.55pm: On the bubble!

We’re on the money bubble! With 19 players left, play will continue hand for hand until the bubble bursts!

11.45pm: Blinds are up

Play remains slow, although we’re down to 20 as the blinds rise to 2,000/4,000 with a 400 ante.

11.15pm: Slowing down

As tends to be the case when the bubble approaches, play has slowed considerably with the small and medium stacks reluctant to put their tournament lives at risk so close to the money. We’ve seen one short stack double-up this level but for the most part it’s been the big stacks taking down the pots quickly.

11.00pm: Level up

Blinds are up to 1,500/3,000 with a 400 ante. There are 21 players remaining.

We’ve just been told that the plan for tonight is to play until 1am then reassess. If by that time we are just one or two players from the final table we will continue until six remain. Otherwise we are likely to stop at 1am and finish the rest from 4pm tomorrow.

10.50pm: Bubble approaching

We’re back from some much needed refreshments and the news here is that the money bubble is fast approaching!

Just 22 players remain with 18 set to make the money, while Dejan Boskovic continues to take advantage of the situation by applying a tonne of pressure to his shorter stacked table mates. The top stacks in the room are as follows:

Dejan Boskovic – 380,000
Angelo Scicchitano – 210,000
Luis Arrilucea – 180,000
Karam Bahi – 150,000
Bernard Beh – 150,000

10.15pm: Break time

The remaining 26 player are now on a break

10.10pm: Arrilucea does it again

Luis Arrilucea had barely had time to stack his chips before he found himself in another big pot holding AA against the JJ of Tolly Sakellariou. There was no J to be found for Sakellariou and Arrilucea is up to 230,000!

He’s still not chip leader though with Dejan Boskovic continuing to crush his table. He sits with a huge stack of 320,000.

10.00pm: Arrilucea wins a monster

We’ve just witnessed a huge pot play out between Luis Arrilucea and Michael Levy that has seen Arrilucea rocket up towards the top of the leaderboard.

We caught the action on a 3263 board with 3 clubs as Levy bet 7,300 only for Arrilucea to re-raise to 16,000. Levy called.

The turn was the 7 of spades and when Levy checked, Arrilucea announced he was all-in. Levy went deep into the tank, stating “You were bluffing last time,” to which Arrilucea replied “But am I bluffing this time?”

Eventually Levy called but mucked and headed to the rail when Arrilucea showed 85 of clubs.

He is up to 170,000.

9.35pm: 30 remaining

With the clock ticking over into the next level, we’re down to five tables with 30 players remaining.

Blinds are up to 1,000/2,000 with a 3,000 ante. The average stack is a touch over 78,000.

9.25pm: Tolly feeing jolly

Tolly Sakellariou has been up and down like a yo-yo this afternoon but he is closing in on the 100,000 chip mark again after sending Luke Spano to the rail. It was Spano’s AQ all-in against the 10s of Sakellariou.

The Q44 flop looked set to give Spano the double up but a 10 on the turn changed all of that with the meaningless 5 on the river helping Tolly climb back over 90,000.

9.05pm: Xu good

Vince Xu has been up and down over the past 15 minutes. After doubling up Laurence Hall when he ran his JJ into Hall’s KK, he picked up Kings himself soon after and won his chips back plus more against an opponent’s 10s.

He is now one of our chip leaders with 160,000.

8.55pm: Level up!

Blinds are up again to 800/1,600 with a 200 ante. There are 38 players remaining!

8.50pm: Boskovic bossing

Dejan Boskovic is our current chip leader with a monster stack of 170,000. As we sauntered over to his table after noticing his newfound riches, he also sent another player to the rail in Adrian Attenborough.

The short-stacked Attenborough shoved with A3 and found himself needing help against Boskovic’s AT – his predicament not helped by the JT7 flop!

The big stacks look like this:

Dejan Boskovic – 170,000
Karam Bahi – 100,000
Jason Pritchard – 90,000
Tolly Sakellariou – 80,000
Jim Pizarias – 80,000

8.40pm: Karam climbing

Karam Bahi has cracked the 100,000 chip mark after a big hand played out against former big stack Jacob Horowitz.

We caught the action on a J85 board as Horowitz check-raised Bahi all-in. Bahi called and showed KK to be in good shape against the JT of Horowitz. A heart on the turn gave Bahi a scare with Horowitz adding a flush draw to his J and T outs but they all missed to send Horowitz to the rail.

8.15pm: Play is underway!

The 54 remaining players are back from their dinner break.

Blinds are now at 600/1,200 with a 200 ante.

7.40pm: Dinner break!

Players are now on a 30-minute dinner break!

7.30pm: Ria Renfrey wins Opening Event!

While the $1,100 6-handed has been travelling along today, our reporting desk was briefly swamped by spectators trying to catch a glimpse of the nearby final table of the $330 Opening Event.

We can now stretch out again with Ria Renfrey doing it for the ladies to claim the lovely glass trophy and impressive $63,418 first prize!

Congratulations Ria on a tremendous effort!

7.20pm: Who’s left?

With 55 players remaining, some of the notables still in the field include John Caridad, Adrian Attenborough, Michel Bouskila, Peco Stojanovski, Luke Spano, Tolly Sakellariou, Laurence Hall, Michael O’Grady, Chad Awerbuch and Sam Capra.

7.10pm: Payouts

1st – $39,000
2nd – $26,520
3rd – $18,720
4th – $12,480
5th – $9,360
6th – $7,800
7th-9th – $4,680
10th-12th – $3,900
13th-15th – $3,120
16th-18th – $2,340

7.00pm: Level up

Blinds are up to 500/1,000 with a 100 ante, with 60 players remaining,

The top 18 players will be paid. We’ll bring you the payouts shortly.

6.50pm: Pizanias enjoys the river

Jim Pizanias has joined Michael O’Grady in the 100,000 club although it took a touch of luck in order to do so.

On a KQxx board, Pizanias and a rival clashed with all the chips finding their way to the middle. Pizanias held AK but would need help against his opponent’s KQ. Of course, that help arrived in the form of a rivered A and Pizanias rockets up the leader board as his none too pleased opponent hits the rail.

6.25pm: O’Grady shoots to the top

As the blinds go up to 400/800 with a 100 ante, the field is being whittled down quickly with 71 remaining.

One man largely responsible for cutting a swathe through the field over the past 30 minutes is Michael O’Grady who is easily the tournament chip leader with around 110,000.

Asked about his suddenly huge stack, O’Grady just smile and said “Went on a mad heater.”

6.15pm: The final field

The final tally for entries, including re-entries, is 156 players in today’s event. There are currently 83 remaining.

6.10pm: Shivan shines

We caught the action on a flop of 292 with two clubs as Andy Lee led out for 2,200 and looking slightly surprised as three players – including Michel Bouskila and Shivan Abdine called. The 4 of clubs on the turn saw Abdine lead from the big blind for 3,500. Only Lee called.

The river was a repeat 4 and this time Abdine tanked before checking. Lee quickly checked behind and mucked his cards as Abdine showed K7 of clubs for the turned flush.

Shivan Abdine – 35,000
Michel Bouskila – 14,000
Andy Lee – 10,000

5.55pm: Interesting tables

The breaking of tables has seen a particularly interesting one form near the back of the room – featuring from Seat 1 Sam Capra, Tam Truong, Tolly Sakellariou, Michael Kanaan and Didier Guerin! We’ll keep a close eye on how it plays out.

5.50pm: The big stacks

Tolly Sakellariou – 70,000
Jim Pizarias – 65,000
Rick Solomon – 65,000
Michael O’Grady – 63,000
Jacob Horowitz – 62,000
Michael Levy – 53,000

5.40pm: Cards are in the air

And we’re back! Blinds are now at 300/600 with a 50 ante.

5.30pm: Re-entry about to close

With players on a 10-minute break, there is a late flurry of action with the re-entry option about to close. Players with less than starting stack have the option of forfeiting their current stack and using their re-entry to return with 15,000.

As it stands there are 153 entries with 11 remaining.

4.50pm: New level

Blinds are up again to 200/400 with a 50 ante.

Although registration has closed, re-entries are still allowed until the next break which has seen the total number of entries move to 146. There are currently 109 remaining.

4.45pm: Moving on up

On Table 22, well-known regulars Peco Stojanovski and Michael Levy have been quietly accumulating chips with both sitting on around 50,000.

Stojanovski gained quite a few of his thanks to a recent hand in which he held 99 on an AA3A board. His opponent bet and Stojanovski shoved. His opponent snap-called with K3 and was quickly headed to the rail.

Peco Stojanovski – 50,000
Michael Levy – 50,000

4.35pm: The sound of Aces cracking

Laurence Hall had just been telling us about how a deep run in Las Vegas came to an end during the WSOP when his Aces were cracked by AK when this happened.

Hall opened UTG and the player to his left 3-bet. Ricardo Faura then announced he was all-in and Hall snap-called. The third player folded.

Hall showed AA and was in great shape against Faura’s JJ until a J landed on the flop. No help arrived and Hall is again lamenting the curse of the Aces.

Still, he remains in decent shape with around 35,000 while Faura now has 30,000.

4.10pm: The field narrows

Now that registration has closed, some big stacks have started to emerge. Here are the notables:

Michael O’Grady – 50,000
Rick Solomon – 47,000
Michael Kanaan – 45,000
Sam Khouiss – 45,000
Laurence Hall – 40,000

4.00pm: The field narrows

With registration now closed and the field capped at 140 players, it’s been a busy level since the break with almost 30 players sent to the rail.

There are currently 111 players remaining.

3.55pm: King Solomon

We caught the action on a board reading 56TK and a bet of 20,000 from his opponent that sent Rick Solomon deep into the tank.

He eventually called and showed AK – good enough to beat the AT of his rival. An 8 on the river saw Solomon chip up to around 50,000.

3.30pm: We’re back

Play is back underway after our first break of the day. Blinds are 100/200 with a 25 ante.

3.25pm: Flipping with quads

Flipping for a main event entry? Not a bad way to sell more seats! The Star Poker room is a flurry of action during the break from the $1,100 6-handed, with three flipout tournaments run. Each player put in $300, the cards were dealt, all hands turned face up and then the flop, turn and river dealt in one fell swoop – best hand wins a seat!

The last of these proved the most intriguing though as one player revealed pocket 10s only for another to pick up Aces. Not to worry – a 10 on the flop and another on the turn gave the first player quads and a seat in the main event! Easy game.

3.10pm: Rory no longer roaring

Rory Young has hit the rail at the hands of Michael Kanaan right on the break.

The flop read 446 when Young 3-bet Kanaan from the blinds with the latter making the call. The turn was the 8 spades and Young jammed with Kanaan snap-calling.

Kanaan showed A4 for flopped trips although Young had turned a flush draw with his K9 spades. However the river was a blank and Young departs.

3.10pm: Break time

Players are on a 20-minute break.

3.05pm: Wham bam, thankyou Tam

Tam Truong is known for his relentless aggression and he has used that trait to chip up to around 40,000 during the early levels.

We caught up with him a few moments ago as he came out firing for 2,000 on an 89T flop. Two players folded but one called. The turn was the A and Truong bet 4,000 with his opponent making the call.

On the 2 river he bet big, his 15,000 statement eventually forcing a fold.

He is currently among our chip leaders.

2.55pm: Where’s Wally?

He tried his best to hide in the crowd but we managed to find Adrian “Where’s Wally?” Attenborough tucked away behind his hoodie.

Attenborough is renowned for bearing a remarkable similarity to the bespectacled cult icon “Where’s Wally?” but as you can see he was no match for WSOP bracelet winner Rory Young who captured this image.

2.30pm: Level 4!

Blinds are up! We’re into Level 4 with blinds now at 100/200.

2.15pm: Still growing

The field is growing. We’re now up to 120 entries with Adrian Attenborough and Mel Judah among the latest to arrive.

Nine players have used their one re-entry so far.

2.15pm: Get your gamble on

For those willing to put their faith entirely in the cards, tournament director Stephen Ibrahim has just announced he will run some flip tournaments during the first break for entry to the Sydney Championships main event starting next Friday.

10 players, $300 entry, one hand dealt and whoever winds up with the best hand wins the seat!

There is already no shortage of interest so we’ll keep you updated!

2.05pm: Sun rising

After a slow start, Henry Sun has just scored a nice double-up at the expense of early chip-leader Philip Goh. On a board reading 997Q, the money went in with Goh showing 9T for tips, but Sun had flopped the nuts with his 97 and held to move to 20,000.

Goh is still in decent shape with around 22,000.

1.50pm: New level

Blinds are up to 75/150.

1.45pm: Slow going

We’re yet to see an elimination during the first two levels of the day with all 106 players still in contention. Registration will remain open until the end of the first break although players also have the option of one re-entry until the end of the second break.

1.30pm: Late arrivals

A few more notables have arrived on the past 30 minutes including Laurence Hall, Jason Pritchard, Rick Solomon and Tolly Sakellariou.

1.10pm: Level up

Blinds are up to 50/100. There are currently 95 players registered.

12.55pm: On the Goh

Philip Goh has just taken down a nice early pot after a tough river call.

We caught the action on a 235 flop with two diamonds. The UTG player, Michael O’Grady, led out with two players folding and Goh making the call in the big blind.

The turn was the Q of hearts, putting two hearts on the board, and this time Goh led for 1,500. O’Grady called.

The river brought the 8 of diamonds and Goh checked to O’Grady who bet 5,500. Goh went deep into the tank and eventually made the call with Aces. O’Grady showed A7 of hearts for the missed flush and Goh raked in the pot. He’s up to 24,000.

12.45pm: Who’s here?

So far we’ve spotted the likes of Rory Young, Michael Kanaan, Andy Lee, Sam Capra, Shivan Abdine, Tam Truong, John Caridad, Peco Stojanovski, Michael O’Grady, Henry Sun, Sam Khouiss and 2015 ANZPT Sydney champion Jim Psaros.

12.40pm: A new home for Star Poker

This year’s Sydney Championships is the first tournament series to be held in The Star’s new poker room and it seems like it might finally have found its rightful home after years spent moving around the property.

Originally located near the Sports Bar, it temporarily moved upstairs to a long, narrow hallway during The Star’s multi-million dollar renovations, then down to the area at the far end of the casino near Rock Lily.

Now it has returned to the Sports Bar end but into a large room in the left corner as you walk in the general direction – the space it was originally supposed to move to many moons ago.

This is by far the best space it has been housed yet with plenty of room, its own bar and service area plus a giant screen displaying the tournament clock!

12.30pm: Cards are in the air!

Play is underway here at The Star! Players start the day’s play with 15,000 stacks and blinds at 25/50. Each level will last 40-minutes.

$1,100 6-handed moments away

Welcome to PokerMedia Australia and our live coverage of the 2015 Sydney Championships!

Today sees the ever-popular PokerMedia Australia $1,100 6-handed event getting underway here at The Star and it looks like we’ll see a nice sized field with 63 players already registered before the tournament is underway.

We’re only moments from starting with tournament director Stephen Ibrahim about to announce “Shuffle up and deal!”

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