2015 ANZPT Sydney – ANZPT Main Event NLH $2300 / Day 1 / Flight 1

Confirmed chip counts

Chip counts of those that survived Day 1 Flight 1 are as follows:

First Name Last Name Chips
Sayed Jabbour 157,400
Octavian Voegele 122,400
Tty Ly 111,100
Peter Dykes 91,600
Tony Sama 91,100
Dominic Coombe 90,900
Didier Guerin 79,000
Ryan Hong 77,900
Jackson Zheng 77,800
Nathan Turner 73,100
Zaven Demlakian 72,200
Rob Harrison 67,600
Andrew Dales 67,200
Michael Ho 67,200
Dexter Wong 66,600
Michael Kanaan 65,900
Wilson Li 64,800
Vasken Demlakian 63,900
Brendan Ruse 63,600
Terance Stevens 63,100
Colin Carpenter 62,900
Andrew Li 62,800
Anthony Legg 62,400
Benjamin Pockett 62,300
Pravin Harji 61,500
Gang Chen 61,100
Yibo He 60,600
Chi Yan Ng 59,900
Aaron Purdue 56,800
Peter Skouteris 55,500
Rined Namrood 54,500
Mohamed Taleb 51,600
Paul Gooley 50,500
Michael Arieta 46,900
Andre Lettau 45,900
Antonis Kambouroglou 45,100
Firat Celik 44,200
George Vassilopoulos 43,800
Jordan Kilner 42,400
Bryan Huang 40,700
Shaneel Chand 39,400
Zhi Ma 38,000
Paul Elliot 37,600
Antonio Tavella 37,300
Thibaut Klinghammer 37,200
Peco Stojanovski 37,000
Nicholas Mullen 36,300
David Banning 34,000
Ken Pryde 33,700
Daniel Larronde 33,500
David Lee 33,000
Tatjana Zizic 32,600
Brett Trevillian 30,500
Gary Benson 30,100
Ben Phillips 29,400
Emanuel Seal 29,200
Shane Pearce 29,000
Jarrod Wright 28,800
Karl Spiegel 27,400
Mikael Juhani Koistinen 25,500
Martin Stausholm 25,500
Tian Liang 24,700
Robert Cameron 24,500
Guangqi Zhang 24,500
Adil Bayazitli 24,100
Nicolae Bicher 22,700
William Skountzos 22,400
Andrew Kitchen 22,200
David Cochrane 18,700
Mathew Rolfe 18,600
Matt Gooley 18,500
David Wang 18,100
Ben Sutherland 17,300
Michael Levy 16,500
Karam Bahi 15,800
Hassib Younan 15,100
Ashleigh Ruck 14,700
Joseph Kalou 13,300
Dean Vigdor 12,900
Daniel Kochan 11,500
Vasilios Argyros 11,300
John Harman 11,200
John Corr 10,900
Ferenc Matus 8,400

Flight 1 done and dusted

Play has finished for the evening.  Sayed Jabbour is the chip leader while Octavian Voegele is second.

Join us later today (Friday) at 12.30pm when the second Day 1 flight will begin.

Chip counts of those coming back for Day 2 on Saturday will include:

Sayed Jobbour 157,400
Octavian Voegele 121,400
Peter Dykes 91,600
Tony Sama 91,100
Didier Guerin 79,000
Ryan Hong 77,900
Jackson Zheng 77,800
Andrew Dales 67,200
Michael Kanaan 65,000
Ken Demlakian 63,900
Andrew Li 62,800
Ben Pockett 62,000
Peter Skouteris 55,500
Toothpick’ Tony Kambouroglou 45,100
Peco ‘The Magician’ Stojanovski 37,000
Gary Benson 30,100
Ben Phillips 29,400
Emanuel Seal 29,200
Matt Rolfe 18,600
Billy ‘The Croc’ Argyros 11,300

Clock stopped

The clock has been stopped with fifteen minutes left in the level. All tables will now play three more hands and then bag up their chips.

Grandpa in my pockett

Ben Pockett had been nursing his short stack for most of the day and only said to us at the start of this last level that he just wants to double up once and he’ll be happy for a return on Day 2. Well, his wish has come true. On a flop of 7-2-3 there was some standard action to which Pockett and his opponent remained. The turn came 3 to which player X bet 11k. Pockett announced all-in for his remaining 20k which was called. Pockett turned over 2-2 for trips to his opponents 5-7 for top pair. The river came an A to seal the double up. Pockett is now up to 63k.

Pushing the ton

A couple of players have reached the 100k chip mark while the number left in the field is 91 of the confirmed 189 starters for the day.  Various chip counts are follows:

Octavian Voegele 105,000
Andrew Dales 100,000
Peter Dykes 86,000
Jackson Zheng 84,000
Didier Guerin 63,000
Peter Skouteris 60,000
Andrew Li 48,000
Toothpick’ Tony Kambouroglou 43,000
Scott Ricotta 42,000
Gary Benson 38,000
Ben Phillips 26,000
Peco ‘The Magician’ Stojanovski 25,000
Michael Kanaan 24,000
Emanuel Seal 22,000
Matt Rolfe 21,000
Bryan Huang 20,000
Ben Pockett 16,000
Luke Spano 15,000
Billy ‘The Croc’ Argyros 13,000
John Caridad 10,000
Minh Nguyen
Brendon Rubie
Phillip Willcocks
Sam Capra
Tyron Krost


One more level to go

I don’t know about the players but I’m starting to turn into a pumpkin. Level 6 is now complete with 100 players remaining from the 189 total entries (this number has been adjusted down slightly). There’s a short 10-minute break ahead of level 7 that will bring blinds of 400/800 and an ante of 100. This will be the last level of play for the night.

Truong’s form holds up again

Tam Truong (pictured) has performed well yet again to win the $550 Pot Limit Omaha re-entry event for $14,023. He was able to overcome Michael Guzzardi in heads-up play who won $9,690 for his troubles. Geoff Henshaw finished third, Sam Khouiss fourth and Mel Judah 5th.

Elliot Smith triumphs for Canada

The $5k Challenge has recently finished with Elliot Smith (pictured) the winner after a long tussle with Joel Douaglin. The head’s up battle went back and forth for some time but in the second last hand, on a board of 2-8-7-5, Douaglin started the betting, Smith re-raised, Douaglin announced all-in which Smith called. Douaglin turned over J-J while Smith had made his straight on the turn holding 9-6. This crippled Douaglin to the point of no return and Smith took home the bacon and the first prize of $116,850. Joel Douaglin won $77,900 for his well-deserved second place.

Chip counts

Jeff Lisandro is another player knocked out of the Main Event. 122 players remain with the average chip stack at 31k.

Peter Skouteris 67,000
Jackson Zheng 65,000
Toothpick’ Tony Kambouroglou 48,000
Gary Benson 44,000
Peter Dykes 42,000
Scott Ricotta 39,000
Bryan Huang 38,000
Michael Kanann 32,000
Ben Phillips 32,000
Didier Guerin 28,000
Matt Rolfe 27,000
Minh Nguyen 25,000
Peco ‘The Magician’ Stojanovski 23,000
Brendon Rubie 16,000
Ben Pockett 15,000
Phillip Willcocks 13,000
Emanuel Seal 10,000
Billy ‘The Croc’ Argyros 8,000
Sam Capra 6,000
Tyron Krost 3,000
John Caridad 3,000
Jeff Lisandro
Robert Spano
Sherif Derias

Blinds are up

Players have reached level 6 where blinds are 300/600 with an ante of 75.

$5k Challenge update

Play is still going in the $5k Challenge event which re-started at 2pm today with 15 players. It’s currently heads-up with a couple of experienced internationals in Joel Douaglin from New Caledonia, who was third in the Aussie Millions main event earlier this year, and Elliot Smith, the Canadian who himself finished 3rd in the Aussie Millions main event in 2009. Douaglin has a slight chip lead.

Onto the next level

Players have returned from their break to face level 5 where blinds are 200/400 with an ante of 50. 168 players still remain from the 195 that have entered so far.

Long break

Players are now on a 20-minute break.

Michael Kanaan (pictured) has recovered somewhat to an average stack after dropping down to only 4k. The average stack is 23k.
Various chip counts at the end of level 4 include:

Didier Guerin 48,000
Toothpick’ Tony Kambouroglou 42,000
Matt Rolfe 38,000
Andrew Li 31,000
Bryan Huang 29,000
Peter Skouteris 27,000
Scott Ricotta 27,000
Michael Kanann 25,000
Minh Nguyen 24,000
Gary Benson 23,000
Ben Pockett 22,000
Sam Capra 22,000
Phillip Willcocks 22,000
Peco ‘The Magician’ Stojanovski 18,000
Ben Phillips 17,000
Billy ‘The Croc’ Argyros 15,000
Emanuel Seal 15,000
Tyron Krost 13,000
John Caridad 10,000
Jeff Lisandro 6,000

Blinds are up

Players have reached level 4 where blinds are 150/300 with an ante of 25. 193 entries have been registered and 169 of those still remain. Average stack is almost $23k.

Chip counts

Some of the current chip counts towards the end of level 3 include:

Matt Rolfe 48,000
Peter Skouteris 45,000
Toothpick’ Tony Kambouroglou 31,000
Scott Ricotta 30,000
Minh Nguyen 28,000
Emanuel Seal 28,000
Andrew Li 28,000
Gary Benson 25,000
Jeff Lisandro 23,000
Robert Spano 22,000
Ben Pockett 22,000
Sam Capra 21,000
John Caridad 18,000
Peco ‘The Magician’ Stojanovski 17,000
Bryan Huang 14,000
Tyron Krost 13,000
Sherif Derias 13,000
Michael Kanann 12,000
Phillip Willcocks 11,000
David Allen
Daniel Neilson

No place for a threesome

Daniel Neilson, Sam Capra and Tyron Krost (all pictured above L-R) have been seated next to each other at the same table. However, it hasn’t worked our well for Neilson in particular as he’s already hit the rail. Capra sits on 21k while Krost has about 14k.

A poker legend sometimes needs to pray

Jeff Lisandro (pictured above) is one of the biggest names in the field today. He’s sitting on around 28k in chips, above the average of 20k, but he may also benefit from a little praying, ’give me a big hand, give me a big hand.’

A few others pop in

A few others have joined play including Tyron Krost, John Caridad, Robert Spano and Bryan Huang. We also ran into Billy ‘The Croc’ Argyros in the break who confirmed he’ll be a late registration for the flight tonight.

Back to it

Players have returned from their 10-minute break to face level 3 where blinds are 100/200 with an ante of 25 now introduced.

A bit of relief

Players are now on a 10-minute break to go get a quick bite to eat, relieve themselves, have a smoke or just chill out.

Who’s in the field?

There’s a couple of Australian Poker Hall of Famers in Jeff Lisandro and Gary Benson playing in the flight today. Others we see seated at the table include Sherif Derias, Daniel Neilson, Sam Capra, ‘Toothpick’ Tony Kambouroglou, Peco ‘The Magician’ Stojanovski, Phil Willcocks, Matt Rolfe, Ben Pockett, Minh Nguyen, Peter Scouteris, David Allan and Michael Kanaan (who busted from the $5k Challenge final table playing concurrently).

One down, six to go

Level one has been completed and all players remain. 178 have currently entered. Blinds have now increased to 100/200.

Steadily growing

The number of entries is creeping up, now at 165. Tables are set for 10-handed play, although most tables have at least one stack without an owner.

Thanks to The Inside Word

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$5k Challenge update

Fifteen players started Day 2 in the $5k Challenge and currently seven remain. Rory Young and Emanuel Seal were part of the starting pack but have since busted. Michael Kanaan is still in with a chance, although he could do with a chip up given a couple of big stacks having developed at the table. The winner will receive a little over $116,000.

Play is underway in the Main Event

Play has just started with blinds at 50/100. 157 players are listed as having entered so far. Registration will remain open until the end of the third break or if we reach sell-out of about 250 players.

Play duration confirmed

Star Poker manager Stephen Ibrahim has announced that the plan is to play to the end of seven levels tonight. Each level is an hour long, with a 20-minute dinner break and a number of 10-minute breaks along the way. That should take us to about 2am in the morning.

Welcome to the ANZPT Sydney Main Event

Welcome to our coverage of the 2015 ANZPT series live from The Star poker room in Sydney. Today sees the first of two Main Event Day 1 flights with play scheduled to get under way at 6.15pm. The tournament buy-in is $2300, levels will increase every hour and players will start with 20,000 in chips.

Last year’s main event saw 458 entrants play for a near $1m prize pool. The most recent Star Poker Summer Series Main Event attracted 345 at a $3,000 entry point, so participation is expected to be solid yet again. Satellites having been running for some time now so that should bode well for a decent field.

Last year’s winner, Joshua Redhouse, was crowded champion for over $130,000 after a four-way deal was done. He joined Dinish Alt who won in 2013 and Gordon Huntly, the 2012 winner, who have made recent ANZPT Sydney history.

PokerMedia Australia is proud to enter the fifth year of our association with Star Poker after the tenth running of the PMA Special Event was held over earlier this week. Congratulations to the winner, Michael Seymour, who won almost $30,000 after a deal was done heads-up.

So stay tuned for a big night of tournament poker with play to begin shortly.

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