2015 ANZPT Sydney – Poker Media Australia 6-handed NLH $1100

And we have a winner

After a great head’s up battle between the guys, Michael Seymour (pictured above) has eventually prevailed. He was the dominant player throughout the final table but when head’s up with the experienced Michel Bouskila (pictured below), the chip lead switched back and forth many times. In the final hand, Seymour raised, Bouskila announced all-in for about 800k and Seymour insta-called. Seymour tabled A-Q to Bouskila’s A-5. The board ran out K-J-6-J-3 to crown a new champion end Bouskila’s run in a well-deserved 2nd place.

Thanks for joining us over the past couple of days. Reports will continue to be found at the Star Poker website and at here at PMA. Check back during the main event from Thursday March 20 when we’ll be bringing you the live action from the ANZPT Main Event.

Not taking the dinner break

Both Michel and Michael have agreed to keep going and forego the 30-minute dinner break. They’ve negotiated a loo visit and should be back shortly to face level 25 where blinds will be 20000/40000 with an ante of 4000.

Finally but not quite the cigar

There’s been an all-in call pre-flop with Michel Bouskila tabling A-6 to Michael’s A-8. The board ran out A-3-3-5-7 to keep Seymour ahead and now double to 1.1 million in chips to Bouskila’s 700k.

Bouskila getting the edge

Michel Bouskila is starting to build a lead on Michael Seymour. While it seems that they’re both waiting for that big hand each to clash swords, there’s been plenty of bet and fold, raise and fold.  Bouskila has 1.2 million in chips while Seymour has 600k.

Little change

We know the title is a wonderful one to win so we’re pleased both players are staying resilient! Level 24 is now upon the gents with blinds 15000/30000 and an ante of 3000. Chip stacks remain very close.

Will a deal make a difference?

Both players have been going back and fourth like a teeter totter. With chip counts now even at about 900k each, they’ve done a deal where they’ll be playing for the trophy and a few extra bucks. Let’s see if they both stay as determined to win the title.

Bouskila scoops a nice pot

After action saw a board of 6-A-Q-6-K, Michel Bouskila shoved all-in. Michael Seymour thought about if for a while and decided to fold, showing an Ace. Bouskila takes a few chips back, now on 800k, with Seymour at the 1 million mark.

Seeing more at the moment

Both players have seen several boards with min-raising action the norm. Michael Seymour has been on winning side more often than not though and has eaten into Michel Bouskila’s stack. Seymour is back up to 1.1 million in chips while Bouskila has 700k.

Blinds are up

Play has entered level 23 where blinds are 12000/24000 and an ante of 2000. Michel Bouskila has a little over 1 million in chips while Michael Seymour has 750k.

Joel Cohen out in 3rd place – $15,730

In pre-flop action, Michel Bouskila raised to 50k, Joel Cohen re-raised to 125k, Bouskila shoved all-in and Cohen called. Bouskila tabled A-J while Cohen had K-K. The board ran out 2-A-5-5-10 to pair Bouskila’s Aces and cripple Cohen.

Shortly afterwards, Cohen shoved for his remaining short stack with A-6, being called by Michael Seymour with A-K. The board was no help to Cohen so he’s was sent to the rail in 3rd place.

Good old uncle chop-chop

Michael Seymour raised to 40k and received both callers. A flop saw K-Ad-Jd. Joel Cohen bet 40k, Seymour called and Bouskila got out of the way. The turn was a Qs; check, check. The river a 10h. Neither player could improve their hand so it was chopped between them. Seymour has moved back into the lead with 745k in chips, Bouskila has 615k and Cohen 455k.

Chips moving around

There have been a few hands being played out but with little major effect. Joel Cohen held strong to take down a nice pot from Michael Seymour recently but the chip counts have remained steady. Michel Bouskila still leads from Seymour and Cohen.

Bouskila takes the lead

After some action, a board of 5c-7h-Jh-4h-Kc saw Michel Bouskila bet 100k into a decent pot. Michael Seymour thought about it for a while and called. Bouskila turned over K-K while Seymour folded, appreciating the hand of his opponent. Bouskila has over 800k in chips while Seymour drops back to 500k.

Blinds are up

Players have returned from the break to face level 22 where blinds are 10000/20000 with an ante of 2000.

Players are on a break

The three remaining players are on a 10-minute break with no significant changes to the counts below.

Updated chip counts and payouts


Michael Seymour 820,000
Michel Bouskila 640,000
Joel Cohen 355,000
Michael Tran 4th $10,285
Robbie O’Brien 5th $7,865
John Thomson 6th $6,353
Michael Doodson 7th $3,933
Roman Kristek 8th $3,933
Marcil Dias 9th $3,933
David Sebesfi 10th $3,025
Keanu Simpson 11th $3,025
Kahle Burns 12th $3,025
Huss Hassan 13th $2,420
Ricardo Faura 14th $2,420
Wakaba Masachika 15th $2,420

Apologies for technical issues

Sorry for the break in transmission. Unfortunately the internet connection has gone down so we’re working through other means for the time-being. Check our Facebook page in case issues reoccur.

Play has continued and they’re now into level 21 with blinds 8000/16000 and an ante of 1000. The current chip counts are:

Michel Bouskila – 750,000
Michael Seymour – 680,000
Joel Cohen – 380,000

Michael Tran finishes in 4th place – $10,285

Michael Seymour was in the thick of things again, raising pre-flop and getting a couple of callers. After a flop of 9c-2s-Jc, Michael Tran (pictured) pushed all-in for his remaining 142k. Seymour remained in the hand, calling the bet, turning over Js-6s to Tran’s Ac-5c. The turn came 5s, the river a 7h to knock Tran out in 4th place. Seymour now has over 1 million in chips.

Robbie O’Brien railed in 5th place – $7,865

Soon after John Thomson was eliminated, Robbie O’Brien (pictured) announced all-in pre-flop, enticing a call from Michel Bouskila. O’Brien turned over Jc-8c to Bouskila’s Ah-Kh. O’Brien had some hope after the turn for a flush but it wasn’t to be as the board ran out 7c-3d-7d-6c-Qd to knock him out in 5th place.

John Thomson out in 6th place – $6,353

Michael Seymour began the action with a standard raise when John Thomson (pictured) announced all-in. Seymour needed another 192k and snap called, showing A-Q. Thomson showed A-K but saw the table run out 9-J-3-Q-J to send him to the rail in 6th place.

Blinds are up

Play has reached level 20 where blinds are 6000/12000 with an ante of 1000.

Doodson busted in 7th place – $3,933

After the action lead to a flop of J-K-5, Michael Doodson (pictured) pushed all-in. Michael Seymour was priced in, needing only another 95k to call. He did so showing Q-10 to Doodson’s K-J. The river came 9, the turn a 6, to knock Doodson out of the tournament in 7th place.

Chip counts

As the end of level 19 is almost upon us, Michel Bouskila is the mover while Michael Seymour continues to build strongly.

Michael Seymour 505,000
Michel Bouskila 415,000
Joel Cohen 240,000
Michael Tran 200,000
Michael Doodson 175,000
Robbie O’Brien 160,000
John Thomson 140,000

Doodson lays one down

Michael Doodson got into a hand with Michael Seymour. After a flop of 6-K-9, Seymour bet 175k, causing Doodson some cause for consideration. Eventually he decided to fold, showing K-Q.

Cards are in the air*

Play has started on the final table. Play is starting at level 19 where where blinds are 5000/10000 with an ante of 500. *Grant Levy has brought this comment to our attention in the past, that it’s a strange place for the cards to be. It’s more relevant here in Sydney given the dealing style, but whatever Grant…

The big game is on

Star Poker staff have advised that a sizeable PLO cash game will be held at the table adjacent the final table. The game is $50-$50-$100 PLO with a $20,000 minimum. Play should be facilitated between 5pm – 6pm depending on staffing.

Welcome back

It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were right here following the action from the PMA $1100 6-handed event! Hopefully all the players have recovered from their 2.30am finish earlier this morning.

Stay tuned for all the action from the Final Table as the remaining seven players battle it out for the title and $31,458 first prize. See the starting chip stacks below. Play will get underway shortly at 4pm.

We’ll be back tomorrow

Join us again tomorrow at 4pm when the final table will continue. Chip counts at the start of play are as follows:

Michael Seymour 349,000
Michael Doodson 335,500
Joel Cohen 330,500
Michael Tran 292,500
Michel Bouskila 234,500
John Thomson 154,500
Robbie O’Brien 117,500
Roman Kristek 8th $3,933
Marcil Dias 9th $3,933
David Sebesfi 10th $3,025
Keanu Simpson 11th $3,025
Kahle Burns 12th $3,025
Huss Hassan 13th $2,420
Ricardo Faura 14th $2,420
Wakaba Masachika 15th $2,420
Matt Rolfe 16th $0

Nice hand Dood

Marcil Dias has nursed his short stack well today but his run has finally come to an end at the hands of Michael Doodson. Dias shoved with his pocket 6-6 and was called by Doodson, holding Kd-Qd. The board ran out Q-9-8-8-K for two pair, sending Dias to the rail in 9th place.

Shortly afterwards, Roman Kristek had his tournament life on the line and was busted in 8th place. That makes our final table of seven players who will return tomorrow (later today – 4pm) to play out for the crown and a $31,458 prize.

Thomo keeps the pace

In pre-flop action, Michael Tran raised to 26k, John Thomson (pictured) shoved all-in for his remaining 90k, which Tran called. Tran had K-Q to Thomson’s 2-2. The board ran out 9-6-2-9-7 to keep Thomo alive and kicking.

Michael Tran comes to (poker) life

Michael Tran (pictured) has knocked out Keanu Simpson in 11th place. Tran raised to 26k, Simpson shoved for his remaining 90k, which Tran called, turning over 9-9. Simpon’s A-Q blanked out on the board to send him to the rail.

Chip counts and payouts

Michael Seymour 310,000
Joel Cohen 245,000
Michael Doodson 205,000
Michel Bouskila 200,000
Michael Tran 200,000
Marcil Dias 180,000
Keanu Simpson 110,000
Robby O’Brien 95,000
Roman Kristek 95,000
John Thomson 90,000
David Sebesfi 75,000
Kahle Burns 12th $3,025
Huss Hassan 13th $2,420
Ricardo Faura 14th $2,420
Wakaba Masachika 15th $2,420
Matt Rolfe 16th $0

Blinds are up

Players have returned from their 10-minute break to face level 19 where blinds are 5000/10000 with an ante of 500.

Biggest pot of the day

A big pot has gone down in the hand before the break. David Sebesfi had his 10-10 cracked by Michael Seymour’s A-Q when it was all in the middle and an Ace hit on the turn.  Seymour is now up over 300,000 in chips while Sefesfi has dropped back to 75,000.

Dias doubles

Marcil Dias (pictured) is the other short stack who has been shoving and making hands. This time he was all-in holding Ah-Jh and was called by David Sebesfi with J-J. The board started well for Sebesfi falling 6-4-9 but it wasn’t to be as an Ace came on the turn. Dias is staying alive with 135,000 in chips.

Double trouble

John Thomson has shoved yet again pre-flop but this time he gets a caller in Michel Bouskila. Thomson tables Q-10 against Bouskila’s A-8. The board runs out 9-K-9-J-A to make Thomson’s straight and double him up. He’s still short though, sitting with 70,000 in chips.

With that hand blinds have gone up again for level 18, now 4000/8000 with an ante of 500.

Chip counts and places

Now that the money bubble has burst, play has relaxed with some action ensuing.

Michael Seymour 245,000
Joel Cohen 205,000
David Sebesfi 200,000
Michel Bouskila 200,000
Michael Doodson 200,000
Keanu Simpson 180,000
Robby O’Brien 120,000
Michael Tran 95,000
Roman Kristek 90,000
Marcil Dias 85,000
Kahle Burns 65,000
John Thomson 45,000
Huss Hassan 13th
Ricardo Faura 14th
Wakaba Masachika 15th
Matt Rolfe 16th

And just like that…

Unfortunately for Matt Rolfe, he is our bubble boy, being sent to the rail in 16th place by Keanu Simpson.

Money bubble has slowed up play

Hand-for-hand play has now moved through level 16 to level 17 where blinds are 3000/6000 with an ante of 500. John Thomson has been all-in several times but has not received a caller.

Hand for hand

Play is now being conducted hand-for-hand as we’re on the money bubble with 16 remaining, with Adrian Salter the latest to bust.

Chip Counts

17 players remain as Laurence ‘Terrier’ Hall was sent to the rail most recently.

David Sebesfi 210,000
Robby O’Brien 205,000
Michael Seymour 175,000
Michel Bouskila 170,000
Joel Cohen 140,000
Matt Rolfe 115,000
Kahle Burns 103,000
Michael Tran 80,000
Michael Doodson 65,000
Huss Hassan 63,000
John Thomson 62,000
Ricardo Faura 50,000
Adrian Salter 36,000

Blinds are up

Players have returned from their break to face level 16 where blinds are 2000/4000 with an ante of 400. 18 players still remain.

Break time

Players are on a short 10-minute break.

Clock stopped for redraw

Players have been redrawn as the field has now reached three tables with a total of 18 players. Three players need to bust to reach the money.

Push and shove

With 21 players remaining and the blinds starting to creep up, the short stacks are finding their way into the middle. Kahle Burns (pictured) almost enticed his opponent all-in on a board of 3-5-5-5-A but alas, he was happy with the pot as he called the 16k bet on the river with A-A.

Meanwhile, Huss Hassan was all-in for his remaining 47,000 pre-flop and faced a call from Simon Chahine. Chahine tanked and eventually folded, showing K-Q. Hassan was happy to oblige, showing his pocket 7-7.

We’re slowly getting there

Blinds have once again increased as play has reached level 15. Blinds are now 1500/3000 with an ante of 400. 23 players remain with an average stack of 78,913.

Chip Counts

David Sebesfi (pictured) is continuing his chip building, while Robby O’Brien is tearing up his table to sit in second place. Another O’Brien, Jason, has not been as productive having hit the rail, along with Patrick Healy.

David Sebesfi 264,000
Robby O’Brien 185,000
Michael Doodson 100,000
Michael Tran 94,000
Adrian Salter 87,000
Laurence Hall 65,000
Joel Cohen 62,000
Simon Chahine 56,000
Huss Hassan 50,000
Dean Blatt 48,000
Kahle Burns 47,000
John Thomson 38,000
Matt Rolfe 25,000

No dice for Karageorge

George Karageorge in the small blind limps into a pot as Robby O’Brien in the big blind shoves. Karageorge tanks and eventually calls for his remaining chips, around another 15k, tabling K-Q. O’Brien turns over 6-5 of hearts. The board puts Karageorge ahead initially, falling 6-Q-10. However, it was short-lived as the turn came 5, the river a 2, to award the hand to O’Brien and send Karageorge to the rail. O’Brien is now up over 140,000 in chips.

Blinds are up

Level 14 has begun where blinds are 1200/2400 with an ante of 300.

Chip leader cracks through 200k

David Sebesfi is the current chip leader with 210,000 in chips. Huss Hassan (pictured) is on his heels with 157,000 while Adrian Salter has 145,000. Simon Chahine who had the chip lead a couple of levels ago, has stalled around the 105,000 mark.

Serious stretch

Players have returned from their break to face level 13 where blinds are 1000/2000 with an ante of 300. 15 players make the money where the min-cash is $2,420. When play reaches the final 18 players (three tables), seats will be redrawn.

Chip counts

Simon Chahine still leads the way as players are now on a 10-minute break. 31 players remain.

Simon Chahine 122,000
Laurence Hall 90,000
Michael Tran 72,000
Adrian Salter 60,000
Kahle Burns 51,000
George Karageorge 48,000
Joel Cohen 45,000
John Thomson 42,000
Michael Doodson 38,000
Matt Rolfe 30,000
Jason O’Brien 26,000
Patrick Healy 25,000
Dean Blatt 10,000

Opening Event update 

Congratulations to Peco ‘The Magician’ Stojanovski (pictured) who has won the Opening Event of the series. Kirby Marsh finished in second place while Ben Jee finished third.

Onto the next level
Play has now reached level 12 where blinds are 800/1600 with an ante of 200. 36 players remain.

Polite claps for a fine century

A couple of players now sit with over 100,000 in chips – Simon Chahine (pictured) with 105,000 and Adrian Salter with 101,000. Recent chip leader Michael Addamo has busted, as has Nabil Edgtton and Chad Awerbach. 43 players still remain and at this stage, event staff are still expecting play to continue until we reach a final table of seven.

Blinds are up

Level 11 has begun where blinds are 600/1200 with an ante of 200. 47 players still remain with the average stack at 38,617 in chips.

Opening Event is down to three 

Three players remain in the Opening Event after a final table of nine began play this afternoon. Ben Jee currently leads with 5.3 million in chips, Peco Stojanovski has 4.2 million and Kirby Marsh is still in with a chance with 1.2 million in chips.

PMA Event Payouts

1st $31,458
2nd $21,175
3rd $15,730
4th $10,285
5th $7,865
6th $6,353
7th – 9th $3,933
10th – 12th $3,025
13th – 15th $2,420

Blinds are up

Players have returned from their break to face level 10 where blinds are 500/1000 with an ante of 100.

Breaker breaker

Players are on a 10 minute break.

Chip Counts

Current chip counts of notables are as follows. Michael Addamo is the current chip leader. The average stack is 33,600 with 54 players remaining.

Michael Addamo 78,000
George Karageorge 50,000
Laurence Hall 40,000
Rory Young 32,000
Patrick Healy 29,000
Michael Tran 28,000
Matt Rolfe 24,000
Kahle Burns 20,000
Dean Blatt 19,000
Michael Doodson 14,000
Nabil Edgtton 14,000
Jason O’Brien 12,000

It’s getting more expensive

Play has reached level 9 where blinds are 400/800 with an ante of 100. A total of 121 entries were accepted and currently 65 players remain.

Blinds are up

Level 8 has started where blinds are 300/600 with an ante of 50.

What’s happening to the numbers?

We’re still a little lost with regard to the final numbers in the event today. The total entries has clicked over to 121 and on a room count, 70 seem to remain. At the start of play the expectation was to play down to a final table but we’ll see what staff confirm after another few levels go by.

Time for play

Player have returned from their break to face level 7 where blinds are 200/400 with an ante of 50.

Break time

Players are now on a 20 minute break. Staff will confirm total numbers through the break as the re-entry period is about to conclude.

Who’s in the field today?

As play continues through level 6, the clock still shows 115 players remaining of the 115 entries, however, this will need some adjusting. Those still in the field include Patrick Healy (pictured), Michael Tran, Robert Spano, Chad Awerbuch, Dean Blatt, George Karageorge, Nabil Edgtton, Minh Nguyen, Sam Khouiss, Steve Pappas, Jarred Graham, Michael Doodson, Kahle Burns, Rory Young, Leo Boxell, Laurence Hall, Ismail Ismail and Jason O’Brien.

Blinds are up

Blinds are now 150/300 with an ante of 25.

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Opening Event update

The final table of the Opening Event is also being conducted this afternoon and consists of the following players at the start of play:

Kirby Marsh (pictured) – 1,889,000
Robert ‘Seswoir’ Bechara – 1,545,000
Ben Pockett – 1,217,000
Peco ‘The Magician’ Stojanovski – 1,126,000
Evan Ryan – 1,062,000
Dale Marsland – 600,000
George Marques – 555,000
Ben Jee – 506,000

Blinds are up

Play has reached level 5 where blinds are 100/200 with an ante of 25 now introduced.

Not a bad turnout

Total number of entries have grown to 114. Historically this event attracts around the 120 mark so we’re on track to reach that milestone. Re-buys will remain open through this level and the next and shut out at the end of the break that follows level 6.

Kanaan is a goner

Michael Kanaan’s day has finished prematurely. While seated on a table with Michael Tran (pictured) and Jason O’Brien, Kanaan raised to 5k in pre-flop action, Tran in the big blind made it 15k, Kanaan shoved all-in and Tran made the call. Tran tabled K-K which held against Kanaan’s 10-10 to send Kanaan to the rail. Tran continued his typical table talk after the hand, telling us that for once he got it in when he was ahead!

Play is underway again

Players have returned from their break where level 4 has begun, with blinds at 100/200.

First break

Players are on their first break of the day. They will return in ten minutes and face level 4. No players have busted that have not re-entered.

Can we crack the ton?

As ten minutes remain in level 3 where blinds are 75/150, there are 99 players in the field. Registration will remain open until the end of the first break, which is 20 minutes away. Re-entry will remain a possibility for those who bust up to the end of the second break – after level 6.

Thanks to The Inside Word

Live reporting for this event is proudly brought to you by PokerMedia Australia partners The Inside Word who provide detailed sports betting analysis, and insightful, independent commentary about local and international sports. Check them out!

Welcome to our coverage of the 2015 ANZPT series live from The Star poker room in Sydney. Today sees the PokerMedia Australia (PMA) $1,100 6-handed event and we expect plenty of action as is usually the case with these short-handed tournaments.

The PMA 6-handed event has been part of Sydney’s three main tournament series for some time now and we’ve seen a number of players go onto bigger and better things after winning this one, including Dean Blatt who won here in the lead-up to ANZPT Sydney a couple of years ago and Rory Young who took it down at the Sydney Championships and then went on to win a WSOP bracelet.

Stay tuned for all the action as we play through to what will likely be the final two tables at the end of the day.

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