STAR POKER: Pfutzenreuter powers to Main Event win

Congratulations to Timo Pfutzenreuter who is the 2014 Star Poker Summer Series Main Event champion! After four long days of poker, 345 entries and a prize pool of $621,000, the major prize of $157,100 was awarded to a popular and dominant winner in Timo P, a German student in Sydney on holiday!

‘Timo P’ as he’s become referred to, finished among the top five chip leaders each day and was well placed going into the final table battle. He soon went to work, taking over the final table chip lead by knocking out the first two players and eating into Adrian Attenborough’s big stack. Once he hit the lead he was able to dominate, able to change gears as he worked his way through the table. He eventually overpowered the final two of Ben Richardson and Jason O’Brien who took the fight right up to him, but to no avail.

A German student studying international business while living in Austria, Timo is visiting friends while playing some of the major poker tournaments in Australia. He plans to remain in the country through the Aussie Millions, which he expects to play. Given the positive comments that eventuated about Timo’s abilities at the table, it’s of little surprise to learn that he has more poker experience than most players in this event may have known. His best cash to date is a fifth place in the EPT Main Event in Vienna earlier this year for $281,190 and a third place in the $5k PLO event at the WSOP in Las Vegas last year for $194,147. Add his win in this year’s Summer Series Main Event and his all-time earnings now climb to over $800,000.

This year’s Main Event was one of survival for a number of players. Aaron Benton at one point was as low as 6k on Day 1, somehow surviving to end the day with 121k. He also took a number of hits on Day 3 which saw his chip count fluctuate erratically, up to 240k at one point before busting in 28th place.

The ability to survive was also epitomised by three other players who finished up sitting next to each other on the final table. Chris Ayoub, Jason O’Brien and Ben Richardson each had been nursing small stacks for part of Day 2 and throughout Day 3. Ayoub, when approaching the money bubble, had only 31k but managed to double up no less than four times in 20 minutes to secure his payday. However, he would never dream that his luck would ride to an eventual 5th place. Without getting involved too often and staying out of trouble, he watched as everyone around him fell by the wayside.

So too Jason O’Brien, however, he kept putting his tournament life on the line. In an amazing streak, O’Brien won 11 straight all-in head’s up confrontations on Day 3 before eventually losing out to Timo and finishing in third place. And even Ben Richardson put up a great fight, short stacked with 500k when Timo had 5.5 million in chips, he built back up a number of times to provide some worry for Timo before eventually being overcome by the relentless pressure of a great player with a huge chip advantage.

The ladies were also well represented this year with deep runs by Teresa Natoli and Mayra Ramos. Each battled through with some impressive play, particularly when the pressure was on around the bubble. They were able to succeed in reaching the money, Natoli eventually hitting the rail in 22nd place and Ramos in 24th place.

The Star Poker Summer Series Main Event ended on a positive note after almost 28 levels of play. With a total of 345 players in the field at a $2000 buy-in, poker remains alive and well at The Star. Congratulations also to Poker Manager Stephen Ibrahim and his team for the success of the event.

2014 Star Poker Summer Series Payouts (345 entrants, $621,000 prize pool)

1st  Timo Pfutzenreuter – $157,100
2nd  Ben Richardson – $99,350
3rd  Jason O’Brien – $55,900
4th  Adrian Attenborough – $43,450
5th  Chris Ayoub – $35,700
6th  Jazz Mathers – $29,800
7th  Rajesh Sabapathy – $23,000
8th  George Zhong – $18,000
9th  Dean Blatt – $13,050
10th  Alexander Antonios – $9,300
11th  Hauman Darbani – $9,300
12th  BouBou – $9,300
13th  Joel Cohen – $8,100
14th  Zhen Yu Li – $8,100
15th  Danny Zhong – $8,100
16th  George Boustani – $7,150
17th  Nick Williams – $7,150
18th  Billy Argyros – $7,150
19th  Paul Gooley – $6,200
20th  James Webb – $6,200
21st  Geoff Mooney – $6,200
22nd  Teresa Natoli – $5,600
23rd  Nathan Gubieski – $5,600
24th  Mayra Ramos – $5,600
25th  Myles Lattacher – $4,950
26th  Steve Zhou – $4,950
27th  Victor Teng – $4,950
28th  Aaron Benton – $4,350
29th  Barry Forrester – $4,350
30th  Saliendra Sha – $4,350
31st  Jordan Kilner – $4,350
32nd  Ben Phillips – $4,350

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