2014 Star Poker Summer Series – Summer Series Main Event NLH / Day 3 / Final Table

And just like that…

It’s all over! Ben Richardson min-raises from the small blind to 160k and is called by Timo P. We see a flop of 3-10-3 and Timo checks. Richardson bets 200k, Timo raises him to 550k to which Richardson raises all-in, then Timo calls. Richardson turns over A 6 for ace high and Timo turns over 8 10 for a pair of tens. The turn comes a 9 and then a J on the river ends the tournament and crowns Timo Pfutzenreter as the Main Event champion. Richardson finishes as runner up for $99,350 while Timo earns $157,100.

The other ultimate survivor

Jason O’Brien moves all-in from the SB with A 10 and is called by Timo P with Q J. On a flop of 5-6-6 Timo declares, “how do you do it….every hand!” The turn comes a deuce and even though O’Brien remained quiet, a J comes on the river. And the streak is broken, this time when O’Brien is ahead, Timo finally cracks O’Brien who valiantly played right through to 3rd place on a short stack.

Changing it up

Timo has changed his strategy since the break from min-raises to going all-in pre-flop. He is putting O’Brien and Richardson to a decision for their tournament lives and whittling them down 120k a round.

Par for the course

Timo P moves all-in from the button and is called by Jason O’Brien in the BB for his last 540k. Timo has K 9 vs O’Brien’s A 9. The flop comes down Q-9-5 all hearts and as O’Brien has the Ah it removes outs for Timo. With two blanks to follow, O’Brien wins again and takes his streak to 11.

Chip counts

Timo Pfutzenreter 7,750,000 300,000
Ben Richardson 1,400,000 -500,000
Jason O’brien 1,200,000 200,000

Blinds are up

Play is now at Level 28 where blinds are 40,000/80,000 with an ante of 10,000.

Break time…hang on

Players are on a 10-minute break. There’s been little action for some time as chips are passed between blinds.

Hang on…but the hand just as the clock ticked over to the break saw O’Brien all-in for 570k heads-up with Richardson. Richardson has 9 9, O’Brien 6 7 suited. On a flop of 6-8-4, O’Brien hits a pair and gut shot straight draw. At the turn he hits his straight with a 5 and with a J on the river O’Brien survives again. That makes 10 wins in a row where his tournament life has been on the line.

Chip counts

Timo Pfutzenreter 7,450,000 650,000
Ben Richardson 1,900,000 650,000
Jason O’brien 1,000,000 -300,000

The pot thickens

After a round of calling the big blind of 60k, the flop came 9d-4s-5d. There was another round of betting but this time O’Brien folds. The 7h is turned and Richardson fires in 300k, Timo calling. The river is 9h and Richardson leads out for 750k this time. Timo thinks for a while and announces all-in. Richardson has 1.2m in chips left and a potential $40,000 decision. He tanks, then folds.

In the very next hand, pre-flop, Richardson bets 200k and Timo goes all-in over the top, Richardson calls. Richardson’s A K holds up over Timo’s J 8, with an ace coming on the flop. Richardson takes back what he lost the previous hand, and some.

Not this time though

Timo P moves all-in from the SB this time with A 5 and is snap called by Ben Richardson (pictured) with Q Q. The cards are all blanks for Timo this time and Richardson doubles to over 2.5m in chips.

Big stack eating them up

Timo P pushes all-in from the button with Kc Jc and is snapped called by Adrian Attenborough in the SB with Ah Qh. The flop comes down 9c-8c-4h giving Timo the flush draw. Then on the turn he hits a K and with a blank 8 on the river Timo sends yet another player to the rail. Attenborough finishes in 4th place for $43,450.

Wouldn’t want to play O’Brien heads-up

Jason O’Brien calls Adrian Attenborough’s min-raise from the BB and we saw a flop of 3-2-J. Both players check the flop and with a 4 on the turn O’Brien moves all-in for 535k. Attenborough makes a face and reluctantly calls with J 7 and his dismay is correct as O’Brien turns over J 9. An ace on the river doesn’t help anyone and O’Brien cannot be defeated heads-up, still. This is his 9th all-in heads-up battle today alone and he is 9/9.

Blinds are up

Players have taken a quick smoke break as we head into Level 27 where blinds are 30,000/60,000 with an ante of 10,000. Current chip counts are:

Timo Pfutzenreter 6,800,000 450,000
Jason O’brien 1,300,000 620,000
Ben Richardson 1,250,000 -150,000
Adrian Attenborough 1,000,000 -680,000

Almost the ultimate survivor

Chris Ayoub’s (pictured) tournament has finally ended. His story has been mentioned before – coming back from the brink, doubling up four times in 20 minutes at one point. Since then he’s seen the players knock themselves out time and time again, his payday edging upwards each time, but it was finally his turn. Pre-flop he put his remaining 270k into the middle with 6h 7h and Adrian Attenborough made the call with 2d 2s. The board ran out Kh-5c-6c-2c-4d to send Ayoub to the rail in an unlikely 5th place, earning himself $35,700.

Chip counts and final table payouts

Timo Pfutzenreter 6,350,000 1,050,000
Adrian Attenborough 1,680,000 -240,000
Ben Richardson 1,400,000 600,000
Jason O’brien 680,000 290,000
Chris Ayoub 240,000 -240,000
Jazz Mathers 6th $29,800
Rajesh Sabapathy 7th $23,000
George Zhong 8th $18,000
Dean Blatt 9th $13,050

No Razza-ma-Jazz this time

In a hand that played out for some time, SB Timo P made raised to 100k and Jazz Mathers calls. The flop comes 3h-Ac-Jd, Jazz checks, Timo bets 60k, Jazz calls. The turn is a 5d. Jazz checks, Timo bets 125k, Jazz makes the call. The river is a 5h. Jazz checks, Timo moves all-in with the big stack and after some seeming reluctance, Jazz calls. Timo turns over Ad 3s and Jazz mucks in disgust. He hits the rail in 6th place for $29,800.

No sympathy for Sabapathy

Dominant chip leader Timo P raises on the button with A 8 and Rajesh Sabpathy moves all-in from the BB with 9 10 off suit. Timo calls and we see a board of J-8-K-4-8 that knocks out Sabpathy in 7th place for $23,000.

Blinds are up

We’ve reached Level 26 where blinds are 25,000/50,000 with an ante of 5000.

Break time

Players on a loo break for 10 minutes. Current chip counts are:

Timo Pfutzenreter 5,300,000 2,545,000
Adrian Attenborough 1,920,000 -1,185,000
Ben Richardson 800,000 365,000
Jazz Mathers 780,000 355,000
Rajesh Sabapathy 680,000 -310,000
Chris Ayoub 480,000 225,000
Jason O’brien 390,000 -370,000
George Zhong 8th $18,000
Dean Blatt 9th $13,050

It’s certainly shove time

Jazz Mathers is left on life support with 100k and 45k of it in the BB and ante. He calls Rajesh Sabapathy’s all-in who has 8 8 only to find A K suited in the BB. Mathers hits a K on the turn to double up and stay alive.

Ends wrong for Zhong

From the SB George Zhong raises to 80k and the BB Timo P raises it further to 180k. Zhong calls and we see a flop Kc-3c-Ad. Zhong checks, Timo makes it 160k and Zhong calls. The turn is a 5s and both players check. The river falls a Qd to which Zhong bets 300k and Timo comes back all-in over the top. Zhong calls and mucks (having K Q) after seeing Timo table 4h 2d for the straight. Zhong busts in 8th place.


Timo P raises from UTG to 80k and is called by Chris Ayoub on the button. Dean Blatt then moves all-in for 365k from the SB. Timo re-raises all-in and Ayoub folds A Q. He is disappointed when he see’s Blatt’s A 9 suited and Timo’s K J off suit. Then the flop comes down 8-K-3 and his disappointment turns to joy as Timo knocks out Blatt. Blatt takes home $13,050 for 3 days work in 9th place.

Big stacks in a stand-off

After folding to Adrian Attenborough’s re-raises several times, Timo P makes a stand against him. Raising to 105k, Attenborough re-raises to 215k when Timo comes back at him pushing it up to 555k. With the two biggest stacks on the table, this would have been a huge pot should Attenborough have called. Alas he folds and we move to the next hand.

Chop suey

Dean Blatt moves all-in for his remaining 370k with A 8 and starts to get up after seeing Adrian Attenborough call with A J. The flop comes 9-4-9 and when the 4 comes on the turn he’s survived, chopping the pot to stay alive.

He does it again

Rajesh Sabapathy min-raises to start the action, Chris Ayoub moves all-in for his remaining 150k, Timo P calls, as does Adrian Attenborough and Rajesh meets the difference. The flop comes 9-7-K, Timo and Adrian check, Rajesh goes all-in, forcing Timo and Adrian to fold. Rajesh turns over 8 8 and to Chris’ pleasant surprise, he turns over A A. Yes, to his surprise because he only looked at his first card and seeing an ace, went all-in. The turn came 6 and the river another 7 to keep Ayoub alive, again!

Blinds are up
We’ve reached Level 25 where blinds are 20,000/40,000 with an ante of 5000.

Richardson looking for survival

In the first all-in of the final table, Ben Richardson moves all-in over the top of Adrian Attenborough’s minimum raise. Richardson shows A J vs Attenborough’s A 6. A board of J-4-K-10-6 sees Richardson survive, however, he’s on just over 500k and will likely be all-in again soon.

Chip counts at the start of the Final Table

Adrian Attenborough 3,105,000 625,000
Timo Pfutzenreter 2,755,000 305,000
George Zhong 1,025,000 -150,000
Rajesh Sabapathy 990,000 -110,000
Jason O’brien 760,000 200,000
Dean Blatt 600,000 -50,000
Ben Richardson 435,000 -315,000
Jazz Mathers 425,000 -50,000
Chris Ayoub 255,000 -95,000

Queens couldn’t get it done so it’s Final Table time

George Zhong raises to 75k and is re-raised by Adrian Attenborough 185k, then Alexander Antonios moves all-in for his 435k remaining chips. Zhong folds and Attenborough calls. It’s a coin flip with Antonios showing Q Q and Attenborough with A K off suit. A flop of 8-8-8 has Antonios ahead and then a 9 on the turn doesn’t change things, but it wasn’t to be as a K hits on the river to send Antonis to the rail. We now head to the final table of nine!

Chip counts and Payouts

Adrian Attenborough 2,480,000 800,000
Timo Pfutzenreter 2,450,000 1,030,000
George Zhong 1,175,000 -205,000
Rajesh Sabapathy 1,100,000 -150,000
Ben Richardson 750,000 80,000
Dean Blatt 650,000 -450,000
Jason O’brien 560,000 80,000
Jazz Mathers 475,000 195,000
Alexander Antonios 360,000 -790,000
Chris Ayoub 350,000 90,000
Hauman Darbani 11th $9,300
BouBou 12th $9,300
Joel Cohen 13th $8,100
Zhen Yu Li 14th $8,100
Danny Zhong 15th $8,100
George Boustani 16th $7,150
Nick Williams 17th $7,150
Billy Argyros 18th $7,150
Paul Gooley 19th $6,200
James Webb 20th $6,200
Geoff Mooney 21st $6,200
Teresa Natoli 22nd $5,600
Nathan Gubieski 23rd $5,600
Mayra Ramos 24th $5,600
Myles Lattacher 25th $4,950
Steve Zhou 26th $4,950
Victor Teng 27th $4,950
Aaron Benton 28th $4,350
Barry Forrester 29th $4,350
Saliendra Sha 30th $4,350
Jordan Kilner 31st $4,350
Ben Phillips 32nd $4,350

One from the Final Table

Harman Darbani (pictured) raises with A K and is called by Timo P with Qs Js. The flop comes down As-3h-Ks, Darbani bets 85k and Timo calls. The turn comes a Q and Darbani bets 225k. Timo P with a pair and a flush draw goes all-in and is snapped called by Darbani. With his tournament on the line and over 1.4m in the pot, a 9s drops on the river sending Darbani to the rail in 11th place for a $9,300 payday.

Lazy quads to stay alive

Chris Ayoub is happy to see his Q Q playing 6-handed, but his heart sinks when Adrian Attenborough turns over A A from the BB. With his tournament life still on the line, Ayoub screams for joy as a Q comes on the flop. Attenborough still has outs but not when another Q comes on the turn! Quad queens and Ayoub doubles and can sit a little more comfortably, at least for a few more rounds. Ayoub and O’Brien are fighting for the title of survivor. The rail are playing Eye of the Tiger from their phones in appreciation.

Onto level 24
The players have returned from their break. Play is now at Level 24 with blinds of 15,000/30,000 and an ante of 5000. 11 players still remain.

The long break

Players are on a 30-minute break. Chip counts at the end of the level are:

Adrian Attenborough 1,680,000 270,000
Timo Pfutzenreter 1,420,000 -280,000
George Zhong 1,380,000 655,000
Rajesh Sabapathy 1,250,000 520,000
Alexander Antonios 1,150,000 590,000
Dean Blatt 1,100,000 -30,000
Hauman Darbani 680,000 -60,000
Ben Richardson 670,000 190,000
Jason O’brien 480,000 105,000
Jazz Mathers 280,000 -470,000
Chris Ayoub 260,000 -140,000

Rollercoaster ride

George Zhong (pictured) pulls his chips back with interest. Raising to 50k, he is called by Jazz Mathers in the BB. With the flop coming down 9-6-5, Zhong in position bets 70k and is called by Mathers. With the turn of a K, Zhong is the aggressor again betting 100k.  With another K on the river Zhong moves all-in for his remaining 433k, getting snap called by Mathers. Zhong shows Q Q and Mathers mucks. Zhong picks up a 1.3 million pot and is back with the leaders.

All that Jazz

Jazz Mathers doubles through George Zhong, putting his remaining 443k on the line with Q Q vs Zhong’s J J. The queens stay ahead as the board blanks out for Zhong, pushing Mathers back to an average stack of almost 1 million in chips.

C’mon, I was ahead this time!

Jason O’Brien does it again but this time he is ahead as he moves all-in pre-flop with K K vs Rajesh Sabapathy’s J J. He stays ahead and doubles his stack again to over 600k. Still the short stack on the table, O’Brien is the ultimate survivor and very few on the table want to meet his all-in bets.

Who was that guy?

Yet another player has been sent packing, this time it is mystery man BouBou (requested to remain anonymous). BouBou moves all-in with A J for 380k and is snapped called by George Zhong with Q Q. With only small cards on the flop and turn, and a J on the river, BouBou is eliminated in 12th place. In the space of 15 minutes we lose four players.

All happening at once

We’ve lost another three players in quick succession, with Danny Zhong (15th), Zhen Yu Li (14th) and Joel Cohen (13th) hitting the rail.

In the hand involving Danny Zhong (pictured), we see him calling Adrian Attenborough’s raise to 50k from the BB. The flop comes 9-J-K, Zhong checks to Attenborough who continuation bets 75k. Zhong then check raises all-in for 255k. Attenborough has caused such angst on the table that Zhong has seemed to make a pre-determined move, like a cricketer deciding no matter what happens he will hook to square leg. Attenborough turns over 10 Q for the nuts and Zhong shows J 2 for a pair of jacks, sealing his fate.

Soon afterwards Zhen Yu Li (pictured) moves all-in for his remaining 250k with A 5 and is re-pushed by Jazz Mathers with Q Q. No miracles happen for Li and he joins Zhong on the sidelines.

Onto the next level

Blinds are up to 12,000/24,000 with an ante of 4000 as play enters Level 23. Current chip counts are:

Timo Pfutzenreter 1,700,000 250,000
Adrian Attenborough 1,410,000 50,000
Dean Blatt 1,130,000 -150,000
Jazz Mathers 750,000 45,000
Hauman Darbani 740,000 60,000
Rajesh Sabapathy 730,000 -130,000
George Zhong 725,000 25,000
Alexander Antonios 560,000 -40,000
Ben Richardson 480,000 -120,000
Zhen Yu Li 420,000 205,000
Chris Ayoub 400,000 -20,000
Jason O’brien 375,000 -175,000
BouBou 370,000 -30,000
Danny Zhong 270,000 0
Joel Cohen 270,000 10,000

Chip counts and Payouts

Timo Pfutzenreter 1,450,000 300,000
Adrian Attenborough 1,360,000 580,000
Dean Blatt 1,280,000 -20,000
Rajesh Sabapathy 860,000 170,000
Jazz Mathers 705,000 85,000
George Zhong 700,000 -60,000
Hauman Darbani 680,000 -150,000
Ben Richardson 600,000 -120,000
Alexander Antonios 600,000 70,000
Jason O’brien 550,000 210,000
Chris Ayoub 420,000 100,000
BouBou 400,000 -280,000
Danny Zhong 270,000 -50,000
Joel Cohen 260,000 120,000
Zhen Yu Li 215,000 -335,000
Nick Williams 17th $7,150
George Boustani 16th $7,150
Billy Argyros 18th $7,150
Paul Gooley 19th $6,200
James Webb 20th $6,200
Geoff Mooney 21st $6,200
Teresa Natoli 22nd $5,600
Nathan Gubieski 23rd $5,600
Mayra Ramos 24th $5,600
Myles Lattacher 25th $4,950
Steve Zhou 26th $4,950
Victor Teng 27th $4,950
Aaron Benton 28th $4,350
Barry Forrester 29th $4,350
Saliendra Sha 30th $4,350
Jordan Kilner 31st $4,350
Ben Phillips 32nd $4,350

Another shove for survival

Chris Ayoub has also survived after moving all-in with 228k holding A J, being called by Zhen Yu Li with Q Q. An ace on the flop sees Ayoub make it through and build his stack back to over 500k. Having being short stacked just before the money bubble on 32k, he is still alive and in contention for a great payday.

Luck of the Irish?

Can Jason O’Brien’s luck continue? Starting the day on 173k, he has been on life support and pushed at least four times with his tournament on the line. A majority of the time not only has he won but he has also started behind. In the most recent shove, O’Brien pushes all-in with K Q on the button and is called by Hauman Darbani in the BB with A 9. O’Brien hits his Q on the flop which see’s him survive again and take his stack to a more comfortable 550k.

That’s one way to reduce the field!

With play moving fairly slow so far, some excitement’s developed with three-way all-in action. Short-stacked Nick Williams moves all-in for 114k, Rajesh Sabapathy (pictured) moves all-in over the top for 619k and George Boustani calls for his 534k. Williams has 5 5 vs Sabapathy K K vs Boustani A A. The rail builds as talk of the three-way action begins to bubble on the other table. The crowd now watching sees the flop come down 2-K-6, and with 6 and 7 on the turn and river, Sabapathy sends two players to the rail in one foul swoop. Sabapathy takes a massive pot of 1.2 million in the process and is now up with Blatt and Timo P in the chip counts.

Play has recommenced

Players have returned from the break to face Level 22 with blinds 10,000/20,000 and an ante of 3000. 17 players remain.

In the last hand before the break, Adrian Attenborough re-raises from the BB to 110k into Zhen Yu Li and Alex Antonis (AJ) who both call. On a flop of 5d-Kd-8c he bets 125k and is called by Li and AJ gets out of the way. The turn comes a 6s and Attenborough moves all-in. With the pot being around 550k, this is a large pot and Li takes considerable time to work out what Attenborough has. Li finally folds and Attenborough again takes down a huge pot without having to show his cards.

Short break

Players are on a 10-minute break. Chip counts and payouts at the end of the level are:

Dean Blatt 1,300,000 30,000
Timo Pfutzenreter 1,150,000 330,000
Hauman Darbani 830,000 250,000
Adrian Attenborough 780,000 0
George Zhong 760,000 -60,000
Ben Richardson 720,000 70,000
Rajesh Sabapathy 690,000 -30,000
BouBou 680,000 40,000
Jazz Mathers 620,000 40,000
Zhen Yu Li 550,000 -115,000
Alexander Antonios 530,000 50,000
George Boustani 470,000 50,000
Jason O’brien 340,000 -25,000
Chris Ayoub 320,000 -130,000
Danny Zhong 320,000 -80,000
Nick Williams 150,000 -70,000
Joel Cohen 140,000 -105,000
Billy Argyros 18th $7,150
Paul Gooley 19th $6,200
James Webb 20th $6,200
Geoff Mooney 21st $6,200
Teresa Natoli 22nd $5,600
Nathan Gubieski 23rd $5,600
Mayra Ramos 24th $5,600
Myles Lattacher 25th $4,950
Steve Zhou 26th $4,950
Victor Teng 27th $4,950
Aaron Benton 28th $4,350
Barry Forrester 29th $4,350
Saliendra Sha 30th $4,350
Jordan Kilner 31st $4,350
Ben Phillips 32nd $4,350

The Croc rolled

Billy ‘The Croc’ Argyros moves all-in over the top of Haumann Darbani’s 40k raise to 196k. Darbani calls with Q Q and Argyros shows A K off suit. With the board running out 10-5-5-3-6, the Croc gets no help and goes out in 18th place, taking home $7,150 for his troubles.

Snails pace

For the last 30 minutes it has remained fairly quiet with no showdowns. It seems it’s just the way Adrian Attenborough (pictured) likes it at the moment. He is raising and re-raising many pots and at least for the time being the other players are bending to his will and folding. He has at least doubled his stack since the start of the day, all without having to show his cards.

Chip Counts and Payouts

Dean Blatt 1,270,000 -30,000
Timo Pfutzenreter 820,000 -130,000
George Zhong 820,000 -15,000
Adrian Attenborough 780,000 300,000
Rajesh Sabapathy 720,000 -240,000
Zhen Yu Li 665,000 45,000
Ben Richardson 650,000 -140,000
BouBou 640,000 10,000
Hauman Darbani 580,000 -90,000
Jazz Mathers 580,000 180,000
Alexander Antonios 480,000 100,000
Chris Ayoub 450,000 -20,000
George Boustani 420,000 100,000
Danny Zhong 400,000 175,000
Jason O’brien 365,000 215,000
Joel Cohen 245,000 40,000
Billy Argyros 245,000 65,000
Nick Williams 220,000 -80,000
Paul Gooley 19th $6,200
James Webb 20th $6,200
Geoff Mooney 21st $6,200
Teresa Natoli 22nd $5,600
Nathan Gubieski 23rd $5,600
Mayra Ramos 24th $5,600
Myles Lattacher 25th $4,950
Steve Zhou 26th $4,950
Victor Teng 27th $4,950
Aaron Benton 28th $4,350
Barry Forrester 29th $4,350
Saliendra Sha 30th $4,350
Jordan Kilner 31st $4,350
Ben Phillips 32nd $4,350

(Gan) Gooley, bowled for 19

Paul Gooley (pictured), now short chipped after that massive call by Darbani, moves all-in for his remaining 185k on the button with Ah 5h. Dean Blatt makes the call in the BB with Q Q. The board runs out 7-10-J-4-2 and with no ace, there is no more Gooley. Gooley finishes in 19th place and we now break down to two tables.

Pressure call

In mid position Hauman Darbani raises to 23k and is raised by Paul Gooley in the cut-off to 69k. Darbani calls. The flop comes down 8c-Jd-2s. Darbani checks to the raiser who bets 65k. After considerable thought he calls. The turn comes 10s and both players check. The river comes 5d and Darbani checks to Gooley who moves all-in. Gooley has considerably more chips than Darbani who still has 185k behind him. The pressure is intense and finally Darbani ‘calls’. Gooley shows A 6 for ace high and Darbani shows A 2 for a pair of deuces. That’s right, Darbani calls for his tournament life on a pair of deuces and comes up smelling like roses. Well played sir!

Blinds are up

Play has reached Level 21 with blinds 8000/16000 and an ante of 2000.

Chip Counts and Payouts

Dean Blatt 1,300,000 13,000
Rajesh Sabapathy 960,000 339,000
Timo Pfutzenreter 950,000 155,000
George Zhong 835,000 -91,000
George Boustani 360,000 -30,000
Ben Richardson 790,000 -169,000
Hauman Darbani 670,000 140,000
BouBou 630,000 109,000
Zhen Yu Li 620,000 363,000
Adrian Attenborough 480,000 133,000
Chris Ayoub 470,000 -282,000
Jazz Mathers 400,000 -1,000
Alexander Antonios 380,000 -119,000
Nick Williams 300,000 91,000
Danny Zhong 225,000 6,000
Joel Cohen 205,000 -106,000
Paul Gooley 195,000 -440,000
Billy Argyros 180,000 -108,000
Jason O’brien 150,000 -23,000
James Webb 20th $6,200
Geoff Mooney 21st $6,200
Teresa Natoli 22nd $5,600
Nathan Gubieski 23rd $5,600
Mayra Ramos 24th $5,600
Myles Lattacher 25th $4,950
Steve Zhou 26th $4,950
Victor Teng 27th $4,950
Aaron Benton 28th $4,350
Barry Forrester 29th $4,350
Saliendra Sha 30th $4,350
Jordan Kilner 31st $4,350
Ben Phillips 32nd $4,350

Caught in his own Webb

Finding himself on a short stack, James Webb moves all-in for his last 117k with 10 J off suit and is called by George Zhong on the button with A K. Two live cards is the most he could have hoped for however an A on the flop all but sealed his fate as he is eliminated in 20th place for $6200.

Winning Williams

In mid position, Billy Argyros raises to 28k and is called by Timo P on the button. Nick Williams moves all-in from the SB for another 157k to call. Argyros folds 8 8 and Timo P calls. Williams shows A K off suit vs Timo’s A Q off suit. The flop comes down Q-9-10 and Williams lets out a sigh. The turn comes a miracle J and with another J on the river (just in case you missed the first one), Williams takes down the pot, putting him back into the fold.

Double me up please
Jason O’Brien doubles up through Timo P, moving all-in with 9 9 for 147k against Ad Kd. Hitting a set on the flop eased O’Brien’s worries until it looked like a back door straight appearing…but to no avail. O’Brien survives and we are still at 20 players.

That didn’t take long

The first player of the tourney is out six minutes into the final day. Geoff Mooney, short stacked on 85k, moves all-in with Q J off-suit but runs into George Boustani with K K. With Mooney hitting a J on the turn there was a glimmer of hope but at the river it was exactly that, a glimmer. Mooney finishes in 21st place and takes home $6,200.

Welcome to the 2014 Star Poker Summer Series Main Event

Welcome to PokerMedia Australia’s coverage of the 2014 Star Poker Summer Series Main Event, live from The Star in Sydney.

Day 2 yesterday saw 148 players (of the 345 event starters) play ten levels and whittle down to a final 21 who will play off for the title. Play is now underway. Join us here for all the action as we look forward to crowning the next Summer Series Main Event winner!

Play will begin at 12.30pm when the final 21 players will battle it out for the Main Event title.

Chip counts at the start of play:

Dean Blatt 1,287,000
Ben Richardson 959,000
George Zhong 926,000
Timo Pfutzenreter 795,000
Chris Ayoub 752,000
Paul Gooley 635,000
Rajesh Sabapathy 621,000
Hauman Darbani 530,000
BouBou French 521,000
Alexander Antonios 499,000
Jazz Mathers 401,000
George Boustani 390,000
Adrian Attenborough 347,000
Joel Cohen 311,000
Billy Argyros 288,000
Unconfirmed 257,000
Yu Liang Zhong 219,000
Nick Williams 209,000
Jason O’brien 173,000
James Webb 162,000
Geoff Mooney 91,000

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