STAR POKER: Bolovson bold in Opening Event win

Unensaikhan Bolovson has finished atop a field of 810 entries in the Opening Event NLH repechage ($330) of the 2014 Star Poker Summer Series. Play began with great expectation on the first day of the Series with a near capacity field. Day 1 flights 2 and 3 were almost as strong, breaking through the 800-entry mark for the event and generating a prize pool of nearly $250,000.

Experienced player Matt Rolfe had come through strongly from his Day 1 effort to join Bolovson and the likes of WSOP APAC bracelet winner Rory Young, and Star Poker regulars Karam Bahi and Donald Jones at the final table. The pressure of overcoming Young as the form player would rest on the other final table players though, as he was primed for another triumph after his recent WSOP APAC, Sydney Championships and APPT performances.

Unfortunately for Young he was not able to continue his winning ways as he busted in fourth place. It was then left to Nicholas Russo, David Neumann and Bolovson to battle it out. Eventually Bolovson would outlast Russo who finished in third place for an $18,470 payday and Neumann, the runner-up for almost $37,000. Bolovson would make history by joining the likes of Tom Bilby, Michel Bouskila and Jason Quarmby as past Opening Event winners, walking away with the trophy and $55,160.

Opening Event results (810 entries; $243,000 prize pool):


1st Unensaikhan Bolovson $55,160
2nd David Neumann $36,930
3rd Nicholas Russo $18,470
4th Rory Young $14,580
5th Donald Jones $11,900
6th Kane Brough $8,990
7th Mathew Rolfe $6,320
8th Osamoa Dannoun $4,130
9th Karam Bahi $3,160
10th Christopher Ringrose $2,310
11th Nicholae Predescu $2,310
12th Despina Yiannakoulia $2,310
13th Justin van Nguyen $2,060
14th Eric Yang $2,060
15th Tae Park $2,060
16th Frank Fuller $1,820
17th Ismail Ismail $1,820
18th Dean Yuen $1,820
19th Bruce Rossi $1,700
20th Edgar Montenegro $1,700
21st Guang Yan Yu $1,700
22nd Chin Wang $1,580
23rd Hratch Boyadjian $1,580
24th David Goldberg $1,580
25th Kevin Makita $1,460
26th Henry (hong Yi) Sun $1,460
27th Michael Werner $1,460
28th Loughran Stephen $1,460
29th Peter Binstead $1,460
30th Thiago Silva $1,460
31st Charles Sharpe $1,335
32nd Yi Wang $1,335
33rd Alastair Boast $1,335
34th Lasse C Pedersen $1,335
35th Peter Mccarthy $1,335
36th Martyn Poytress $1,335
37th Ahmed Abdellatif $1,215
38th Adam Schmidt $1,215
39th Michael Doering $1,215
40th Robert Bechara $1,215
41st Milad Elazzi $1,215
42nd Ana Cosma $1,215
43rd Peter Tran $1,095
44th Darryl Mutch $1,095
45th Llija Kerezovic $1,095
46th Kristina Griffiths $1,095
47th Pan Yu $1,095
48th Ashleigh (thuy) Quach $1,095
49th Jordan Kilner $970
50th Ervin Diamante $970
51st Hauman Darbani $970
52nd Suzy Khoueis $970
53rd Andrea Tambe $970
54th Anthony Kim $970
55th Brooke Eisenhuth $850
56th David Maclean $850
57th Ramin Mansour-seperghan $850
58th Maurice Yee $850
59th Anthony Koutsikos $850
60th Gregg Russell $850
61st Tobias Giles $730
62nd Fred Madon $730
63rd Chris Nikolaou $730
64th Nathan Sawyers $730
65th David Sanis $730
66th Ashley Parkhill $730
67th Teresa Natoli $730
68th Mohammed Daghostani $730
69th Xin Zhang $730
70th Samir Khouiss $730
71st Noman Shill $610
72nd Daniel Simons $610
73rd Leon Benivento $610
74th Scott Flannery $610
75th Haoran Zhang $610
76th Saad Abood $610
77th Eric Wu $610
78th Minh Tran $610
79th Alexander Deportere $610
80th John Bockos $610

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