2014 Star Poker Summer Series – Poker Media Australia 6-handed NLH $1100

Steve Pappas wins PMA 6-handed event ($22,280)!

It took a touch over three hours for the final seven players to play down to a winner and after a topsy-turvy final table adventure it was Steve Pappas (pictured below) – a man who insists he is the most popular player at The Star for their Weekly Wednesday tournaments – who proved victorious!

Pappas and runner-up David Sanis embarked on quite a duel along the way with both scoring remarkable double-ups at the expense of the other along the way, including Sanis rivering a royal flush at one stage to stay alive.

In the end though the two good friends and another popular local – Rick Solomon – played out one of the more entertaining final tables as they laughed themselves to a handy $20,000 payday each once a four-way deal was done alongside fourth-place finisher Ke Xu.

In the end it was two boats that helped Pappas to victory including the final hand when he rivered 8s over 4s and Sanis rivered a flush. Pappas takes home the trophy and the knowledge that he bested a field of 120 players on home soil.

Congatulations Steve and once again thanks to Stephen Ibrahim and the staff at The Star for another enjoyable tournament. Don’t forget we’ll be back this Friday to bring you all the live action from the Main Event of this year’s Star Summer Series!

7:15pm: David Sanis eliminated in 2nd ($20,000)

It was another crazy final hand as the board came out 2-4-4-J-8 with three clubs. The hand had been fairly tame until then, but when sanis bet 100,000, Pappas raised it up to 400,000. Sanis then shoved and pappas snap-called! Sanis expected he would be good holding Q7 of clubs for the flush but Pappas had again hit his boat with 88 to win the tournament!

7:10pm: Pappas doubles

We’ve just witness a huge clash with Steve Pappas and David Sanis getting it in on a J-J-7-K board with two spades. Sanis held straight and flush draws with 89 of spades but Pappas pretty much had a lock on it holding KK. He takes the chip lead.

7:00pm: Heads-up stacks

David Sanis – 1,050,000
Steve Pappas – 750,000

6:55pm: Rick Solomon eliminated in 3rd ($20,000)

It was another pre-flop race as Solomon got it in with 22 against the KJ of David Sanis. The Q-9-3 flop was all clubs and gave both players the flush draw. The 8 gave Sanis more 8s should the board pair again and the 10c on the river gave him the winning flush. Solomon heads home after a great run.

6:50pm: Blinds are up!

We’re up to 12,000/24,000 with a 2,000 ante

6:40pm: Stacks

Rick Solomon 700,000
Steve Pappas – 550,000
David Sanis – 550,000

6:35pm: Pappas doubles back, then Sanis goes one better

Steve Pappas had one foot out the door when he shipped with A4 and was called by David Sanis with 88. All was looking good for Sanis on a Q-9-7-Q board but of course the river arrived an Ace to bring Sanis back to life.

Next hand it was Pappas holding AK against a short-stacked Sanis with QT. Incredibly the K-J-10 all club flop gave Sanis straight and flush draws and the A of clubs on the river gave him a royal flush!

6:25pm: Sanis climbing back

The short stack when players returned from their break, David Sanis has enjoyed two double-ups to move back into contention. His latest saw him all-in holding AT against Steve Pappas’ A7 and when a 10 landed on the flop Sanis was back to 685,000.

6:10pm: We’re back!

Players are back with blinds at 10,000/20,000 with a 2,000 ante

6:00pm: Pappas doubles, Sanis short

Moments later it was another race and again Sanis was on the wrong end with his 88 up against Steve Pappas’ AT. The board ran out J-K-3-Q-A and Pappas is up over 1 million!

Sanis has 150,000 left as players go on a 10-minute break.

5:55pm: Solomon doubles through Sanis

It was all-in pre-flop for the duo with Solomon holding 55 and Sanis AT. The flop brought a 5 for Solomon to quickly end the race and he is back up to 660,000.

5:46pm: Ke Xu eliminated in 4th ($20,000)

First hand after the deal was done, Ke Xu and David Sanis found an action flop with Sanis holding K-Q and Xu A2 of spades on a Q-9-3 flop with two spades. The board ran out 8-9 with no more spades and we’re down to three!

Sanis now has 890,000.

5:45pm: It’s a deal!

With stacks all reasonably even and blinds starting to bite hard, the players have done a deal which ensures all four take home $20,000 with $2,800 left for the winner.

5:45pm: Pappas takes some

Ke Xu opened to 35,000 on the button and Rick Solomon called in the small blind. Steve Pappas then made a small re-raise from the big blind to 80,000. Xu folded but Solomon called. The flop came K-6-Q and Solomon checked. Pappas announced he was all-in and Solomon eventually folded after some thought. Pappas is up to 450,000.

5:30pm: River helps Solomon build

Rick Solomon has just jumped into the chip lead after winning a nice pot from Ke Xu. After calling a small bet on the flop and checking back the turn on an A-T-A-6 board, Solomon re-raised to 100,000 when an 8 landed on the river.

Xu quickly called but shook his head and folded when Slomon showed 88 for the rivered boat.

He is up to 580,000 while Xu has a touch over 300,000.

5:25pm: Updated stacks

David Sanis – 560,000
Rick Solomon – 450,000
Ke Xu – 450,000
Steve Pappas – 330,000

5:20pm: Blinds are up!

We’re up to 8,000/16,000 with a 1,000 ante

5:18pm: Matt Gooley eliminated in 5th ($8,400)

Just two hands after Sam Khouiss hit the rail, Matt Gooley followed him out the door. It was a classic race situation with his 10s up against the AK of David Sanis. The 3-4-6-8 board was looking good for Gooley to score a double but the rivered K ended his run in 5th.

5:15pm: Sam Khouiss eliminated in 6th ($6,300)

Sam Khouiss held on for as long as he could but eventually he was forced to shove with A3 and was called by Ke Xu with A-Q. The board ran out K-6-2-J-7 and Khouiss heads to the rail.

4:55pm: Not so fast

Despite the average stack size being around 25bb, the action has been surprisingly sedate so far with only a few short stack shoves and only one all-in and call situation so far – which ended up being a split pot anyway!

In that instance it was Sam Khouiss in trouble holding A-5 against David Sanis’ A-K but the board ran out Q-J-J-7-Q.

4:40pm: Level up!

Blinds are up to 6,000/12,000 with a 1,000 ante.

4:30pm: Stakes now higher

Dahari’s elimination means we’re now on our “official” final table with all players guaranteed at last $6,300.

4:18pm: Adi Dahari eliminated in 7th ($4,500)

Adi Dahari shoved with JJ in early position and was called by Matt Gooley with KK. The board ran out 9-2-10-9-8 and we’re down to our final six!

4:15pm: Sanis extends lead

David Sanis entered the day’s play as chip leader and has moved further ahead early at this final table after taking down a couplf of nice pots. First he shoved over Rick Solomon’s open, forcing a fold before flashing AK, then he won a handy little pot from Steve Pappas on a K-4-Q-2-A board.

Pappas check called a river bet of 25,000 from Sanis but mucked when Sanos showed AJ. He is up to 580,000.

4:05pm: Dahari makes the laydown

Adi Dahari opened to 25,000 UTG and Matt Gooley shoved for his last 112,000. It was folded back to Dahari who tank-folded. He is down to 123,000.

4:02pm: Pappas takes first blood

It was a battle if the blinds in the first hand of the day as Rick Solomon and Steve Pappas took a flop of 4-7-K. Pappas called Solomon’s c-bet then fired when Solomon checked the 3 turn, taking it down.

4:00pm: We’re underway!

The cards are in the air at the final table!


After a late night last night in which we played from 120 entries down to just seven players remaining, we’re all set for today’s final table of the PokerMedia Australia 6-handed $1100 event.

Play is due to start about 15 minutes from now and with very little between most of the stacks the remaining players will all be eyeing the top prize of almost $33,000.

Here is how they will stack up:

David Sanis – 472,000
Steve Pappas – 347,500
Rick Solomon 313,500
Ke Xu – 309,500
Adi Dahari – 149,000
Matt Gooley – 118,500
Sam Khouiss – 95,500

Stay tuned for all the action at the final table, live from The Star in Sydney!

2:15am: The final table

And so our final table is set! It’s been a long day here at The Star with 120 entries to this popular PokerMedia Australia 6-handed $1,100 event today, but after more than 12 hours of action just seven remain in pursuit of the $32,700 top prize.

Among them is veteran Sam Khouiss alongside popular locals David Sanis and Rick Solomon with all three enduring roller coaster days before flourishing as money bubble approached. Perhaps the unluckiest man of the day was Adi Dahari who sat amongst the chip leaders for much of the day until he ran AK into the Aces of Rick Solomon with nine players remaining to very nearly nmiss the final table.

The seven remaining players and chip stacks are as follows:

David Sanis – 472,000
Steve Pappas – 347,500
Rick Solomon 313,500
Ke Xu – 309,500
Adi Dahari – 149,000
Matt Gooley – 118,500
Sam Khouiss – 95,500

We’ll be back at The Star from 4pm Monday to bring you all the live action of the PMA 6-handed event as we play down to a winner.

2:10am: Didier Guerin eliminated in 8th ($4,500)

Moments later Guerin was all in for his tournament life holding A-3 but couldn’t run down A-Q and he was unluckily eliminated on the final table bubble

2:00am: Guerin crippled

Didier Guerin has just been crippled by Steve Pappas. It was a classic race with Guerin shoving over Pappas’ open holding 9s and Pappas calling with AK. The flop was a disaster for Guerin as it fell K-Q-4 and when no 9 arrived he was left with under 20,000 in chips.

1:50am: Nabil Edgtton eliminated in 9th ($4,500)

Nabil Edgtton opened to 20,000 and David Sanis raised all in over the top. Edgtton quickly called with QQ and was racing against Sanis’ AK. All looked good for Edgtton on the 7-4-7-T board but an A on the river sent the pot Sanis’ way and Edgtton to the rail.

1:40am: Long summer nights!

Just because the end is near doesn’t mean it will arrive any time soon! This has been a good period for the small stacks with a number of them doubling through. Still nine players remaining!

1:00am: Blinds are up!

Blinds are up to 4000/8000 with a 500 ante

12:45am: Adrian Attenborough eliminated in 10th ($3,000)

Adrian Attenborough shoved his last 39,000 holding AJ and was called by Nabil Edgtton with TT. The board ran out 2-7-4-8-7 and then there were nine!

12:25am: Pat Camilleri eliminated in 11th ($3,000)

Pat Camilleri was crippled when he shoved with A-6 on an 8-6-3 board only to run into David Sanis’ QQ. Although he doubled up three hands in a row, he was still very short and when he shoved J2 and was called by Adi Dahari with AK, the board ran out K-Q-6-A-6 and he was eliminated after a great run.

11:55pm: James Frendo eliminated in 12th ($3,000)

We caught the action on the turn with Didier Guerin and James Frendo getting it all-in with Guerin’s A-5 smothering the A-Q of Frendo on a J-5-2-5 board. Another 5 on the river gave Guerin quads as he rockets to around 250,000. We’re down to 11!

11:50pm: Steady as it goes

There hasn’t been a whole lot of action since the bubble burst, despite blinds recently rising to 2000/4000 with a 500 ante. In fact, we’ve seen only one player at risk so far when Rick Solomon shoved with A-Q and was called by Pat Camilleri with JJ, but the board ran out 2-3-4-5-6 and the pot was split.

11:25pm: Break time

The 12 remaining players are on a 10-minute break. We will play down to a fine table of 7 tonight.

11:15pm: Edgtton edges out in front

Nabil Edgtton has just won a very nice pot from Pat Camilleri to move to 250,000 and the chip lead. We caught the action on a K-10-4 flop and Camilleri check-calling a bet from Edgtton. The turn was a 2 and this time Camilleri check-called a bet of 31,300. When the river landed a J, Camilleri led for 57,000 sending Edgtton deep into the tank. He eventually called and showed AK while Camilleri held QQ and drops back to 180,000.

11:00pm: In the money!

Donald Civic is our bubble boy after clashing with Pat Camilleri at the wrong time. Civic opened to 6,000 with A-J in the small blind and Camilleri called with 5-8. The flop came 5-8-3, Civic shoved and Camilleri snapped with his two pair. There was no miracle for Civic and the 12 remaining players can now count themselves at least a little bit richer with all guaranteed a payout of at least $3,000.

10:50pm: We’re on the bubble!

Michael Doodson has just been eliminated in 14th after running K9 into the JJ of Pat Camilleri. We’e now officially on the money bubble! Play will now be hand for hand until the bubble bursts.

10:40pm: Blinds are up!

Blinds are up to 1500/3000 with a 400 ante

10:35pm: Tran trumped

Henry Tran had just managed to survive a few minutes earlier when he rivered an Ace holding A-5 all-in pre-flop against Didier Guerin’s QQ. Guerin wasn’t going to let him get away with that – especially when he woke up with AA a few hands later. The money went in on a 10-5-6 flop with Tran holding AT and there would be no more miracles for Tran who exits in 15th.

10:25pm: Two in a row

Play had slowed a little for the past 20 minutes but we just lost two players in the space of a few seconds. First Suzy Khoueis was all in with JJ but couldn’t hold in a race with A-Q, then Minh Nguyen found himself drawing dead against a set of 7s to fall just four places short of the money. We’re down to 15!

10:15pm: Big deal for Nabil

Nabil Edgtton has joined David Sanis at the top of the chip counts after winning a nice pot from Adrian Attenborough. We caught the action on a 10-8-5 flop with Attenborogh in the small blind check-calling a bet from Edgtton. he repeated that action on the 3 turn, then checked again on the 9 river.

This time Edgtton carefully counted out 29,000 in chips and slif them forward. Attenborough went deep into the tank but eventually made the call, only to muck when Edgtton showed 10-9 for top two.

Edgtton is sitting right around 200,000

10:00pm: Next level

Blinds are up again! This time we’re at 1200/2400 with a 300 ante

10:00pm: Guerin ominous

After a wildly fluctuating day, Didier Guerin is starting to build a decent chip stack, which is bad news for his rivals. On the most recent hand, we caught the action on a board of 6-Q-K-K-5 with Guerin betting 18,500. James Frendo thought long and hard and eventually made the call but mucked when Guerin showed K-10 for trips.

He is up to 130,000.

9:55pm: Three tables remain

The elimination of Nathan Sawyers means we are down to 18 players and three tables remaining. That leaves us just six spots shy of the money.

9:50pm: Chip counts

With 19 remaining, the top chip counts are:

David Sanis – 200,000
Steve Pappas – 140,000
Rick Solomon – 135,000
Sam Khouiss – 130,000
Adrian Attenborough – 120,000

9:20pm: Back on track

Players have returned from their latest break with 21 remaining. We will play down to a final table of seven tonight.

9:15pm: Break it up!

We’re off on another break with 22 players remaining! When we return blinds will be 1,000/2,000 with a 300 ante

9:10pm: Khouiss doubles

Henry Tran opened in the cut-off and Sam Khouiss 3-bet from the button. Adrian Attenborough then 4-bet from the blinds to 25,000, with Tran folding. Khouiss, however, instantly announced he was all-in.

“That’s not good,” said Attenborough, who was priced in to call. He rolled over AQ but would need help against Khouiss’ KK. The board ran out Q-high and Khouiss is up to 130,000.

9:00pm: Bye bye Pritchard

After a good run today, Jason Pritchard shoved over the top of Rick Solomon holding 10s but ran smack bang into the pocket rockets. No help arrived for Pritchard and he exits in 24th! Solomon is up to 80,000 with that elimination.

8:55pm: Four tables left

We’ve just broken down another table which leaves us with four tables and 24 players remaining. Among those still in contention are Didier Guerin, Minh Nguyen, Nabil Eedgtton, Sam Khouiss, Suzy Khoueis, Adrian Attenborough, David Sanis, Nathan Sawyers, Rock Solomon, Michael Doodson, Jason Pritchard and Henry Tran.

8:30pm: New level

Blinds are up to 800/1600 with a 200 ante

8:20pm: Attenborough finds some value

Adrian Attenborough has enjoyed some great success this year at the tables, winning an Aussie Millions ring in the Australian Poker Hall of Fame Classic. He is also our chip leader here at The Star today as he keeps chipping away at his opponents. He was recently moved to a new table boasting the likes of Didier Guerin and Geoff Mooney and managed to eke out some thin value holding KK on an A-high board as Geoff Mooney called the river then mucked when Attenborough shows his cards.

Attenborough is up to 140,000.

8:10pm: Unensaikhan Bolovson wins Opening Event

While we’ve been covering the PMA 6-handed event, the final table of the Opening Event has been running its course with Unensaikhan Bolovson emering victorious. Here are the final table placings and payouts:

1st: Unensaikhan Bolovson – $55,160
2nd: David Neumann – $36,930
3rd: Nicholas Russo – $18,470
4th: Rory Young – $14,580
5th: Donald Jones – $11,900
6th: Kane Brough – $8,990
7th: Matt Rolfe – $6,320
8th: Osamoa Dannoun – $4,130
9th: Karam Bahi – $3,160

8:00pm: Double down

We’ve just seen a couple of big hands play out on nearby tables with Chad Awerbuch and Robert Damelian sent to the rail as a result. Awerbuch got the last of his chips in with 4s against the AA of Suzy Khouies who flopped a set and turned quads just to run it in, while Damelian tank called David Sanis’ turn shove holding A-9 on an A-K-10-9 board but couldn’t beat Q-J. We’re down to 32!

7:50pm: Blinds are up!

Blinds are up to 600/1,200 with a 200 ante

7:50pm: Chip counts!

Pat Camilerri – 120,000
Adrian Attenborough – 120,000
Nabil Edgtton – 110,000
Jason Pritchard – 80,000

7:40pm: Let the good times roll

We’ve reached that exciting stage of the evening where stack sizes between the bigger stacks and the shorter stacks are growing ever more disproportionate and with the blinds starting to bite we’r ehearing a lot of players announce they are all-in. This is great for your tournament reporter, because after spending the first few hours praying for something interesting to happen – and hoping we’ll be there to see it when it does – now there seems to be action at every table! With around eight minutes to go until the next blind level and the average stack at around 50 big blinds with 37 players left, it’s going to be a fun time pretty soon as we count down to the final table.

7:30pm: Boskovic bombs

Dejan Boskovic was the victim of an unfortunate cooler as he got it in with QQ only to run into an opponent’s KK. Michael Doodson was also involved in the hand and announced he had folded JJ once the chips started flying. The board ran out 10-high and Boskovic’s day is done.

7:00pm: Break

We’re nine levels down and players are off on a 10-minute break. It’s been pretty good going so far with 30 players hitting the wall over the past two hours, leaving 46 to return after the break. We’ll see you then!

6:45pm: Pritchard enjoying the gamble

Moments after cracking Aces, we wandered back past Jason Pritchard’s table to see him shoving over the top of Jamal Ishac’s turn bet of 7,000 on a board of 5-J-7-A.

Ishac thought got close to a minute before folding and flashing an Ace. Pritchard obliged by showing his 6-8 for nothing but an up and down straight draw!

6:35pm: Pritchard cracks Aces

Jason Pritchard has just sent an opponent to the rail who might regretting his decision to try and get tricky on the flop. Pritchard opened to 1,600 in late position and was faced with a 3-bet to 4,100 from the blinds. The flop came 3-4-9 and his opponent bet for 3,500 into a pot of 12,000. Pritchard called and the dealer burned and turned a Q.

After a brief pause, Pritchard’s opponent announced he was all-in and Pritchard immediately called, showing Q-4 to leave his opponent stunned. Another 4 on the river filled Pritchard up to rub salt into the wound.

“You’ve got to get lucky sometimes,” Pritchard said. he is up to 40,000.

6:20pm: Level up

The clock has just ticked over into Level 9 with blinds jumping to 400/800 with a 100 ante. There are 53 players remaining.

6:20pm: Payouts!

The top 12 players in tody’s PMA event will make the money with the payouts as follows:

1st – $32,700
2nd – $21,900
3rd – $16,800
4th – $11,400
5th – $8,400
6th – $6,300
7th-9th – $4,500
10th-11th – $3,000

6:05pm: Big stacks

Not surprisingly at this stage of the tournament, a few big stacks are starting to emerge around the room. Sitting close together at the top of the leaderboard are Pat Camilleri with 85,000 and Nabil Edgtton with 80,000. Nathan Sawyers is close behind with 70,000 while APPT Auckland champ Minh Nguyen has around 55,000.

5:50pm: Exhibiting his Edgtton

Nabil Edgotton has rocketed up to around 70,000 in chips after eliminating an opponent from the tournament in a hefty clash. We caught the two on a flop of Q-7-8 with Edgtton leading for around 3,000 and receiving a call.

The turn was a 2 and this time Edgtton bet around 8,000 with his opponent calling. When the river came a 4, Edgtton checked and his opponent shoved for his remaining 9,200. Edgtton thought for about a minute before shrugging and making the call. His opponent instantly mucked and shook hands, with neither player revealing their cards.

5:20pm: Blatt gets Didlered!

Two of Australian poker’s young guns just went to war pre-flop and it was Didier Guerin coming out on top thanks to a mircale river. Guerin opened to 1,200 UTG and Dean Blatt 3-bet from late position. Guerin thought for some time and counted out his stack before announcing he was all-in. Blatt snap-called and showed KK to be well ahead of Guerin’s 10s. As the board ran out 9-2-Q-9, Guerin stood up and said “Good game boys”, which naturally ensured a 10 landed on the river to give Guerin a crucial double and put him in a strong position.

Didier Guerin – 40,000
Dean Blatt – 9,000

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5:00pm: Go time

We’ve had a busy 10 minutes relocating a rather large reporting desk down to the other end of the room and closer to the action, and players are now returning from their break with the rebuy period officially closed. As we had into Level 7, the number of entries including rebuys has been finalized at 120 with 76 remaining.

4:50pm: Break it up

We’re off on a 10-minute break!

4:40pm: Jamal sends Ali packing

Ali Ghezelbash has just been eliminated at the hands of Jamal Ishac. After Ghezelbash opened and received calls in three places, he c-bet for 3,000 on an A-Q-8 board only for Ishac to raise to 10,500. The other two playrs folded and Ghezelbash shrugged before calling with A-J. He would need a LOT of help though against the 88 of Ishac and none came to send him to the rail.

4:20pm: Awerbuch awaking

Chad Awerbuch finds himself at quite a tough table with Didier Guerin and Dean Blatt on either side, but he has nevertheless been quite busy of late. A few moments ago he opened UTG with K-10 and was called by Suzy Khoueis and a gentleman in the big blind. The trio checked the 5-6-9 flop before Awerbuch check-called a bet of 850 from Khoueis on the 10 turn. When a repeat 9 landed on the river, Awerbuch led for 1,550. Khoueis called but folded when Awerbuch showed his hand.

4:10pm: New level

Blinds are up to150/300 with a 25 ante!

4:00pm: Swan landing

A late arrival today is Sydney Swans star Adam Goodes, who always takes a bit of time in the off-season to indulge his love of poker. It’s been a slow start for Goodes who is down to around 10,000 although he still has plenty of time to get things back on track. As we near the end of Level 5 we have 98 players remaining and a total of 115 entries including rebuys.

3:40pm: Minh bets into trouble

Minh Nguyen opened UTG and Shivan Abdine called in the small blind. The flop came 28J and Abdine led for 2,200. Nguyen called. The turn was a 4 and both players checked. When the river landed a 9, Abdine checked to Nguyen who thought briefly before sliding out a bet of 3,000. Abdine then went into the tank too, but soon decided to call with 6-8 – good enough to take the pot as Nguyen flashed A-10.

3:30pm: Level up!

Blinds are up to 100/200 with a 25 ante

3:30pm: Minh, Nabil top 50k

Recent APPT Auckland champion Minh Nguyen’s hot form seems to be ongoing as he sits with a healthy 50,000 in chips. He sits just behind Nabil Edgtton in the chip counts who has 55,000.

3:00pm: Vandersluis slayed

Roy Vandersluis is the latest player to exit the tournament area after bluff-shoving the turn only to run into top pair. Nearby, a short-stacked Tam Truong shoved over two limpers and forced folds from the table.

2:50pm: We’re back

Play is back underway with blinds at 100/200

2:30pm: Break time!

Players are on a 20-minute break

2:25pm: Heating up

Just when we feared this thing would never get pumping we heard those words “All in, call” and raced over to see a classic AA v KK situation with our first player of the day exiting the tournament floor … quickly followed by a few more! There have also been a few rebuys this level, with the total entries sitting right on 100 and 89 players remaining.

2:00pm: Slowly, slowly

We haven’t stumbled across a whole lot of significant action yet although we did find Peco Stojanovski at a new table having utilized his rebuy option. His second bullet brings the total number of entries to 97.

1:50pm: Blind rise

Blinds are up to 75/150

1:35pm: Spano in for Peco

Last time we wandered past Peco Stojanovski’s table he was down to just 3,000 in chips and it obviously didn’t last long because we just noticed Luke Spano now sitting in his place. Spano has been in fine form of late – finishing fourth in the ANZPT Melbourne Main Event for $69,700 then third in a WSOP-APAC NLHE event for $48,358 – and he’ll be hoping for another deep run today. We also noted recent APPT Auckland winner Minh Nguyen has arrived.

1:25pm: Blatt not giving an inch

The action folded around to Chad Awerbuch in the small blind and he limped in. Blatt was having none of that though and bumped it up to 250 with a smile. Awebuch lauched and folded immediately.

1:25pm: Numbers creeping up

Midway through the second level of the day’s play we’ve hit 78 starters with Tony Kambouroglou and Jimmy Ghobriel the latest to arrive

1:10pm: Blinds are up!

We’ve reached the end of the first levelwith blinds now up to 50/100

1:05pm: A few more familiar faces

Mike Ivin, Geoff Mooney, Shivan Abdine and Chad Awerbuch are among the players to take their seats recently.

12:50pm: Stojanovski drops some

We caught the action on a Q-6-8 flop with two hearts as it was checked to the original raiser who bet 2,200. Stojanovski called, then led out when the 2h landed on the turn. His opponent thought briefly before calling. The river was the Jh and this time both players checked it down. Stojanovksi showed Q-8 for top two on the flop, but couldn’ beat his opponent’s pocket 6s. He is down to around 10,000.

12:45pm: Settling in

Even with the faster action of a 6-handed event, we’re not expecting too many fireworks at this early stage with the stacks so big compared to the blinds. We have, however, been reliably informed that the great Brian Lara is upstairs hosting a function. We’ll keep an eye out and see if this cricketing great pops in for some poker afterwards!

12:40pm: Familiar faces

A quick scan of the room and we’ve already spotted a number of familiar faces. Kahle Burns, Peco Stojanovski, Dean Blatt, Michael O’Grady, Sam Khouiss, George Kambouroglou and Nabil Edgtton are among the players in the field today.

12:30 pm: Cards are in the air!

Poker room manager Stephen Ibrahim has announced “shuffle up and deal” and we’re underway in the PMA 6-handed $1,100 event! We’re playing 40-minute levels today with blinds starting at 25/50 and a starting stack of 15,000. Players are allowed one rebuy each up to the end of the second level.

Rolling in!

With about 5 minutes to go until we start we have 46 registered players although we expect that to rise significantly to somewhere around the 100-mark.

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Good morning all and welcome to our coverage of the 2014 Star Summer Series live from The Star poker room in Sydney. Today sees PokerMedia Australia (PMA) hosting our very own PMA $1,100 6-handed event and we expect plenty of action as is usually the case with these short-handed tournaments.

The PMA 6-handed event has been part of Sydney’s three main tournament series for some time now and we’ve seen a number of players go onto bigger and better things after winning this one, including Dean Blatt who won here in the lead-up to ANZPT Sydney in March and Rory Young who took it down at the Sydney Championships.

Of course, Young has since won a WSOP bracelet at WSOP-APAC while Blatt has enjoyed an extremely consistent 2014 with final table appearances at ANZPT Perth and APPT Auckland.

We look forward to seeing who goes all the way today.

Play will begin at 12.30pm, Sunday November 30. Join us then for all the details.

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