2014 Sydney Championships – Main Event NLH ($3000) / Final Table

A dominant Martin Kozlov crowned 2014 Sydney Championship Main Event Champion

Play in the Main Event this year began on Friday August 8 for the first of two Day 1 flights. 235 players entered and after four days of play and some 27 levels, Martin Kozlov (pictured below) has been crowned Champion.

Kozlov came into the final day with the chip lead and kept that lead coming into the final table of nine players. He had built an even more commanding chip lead on the final table after he knocked out Steve Pappas in sixth place. When Daniel Neilson and Andrew Yam soon fell afterwards, Kozlov was poised to fly through to the title. However, Sam Capra and Bernard Beh (pictured below) would have none of it as play between the three players continued for several levels. At times they were able to eat into Kozlov’s monster stack but he would eventually knock out Capra in third place and hold a commanding 6:1 chip lead against Beh heads-up.

The final hand saw Kozlov move all-in pre-flop and Beh make the call. Kozlov tabled 7s-7d to Beh’s Ac-10d. The board ran out 5c-8s-Qs-Js-3s to hit the flush for Kozlov and eliminate Beh in 2nd place.


Sam Capra finishes in 3th place ($61,194)

All-round nice guy Sam Capra has been eliminated at the hands of Martin Kozlov. Kozlov shoved pre-flop and Capra decided to call. Kozlov tabled Ac-9h to Capra’s As-8s. The board provided some interest, falling 7d-Ah-6s-7s-6d. Kozlov’s 9 would act as top kicker to end Capra’s run in a well-deserved 3rd place.

Blinds are up

Play has now reached level 27 with blinds 30000/60000 and an ante of 5000. The remaining three players are battling it out for the title, prize money and trophy (pictured).

Current chip counts

Players have been transferring chips back and forth across the table. The only recent hand of note saw Kozlov take a nice pot off Bernard Beh when his top pair on the flop was good enough to take it down, Beh mucking.

Martin Kozlov 4050000 250000
Sam Capra 1800000 300000
Bernard Beh 1200000 -550000

Kozlov finally on ice

Both Sam Capra and Bernard Beh have doubled through big stack Martin Kozlov. Capra pushed all-in pre-flop for his remaining 725,000, his 3-3 holding up against Kozlov’s A-7. Shortly afterwards, Kozlov’s all-in was called by Beh. Kozlov had 10h-8h to Beh’s A-Q. Kozlov was ahead initially as a 10 came on the flop but a Q spiked on the river to send the chips over to Beh. Capra is now 1.5m in chips, Beh 1.75m and Kozlov 3.8m.

Break time then blinds are up

Players are on a 10-minute break. When they return it will be level 26 with blinds 25000/5000 with an ante of 5000.

Chip counts when they return are:

Martin Kozlov 5500000 1510000
Bernard Beh 870000 -110000
Sam Capra 700000 -90000

Andrew Yam finishes in 4th place ($49,350)

Although Andrew Yam (pictured) was able to double recently through Martin Kozlov after hitting his flush on the flop in a race, Kozlov has finally had the last laugh. Kozlov raised to 80,000, Yam calls to see a flop of 4h-3s-2s. Yam then checks, Kozlov makes it 125,000, Yam re-raises to 277,000, Kozlov announced all-in and Yam makes the call. Kozlov tables A-5 to Yam’s 3-3. Yam isn’t able to beat the straight with the turn a 7h, the river Jd, hitting the rail in 4th place.

Daniel Neilson busts in 5th place ($41,125)

Martin Kozlov is again involved as the big stack, pushing the remaining players around a little. He opens for 100,000 when Dan Neilson (pictured) shoves all-in for his remaining 775,000 in chips. Kozlov doesn’t take too long to think about his decision and makes the call. Neilson tables A-Q to Kozlov’s A-9. The board comes 8-2-9-10-K to knock Neilson to the rail. As he leaves Kozlov endearingly says, “good bye Dan!” Dan to his credit takes it all in good jest.

Current chip count

Martin Kozlov 3990000 2440000
Bernard Beh 980000 70000
Daniel Neilson 870000 360000
Sam Capra 790000 -160000
Andrew Yam 380000 -820000

Steve Pappas finishes in 6th place ($34,545)

Martin Kozlov is still at his entertaining best with a hand that won’t be forgotten any time soon! Steve Pappas (pictured) decided it was time to chip up, pushing all-in on the button for 853,000 with just the blinds left in the hand. Andrew Yam in the small blind asks for a count and flats the 853,000, leaving himself with about 450,000 behind.

This is where things got interesting. Pappas then jumps up and tables his hand Ad-Kd before Kozlov has acted! Kozlov, as cool as a cucumber, leans back in his chair and says, “well, doesn’t this make for interesting dynamics!” After everyone gathered themselves after the laughter, Kozlov then announces he’s all-in, leaving Yam with an agonising decision to make.

Eventually Yam would open fold his 10-10 and Kozlov would then show why he was causing such a fuss, tabling As-Ac. It wasn’t to be for Pappas with the board running out 4h-4d-Qh-6c-8s. A fantastic fold in the end from Yam! Pappas departs in 6th place and Kozlov is now a MASSIVE chip leader.

Blinds are up

Players are now into level 25 with blinds 20000/40000 and an ante of 4000.

Jarred Graham busted in 7th place ($27,965)

Jarred Graham (pictured) was waiting for his spot to pounce and found one when he pushed all-in pre-flop with his remaining 350,000 in chips. Unfortunately for him, Martin Kozlov, the big stack, wakes up with kings. Kozlov makes the call and is well ahead of Graham’s pocket sixes. The board is of no help to Graham who hits the rail in 7th place.

Chip count midway through level 24

Martin Kozlov 1550000 -550000
Steve Pappas 1440000 100000
Andrew Yam 1200000 860000
Sam Capra 950000 -10000
Bernard Beh 910000 -290000
Daniel Neilson 510000 100000
Jarred Graham 450000 20000

Yam pulls one over Kozlov

On a flop of Ad-Jd-7h, Andrew Yam bets 55,000 to which Martin Kozlov calls. Dan Neilson, also in the hand, folds. The turn brings a 7h. Kozlov bets 100,000 and Yam makes the call. The river brings a Qh. Kozlov bets 175,000, Yam goes all-in for near 500,000, requiring Kozlov to cover another 315,000. After some time staring down his opponent, Kozlov decides to fold. It’s a big pot for Yam who heads back up the leader board, now over 1m in chips.

Ismail Ismail finishes in 8th place ($21,385)

Martin Kozlov has been keeping the table entertained of late with some cheeky banter. This time it would be Ismail Ismail (pictured) who would be on the receiving end. Kozlov raised from UTG to 60k, action folded to Ismail in the cut-off who, while sitting contemplating his move, is interrupted by a lippy Kozlov, “come on Issy. Pull the trigger mate!” Shortly after, Ismail does exactly that by pushing all-in for 216,000, sending the table into a collective giggle.

Kozlov then says to Ismail, “that move would’ve worked on anyone else mate but I just have too many chips,” as he places enough chips in the middle to make the call. Kozlov tables Kd-Jd, Ismail at risk with Ad-Qh. The board runs out Q-2-10-4-A giving Kozlov the check mark, hitting his straight on the river.

Kozlov says with a cheeky smile, “back to the dark ages for you mate.” He then walked over and congratulated Ismail on a job well done.

Dinner was good for Neilson

Something Dan ate during the break may have inspired him to make a move in one of the first hands back after the break. He shoved all-in pre-flop for his remaining 300,000 and was called by Bernard Beh. Neilson tabled A-2, Beh Kh-Qh. The board ran out 7h-8h-2-5-J to miss Beh’s flush but pair Neilson, for him to double up to over 750,000.

Dinner break

Players are on a 30-minute dinner break. When they return they will face level 24 with blind 15000/30000 and an ante of 3000.

Chip counts at the end of the level are:

Martin Kozlov 2100000 730000
Steve Pappas 1340000 -410000
Bernard Beh 1200000 -180000
Sam Capra 960000 285000
Jarred Graham 430000 -350000
Daniel Neilson 410000 -70000
Andrew Yam 340000 180000
Ismail Ismail 230000 35000

John Parker finishes in 9th place ($16,450)

John Parker (pictured), the final New Zealander in the field, has nursed his stack to a well-placed 9th position. Parker pushed all-in pre-flop for his remaining 154,000 in chips which Sam Capra called, announcing, “let’s gamble.” Capra tabled Kd-10c to Parker’s Ad-Jc. The board only assisted Capra as it came 4c-2s-10h-2d-8s to send Parker to the rail.

Chip counts midway through level 23:

Steve Pappas 1750000 1200000
Bernard Beh 1380000 510000
Martin Kozlov 1370000 130000
Jarred Graham 780000 240000
Sam Capra 675000 -475000
Daniel Neilson 480000 -100000
John Parker 220000 -170000
Ismail Ismail 195000 -345000
Andrew Yam 160000 -980000

Pappas on the move

After some pre-flop action the flop came 10c-6c-9d to which Steve Pappas checked to Andrew Yam. Yam made it another 100,000 and Pappas called. The turn brought a Js, Pappas checked again, Yam fired 250,000 and Pappas re-raised all-in. Yam had 326,000 more to commit to make the call, which he did after some consideration. Pappas turned over Kc-Qd, Yam A-A, the river 9c of little consequence. Yam drops down to 200,000 and Pappas takes over the lead, approaching 1.5m in chips.

Blinds are up

Blinds are now 12000/24000 with an ante of 3000 in level 23.

What are they playing for?

A payday of just over $170,000 will go along with the trophy and prestige of being crowned a Sydney Championships Main Event champion. The final nine payouts are as follows:

1st $171,080
2nd $108,570
3rd $61,194
4th $49,350
5th $41,125
6th $34,545
7th $27,965
8th $21,385
9th $16,450

Final table chip counts

Martin Kozlov 1240000 -240000
Sam Capra 1150000 50000
Andrew Yam 1140000 240000
Bernard Beh 870000 45000
Daniel Neilson 580000 -10000
Steve Pappas 550000 90000
Jarred Graham 540000 -10000
Ismail Ismail 540000 140000
John Parker 390000 60000

Suzy Khoueis finishes in 10th place ($11,515)

Suzy Khoueis (pictured) has unfortunately bubbled the final table. Dan Neilson UTG raises to 40,000 and Khoueis shoves all-in over the top. Neilson makes the call, tabling Q-Q, putting Khoueis behind with her 9-9. The board runs out A-2-3-5-A to seal the deal.

We now have our final table of nine players. 30 minutes still remain in level 22.

Boxell out in 11th place ($11,515)

Leo Boxell’s luck has finally run out. Countless times over the past four days we would check his stack to see him clawing to life (tournament life that is, he seems very healthy). He followed this trend today getting down to near 20,000 in chips before heading north again. He was still very short and this time went all-in again, being called by Andrew Yam. Boxell tabled Qc-9c to Yam’s K-J. The board ran out 3-2-A-3-6 to keep Yam ahead and send Boxell off to join his wife on the rail.

Play has resumed

Players have returned from their break to face level 22 where blinds are 10000/20000 with an ante of 2000.

Chip counts going into this new level are:

Sam Capra 1480000 80000
Martin Kozlov 1100000 120000
Bernard Beh 900000 -100000
Andrew Yam 825000 275000
Jarred Graham 590000 30000
Steve Pappas 550000 70000
Suzy Khoueis 460000 -90000
Daniel Neilson 400000 50000
John Parker 330000 70000
Ismail Ismail 300000 80000
Leo Boxell 80000 55000

Quick break

Players are on a 10-minute break

Mladen Avramovski finishes in 12th place ($11,515)

Mladen Avramovski (pictured) had been up and down like a yo-yo today. This time he was short again, going all-in for his remaining 60,000 in chips. Martin Kozlov would make the call tabling an unconvincing 7-4. Avramovski turned over J-3 and the board ran out K-2-4-K-5 to pair Kozlov’s fours and send Avramovski packing.


Collin Tran finishes in 13th place ($9,870)

The run is over for Collin Tran. Now short stacked, he went all-in for his remaining 129,000 and was called pre-flop by big stack Sam Capra. Tran tabled Js-7s to Capra’s Ks-Jc. The board came 10h-2h-9c-Ah-6c to knock Tran out in 13th place.

Current chip counts midway through level 21

Sam Capra 1400000 1020000
Bernard Beh 1000000 605000
Martin Kozlov 980000 -10000
Jarred Graham 560000 370000
Andrew Yam 550000 55000
Suzy Khoueis 550000 163000
Steve Pappas 480000 100000
Mladen Avramovski 475000 -75000
Daniel Neilson 350000 80000
John Parker 260000 -180000
Ismail Ismail 220000 60000
Collin Tran 160000 -100000
Leo Boxell 25000 -348000

Alex Lee busts in 14th place ($9,870)

Alex Lee’s (pictured) run has come to an end. After getting tangled in a hand with Sam Capra that crippled him, Daniel Nielson has made the killer blow.

We pick up action on the river with well over 500,000 in the pot. The board read 4-K-6-3-7 with the action on Alex Lee to make the call to make or break his tournament. Unfortunately for Lee it would be the latter. Immediately after calling, Capra quickly stands up and tables his Ks-4s for two pair. Lee nods with disappointment and quietly mucks his cards. This would leave him with 6,000 in chips.

Lee would be all-in the very next hand with Nielson isolating with A-10. Lee shows Q-6 but an A on the flop was too good and Lee hits the rail.

Suzy representing for the women

Andrew Yam raised to 32,000, Suzy Khoueis made it 80,000, Mladen Avramovski followed all-in, Yam got out of the way and Khoueis tank calls. Fittingly, Suzy tables Q-Q to Avramovski’s 7-7. The board runs out 8-3-8-J-10, leaving Avramovski crippled with 32,000 and Suzy up to 710,000 in chips.

Chad Awerbuch finishes in 15th place ($9,870)

In pre-flop betting, Sam Capra raised to 32,000, Chad Awerbuch (pictured) shoved all-in over the top and Capra called. Awerbuch showed A-4 to Capra’s A-Q. The board ran out K-5-Q-8-6 to end Awerbuch’s run in this year’s tournament.

Blinds are up

The first hour of play has been completed. Players are now facing level 21 where blinds are 8000/16000 with an ante of 2000.

Ronald Bean out in 16th place ($8,225)

It wasn’t meant to happen for Mr. Bean (pictured) today, by his own admission. In earlier play he had had his aces cracked and a flopped straight beaten by a bigger straight. This time he faced Jarred Graham who called Bean’s all-in. Bean tabled 10s-9c to Graham’s As-Qh. The board ran out 2h-4c-5d-10h-Qs for the spiked Q on the river to continue Bean’s run.

Jason Pritchard out in 17th place ($8,225)

On the turn with roughly 150,000 already in the pot between Bernard Beh and Jason Pritchard (pictured), the board read Ah-Qs-5d-5s. Beh leads out for 55,000 followed by Pritchard, carefully exploring his options before pushing his stack all-in for a further 150,000. Beh doesn’t take long to make the call. Beh tables As-7s to Pritchard’s Kh-10c, leaving Pritchard drawing to a jack. The river card falls Qd sending Pritchard to the rail in 17th place.

Patrick Healy out in 18th place ($8,225)

Andrew Yam bet 24,000 from UTG+1, Patrick Healy (pictured) from the big blind called the extra 12,000. The flop came Ad-6d-2d. Healy shoved all-in and was snap-called by Yam. Healy showed 9d-8s to Yam’s Ah-5h. The turn fell 3h, the river 2c to send Healy to the rail, missing his required diamond.

Chip count midway through level 20

Martin Kozlov 990000 56000
Alex Lee 680000 -81000
Mladen Avramovski 550000 76000
Andrew Yam 495000 -23000
John Parker 440000 77000
Bernard Beh 395000 184000
Suzy Khoueis 387000 22000
Ronald Bean 380000 -166000
Steve Pappas 380000 -27000
Sam Capra 380000 138000
Leo Boxell 373000 -31000
Daniel Neilson 270000 115000
Jason Pritchard 260000 -174000
Chad Awerbuch 260000 -100000
Collin Tran 260000 92000
Jarred Graham 190000 -99000
Ismail Ismail 160000 10000
Patrick Healy 150000 -10000

Tran doubles through Mr. Bean

Martin Kozlov opens for 24,000, Collin Tran shoves all-in, Ronald Bean calls, Kozlov folds. Tran shows J-J and Bean A-A. The board comes 6-8-2-7-J for Tran to stay alive! “Boom,” said Tran as he jumped for joy, embracing his fans on the rail.

George Karageorge finishes in 19th place ($6,580)

Within the first few hands of play we’ve lost the 19th player. In pre-flop betting, Dan Neilson bet 50,000, George Karageorge (pictured) raised it to 100,000, Dan shoved all-in for his remaining 50,000 chips which Karageorge called. Karageorge tabled Q-8 versus Dan Neilson’s K-10. The board ran out 7-5-9-A-7 for Dan to triumph and cover to send Karageorge to the rail.

Players have now broken down to the final two tables.


Card are in the air

Play is now underway on the quest to crowning the 2014 Sydney Champs Main Event champion.

Payouts so far

Several players busted towards the end of Day 2 to make the money. The official placings so far are:

20th Lukas Byrns – $6,580
21st Greg Cook – $6,580
22nd David Hirst – $5,922
23rd Nicholas Lee – $5,922
24th Sherif Derias – $5,922

Welcome to the 2014 Sydney Championships Main Event

Welcome to PokerMedia Australia’s coverage of the 2014 Sydney Poker Championships Main Event, live from The Star in Sydney.

Day 3 of the Main Event is about to begin with players opening their chip bags and getting set to play. Play will begin at level 20 with blinds at 6000/12000 with an ante of 1000.

19 players remain. The chip counts are as follows:

Martin Kozlov – 934000
Alex Lee – 761000
Ronald Bean – 546000
Andrew Yam – 518000
Mladen Avramovski – 474000
Jason Pritchard – 434000
Steve Pappas – 407000
Leo Boxell – 404000
Suzy Khouis – 365000
John Parker – 363000
Chad Awerbuch – 360000
Jarred Graham – 289000
Sam Capra – 242000
Bernard Beh – 211000
Collin Tran – 168000
George Karageorge – 162000
Patrick Healy – 160000
Daniel Neilson – 155000
Ismail Ismail – 150000

Thanks to our live reporting partners The Inside Word

Live reporting for this event is proudly brought to you by PokerMedia Australia partners The Inside Word.

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