2014 Sydney Championships – Main Event NLH ($3000) / Day 2

Day 2 concludes with Kozlov poised to strike for the title

After 11 levels of play over some 12-plus hours, play has finally concluded for the evening. 19 players remain to battle out for the title later today at 2pm (Monday August 11).

132 players started the day and when play eventually hit the money bubble with 25 players left, hand-for-hand play tightened things up further. Unfortunately for Marko Shizada he ended up the bubble boy, missing out on the cash.

The chip lead changed several times throughout the day with a number of players on the chip rollercoaster ride. Martin Kozlov and Alex Lee have ended up with biggest stacks at the conclusion of play. However, the title is still firmly up for grabs with some serious experience still in the field with the likes of Leo Boxell and Jarred Graham with enough chips to play with.

The end of Day 2 chip counts that will begin play tomorrow are as follows:

Martin Kozlov – 934000
Alex Lee – 761000
Ronald Bean – 546000
Andrew Yam – 518000
Mladen Avramovski – 474000
Jason Pritchard – 434000
Steve Pappas – 407000
Leo Boxell – 404000
Suzy Khouis – 365000
John Parker – 363000
Chad Awerbuch – 360000
Jarred Graham – 289000
Sam Capra – 242000
Bernard Beh – 211000
Collin Tran – 168000
George Karageorge – 162000
Patrick Healy – 160000
Daniel Neilson – 155000
Ismail Ismail – 150000

Join us again later today (Monday August 11) at 2pm for full coverage of the Sydney Championships Main Event and the crowning of the champion.

Lukas Byrns out in 20th place ($6,580)

Lukas Byrns (pictured) has busted at the hands of Andy Lee. Byrns shoved all-in on a flop of 7h-10c-6h with Lee calling. Byrns tabled Ad-10h and Lee Qh-Jh. The turn card came 3h to make Lee his flush, with the river 9d not being able to help Byrns.

Greg Cook busts in 21st place ($6,580)

Greg Cook (pictured) has had a good run in this year’s tournament having been near the chip leaders for much of the day. He eventually picked his spot to shove all-in with A-Q pre-flop and received a call from Martin Kozlov with pocket tens. The board wouldn’t pair either of his cards running out 6-2-J-J-2 to knock Cook out of the tournament.

David Hirst out in 22nd place ($5,922)

David Hirst (pictured) has been knocked out of the Main Event when he ran his pocket nines pre-flop into Daniel Neilson’s pocket tens.

Nicholas Lee finishes in 23rd place ($5,922)

Nicholas Lee (pictured) was left crippled by Sam Capra when he ran his Qd-Jd pre-flop into the kings of Sam Capra as the board fell 6s-4h-Qc-9s-8s. That left him with only 5,000 in chips with which he shoved the very next hand with 3-3. Ronald Bean happened to also wake up with kings, proceeding to knock him out in 23rd place.


Last level of the night

Players have reached level 19 where blinds have risen to 5000/10000 with an ante of 1000. 23 players still remain with the three chip leaders:

Martin Kozlov – 715,000
Roland Bean – 595,000
Steve Pappas – 501,000

Break time

Players are on a 10-minute break.

KaraGeorge doubles through Dan Neilson

Just prior to the break we catch the action after the turn comes on a board of 3s-Jh-3d-10d. George Karageorge raises it to 60,000 and after some consideration is called by Dan Neilson. The river card falls 5h and with only 35,000 left, Karageorge pushes all-in. Neilson has to call. Karageorge turns over K-K causing Neilson to muck. Karageorge doubles to 250,000 in chips.

Sherif Derias busts in 24th place ($5,922)

Sherif Derias was short-stacked when he shoved all-in and was called by Chad Awerbuch. Derias tabled Qd-10s but was in trouble when Awerbuch showed Ac-Kc. The board was of no help to Derias as it ran out 4c-10c-5c-3h-8s to send him to the rail.

Chip leaders

Current chip leaders will fifteen minutes remaining in level 18 are:

Andrew Lee – 640,000
Daniel Neilson – 610,000
Jason Pritchard – 590,000
Martin Kozlov – 540,000
Greg Cook – 410,000
Bernard Beh – 390,000

Bubble bursts

After a long hand-for-hand period the bubble has finally burst. Marko Shizada shoved all-in pre-flop and was eventually called by Martin Kozlov. Shizada tabled Ac-10c to Koslov’s Jh-8h. The board ran out Qh-4h-4h-10s-3h to make Koslov’s flush and send Shizada out in 25th place as the unfortunate bubble boy.

Those still remaining

Those still in with a shot at the title include, in no particular order, Greg Cook, Collin Tran, Martin Kozlov, Chad Awerbuch, Sherif Derias, John Parker, Jarred Graham, Marko Shizada, George Karageorge, Patrick Healy, Suzy Khouis, Daniel Neilson, Bernard Beh, Alex Lee, Sam Capra, Leo Boxell, Jason Pritchard, Ismail Ismail, Steve Pappas, David Hirst, Mladen Avramovski, Nicholas Lee, Andrew Yam and Lukas Byrns.

Blinds are up

Blinds have gone up again as players reach level 18. Blinds are 4000/8000 with an ante of 500. 25 players still remain.

Slight technical issues

We’ve having some slight technical issues but all details will be uploaded again. We are still on the bubble with 25 players remaining. We’re approaching the end of level 17.

We’ve hit the bubble

There are 25 players remaining. Things are hectic in the room. Hand for hand play will now begin. Minimum cash is $5,922.

It’s redraw time

The field has been whittled down to 27 players from the 132 that started play today. There has been a redraw for the final three tables. Play will continue until we’re on the bubble (25 remaining) at which point it will be hand for hand.

Tran doubles through Gould as bubble approaches

Colin Tran (pictured) has doubled at the perfect time as we approach the bubble. Rhys Gould and Tran got their chips all-in pre flop. Gould tabled A-K against Tran’s 8-8. Relief came for the at-risk Tran with another 8 in the window, flopping a set. It blanked out to hold for Tran to double. Gould takes a 61,000 hit but still has a decent stack.

Current chip leaders

With 29 players remaining in the field the chip leaders are:

Martin Kozlov (pictured) – 550,000
Daniel Neilson – 465,000
Andrew Lee – 465,000
Sam Capra – 410,000

Play has started with some announcements

Players have returned from their brief break to face level 17 with blinds at 3000/6000 with an ante of 500.

Star Poker staff have announced that play will continue tonight for another three levels OR until we reach a final table of 9 players. If play reaches the final table play will recommence at 4pm tomorrow. If there are more than 9 players left, play will recommence earlier at 2pm. Go it?!

Recent busts include Gary Benson, Shivan Abdine, Josh Barrett, Graham ‘Kiwi G’ Putt and Tony Kondevski. 29 players are left.

Quick break

Players are now on a 10-minute break with 31 remaining. 24 players will make the money.

Caridad exits as we break down to 4 tables

John Caridad was a recent departure from the Main Event when he pushed all-in on a flop of Qd-Kd-8c. Caridad with Ad-8d was alive but behind as Alex Lee tabled 8-8. Lee then turns the full house when another Q falls, leaving Caridad drawing dead and sending his to the rail.

Staff have broken another table with Caridad’s departure, so we’re down to four. Currently 34 players remain. The bubble is getting closer!

Ismail causing trouble with lazy quads!

On a flop of 3-10-8 and some action, Ismail Ismail (pictured) eventually shoves for his remaining 160,000. His opponent calls and tables A-10 to Ismail’s 3-3. The turn caused some interest as a 10 falls but the hand was all over as another 3 came on the river to make it quads for Ismail. He had his opponent just covered to send him to the rail and chip up to 320,000.

Boxell drops back

Leo Boxell has made a pre-flop move in a hand that eventually has cost him near 100,000 in chips. Boxell opened the betting in middle position for 8,000. He was then re-raised to 17,600 by a player in the cut-off position. Boxell goes to flat the 17,600 but throws in 23,000. The dealer then rules that Boxell has to raise as it is more than 50%. Boxell makes it 26,600 and the player in the cut-off calls.

The flop comes 7c-6h-As to which Boxell checks. His opponent makes it 20,000 and Boxell quickly calls. The turn card falls 5d to which Boxell again checks. His opponent makes it 57,000 this time. Boxell takes a little more time to make his decision but eventually calls to see the river. The river is a 4c and Boxell again checks. His opponent is quick to push all-in, causing Boxell to fold immediately. And just like that Boxell is back to 110,000.

Caridad doubles to stay alive

John Caridad (pictured) was all-in with his tournament life on the line when called by Patrick Healy who had him well covered. Caridad showed K-J to Healy’s A-Q. The board ran out 9-4-6-Q-10 to make Caridad’s straight on the river. To Healy’s disgust he hands over his chips with Caridad doubling up to 125,000.

Blinds are up

Level 16 has begun with blinds 2500/5000 with an ante of 500.

Recent chip counts

With play approaching the end of level 15, 42 players remain. Chip leaders and notables include:

Daniel Neilson – 420000
Sam Capra – 360000
Martin Kozlov – 324000
Nicholas Lee – 300000
Greg Cook – 290000
Rhys Gould – 290000
Jarred Graham – 280000
Patrick Healy – 265000
Leo Boxell – 215000
Chad Awerbuch – 200000
George Karageorge – 190000
Shivan Abdine – 150000
Ismail Ismail – 140000
Sherif Derias – 80000
Marko Shizada – 70000
Gary Benson – 43000

Barrett tangles with Mr. Bean

Ronald Bean has picked up a well-deserved double up after making a great call with his 9c-9d on a board of Qc-6c-4c. Action on the flop began with Bean leading out for 20,000 into a pot of just of 50,000. Josh Barrett then return fired announcing he was all-in. After a brief, very one-sided conversation with Barrett where Bean was unable to extract any more information from Barrett’s complete silence, he would decide to call. It turned out to be a fantastic one as Barrett tabled Js-6s. Bean would hold on with a 2h falling on the turn and a 10c on the river to complete Bean’s flush.

Jarred Graham scoops a nice pot

On a board of 8c-2h-Kh-Js-7c, Jarred Graham (pictured) bets out almost the remainder of his stack but for 30,000. His opponent had a good think about his options and decided to fold. Graham scoops the pot worth over 130,000 in chips and is now up to 240,000.

Players are back after fireworks ends previous level

Level 15 is now upon the players as they return from the break. Blinds are 2000/4000 with an ante of 400.

Just prior to the break, fireworks occurred in front of us. Three players were all-in, two of which had their tournament lives at risk. When the cards were tabled a collective gasp was heard from everyone watching. One player shows A-A, Ismail Ismail K-K and George Karageorge J-J. The board proceeds to run out 7-4-8-9-J giving Karageorge the out card on the river. Karageorge triples up and we see another player hit the rail.

Quick break

Players are now on a 10-minute break.

Hall of Famers battle again

Australian Poker Hall of Famers Gary Benson (pictured left) and Leo Boxell (pictured right) are again on the same table. Benson has been pretty consistent today but Boxell has been able to nurse his short stack back up to about average.

Busting up

Grant Levy has hit the rail running his 8-8 into the Q-Q of Rhys Gould. Levy was left needing a miracle after the flop dropped Q-3-3. Needing running 8’s to stay alive, there was unfortunately no joy for him this time.

Didier Guerin has also recently been busted from the tournament. 50 players remain as we approach the end of level 14 and the next 10-minute break.

Notable chip stacks

Early in this level a number of big stacks have emerged, almost cracking the 400,000 mark. The chip leaders and some notables are as follows:

Greg Cook – 380000
Daniel Neilson – 360000
Rhys Gould – 360000
Marko Shizada – 230000
William Qiu – 220000
Tony Kondevski – 210000
Minh Hai Tran – 215000
Patrick Healy – 190000
Jordan Barry – 170000
Grant Levy – 160000
Josh Barrett – 150000
Leo Boxell – 140000
Suzy Khouis – 130000
Collin Tran – 138000
Shivan Abdine – 135000
Jarred Graham – 135000
Didier Guerin – 120000
Gary Benson – 118000
John Caridad – 95000
Chad Awerbuch – 75000
Sam Capra – 70000
Sherif Derias – 68000
Dale Marsland – 68000
Graham Putt – 42000

Busts today include Sam Higgs, Michael Kanaan, Danny Zhong, Musang Kim, Tony Hachem, Brendon Rubie.

Blinds are up

Players are currently in level 14 with blinds at 1500/3000 with an ante of 300.

Big pot sends Levy backwards

Grant Levy lost a large portion of his big stack in a pot worth over 220,000 in chips. After some initial betting and a flop and turn of 5d-6d-Kd-X, all the money went in on the turn. It turned out that Levy’s flopped flush of 10d-8d was behind the nut-flush of William Qiu’s Ad-Qd. Levy drops down to 150000.

Barrett’s lucky 7

Josh Barrett (pictured) has chipped up again! This time he cracked the kings of Mathew Rolfe to send him to the rail. The supervisor was called over to the table to make a ruling after Barrett had accidently called Rolfe’s all-in. The player in between Rolfe and Barrett would eventually make way and the two would go heads-up. Rolfe tabled K-K and Barrett 7-7 with Barrett in significant danger. The board ran out 10-2-5-6-7 though, with Barrett spiking an all-important set on the river!

Things would have been even more chaotic had the player in between called as he folded 6-6, meaning Rolfe would’ve finished third in a 3-way pot. Barrett seems more than happy to take the chips on offer.

Level 13, lucky for some?

Players are back from their break with play now into level 13 with blinds 1200/2400 and an ante of 300.

Hash and Kanaan bust just prior to the major break

Tony Hachem (pictured) and Michael Kanaan have hit the rail just prior to play reaching the major break. Kanaan had plenty of chips earlier this level but had dropped back recently. In his final hand he was facing a flop of A-10-2 and a turn card of a J when Sam Capra shoves all-in. Kanaan makes the call tabling J-J to Capra’s A-2. The river brings an A to knock Kanaan out of the tournament!

Players are now on a 30-minute dinner break. 74 players still remain. The first hurdle of the evening will be to make the money at 24 players.

Bring on some more 3 way all-in action

As we make our way around to check on chip stacks, our current chip leader Rhys Gould is re-raising to 25,000 in an effort to isolate a short stacked Tony Sama who pushed all-in for roughly 12,000. Gould did receive a caller with the big blind all-in for 24,400. Gould tables 7-7, the big blind A-K and Sama J-8. The board runs out 10-9-Q-5-9 to keep Sama alive after flopping the straight. Gould takes the side pot with his 7-7 while another player hits the rail.

Kondevski crackin’ aces

Star Poker tournament regular and general nice guy Tony Kondevski (pictured) has run his pocket queens into aces but has been able to triumph to send his opponent to the rail. In pre-flop betting, the pot was raised to 16,000, re-raised to 32,000 by Kondevski before he received the call. The flop came 8-4-4 and Kondevski was faced with a decision to call his opponent’s all-in bet. He decided to call and thankfully for him a Q hit on the turn, a blank on the river, for Kondevski to crack aces, with just a touch of luck!

Current chip leaders

Rhys Gould (pictured) is the current chip leader with Grant Levy hot on his heals. Levy has beaten up on his table (a matter of opinion of course), taking chips from big stacks Sam Higgs and Laurence Hall to climb up over 250,000.

Rhys Gould – 290,000
Grant Levy – 260,000
Greg Cook – 235,000
Dan Neilson – 210,000

Bounty event is also running

The final event on the 2014 Sydney Championships schedule is the Bounty NLH $550 that began earlier today. 76 players have entered including several who busted early from the Main Event today.

Blinds are up

Players now enter level 12 with blinds 1000/2000 and an ante of 200. 91 players remain with the average chip stack creeping up to 77,000.

Another big stack blows up

Musang Kim has let his chip lead in level 10 slip. His stack went south early in this level but and he was soon out of the tournament having handed over nearly 190,000 chips in the process.

Higgs takes over the lead

Play has slowed somewhat with 99 players still remaining. Play is expected to continue until we reach the final two tables but that will be subject to change. Chip leaders and some notables midway through level 11 are as follows.

Sam Higgs (pictured) – 190000
Dale Marsland – 165,000
Patrick Healy – 155000
Michael Kanaan – 140000
Danny Zhong – 120000
Daniel Neilson – 110000
Musang Kim – 90000
Gary Benson – 80000
Leo Boxell – 80000
Ismail Ismail – 80000
Grant Levy – 101000
Tony Hachem – 70000
Shivan Abdine – 84000
Brendon Rubie – 12000

What happened to our flight 2 chip leader?

As we review the field we can’t seem to find the chip leader from flight 2 Esan Tabrizi. After further investigation, apparently he showed up fifteen minutes late and had donated his significant chip stack to his table within 45 minutes. He snuck out of the room quietly, probably with his tale between his legs having let an opportunity slip.

Bring on level 11

Players have returned from their break to face level 11. Blinds are 800/1600 with an ante of 200. 101 players remain from the 132 that started play today.

Players on a break

Players are now on a 10-minute break.

Boxell showing who’s boss!

The action caught our eye with Leo Boxell (pictured) all-in on a board of 10c-2d-9d-7h-3s. Andreas Mathis is the player heads-up with Boxell with a decision to call. Mathis takes his time, trying to stare down Boxell in an attempt to get something out of him. The only thing he got was Leo’s cheeky little grin over to his wife Bev, his unyielding supporter who’s as always watching him from the rail.

Unsure of what to make of it Mathis folds. As the dealer pushed the very sizeable pot to Boxell he decides to show his Ad-Qd for ace high with a busted flush draw. This does not impress Mathis in the slightest. Don’t mess with the champ!

Chip update midway through Level 10

The chip leader is now Musang Kim. The leaders and notables are as follows:

Musang Kim -187000
Sam Higgs – 170000
Danny Zhong – 155000
Patrick Healy – 135000
Daniel Neilson – 125000
Laurence Hall – 122000
Michael Kanaan – 118000
Nicholas Lamport – 115000
Adrian Salter – 115000
Greg Cook – 110000
Grant Levy – 101000
Bernard Beh – 98000
Sherif Derias – 82000
Rhys Gould – 82000
Shivan Abdine – 81000
Gary Benson – 80000
Sam Capra – 72000
Tony Hachem – 70000
John Caridad – 70000
Suzy Khoueis – 62000
Chad Awerbuch – 50000
Didier Guerin – 50000
Andrew Michael – 48000
Joshua Barrett – 35000
Andrew Scarf – 33000
Graeme Putt  – 32000
Leo Boxell – 26000
Dean Blatt – 22000
Jarred Graham – 20000
Brendon Rubie – 16000
Rory Young – 10000

Moussa fighting back

After taking a hit early in a set over set scenario, George Moussa (pictured) is clawing his way back from just under 10,000 in chips. He’s now up to 56,000 in a rollercoaster hour-and-a-half of play.

We were chatting with Moussa about how he chipped up in a hand with Darren Thompson: Thompson raised from the cut-off for 3,000, matched only by Moussa in the small blind. The flop came Qc-4c-8d. Moussa checked to Thompson who quickly fired 7,000 into the pot. Moussa wasted no time calling the bet to see the turn fall 9h. Check, check. The river brings a 10d. Moussa opens this time for 15,000. Thompson doesn’t take long before announcing his call. Moussa is overjoyed, showing his Kc-Jc for the nut straight. A disgruntled Thompson mucks his hand.

Blinds are up

The 112 players that remain in the Main Event have now survived the first level of play today. Level 10 now poses blinds of 600/1200 and an ante of 100.

Healy takes down a massive pot in a cooler

Upon hearing another all-in call, this time it involves Patrick Healy (pictured) and Cormac Murray who both have their stacks in the middle. Healy with A-A and Murray with K-K, the board runs out 6-9-8-9-6 with Healy’s A-A all good! After a quick count from Star staff it is confirmed that Healy in fact has Murray covered and that will be the end of his tournament. Healy now sits on 162,000, right up there with the chip leaders.

Younan hits the rail after playing just one hand on Day 2

Michael Kanaan (pictured) has wasted little time adding to his big stack after eliminating Hassib Younan. Upon hearing the all-in call from the table we saw Kanaan dominating pre-flop with A-K against Younan’s A-10. The flop came A-J-J leaving Younan drawing to the last remaining A or a Q to stay alive. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be for Younan with the turn 3h and the river 6d, sending him to the rail.

Payouts have been confirmed

The top 24 players will cash in this year’s Sydney Champs Main Event. A total prize pool of $658,000 will see the winner receive just shy over $170,000. Payouts are as follows:

1st     $171,080
2nd    $108,570
3rd     $61,194
4th     $49,350
5th     $41,125
6th     $34,545
7th     $27,965
8th     $21,385
9th     $16,450
10th   $11,515
11th    $11,515
12th    $11,515
13th    $9,870
14th    $9,870
15th    $9,870
16th    $8,225
17th    $8,225
18th    $8,225
19th    $6,580
20th    $6,580
21st    $6,580
22nd   $5,922
23rd    $5,922
24th    $5,922

Nice to see you Grant

Grant Levy (pictured) has finally graced us with his presence 15 minutes into play today. There have also been a number of busts early with eight players having hit the rail already. For those short stacked they are certainly looking to double up quickly or get out to be able to enjoy their Sunday afternoon.

Play is underway

Dealers have shuffled the cards and dealt the first hand of Day 2. 132 players qualified through to today and they start at level 9 where blinds are 500/1000 with an ante of 100.

Welcome to the 2014 Sydney Championships Main Event

Welcome to PokerMedia Australia’s coverage of the 2014 Sydney Poker Championships Main Event, live from The Star in Sydney.

Day 2 of the Main Event is about to begin with players opening their chip bags and getting set to play. The combined chip leaders from two Day 1 flights are as follows:

Danny Zhong – 170200
Michael Kanaan – 144600
Esan Tabrizi – 144400
Dan Neilson – 141800
Josh Barrett – 140400
Musang Kim – 128100
Alex Lee – 123900
Sam Higgs – 121700
Lukas Byrns – 118400
Laurence Hall – 110700
Dale Marsland – 108300
Nicholas Lamport – 106600
Glen White – 104900
Donald Jones – 103800
Cormac Murray – 91300
Jordan Barry – 89100
Igai Augarten – 88800
Grant Levy – 86200
Marko Shizada – 84100
David Hirst – 83900
Greg Cook – 82600
Bernard Beh – 82600
Shivan Abdine – 82300
Jason Pritchard – 81900
Tony Hachem – 80000
Patrick Healy – 77100
Martin Kozlov – 77000
Adrian Salter – 75500
Julius Lambert – 75000

Thanks to our live reporting partners The Inside Word

Live reporting for this event is proudly brought to you by PokerMedia Australia partners The Inside Word.

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