2014 Sydney Championships – Main Event NLH ($3000) / Day 1 / Flight 1

Zhong chips up to take the lead

The 2014 Sydney Championships Main Event Day 1 Flight 1 is now complete. 111 players began the day and 62 remain (subject to final counts), who now qualify for Day 2 on Sunday August 10. Michael Kanaan, Josh Barrett and Sam Higgs had chips most of the day but it was Danny Zhong (pictured) who chipped up later in the day to end with the chip lead.

The top five chips counts are (subject to final counts):

Danny Zhong – 170,200
Michael Kanaan – 144,600
Josh Barrett – 140,400
Alex Lee – 123,900
Sam Higgs – 121,700

Day 1 Flight 2 will commence tomorrow, Saturday August 9, at 12.30pm where another 8 levels will be played. Stay tuned to PokerMedia where we’ll be bringing you all the details from the Star Poker room.

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Bye bye birdie

Unfortunately for a number of players the Main Event dream has already ended for them this year. 64 players remain midway through level 8 but notables Tyron Krost and Aaron Benton have busted recently this level.


Final level of the day

Blinds are up with players facing 400/800 with an ante of 75. This is the last level of play tonight. Currently 73 players remain of the 111 that started play.

Willcocks crippled then railed

Phil Willcocks (pictured) has been busted largely due to a hand involving Josh Barrett. Barrett lead out UTG and received four callers. After a flop of A-7-8, betting saw Barrett and button player Willcocks remain to the river. The turn was a blank but the river came J. Barrett lead out for 15,000, Willcocks made it 51,000 and Barrett called. Barrett showed his made straight 9d-10d to Willcocks’ AJ to win the hand and cripple Willcocks, who was railed soon after. Barrett shoots back up the leader board with 125,000 in chips.


PLO Update

The PLO re-entry ($550) final table has reached its climax with Trung ‘Max’ Trinh triumphing over Nick Lamport.
The final results were as follows:

Trung ‘Max’ Trinh – $15,125
Nicholas Lamport – $10,450
Russell Davies – $7,700
Daniel Cohen – $5,225
Maroun Scarf – $3,850
Ramin Mansour – $2,888
Myles Lattacher – $2,338
Brandon Huynh – $1,925
Ali Khouiss – $1,650
Matthew Konnecke – $1,375
Toan Nguyen – $1,237
Paul Tartak – $1,237

Cooking with gas

Greg Cook is the current chip leader early in level 7 but don’t tell him that. He says he never likes counts his chips. The top five are as follows:

Greg Cook – 107,000
Sam Higgs – 97,100
Mick Hansen – 84,000
Andrew Scarf – 76,000
Marko Shizada – 72,000

Players are back

Play has resumed. We’re now beginning level 7 where blinds are 300/600 with an ante of 50. It’s also been confirmed that play will stop after level 8 has been completed tonight.

Kit Kat time

Players are on a 10-minute break.

Notable busts:

Currently there are 85 players left as we approach the end of level 6. Play is expected to continue for another two levels. Those that have hit the rail to date include Michael O’grady, ‘Toothpick’ Tony Kambouroglou and Peco ‘The Magician’ Stojanovski.

Notable chip counts:

Greg Cook – 85,000
Sam Higgs – 82,000
Mick’ Hansen – 73,000
Leo Boxell – 65,000
Gary Benson – 65,000
Phil Willcocks – 63,000
Michael Kanaan – 63,000
Luca Borreggine – 62,000
Rhys Gould – 60,000
Alex Antonios – 54,000
Toan Nguyen – 53,000
Tom Rafferty – 47,000
Andrew Scarf – 46,000
Josh Barrett – 44,000
Graham ‘Kiwi G’ Putt – 43,000
Sam Capra – 30,000
Michael Doodson – 28,000
Didier Guerin – 26,000
Roy Vandersluis – 22,000
Matt Rolfe – 22,000
Tyron Krost – 20,000
Brendon Rubie – 20,000
Aaron Benton – 15,000
John Caridad – 9,000
Tszhin Ng – 8,000

Blinds are up

Play has reached level 6 where blinds climb to 200/400 with an ante of 50. 89 players remain of the 110 that entered Day 1 Flight 1 today.

Krost on thin ice

2010 Aussie Millions champ Tyron Krost (pictured) has had his tournament life on the line at the hands of John Caridad. On a flop of Qc-10c-3s, Krost was all-in for his final 8,000. Caridad, also short stacked, decided to lay it down for both players to remain alive to fight another day.

Chip stacks heading north

A number of chip stacks are now heading towards the 100,000 mark and the aggression has certainly become more apparent. One of the tougher tables includes Australian Poker Hall of Famers Gary Benson and Leo Boxell, seated opposite each other, as well as ‘Mick’ Morgens Hansen, Sam Capra and Toan Nguyen. In a recent hand Benson was able to chip up through Boxell after his pocket aces made a set on the flop and a full house on the river. Boxell has dropped back to 65,000 while Benson has 66,000.

Players are back, bring on Level 5

Players have returned from their break to face level 5 where blinds are 150/300 with an ante of 25.
The chip leaders at the start of the level are:

Leo Boxell – 97,000
Morgens Hansen – 95,200
Sam Higgs (pictured) – 82,900
Phil Willcocks – 70,000
Benny Zhong – 67,150

Registrations to close at the end of the break

Players are now on a 30-minute break. 95 players remain of the 110 who entered today. Registration is actually still open until the end of the break.

PLO Update

The PLO re-entry ($550) final table began recently. The seating chart and chip counts going into the final table were as follows:

Seat 1 – Ali Khouiss 46,000
Seat 2 – Nicholas Lamport 106,00
Seat 3 – Russel Davis 250,000
Seat 4 – Ramin Mansour 46,000
Seat 5 – Myles Lattacher 56,000
Seat 6 – Scarf Maroun 75,000
Seat 7 – David Cohen 228,000
Seat 8 – Minh Trung 116,000
Seat 9 – Brandon Huynh 179,000

Top 3 in the room

Chip leaders midway through level 4 with 96 remaining are:

Greg Cook (pictured) – 90,000
Leo Boxell – 84,000
Alex Antonios – 60,000

Kristek doubles, Dykes Crippled

As we pick up the action with three players on the turn and the pot at roughly 13,000, action is on Peter Dykes after Roman Kristek checks from the small blind. The board comes 6c-2c-Jd-9c as Dykes leads out with a bet of 5,100. Nathan Sawyers in the hijack calls after a short deliberation with action back on Kristek in the small blind. Kristek assesses the situation before pushing all-in for 14,750.

Dykes then goes into the tank for several minutes, requiring 9,650 more to make the call that would leave him with just over 2,000 in chips. Dykes does eventually make the call handing it over to Sawyers to act.

Sawyers has both players covered but makes way for the two to showdown. Much to Dykes dismay, Kristek reveals Ac-5c which is too good for Dykes’ Jc-10c leaving him drawing dead.

Blinds are up

Play has reached level 4 where 107 of the 110 starters still remain. Blinds have remained at 100/200 but an ante of 25 has been introduced.

Have confidence, aces are good!

A collective groan has caught our attention over at table 1. After further investigation it turns out that groan was well deserved. We arrived to find a board of 5-8-9-A-8 with exposed hands of 7h-6h v As-Ad. Apparently players had eventually got their stacks in the middle on the flop with the A-A hitting running cards to best the straight with a minor miracle full house! Yes, the winning player preferred to remain anonymous.

Stayin’ alive

Tenth place finisher in the PMA 6-handed event earlier this week, Tszhin Ng (pictured), is battling his table to stay alive with his short stack. He was recently all-in pre-flop when he was called, tabling A-10 v his opponent’s 9-9.  Thankfully for him the board ran out 10-A-5-K-J to keep his preserve his tournament life for now. Soon after he was all-in again for his remaining 6,000 chips but he wasn’t called this time, stayin’ alive.

Something’s in the air

After a previous post where we stated that the chips were in the air, esteemed poker player Grant Levy kindly suggested that it was a strange place for the chips. We had to agree, although we do contend that with the dealing style here in Sydney the cards are not quite in the air either. Either way, players are back from their break and into level 3. Current chip leaders are:

Josh Barrett – 65,450

Phillip Willcocks – 55,580

Patrick Healy – 50,000

Leo Boxell – 42,000

Players on a break

Players are now on their first break of the day, a 10-minute breather. After the break players will be faced with level 3 where the blinds will be 100/200.

Joshua Barrett chipping up!

We were able to pick up the action on the river after a player announced all- in. With a board of 5c 7c 2d 10d Jd Josh Barrett (pictured) had fired 5,000 into a pot of roughly 17,000. This prompted Michael Sorbara to push all-in for 21,975 after checking the action to Barrett.

Barrett took his time to evaluate the situation, eventually making the call with his QQ. Sorbara tabled 88 which wasn’t good enough, sending him to the rail, leaving Barrett to scoop a huge pot and climb up to 66,000 in chips. Barrett, who discussed the play afterwards, was pretty pleased with his call having read his opponents’ physical tells correctly.

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Slow going

Entries have climbed to 110 but it’s currently all a bit quiet here during the early levels with players seemingly content to keep the pots small while still deep-stacked.

First level all over

We’ve reached the end of the first level of play in Day 1 Flight 1 of the Main Event. Blinds are now 75/150. There have been 108 entries so far with 107 remaining.

Who’s in the field today?

There are currently 105 players in field so far but registration will remain open until the start of level 5 (approximately 5pm today). Notable players that have taken their seats include Andrew Scarf, Michael O’Grady, Sam Capra, Michael Kanaan, Tom Rafferty, Peter Skouteris, Tyron Krost, John Caridad, Patrick Healy, Brendon Rubie, Aaron Benton and Leo Boxell (pictured).

First player busts within 25 minutes

Within the first half hour of play we’ve had an all-in call and a player bust from table 7. The player in question had apparently been VERY active in hands to date and eventually ran out of luck (and chips) when he was all-in with 44 against QQ. With the chip stacks having risen to 30,000 this year Michael O’grady’s comment was fitting, “imagine how long he would have lasted if he only had 20,000 in chips!”

Simply Magic

We’re already being entertained. Peco ‘The Magician’ Stojanovski (pictured) made a $50 note disappear into his fist and then miraculously brought it back again. How does he do it? He’ll be hoping to create some magic today at the table in the Main Event.

Welcome to the 2014 Sydney Championships Main Event

Welcome to PokerMedia Australia’s coverage of the 2013 Sydney Poker Championships Main Event, live from The Star in Sydney.

The 2014 Main Event is the second year at the buy-in of $3,000 after it was boosted from $1650 to $3000 in 2013. However, this year players will start with 30,000 in chips, a change that was introduced just before the Championships began, up from 20,000 last year.

Levels are scheduled to run 60 minutes and we’re expecting a minimum of 8 levels will be played today. There is one other day one flight scheduled, which will start at 12.30pm tomorrow (Saturday August 9).

Last year’s winner was Daniel Laidlaw who joined previous champions Errolyn Strang who won in 2011 and Dean Yuen, winner in 2012. Follow our coverage over the next four days as play continues towards crowning another Sydney Champs Main Event champion.

Thanks to our live reporting partners The Inside Word

Live reporting for this event is proudly brought to you by PokerMedia Australia partners The Inside Word.

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