STAR POKER: Young stands tall to win the PMA 6-handed event

The PokerMedia Australia 6-handed NLH re-entry event has been won by Star Poker tournament regular Rory Young (pictured). The event was held over two days and continued the run of decent fields drawn to the 2014 Sydney Championships this year.

This year’s PMA event attracted more runners than last year, breaking through the century barrier with a total of 121 entries. This created a prize pool of $121,000 and a payout to the final 15 players, the winner receiving $31,460.

The field attracted many Star Poker regulars and experienced poker players. These included the likes of Aaron Benton, Graham ‘Kiwi G’ Putt, Tolly Sakellariou, Shivan Abdene, Tony Hachem, Peco Stojanovski, Michael Doodson, John Caridad, Errolyn Strang, David Tam, Con Angelakis, Didier Guerin and Martin Rowe.

Graham ‘Kiwi G’ Putt built an early lead and was the first player with over 100,000 in chips. David Tam and Rory Young were always solidly placed in the leading pack which would bode well for them, each making it through to the final table. Aaron Benton was on a roller coaster ride, chipping up then dropping back, as he battled Michael Trans in several hands. He lost three 100,000-chip pots at one stage but somehow survived to eventually make it through to the final table.

As the money bubble approached there were two all-in calls within minutes. Peco Stojanovski went all-in for his remaining 65,000 but lost out to Minh Nguyen to finish in 17th place. The very next hand saw Rory Young call Roy Vandersluis with AQ as an ace and queen were dealt on the flop. Amazingly the board also brought five spades for a flush to cause a chop! But the unfortunate bubble boy (gentleman) would be Graham ‘Kiwi G’ Putt whose pocket tens ran into Rod Batoz’s kings. The cards wouldn’t help ‘Kiwi G’ who hit the rail in 16th place.

While play loosened up somewhat as players reached the money, it would take almost 19 levels of play and 14 hours to reach a final table of seven players. Rory Young and David Tam were again in the leading pack but it would be Tam with the slight chip lead going into the final table.

The final table saw play reach level 24 before a head’s up battle was set between Rory Young and Minh Nguyen. Nguyen was chip leader several times during the final table play but had given that up to ‘Toothpick’ Tony Kambouroglou with three players remaining. However, it would not end smoothly for Kambouroglou who would give all his chips away to finish in a respectable 3rd place at the hands of Young. With that, Young would take the chip lead and never look back as he overcame Nguyen head’s up. Young triumphed with a final hand of pocket tens to be crowned champion of the 2014 Sydney Championships PMA NLH 6-handed event, walking away with a much deserved title and over $30,000.

Final payouts:                        

1st Rory Young – $31,460

2nd Minh Nguyen – $21,175

3rd Tony Kambouroglou – $15,730

4th David Tam – $10,285

5th Aaron Benton – $7,865

6th Adrian Salter – $6,354

7th Tom Rafferty – $3,932

8th Henry Sun – $3,932

9th Roy Vandersluis – $3,932

10th Tszhin Ng – $3,025

11th Rod Batoz – $3,025

12th Alex Lynskey – $3,025

13th Ben Whittenbury – $2,420

14th Matt Rolfe – $2,420

15th Michael Tran – $2,420

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